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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 12, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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precariously. so far, 70 containers have fallen off the ship and are washing ashore. 50 dead birds have been found dead so far. others being treated. the ship's captain is being charged with operating a ship in dangerous conditions and if convicted, he could face a fine up to $8,000 or face a year in jail. 100,000 gallons of oil in the water. >> that's right. washing up on the pristine bridges on the north island of new zealand. it's heartbreaking. when you see birds, animals, on thors otters, literally freezing
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because the oil makes their feathers useless. >> how cold is it? >> 60 degrees. that's cold enough. we have australia, new zealand, the north island of new zealand here on our google map. this was a well documented cargo ship coming into a very well marked channel and right there is a reef that this captain hit right there. that's why these charges are filed. it's a well-known reef coming into this area here, into this harbor and cove and that's where all of this, this pristine beach is being covered with some of that oil. there is some good news that for the next couple of hours and days, the winds will blow this direction. as we put into this motion, the winds never blew. follow these lines here, that's how the wind is blowing almost out to sea. better than the current bringing it back down to the beaches again. 100,000 gallons of oil on the water again is a lot of oil. >> chad myers, thank you very
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much. now, hour two. watch this. blackberries going out all over the world and beating up your spouse. no longer a crime in one city. time to play reporter roulette. chris, this time yesterday, huge international breaking news. u.s. charging iran with a terrorism plot on washington, on u.s. soil, primarily aimed at killing the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states. my question is, is the government giving any new details today about these allegations? >> well, some of the senior officials that have had access to the most up to date information are now saying in very strong terms, brooke, that there was institutional sponsorship of this plot by senior iranian officials. in fact, one official said that
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there is strong suspicion that the head of the quds force was involved in the plot directly. so very strong accusations coming from the united states on the same hand, the state department is now asking all members and all of its allies to impose whatever sanctions on iran that they can. >> quds force, iranian revolutionary guard. we heard eric holder saying that we are going to hold iran accountable and we talked sanctions. they already exist against iran. now we're talking new ones. what kind of sanctions in particular, chris? >> well, five members of the iran's revolutionary guard have been sanctioned. they are also calling for the ehran air. on the other hand, you look at the sanctions that stand now, for example, iranian-americans,
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they cannot invest in family businesses that exist in iran. some of them are not able to say take control properly as a result of the death of a family member, inheritance from a family member dieing in iran. the sanctions may hurt those at the top and may hurt ordinary iranian-americans, too. >> chris lawrence, thank you. next, on reporter roulette, blackberry users are venting with a lot of issues. dan simon is in san francisco. dan, i know we have blackberries attached to our palms, a lot of us here at cnn. a lot of grievances and frustrated people. how big of an issue is this? >> this is huge. this is the highest magnitude of
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problem for rimm. they are saying that their insfra structure went out. they are not sure what caused it and they are trying to work the problem. it's been three days and could not come at a worse time for r.i.m.m. they are the number three smartphone maker. well behind google's android system, well behind apple. so this is exactly what they do not need. i want to you listen now to a senior manager from r.i.m.m. who spoke out in europe yesterday. take a look. >> first of all, i'd like to acknowledge the frustration that we know that our customers are experiencing through the delays and messaging and blows in traffic. i'd like to apologize to the customers experiencing this problem. we do have a critical issue on our network and we are working night and day to get it resolved. >> basically, when you have a smartphone, it's an easy proposition. you want to be able to make
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phone calls and be able to e-mail and if you have a blackberry, chances are you've been affected by this, brooke. >> dan simon, thank you very much. we're watching to see how that goes. finally, as of last night, domestic violence no longer a crime in topeka, kansas, the city council voting to ban domestic violence. richelle carey is back to talk about that. clearly, this is a city-county issue. what was the result and what was the vote? >> the vote was 7-3. the mayor actually weighed in on this as well. they are getting so much reaction, i could barely get in to get reaction. the phones were lit up. >> wow. >> it's really upsetting a lot of people. like you said, this is a city-county fight. the city said that they were completely caught off guard, that the county said, we are backing off because we can't afford to prosecute these cases
