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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 20, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EST

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there you go. ready? >> okay. >> lean forward. >> oh, my george. oh, if you lean this way. >> that's called turning. and then you're off. there you are. you're skating. >> that's cool. tony shauk prety hawk is really. usually you're wearing safety gear. that was a demo, don't try that at home. time to send it back to cnn center for "cnn saturday morning" with my friend, t.j. holmes. -- captions by vitac -- thanks to our christine romans for the handoff. good morning to you all. tsa is making some changes. some people will now be exempt from those enhanced pat-downs and body scanners, but chances are you are not going to be one of them.
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i'll explain and all of the supports come now that some airports are opting out of using the tsa all together. and of course right now we are all getting ready to make thanksgiving dinner. can't wait! we got a little buzzkill for you this morning. do you know how many calories you should limit yourself to on thanksgiving day? stick around. you'll see me spar live in studio with a doctor who is going to try to get you and me to change everything our mama's and grandmamas taught us about cooking that thanksgiving meal. we'll talk to her in a minute from the cnn center this is your "cnn saturday morning." today i'm here in atlanta. 9:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas, 7:00 a.m. in alabama. i'm t.j. holmes. tell you what else we've got coming up over the next 60 minutes for you. a federal judge admitting he is guilty of drug charges. we'll tell you what kind of deal he struck with prosecutors. plus you'll hear about the drug-fueled affair with a stripper.
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also, for the first time in 40 years, wrigley field has been transformed for a college football game. oh, the nostalgia. one little problem here, though. there's a brick wall just inches away from one of the end zones. that is prompting a big change to that game. you do not want to miss it. i'll explain that. also, a homeless man in arizona is being called a hero. what did he do? he turned in a bag full of money. his honesty has landed him newfound fame and some monetary rewards. you will hear his story coming up. but first, let's start with this busy travel season, which is, actually already under way. how are you getting around? plane, train, automobile? going to be a lot of you out there. aaa saying that more than 42 million people going to be traveling at least 50 miles from home, that's an increase of more than 11% from last year. more than 1.5 million people will travel by plane. those flying, those numbers are up as well. if you are flying you know
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they've been telling you for years get to the airport about an hour before your flight, you want to get there because of security changes, but you might need to get there even earlier now. even tack on an hour to that hour because of the controversial new airport security measures. they could slow you down, could slow us all down. all right, these, take a look at these pictures here, what some people are upset about, revealing full-body scans with the pat-downs all in the name of safety. a lot of people have been sharing their security horror stories online. some images are from the they show you how up close and personal the pat-downs are. see the looks of frustration. here is another picture that has fueled some people's anger, online from a conservative watchdog group called minnesotamajority, they released a picture of a nun getting an intimate pat-down. some airports like orlando
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international, the will rogers airport there, they are trying to get rid of the tsa all together. they've replaced the government security workers with private contractors saying they do a better job with customer satisfaction. take a listen. >> what i have a problem with is the pat-down, standard pat-down procedures that i've seen demonstrated that i can't do as a law enforcement officer unless i have probable cause to put the cuffs on you and take you to jail. >> a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of myths and people scared and don't know. we'll get some facts for you now. pilots are going to get a break from going through the stepped up security measures. they will, they complained about it so the tsa will cut the pilots a break on some of these. travelers, you're not getting a break. if you're selected for a random screening or additional screening, this is what tsa screeners see when you go through one of the scanners, the pictures here that so many were upset about. some call these too revealing.
