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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 21, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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at it. >> the book will make you smart. thank you so much. that wraps it up for this show, but you can join our running conversation on facebook and twitter @ali velshi and @christine romans. we read everything you say. make sure to join us for "your $$$$$" and logon 24/7 to have yourselves a great weekend. slipping and sliding, a real travel nightmare. we'll tell you where the bad weather is now and where it's going and how your holiday plans could be affected. and iran paychemakes a decin the trial of two american hikers detained there for more than a year. plus, new riveting details about the assassination of president kennedy, told by two secret service agents haunted by the tragedy. you're in the "cnn newsroom."
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i'm fredricka whitfield. getting home for the holidays might be snarled because of bad weather in some parts of the nation. it's already started in midwestern and western states. in the sierra nevada, drivers are chaining up for an early winter storm that's already dumped two feet of snow. in minnesota, freezing rain and ice are making roads downright impassable. hundreds of spinouts and accidents have already been reported on what's turning out to be a very icy sunday. i talked with eric rosky of the minnesota state patrol earlier about these icy conditions. >> the situation's greatly improved from overnight. temperatures warming now and the ice has been melted by chemical on the roadway. however, from about 10:00 p.m. last night until early this morning, it was very treacherous road conditions. >> so what are you telling people as they set off to hit the road to visit their loved ones this holiday season? >> well, between the snow last
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weekend and the ice last night, i think most minnesotans are probably in that winter driving mode. but we want to remind people to take extra time, check the weather forecast and the road conditions before they head out. >> all right, jacqui jeras now in the weather center. this is your neck of the woods, minnesota. it's nasty, but isn't this supposed to happen this time of year? >> it is. >> around thanksgiving? >> well, yeah, you do get wintry weather, but the problem is this was freezing rain. it comes down as liquid, freezes on contact as the roadways, and even a small amount, and that's all it was, just about 0.1 of an inch in most areas, but it turns the roadways into a glaze of ice and really impossible to drive on. even by seasoned drivers who are used to winter-type weather. the good news is most of that moisture is pulling out of here. so improved conditions. temperatures have gone above the freezing mark in the twin cities. so the roadways have been fine the last couple of hours. but now as that sun goes down,
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we'll watch things freeze up again. so the secondary roads, especially ones that haven't been treated, will be icy. watch out around i-35 and i-94 and i-90 into parts of wisconsin as we're looking at that moisture. the huge weather story in terms of what's going, a huge winter storm, a series, actually, is what's been happening across parts of the west. look at all of the snow on the map. we're talking about snow north of seattle stretching all the way down into the mountains, even los angeles county. it's been extremely heavy into the sierras, as well as the wasatch. look at the rocky mountains, that little area right down here in southern california, that's a blizzard warning. so you add in the winds along with the heavy snow and it really makes for extremely hazardous travel conditions. take a look at some of the snowfall totals that we've seen so far. truckee, california, 45 inches. 45 inches of snow! how many feet is that? it's over three feet. mammoth lake, 24 inches. south lake tahoe, also two feet of snow. and that's good news for the skiers, if you can get there.
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take a look at this i-report that we have. this is from jason lynch from winamuck, nevada. you can see the parking lot there and the cars just covered in snow and you can see it adding up on the railways as well. i guess you guys will be doing a little shoveling the next couple of days. if you're not traveling by the roadway and you're traveling by the airway, so far things have been pretty good at most of the major airports. the one problem area has been here. chicago o'hare, we now have a groundstop in effect there. you've got low clouds, you don't even have a lot of heavy weather, but you get those low ceilings, all the airplanes have to shoot their approach, the instrument approach, so they take a little longer to line up and get this there. and that's only getting to chicago, by the way. if you're in chicago and trying to get somewhere, you should be okay because of that. here's your forecast. for tomorrow, showing you the heavy rain and heavy snow continuing out west. interstates like i-80 have been really bad across parts of california and into nevada. i-70, we've had plenty of trouble as well, and much of the pacific northwest. our cold front moves into the
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nation's midsection, just some light showers here. not too big of a deal, but you could have airport delays in chicago and stretching on up towards detroit. the east coast looks fantastic. tomorrow is your day to travel if you can do it. of course, wednesday the busiest travel day of the year. usually the wednesday before and the sunday after thanksgiving are the worst. here's what we're expecting in terms of wet weather. dallas up towards nashville into raleigh durham, washington, d.c., pittsburgh into cincinnati, we think detroit, chicago, milwaukee all will have some wet weather. cold conditions on the backside. so this is snow again for you into the upper midwest. and thanksgiving day itself, everything stays on the east coast, so hopefully you don't have to travel, because the east coast gets socked in and that's where we have delays all across the country. but things look very good across parts of the west. now, i just want to show you a graphic here. we want you to become part of the cnn holiday travel weather team. yeah, you can be on tv if you want. send us your stuff. first of all, that's the website you go to on
4:06 pm we've got all kinds of information. i did a bunch of packages, fredricka, how to pack your bag to get through security, things like that. are you on twitter? if not, you should be. you can tweet us or follow our tweets at cnn travel, and send us the i-reports like jason lynch did. he got on tv today. thank you so much. that's >> lots of great information. i'm looking at those snowflakes, the poor northeast, a snowy thanksgiving. >> a good day to stay inside and eat food. >> that's true, too. staying a little longer at your loved one's houses. remember the case of the two americans that are being held against their will in iran? well, now apparently iran has postponed the trial date for them. shane bauer and josh fattal were arrested for espionage 16 months ago after hiking from iraq. their companion, bauer's fiancee, sarah shourd, she was released back in september, if you remember that.
