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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 12, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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average joes, we found mechanics, movers, doctors, lawyers, people in all parts of society in this group calling for a revolution here in the u.s. suzanne? >> amber, thank you very much. look forward to seeing more of your report on cnn presents at 8:00 p.m. eastern on saturday. cnn "newsroom" condition continues with randi kaye. >> hi, suzanne. nato, the pentagon, afghan government all condemning an act of des si krags of marines in gear. marines urinating on three dead taliban fighters in afghanistan. investigations are under way and leon panetta promises the people in this picture, and i quote, will be held accountable to the fullest extent. stay with us. i'm going to talk more about the
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outrage and fallout with mark in facetime seven minutes from now. it sounds like a vacation, west hilton, west palm beach, but seven days before the primary and 19 days before the florida votes, it's all work for republicans who think they have a shot for their party's nomination. that includes jon huntsman who came in respectable third in new hampshire and this guy who came in sixth. >> one of the reasons that we're here in south carolina is because we don't quit. and i want to ask you between now and the 21st to do everything that you can to talk to your friends and anybody that's not going to be here or absentee vote to get their votes in to count. because if you'll have my back on the 21st of january, i will have your back for four years in
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washington, d.c. >> the man they all want to replace will have plenty of cash to spend on keeping his job. president obama's re-election campaign said that it took in more than $42 million. the democratic national committee raised another $24 million besides the donations were 250 dlar$250 or less. they like to say that they are building up a war camp and obama says that has never been the goal. now the shocking mississippi pardoning, unconstitutional, maybe. they say that they are supposed to be publicized 30 days before they are grant d. instead, they found out the last day of barbour's last day in office that he pardoned 199 criminals. more bloodshed in syria. the latest violence comes as
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arab league monitors have been reported to have pulled out of syria or may do so soon because they failed to stop the crackdown of government protesters. we have a series of shootings near a d.c. school to tell you about. three teenagers were half a mile from washington. we don't know their condition. we're not sure if the shootings are related. a local station says two possible suspects are in custody. new information on the beating death of a florida a&m student on a bus transporting a band. the family will sue the florida-based bus company called fabulous coachlines. the attorney says although the bus and air conditioning system were believed to be running at the time, the driver was not on the bus. the bus owner defends the actions of his company. >> ultimately we feel that our
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liability begins whenever we pick up our passengers at the first destination and ends whenever we arrive. >> chestnut also says the family plans to sue the university for wrongful death and negligence. and now some dramatic video which you may find disturbing. a bus slamming into a pedestrian. we're told the person wasn't seriously injured. and in another accident, the bus rams the back of an suv stopped at a school zone. this is all involving washington, d.c., buses. there were 134 clips of collisions and violations through a public records request. they occurred during a two-month period last summer. not all are the driver's fault. the driver's training is excellent and that accidents are declining, says metro. coming up, another video that you have to see.
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u u.s. marines apparently urinating on the dead. but, first, what would you do if your apartment is on fire and mother is trapped inside? kick down the door and save her, of course. a 10-year-old in st. paul, minnesota, did just that. he fought off his mother's boyfriend who started the fire, kicked down two doors and saved his mom. we'd love to give him a shout out. you are today's rock star. i had a heart problem. i was told to begin my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life. my doctor's again ordered me to take aspirin. and i do. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. [ mike ] listen to the doctor. take it seriously. you know, typical alarm clock.
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bar bar rick barbaric, egregious, a video on youtube that shows four u.s. marines urinated on the bodies of four dead afghan soldiers. we're going to show you but i have to show you it is disturbing. >> look at mine. >> yeah. >> have a great day, buddy.
