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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 14, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EST

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especially to watch that. you've never seen that video before. >> no, i was in it, about you i had never seen it. >> i hope you find some peace in your life. i can't even imagine what ten years of having to see your mother going through that must have been like for you. thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. >> and john, thank you. it remains inexplicable, but fascinating at the same time. thank you very much. >> yes. right now on cnn, the news for your week ahead, including exclusive information on the budget. the cuts are so drastic we're hearing his own party won't be happy. are you ready to take a hit? >> a crazed knife-wielding man goes on a stabbing rampage in new york, randomly choosing his victims. four people are dead. more are injured. wait until you hear how it ended. super bowl ticket holders
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left in a lurch, a class-as lawsuit for millions. how much money and groveling will it take? i talked to their attorney. and truly outrageous nights at the grammys. what were they thinking when they got dressed, lady gaga in particular giving the word "quout fit" a whole new meaning. i'm done lemon. let's get you caught up on today's news. we start in new york where the suspect in a terrifying rampage is awaiting arraignment. he's accused of knifing three people to death, killing a man with a car, slashing five other people and two carjackings. police finally caught up with him in a bloody confrontation on a subway care. and mexico city, eight people are dead after a drive-by shooting in the suburbs. police say this may be part of a turf war.
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that kind of violence usually happens around the u.s. border, but there's been an up tick. in cairo. military rulers are taking little time taking charge. the constitution has been suspended. parliament is no more, but the military says it has no intention of staying longer than necessary. it vows to return power to civilian leadership in six months or when elections can be held. activists warn of more massive demonstrations if the military does not act quickly, but there are growing signs of life returning to normal. a report from cairo just ahead. to the east of egypt, pro-democracy activists hope to force change in their own nations. hundreds of protesters marched in yemen's capital today. security forces blocked their path as they approached the presidential palace. they chanted first mubarak, nowali, refers to the president who has ruled their nation. witnesses reported scuffles between demonstrators and
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police. in algeria. pro-democracy activists are calling for another rally one week from today. demonstrators reportedly clashed with police today one day after a much bigger protest in the capital. the state department says it's following the protests closely, and that the rights of the algerian people to freedom of expression and assembly should be respected. across italy today, a wave of protests against prime minister berlusconi, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators mostly women turned out in more than 200 italian cities. he's been dogged by a series of sex scandals. protesters say they're phet up with the way he treats women and the way women are treated in italian society. president barack obama unveils his any federal budget tomorrow. most of the details are still under wraps, but the white house says it will cut deficits by $1.1 thrill onover the next ten years. he plans a five-year freeze on nonsecurity discretionary spending for a savings of $400
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billion. he 'also proposing $100 billion in cuts to the pell grant program. we have the full story straight ahead. the head of a grocery store change in the western united states has resigned after being arrested on child prostitution charges. he was ceo of sunflower farmers' market and founded wild oats market which was later sold to whole foods. he's accused of soliciting sexy a girl who identified herself as a minor. police say he drove to a phoenix hotel to have sex. the ultimate buzz killer just hit hugh hefner's playboy mansion. the health department is investigating if the mansion is linked to the illnesses of about 100 people symptoms included fever, violent headaches, and breathing problems. some of the sick have already been diagnosed with a mild form
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of legiiege legion nairs' disea the 747-8 intercontinental is designed to be quieter with added payload and longer range. it's also boeing's biggest passengers plane ever. more than 15 feet longer than the most recent version, according to "wall street journal" "wall street journal." first deliveries are expected in the fall. i have a warning for you. this story contains some disturbing images. please say a 23-year-old man used this knife on a 28-hour rampage through three new york maxim gelman is expected to be arraigned tonight and stephanie elam tracks his car jammings and hit and run that involved at least nine victims. >> reporter: it ended in a terror in a subway car.