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bauer and fattal were supposed to be tried this month, but their lawyer says iranian officials have rescheduled the trial for february 6th. that's a big disappointment for the family members here in the states who hope a trial will lead ultimately to their release. and there are new concerns today about north korea's nuclear program. a stanford unersity professor toured that country's main nuclear research site this month. the professor says he saw 2,000 centrifuges, that's many more than expected. he says the equipment was apparently designed to generate power, but could easily be converted to make bombs. a u.s. envoy arrived in south korea today to discuss restarting six-party talks with the north. a u.s. military review of the war in afghanistan is due next month, but already the joint chiefs of staff chairman says it should not result in any major strategy chairman. admiral mike mullen credits the deployment of additional troops with helping to keep afghanistan
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from becoming a safe haven for international terrorists. >> really, from my perspective, have fought afghanistan for years from an economy of force standpoint. and i have said for a long time that we didn't have enough forces there. didn't have enough u.s. forces, and we didn't have enough nato forces. that was, from my perspective, because we have -- we were heavily focused on iraq, and i was literally looking at the resources that were headed in both directions. and so as we have changed the strategy, focused, and got the resources right over the course of the last year, this is the first time we really are where we need to be in terms of executing a comprehensive strategy. >> still, mullen describes the progress in afghanistan as fragile. we could soon learn if a jawbone discovered on an aruba beach belongs to natalee holloway.
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the alabama teenager went missing more than five years ago in a mystery that continues to this day. jean casarez has the latest on the investigation from aruba. >> reporter: we are learning that aruban prosecutor peter blanken will be back in the office here in aruba early this next week. he has been on vacation in aruba for the last ten days. at the very same time that the jawbone with a tooth is being analyzed at the netherlands forensic institute in the haig. in other news, we have learned that here on the island, they do not have forensic experts, per se, but do have specialized dentists that can look at a jawbone, look at a tooth to determine whether or not it would be a human tooth. we have been told the results from the haig should be announced, most likely, this week. it cannot be determined whether it will be early in the week or later in the week, but we are standing by in aruba.
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on the beach, i'm jean casarez. they are everyday heroes who are changing the world. meet cnn's hero of the year, next.
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a star-studded gala, including movie and music stars, plus the rescued chilean miners greeted the 2010 cnn hero of the year. our brooke anderson was on hand last night as the winner was announced among the ten very amazing finalists. >> reporter: the chilean miners, the most inspiring story of the year, kicked off an evening dedicated to the people from around the world who are changing the world. >> they are warriors against injustice, doing battle for all of us. >> reporter: cnn's 2010 top ten heroes include a cambodian man, dedicated to clearing the land mines he was forced to plant as a child soldier and ascotsman, whose program feeds hundreds of thousands of children in 15 countries. >> every child in the world should be able to receive at least one good meal every day.
