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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 19, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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one did, it's worth it. you're learning things about people and seeing how they respond, that's worth it. >> i think a lot of people want to see the field, you know, a smaller number of candidates. then you could really get at the issues. they want some of these candidates weeded out so they can really listen to the frontrunn frontrunner's idea, for example, how to fix the economy. >> except wayne newton except for the candidate he thinks he will vote for is not yet in the field. >> he was impressed with mitt romney. he thought he stood up for himself and was presidential and had the answer to every attack. rick perry, most people in the audience didn't really like the bickering between the two. they said rick perry did not look presidential. interesting to see the polls in the days to come. >> all right, carol, great to have you back here so we can rehash more of it. great work. that does it for us. "cnn newsroom" starts right now with fredricka whitfield.
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>> have a great day. the cnn presidential debate, tempers flair and we'll talk more on that. this morning after we're tallying the fight cards of the most tested debate of the election season. jim acosta is in las vegas where the candidates anted up and they threw down. jim, all must be nursing some bruises after that throw down. any winners? >> there were some winners and some losers and i think you're going to see in this piece we are talking about. this was, as a lot of people are calling it, fight night here on the vegas strip. for weeks mitt romney cruised through debate after debate and letting other top tier candidates take all of the abuse but that all came to an end in last night's cnn debate. >> anderson, you say that you knew you had illegal -- >> reporter: it was a wild west shootout on the las vegas strip and at times it felt like rick
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perry's last stand with an urgent strategy to take down mitt romney. >> you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its faith the height of hypocrisy. >> reporter: romney wasn't laughing for long. >> are you just going to keep talking? >> a couple tough debates for rick. >> reporter: civil discourse was out the window. this was the first gop debate to get personal. >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn. and they had illegal immigrants working there. you have a problem with allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states, you have to let both people speak. >> reporter: unlike past debates, it was romney's first test as a frontrunner as they took aim at the health care plans in massachusetts. rick santorum pointed out some of his own advisors helped draft
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president obama's health care law. >> you don't have credibility, mitt, when it comes to obamacare. your basis was the basis for obamacare. >> reporter: at issue, newt gingrich says is the individual mandate and both romneycare and obamacare. >> there's a lot of big government behind romneycare, not as much as obamacare, but more than your campaign is admitting. >> reporter: romney admitted we got the idea from gingrich. >> you did support an individual mandate. >> reporter: rising republican star herman cain also found himself on the defensive over his 9-9-9 plan. the plan's individual business and national sales taxes all set at 9% would raise taxes on millions of americans. >> i'm going to love you, brother, but let me tell you something, you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this out. >> reporter: a new sales tax would be combined with existing state sale taxes. >> would the people in nevada
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not have to pay nevada sales tax and in addition pay the 9% tax? >> governor romney, you were doing the same thing that they're doing. you're mixing apples and oranges. >> i'll get a bushal basket with apples and oranges because i'll pay both taxes. >> reporter: make lemonade. giving republicans a bitter taste of a more combative campaign to come. >> you get to ask the questions and i get to answer like i want to. >> in the post-debate spin room accusing rick perry to have a strategy to kill romney, but in the end the adviser said, "perry just killed himself." that might be wishful thinking on the part of the romney campaign because rick perry showed he still has some fight left in him. >> all right, looks like all of them do. jim acosta, thanks so much. so, the audience members used words like imature, polarizing to describe the debates they saw last night. they didn't use the word boring,
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however. t.j., it also looks like the candidates weren't the only ones coming out swinging. >> again, that's one way you can put it, fredricka. there's no doubt a new hit show on the vegas strip. did you see that last night? get your tickets now as the venetian presents "2012, the republicans." they should sell tickets to these things from now on and everybody in the audience. fredricka, i talked to a ton of folks, many on camera, which you're about to hear from and many off camera and all of them said the exact same thing and had the very first impression of this debate was not about politics, it was about candidates behaving badly and one in particular. >> too much fighting tonight. >> some were a little immature. >> it's polarizing the country. >> that was a surprise for me tonight. >> some candidates didn't exhibit the class that other candidates did. >> i think rick perry hurt himself tonight. >> i really liked rick perry and
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then after the debate i kind of faltered away from rick perry a little bit. >> romney and perry, the way that they acted to each other. >> it was a little uncomfortable with the perry/romney exchange. they have a thing for each other, but they don't seem to get along too well. >> i think they know that time is running out and they're trying to get to that upper echelon and get the votes and the only way to do that is to bash each other instead of taking the moral high road. >> these are not role models that i would be looking up at. >> sure, they're ratcheting it up a little bit, it's a very low-level ratcheting up. nobody called anybody else either a socialist or a nazi. they haven't made it european-style parliamentary debate or korean where things get thrown. i'd love that. >> now, the last guy, of course, he was being tongue in cheek and he came literally to see the show, boy, did he get one.
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you heard one guy speak about role models and he said what if a fifth grader was watching them last night. we are telling young people on how to maintain their cool and how to treat each other, that was not a good example. someone used the example of the coach schwartz from the detroit lions and coach harball, that little dust up they had after their game with the hand shake, still, these are adults and they're the leaders. they did not set a good example last night. that's all anybody could talk about, fredricka. >> i think what we saw on display, survival of the fittest. >> yeah. >> we'll see what happens next, at the next debate. t.j. holmes, thank you so much in las vegas. tune in tonight for primetime interview of herman cain. pierce morgan digs deeper at 9-9-9 tonight on cnn. deputies in zanesville, ohio, have orders to shoot to e
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their pens they shot two dozens and the animals include lions, tigers, bears and cougars. police found their owner dead last night. today, nearby schools have been closed. >> obviously, we haven't gotten real wide yet because, obviously a lot of wooded area and we have not put people on foot in those areas due to the nature of this thing. obviously, our public safety has always been the top pritorty. officer safety is right there with that. >> zanesville's mayor joins us live with the hunt under way right now. how are you getting the word out, mr. mayor, to people to be safe? what are you instructing them to do? >> this happened about two miles outside of zanesville. so sheriff matt lutz is in charge of the whole operation. i have had several calls from people who are concerned that
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that they are shooting these animals and it's my understanding that the columbus zoo is on hand with tranquilizing materials. so, whatever possible, they're going to tranquilize the animals and save their lives. but i don't have a complete update because sheriff is out in the field and is preoccupied at the time. i understand he's going to have a press conference at 10:00 and update everybody. meanwhile, it's several of the schools in the area are closed. people are being told to stay inside. safety of the people is number one on the sheriff's mind. the people in zanesville, we're
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asking them to be careful. it's business as usual. everybody is going to work and we're telling people to look around and be cognizant of what's around them and watch out for wild animals and, so, we're being cautious about it. >> and mr. mayor, let me ask you, too, do you have any idea what happened? what happened to that park owner that he was found dead? >> i got a call from my safety director bob branford last evening around 9:00 or 9:30 and he told me that terry thompson, the owner of the farm and the owner of the animals had set them free and then shot himself. and, so, that's the best information that i have. >> your information is that he committed suicide after setting the animals free. mayor howard zwelling.