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>> the pentagon says there's no reason to say that it's not authentic. leon panetta calls it utterly deplorable and is ordering an investigation. thank you to you both. first, your reaction. >> it's totally egregious. makes you want to throw up. you certainly hope that they wouldn't go down the path to take part in this type of behavior and if someone was to choose to do that, you would hope that there would be a leader involved that would say, no, we're not going to do that. i think what you see is failure in leadership at multiple levels. the marine corps will get their arms around this and control it. >> general, what did you think when you saw this? >> i think everybody that saw that came up with the same reaction deplorable, disgusting
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and certainly not the great work that the vast majority of our troops are doing over there. >> general, let me ask you this as well. what is the process in terms of the men on that video? will it be swift or take some time? >> i don't know. i'm not a forensic expert but i would suggest that it would appear that the faces were pretty well seen. so i think it won't take investigators long to determine what unit and what individuals were involved in this. >> i know, general, you believe identifying these men will be the easy part but it is this breakdown in leadership that is the tough part. how does something like this happen? >> i think, frankly, and i'm not familiar with the circumstances specifically of this event. i will tell you that it's failed leadership. there is a noncommissioned officer that is charge of that group of snipers, that group of man reens. they were elite up until the moment that they executed -- they performed this and they gave up that elite status.
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leadership failed at multiple levels. that's very, very clear. the ncis, the criminal investigative investigation that will take place will get to the bottom of the criminal alt. the parallel investigation will take place which it will be as a result of leadership getting involved to determine what was the climate, who was in charge, how did this come about and is there a broader problem? my suspicion is this isn't a broader problem. this needs to be fixed. >> leon panetta said, i have seen the footage and i condemn it in the strongest possible terms. this conduct is inappropriate and does not reflect the standards or values our armed forces are to uphold. >> both ethical and otherwise, are they trained that this is against the rules? isn't that simply understood? >> well, certainly they are
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trained. they do have standing rules of engagement. they are taught from the first day they come into the military that battlefield conduct is of the highest order. you don't want your adversaries to treat your troops in a manner such as this. essentially, you're not going to do it either. but we would expect this type of training didn't need to be reinforced in the military. this is what you learn in kindergarten for any civil society. you don't need to be trained to avoid this kind of conduct in or outside of the military. >> general, what can you say about the protocol, when it comes to returning the bodies of enemies of casualties? >> randi, soldiers, man rears, everybody in the military is trained to execute a task. in this instance, they were to
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kill enemy combatants. they need to then compartmentalize and get on to the next task. clearly there was no other enemy threat. they had time to do what they just showed you they could do. so those bodies needed to be disposed of. if there wasn't somebody local -- i'm sorry. locally, a local civilian or some villager who would reclaim the bodies, then it was the obligation of these marines to bury them in a hasty manner and move on to the next task. clearly that wasn't done. their job was completed and they needed to move on to the next one and they failed in that task. >> i don't know if you've been on twitter but the reviews have be been mixed. many say that they deserved what they got. i want to ask you, what is the impact here? is there a dehumanizing effect? you hear the attitude of these
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guys on the video. >> well, my guess is that anybody that's ever been in a professional military organization would take a look at this and say, this is absolutely unacceptable behavior. we don't promote this. no, the enemy does not deserve this. can you imagine if we saw taliban urinating on dead americans, the outrage that that would involve? the fact remains is that the taliban are among the most brutal organization in the world. their record for the last 20 years has been one of deparagraph tea but at the same time professional militaries conduct themselves in a professional matter on the battlefield and we did not see that happening in this case and it's absolutely despicable and nobody who has ever been in the military could ever justify what they saw in the video. >> randi, if i could jump in real quickly, mark's point is absolutely spot-on. i don't need the taliban to tell
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me i did something wrong. a military organization polices itself. i need to tell myself to differen differentiate between right and wrong. >> appreciate your time and insight into this very disturbing story. >> thank you. medical costs are on the rise. it's not just patients suffering. doctors are going broke. how this impacts you even more. next. ♪ more and more folks are trying out snapshot from progressive. a totally different way to save on car insurance. the better you drive, the more you can save. no wonder snapshot's catching on. plug into the savings you deserve with snapshot from progressive.
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imagine you run a small business and most of your customers don't pay you for the service you provide. instead, somebody else pays and those people also set the
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amounts. guess what? they are less than what you asked for and you never know when you're going to drop even more. your doctor doesn't have to imagine any of that. your doctor probably lives it. half of physicians spend their medicare lead and at the same time drug and business costs keep going up. business costs include the labor involved in dealing with insurers and malpractice figures and by the way, m.d.s are not mbas. just because someone can do a triple bypass doesn't mean they can run a business. but my next guest does both. dr. william pence is a cardiologist in philadelphia. heart doctors have been hit especially hard. tell us about that.