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>> reporter: an ex-con and former drug addict who helps other women just out of prison stay out and stay clean. and a 74-year-old grandmother, whose hospital in juarez, mexico, is an oasis in that violent city. >> do not be afraid and never, never, never give up. >> seeing it through, that commitment, with no fear. >> reporter: a host of celebrities with were on hand to pay tribute to each hero. >> it is inspiring for our young children and for me and for all those people out there who want to do good for the world. ♪ stand up >> reporter: sugarland, john legend, and bon jovi provided the music, and nearly 2 million online votes provided the hero of the year. >> to anuradha koirala. >> reporter: anuradha was awarded an additional $100,000 for her work in nepal, rescuing thousands of girls from sexual slavery. >> we need to do this for all
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our daughters. >> reporter: all ten heroes received $25,000 each, but the examples they set are priceless. brooke anderson, cnn, los angeles. >> and, of course, you want to watch the whole thing. you can catch that cnn heroes special in its entirety thanksgiving night. the cnn heroes all-star tribute with anderson cooper begins thursday, 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on cnn. beyonce's heat perfume add, it's apparently too hot for british perfume. we'll tell you why, next. [scraping] [horns honking] with deposits in your engine, it can feel like something's holding your car back. let me guess, 16. [laughing] yeeah. that's why there's castrol gtx... with our most powerful deposit fighting ingredient ever. castrol gtx exceeds the toughest new industry standard.
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beyonce, too hot for british daytime television. the chat room is coming up straight ahead. but first, a look at the headlines. some nasty storms could cause problems for your holiday travel plans. bad weather is snarling air and ground traffic in some parts of the nation. mainly in minnesota and in the mountains out west. the main culprits are snow, freezing rain, and ice. and utah police have found a rifle, backpack, and a bloody shirt believed to belong to the man who allegedly shot a park ranger multiple times. ranger brody young is in stable condition. police say the suspect is wounded and is on foot. and saudi arabia's king abdullah is heading to the u.s. tomorrow to take care of some health problems. that country's health minister says the 86-year-old monarch is seeking treatment for a herniated spinal disc and a blood cot, causing him great back pain.
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all right. this is one of our favorite times on sundays, when the newsroom becomes the chat room. jacqui and i sitting here on the sofa, getting a little chat therapy. how you doing? >> good. >> a lot of interesting things on radar, beginning with a very heroic and brave kitty cat. >> this cracks me up. >> taking no mess from a gator. >> have you seen the video? >> no. i'm ready to see it now. >> that's interesting. look at that! >> go, kitty! >> and that's not a trained gator, right? >> no, i don't think so. the cat literally stares down the gator and scares it back. >> that kitty cat could have been a snack. that cat had no fear that it could have been an appetizer. this taking place in louisiana. and apparently this kitty cat has done this before. >> yeah, twice, apparently. >> which is why i guess they had the camera rolling. they -- you know, perhaps they'd seen it happen before and thought, okay, here we go again. we're going to be rolling on
4:21 pm
this one. >> the question is, would you run and snatch your cat? you hear so many stories about people who lose their cats and small dogs because of gators. >> oh, yeah, and what people don't realize is gators are very fast. they're faster on land than anyone might suspect. i wish i could recall how many miles per hour they go on land, but you can't outrun a gator. when you think you can, no, you cannot. >> they run zig zag, because they can't -- >> yeah, in fantasy land. if i saw that happen, i don't think i'd be filming. >> no, tell me what to do! let's move on across the pond, in the uk, you know, beyonce's huge, world star, everyone loves beyonce no matter where you go. but her ad for a new perfume she's endorsed, apparently it's a little too hot. >> do we have the ad?
4:22 pm
>> no, we can't show it. >> you watched it, yeah, you see a lot. it's a very low-cut top and she touches her body in the video. so apparently this has upset a lot of parents and said, we don't want our children to see this, so they've banned it until 7:30 at night. >> banned it for daytime television, britain's advertising authority says it's just too hot to handle, and because of the parents who have complained, they've responded saying, you're right, kids don't need to see these very sultry-kind of ads. not appropriate for children's eyes. >> but does it sell perfume? we'll have to wait and see until after the holidays. >> wait a minute, look, i understand we do have clearance to run a portion of it, so what do you think? ♪ ♪ never how much i love you,
4:23 pm
noe never know how much i care ♪ >> apparently that's the safe stuff. >> there's apparently a little more i saw on youtube. so if you would like to see it yourself, i invite you to go to youtube and go ahead and check out, heat is the name of the perfume. >> too hot to handle in the uk. >> what, she's gorgeous. >> no domestic dispuispute ther. roller coasters, do you like? >> i do, do you? >> i'm not one to step up to the world's fastest, craziest, the stuff that will make you hurl. >> i like the upside down and the loops, but not the falling sensation, necessarily. >> i don't think my stomach likes it. >> well, there's a new one out, the world's fastest, pull 4.8 gs on this thing. >> i love the idea of feeling very ferrari. >> this is in abu dhabi at for ary ferrari world, i didn't even know there was a ferrari world.