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mr. mayor, thank you so much for your time and, of course, we'll try to keep in contact with you as the hunt continues for many wild animals. >> thank you very much. and a news conference is set for the next hour, as you heard the mayor say. we'll bring you that, the latest on the developments as they happen. all right, turning now to money matters overseas. angry people are taking to the streets in greece right now. they're protesting an expected vote to raise taxes, cut wages and slash jobs to fix greece's financial crisis and, already, things have turned violent. max foster is in london with an update on what's happening. max? >> hey, fredricka. these clashes are getting more and more violent. we think these are the biggest demonstrations and certainly set to be the biggest demonstrations since the whole thing started in greece. demonstrations taking place outside the parliament building and we'll increase taxes, cut jobs, cut wages and that's been
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done so many times before. the people outside simply think that they can't take any more. you have to have some sympathy for these people there. the economy is on its knees and they don't feel the economy can take any more. but at the same time, the government has to push through extra cut backs otherwise the country won't qualify for european bailout if it doesn't get that bailout still being discussed, by the way. the country will go bankrupt. you know, it will default and huge reprecussiercussions and m worse. this is how the world press is looking at it. "st. thomas times journal" there is no rescuing greece from financial crisis and european countries are fearful for themselves if greece is allowed to default. at some point, reality has to be faced, though. let it revert to the drachma, until it comes to terms with itself. which is fair to say, fredricka.
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if they do default, a lot of french, german and american banks will lose a lot of money. it's a difficult balancing act, but, you know, this is the reality of it. demonstrations in anthens. >> big potential ripple effect. max foster, thanks so much, from london. on to politics now, the race for the white house, herman cain and mitt romney are running close in the polls. some have cain ahead, but if you ask republicans who's more likely to get the nomination, it's no contest, they say. we'll talk with gop strategist ed rollins coming up. also ahead, prince harry's got skills impressing his u.s. helicopter instructors as he trains for deployment to afghanistan. and...a toy drum. hiya folks, so the other day i tried to buy some camouflage pants but i couldn't find any. [ rimshot ] thank you, thank you i'll be here all week. in fact, i'll be here for the next 18 years. [ rimshot ] is this really necessary? come on ma, laughter is the best medicine!
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clecking stories across country now. the involuntary manslaughter of michael jackson's doctor, conrad murray, resumes today after a five-day break. the prosecution is expected to call their final witness this morning. murray faces up to four years behind bars if convicted. a southwest airlines flight from los angeles to kansas city ended up making an emergency landing in amarillo, texas, tuesday, when one of the passengers became a bit unruly, they say. police say a man was arrested on a charge of interfering with a flight crew. he was apparently screaming obscenities at other passengers. and also from los angeles, a 911 dispatcher is being credited for helping a driver stop her run away car monday. the woman called asking what to do with a stuck accelerator pedal and an impending red light.
9:17 am
>> the car's in front of me and i can't stop. >> i was really hoping that i wouldn't have to hear the car crash and, thankfully, she did what i asked her to do. >> can you try putting the car into neutral and turning off the ignition? >> she did a really good job of maintaining composure. >> police say the woman also her 5-year-old daughter with her at the time. all right, let's talk more now about the republican candidates. polls show herman cain and mitt romney pretty much tied. but are they really that close? cnn/orc poll asked republicans who was most likely to win the gop nomination and this one isn't even close when you look at it that way. romney blows everyone else away. ed rollins is a republican strategist. ed, looks like republicans really want cain, but they feel they need romney to beat president obama. what is this all about?
9:18 am
>> cain has had an interesting run here, he's a motivational speaker and very entertaining and i think people like him, but i don't think he's going to be the nominee of the party. he has no organization in states like iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and you've got to win delegates. you've got to win the vote and at this point in time, it's all about debating skills and what have you. he got his 9-9-9 got pretty trashed last night and i don't think there was another person on the stage that would be supportive of it. >> it seems, though, cain was a real target last night and romney was a real target last night. the other candidates with seeing these two as the threat, the ones to beat. >> i think you have to bring them back in order to basically put yourself forward. still isn't the clear conservative candidate yet, the alternative to romney. obviously, mrs. bachmann had a shot at that and mr. perry had a shot at that. until you have votes in iowa, probably someone doesn't emerge who is that challenger. the key thing last night, if you
9:19 am
like "housewives of new jersey" and great show for anderson cooper and cnn, and not a good show for the republican party. i don't think beating each other up, not just debates on issues, but a lot of personal stuff challenging mr. romney's intention and so forth. not a great show. >> a lot of sparring, not just between, not really between cain and romney, but, really, just between romney and perry. it doesn't boil down to who presents themselves as the more presidential debater. >> no, it doesn't. at the end of the day, these are the two men that have the resources and the organizations and for those of us who have been around the game a long time, our assumption is they are the ones that will be able to go on and carry this nomination beyond iowa and new hampshire. everybody else is either broke or not necessarily having the organization to move forward. not too late and can always be a surprise. at this point in the time, those
9:20 am
are the two people that are serious in the sense of mechanics. >> ed rollins, thank you so much. good to see you this morning. >> my pleasure, thank you. coming aside, pushing aside the bluster and finding the bottom line. we'll look at three things that we may have learned from last night's debate. and next, the boss becomes the big man on campus. a massive special collection of bruce springsteen memorabilia moves from a public library to a college campus. we'll tell you where, next. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to.
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let's get to your "showbiz
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headlines" now. everything you want to know about rock star bruce springsteen can soon be found at new jersey's university. the hometown hero special collection. a local library became too small for the more than 14,000 pieces of memorabilia. philadelphia native will smith and his wife, jada pinkett-smith are now part owners of the philadelphia 76ers basketball team. they partnerred with one of the largest equity firms in the world. nba officially approved the sale this week. fashion expert carson kressley has more time. he was in the bottom three for the last several weeks. overseas "queen elizabeth" arrived to cheering crowds to. y
9:24 am
max, why is this going to be emotional? >> a lot of people are billing it as a farewell tour of australia. she is not just the queen , shes in her 80s and she cannot keep up with the big calls. she had to call and a lot of people in austral ia, although the queen herself is quite popular. i think the prime minister sums it up quite well. she wants it to come after the queen's rein and she talked about how the queen is here in australia. she is enjoying and celebrating her presence here but certainly lots of people who think it's still inappropriate that she's arriving there. but, you know, i don't think anyone is expecting the monarchy to go while she's still alive, at least. >> in the meantime, let's talk about somebody else. let's talk about prince harry
9:25 am
who is in the u.s. he's in the middle of some helicopter training and, apparently, getting rave reviews. why? >> you know, the isis is it. we weren't given any access to harry, learning to fly the apache helicopters there. but "daily london" has managed to get a source in the military and talking about how harry surpassed all expectations, including his own. the u.s. instructors are really impressed by him, he's doing really well. another quote from an insider, he certainly isn't getting any special treatment in california. it's not the way he wants it. he wants to be a regular soldier, they say. he's loving, freed redricka, ben the states. maybe he'll be there long term. >> who knows. i'm sure if you find out, you'll share that with us. something else you have to find out. this is your assignment from me today, what is in the queen's handbag? why does the queen need to carry a purse? that's all i want to know p.
