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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 13, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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that will feel cursed they were not here on this day. i think the people that were in tahrir's square on that day will remember that day and tell their children that this was their st. krispin's day. internet hoaxes, children are vulnerable to them. this hour, tips to help your kids separate fact from fiction. and celebrating valentine's day, an online campaign that says don't, at 4:00 p.m. eastern. and at 5:00, hear how vacations can help your career. you're in the cnn news room, i'm fredricka witfield. new developments today from egypt -- the military high command now firmly in charge has
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dissolved parliament, suspended the constitution and will run the country at least for the next six months, you'll have an up-close look at life in the cairo streets today in just a moment. and in the small town of white swan, washington, one house caught fire and then it spread to at least 15 others. amazingly, no one was reported hurt. firefighters blamed high winds for the fire's fast spread. it happened yesterday. and two murder charges have temporarily been dropped against jared lee loughner, he's the man witnesses say shot arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 18 others in tucson last month. prosecutors call it a procedural motion and say they will refile the murder charges in a later indictment. back to cairo now. on the same piece of ground that gave birth to an historic revolution, shops are open today, offices are open today. and people in the capital are putting the most normal face
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possible on their new lives. frederick plaiken it there. >> reporter: only a few days ago, this place here was a battleground. but right on tahrir square, now what's happening every sis hosni mubarak stood down, is that shops are reopening here on the square. this is a souvenir shop and we've seen travel agents are reopening in a bid to try to get life back to normal. >> yes, i am very happy, because we are open today. >> you need to leave the square now. >> there are still a few protesters here in tahrir square. but many are telling us that now they feel is the time to go home. they don't believe that the protests should continue. they think it's time to go back to work. like these people over here. are saying that now is the time to rebuild egypt. and to stop protesting. >> okay. the most important thing now we have to clean our square and we have to go back to our work. and to do our jobs. so egypt has a great job and we
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have to do our best to make our country high. >> at the same time you have a lot of traffic that has come back to tahrir square. most of the area here is now open to cars. as you can see, there are a lot of vehicles that are going through here. the streets are jam-packed as they were before the demonstrations. although rirt now, it's army soldiers that are directing traffic rather than the traffic police. we have only seen a very few traffic police. another sign that life is getting back to normal here here on tahrir square, and indeed in all of egypt. fred plaitken, cnn, cairo, egypt. let's get more now on today's announcement of the egyptian parliament being dissolved. cnn senior international correspondent, nic robertson is on the phone joining us from sharm el-sheikh. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the suspension of the constitution, the supreme military council announcing that
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they will run the country until elections or until six months, the supreme council say that they will represent the country both domestically and internationally. an indication of the continuity that they're providing with the previous regime. they say that they will form a committee and amend some parts of the constitution. they have, of course, at this time now announced that they have suspended the constitution. so these are seen as the main, main highlights of the military's announcement in their fifth communique' today. they have said that the serving prime minister will remain as the serving prime minister. that they however they have dissolved the parliament. he will remain as serving prime minister until the new election. >> also, nic, we were looking at images of a white wall around the compound while you were talking at the beginning. that happens to be the same location where the former president, hosni mubarak, is believed to still be staying. what more do you know about his
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whereabouts, if he is indeed there. and how long he plans to stay? or if he's simply declaring that this is going to be his residence in perpetuity? >> reporter: it's not clear. he hasn't made a declaration of what he intends to do at this time. he is in sharm el-sheikh, which is where we are. the prime minister has said that. the white walls were the exterior walls surrounding his palace complex here in sharm el-sheikh, the security around that complex is very, very tight. there are soldiers with heavy machine guns covering many sections of the wall. and the wall and policemen and plainclothes security men are on the road leading to the compound. so he is here amid very tight security. it's not clear what members of his family are here, or what he may be planning to do at this time. he, there have been rumors that he may leave the country. the sultanate of owe oman.