4:24 pm
the technology they use to propel this thing, it's the same they use for aircraft carriers to get the aircrafts off. so you go from 0 to 150 in like 5 seconds. >> i think straight shot, up down, i can handle there. >> yeah? >> yeah, i love the whole race car effect. get me behind the wheel of any kind of race car, i'm all for it. >> really?! >> yes. but going upside down, not so much. >> it doesn't look like this does. very straight, some curves, maybe. >> that i can handle. but the sen force -- >> it's not that i'm worried about falling, it's the that sensation of, blah! >> you get sick? are you one of the pukers -- >> i haven't done that, no. >> i don't want to to go to the park together. >> no, i haven't had an upchuck, as they say.
4:25 pm
>> good to know. those people should stay at home. >> a little too much information right now, but it's that sensation, that stomach -- >> okay, well, not for everybody. but if that's your thing, there's roller coast enthusiasts, by the way, who just travel all over the world, just to try these things. >> for the next great -- >> yeah, we did the new york, new york one in las vegas a couple manonths ago and it was rather intense. >> was that a loop-da-loop? >> yeah, there are some loops. >> it's on top of the building. >> not doing that one. that's okay. >> it was at night, and that was a good thing. because then you couldn't see the bottom. >> fun. very good. very brave, our jacqui jeras. we'll see much more of you later, talking some nasty weather. >> travel, holidays. >> all right, thanks, jacqui, appreciate it. back to the newsroom after this. move over, football. the band is taking to the field. we pay homage to college
4:26 pm
football's other players, next. >> i would say they're the core of the fan base. ♪ [ male announcer ] lately, there's been a lot of talk about fuel efficiency, hybrids, and plug-in vehicles. and we've got cars like that. even trucks. but we can do more. starting today, when you buy a chevrolet, we'll invest in renewable-energy, energy-efficiency, and tree-planting programs across america -- reducing carbon emissions by up to eight million metric tons over the next few years. and just one more way we can proudly say: "chevy runs deep." ♪
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all right. that holiday spirit is in full swing in chicago where thousands of people took in the sights and sounds of the magnificent mile lights festival. last night's parade rolled down the city's famed michigan avenue. the grand marshal, mickey mouse, who was also joined by minnie, as you saw there, they need no introduction. more than 1 million lights decorate michigan avenue during the festival. jacqui jeras, you ever been to that? >> i haven't. i've been to chicago, but i haven't been to that festival. how beautiful is that? >> that looks like a lot of fun. >> i love a lit up parade. don't you? >> a little cup of hot cocoa and all that. maybe that popcorn if garrett's there on michigan avenue. >> stop it! it's almost dinnertime. i need that snack. hey, you know, chicago, speaking
4:30 pm
of which, today, it's not a terrible day. it's like 38 drivewegrees right. it's cloudy. cloudy, cloudy, and a low overcast. we'll start out there in chicago and let you know that they have a ground stop in effect right now. that means planes aren't taking off to get into chicago because we've had a lot of problems with those low ceilings. at least they're not dealing with this, right? look at all this snow. this is from our affiliate komo, in seattle. >> sure is pretty, though. >> this is snoqualmie pass, where they've had several inches of snow. quite a bit, in fact. we're talking feet of snow in many of the mountains across parts of the west. two different storm systems arriving this week. and i think by late in the day wednesday, everybody's going to be clearing out, but you're going to stay very much on the chilly side. it's nice to see, though, that that traffic appears to be moving. how about that? >> that's why we're able to say, that sure does look pretty. >> i guess they know how to clear their roads. chains are required. >> have had a little practice.