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police accuse him of killing four people and slashing four others. the rarchage begins 5:00 a.m. friday. police say he kills his stepfather over a dispute over his mother's lexus. he uses the car to flee the scene. 10:00 a.m., he drives to the home of his ex-love, her mother is home. he allegedly stabs her to death, then waits for the daughter to return. 4:15 p.m., he finds her mother and calls 911. then police say he attacks her. shes to escape, but he stabs her to death just outside her home. five minutes later gel man reends a pontiac a few blocks away and according to police stabs a 60-year-old driver in the chest. the man survives, but gel man steals the pontiac and allegedly strikes and kills a 62-year-old pedestrian as he flees. his fourth victim in less than 12 hours. 1:00 a.m. saturday, he hails a
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livery cab in brooklyn and stabs the driver in the shoulder and neck. he survives, but the rampage isn't over. shortly afterwards police say he approaches a nissen, demanding the keys from the owner. >> he looked crazy, like a crazy guy. as soon as he reached my car door, he started pushing. >> the victim fell out of car and ran. he hands were cut in the attack. daylight saturday morning, nypd gets a 911 tip that gelman is on the subway in manhattan. another witness tells police a man who looked like gelman just knocked a newspaper off her hand and said, quote, do you believe what they're writing about me? 8:45 a.m., gelman moves to a train going the opposite direction, and police say he stabs a 40-year-old man in the neck. >> he kept running and screaming, saying get to the back of the train. gelman pounds on the train conductor's door, claiming to be police, but inside are two real
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nypd officer. one grabs gelman, the other recovers the knife. >> so horrendous and bizarre, we have no reason that we can give you to why he did this. >> reporter: police say gelman has had several run-ins with the law for drugs and graffiti, but nothing as serious as these 28 hours. stephanie elam, cnn, new york. stephanie, thank you very much. revolution in egypt, not the same as the civil rights movement here 50 years ago, but there are some similarities, we're talking to the daughter of martin luther king jr. and may be the fastest recent ig nation from congress, just as christopher lee went public, he paukd up and left washington. why machine sometimes do really stupid thing. we're watching the red carpet. eyeing those who looked gorgeous and yet, those who looked absolutely ridiculous. just you wait for this one.
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what's happening every since hosni mubarak stood down is shopping are actually reopening on the square. this is a souvenir shop. we've also seen travel agents reopening in a bid to try to get life back to normal. >> yes, i am very happy, because we are open today. >> you need to leave the square now. >> reporter: there are still a few protesters here in tahrir square, but many are telling us now they feel is the time to go home. they don't believe the protests should continue. they believe it's time to go back to work, but these people are saying that now is the time to rebuild egypt and to stop protesting. >> the most important thing now is we have to clear our square, then we have to go back to our work and do our jobs. so egypt has -- then we have to do our best to make or country -- >> reporter: at the same time
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you have a lot of traffic that's come to tahrir square. most of the area is open to cars. as you can see there are a lot of vehicles going through here. the streets are jam-packed as they were before the demonstrations, although right now it's army soldiers directing traffic rather than the traffic police. we only see very few traffic police, but it is another sign that life is getting back to normal on tahrir square and indeed in all of egypt. fred pleitgen, cnn, cairo, egypt. it's not all quiet in cairo. after the tumultuous events, a protest could seem ironic. police officers marched to demand higher pay, better benefits, shorter hours and more respect. the egyptian police force has been harshly criticized for its violent crashes with demonstrators during the early days. bank employees also staged their
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protest to receive better pay. disturbing news about the price his artifacts and antiquities. at least 17 ancient treasures are missing. the artifacts may have been stolen during a reported break-in on january 28th in the early days of the national uprising. despite some obvious differences, many people see parallels between the revolution in egypt and the civil rights movement n u.s. one reason is the 50-year-old comic book. this one right here. it tells a story of dr. martin luther king jr. and his philosophy. in 2008 it was translated into arabic for distribution in the middle east. i spoke with the reverend bernice king and asked her if she was aware of this comic book about her father, and it may have played a role in the
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uprising? >> i didn't know it actually until last evening, a gentleman that i know send it to me. i was not surprised, because i -- i know that the nonviolent movement that our father led has inspired many movements across the world. when it happened, i said there has to be some influence of daddy in this. when it's all said and done and over, we'll discover it. so i was delighted to discover it. there is a distinct difference. my father's nonviolence we you seek to defeat injustice or put injustice out of business. it's not about defeating a person. so we have to lift that up. that's what we're trying to do through the king center under my brother's leadership, et cetera. it's timeless, relevant for all those people that said nonviolence doesn't work anymore? this is a common-day example that it continues to work, and it galvan fizs especially young
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people. i was inspired it was led by young people. >> which was the movement. as you started to watch these pictures, which is 19, 20 days ago now, coming out here on cnn and watching all those pictures, did something click in your head and go, did you think there was a possibility through that nonviolence in the beginning it would transpired into this? >> you know, i wasn't sure. i was concerned, and i was -- i was -- i was ecstatic when i heard all of the reports and when the message spread about them insisting on being nonviolent. in the end nonviolence wins. violence only leaves in its wake other violence. my hope is people will understand that nonviolence is not just a tactic we embrace, but as daddy taught those in the movement, it's a way of life. especially for courageous people, and these young people were certainly courageous. >> thank you, bernice king.