9:26 am
>> she definitely doesn't carry cash. i have to assume. >> she probably doesn't have a cell phone in there. i don't know why that shot right there with her with that handbag strikes me. that's what i want to know, what is in her handbag and why does she need to carry it? >> a tissue. >> that's right, an emotional tour, maybe her hanky is in there. all right, max foster, thanks so much. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange where shares of apple are selling off after their earnings missed expectations. alison, how big of a deal is this? >> you know what, fredricka, it is a big deal. just like death and taxes, apple blowing past its earnings expectation is pretty much a certainty. the fact that it missed its expectations is a real shocker to wall street. investors selling off shares.
9:27 am
apple shares down 5% in dollars and cents. that wipes tens of billions of dollars off its market share. let's get real here. apple is still making money hand over fist. $100 billion. i'm talking about in sales in the past year. ipad and mac sales for apple hit a record, listen to these numbers. apple sold almost 8,000 iphones an hour. 5,000 ipads an hour. that's a lot of merchandise sold very quickly. apple is getting set up and expects a solid holiday shopping season. so, i'm sure it will make up any lost ground from the past three months. fredricka? >> is the drop in apple shares going to hit the broader market today? >> you will see that, we are expecting to see a modestly lower open today. the tech heavy nasdaq, that's where a lot of the tech stocks are. likely to take the biggest hit. dow is coming off an almost 200-point gain yesterday. not big surprise to see some investors sell some stocks today. it's usual after that rally.
9:28 am
other factors in play today, we got a mixed housing report and strong earnings from intel and morgan stanley, of course, also on the radar today, all of those headlines coming out of europe. we have the opening bell happening in about three minutes. fredricka? >> we'll look for that, thanks so much, alison. we'll talk more about the gop debate coming up. mitt romney and rick perry were really going at it. >> i'll tell you what the facts are, again, you had the -- >> i'm speaking, i'm speaking. >> oh, boy, perry brought up an issue that dogged romney in the 2008 campaign and it clearly got under romney's skin, again. details, straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere
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the gop presidential debate was hot last night, look at angry right here in athens, greece. protesters are out. very upset about the idea of taxes being raised, wages being cut and jobs being slashed. apparently going toe to toe with
9:32 am
police right there. in the lower right-hand corner somebody throwing something at police and we understand that earlier police were sending out some tear gas. this is the conflict unfolding in the streets of athens. our diana is on the phone with us right now. this is very heated, very dangerous. how is this situation likely to be contained, if at all? >> well, right now i'm looking down on clouds of tear gas rising from the parliament square in front of the parliament building. riot police have cleared one-half of the square and they're facing off with a crowd of very angry men, basically dre who have ripped up the pavement and the stones and they are hurling them. we saw police responding with
9:33 am
these stun grenades which cause these loud explosions. this is something, you know, that has become fairly commonplace at a greek riot. i don't know if you can hear the tear gas below me and certainly getting into the back of my throat. these have become fairly commonplace at greek riots and after two days of general strikes. it is expected it might escalate into this kind of violence. violen violen violence continuing outside the parliament building. the people here are so angry. >> diana, keep us posted. thanks so much for athens. back in this country now, las vegas has seen its share of fights, but nothing quite like this. check out one of the more intense exchanges between mitt romney and rick perry about illegal immigration. >> those people who hire illegals ought to be penalized
9:34 am
and, mitt, you lose all of your standing from my perspective because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its faith the height of hypocrisy. >> i don't think i ever hired an illegal in my life. i am looking forward to finding your facts on that. i'm speaking. >> you had the newspaper -- >> i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds. this is the way the rules work here. i get 60 seconds here and you get 30 seconds to respond, right? anders anderson. would you please, would you please wait. >> illegal working at your -- >> are you going to let me finish what i have to say? look, rick. >> those republicans follow the rules. >> a tough couple debates for
9:35 am
rick. i understand that, so you're going to get, you're going to get testy. but let's let, i'll tell you what, let me take my time and then you can take your time. all right. >> have at it. >> my time is this, which is, i have in my state, when i was governor. i took the action of empowering our state police to enforce immigration laws. when you were governor, you said, i don't want to build a fence. you put in place a magnet, you put in place a magnet to draw illegals into the state which was giving $100,000 of tuition credit to illegals that come into this country and then you have states, you have states, the big states of illegal immigrants are california and florida. over the last ten years, they've had no increase in illegal immigration. texas has had 60% increase in illegal immigrants in texas. if there's someone who has a record as governor with regards to illegal immigration that doesn't stand up to muster, it's you. not me. >> so, each man accuses the other of hippypocrishypocrisy.
9:36 am
romney brought up an issue that dogged romney. who has the facts on his side? cnn's tom foreman does a fact check for us next hour. let's turn right now to the three things that voters learned from last night's debate. our deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us from vegas. let's begin with rick perry coming out swinging really feeling like he had to because of previous debates. >> yeah, this was his fifth debate for rick perfry the texas governor since he jump unded in the debate since mid-august. his most feisty performance. we are writing about that on n rick perry did not even begin for the questions to begin in the candidates' self-introduction. he calls himself a real conservative and not one of convenience. that was a dig at mitt romney. you saw he brought up the attack against romney for using a
9:37 am
landscaping firm that hired illegal residents. they sparred over jobs and over romney's health care plan in massachusetts. rick perry, fred, listen, since his lackluster debate performances in late september and early october, we saw his poll numbers drop. he was the frontrunner, no longer. he needed a strong performance and he did it, he woke up. we'll see if it continues, fred. >> now, to number two, romney gave as good as he got. explain. >> yeah, listen, we knew romney was going to come under attack because he was on top. when you're on top, all the other candidates gun for you. it seems they got under their skin a little bit more. romney put his hand on perry's shoulder and it seemed like he got upset. he had strong responses each time. he comes under attack, but he's able to respond. it must be frustrating for mitt romney and his campaign that romney's health care plan that
9:38 am
they label romneycare and was the genesis for the president's much despised health care law among republicans, at least, it must be frustrating that it keeps coming up debate after debate after debate, fred. >> finally, why 9-9-9 was actually number one. >> number one right off the bat. we knew herman cain's plan was going to come under attack. when you rise in the polls like the former godfather's pizza ceo, the 9-9-9 came under attack right away and all the other presidential candidates went after it and criticizing it for the 9% sales tax. cain had an answer for each attack but seemed simplistic. i think herman cain needs to give a few more details on 9-9-9, fred. >> paul steinhauser, thank you so much. for all the latest political news go to our website, still ahead, good news for some 55 million social security
9:39 am
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after two years without an increase in benefits, social security recipients are expected to get a raise next year. let's get more from cnn's christine romans in new york. so, christine, why are benefits going up now? >> because they make this calculation based on consumer price inflation. when we have a good read of an average of the data, then they say this time of year, everywhere what it will look like for next year. based on consumer inflation now and what you're going to be paid next year. 3.6% cost of living adjustment next year for the millions of social security beneficiaries. some 55 million seniors and also people getting social security benefits checks of other types. it will add $39 a month overall, but one thing some folks are saying, don't spend it all in one place. some medicare premium changes
9:43 am
and we'll know about those in the next couple weeks. so, for seniors who are very carefully looking at their budgets for next year a couple moving parts. the first raise in about three years. fredricka, it's very clear that seniors more and more are relying on social security benefits to pay their bills. we know that social security benefits on average account for 41% of an elderly person's income. it's incredibly important that $39 on average. for one-fifth of elderly couples, fredricka. they're living on these checks. they need that money to increase. so, there you go at 3.6% raise the first time in three years, fredricka. >> every penny, dollar, dime counts. >> that's right. checking stories across country now. plenty of smiles in hempstead, new hampshire, after a boy who disappeared monday was found safe. police say neighbors discovered the 9-year-old hiding under a bed and eating ice cream.