4:31 pm
>> yes, they have. chains are required when there are passes they're having trouble with across parts of the northwest. and heavy snow across parts of the wasatch. look at how much snow we're seeing all across the mountains. a little bit of rain into the valley areas and it's going to stay rather intense. and we'll get another shot of this late monday into tuesday, and then by wednesday afternoon, we're going to start to clear out and the east coast, you'll have your problems, but look at all the warnings and advisories we have in place. almost everything across parts of the west are certainly lit up. how much snow have we seen so far? we've had well over two feet. in fact, three feets in certain parts of california. picked parts of utah and montana this hour, 21 inches at berry creek. brighton crest, 21. west yellowstone, 16, west jordan, 15. and 13 inches at mill creek. for tomorrow, are you traveling tomorrow? going back to work tomorrow? what can you expect? more rain and snow across parts
4:32 pm
of the midwest. pretty blustery. and those east/west roads you'll have some trouble with. this isn't going to be too heavy, but chicago has just low clouds today and that causing problems. might have more problems tomorrow into detroit, kansas city, kind of so-so. and extending down into parts of arkansas, the system travels east as we head into wednesday. wednesday is the big, big holiday travel day, and we're expecting to have problems in the midwest, great lakes, ohio valley, stretching down into parts of the deep south, and just kind of getting into the mid-atlantic states. the later in the day you get, the worse off you'll be in the mid-atlantic. we can the northeast will hold off until thursday. we want you to be part of the cnn weather and travel team. we want you to follow us. here's a couple places where you can go. go on to that website. all kinds of information on how to prepare you for your trip. follow us on twitter @cnn travel or tweet us and tell us all
4:33 pm
about your day. what was your security wait time at the airport, or what were the conditions on the internet, or send us a picture. we'll do that all the way through the following thursday. so make sure that -- or following thursday -- follow sunday, excuse me. >> even better, because then people will be returning home. >> a whole week of this. no matter what day you're traveling, send us your stuff. we'd love to see it. >> thanks so much, jacqui. appreciate that. right now, we are in the midst of a college football frenzy. and while there's no question about the athleticism of the players, there are other hard-working, highly trained people that take to the field each week, the college marching team. here's a look at the university of alabama million dollar band. ♪ >> i would say they're the core of the fan base. i mean, everything that you do in the stadium, if you're a fan, you're listening for the band.
4:34 pm
♪ ♪ >> that's where you get your cheers from, obviously, the cheerleaders are highly involved, but the band and cheerleaders work together, and that's the cadence, that's where it all comes from. ♪ we work very hard to make sure that nothing really messes up our sink ynchronizatiosynchroni. that's a very large reason of why we spend time at rehearsal. >> why the name? why the million dollar band? >> well, in history, chant pickens, an alabama alumni, he was interviewed on the sideline and they asked him, you know, what about the football team? what's going on, and he said, we
4:35 pm
might not have much of a football team, but we've got a million dollar band. ♪ >> nice stuff! all right. so just in case you're wo wondering, the university of alabama's football team is ranked number nine this week on the ap poll and number 11 by "usa today." but again, that band, a million dollars. so we're just minutes away from today's viral video rewind. you know what that means, josh levs! drumroll! >> you lead into me with some cool moousic already, fred. i like that. >> we get more now? >> we have a new entry today in the pantheon of dramatic animals. one of your favorites. this is a new classic. >> i love those animal
4:36 pm
categories. >> you'll love this. plus, your weekly relaxation video today is going to come from a respected medical institution, fred. >> so it will work, for sure! >> and also going viral online, an app for cats. >> huh? >> i'm going to show you this. it's a phenom leaving felines all aflutter. >> the fur's flying! >> loving this. i've got to tell you what's behind that. we also got an older gentleman with an awesome take of "can't get no satisfaction." all that coming up, viral video rewind. >> i like the music there. he wod are the ones who want to. well, we want to. and we invite you to join us. starting today, when you buy a chevrolet, we'll invest in renewable-energy, energy-efficiency, and tree-planting programs across america -- reducing carbon emissions by up to eight million metric tons over the next few years. and just one more way we can proudly say:
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all right. josh levs and viral videos in a moment. but first, a look at the top stories. a court date for two american hikers still being held in iran. that is being postponed. shane bauer and josh fattal were supposed to be tried this month, but their lawyer says iranian officials have rescheduled the trial for february 6th. iran accuses them of espionage. and there are new concerns about north korea's nuclear program. a u.s. scientist says he toured
4:41 pm
the country's main nuclear facility this month and saw 2,000 centrifuges. he says the commitment was apparently used to generate power, but it could easily be converted to produce nuclear bomb fuel, he says. and the king of saudi arabia will fly to the u.s. for medical treatment tomorrow. a high-level saudi official says 86-year-old king abdullah has been suffering with a herniated spinal disc and a blood clot that is causing him back pain. this is a segment that makes everybody kind of wiggle with the music, all the viral videos that come your way. josh levs is here now with a good look at what's on tap. >> you ready to get dramatic? >> yeah. >> you'll remember, i've got to set this, i'll remind you of a classic called dramatic chipmunk, one of the most viral videos of all time. take a look at it here, although in actuality, it's actually not -- remember this little guy?