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and saudi arabia has said if he wants to come and live there the door is open for him to do that. the last indication he has given is he wants to remain in egypt. and that appears to be part of his idea to have had a dignified exit. to have want to be seen as a positive egyptian leader. and to stand his last days in the country. is very much for him at this time after everything he's been through, about saving face, fredricka. >> nic robertson, thanks so much from sharm el-sheikh, egypt. now that hosni mubarak is out, will egypt become a democracy? or could it fall into the hands of radical muslims? two republicans in this country discuss that on television this morning. >> i believe that we should always listen to those who are crying out for freedom, crying out for democracy. what we should not tolerate are those who want to push some radical ideology to take control of those governments.
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and i think that's the real concern of the administration and frankly, all of us on the hill. >> if we can pull this off, if the egyptian people can create a democracy in the heart of the arab world, it will be a more significant contribution to civilization than the great pyramids. it really will have a longlasting effect. i worry that we will rush to an ea election where the muslim brotherhood, the most organized, but doesn't represent the true will of the egyptian people will have a disproportionate effect. >> the drama of egypt's revolution up close and personal, we have incredible pictures and video from our i-reporters who watched the events unfold in cairo. this is it from an iranian-american who lives in the egyptian capital. he describes it as the biggest party in the world after the news that hosni mubarak was stepping down. back at home, it's grammy night, and this year,s competition is anything but typical. we'll explain that, after the break.
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basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke. it's grammy night, a lot of folks excited about it. when you think of grammys, you don't usually think about comedy, do you? this year one category has names you will recognize and you might giggle over. it is best spoken word album. and here are this year's nominees. we've got late-night show, talk show host, craig ferguson with "american on purpose." sarah silverman with "the
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bedwetter." and the daily show's "jon stewart presents earth." "a funny thing presented this on the way to the future" by michael j. fox. and carol burnett, "this time together: laughter and reflection." and the woody allen collection, "mere anarchy sln side effects." it's the music that takes center stage at the grammys. and this year, the competition includes some rather unusual matchups, who unusual than the comedians. here's "showbiz tonight's" host. aj hammer. 13-time grammer winner, michael jackson, up for a posthumous 14th award. his biggest competition -- seven-time winner, john mayer. >> best pop male vocal performan performance, michael jackson for "this is it." and john mayer for "half my heart." >> another strange showdown, it's a battle of the youtube stars.
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♪ justin bieber who rocketed to fame with his musical youtube videos. is up for best pop vocal album, from "my world 2.0." ♪ ♪ >> and susan boyle, who became a worldwide youtube tear-jerker is up against biebs for her first album "i dreamed a dream." which of shes viral superstars will we soon call grammy winner? >> i'm going with team bieber. >> i think we're going to lean today's susan boyle. >> i'm not sure if either one will win this category. >> young versus old, dead versus alive. it's the weirdest grammy showdowns. >> okay, so don't miss those unusual grammy showdowns. a special edition of hln's "showbiz tonight" airs tonight at 5:30 eastern. all right. by the way, there's so much information on the internet. but do you know what's real, what's not? and those who stay behind to do the same.