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we've been following the videos that you have been watching online. among the best is this one. 300 bottles of wine on the shelf -- okay, make that none. and it's tax time already. ahead, some tips that may save you some money. we've been the winners and losers that you care about from tonight's grammy awards. who were the best? we have the top five of most lists. among the best dressed, nicole kidman, who talkeded with her husband keith urban. one of the most outrageous is just ahead.
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welcome back, everybody. rihanna's white and see-through combination got our attention, but not necessarily in a good way. but, not bad to look at. we'll show you who outdid rihanna just ahead here on cnn. you might think children are not keyed into the events in egypt.
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the family used to live in egypt, so the girls have a strong emotional connection to the country. he was violently rear-ended. but what made this go viral is the fact that the cyclist landed on his feet. he was badly damaged. if you like these, well, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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it's been a tax season of many changes, and we want to make sure that you're ready to file. our christine romans is in new york for us. >> let's start with the good news. the irs extended the federal tax deadline to april 18th. not all state deadlines are the same. the irs is cutting back, just like you. it won't be sending out paper forms this year. you have to download what you need at you're about to same some money. according to turbo tax, two-thirds of taxpayers take the standard deduction. if you're one of them, don't pay a penny to prepare your taxes. there are free tax prep options available. find out which you qualify for at >> thank you, christine. we have exclusive details about president obama's budget
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proposals. he will reveal it tomorrow and not only will conservatives attack it, members of his own party won't like it. a trip to the super bowl. a once in a lifetime moment for some, but it's no fun when the seats you've paid for aren't even there. the nfl offered to make up the mistake and some have already filed suit. we're talking to one of the attorneys. musicians they crowned the best of them tonight, and we have the winners, and who looked the best. among the top five best dressed kim kardashian's golden gown out, she even had sparkly skin to match her dress. i can't believe i'm reporting on this. see who was outrageously outfitted on the other side of the break.
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time now for preston on politics. mark preston in washington tonight. we will preview the week ahead in a second. first, i hear you had a conversation with blogger andrew breitbart at cpac action conference. what did he have to say? >> he is really this larger than life figure when it comes to hollywood and the conservative voice in hollywood. he was at cpac and gave one of the keynote addresses and panels how conservatives can make it in hollywood. andrew had interesting things to say including the fact the old adage that the casting couch is the way to success in hollywood. that might not be true. let's hear what he had to say. >> hollywood has been known for the casting couch as a dominant aspect of how you get into the industry. you would say that's almost a bygone burden. the current burden is if we're getting off the bus in hollywood, the first thing we're taught is go to certain social
1:28 am
events, charitable events. that are left of center oriented. >> this is going to be a very big story in the coming week, talking about the president's budget, right? >> we are. this is the biggest political story i will look at this week. sounds very policy oriented but it will be a herculean task for the obama administration to not only get conservatives on its side but liberals on the side. i just got off the phone with a very prominent liberal activist and said, how are you going to take the president's budget tomorrow? a lot has been leaked out and we saw jacob lou, the white house official on "state of the union" this morning acknowledging there will be tough cuts democrats won't like. this is what the activist said to me. anything president obama does in his cuts is going to be looked through basically the periscope of what he did in giving the millionaires' tax cuts back in december. that famous tax cut deal of extending the bush tax cuts,
1:29 am
liberal activists say if you can make that to them, how can you make cuts very important to liberals? >> a big story that affects all americans, each and every one of us. mark, thank you. we're following a developing story tonight where eight people have been killed in a drive-by shooting in mexico, what police say may be behind it. powerful winds knocking down trees, power lines, and burning down homes as they blow across the country. it will have an impact on your morning commute, especially if you're flying. meteorologist jacqui jeras has your morning weather and tomorrow's commute tonight.