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tell us why. >> yes. well, expenses for a cardiac care make up a large part of medicare expenses. so medicare and medicaid made cuts and it was a short-sided policy and what it's done forced the cardiologists to become employed by hospitals and health systems and also to do the tests that normally we did in our office, a lot of times now that's having to be shifted over to the hospital. it's more expensive to have a test done in the hospital and the patients themselves, it's more expensive for them. they have more out of pocket costs and co-pays if they have a test done in the hospital as opposed to the office. >> let's talk about what you've been through personally. i know you told our colleagues that you've had some trouble making payroll and had to dip
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into your personal funds. >> we've had issue with payroll from time to time and that's not so unusual for a small business. and at one point our reimbursement from medicare was quite a drastic cut and every year congress has to try to hold the payments for two weeks. and being cardiologists we take care of rehabilitations. so that's a substantial portion of our business but have our payments held for two weeks gets to be quite a train. >> and overall how does it impact patients general? >> it really calls into question, can we do what we need to do in order to care for patients and this is why people should care about this issue. i'm going to survive. my practice is going to survive but the question is, are we able
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to do what we need to do in order to care for patients. as of right now, we can't hire more star or invest in the technology that we need in order to provide excellent care. myself and my colleagues are providing outstanding patient care for many years but i think it this really does threaten my ability to do this going forward in the future. >> i want to give you a chance to respond to someone who might be thinking it's hard to feel sorry for doctors. they are very well paid and make a lot of money. they are not in the poor house. what do you say to those people? >> well, i say that is true. doctors still do relatively well. that is true. but you should care about this because if this is going to jeopardize essentially your access to care. is your doctor going to be there when you need him or her and is your doctor going to be able to do what he or she needs in order to take care of you? and as i said, this really does threaten that. this prevents us from being able to invest in technology that can
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help improve patient care. >> dr. william pentz, thank you for your time. appreciate it. convicted criminals, including murders, a move the attorney general calls a slap in the face to all of law enforcement. >> former governor barbour, he ran the state in the office like boss hog. he didn't follow the law. >> what he is doing about it right now. a live report straight ahead. ♪[music plays] when you're responsible for this much of the team... you need a car you can count on. ♪[music plays] and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. cut. cut!
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they are convicted criminals pardoned by haley barbour, a get out of free jail card. this comes after a mississippi
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judge blocked the state from releasing those inmates still serving time. he pardoned nearly 200 convicted criminals, including 14 convicted murderers on the way out the door. five inmates were released this weekend, and that includes these guys right here, david gatlin, joseph, anthony, all of them serving convicted life sentences. they worked at the governor's mansion. they have hit the road running. attorney general jim hood just spoke with my colleague martin savidge and joins me right now. martin, what did he tell you? >> reporter: well, what we found out is that the greatest concern for law enforcement is trying to find them and they have no idea where they are.
1:26 pm
last night there was a court order issued by a judge that was trying to put a halt to the pardons and part of that court order was demanding that the four murderers that were set free have to report into the state and the problem is, they aren't obligated to report in until they are served their papers and apparently they are having trouble doing that. here is what jim hood had to say a short moment ago. >> have you been able to serve this court order to any of the four murders that were released on sunday? >> unfortunately, we have not. you know, these convicts got out and hit the road. some we were shadowing in areas that we thought they were located in, we have not been able to serve them at this point. >> reporter: this is the problem, of course, not only for law enforcement but for many of the victims' families. they fear that these murderers could potentially be a threat to them, that they may want to find
1:27 pm
revenge. they thought they had an idea where these murderers were but it turns out that they don't really have any idea. because they were pardoned, they are under no obligation to tell the state of mississippi where they were going or what they planned to do and in fact it's believed that many of them have left the state. >> what are they doing to actually find them? what it actually happening on the ground to try to find where they might snb. >> well, they are not sitting on their hands. there are enforcement officers out there following family members to see if they've had any contact but beyond that, as i say these prisoners they work having to try to tell anybody. there is no way to exactly know where they are and as the attorney general said, he believes that many of them have left the state. if they had, it makes them much
1:28 pm