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others concerned about radiation. if you're selected to go through the full body image scanners you can opt out. you don't have to do it. the problem is you have to go through the enhanced pat-down. people don't like that. a lot of misinformation out there, a lot of people hesitant to travel even, kate baldwin at reagan international airport near washington. some people opting not to fly and might keep some people away. usually not the case at that airport, busy one there. >> reporter: yes, oh, this is a very busy airport, not as busy as atlanta bure began is a busy airport. gsa says these new security procedures have to come down to safety and necessity. they say they are necessary keeping the flying public safe. that's not stop everyone from civil rights groups and advocates and pilots and passengers speaking out against the full body scanners and the alternative, the enhanced
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pat-down, but amongst all of this, people are still going to travel this holiday season and that's why we wanted to answer some questions that traveler also likely have as they're heading to the airport. i think we've got some graphics to help me explain a little bit about this. first off if you opt out like you mention, who will get the pat-down? does everyone get one of the enhanced pat-downs? the answer is no. travelers that will be getting these enhanced pat-downs, people that opt out of the full body scan if they refuse to go through the scanner or if when they go through the scanner or the metal detector it sets off an alarm that requires another search of some kind. there's also still random searches so you could be selected for one of the pat-downs. that does not mean everyone will be subject to all these pat-downs. talking about the full body scanners, many people wonder if they'll see one of these when they go to the airport. the answer is no, they're not at every airport. there are 400 machines at tsa
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installed in about 69 airports across the country. that's 69 airports, more than 560 commercial airports that are out there, only about 12% so many people might not see the full body scanners when they go to the airport. finally another question we wanted to answer for people is, what does the public think about these full body scanners in we see a lot of headlines and people speaking out about them. this is quite interesting. a recent cbs news poll says that 81% of the public they polled said yes, they do support these full body scanners as a new security procedure so that's four out of five americans that say despite maybe the fact that they are more invasive and the pat-downs are a little more they support the use of at least the full body scanners. t.j.? >> everybody wants to be safe. everybody wants their plane to land safely and on time, of course, as well, but still a lot of people out there. >> reporter: it's a balance. >> in the balance, some say we haven't found yet. kate, we appreciate you. good to see you as always. you're a friend of our show here
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on saturday and sunday morning. reynolds, also what's happening at the airport, a lot of people worried about the weather. >> pretty much, just one more wrinkle in the holiday travel, getting to the airport and trying to get to your destination is enough of a headache. now you have this to deal with. the travel is going to be a headache today. a couple of delays popping up. denver you've got a delay. ground stoppage until 10:00 a.m. local time and san francisco 50-minute wait and san francisco, denver in the mix also and the reason why, how in the world could you possibly miss it, all of the snow we're expecting out there in parts of the cascades, sierra nevada into the central northern rockies, could be heavy, in some places up to two feet in the highest elevations, very difficult for drivers along parts of i-80, past truckie and lake tahoe. anticipate the rough weather, the snow will continue and heavy
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rainfall expected in parts of the san joaquin. keep that in mind if you're driving. break in the action towards reno. towards the west we see more development as that moisture goes up slope in the higher elevations, that will switch over to snow in the picture. something i want to you watch for today highs in the 40s and into the 60s from portland, southward to los angeles. 76 in dallas. things are fine now in the great lakes, with 46 in chicago, and 70 in atlanta, but very quickly, check out the transformation we're going to see in the eastern third of the country, as we have that area of low pressure that brought the rough weather in parts of the rockies into wednesday, and as we fast forward into thursday that low is going to cross into the great lakes, bringing heavy snow to places like chicago, possibly into say buffalo, new york, maybe cleveland and before all is said and done friends, neighbors in detroit, might also get in on the snow biz, so yeah perfect timing, just in time for the holidays. how do you like it, t.j.? a little turkey, cranberry sauce and snow to go with it. >> eh, if you're traveling that's brutal. if you get to stay at home with the family watch football it's
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fine. >> the end result is worth it. >> appreciate it, talk to you plenty throughout this morning. coming up, does this sound like a bad joke? a federal judge, a stripper and a drug sting. it's not a joke. really happened. the judge is admitting some fault here. we'll tell you what happened, ten minutes past the hour here on this "cnn saturday morning." [ male announcer ] don't let aches and pains in the morning slow you down.
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president obama will be meeting with afghan counterpart hamid karzai in about half an hour, the meeting comes on the heels of the announcement binay toe th by nato that troops may stay longer than expected in afghan. first keith olberman, now joe scarborough, morning anchor at msnbc is in trouble over campaign contributions, the same thing that got olberman suspended. yesterday nbc announced it was suspending scarborough for two days without pay for making political donations without prior company approval. scarborough is a former gop congressman and promises this will never happen again. the fbi and los angeles police department had to get involved in a case out in california. tal couple powder was inside a letter that arrived last night at the production studio where abc's "dancing with the stars" is taped. the delivery prompted security measures to go in place and
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really caused a scare. police trying to figure out who may have sent the letter and why. we all know beyonce, wife of jay-z. she's been accused of being, over her career, well, attractive. you can go with hot if you'd like. some folks in the uk think her newest ad is too hot. we will show it to you and let you be the judge. did you know there's a new game college kids are playing that has to do with broomsticks flying around on emergenciary brooms. seriously. imaginary brooms, seriously. more and more college students around the country are playing quidditch, the geim where you're supposed to fly around on one of these. how are they turning into something on the ground? i'll show you, coming right up. can't wait but first our weekly news quiz. the november sales predictions are up for most electronic
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devices. projections are down for one particular item. which one would you say it is? is it for flat screen tvs? is it for camcorders or is it for mp3 players. i'll have that answer after the break, 15 past the hour.