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getting back now to that developing story out of mexico, out of the city suburbs there, eight people dead after a drive-by shooting, six men, two women and police say this may be part of the turf war of drug gings. this kind of violence usually appears closer to the u.s. border, but there's been an uptick recently in this area. the majority of the violence is chron traited in three states of mexico. you hear about it all the time. northern mexico really is the battleground for the cartels. this area has been highly contentious recently. we just got off the phone recently with the mexico attorney general's office and jessica bejamante told us this area has seen a recurrence of drug violence and prosecutors are very nervous about that recurring theme. >> does that mean it's spreading? >> last year, in the development of the drug war in 2010, it worried people it was getting to the fringes of tourist areas and starting to become part of the tourist areas yesterday we saw that happen in
1:33 am
guadalajara, mexico's second largest city. now, to our correspondents from washington to wall street, with their preview of the big stories in the week ahead. we begin at the white house. >> i'm dan lothian at the white house. monday, president obama heads to baltimore county, where he'll visit a school and lay out key provisions of his 2012 budget. then on tuesday, along with the first president bush, he'll be awarding the presidential medal of freedom to 15 individuals, the highest civilian honor. he heads west to san francisco for a fund-raiser and up to oregon where he will tour an intel facility and talk about preparing the next generation for high-tech jobs. >> i'm brianna keilar covering capitol hill. expect congress to sound off monday when the president's budget arrives at the capitol. the big story we're following this week, showdown over spending cuts about to hit the house floor with debate and votes. this follows a week when republican leaders had to bow to
1:34 am
their conservative members, who wanted more cuts than they initially committed to. a big week ahead. wall street will be watching closely as president obama unveils his 2012 budget proposal monday. right now, the national debt is at $14 trillion and the president is expected to propose temporarily freezing spending on non-security discretionary items and also he may call for cuts in defense spending. also coming up this week on wall street, the latest retail sales numbers and two key inflation readings and the latest home building numbers as well as corporate earnings including numbers from dell and comcast. we'll track it for you on citizen money. cnn money. now tomorrow's commute tonight. some windy weather is blowing across the country. out west, they're cleaning up this mess in the midwest and east. it could affect your monday morning commute. jacqui jeras with all the details. it will be a bad one for a lot of folks. >> i think it is. you look outside, think it's gorgeous outside. winds have been howling, a huge
1:35 am
problem. we had the issues yet across parts of the west. take a look at these pictures from a small community just outside the yakima area, where a house caught on fire and winds whipped this thing, and it spread very quickly to 17 other homes. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. they're okay now, from what we understand. the fire has been put out. winds were gusting 70 miles an hour. look what the wind did in seattle, washington. the wind brought down trees and caused spotty power outages. those strong winds are gone for now. however, look at what's brewing out in the pacific. we have another storm waiting offshore, impacting you for tomorrow. it will be a very wet and very windy week ahead. everybody up and down the i-5 corridor, be prepared for that. winter storm watching have already been put in effect for the cascades and sierras, where we could see a couple feet of snow in the upcoming days.
1:36 am
the big wind maker in the west made its way towards the east and this would be affecting you tomorrow. all the big cities in the northeast, we think you'll have significant travel delays at the airports, as a result, it will be white knuckle with the steering wheel as well. the one plus side of this is this is helping bringing in the southerly flow, and will bring your temperatures up, at least on the mild side. as for those official delays, we'll go ahead and take a look at those, boston, new york city, philadelphia, washington d.c., 30 to 60 minute delays expected. san francisco, could be over an hour with low clouds and rain and portland and seattle, we think the worst is coming in the afternoon hours for you. overall it will be an active week out west, looking nicer in the east and don't forget, valentine's day. a real reason to get close to your loved one. >> happy valentine's day, jacqui. homes have become more affordable. that's not good news for
1:37 am
everyone. your workspace might be shrinking. stephanie elam explains in this week's "getting down to business." >> things might be looking up for the hard-hit labor market. the number of workers filing for new unemployment benefits dropped by 36,000, to the lowest level since july of 2008 according to a report released by the labor department thursday. while companies are easing up on layoffs, hiring remains sluggish. nationwide, unemployment still high at 9%. we saw some mixed signals from the housing market last week. over the last week, home prices dropped to pre-housing bubble levels. moody's analystics se says that makes home buying more affordable. these lower prices have put more current homeowners under water meaning they owe more than their home is worth. reports that 27% of homeowners are under water. the walls of your office are closing in on you literally. in 1994, the average worker had 90 square feet of office space.
1:38 am
in 2010, down to 75 square feet per person. for those in the corner office, they have not been feeling the squeeze. space for top executives has actually increased. that's it for getting down to business. stephanie elam. cnn, new york. former congresswoman, christopher lee joins a long list of men caught in sex scandals. why do men cheat? my conversation with dr. wendy walsh is next. later, a favorite video including a kid who flops in this show during a daring stunt. that's right. flops in the show during a daring stunt. who impressed us with their fashion sense of tonight's grammys. jennifer lopez made it to the top five best dressed list. the movie star and musician came with her husband and singer, marc anthony. [ manager ] you know...