9:44 am
police in northern indiana are looking for the chief who stole a vehicle from a car dealership by using a tow truck outfit would a crane. surveillance tape shows the suspect lifting the jeep into the truck bed and then driving away in under six minutes. a south florida woman suffered a severe case of sti sticker shock after getting a $201,000 cell phone bill. her brother apparently racked up roaming charges by visiting canada and texting. they have cut the bill back to $3,000 and gave her extra time to pay the bill. herman cain makes no secret of his strong, religious faith. what he doesn't mention as often is his church. we'll go in depth, next. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout.
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all right. all week long we're going in depth on herman cain and the gop candidate has surged to the top of the pack, thanks to his plain spoken conservative views and a gift for expressing them. now, he honed those speaking skills at his hometown atlanta church. john blake is writer and producer at and also a former member of anteocnorth baptist church and whether the congregation would be full heartedly behind herman cain. good to see you, john. >> thank you. >> you write that the black church has long been a paradox.
9:48 am
one of the most politically liberal but thelogically institutions cain's house of worship embodies some of those contradicks. you have to wonder if this church is, indeed, as a whole behind herman cain, just based on your statement there. >> i think they will be behind him as far as his theology. a l they're very concerned about gay issues but at the same time, a lot politically liberal. i think they will accept cain, but they have a hands-on policy. >> there's a conflict? >> if you talked about politics, i think there's a conflict. a lot of them won't really talk about politics with cain. >> will anyone reveal to you, what about his politics would there be a conflict with? >> his statement when he said a lot of blacks are brain washed
9:49 am
and developed democratic that would defend a lot of people. including the clergy. we're just a herd mentality. i think that offended a lot of people, but, at the same time, he is a guy that went to morehouse and made a fortune and came back. it's kind of like family. you get together for thanksgiving and you argue about politics, but you still love them in the end. >> reverend alexander, the lead pastor, loves him like he's a son. but at the same time, has he been outspoken? you write that he may have a little internal conflict about some of the politics of herman cain. how are you able to learn what those things are because, reverend alexander wouldn't talk to you for the article, nor did herman cain. but who was it that you did talk to who established where he's coming from, where the pastor's coming from. >> the two sources establishing where alexander comes from. pastors who know him in the
9:50 am
church, i talked to a couple of the pastors. but alexander'swn sermons and statements. he said publicly that rosa parks and malcolm x, civil rights heroes. dr. king really influences him. you can see where he's coming from and from that perspective,. people -- he said dr. king -- i can see where he's coming particular from that perspective. also, alexander's passages, a stopping point for civil rights. so alexander is definitely not in the camp of herman cain's political philosophy. at the same time, good friends with him. cain saying, the impossible dream in the celebration. >> going as far as saying herman cain feels contradicted as well. a real contradiction in cain. racism is a huge obstacle for blacks but admits privately it is, particularly in georgian
9:51 am
republican politics? >> that came from antioch. i wouldn't say cain has a lot of confidence about this. hard for me to say that, but i would say that with that passage, what it said to me about cain is he's aware there's still racism out there and he's unaffected by it and won't make a big issue out of it, because the tea party republicans are his biggest supporters and he wouldn't want to alienate them. >> thank you. great article. all should read it. >> thank you. >> great to the see you. hunting down exotic animals that escaped from a farm. the latest on a search under way in ohio and minutes away from a news conference updating the situation straight ahead in the "newsroom."
9:52 am
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here's a look at stories making news late other than today. at 1:00 eastern time, apple holds a public memorial for its founder steve jobs at the company's campus in cupertino, california. many local stores will close in observance. at 2:30 eastern, the dang eer of congrecussions for athle of all ages. and president obama talks in north chesterfield. following lots of developments in the next hour of christine romans "newsroom." checking in first with alison kosik. >> i'm at the new york stock exchange. good news for 60 million seniors. you're getting a raise. details on that in the next hour. i'm maxwell in london with details of violent demonstrat n demonstrations in greece as the government makes more cutbacks on an economy already on its
9:55 am
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9:58 am
jeff fischel here. goodness. >> footbally finally, the fall >> forever. >> a long season, no doubt. finally, rangers and cardinals. texas owner and president nolan ryan says his team will win in six game. ryan predicted a 90-95 win. rangers won 96. knows what he's talking about. hosting game one. starting pitchers, nelson for the rangers, and the st. louis may have a secret weapon. cards fans, a baby 11 weeks ago. 2011 girl comes after their other kids were born in 2004 and 2006. yes, cardinals fans know those were also years the team made it to the world series. i'm sure cardinals thinking, maybe we can get them to keep having babies. some small signs of hope. >> and espn reports, a lockout, owners and players ready to talk, nba.
9:59 am
a marathon 16-hour session wrapped up early this morning. both sides were told not to talk to reporters. the main issues right here. you know, talking about progress being made, and hopefully we do see signs of amending. nba fans are dying to have a season. and dallas stars taking on the columbus blue jackets single-handedly. taking the puck, around one man, blows back around another and by a fourth and scores. stars go on to win 3-2. nice goal. goal. keegan bradley. shot of the day at the pga grand slam in bermuda. 219 yards to the hole. second shot uphill. right at the pin -- eagle on this one. way ahead of schwartzel and clark. four guys that won majors this year. and bellevue, washington, cemetery is offering a golfers-only section.
10:00 am
laid out like a golf course. the fairway, greens. fredricka said -- >> i don't know. kind of creepy. >> a sand trap. spaces for urns. golfers who spend a lot of time in the bunker are free to spend eternity there. i guess there are no maulligans >> i'm at peace with it. thanks, jeff. happening right now, residents on high alert in zanesville, ohio this morning. why? team officials are hunting down wild exotic animals, which escaped from a private farm. the owner of the animal reserve was fond dead last night. the mayor says he committed suicide. we'll get the latest from the county sheriff, matt lutz, a press conference is scheduled to get underway any minute now, and i did speak to the mayor earlier of zanesville last hour. listen to has he had to say.
10:01 am
>> i have had several calls from people who are concerned that they are shooting these animals, and it's my understanding that the columbus zoo is on hand with tranquilizing materials. so whenever possible, they're going to tranquilize the animals, and save their lives, but i don't have a complete update, because sheriff lutz is out in the field, and is preoccupied at the time. several of the schools in the area are closed. people are being told to stay inside. safety of the people is number one on the sheriff's mind. the people in zanesville, we're
10:02 am
asking them to be careful. it's business as usual. everybody's going to work, and we're telling people to look around and be cognizant of what's around them, and watch out for wild animals, and so we're being cautious about it. >> mr. mayor, let me ask you, too. do you have any idea what happened? what happened to that park owner, that he was found dead? >> i got a call from my safety director, bob branford, last evening around 9:00 or 9:30, and he told me that terry thompson, the owner of the farm and the owner of the animals had set them free, and then shot himself, and so that's the best information that i have. >> all right. we're joined on the phone now from a member of the columbus zoo. the chief operating officer.