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♪ california love ♪ welcome back to "106 & park" this morning. just kidding. this is "cnn saturday morning." gorgeous look at the bay bridge this morning, gorgeous san
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francisco. before the break we asked you about november sales projections down for what electronic device, flat screen televisions, camcorders or mp3 players? the answer is actually b, the camcorders, the sale of the camera is expected to drop from 2.65 million in october to only 2.4 million in november by comparison consumers are expected to buy more than 10 million flat screen televisions. harry potter, the seventh movie in the franchise just made $60 million in its opening day. some people have no idea what's going on with this movie but you know it's a big deal. you know it's a big movie and it's so big it has spawned a new game called quidditch. check it out. >> reporter: all right, so the harry potter movie is reaching theaters, thousands of people are playing quitish. the game where you're supposed to fly around on one of these. behind me two young people can
10:19 am
tell me how they did that are joining me here, going to tell us about it. erin you are one of the founders. talk to me about this here, why create quidditch when the reality is you can't possibly replicate what we've seen in the movie? >> it came off of the fact we all grew up with harry potter books. when greg and i came to college in 2007 the books ended and we wanted the magic to live on. we all like frisbee and this gives us an excuse to be nerds and also engage in a really athletic sport. >> reporter: all right, and greg you're one of the founders, talk to me about what's going on in the game behind me. no one is riding on brooms. >> we wanted to bring ultimate frisbee to quidditch. the chasers play frisbee and two beaters who carry around and have to try and peg the chasers. >> reporter: there's tons of words that fly around when you learn about quidditch. the basic idea is you got the dodge balls used to knock people
10:20 am
down. you want to get the frisbee. >> right. >> reporter: the ultimate prize is the snitch. bring him on over. snitch, where did you could g? you remember from the movies. the snitch is that little golden ball that flies around with swings on it. this is alex squire with the switch, there is he, folks, this is the snitch. you have to hide somewhere on campus and they chase you for awhile? >> yeah, there's a defined area around the field where we play and the seekers look for me and once they see me it becomes a foot race to snatch the ball off my back. >> reporter: you ever get tackled hard? >> not anymore. we used to but we changed the rules. >> reporter: sometimes it can get rough out there. we have i-reports of teams all over the country playing this game and you can check them out, right there. obviously if you're a quidditch fan send us yours as well. listen, folks, good luck in the quidditch game, thanks for joining us at cnn. have some fun. the nfl is once again taking
10:21 am
a chance on hip-hop. requesting dallas morning news" reporting black-eyed peas going to be performing in next year's super bowl, this marks the first time in eight years that a hip-hop group will get the coveted spot performs at halftime. the last time it was a hip-hop performance was in 2004, might i just say wardrobe malfunction. beyonce's wardrobe is performing just fine these days, no malfunctions. a lot of people have seen her in all kinds of provocative videos and poses and whatnot, but some are saying an ad now is too hot for tv. if you're just listening to us at home right now, you're not looking at a television i want you to now stop and pay attention to the tv and then you tell me what you think about this ad. ♪ ♪ never knew how much i love ya ♪ ♪ never knew how much i cared
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♪ when you put your arms around me ♪ >> my director is my ear telling me i can start talking whenever. this ad, i don't know if you can tell, it is for a new perfume called heat but it was too hot for the uk. they have actually banned it from airing during daytime hours. they say it's just too much for kids, again, you be the judge of what you think of it there. let me just turn now, how do i go to politics from this? the president actually calling it a matter of national security. i'm going to tell what you americans think of the new nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia and the bush era tax cuts, who should continue to get them, who shouldn't? all that is coming your way. quick break, 22 minutes past the hour. stick around.