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who wore the wackiest ensemble at the grammys?
1:42 am
ensemble at the grammy's? ricky martin's form fitting fashion choices made it to our top five most outrageous. but he is not the most outrageous. we have that straight ahead. if you bling blinked, you may have missed this scandal. less than five hours after this picture went public, christopher lee resigned as a republican congresswoman from new york. lee is married. this picture was not sent to his wife but to a woman seeking a date on craigslist. we know what you're thinking. what was he thinking? human behavior expert, dr. wendy walsh, gave me her insight. >> sometimes people are deluded with power and think they're completely invincible and uncatchable, have an attachment injury and have the need for constant attention from many women. they could just have low self-esteem, but i've noticed, don -- >> it could just be libido and testosterone. >> it might be but if he just wanted to get laid, he wouldn't have used his real name. the fact that he used his real name tells me that maybe he had some unconscious
1:43 am
reason he wanted to get caught. he was looking for boundaries. people who aren't good at self-regulating are often attracted to organizations, police, military, ministry, conservative politics, organizations with very strict rules and boundaries because they look outside of themselves to stop themselves. here he used his real name. it's like he was asking to be caught. >> you don't think it was -- we call them horns, you think it was just him being a guy? >> a dog. >> a guy. >> he's like, hey, i look pretty good, i work out, i'm attractive, i will send it to this chick, she will go, yeah, baby. you don't think it was that on some level? >> of course he was just being a guy. it would have come out. his psychology would have come out in a different way were he a woman. the fact he used his real name and took these risks tells me there's a psychological underpinning to it. >> doctor, here's what every guy, i'm not kidding you said, when we were talking about this,
1:44 am
why did he put his face on it? i went, really. >> not only his face but his name. the answer is, i think on some level he wanted to be caught and i think he was looking for someone to stop him and we did. >> picture in your mind the graceful motion of the skier weaving back and forth down a mountain slope except it's not snow, a giant wave. you have to see it. viral video. country sensation miranda lambert made a grand entrance at the grammys tonight. we dubbed her best dressed. one celeb outshined lambert. find out who. with fresh salads and biscuits. your choice of entrees. and an appetizer or a dessert to share. ends soon, at red lobster. and an appetizer or a dessert to share. i'm sam chernin, owner of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me
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throughout this hour we've shown you the most outrageous of tonight's grammys, and lady gaga could not be ignored. okay, whatever. the singer arrived in an egg. it looks more like a pod or big pea pod. like a gherkin or pickle or something. that's right, an egg type thing to symbolize the birth of a new race. her rep says. however nuts that sounds, gaga was not the most outrageous of the night. that look still ahead on cnn.
1:48 am
we've had lots of snow lately. this snow day video quickly went viral. [ laughter ] >> they had the day off from school because of the snow and decided to do a swan dive into the deep drift, but the railing broke, and he took a header. want to see that again? >> come on. that is funny. he's okay, though. moving on, here's something you probably never thought of trying. a fitness expert in london makes it look easy. can you do it better? send us an i report.
1:49 am
omg, as they say, but please don't hurt yourself. if you think that's impressive, excuse me, this is what happened when a downhill snow skier takes on a giant wave. expert skier chuck patterson strapped on two wear skis and two ski poles to surf the waves of maui known as jaws. he is an expert surfer but this is the first time he mixed downhill skiing with surfing, as far as anyone knows, check is the first person to pull off this stunt. incredibly difficult because waterskis are much smaller than a surfboard. look how cool that is. i know someone who tried that, works right here. mike, i want to see the video. eight people shot to death in a drive-by, and the call for revolution spreads. two more countries take up the call for freedom. your top stories are next. a trip to the super bowl wasn't so super for some. when they got there, their seats weren't there. for the many, the next step is a
1:50 am
why the nfl offer isn't good enough. the moment you have all been waiting for. who was our pick for the best dressed person at tonight's grammy awards? a drumroll. jennifer hudson, wowed us with her blue sparkler high high heels. hudson was a performer at the ceremony in a tribute to aretha franklin. moments away the most outrageous outfit at the grammys. 6
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1:53 am
finally, the most ridiculous trappings of the grammys' red z carpet, drumroll, please! there it is. hip-hop star nikki minaj overwhelmed our eyes with her leopard ensemble that went from the tip of her head to her toes. nominated for the best rap performance by a duo.