more difficult. the state of mississippi gets them elsewhere and try to seek out the help of the federal marshals and before that they would have to come up with a crime to charge them with but they don't have any crime to charge them with. >> so how do locals feel there? i'm sure you've spent some time in the last day or so. what are they telling you? >> there is a great deal of outrage. it's a combination of things. one, the fact that you have murderers and rapists. these are clearly the worst of the worst when it comes to criminal intent and then you have the sheer numbers, over 200 people that have been cleared in some way. most of them pardoned, and that means that their records are expunged. say it was somebody who was a sexual predator. they would not be obligate fod obligated to report in any way. same with the murderers. they don't have to report to a parole officer. the pardon cleared them of any
1:29 pm
obligation to report to anybody. >> great reporting. martin savidge there on the ground for us. martin, thank you. if you're wondering about the inmate trustee program in mississippi, inmates are allowed to work at the governor's mansion because of good behavior, odd jobs, like cleaning and odd jobs. must mississippi isn't alone in that. these states also have similar inmate programs. romney fatss an all-out fight in south carolina. >> frankly, i can take a few shots coming from my colleagues. >> are his gop opponents doing him a favor or are they his worst enemies? that's fair game. next, we learn that president obama's re-election campaign has raised more than $42 million over the past three months. here's a question for all of you political junkies. how much money did president obama raise when he ran in 2008? here's a hint. he shattered all previous records for a white house campaign. tweet your answer to
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me @randikayecnn. the first person gets a shout out after the break. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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before the break, i asked how much money did the obama
1:33 pm
campaign raise in 2008? the answer is is almost $208 million. in south carolina some republicans are having questions about the attacks on mitt romney during his time at bain capital. newt gingrich says it's only going to get worse. >> this is going to be like armageddon. >> robert zimmerman and lenny, thank you to you both. gingrich said armageddon is coming and said that his attack may have been a mistake. did the attacks go too far?
1:34 pm
>> well, the attacks didn't go too far. he wants to stay above the fray. he wants to stay positive and has the negative baggage from 10, 15, 20 years ago. unlike going negative, trying to paint himself as a positive inspirational figure, he's trying to ride the line and it's a very difficult ride and he's now in third place and in some instances fourth place. if he doesn't do something, he's going to be put in third place and that's not going to give him the nomination. >> we know that limbaugh is defending romney and we know that huntsman and santorum are sort of calling off the dogs and saying, let's stop this. today, a financial backer for rick perry defected to romney's team in south carolina because of words that rick perry has used because of the whole bain capital experience and the word vulture. are the attacks on romney at bain capital, do they seem to be
1:35 pm
backfiring to you? >> when mitt romney has to defend himself about outsourcing jobs overseas and laying off middle class people, you can't get hurt too badly in a republican context because after a republican mantra. so i don't think he gets hurt very much by these attacks and you can see the wag don circling around romney. gingrich went a little too far. talks about his experiment in positive campaigning. he stops -- nothing stops him and right now his strategy is not to win the nomination but to bring down mitt romney. if he doesn't do it directly, he'll do it through a super pac. >> some are saying that this is making mitt romney a better candidate. >> it's pretty straightforward. look at the companies i mentioned, staple's, steel
1:36 pm
dynamics, and the sports authority and you can just go on their websites, you can see they are well over 100,000. >> so there he is once again trying to taught the positive effects that bain capital has had. lenny, could these attacks, do you think, make mitt romney a stronger candidate? >> yeah, they will. and it's funny, robert, you know that i love you as a child of god, but, please, four years ago you had the democrats just -- the current vice president told the current president that he wasn't ready for this job because he didn't take on the job training and the current secretary of state to say that he wasn't ready to take the 3:00 a.m. phone call. of course this is going to make him a better candidate. both sides of the aisle do this. this is not unique. the democrats did it the same exact way and helped president obama go from a senator that was a junior senator with not a lot of experience to winning in november. it's the same exact thing and will strengthen romney and the
1:37 pm
ak kwee he is around him. you can't say that he won't. >> here's what different. this is not just about personal attacks on mitt romney and right now, yes, in a republican primary this issue of defending his time at bain capital, that's going to help him in the general audience. they are going to want to know hohe can claim that he's a job creator while bain capital has been reputed by several sources including the associated press and his state was the 47th in job creation in massachusetts. how he can defend his position of deporting 11 million undocumented workers. these are not personal attacks. this is about the economy, economic recovery. that's why i think he's vulnerable on these issues. >> i'm going to let you respond to that. >> it's the same issues.