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any more. the city is effectively saying, we are going to try to put it back on the county. it's still a state law. the city wanted to make it clear to me. it's still a state law. even though it's not on the books and the city of topeka anymore, it's not on the books and a lot of the cities say it's a state law. they are saying it's going to put it on the county to say that you have to prosecute these cases because somebody has to prosecute these cases. >> in the city of topeka today, if someone commits domestic battery, gets arrested and goes to jail, can that person walk? because technically it's not illegal. >> that's why i say technically it is still against the law. it is effectively not against the law. because nobody is being prosecuted right now. that is the reality of it. yes, they say that a woman can still call them for help but nobody is being prosecuted because since september 8th, people have been being released. so, yeah, they say they are
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saving money but the bottom line is, this is so risky. we're playing with people's lives. if a woman is harmed, she is going to go to the emergency room. we are still going to pay somehow. >> or a man. and it was september 8th when the d.a. of this county said, look, i can't prosecute these cases in the city because the county commission cut my budget by x%. so is this the city and the vote trying to force the hand of the county to say, look, we are not prosecuting them. therefore, you have to? >> exactly. and they took another step. they took another vote a. vote of 9-0 to empower the city manager to reach out to the county commission to discuss this, to negotiate, to say, can they please work this out? the city may throw money at the county to say, we will give you some money to pick the ball up and to prosecute these cases so that somebody will prosecute. the city -- the spokesperson for the city said to me, the county
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actually has the better infrastructure to prosecute these cases. when you're talking domestic violence cases, you need advocates. you need to pay for anger management courses. all types of things that they say the city dint even have the infrastructure for. they say that the county is much better to prosecute these cases. they say that the city would need about $1 million and the time to get up to speed to take these cases. i have not heard the county side. i tried diligently to get through. they are being overwhelmed because there's so many people reaching out to them to say, we're not happy about this. >> let us know how the city county talks go and if they can help financially to help prosecute these. richelle carey, thank you for staying on with us. we appreciate that. still ahead, a possible serial killer died in prison before the victims he bragged about were ever found so now investigators are looking at a certain spot that could solve this history. i'm going to talk live with
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someone from the fbi. also, one sheriff says it's the worst riot he has ever seen. inmates fighting one another, guards preparing for war. plus, a teacher is fired after a parent complains about a picture on her facebook page. the woman sued. but did she win? also, this -- >> i guess we were obviously a little pa tissued with closing. >> dr. william petit furious after the defense made a suggestion about his daughters, the ones killed in that brutal home invasion back in connecticut. now the jury is debating that as they decide the fate of an accused killer. that is next. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ] strawberry banana!
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if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire, let's go. beginning in michigan a., a stunning reversal of the underwear bomber pleading guilty. this is a guy who two years ago tried to blow up an airliner flying into detroit christmas day with explosives hidden in his pants. congressional republicans zeroing in on attorney eric holder about a botched undercover operation and top house republicans say they are doubting holder's denial of prior knowledge of the fast and furious. snoom angelina jolie visited ref few sgrees in misrata. >> this country is under transition on so many levels and it's not just food and sanitary conditions or the new laws that need to be put in place. it's all of these things at
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once. >> jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the united nations said she visited libya on her own and has left the country. an anonymous bidder paying double for a letter from albert einstein written during the holocaust. it warned of an -- and i'm quoting, a peril for european jews. it's typewritten and signed a. einstein. we're waiting for word from capitol hill where congress is set to approve three trade agreements. the white house, republicans, and big business groups claim it will boost exports and put americans back to work and help the economy but union groups say that there is no proof that trade deals delivered tens and thousands of new jobs as promised. president obama hoping to have the agreement on his desk by tomorrow when south korean's government arrives. the home invasion in the case where the wife and two daughters died and defense attorneys in the joshua
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komisarjevsky trial al startling assessment. before the case went to the jury, the defense said that the victims may not have died if they had acted differently. deb is on the phone with us. what did the defense say today? >> it's remarkable. even from the beginning the defense has been positioning this case, trying to spare joshua komisarjevsky's life. he says that it's not the facts in dispute. it's the intent. whether joshua komisarjevsky intended to kill the mom, jennifer hawke-petit and her daughters. there is a lot of blame going around. they blame the accomplice, a man by the name of steven hayes, who is currently on death row, having been convicted last year for this crime. it went so far as to say that the defense blames the father, dr. petit, saying that the only reason that they had to light