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is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it. because opportunity can start anywhere, and go everywhere. let's keep it moving. ♪ 24 minutes past the hour now. in his weekly address, president
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obama warns america's national security is at stake if it doesn't ratify the new nuclear arms reduction treaty with russia and do it soon. the president is trying to overcome republican objections and get the senate to approve it during the lame duck session of congress. >> as president reagan said when he signed the nuclear arms treaty with the soviet union in 1987, trust but bear in mind. that is what the new s.t.a.r.t. treaty does. >> paul stein hauzer joins us live from washington. good to have you as always. this was something that the president agreed to with the russian president a little ways back some time ago but still can't go into place until congress approves it. >> yeah, the senate's got to approve it and i guess the president's prestige is almost on the line. remember the trip he took overseas, met with the russian president and said he would get the treaty approved. republican senators are pushing back saying whoa time out, wait until the new congress to vote on this.
10:26 am
the president and the white house want to get it passed during the lame duck. some republicans are saying one of the problems with the treaty it doesn't allow enough money for the remaining nuclear weapons here in the united states to be modernized. what do americans think? i've always got a poll number. cnn opinion research corporation, do you think the treaty should be approved by the senate? nearly three out of four americans say yes. broken down among republicans the majority of republicans we questioned across the country say yes, ratify the treaty. >> even if the senate doesn't move on this in the lame duck session, congress has to move on the bush era tax cuts or they will expire by the end of the year. >> yes, they will. that has been a big hot potato, a hot potato in the midterm elections and still being fought out now. listen to the top republican in the senate mitch mcconnell in this morning's radio and internet address by the republicans. >> the top priority of most americans is to create jobs and get the economy moving and the single best thing we can do in
10:27 am
washington to achieve that goal is to prevent a tax hike that's about to hit every taxpayer and hundreds of thousands of small businesses at the stroke of midnight on december 31st. >> the republicans, t.j., they want all the tax cuts extended for all americans including the wealthiest 2% of americans. these tax cuts first went into place back in 2001 under george w. bush. democrats say we want to give the tax cuts to the vast majority of americans but not the wealthiest because the country can't afford it. it would up the deficit higher. the same poll i got more numbers take a look. americans seem to be divided. 35% say let's extend the tax cuts for all americans but 49% say just extend them for families making under $250,000 a year. you can see the bottom, 15% say don't extend them for anybody. we can't afford it. t.j.? >> an interesting note there's a group the pay rottic millionaires they have a campaign now, raise our taxes
10:28 am
and these are millionaires with the campaign so people are all over the place on the tax cuts. paul, buddy good to see you as always. thanks so much. we'll check in with paul plenty. we know thanksgiving is next week. you may be doing some shopping for your thanksgiving meal this weekend. food is a big part of the holiday. we're going to try, we're going to try here, folks, to not be a buzzkill for your thanksgiving holiday. got the good doctor here, she's going to try to convince you and convince me to change mama's recipes and grandmama's recipes so you can be healthier. ha! we'll see how this goes. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now.
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♪ new york, concrete are where
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dreams are made of ♪ ♪ there's nothing you can't do >> concrete judgement, good morning jungle, good morning, this is "cnn saturday morning." a check of some of the stories topping our cnn news pulse. the manufacturer of two popular pain killing drugs voluntarily pulling the pills off the market at the request of the fda. the government says the risk of heart trouble from darvon and darvocet outweighs. the benefit. they've been off the market in england over time. we turn to georgia at our world headquarters, senior federal judge retiring from the bench minutes before pleading guilty to drug charges, resigning was part of a plea deal for jack camp, 67 years old. he took the deal were prosecutors who dropped weapons charges against him. he did admit we a relationship with an exotic dancer that revolved around drug use.