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take a look at this number -- 128,147,676. that's the number of active websites according to do you know what information is really real? what's believable? well seeing to some folks is believing. there's an interesting study out, recently involving students and the internet. and it suggests that if kids see
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something on a website, they take it as fact. no matter what. cnn's carlo zeus is here with us. i'm surprised i thought a lot of today's kids were very suspicious. >> if you ask any student, do you believe everything you read on the internet. you'd be very hard-pressed one to find one who is going to say, oh, yeah, it's a knee-jerk programmed reaction, they say no, no, don't believe everything you read. but this study would suggest otherwise, it's about eluszive and completely fictitious, tree octopus. there was a fake website set up before the study was taken. it talks about the pacific northwest tree octopus. it saysor where you could find it, why it's endangered. all kinds of -- there are legitimate-looking links. there are t-shirt, save the tree octopus. the site looks real. what they did is they got 50 top-reading seventh graders to participate in the study. by top-reading seventh graders,
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i mean bright kids. a few other facts about the study. the site, total hoax. there's no such thing as a tree octopus. 49 of these 50 kids believed the site and here's the real kicker. after they were told it was a hoax, about half of the kids insisted the tree octopus existed. based on the site alone. >> base they thought that this site was so authentic and the whole premise behind it just made sense to them and it was on the internet. that's the bottom line, right? >> one of the conclusions that researchers drew from this. is that students are not thinking critically. at least at this particular seventh-grade level he it comes to what they see on the internet. they're not looking for second sources as you and i have to do all the time. in addition to that, if a site looks like they think it should, this study concluded that they'll go with it that they'll buy it. >> i wonder, did they reveal what's it going to take for them to be suspicious or, you know, feel like, all right, i can, i can safely say this is real, or this is not real? >> we asked students exactly
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that. i mean, how do you know that what you're seeing online is the truth? and i've got a couple of comments for you from our audience at cnn student news, this one from donald saying his teacher taught them check the four w's, who gave the research, where did the study take place, when it did it start to appear and what were they thinking? on the other side, there's another comment we have from sherry, she didn't like the fact that they were giving the site to seventh graders, she felt that was sort of a cheap shot, they were too impressionable. but on the other hand, she said the internet should not be their only source. she asked, what happened to libraries, magazines and inpsych low paidias and there were a number of other students who told us that they felt more confident when their sources were on paper, in books. >> i wonder if there's parallels with young people and adults, you hear it all the time from a lot of adults who say if it's on the internet, i believe it. they will tell you something,
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it's on the internet so it must be true. >> young people have a better excuse, these are digital natives, these are people who have never known a day without the internet. i think a lot of adults should probably know better. >> carl zeus, thank you so much. time to go cross-country now and check some of the stories our affiliates are covering, a prominent phoenix businessman faces child prostitution charges. michael gilliland resigned from his position at ceo of sunflower farmer's market after he was arrested in child prostitution sting. he's accused of soliciting sex with a girl who reportedly identified herself as a minor. police say gilliland set up a meeting with the girl online and then drove to a location to have sex. and then in los angeles, health concerns at hugh hefner's "playboy" mansion. 80 people said they got sick after attending a fundraiser and a party at the mansion this
2:20 pm
month. symptoms included fever, respiratory problems and violent headaches. the health department is now investigating. in oregon, a polar plunge for the special olympics. about 1500 people jumped into the frigid columbia river to raise money for the group. all right. people will sell just about anything and everything on ebay. why a lawsuit over some used handbags? our legal guys had quite a few things to say about this one. i can't get rid of these weeds, or these nasal allergies.
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it's the case of the handbag designer versus a woman with used purses for sale. first a look at this hour's top stories. a fire at the yakima indian reservation in washington state is under control. 16 homes burned. the families are okay, but thousands of stacked logs at a nearby sawmill are still burning. and will be for several more days. a new york man is in custody, accused ever killing four people and injuring at least five others. police say maxim gelman was arrested yesterday after stabbing a passenger on the subway train. among those killed, his stepfather, ex-girlfriend and her mother. and police say the suspect hijacked two vehicles and one driver fought back. >> when he came in the car and he looked crazy. he looked like a crazy guy and i said, this is it. i was going to fight my way out. as soon as he reached my car door he pulled out a knife and
2:24 pm
said, get out of the car and i'm going to kill you. he cursed. at the same time, i was shocked, i didn't know what to do so i pushed myself over in the passenger seat and i was trying to kick him to get him out. he forced himself in. i hold on to his hand and he step on the gas. and the car took off and i hold his hand and he was trying to fight me so he could stab me. >> are these knife wounds? >> yeah, with this hand i hold onto the knife and right here the knife sliced me right here. >> wow, well today in egypt the military dissolved parliament and will run the country for six months or until elections are held. and volunteers are surprising up tahrir square, the center of the protest that brought down the mubarak regime. among the voices reacting to the uprising in egypt, iman, the global fashion icon, former model, current business mogul and co-host of a fashion reality tv show. born in somalia, iman spent part
2:25 pm
of her childhood in egypt. >> i was there during the 1967 war. i was going to high school there. and i'm in love with egypt and have always been in love with egypt since the day i went there with school and including my youngest daughter with david bowie, her name is alexandria, after the city. >> did you ever see this potential of this kind of rise of a revolution, even then, in the late '60s? >> yes. because i was, i was in egypt when nassar was around, you know. so there was always that kind of a feeling that especially just in the third world and especially in volatile spaces like the middle east. there's always that you're on that edge, that anything can happen at any given time. but to have something a revolution like this happen so peacefully, is quite unheard of. and it's quite brilliant.