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the house on fire was because he was finally, after hours of torture, broken free and escaped to a neighbor's house and went so far as to blame the older daughter, saying that if she had just tried to escape. so it's kind of -- the defense lawyers have had an uphill battle. there's a 90-minute tape recording where he admits to breaking into the home, beating the father with the baseball bat and all of this is on tape. it's going to be hard for the jury to try to get their minds around whether that's just a bad home invasion. >> well, let's listen. to an angry dr. petit and his sister as they came out of court. >> i guess we were honestly a little peturbed with the defense's use of dr. petit getting out of the basement precipitated things, as if there
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had been no plan in place for two or three hours or longer prior to that or perhaps if hayley petit had done something different, the what if scenarios were -- >> i thought my ears were deceiving when they said that my brother's actions precipitated the events of july 23rd and then later on donovan repeated it and said they not only precipitated it but caused it and then went on to say that hayley, had she gotten out of her room and climbed out of her window, the events wouldn't have take inplace and if she had gotten out of her room and gotten into michaela's room and out her window, the events wouldn't have happened. >> and now it's in the hands of the jury? >> that's right. they have a lot of evidence before them and sitting in that trial, it's hard to get past. they are going to have to figure
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out whether or not in fact joshua komisarjevsky was trying to steal money during that home invasion and because it took so long, taking a mom to the bank to withdraw $15,000, whether they began cracking during this whole crime. so it's going to be interesting and, again, the jury -- it wasn't easy testimony to listen to, brooke. >> deb feyerick, thank you very much. there were torture devices, pornographic pictures. >> a man is convicted of torturing women inside a trailer that he referred to as the toy box. he bragged about killing them and police never found any bodies. and before investigators could get any answer, this man died in prison. and now a major breakthrough in this case. there is a concern spot where police are now looking for potential bodies. dozens of unsolved mysteries unfolding right now.
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in new mexico, a 16-year-old cold case may have a break for as much as 40 victims. the search is taking place near elephant butte reservoir. the police say possibly some of the victims may have been dumped in this lake in the area. remember, it's a cold case that goes back to 1995. i want to bring in fbi frank fisher. he's in albuquerque. mr. fisher, tell me as much as you can about this tip you're working on and how is it now
3:22 pm
that you're searching this lake? it has something to do with the water levels, correct? >> good afternoon, brooke. we recently received some information that at least one victim, the remains of one victim could have been located in this canyon. the fbi's evidence response team along with the new mexico state police and the albuquerque police department conducted a search of this canyon yesterday. we walked two miles into the canyon. also we observed the waterline and then we walked back out of the canyon. >> did you find anything yet? >> brooke, no human remains were found. however, because of the reliance, the strength that they are putting into this tip, we plan to be back to the canyon to further investigate certain areas of the canyon for further study and also to investigate some areas around elephant butte. we have, since the media
3:23 pm
attention on this case due to the search, we have received several tips that are going to lead us back to other areas of the elephant butte lake. >> so let's back up because this is all connected to a man, david parker ray, who died in prison back in 2002. investigators think he was one of the most prolific serial killers in the state of new mexico and yet there's no proof that he ever killed. so why this believe that f thatd have been a serial killer? >> well, he indicated that he abducted as many as 40 victims from several states. one of his techniques was to give the women that he beabduct was to give them a drug to forget what he had done to them. he had a 22-foot trailer that he called the toy box and there was torture devices, including a
3:24 pm
table with stirrups, sort of what you would find at an ob-gyn office and he would strap them to the table and torture them. and based on information that we received and other reports, we suspect that he may have killed some of those victims and we have audio recordings where he would brag about these killings? >> yes. he would play the audiotape to his victim which would describe in graphic detail what he planned to do to her during the three or four days that he would have her under his control. and we were able to obtain those audiotapes. >> frank fisher, we're going to continue to follow this and see
3:25 pm
if anything or anyone is found there in the elephant butte area. thank you so much, sir. i appreciate it. still ahead, if you wear contacts or no someone who does, a huge recall involving torn corneas. plus, warren buffett, who he is challenging to release their bank statements. get this, the u.s. is nowhere close to being ready for a major disease outbreak. which cities are prepared for it. stay right there, please. [ male announcer ] are you considering a new medicare plan?