10:33 am
also, 2012 the presidential campaign is taking shape. i wonder who first lady barbara bush, former first lady barbara bush is going to back for president. there's a good chance it won't be sarah palin. >> -- read about sarah palin? >> i sat next to her once, she was beautiful and i think she's very happy in alaska, and i hope she'll stay there. >> you can watch that entire one-hour interview monday with the former first lady and the former president bush, that's 9:00 eastern time, 6:00 pacific right here on cnn. we'll turn now to thanksgiving, you know what time it is, time to eat. you can talk about the family and getting together and seeing the loved ones, fine but it's time to eat. i have dr. felicia wade here with me, giving me specifically some advice on healthy options. you were here a few months back talking about how we need to shop. this particular day, though, isn't this the day to just
10:34 am
splurge? even if you behave and eat well all year with k we not just get one day to just go at it? >> i think it's important, t.j., to spend time with family and friends and i think it's important to have the foods that you love. i think you're right, you're brilliant, t.j., you know this but i think it's not the time to have 5,000 calories. i think it's the time to probably have somewhere between 500 to 1,200 calories but not 5,000. >> that's every day. we're supposed to eat the 500 to 1,200. this is what we're going to do. we have my menu up. i have a fairly traditional meal i cook. i grew up, mama, grandmama, granddaddy, everybody could cook in the family. honey baked ham, we don't have a holiday without that honey baked ham. you got a turkey, stuffed with vegetables, a lot of but thor in there, too. delicious. >> how much but thor? >> a couple of sticks in the whole, over time. why are y'all laughing? macaroni and cheese? jiffy cornbread and green beans. i put bacon and onions in the
10:35 am
green beans. what is your problem with that menu there? >> t.j., let's start with the ham. >> start with the ham. >> do you know how much sodium is in the ham, t.j.? >> enough to make it delicious. >> can i make you a question? >> sure thing. >> what is your blood pressure? >> my blood pressure it was a little high last time i went to the doctor. >> a little high? >> i have been checking since i came to the doctor and in a decent range but go ahead. your point? >> in ham, in three ounces just three ounces, there's 1,000 milligrams of sodium. >> that's bad? >> that's bad, t.j. with somebody who has high blood pressure we don't want them to have 1,000 milligrams of sodium in three ounces of ham. three ounces of ham, very thin slices is three ounces, little, tiny slices. that's not worth it on one day. what i'd like for them to do is take that ham, put it in a big pot of water before they cook it in the oven, because my family is from thesouth, too, from louisiana.
10:36 am
you want to spar? let's spar. >> let's do this. >> they're from louisiana and north carolina. i want them to put that in that pot, soak it in that pot, okay, on the stove, boil it so all of that sodium comes out in that water. i want them to pour that pot of water in the sink and bake it in the oven. >> how is it going to taste afterwards? >> fine. because you know what i really would rather? i'd rather than not have that ham with that thousand milligrams of sodium because i want their blood pressure to be normal. >> put the list back up there. >> the american heart association rather than have the turkey. >> anything else on that list you have a problem with? >> oh, t.j., that macaroni and cheese, it just gets me right here. >> what am i supposed to eat instead? eliminate the macaroni and cheese as well? >> you know one cup of macaroni and cheese do you know how many calories? >> of course i don't. >> it's like 600 calories. do you know how much cholesterol is in that? >> you're saying eliminate that
10:37 am
or put different things in it, different cheese, low-fat cheese? >> yes. i'm so happy now. t.j. >> give me the second screen with the stuff on it. i have sweet potato pie, lemon mereingu pie, cornbread and mashed poe tae tows. >> can we change cornbread and do whole grain bread. >> ooh. >> four cornbread muffins, mix them together. >> some cornbread. >> some cornbread and what we have is we have mushrooms in there, we have onions, a little bit of low sodium chicken broth, so we do know how to cook. we put that all together and so instead of 89 milligrams of cholesterol we have 59. tastes very similar and instead of the next day having to go to the hospital for high blood pressure, i'm talking about the 41 million diabetics out there, the 500,000 people who die of
10:38 am
heart disease every year, we want them to enjoy their families too. >> i need to get to this one other thing, you call it a magic number that everybody should be targeting for this holiday. >> yes. >> put that up. what does this mean, whose magic number is that? >> the magic number is we should be having a meal that's really not greater than 500 to 1,200 calories. we're talking one meal. most people should be eating somewhere around 1,200 to 700 calories for a day. you know, like someone who is my size, i shouldn't be eating more than about 1,600 calories for all my meals. >> okay. >> so that means to sit down for thanksgiving, i should be, can i show you the plate? >> please. >> i should have a plate that looks like this. >> what are you supposed to do with that? >> have my food on it. >> on thanksgiving >> on thanksgiving but most people t.j., i know you have a plate like this. >> i don't use a plate.
10:39 am
i use a platter. >> you go back twice. >> oh my goodness you have no idea. >> do you go back three times? >> maybe a third but it's not full each time. >> t.j., i can't carry all these plates. >> people should use saucers for their meals on thanksgiving. okay. >> put the things that they like on the plate, tasting a little bit of what they want. and they should be mindful of what their diseases that they have, if you have high blood pressure. >> okay. >> heart disease, if you have heart failure, this is a day that you should be very careful with it. >> i got to take a quick break. we'll come back and i'll pick up with the plate here, but also some ideas, not all this stuff was made with the fattening stuff, a taste test to see if you can taste the difference using the low-fat items and some of these. quick break and we'll be right back. now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. new fixodent plus scope ingredients. cleans and kills germs that cause odors to your dentures. new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients.