10:03 am
the coo. so, tom, the mayor said that you all are helping not to kill but to perhaps capture or at least tranquilize these animals. is that right? >> that is correct. we are on the scene now with our veterinarian staff with our sedation equipment, and working with the police officers to do this in a safe manner. you have to realize that the terrain here is very rough, and wooded, and when we're using tranquilizer darts, we have to have a clear area to sedate the animal, and once the animal is injected with the dart, it still takes, you know, up to eight minutes for the drugs to take an effect. so we are -- we're working on this very fast. >> and so how many animals are you looking for? is it about 15 or so?
10:04 am
>> the numbers are -- you know, as they keep coming in, i have seen 39 animals deceased. i believe the number is six animals that we are looking for right now. >> what kind of animals? >> these are bears. two wolves, and a few tigers. >> all right. all the best in what is going to be a very complicated endeavor looking for bears, wolves and as well as tigers there. as they continue to search this general area for these exotic animals that escaped from the park, a private park. the cnn presidential debate, tempers flare and accusations fly on this morning after, tallying the fight cards of the
10:05 am
most testy debate of the election season thus far. jim acosta is in las vegas where the kands anteed up and threw down. jim, they have to be nursing wounds this morning the day after? >> reporter: that's right, fredricka. the cnn debate may have been a turning point in this campaign. it was nasty. it was personal, and it may be a sign of things to come. >> you say that you knew you had illegal -- >> would you, please, wait? >> reporter: a wild west shoot-out on the las vegas strip and at times felt like rick perry's last stant with an urgent strategy to take down mitt romney. >> because you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year, and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> reporter: but romney wasn't laughing for long. >> are you just going to keep talking? this has been a tough couple of
10:06 am
debates for rick. >> reporter: civil discourse was out the window. this was the first gop debate to get personal. >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn and they had illegal immigrants working there. you have a problem allowing someone to finish speaking and i suggest that if you want to become president of the united states you've got to let both people speak. >> reporter: unlike past debates, the night was also romney's first real test as a front-runner, as the candidates took aim at his health care plan in massachusetts. rick santorum pointed out some of romney's own advisers helped draft president obama's health care law. >> you gist don't have credibility with obamacare. >> reporter: at issue, the individual mandate in romneycare and obamacare. >> a lot of big government behind romneycare, not as much as obamacare but a heck of a lot more than your campaign admitted. >> reporter: romney responded he got the idea from gingrich. >> actually we got the idea of
10:07 am
an individual mandate from you. you did support an individual mandate. >> sure. >> reporter: rising republican star herman cain also found himself on the defensive over his 9-9-9 plan. independent studies found the plan's individual business and national sales taxes all set at 9% would raise taxes on millions of americans. >> herman, i love you, brother. let me tell you something. you don't have to have a big analysis to figure this thing out. it's not going to fly. >> reporter: romney pointed out a new national sales tax would be combined with existing state sales taxes. >> will the people of nevada not have to pay nevada sales tax and in addition pay the 9% tax? >> governor romney, you're doing the same thing they're doing, mixing apples and oranges. >> i'm getting a bushel basket with apples and oranges in it because i have to pay both taxes. >> reporter: for perry, making lemonade out of lemons. giving indication of a more combative debate to come.
10:08 am
>> reporter: in the postdebate spin room a senior romney adviser said it was rick perry's strategy to "kill romney." in the end, that adviser said perry just killed himself. that may be wishful thinking for the romney campaign, because rick perry showed he still has fight left in him and, fredricka, i was talking to that same romney adviser this morning here inside the venetian hotel on the strip, and about that moment when mitt romney touched rick perry on the shoulder, everybody's talking about that moment this morning, and whether or not he may have invaded perry's personal space and perhaps procrossed the line, it noted, the same thing was done to mitt romney by rick perry. and governor romney stored that for later use. may have defense saying, wait. rick perry went there first, fredricka. >> interesting. a little chummy there. all right. jim acosta. thanks so much.
10:09 am
herman cain's night didn't get easier when he stepped off the stage. our deputy political director paul steinhauser joining us from vegas. so, paul, cain says he misspoke about a possible terror swap for terrorists in guantanamo bay. that interview with wolf blitzer. critics saying this exposes a bigger weakness, in their words, of him. tell us about that. >> reporter: yes, some critics say maybe herman cain isn't ready for primetime. listen to how it started and how it played out throughout the day starting with wolf blitzer's "situation room." take a listen. >> did you see yourself as president authorizing that kind of transfer? >> i could see myself authorizing that kind of transfer, but what i would do is, i would make sure that i got all of the information. i got all of the input, considered all of the options, and then the president has to be the president and make a judgment call. i can make that call if i had to. >> now, i believe in the philosophy of, we don't negotiate with terrorists.
10:10 am
i've been saying -- i would never agree to letting hostages in guantanamo bay go. no. that wasn't the intended -- >> i said that i spoke in error. maybe i didn't understand the question. if i did say that, i would not do that, because i believe in a philosophy, we cannot negotiate with terrorists. >> i misspoke. i would not do that. i simply would not do that. >> reporter: that was with five hour. a lot of backened forth from herman cain. i spoke with one of his senior advisers after the debate and he told me herman cain has been brushing up on foreign policy and continues to get stronger on the issue, but critics will attack, fred. >> all right. paul steinhauser, thank you so much. paul, we're going to break away from you and ge on to zanesville, ohio. we've been reporting this morning how they are looking for exotic wild animals, tigers bears, wolves et cetera. here's the sheriff now updating people. -- secured area. highly volatile area.
10:11 am
we have several of our deputies o.d. & r. people up there, surrounding communities neighbors communities to us have come in, authorities. i am prepared to release we feel comfortable saying that we're at about 43 to 44 of these animals that are accountable for. however, there are still some that we know that we have shot last night that we have not got vehicles down to recover. so, of course, that number could go up a little bit. we are hovering around that 48 number to start with. possibly could have been 51. i'm getting conflicting reports with people that used to work here. we are ironing those out right now. hopefully we'll be able to figure that out. we're recovering these dead animals. we're getting an inventory of what we have and trying to get that number for you to get out to our public. i'll open up to questions, and, please, when you ask a question, please identify yourself and ask your question. yes?