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to learn about medicare plans that may be right for you. with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call now. have you seen the movie "contagion"? >> in three months it's a billion. that's where we're heading. >> get away. >> it will tip over. the truth is being kept from the world. >> so in our effort to scare you a little bit today, the scenario in that movie may not be that far off. the united states is not prepared for a deadly disease outbreak or a bio terrorism attack. america got 15 failing, failing grades in everything from large scale detection, medicine
3:29 pm
availability, medicine dispensing, medical environment cleanup, all f's here, right? it's not all bad grades. we got some bs and cs in the area of detection. that's the latest grades for us here in the u.s. now, poppy harlow is in new york joining us for a politics update. let's talk about warren buffett challenging congress today. what do you know? >> this is very interesting, brooke. warren buffett is stepping up his tax reform. tim sent a letter to warren buffett saying, all right, your name is on the buffett plan or buffett rule saying that americans have a right to see
3:30 pm
the evidence behind the buffett plan, which is to raise taxes on the top wealthy americans. warren buffett just responded to that f the first time. he made public what he made last year. $62.9 million and says he paid just over 17% tax on that. what buffett is asking for, brooke, is that he wants to see the ultra rich taxed more and wants the ultra rich to release its tax returns. he says, look, if some of the wealthy americans do this, i will do the same. spoke to him a while ago on the phone. take a listen to part of that conversation. >> you have a number of very wealthy individual friends. have you talked to them, warren, about whether they will release the tax returns? >> well, maybe not the return. maybe the congressman could do that for me. "the wall street journal" su suggested that i do that, too. he's a friend of mine and i'd
3:31 pm
love to have his return published with mine and people can see what we are paying and whether they really regard that as the proper system or whether adjustments should be made. i welcome the inquiry into this. but if he can get these returns released, i think that a lot of congress will get educated just to how exactly inequitable the system is. >> brooke, he's saying, i will release what i have paid in taxes if the wealthy americans do it, too. brooke, i should note that the congressman released to offer his tax returns if they do the same, brooke. >> so what has he said to all of this? that he will release his? >> we just got the original statement into cnn. this is his statement to what buffett told us. he said this. mr. buffett still refuses to
3:32 pm
release his tax returns. what he does disclose may be accurate but is incomplete and fails to explain how he shelters millions of dollars in income. he went on to say that it's unprecedented to say that we would write an entire law based on one man's anecdote without actual proof through charitable giving he demonstrates that he does not trust washington with his own money either. so i think this is interesting, brooke. we're going to want to watch this. this is one man saying if the tax proposal is going to be named after you, look, in august he just gave us and the congressman and follow this very closely. >> poppy harlow, thank you very much. still ahead, the defense drops a big bombshell in the trial of michael jackson's
3:33 pm
doctor. this one day after the entire world sees the singer's autopsy photo. plus, a teacher is fired after a parent complains about a picture on her facebook page. she's seen on vacation holding a drink. so we're now learning whether she won the lawsuit or not. also, new video here in to cnn. this 70-year-old bus aide wrestling a student and at one point she bites him. wait until you hear what started this. next. ttd#: 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, what every trader gets is customized to
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thl is stunning video. this is a 70-year-old school bus aide attacking a student. a 14-year-old throws a smaller kid over the seat. this is the school bus aide inned middle. she pins the teenager in the chest and face and the two go at it. take a look.