2:26 pm
>> catch my entire face-to-face interview with iman, next saturday, she'll talk about building herself as a fashion icon and business mogul and she reveals the secret to her 20-year marriage to rocker david bowie. iman, next weekend. people sell a lot of things kwon line that we know. but now there's actually a lawsuit over some used handbags. here's what happened, a seattle woman was selling her used coach purses online. and then she received a cease and desist letter from coach's law firm. what does this mean for people selling goods on ebay? our legal guys, avery and richard were all over this topic yesterday. >> that coach and their lawyers are a bunch of bullies in my opinion in trying to push people around. look, the fact of counterfitting is a problem. they have to be aggressive about that. they knew that kim was, was a former employee. it's a used purse. are you going to buy a used purse at coach, for goodness sakes. in fact, ebay acknowledged that she was right and coach was
2:27 pm
wrong. put the ad back up there and now there's a counter-suit under consumer protection laws for trying to interfere with commerce against coach. >> so, richard, coach is suing her, she claims that's intimidation, now she's countersuing. when does it end? >> it ends when, when coach turns around and silently gives her a few dollars and the whole case walks away. but dave is right, coach were bullies here. she has every right to sell that bag on ebay, every right. and for them to send the kind of letter that they sent out obviously counterfitting is a huge problem on ebay. coach is suffering from it. so they send this vicious letter, suing for $2 million, legal fees, treble damages and pay us $300 immediately. how many people, fred, do you think just automatically send $300, right or wrong just to end this problem? it's a big problem for coach and they're going to be called to task on this one, fred. >> so in general, our legal guys say, don't worry, you can sell
2:28 pm
your stuff on ebay. this just might be a unique case. all right, jacqui jeras in the weather center, have you sold anything on ebay? >> craigslist yes, ebay, no. you? >> no, neither. >> i sold a car on craigslist once. >> did you? >> i did, in one day. how about that. >> that's why people turn to craigslist and ebay. >> it's tough to be on the computer on a day like today. >> it's beautiful out, huh? >> so nice. >> i finally got taste of it this morning. >> hopefully a lot of people have an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. there's a couple of hot spots we have to dell you about, where the weather has been somewhat dangerous, mostly because of the gusty winds, things are really changing. the weather pattern has been pretty much the same over the last couple of weeks. where things have been beautiful in the west. they've been cold and stormy in the east and the weather pattern has reversed now. we're going to see a series of storms impacting the west. there you can see the first one that moved through in the last day and a half and there's another one that's going to be making its way onshore.