10:12 am
>> talk about why you took the position of killing animals rather than tranquilize them? >> very good question. glad to answer that. when our officers arrived on the scene, we had approximately one hour to an hour and a half of daylight. as officers got out of their cruisers, there were animals running loose outside of the fenced area. to set the table for you a little bit, mr. thompson had numerous kamp cages up around his house where the animals were kept at, in the cages. it's a long drive. probably two football fields, i would say, three football fields, up his driveway up to his house and down to the front gate. the front gate is just off the main thoroughway there of kopchak road. we had animals outside that fenced area along the road. they were trying to get loose. i had deputies that had to shoot animals with their side arms at close range. that's how volatile this situation was. we are not talking about your normal everyday house cat or dog. these are 300-pound bengal
10:13 am
tigers we've had to put down. when we got here, obviously, public safety was my number one concern. i gave the order on the way here that if animals look like they going out, they went down. we could not have animals running loose in this county. we were not going to have that. once we got here, realized the severity of the situation, we, at that point, started running into a problem with darkness. we, again, were not going to have animals running loose on this farm at night. we can document numerous an ma'ams that go got over the fence, were out in the wooded areas outside the property we've had to put down. we've had officers down on the interstate that were preventing animals from crossing the interstate into our subdivisions and into our community. today when daytime hit, we went into the area. we've been evaluating and getting head counts, been recovering bodies. we just had a huge tiger an
10:14 am
adult tiger, estimated 300 pounds, that was very aggressive. we did get one of the vets close any of, unbelievably so, with 10 to 15 yards, got a tranquilizer in it, and this thing went crazy. started to take off. it headed away from us to the wooded area and our officers put it down. we did not think we could take a chance whether we got the dart in it and could not take the chance whether the thing would get loose and get out into the neighborhoods. that's some of the scenario that went down. the other issue, we do not have tranquilizer darts with us. we have the wilds in our county that work with us very, very well. they know if we need them we'll call. we had them coming immediately and here in case we did get animals in through subdivisions that was not safe to shoot in, that we would take them out with tranquilizers. yes, ma'am? >> what animals that are still
10:15 am
at large? what types of animals? do you know or have an idea what you're looking for? >> i cannot answer that question directly. i can tell you the main focus of animals at this establishment was wolves, all types of cat species. and i'm going to say tigers, bengal tigers, mountain lions, leopards and then we had two species of bears, grizzly and black bears. those were the main animals that we have encontinuered, and that is going to be the type of animal we're looking for once we get a count down. i can tell you, also, that we did have some sort of cat hit on the interstate by a car. and the ohio state highway patrol was taking care of that accident. the animal was wounded and left there and they were going to take care of taking and putting it down and getting it back to us for the count. yes? >> woc in columbus. was the sheriff's department aware of this compound prior to
10:16 am
last night? >> yes, sir. yes, sir. for a lot of years. >> [ inaudible ]. >> we've handled numerous complaints here. we've done numerous inspections here. we've brought in professionals from outside our county to look at this property to make sure it's safe. we've checked to make sure they've had the proper permits or were legal to have them here. i don't want to -- please don't quote me. i'm going to say we've got about 35 calls since '04, '05 area, we wr ran on the computer we've been to mr. thompson the house for some problem with the animals. from running at large to not being treated properly. this has been a huge problem for us for a lot of years. >> what's the range that you're looking at in terms of -- [ inaudible ]. >> i'll let maybe jack answer that as far as how far an animal can travel. i don't want to the scare our public yet. we started public service announcements as soon as this
10:17 am
happened to get the word out there. right now we're just patrolling the main roads around the farm. we had some reports last night as far west as national road and ridge road, even national road at mount perry. i've been in contact with sheriff thorpe and chief dep pi from lincoln conti s.o., with reports on reports on their end of the county and had officers out last night. to my knowledge, we had sightings but nothing confirmed by law enforcement. yes, ma'am? >> i guess you talk about -- how far of a distance is that [ inaudible ] 30 -- >> 10 mimes probably to the lincoln conti line. close to that. >> and safety issues? what did you do, did you put in place to make sure schools were safe [ inaudible ]. >> we were in contact with the scoot districts, maysville and zanesville school district. either i myself or officers from our office were talking to them.
10:18 am
we made the decision or recommended them to close today. the main impact there is we didn't want kids standing at a bus stop this morning and seeing these big animals walk by and possibly cause them harm. so the school officials were tremendous. they supported us 110%. we worked with them and communicated with them and it was a great decision that in the best interests ever everybody in our community. >> -- [ inaudible ] can you put it into words [ inaudible ]. >> no. i don't know that there is a word for it. >> sheriff, from columbus. how will you know when you have gotten them all? >> when i -- >> the sheriff lutz in zanesville, ohio, describing an unbelievable situation. somehow about 50, maybe 51, exotic animals released from thin pens at private park. the sheriff describing about 44 of those exotic animals have been accounted for, many of
10:19 am
which were killed simply because first responders didn't have kwank tranquilizers but real bullets and that's what they had to take down bengal tigers. lines as well. still on the loose, up to six either bears, wolves or even tigers that they continue to look for, and the columbus zoo is also helping by using tranquilizers. the sheriff describing what was a very serious situation and how schools are closed and they're trying to make sure everyone remains safer as they continue to look for these exotic animal on the loose. back to politics in a moment. rick perry opened one of mitt romney's old campaign ruins from 2008, and then really hit a nerve. >> tell you what the facts are. >> rick, again -- >> you had the -- >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> this was a brutal argument over illegal immigration. lots of fingerpointing and even touching there. we'll see who has the facts on his side, next. i'm not a number.
10:20 am
10:21 am
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i tell you what i can spend. i do my best to make it work. i'm back on the road safely. and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. all right. maybe at the most heated exchange of last night's debate came when rick perry calmed out mitt romney over illegal immigrati immigration. they stepped all over each other with accusations but who had the facts on his side? here's cnn's tom moore. >> reporter: one of the hottest moments in the debate came as rick perry and mitt romney butted heads over the issue of illegal immigrants.
10:23 am
listen. >> you hired illegals in your home and you knew about it for a year, and the idea that you stand here before us and talk about that you're strong on immigration is on its face the height of hypocrisy. >> we hired a lawn company to mow our lawn, and they had illegal immigrants working there, and when that was pointed out to us we let them go. >> there you have it. the bake claim of rick perry against mitt romney is that romney hired illegal immigrants. but is in true? let's look at facts. back in 2006, this is something that came ep up that haunted mitt romney during the previous election. so he knew how to answer it. yes, a company he hired to work on his lawn reported by the "boston globe" had illegal workers from guatemala working for them. mitt romney said he knew nothing about those people until it was discovered by "the boston globe" then approached the company, gave the company a second chance to say, no more of that.
10:24 am
hire only legal workers. found out it had happened again. also through the "boston globe" and dismissed the company after the same problem was found. so in a simple matter, add it all up, you have to say that both rick perry and mitt romney were misleading. rick perry suggesting that the governor was knowingly going out and hiring illegal workers. there doesn't seem to be evidence of that, and the governor suggesting he knew nothing about that going on when he's already admitted that he did. >> all right. tom foreman, thanks. let's take about what latino voters will take away from this. republicans need to woo them. in 2000, about 13 million eligible latino voters. a decade later are more than 21 million. author of a paper. why hispanics and republicans need each other. what stood out to you, if anything, last night, as it
10:25 am
pertains to appealing to latinos? >> one word. it was disappointing overall. i don't know how many times the term illegals or aliens was used. put it in context, legally that's not right. these are yot alien, human beings with the same hopes and sa aspirations as those onstage. this is dehumanizing, saying a child who shop lifts is a at least the rest of his life. doesn't make a lot of tense. the issue of immigration is used as a political pinata by both sides, and it's really disappointing. we need serious solutions and you didn't hear that last night. you heard a lot of the same rhetoric. i'm certainly, i have criticisms about this current president and his failure on immigration reform, but i'm really disappointed in the tone of the debate among our republicans. >> so romney and perry went at it a few times as it pertained to the border. romney, you know, attacking perry saying, you're on the border state. so what's with your policy?