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tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a rare but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. other rare but serious side effects may occur. [ female announcer ] talk to your doctor about plavix. all right, welcome back to this "cnn saturday morning." we're talking about your thanksgiving meal and we were just talking with dr. felicia wade before the break about alternatives to your traditional meal that you cook. a recommendation is instead of using what we'd term a regular plate, put your thanksgiving feast on this. i'm standing here with our executive chef, kim, who was nice enough to make the food. even she got tickled by the idea of a little plate. one question though on a serious note here, there are all kinds of health issues affecting this country. but if someone eats fairly well, i guess a lot of people would say is one day going to affect
10:43 am
you that much? can i have one day to splurge a little bit? even a healthy person should they still you would recommend still no, never. there's never a day to splurge, even thanksgiving. >> t.j., i have to say that 64% of people in this country are obese, and so i have to just really, you know, be very, very real and say 64% of people in this country are obese. 500,000 people in this country die of heart disease every year. 41 million people in this country have diabetes. 20 million people in this country have diabetes and they don't know it. so for me, it's really important for you to have this plate, have the things you like. i like sweet potatoes. i like turkey. i like macaroni. have a little bit of what you like, so that you don't end up coming to the emergency department to see me because your blood pressure is out of control and you didn't know it. >> let me get to some of the
10:44 am
stuff, our executive chef made. we got two different pies, we have two different green bean casseroles. if i can get reynolds to come out here at some point. we need to try and see if we can taste a difference between the two. you tell me, what were the different things they were made can w. green bean casserole. you can't tell, one was made with what and one was made with what? don't tell me which one. >> one made with cream of mushroom and one made with a little bit of french onion on top, low sodium cream of mushroom. >> okay so the low sodium cream of mushroom is better for you >> yes. we also want a nonfat cream of mushroom as well. >> let's do this. we'll see if we can taste the difference. can we go at it here with either one of them? >> um-hum. >> how much is this going to save somebody as far as calories or whatever it may be? >> you got some food? >> yeah. >> reynolds this is what i want to you do. >> bring it. >> try this one. now we don't know which one that is.
10:45 am
>> try this. >> let us know which one is better. is that all right for you? >> do cows say moo? yeah, good stuff man. >> i'll let you try the other one and see if you can taste the difference between the two. one of them, reynolds s low sodium and better for you. try that one. i don't know which is which either. >> yeah, i like sodium by the bottleful. i'm a sodium-loving guy. >> forgive us here. reynolds with the taste test. see if question taste the difference. >> i bought a recipe box for your new recipes to go in. >> this ought to fill up quickly. >> i like the first one. >> which is which? >> this is what you would call the non-healthy one. this is the healthy one. so you like the healthy one. >> liked the healthy one. this is the healthy one? >> no, no, this is the nonhealthy one. i would say that's the healthy
10:46 am
one. she will say no this is the one you don't want us to eat. >> this is the one we don't want to eat. we got a discrepancy here. all right. >> he likes it. >> he likes it. mikey likes it all. what about the sweet potato pie. sweet potato and pumpkin in. >> sweet potatoes. >> both and one was made with what and one was made with what? >> this one one was made with egg whites instead of egg yolk, one have a low, what you would call non-sugar called stevia. >> one of them has all the bad junk and one of them has supposedly the good junk. all right. >> mm, mm, mm. >> that ain't bad. >> now tell me which one do you like better? >> a lot of sugar in that one. >> great, that's perfect. because stevia is made from a plant, and it's very important that we use stevia. >> this is the stevia? okay.
10:47 am
>> see t.j.'s face? he liked it. he doesn't want to admit it but he liked it. >> i liked that? oh, come on. >> give me some good stuff, come on. >> you get an idea, it's not bad. not at all. this one certainly jumps out, you can taste sugar in there. it's quite frankly delicious. our executive chef, kim, thank you so much for bringing this over to us. everybody's waiting to get a hold of this. we'll get reynolds' answer here and then we'll go. >> this is real good. >> dr. wade is trying to save our lives. good advice on what you should and should not be eating and minor tweaks to your recipe. we're having fun with you. >> i know. >> giving you a hard time. a lot of advice for folks. >> stevia is better because it doesn't raise your blood sugar, really, really important, guys. you know if you're going to have all this stuff, you really have to think about it. >> i'm thinking about it. i am thinking. trust me. i am. i don't know, they're both good.