2:29 pm
the latest storm across the upper midwest has been bringing an incredible amount of strong winds, gusts almost hurricane-strength. 70, 80 miles per hour, and that will continue to be a threat across the upper midwest at this hour. let's take a little sampling. there we can see the winds, this is sustained winds in the 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range, that's enough to make things difficult for you travelers. as well as maybe knock down some dree limbs and that type of thing. so be aware of that wind in the east is also causing a little bit of trouble for you in terms of the airports. there's a ground stop right now at jfk because of some gusty winds. looking at volume issues in orlando, 30-minute departure delays. ground delays in san francisco because of the low clouds and fog. san francisco, this is going to be a lousy week for you, really heavy rain expected, starting testimony and another storm by the middle of the week. and washington, dulles, this is a volume issue, getting out will take you an extra 30 minutes. here's the big picture for tomorrow, head back to work, our
2:30 pm
wind moves across the great lakes. we do expect additional airport delays for the big airports notice northeast because of the winds. mild conditions, the winds kicking up the warmer temperatures and high pressure dominating the nation's midsection, making it beautiful. there you can see the next storm arriving across parts of the west. it will be a really soggy week for those folks, fredricka. >> you gave them a nice little warning. pack the ga loshs and pull out the raincoats, thanks, jacqui jer jeras. what's the most popular valentine's day gifts. here's thoughts on the worst gifts. >> the worst valentine's gift i ever received was some socks, some socks with little hearts and stuff all over it. >> cheap bad assorted gas station flowers. >> not one, no valentine's gift is the worst gift i've ever received. >> the worst valentine's gift i've ever given was a toaster. i thought that was a good, creative gift, but it wasn't.
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all right. before the commercial break we asked, if you knew what the most popular valentine's day gift is. a card. that's according to the national retail federation. jewelry is also high on the list. and here's what some of you have to say about what you think are the best gifts. >> the best valentine's gift i've ever received definitely involved chocolate. the more expensive, the better. >> a brand-new mac computer. >> a tennis bracelet with a nice dinner, candlelights and a nate to remember. >> the best valentine gifts i've ever given is i took my girlfriend to atlantis in the
2:34 pm
bahamas and stayed for five days and stayed at the cove. >> wow. fancy gifts, but remember, the most popular, a simple card. keep it simple. valentine's day is tomorrow. and instead of chocolate and flowers, maybe your favorite gal or guy would like a gadget. our tech guru, marc saltzman has ideas for all of us, what do you have? >> all right, fredricka witfield. i was worried that some of these prices would be high, but hearing what some of the streeters have to say, a mac computer? well now i don't feel so bad. but let's start off with an ipod preloaded with her favorite music. that's a nice touch this is the ipod touch, which starts at about $229. so you can gift it already, with her favorite music on it. maybe she likes to exercise and get a great dance mix on there. and if you order it online, while it's a little too late for tomorrow's valentine's day, you can also have a free inscription engraved on the back. this one here, by the way, says,
2:35 pm
it says i love you in spite of your musical tastes. don't know if you can see that one. but -- >> yeah. i like that, that's a nice gift. who wouldn't like that. and then there are the real book lovers out there. who might enjoy a new way to receive a book, read a book. what do you have? >> exactly. so digit aal books or e-book readers are very trendy right now. two of my favorites, this is the amazon kindle. this is a refreshed version of it that came out in the fall. it's lighter, faster, better-looking screen. and of course you know all the advantages e-books give. you can adjust the font, size of the text to your liking. shop 24/7. in the case of the amazon kindle you can have a book read back to you. if you're fatigued on a plane ride, press a button, have it read to you. if you want something a little bit beefier, almost like a tablet, the new nook color from
2:36 pm
barnes & noble is a good pick. this is a seven-inch e-book reader that's got colors and the ability to read children's books out loud as well. you can surf the net, pick up your email and use some apps like games, this is $249. the amazon kindle starts at $139 for the wi-fi version. >> very fancy stuff. what about those loves who are in long-distance relationships? what do you have for them? >> well, yes, definitely a web camera and a high-definition one. could help spice up a long-distance relationship. i'll leave it at that. >> watch out, marc. >> you know, just for blowing kisses and things like that. >> right. but this is the microsoft life cam. this is the tud yoe, that sells for about $70. a 1080 p or the highest video quality in a web camera that lets you send video greetings or chat real-time for free around the world.