3:37 pm
>> so in addition to the colorful language, she ends up biting the kid, not once, but twice, even gives him a full nelson headlock while she has quit. and is facing abuse charges. the lawyer says it was not abuse charges and she claims she was simply protecting other kids from a bully. what do you think? did the woman go too far? send me a tweet @brookeb. shocking evidence presented in the trial of dr. conrad murray. i want to warn you, this picture is graphic. the pop superstar weighing at this point in time, after death, less than 140 pounds. his death ruled a homicide. murray on trial for involuntary
3:38 pm
manslaughter. i want to bring in criminologist casey jordan. good to see you. the pathologist who conducted the autopsy said murray should still be held responsible for jackson's death because murray gave access to the propofol. how damming is that testimony for dr. murray? >> brooke, i actually think that yesterday, and what is happening right now, it's some of the most damaging evidence and information that these witnesses are not going to be helping the witnesses one bit. of course, the medical examiner yesterday pretty much excluded the possibility that the propofol could have been self-ingested. basically, no sign of it in his esophagus, no evidence that it could have been swallowed or evidence of it in an i.v. bag which leads us back to the prosecution's theory. unless the defense can convince the jury that michael jackson has injected it into himself,
3:39 pm
it's going to be an uphill battle for the defense. >> the defense has dropped the theory that michael jackson may have drunk the propofol, now saying that he may have used a syringe to inject the fatal overdose. how does that hurt their case? >> just the concession hurts their case because they laid out to the jury that that was going to be their theory and conducted their own independent study and their own expert came back and said it was not a viable explanation. no evidence of it. so they have got to do the honorable thing and they are going to abandon that theory. it doesn't mean that they are abandoning the possibility that michael jackson actually injected it to himself. even though it's highly, highly unlikely, that is what the medical examiner had to say yesterday. he says it's extremely unlikely but could not rule it out. there may be a juror that takes that one little piece of evidence that says unlikely, that's reasonable doubt. you never know. >> case number two, and this got a lot of us talking and it
3:40 pm
involves facebook. you have this gorge georgia teacher who loses her lawsuit who is drinking alcohol while on vacation in europe. she was pressured to resign because of ann nonmouse e-mail that complained. the school district strict says that they don't have to give her her job back. what's your reaction to that? >> you know, there's a bunch of convoluted issues. it's been sleeping for a few months but the bottom line is, everybody thinks that she got fired because of the facebook photos and in fact the issue is that she resigned. they confronted her with the facebook photos. remember, they have a rule in the school district that the teachers cannot have anything on their public social media sites that shows them anything that the students would be forbidden to do, which includes drinking. so they were within their
3:41 pm
justification. but the real issue is, she resigned and is forced to resign and the court has said, you made your letter of resignation and you could have gone and read the rule book and been suspended for ten days. you didn't do that. you submitted your resignation. learn from your mistake. >> case closed, casey jordan. >> i think it is. >> thank you very much. >> good to be here, brooke. >> now this -- there's a lot of gang activity in prisons, they want to claim their turf. one sheriff says, this is the worst prison riot he has ever seen. inmates lashing out, guards preparing for war. you're going to hear my interview with one of the officers right there in the thick of the scene. don't miss that. ♪ sent her back to college for her sophomore year ♪
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3:44 pm
prison. you can see them coming out on their hands and knees after grenades were tossed. the chaos erupted from noon and lasted into the evening. some of these men were critically injured. guards from other prisons brought in to try to restore order. the situation was so tense that state and county police, also highway patrol officers are watch being out over the perimeter of the prison and jot jay was scott jay was stationed outside of the perimeter of the prison. >> less than lethal ammunitions, oc spray or gas that they spray to help these -- gain compliance with the inmates.
3:45 pm
if you notice when they come out of the rooms, they have stuff wrapped around their face and it's probably because they are burning and they used a lot of less lethal conditions yesterday to try to get compliance. >> also, multiple parts of the prison were around the same time but they are still not sure what triggered the riot. >> only a couple minutes away and i'm not sure what is going to happen. i'm about to tear up right now as we speak. i can't wait to share this with you. this soldier is nervous because he's about to see his daughter for the first time since christmas. she has no clue. don't miss this surprise. and esquire magazine naming the most sexiest woman alive. she was born in barbados. the answer, think about it. i'm not a number.
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snoop. want to show you something that i think will give you chills. a show a soldier hasn't seen his daughter since december. he decides to surprise her at school during a fake spelling bee. watch. >> only a couple minutes away and i don't know what is going to happen. i'm about to tear up as we speak. >> the little girl spells the world sergeant and then she's asked if she knows any sergeants. >> my dad. >> your dad? [ applause ] >> and then out pops dad. he pulled off the surprise. here is her reaction.