1:54 am
as many of you know, if you follow the super bowl. 400 fans found out when they got to cowboys stadium, they did not have seats, were supposed to sit in the temporary area seats were added to break the super bowl attendance area. the seats were not added in the seats were not completed in time. michael avanti is an attorney representing plaintiffs in the class action suit filed over the ticket snafu, i asked him who the plaintiffs are in this case. >> the plaintiffs in this case don, are the facts that were displaced at cowboys stadium last sunday together with all the fans delayed getting to their seats. >> how many people are we talking about here? >> we're talking about approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people. >> why weren't they told before they got to the game they didn't have seats? >> that's an excellent question and one we hope to get to the bottom of. it's clear to us, based on comments made by the nfl that the nfl was fully aware, before sunday, that there were problems
1:55 am
with these seats and yet they ignored the problems, hoping it would simply go away. >> how much are you asking for? i understand it's millions, is that correct? >> well, we've alleged $5 million in the complaint. we think it's going to take about that to adequately compensate these fans. >> wait, michael. $5 million for a super bowl ticket? >> no. we're not talking about $5 million per fan, don, we're talking -- >> i understand that. $5 million for missing the super bowl. to the average person, it sounds like a lot of money. >> the fact of the matter is the average cost to attend the super bowl for a fan is somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000 to $10,000. a lot of these people took out loans, sold assets, a lot of these people are diehard football fans that made this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. they got there and they were not given what was sold to them. it's just that simple? >> let me get -- i understand
1:56 am
the nfl made two offers to the fans, to the 400 fans who did not get seats to the game. a free ticket to next year's super bowl plus a cash payment of $2,400, three times the face value, they say, of the ticket. others can get a ticket to the future super bowl and don't get the cash settlement. still, you say that's not enough. >> it's not enough because in many instances it won't compensate people for what they spent for the ticket alone let alone all the travel expenses associated with attending the super bowl. what we proposed is the nfl step up and reimburse people for what they paid along with some other nominal consideration, whether it be tickets or something of that nature. this really isn't that complicated. they need to take care of their fans and customers. let's update your top stories right now. the first one in new york, a suspect in a terrifying rampage awaiting arraignment. maksim gelman went on a stabbing spy allegedly that lasted 28 hours.
1:57 am
he's accused of killing three people and slashing five other people and two carjackings. police finally cause up with him on a bloody confrontation in a subway car. in mexico city, eight people are dead after a drive-by shooting, and police say they may be part of a turf war among drug gangs. it usually happens closer to the border, but there's been an uptick in this area recently. in cairo, egypt's military rulers are wasting little time taking charge. the constitution has been suspended and parliament is no more, but the military says it has no intention of stayinging longer than necessary and vows to return power in six months or when elections can be held. there are growing signs of life returning to normal. in yemen, hundreds of protesters marched in the capital today. security forces blocked their path as they approached the presidential palace. protesters chanted "first mubarak, now ali," i referring
1:58 am
to the president who has ruled their nation for 32 years. witnesses reported seeing scuffles between demonstrators and police, at least 12 people arrested. in algeria, pro-democracy activists calling for another rally one week from today. reportedly demonstrators clashed with police today. the state department said it's following the protests and the rights of algerian people to freedom of assembly and expression should be respected. across italy, a wave of protests against prime minister sylvia berlusconi. hundreds of thousands of demonstrators, mostly women, turned out in more than 200 italian cities. berlusconi has been dogged by a series of sex scandals and protesters say they're fed up with the way the way he treats women and they're treated in society. president obama unveils his new budget tomorrow. most of the details are still under wraps, but the white house says it will cut deficits by $1.1 trillion over the next 10 years.
1:59 am
we do know the president plans a five-year freeze over non-securities discretionary spending for a savings of $400 billion. he 'also proposing $100 billion in cuts to the pell grant program. the head of a grocery store chain in the western u.s. has resigned after being arrested on child prost institution charges. michael gill iland was ceo of he also founded wild oats market, which was then sold to whole foods. he was accused of soliciting sex with a girl who identified herself as a minor and drove to a phoenix hotel to have sex. we have we leave you tonight, here's a rundown of winners of tonight's grammy awards. the best pop male vocal performance to bruno mars for "just the way you are." and best female to lady gaga, and best new


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