2:37 pm
this is the top of the line model. if you don't want to spend quite as much. there are other models, this one here from logitec. is called the quick cam, still high-definition but not quite top of the line. but you know, there's lots of options out there that are better than the web cam that came with your laptop. fancy schmancy stuff. marc saltzman. do you have more for me? >> i just wanted to add, a digital camera is also a great pick. and companies like sony for example have pink and red ones, which are nice for valentine's day. so if your significant other could use an upgrade when it comes to a compact digital camera you can buy one that has engraving and pick a valentine's color as well. i wanted to throw it out there as food for thought. >> i think everyone loves a new digital camera and with engraving? >> cherry and icing on the cake.
2:38 pm
whipped cream and all. marc saltzman. thanks so much for joining us, appreciate it. happy valentine's day. thank you. and to you. >> well the field is wide open. but who will emerge as the top gop presidential contender? we're going down the list of potential candidates after this. questions about retirement? i talk to their retirement account specialists. bonds? grab the phone. fixed-income specialist. td ameritrade knows investors sometimes need real, live help. not just one broker... a whole team there to help... to help me decide what's right for me. people with answers at td ameritrade. get up to $500 when you open an account.
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cnn equals politics update.
2:41 pm
for the second year in a row, ron paul is the winner of cpac's presidential straw poll. the texas congressman woman 30% of the conservative group's vote. former massachusetts governor mitt romney placed second. he was followed by former new mexico governor, gary johnson. new jersey governor, chris christie and former house speaker newt gingrich. as for former alaska governor, sarah palin, she received just 3% of the vote. despite the straw poll results, the field of republican contenders for president is still wide open. here's cnn's joe johns. >> one year out from the primaries, take a look at this crowd. do you see a future president? each of these potential contenders for the republican nomination has some reason to hope 2012 might be the year. >> you would rarely have an opportunity where the field is quite as wide open as it would be this year. that can be kind of
2:42 pm
self-reinforcing, right? because you know, the better the opportunity looks, the more people get in and kind of you know, the more the votes split. >> so let's break it down. who are these guys? past and present governors, haley barb or, john huntsman. past and present senators, john thune of south dakota, rick santorum of pennsylvania. and one man who ran for the nomination last time around, texas congressman, ron paul. seven potential candidates, no consensus. we asked the last republican to get the nomination about them. he was as noncommittal as it gets. >> i like all of them, think you're going to see an interesting campaign come up. >> translation, john mccain is not endorsing anybody right now and does anybody really know the field, anyway? they aren't exactly household names outside their home states, though low name recognition isn't so important this early,
2:43 pm
just as long as new hampshire knows their name on primary day. >> the reason why the people of new hampshire is so unique is they realize the effect of their votes and their support. my favorite joke, mo udall, the guy in manchester said to the other one, what do you think about him for president? and he said, i don't know, i only met him twice. >> the frankly, it's impossible to choose the most likely republican candidate right now, though the resumé of former governor john huntsman makes some democrats nervous. >> he's been ambassador to china and served in a democratic white house, that's pretty interesting, right? the fact that he's a republican governor of utah who supported civil unions for gay couples and you know, was moderate on environmental issues, that's interesting. >> interesting, but perhaps too progressive for the gop's conservative base. another more classically conservative candidates like santorum and barbour have solid standing on the right, but will have to work hard to lure independents, which is where the campaign end game gets played. at that stage, some say picking
2:44 pm
losers may be easier than picking winners. nate silver is betting against tim polenti and south dakota senator john thune. >> it seems like he's a good, competent average senator. why would you pick one of 100 senators to be president when you don't have that much kind of unique standing out about you. >> we asked thune what's unique about him. but he declined an interview. indiana governor, mitch daniels, has a different problem. he's a big budget hawk, which is a good thing in the eyes of republican politicians, but he wants his party to declare a truce on social issues, and that includes abortion. which daniels is said to be 100% against. that doesn't sit well with social conservatives like frank cana. >> if that's what you really believe is a moral matter, how can you accept that as president, you will spend years not doing anything about something that you see as moral tragedy? >> full field, plenty of time to get in the game, get out of the limelight, make some progress or
2:45 pm
fall flat on your face. welcome to the presidential race of 2012. or not. that was joe johns reporting. president barack obama has not officially announced whether he will seek a second term. and assuming he runs, he is not expected to face serious opposition for the democratic nomination. and for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go, let's talk movie, coming up, romantic comedy, an animated lovevy and a medievel legend, all hitting the movie screens this weekend. we'll separate the good, the bad and the ugly.