10:26 am
and it flip-flopped as well in terms of what -- what the stance of romney was, and perry's point of view. how does that -- did it offer any clarity on the positions that either one would take as it pertains to protecting borders? immigration? et cetera? >> sure. one thing that's consistent about the republican position. romney certainly articulated that. it's a pro-legal immigration. everybody is going to agree with that. fundamentally even democrats would agree on securing the border. the issue is what to do whith te 11-plus manage undocumented here. the question, how do you secure the border? physical barriers? fences? electrified fences, which is nonsense. it really needs to be a secure border with many gates, as tom friedman once said. we need to find a serious way to talk about that. i think perry had positives in
10:27 am
this camp. he lives on that border. i've ridden along with a lot of folks in texas that have to patrol this border on a day-to-day basis and the ranchers who live there, there are serious concerns from a national security standpoint, but we need to learn to talk about it in a way that is not dehumanizing. >> so other than immigration as it pertains to the debate last night, were there other issues that resonated or statements or offerings from any of these candidates that resonated with latinos last night? >> sure. the issue of jobs. it's fundamentally going to come back to the economy. latino voters are consistent in looking at this like mainstream american voters, because that's what we are. it's the economy. getting jobs. access to capital for small business owners. ron paul had a great point about that. he said a lot of this immigration issue dies down when you talk about getting the economy moving again. i'm paraphrasing, but that's really what people are looking for. they're going to be voting with their pocketbooks but the issue and tone of immigration can
10:28 am
hinder a lot of those independent voters taking a look at the republican party. >> always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank. hollywood has parked for some of those occupied wall street protesters apparently. showbiz headlines coming up next. [ sniffs ] i have a cold. [ sniffs ] i took dayquil
10:29 am
but my nose is still runny. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil doesn't treat that. really? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose. [ deep breath] awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is. that's the cold truth!
10:30 am
a los angeles prosecutor says actress lindsay lohan violated probation and should be thrown back in jail. the defense says it's simply not true. it all unfolds in court this morning and "showbiz tonight" a.j. hammer is all over it. a.j., who's right this time? >> well, we're really going to have to leave that for the court
10:31 am
to decide today, fred. i can tell you lohan will have to answer a lot of questions from a judge when she appears in a los angeles courtroom for probation status hearing. lohan last appeared in court in july. the judge ordered her to enroll in counseling and continue working community service. lohan was let go from the women's shelter doing the community service for not showing up. and she's been reassigned. according to tmz. the site has been reporting that prosecutors will argue lohan's conduct, not showing up for community service, amounts to a violation of probation and she should be thrown in jail. lindsay is talking about this. hit her twitter page yesterday to defend herself. let me read. i want it to be known just because i was not followed and photographed during the times i've gone to community service does not mean i wasn't following my obligations by going to the court. lohan was originally sentenced to those 480 hours of community service after she pleaded no contest earlier in the year for taking a $ 2,500 neck this from
10:32 am
a los angeles boutique. we'll see where it goes in a few hours from now. >> and it looks like the occupy wall street protesters could go hollywood? tell us about this? >> maybe find the next snooki down there. if you're occupying wall street, seems the real world wants you. yes. the granddaddy of all reality series is gearing up on mtv and producers posted open casting. looking for open cast members over the age of 20 who appear to be between the ages of 20 and 24, and they want you to tell your unique stories, if you happen to be a member of occupy wall street. fred, it's the first tim time i know the show latched on a to a movement for casting. a lot of people too choose from. season 27, fill you in when we have more. >> looking forward to that. thanks, a.j. and you want more information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j.'s got it.
10:33 am
this evening on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 p.m. on hln. mr. las vegas talks politics. singer wayne newton weighs in on today's political climate. that's straight ahead in our "political buzz." first, let's get a quick check ever the markets now. the dow in green territory. we like that. up 39 points. we're watching your money, right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] we're not employers or employees. not white collar or blue collar or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk, capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business.
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and the two-day general strike paralyzes greece. protesters causing chaos in athens. 70,000 people flooded streets and some have gotten violent. on the phone with us with more details, we'll check in with our cnn reporter in a few moments. a rather volatile situation. meantime, political buzz. it's your rapid fire look at best political topics of the day. three question, 30 seconds on the clock. playing, pete dominick, cnn contributor and democratic strategist maria cardona and georgetown professor chris metzler. good to see all three of you. fight night in las vegas. what else is new? things actually got rather physical for a moment between rick perry and mitt romney. take a look. >> i look at defining your facts on that, because that doesn't -- >> i'll tell you what the facts are -- >> rick, again, i'm speaking. i'm speaking. i'm speaking. you get 30 seconds.
10:37 am
>> and the way -- >> the wayed rules work i get 60 seconds and then you get 30 seconds to respond, right? >> and they want -- >> anderson -- would you, please, wait? are you just going to keep talking? >> yes, sir. >> you won't let me finish what i have to say. >> oh, boy. dicey, and potentially kind of dangerous there with that reaching out. pete, you first. you know, getting into one's personal space. i don't know. who won this? >> can i speak? are you going to let me -- speak? >> no, no. let me talk. >> fred, i know usually -- >> me, first, wait. [ buzzer ] >> please, usually the way this works is -- the way this works actually is, go to me last. i wasn't ready. >> okay. >> it was sad. a great debate, if you love reality shows. but what's supposed to happen here is you're supposed to learn something as a voter, as an american. about problems and perhaps a policy. the one policy they focused a lot on was the magical 9-9-9 thing that's never going to even
10:38 am
see the light of day. it's ridiculous. can i speak? can i speak? buzzer goes off. okay. >> maria, what happened here? i mean, was this -- you know, was this moment -- okay, i'm going to get the upper hand or impose myself physically on you? what's going on? >> i think all of the above, fredricka. it looks like a fight, the only thing missing, the masks. look, i don't think this is going to help any of the candidates. especially the top three, and i don't think it will change any of the standings, because while romney did seem like he could fight back when attacked and certainly attacked like he never was before, he also seemed angry. perry seemed very aggressive and angry and cain didn't seem to be able to come up with a real defense for his 9-9-9. what we come away with, all ever these candidates want to continue to protect millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the middle class. >> chris? >> it was the ok corral.
10:39 am
i was waiting for doc holladay to appear. who won, instability. guys, this was ridiculous. it essentially looks like a food fight. we learned nothing. we heard nothing knew. just a lot of yama, yama, yama, yama. they all looked like a bunch of school yard bullies, pretty much what we had in this particular case. >> shift gears. the world series starts tonight. if four senators have it their way, players wouldn't be chewing tobacco with 9.1 unemployment, a 2012 potential race shaping up, is this the right time to tackle a baseball tradition? maria, you first? >> well, i think -- in terms of the priorities, what you said is absolutely correct. we should be focusing on trying to create more jobs. on trying to give middle class families and workers relief. on trying to make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share, which the majority of americans agree with. i hate chewing tobacco.