1:38 pm
president obama had the same exact issues. as a matter of fact, he was the president of no record. he was the president of voting president. as a matter of fact, any time there was a key issue that came up, they looked back at the presidential's record in regard to being here in illinois, he was president every single time. he was a guy that would not take a stand for anything. he's a guy are with rhetoric, not substance. you have a similar type of issue that obama had in 2008 that mitt romney might have had. this will strengthen romney if he gets the nomination. >> lenny, you need some new talking points. >> i tell the democrats that all the time. i tell the democrats that all the time. we have to deal with the american reality, not the rhetoric from the democratic national committee. thank you for bringing that up. america does deserve something more. >> lenny, you stole robert's final 20 seconds. that is fair game. thank you both very much. international outrage over
1:39 pm
the video that we showed you earlier of u.s. marines urinating on insurgent corpses. could it cause harm to our troops? a live report from kabul straight ahead. eat deal even at the last minute. ah, well played sir. get the app. one chance to hunt down the right insurance at the right price. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. ready, aim, save! grrr! ooh, i forgot my phone!
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we're globe trekking to afghanistan. defense secretary leon panetta says those responsible will be
1:42 pm
held accountable to the fullest extent. general james amos has ordered an investigation and strongly condemns the behavior. the behavior depicted in the video is wholly inconsistent with the high standards that we have demonstrated throughout our history. nic, a very tough reaction from president karzai today. just what did he say and how is that fairing with ordinary afghans? >> reporter: it's important to point out that this is going to take a while perhaps, a number of days to percolate but karzai said that they are deeply disturbed by it and should be
1:43 pm
condemned in the strongest possible terms and punished for those found guilty. the pal stan coming out with a very strong statement and the tensions between the afghan government and nato. >> and the taliban as well has had a very harsh reaction? >> absolutely. they came out as well saying quite clearly they believe it was a barbaric video. how many more things have they done in the past ten years that have not been revealed, referring to nato. they have done something that even your tongue is ashamed to talk about, calling this a human act that reveals the real face of nato. the concerns are that this could turn into a rhetorical war in different parts of the insurgency and could fuel afghan anger.
1:44 pm
frankly, it's a deplorable act. deplorable across the globe but particularly in the islamic faith, held sacred, postmortems forgiven and seeing a video like this disgusting to everybody but revoeltding to many of the islamic faith, brooke. >> could this put u.s. troops in danger there? >> reporter: i think it's unlikely that they will be in more danger than they previously would. of course that could put any people involved in the nato presence here or even simply western civilians in the coming weeks but that hasn't happened just yet but it will heighten those tensions and increase the suspicion of the occupation after ten years not doing them good anymore and things like this just remind everybody of what happened in iraq, a aab abu ghraib and turned things around. we haven't seen that but that is the big risk.
1:45 pm
>> and you've been out with combat troops. give us an idea as best you can how much tension is there that might have caused something like this, how much stress, how much tension? >> reporter: well, obviously what you saw in that video, what it depicts is unforgivable and most soldiers that i know would condemn it and it's not something that any could excuse. not knowing who their friend or foe is as they walk through afghan villages, at the end of the day, they were killed very recently and the act that the u.s. marines appear to be undertaking isn't justifiable by any kind of hostility or tension or any recent casualties by insurgents in that particular area. >> nick paton walsh, thank you for that reporting. how a man pocketed 20 grand.
1:46 pm
but, first, the maker of twinkies has filed for bankruptcy protection. they just can't compete with the growing number of health conscious americans. they are well known for having a shelf life of, well, forever, quite frankly. but their 15 minutes could soon be up if the company can't make a comeback. go grab a golden cake while you still can.