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a little something for everyone at the movies this weekend. yesterday a spoke with critic with and the first one he weighed in on was "just go with it" starring jennifer aniston, a romantic comedy about a doctor who weaves a web of lies in order to win over a young teacher. even pretending to have two young kids. >> can you act professional? >> yes, sir. >> for at least two more days until i kill you off in a boarding school train accident? >> i thought it was a car accident. >> i don't know, either that or a science explosion, you're
2:49 pm
going to be dead soon, that's the good news. can you focus fr a few more days? >> good. >> okay. so matt, is this kind of -- adam sandler, jennifer aniston as usual, or do they bring something different to this romantic comedy? >> sadly, it pretty much about what you would expect. there's nothing new here. and what's unfortunate, as much as this movie is supposed to be a romantic comedy, they forgot the funny part. in the theater i was in, no one was laughing. >> so what kind of grade are you willing to give it, then? >> it's jennifer aniston is not unwatchable, but it's disappointing to see adam sandler here, i gave it a d. >> he's supposed to be the really funny one. >> yeah. and he's just not funny here. >> he used to be. >> but not any more, not in this one. "just go with it." and you say, don't go with it at all. >> just don't go to it. >> how about "nomeo and juliet."
2:50 pm
what's the premise behind this one? >> nomo and juliet" star-crossed or gnome-crossed lovers. >> maggie smith, emily blunt, all of their voices are in this. let's take a quick peek at this. >> >> that's the extent of it. okay, so where in the world with this idea come from. these little garden gnomes. you give them life and -- make them funny, maybe? is this 3-d, by the way? >> it is in 3-d. the 3-d is not bad. you know, it comes from actually it's an idea of elton john's, he's been working on this movie for ten or 11 years and it's finally made it to theaters. you know, it's okay. it's got a lot of his music in
2:51 pm
it. it's a decent movie. if you're taking the kids to it, the kids will enjo i it, you'll have a good time. but it's not something that you're going to look at ten years later and say, oh, that's one of disney's best movies. it's okay. but you know, it's not great. i give it a c. >> ooh, a c. oh boy, some tough grades. maybe "the eagle" will get a better grade. this one -- tell me what the premise behind this one is, what is this one all about? >> the premise of this is it's based on a true story of the ninth legion, the ninth roman legion which disappeared in britain in the second century a.d. the mystery was, nobody knew what happened to them. and channing tatum plays the son of the slain or disappeared lee leader. on a quest to bring back the standard of the ninth legion and. they have to go north of hadrian's wall and find this golden eagle or bronze eagle and
2:52 pm
bring it back to civilized britain. >> and he's a cutie-pie, does he make this movie worth watching? >> you know, he does. actually i say, i will say i enjoyed this movie. it's not try to be an emmick like say "gladiator." where that had a cast of thousands, this has a cast of dozens. but with a lower budget, they make it work. >> donald sutherland. >> donald sutherland is in this. mark strong, a british actor who i think is this year's british william h. macy. i enjoyed this movie. it's not brilliant. but it's decent. >> so you gave it better than a c then? >> i give it a b. i think if you like action movies, definitely check this out. >> i don't think i'm going to hold you to a grade on bieber fever. he's got something coming out, "never say never." what did you think about this documentary about the singer's
2:53 pm
rise to fame? >> you know, as someone who is not a justin bieber fan, i went into this trying to be an open mind. this movie is far better than i thought it was going to be. i'm willing do give it a grade, i give it a b. this is a decent film. this is a decent movie. i will admit i actually enjoyed it. if you go to this, you need to be prepared you're going to be in an audience, a theater filled with 12, 13, 14-year-old girls, so bring earplugs, they scream the whole time. >> he liked that one. he gave it a b. that was the one he liked out of all of them. jacqui jeras in the weather center. >> go figure. >> of those four, which one are you going to hit? >> i don't know? >> which one comes out on netflix. >> the weather is too nice to be inside. >> this is the story of the week, that it's goods news, actually, right? is that we're going to be seeing more of this. how do you like that? yeah. a live picture of downtown atlanta. there you can see, a nice shot