4:42 pm
the whole -- there he is, with the big turn. come back to fred, she has her own version of dramatic chipmunk. meanwhile, he's not a chipmunk, he's a prairie dog. and i have this takeoff called dramatic bieber. >> and his hair did not move. some serious hair spray. he's so cute. so cute. look at his eyes. >> now i've got a new one for you. everybody's trying to do dramatic animals and i see them a lot, but rarely do i see one this good. ladies and gentlemen, it's time to meet dramatic eagle. here it goes again. the timing is impeccable. what are you doing, looking at me. we put all three together for you, so you can do a comparison. here's the dramatic threeway. take a look at this one. so you can kind of watch and pick your favorite.
4:43 pm
who would pick one little prairie dog would trigger a worldwide phenom like this. i'm loving it. and next we have fred with her little head turn and we'll make it a four-way. >> okay. >> you showed a clip of this earlier -- moving on. grandpa rocking the pedestrian zone. >> i don't remember this one. >> no? let's take a look at it here. this is an older gentleman. people always say grandpa, but take a listen to this guy. >> i definitely do not remember this. ♪ ♪ i get no satisfaction >> he's doing a really good job on this song, and people start to really like him, they start to come around. i was looking online, i think i might have found it on youtube, but we don't know who this guy is. listen to him rock. i want you to see how people get into this, and how he has a
4:44 pm
repertoire. skip ahead to the next section and see what he pulls off there. ♪ shake, rattle and roll ♪ shake, rattle and roll ♪ shake, rattle and roll >> he's working it. has become a famous singer. and this is one of the things i love about viral videos. people are getting more clicks than would fill carnegie hall. >> i'm loving this. >> now, here's something -- okay, i could watch him all day. >> he's catchy. he's got it. >> right before the break, i showed you a clip of this. and it's this new app for cats. i know, it sounds ridiculous -- >> yes, it's funny. >> but we talk about this, things with animals go viral, even if they're not doing much. here they're doing something. the kitten loves to play games
4:45 pm
on apple ipod. it's an actual app, and if you watch closely, you can see why kitty cat gets into this. there are some great websites out there that post these great videos. you can skip to the next section on this one. >> i think he's waiting for the butterfly to get tired so he can pounce on it. >> we have a second section of this. it has a little mouse that goes across the screen and the cat just kind of, you know, stays interested. way to keep your cat in one place for a little while, keep him still. >> that's so cute. every week i deliver fred a relaxation video, and today's is a whole different style, a whole different kind of thing. i'm surprised by this. take a look, mayo clinic, the mayo clinic has posted a video on its website designed to help people meditate -- >> because they know how much people need it. >> i really think it's true. especially when you're online, sometimes you can be incredibly frenet frenetic, with ten things going at once, so they play this.
4:46 pm
♪ >> need a few minutes to relax? get comfortable in your chair. >> see, it talks you through all these relaxation techniques, right there on the web. go ahead and skip to the next section on this one. >> need a little coaxing. >> you get a little more music. >> the flame is getting higher. >> breathe out. >> and it kind of just lets you hang. see? relaxation. so i'm impressed, the mayo clinic -- >> even our producer is now whispering to us. only 30 seconds left. >> oh, really? they didn't told me. they knew i wouldn't listen. if we're down to that little, we can end on a little bit of a pick me up. >> did you hear her? >> no. >> we must go. >> we must go. okay. well, we can leave it on that. all the videos posted for you as always on facebook and twitter.
4:47 pm
take a look at the page. and we do this because we want you to see the originals, and that way you can send me your favorites at facebook and twitter. >> i'm feeling better already. i can always count on you. i like it. it's a good way to start the week. end the weekend, start the week. totally relaxed. okay. josh levs. >> that was a rewind. >> viral video rewind. thank you very much. >> you got it. >> okay. now we got to go on with news. >> i know, i've got to talk politics. can't whisper about that. >> bring it back up. okay. hillary clinton, you know she ran for president in 2008, well, now her name being floated around again this time for 2012, what does she say about all that? i have a feeling she likes her job.