10:48 am
they're both fine. >> there you have it, folks. have a good thanksgiving. we'll talk plenty more throughout the day and tomorrow about your thanksgiving meal. >> happy thanksgiving. >> 12 minutes to the top of the hour. quick break. we'll be right back. thank you for calling usa pmy name peggy. peggy, yes, i'd like to redeem my reward points for a gift card. tell points please? 250,000. calculating... ooh! answer: five fifty! 550 bucks?! 5 dollar, 50 cents. minus redeeming charge. leaving 50 cents. say what? happy time! what kind of program is this? want better rewards? switch to discover. america's number 1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover.
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all right, once again, ray d'alessio from cnn sports, we
10:52 am
are talking about what is going to be the most fascinating football game of the day today. it has nothing to do really with team >> call me crazy. >> probably. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> i love this idea. here's the whole thing, the field for today's illinois/northwestern game will be running east to west unlike in the days when the chicago bears played wrigley field, north and south from home plate to the outfield. this has been in the planning stages for well over a year, until this week, when the safety concerns came up because the east end zone, there's only about a six inch space between the back of the end zone and the outfield wall. it is padded but there's only about a six-inch space. >> a brick wall. >> and it's a brick wall. officials from the big ten yesterday decided there is a safety for the players. we'll play the game in one direction on offense. all offensive plays will be run toward the west end zone. the only way you can score a touchdown on that east end zone
10:53 am
is if you run back a punt or interception and that's it. i like it. >> great drama. >> there's strategy involved. it's different. we may never see it again but there's nothing at stake here for both teams. there's nothing gained. >> no consequences. >> do it. >> remind folks why the idea of having a football game in wrigley fooild field came up. >> nostalgia, northwestern's athletic director it's been his baby for the last two years. they played hockey a few years ago, the nhl classic with the blackhawks, other major events have happened. why not try putting on a college football game in there. do you think it's going to bother the players? absolutely not. >> no. of course not. >> the fact these kids can say i played football at wrigley field. they haven't played a college football there since 1999. >> the rse why arebacks play
10:54 am
today that is the game i'm paying attention to. >> i love it. >> ray from cnn, good to see you. always good to have you. quick break and we're right back on this "cnn saturday morning." k on my arthritis. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours of relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born ♪ worry ♪ oh, worry, worry worry, worry ♪ [ announcer ] when it comes to things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. take the scary out of life. had a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit, which provided for their every financial need. [ thunder rumbling ]
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we are just now days away from the fourth annual cnn heroes an all-star tribute hosted by our own anderson cooper. we have learned the impact the show can have goes beyond one night. it has the power literally to transform lives. >> good evening and welcome to "cnn heroes." for the last three years cnn heroes an all-star tribute has given us all a chance to come together and honor everyday unsung heroes who are changing the world. >> it's a tremendous show. this is what real people do every day with no fanfare and no cameras. >> you're going to go to any awards show come out to this. >> i am honored to be here.
10:58 am
>> on thanksgiving night we celebrate the top ten cnn heroes with tributes. >> i want to honor the strength of a remarkable woman. >> awards. and inspired performances. ♪ give a little bit more >> to the heroes of cnn! >> we announce the cnn hero of the year you voted for. the cnn hero of the year is efron pena-florida. what happens after the show is perhaps the best encore of all, the global exposure, all the heroes receive can transform their work and their lives. doc henley opened a water filtration plant in haiti bringing clean water to an estimated 8,000 people every month. >> hole low, how are you? >> roy foster is able to help female veterans and after being named 2009 cnn hero of the year efront captured the attention of a nation.
10:59 am
more than just one night, cnn heroes an all-star tribute has the power to change our world by inspiring the hero in each of us. >> thank y'all so much for having us here today. it is a blessing. >> cnn heroes an all-star tribute at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific right here. give back to those who have been giving all year, you can click the "donate now" tab on 100% of your donations go directly to the cnn heroes' cause that you choose. got somebody else we want to tell you about a this morning. maybe another cnn hero here, homeless man with a good sense of right and wrong, davidtally found a backpack, a homeless man found a backpack with $3,300 at a train stop in tempe, arizona. he turned it in to autho


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