2:54 pm
of the skyline, it's 62 degrees at this hour in atlanta. if you think this is good, hang in there until wednesday, because things are just going to be getting better and better. >> pull out the sandals and the shorts? >> it depends on what your criteria for shorts is? but maybe. high temperatures tomorrow, look at this pushing 70 in dallas. 71 in houston. still kind of chilly in the northeast. here you can see, i put together a couple of cities to show you the trending that we're going to be experiencing. good news that everybody is going on the up-and-up. a little bit of good-bye to winter with one exception, fredricka, with what's been going on out west and a series of storms, is going to be a wet and ugly week. thanks. it's a huge challenge for president barack obama, how to reduce the nation's massive deficit. straight ahead, how he's expected to tackle it. our field research team. and our product development staff. we know military lives are different. we've been there. that's why our commitment to serve the financial needs of our military, veterans, and their families
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is without equal. and why, we'll always be there for you... both here... and here. usaa. for insurance, banking, investments, retirement and advice. we know what it means to serve. let us serve you.
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get ready to hear about investments and tax moves, let's start with allisons couldic at the new york stock exchange. hi, fredricka, it was another solid week for stocks. the major averages gained more than 1% each, despite uncertainty about developments in egypt. investors focused on the positives. we had a round of mergers, strong sales from mcdonald's and improvement in unemployment claims. mortgage rates are rising, the national average for a 30-year fixed is above 5%. that's according to freddie mac. rates haven't been that high since last may. higher rates can temporarily boost home sales.
2:58 pm
because it pushes buyers to jump in before those rates go any higher. stephanie? >> thanks, allison. more americans are relying on plastic. credit card debt rose by $2 billion in december. the first increase in two years. because of the recession americans had been paying down debt and using cash. this may mean that consumers are feeling better about spending again. calling all tax cheats, if you're hiding money in an offshore account, can you avoid jail time if you con dpes to the irs by the end of august. you still have to pay back taxes, interest and fees, last year's program reeled in 15,000 tax evaders, poppy has a look at what's coming up in business news. >> president obama set to unveil his 2012 budget proposal on monday. and one thing is for sure, there are going to be cuts. right now, the nation's debt stands at $14 trillion. and the president is expected to propose temporarily freezing spending on nonsecurity discretionary items and also he may call for cuts in defense
2:59 pm
spending. he also wants to let those tax cuts for the wealthiest americans expire. the big question though is whether the president will or won't address medicare and social security. they make up the bulk of the federal budget and their costs have been climbing. we'll certainly be watching on monday, fredricka and we'll track it all for you on cnn money. >> thanks so much, ladies. as the recovery continues, many wonder, where are the jobs. coming up, on your money, christine romans looks at what it will take to get americans back to work. but first, another look at the top stories. in egypt, the military dissolved the parliament and announced it will run the country for six months, or until elections are held. the military released a statement today, saying it is suspending egypt's constitution and will appoint a committee to propose changes that egyptians can eventually vote on. and in italy today, hundreds of thousands of women turned out in protest across the country, angry over prime minister silvio berlusconi's latest sex scandal.


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