4:48 pm
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potential presidential candidates are now looking ahead to 2012. paul steinhauser previews the week in politics. >> hey, fred. mike huckabee's in the political spotlight today as he headlines a speech in front of a major gathering of social conservatives in iowa. the former arkansas governor who ran for the white house in 2008 is considering another bid, this time around for the republican presidential nomination. and iowa plays a very important role in the road to the white house, as its caucuses kick off the presidential primary calendar. huckabee scored an upset victory in the caucuses back in 2008. sarah palin, another possible white house hopeful, is also in the political spotlight this woke. the former alaska governor's new book, which is entitled "america by heart," comes out. palin, who was john mccain's running mate in the last presidential election kicks off a become tour on tuesday in phoenix, and that book tour will take palin to iowa and to south carolina, which is also another important state that votes early in the road to the white house. fred? >> all right, thanks so much,
4:52 pm
pall. all right, moving on to the democrats. hillary clinton is laughing off speculation that she might run for president again. clinton battled president obama for the 2008 democratic nomination and there's been some talk that she might challenge him again in 2012. well, in a television interview today, clinton denied being interested in any elected office, saying she likes being secretary of state. for the latest political news, go to members of jfk's secret service speak out for the first time, telling what happened in the hours following his assassination. everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn. ♪
4:53 pm
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tomorrow marks the 47th anniversary of the assassination of the president john f. kennedy. over the years, there has been no shortage of commissions, reviews, or conspiracy theories questioning what really happened in dallas, texas, on november 22nd, 1963. well, now in a new book, jfk's secret service agents break their silence. cnn's brian todd talks with them. >> reporter: they're a pair of stoic 78-year-old grandfathers. gerald blaine and clint hill still carry themselves in that upright tradition, still have that bond that only secret service agents know. and still have vivid memories of that clear, crisp day in november nearly half a century ago. >> we couldn't help it. we felt like we failed. we all had the same mission and it was a terrible feeling. >> reporter: blaine gives riveting new accounts of that period in his just-released book, "the kennedy detail." he reveals how less than 24 hours after john kennedy's
4:57 pm
assassination, he almost caused another unspeakable tragedy. blaine stood guard outside lyndon johnson's house in the early morning darkness. exhausted, on edge, he heard approaching footsteps and readied his submachine gun. >> put it to my shoulder and steadied my feet and around the house, i recognized right away, it was president johnson, by his profile. >> reporter: johnson had just come out to get some air. how close did you come to shooting him? >> well, my finger was on the trigger. i had nightmares about this for months afterwards. >> reporter: johnson, he says, turned white, said nothing, and went back in the house. i spoke with blaine and clint hill just a few feet from john kennedy's grave. hill wrote the forward to blaine's book, but has rarely spoken about that day. you had a tough time there, in those years after the assassination, after your resignation. can you talk about what you went through? >> you know, i had nightmares
4:58 pm
and it seemed like every time i turned around, there was something that reminded me of what had happened. so i just clammed up and went into my basement with some alcohol and some cigarettes and stayed there for a few years. >> reporter: clint hill was the first secret service agent to get to kennedy's car in dallas. he broke into a sprint after the initial shot was fired. he says if he could re-live those moments, if he could jump on the back maybe two second earlier -- >> without a question, i'd be taking a bullet for the president, be dead. >> it would be -- you think that would be a happier ending if you weren't here to talk to us? >> it would be a happier ending for the country and for everybody. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? that's a tough thing to live with for a number of years. >> well, it's just one of those things you do live with it. you have to accept the fact that you had a certain responsibility and you failed in that responsibility. so you just have to accept it
4:59 pm
and live with it the best you can. >> reporter: hill says he still goes through periods where he's almost unable to talk about the assassination. he brushes it off when people call him a hero. heroes, he says, are people who are able to do extraordinary things, and quote, unfortunately, i was unable to do that. brian todd, cnn, arlington, virginia. >> dallas police tomorrow plan to honor an 82-year-old man for his actions on the day jfk was assassinated. temp temple bowly was a dallas police officer lying dead near a police vehicle. bowly immediately got into the police car and radioed for help. he had no idea that the man who had just shot the officer was the same man who had also killed president kennedy, lee harvey oswald. officers swept into the area and soon arrested oswald. so if you're traveling this holiday week, you'll have plenty of company out there. the nation's highways and ai


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