3:49 pm
9-year-old skyler. >> how about your dad being so sneaky like that? >> i didn't mind it. i'm just glad he's here. >> fantastic. >> this is so special. >> that must be why the school chose me. >> gone for eight months, the staff sergeant will only be home for a couple of days. love those stories. >> now, this -- ♪ just going to stand there and hear me cry ♪ ♪ but that's all right because i love the way you lie ♪ >> you figure this one out? you are looking at the -- right here, sexiest woman alive, at least according to "esquire," they picked rihanna. in case you're wondering, last year's winner kelly starring in
3:50 pm
the charlie's angels. and wolf blitzer, a blast from the past, remember that night? >> i do. >> your friends -- who were your friends? >> of course. good friends. what a bunch of beautiful ladies over there. >> how up? >> first of all, is it rihanna or rihanna? >> it's rihanna. >> are you sure? >> i haven't spoken with her -- >> i've got a good authority -- >> in the studio, rihanna? no, everybody's doing this. >> rihanna. >> i just want to make sure. we're broadcasters, we've got to pronounce their names. >> she's on twitter. >> we have -- we're all over the story, the alleged iranian plot to kill the saudi ambassador in washington. peter king one of the obama administration's top experts,
3:51 pm
david cohen at the treasury department. a lot of good questions. also, part b of this story. this allegation that the iranian also wanted to blow up not only the saudi embassy in washington, but the israeli embassy in washington. michael orrin is here live in "the situation room" as well, so a lot of news on that, plus all the political news, lots going on. we're checking out the pronunciation of rihanna as well. >> thank you very much. up next, a major recall targeting contact lenses and warning they could tear your cornea or mess up your vision. also, betty white, would you believe she is looking toward a run for the white house? joe johns has the political pop. but first, maxim just released their list of the top five hottest tv chefs.
3:52 pm
number five, eden greenspan. four, ada mullencamp. three, giada, the italian born food network star. she has a hollywood pedigree as graund daughter film producer. so, who ranks number one on the list of sizzling tv chefs? marinate on it. we'll talk after the break. [ female announcer ] so you think your kids are getting enough vegetables? yeah, maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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we told you about three of the women on "maxim" hottest chef list. number two -- and to top it off, the host of bravo's top rated cooking chef. cooking show, top chef and finally, miss paula dean. by the way, maxim didn't use her picture. instead, they showed a piece of butter and here's how she responded. >> when it came time to putting a picture in the magazine, they didn't even put your picture. they just put a stick of butter. >> i hope it was salted. >> congrats to paula dean. contact lens users, cooper vision is voluntarily recalling
3:56 pm
more than a half a million of their avaira toric lenses. linked to pain, even torn corneas. a manufacturing glitch left some residue. cooper vision had focused its recall -- the fda says they need to step it up and issued the following statement -- check your boxes here and 8 million lenses manufactured. not all were distributed. >> betty white making a presidential announcement on television. joe jones is here with the
3:57 pm
political pop and show me the video, joe johns. >> oh, man. whether or not you think this is funny, no one can dispute how funny betty white is, one of those endearing comedic characterers, made her mark on shows like "golden girls" and appearing here on an obviously scripted sketch saying she's running for president. >> what made you decide to run for the presidency? >> i needed some cash. >> you know, betty, as a candidate, people are going to want to know where you stand on the big issues. what's your stance of immigration reform? >> that's a tough one. i'll pass. >> defense spending. >> pass. >> health care? >> can i phone a friend?
3:58 pm
>> no experience, totally uninr formed and seem to have a questionable grip on reality. >> i know, i'm the perfect politician. >> so cute. >> great. that's a fantastic punch line. we could use that again and again. >> she got to be host of snl because of popularity on facebook, so you never know. speaking of people who really, really are running for president, we know there was a gop debate last night and some of the candidate's kids were tweeting. >> jon huntsman's three oldest daughters continue to sort of defie the notion that presidential campaigns have to be miserable. vogue pointed out the whole family seems to be enjoying the experience. tweets seem to demonstrate, not a joke, the campaign confirms these really are the daughters. a lot of times, you don't know
3:59 pm
what's going to happen when a family member starts tweeting, so they're careful. the first tweet that caught our eye was a suggestion to tag romney the son of mitt romney that a the mormon tabernacle choir good dj. then there was a reference to the next presidential debate, which by the way cnn is hosting. want to tailgate for the next debate? vegas wild. we'll bring the godfathers, you bring the diet coke. a reference to herman cain, and then this tweet to former white house press secretary ari fleischer. we had an intervention with dad to be himself. glad he took our advice, finally. lot of personality there. >> nice to see a little humor i suppose. and i guess i wanted to ask you quickly, yes or no, do we know if first lady was able


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