10:40 am
i think it's a disgusting habit but i think right now americans have priorities, and this is not one of them. >> okay. chris, you spit -- i mean speak. >> well -- i think a couple of things here. four senators who proposed this, all democrats by the way. not that there'sing in wrong with that, but in terms of these four senators, obviously they've got a lot of time on their hands and not spending a lot of time doing legislation. here's what i propose. since we're looking at green jobs. let's have the four senators take the time that they are doing nothing, which appears to be 90% of the time, and harvest tobacco. i think if they do that, at least the american people will be getting some sort of return on the invest here, because obviously, at this point in time, they have nothing else to do. >> okay. pete? are you still chewing? >> i'm in the bias chair. a little bias, because i love tobacco. because it's so good for you. anybody watching should know. the guy on tv is doing tobacco, i'm going to chew tobacco.
10:41 am
you know, congress wonders why there is such a low approval rate, fred, because they're focusing on chewing tobacco and baseball players when 26 million americans are under employed or unemployed. ridiculous. baseball players you know, i don't know why they don't just chew big league chew. to be honest. >> don't spit on the air. be polite. buzzer-beat buzzer-beater. wayne newton sat down with our carol costello to talk about politics ahead of the gop debate. take a listen. >> the left and the right and the center and the libertarians and the independents, everybody is sick of politics as usual. >> so politics as usual is even hitting a sour note with wayne newton, you see. if he was going to write an election song, what would be title be? chris? >> i think it's going to be "you made me hate you, i didn't want
10:42 am
to do it, i didn't want to do it." but that's not the most dramatic part of this. the most dramatic part is the song. he has to write the lyrics and it has to be performed by t.i. and nicki minaj, because if you do that you'll see why we're all fed up with politics and why we're all fed up with the side show. >> okay. pete? >> well, isn't it -- what happened to wayne newton the face, first of all? i have to ask carol. ship in he well known for his themed -- >> chewing tobacco. >> exactly. danke schoen. that's wayne newton, right jt he can stick with -- oh, dear. stick with the german theme and do an anti-herman cain song which is of course, "9-9-9" which means, no. who wrote that question, by the way? not me. >> he needs to write a song in spanish because it shows the lack of appeal of all the gop candidates and latino voters.
10:43 am
goes like this, where are the adults? where are the contenders? all i see radical right wing contenders. >> you guys have another career ahead of you. >> can i -- are you going to let me -- can i speak? can i -- >> can i speak? >> 20 seconds, 30 seconds. that's all we got. all right, you all. thanks so much. >> thanks, fred. >> fantastic. all right, wrongly imprisoned, and no laughing matter at all. dewey bozella fought for his freedom and won. >> now he gets a chance to fight in a pro boxing match, and he wins that, too. we'll talk to him, next. the postal service is critical to our economy--
10:44 am
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thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
10:46 am
all right. last week with introduced you to dewey bozella, served 26 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. now a free man, he fulfilled a dream saturday night. fought in his first professional match, cruiserweight, staples center in los angeles and won. beat larry hopkins by unanimous decision. dewey bozella joins us now from new york. congratulations. what was ta like for you? you knew what it was to box many
10:47 am
years in prison, but it was another thing to be in the staples center. describe that feeling for me. >> it was a wonderful feeling. i enjoyed the moment. i took advantage of it, and i moved forward. you know? once in a lifetime opportunity. >> and so now you're undefeated. term about your aspirations, if you hope to get in the ring again, or was this it for you? >> that's it. i did what i had to do. this is a young man's sport. i'm 52 years old. this isn't something i'm going to waste my time with. you know. rime going to move on and deal with my congregation to try to open up a gym up in newburgh, new york. that's my goal. help out the kids and build a future around that. >> what will you try to teach kids? what will you tell them about your journey, your experience, and how will you try to inspire them? >> i think that, you know, it would be through my -- what i
10:48 am
learned while on the inside. my morals, obligation, my responsibility and discipline. these are all the goals that helped me to survive and as you can see helped me with my boxing. these are the things i've been doing since i've been locked up and now using it in everyday activities in modern society. the main thing, build a foundation. you know, where i can help someone else. not making bad choices in their life. >> clearly, there's a lesson of believing in yourself. you believed in yourself all of those years in prison, believed in yourself when you got into the ring. how do you teach that message? >> well, you teach it by activities. you teach it by things that i do. i think that, you know, in life -- let me say this -- while i was in prison for the 26 years locked up, i went and i got a serious education. i went and got my diploma. then ewent and got 52
10:49 am
certificates, my bachelors and masters degree. i want them to understand boxing has helped me to do when i talked about morals, responsibilities and discipline. i want them to see if i can do it, they can do it. to never give up hope. don't let nobody tell you what you can't do. >> did you have any words with larry hopkins, by the way? >> absolutely. first of all, i'd like to thank daddy dave, hawkins for inviting me to his camp up in philadelphia. with him the last six weeks. also i would like to thank oscar de la hoya for giving me an opportunity to be on the under card, for the fight. it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and i would also like to thank one person that i never, ever, ever, thought i would receive a phone call from. ed that that's president obama wishing me congratulations on my fight. >> congratulations, dewey
10:50 am
bozella. thanks for sharing your story and inspiring so many people. >> thank you very, very much for having me on your show. >> thanks, dewey. and now extreme weather to tell you about. a suspected tornado touching down in florida. we're taking stock evof the damage. that's straight ahead.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
all right. breaking news now. authorities in south florida are assessinged damage from an apparent tornado this morning. straight to rob marciano. >> it happened at night. the most dangerous time. looks at this point, you saw the video up. this is in plantation, florida. really the west side of fort lauderdale where a couple of cells came through last night. highly populated area here. right now officials saying about 25 homes, maybe more, have been damaged by this. there you see it. sun came up this morning. we really got a good view of this. there were a handful of injuries. no one taken to the hospital.
10:54 am
good news there. this thing happens close to the everglades themself. a lot of rain here. key west has seen over 15 inches of rainfall in the last five days. moisture streaming up into the big cities across the northeast and the back side of the system getting into chicago. now winds gusting over 20 miles an hour. big waves coming off, on to lake shore drive in lake michigan. this whole system is intertwined and it all began last night with the tornadoes that ripped through parts of brouward count. >> crazy stuff. thanks. >> you bet. as we head to the break, president barack obama speaking right now at the langley air force base in hampton, virginia. he and the first lady talking about the importance of hiring american veterans, and we'll be right back. welcome to idaho,
10:55 am
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the death toll from tainted cantaloupes climbed to 25. the cantaloupes came from a colorado farm and are con tamen flated with the listeria bacteria. 34 -- 23 people infected, that number expected to grow because symptoms can take up to two months to actually appear. much more of the "newsroom" up ahead with my colleague suzanne malveaux. that's it for me. to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military
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cantaloupes climbed to 25. suzanne malveaux.


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