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now it's time for a look at stories making news around the country at street level. a fuel tanker on an important mission is very slowly plowing through the ice and snow to nome, alaska. the drone takes pictures of the sea ice who are guiding the ship through the ice. the town is waited for much-needed fuel which could run before spring but even with the help of the ice breaker it could run out before spring. the tanker advanced only 50 pete yesterday. in north carolina, severe storm damage that may have been caused by two tornadoes. several homes were destroyed and
1:50 pm
800 lost power. officials say at least five people were hurt. after 120 years, dr. pepper's oldest bottle company will no longer be making the beverage in dublin, feel bad. but our grandfather would have said, keep going. >> it is the story of big business versus little business. dublin dr. pepper lost a trademark suit with the dr. pepper snapple group and had to let go 149s workers. in the bronx, a homeless man believes one man's trash is another man's treasure. john jones picks up discarded subway cards that still have a balance and resells them. he says he's brought notice $20,000 over the years. the city's metropolitan transportation authority says it's illegal. although jones has been arrest aid few times, he las no plans to stop looking for hidden treasure. now to orlando where gay couples
1:51 pm
are flocking to city hall to sign the city's first partnership affidavit. 20 couples are signing the document today. the legal status will allow couples to visit each other in jails and hospitals. orlando's domestic partnership registry is not marriage or civil you know but gives gay couples basic rights that were not there earlier. a story in tucson, arizona. protesters chanted slogans after the school district voted to stop the mexican-american studies program. the district hopes to avoid losing millions of dollars of state funding for being out of compliance with state law. supposedly the program promotes racial resentment. in south carolina, apparently even the dead have their voices heard. over 900 deceased people appear to have voted in recent elections. south carolina's attorney general is asking for an investigation into possible voter fraud in the state with the state's primary in a couple of days. these numbers have officials
1:52 pm
worried. no doubt. in virginia, the american civil liberties union is challenging virginia's ballot access law. it is backing those republican presidential candidates fighting to get on the primary ballot. rick perry, newt gingrich, jon huntsman and rick santorum all filed suit after they didn't qualify. the law allows only state residents to circulate petitions to get candidates on the ballot and the aclu says that is unconstitutional. a hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. the gop candidates are battling for votes in south carolina. at times getting a little nasty. newt gingrich calling it a campaign armageddon. a live report from columbia next. before we head to columbia, a political junkie question for you. mitt romney competed in the south carolina republican primary four years ago but he did not win. where did he finish? tweet your answer to me@randi kaye cnn. the first person to get it right gets a shoutout after the break. there are patients who will question,
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♪ against the wind >> welcome back. let's get you the answer to our political junkie question. before the break i asked where mitt romney placed in south carolina primary four years ago. the answer? fourth place. john mccain won the primary followed by mike huckabee, fred
1:56 pm
thompson, remember him? and then mitt romney. congrats to@atc 219 who was first to tweet me the right answer. nicely done. now for a political update from skarnlgs peter hamby joins us from columbia. peter, i understand judging from those signs you're at a newt gingrich rally there. what's going on there? what's he talking about? >> reporter: yeah, rand i, it's a rally at the state house in columbia to promote home ownership. gingrich is speaking here. there's a lot of democrats here. but he's been on the trail today and he's not letting up on mitt romney. he kind of signaled yesterday that he might back down on these attacks on romney for being a predator capitalist when he worked at bain capital. but we heard from him earlier today in columbia. listen to what he had to say, randi. >> how many of think we deserve to know why the big banks got bailed out with big money but folks who own the mortgage and folks in small towns and folks in small towns somehow couldn't
1:57 pm
get taken care of? so i have been asking some questions. and i am amazed at the intensity of the counterattack. it's almost as though if you ask questions, you're somehow challenging the whole system. >> reporter: that's some really tough language and curious for a republican primary to hear a republican attack another republican's business credentials. but gingrich said, also said that crony capitalism, the kind of business that is mitt romney engaged in is a backdoor to socialism. that's drawing a lot of fire from republican elites as gingrich mentioned, he tried to brush them off and say those people don't matter. regular people matter. so this fight is not going away. we'll have to see if it actually resonates among republican voters here in south carolina. >> yeah, that doesn't sound like he's backing off at all. let's talk about rick perry. he also has been attacking
1:58 pm
romney using words like vulture. he lost one of his key financial supporters possibly as a result of this, right, defecting to romney? >> reporter: exactly. exactly. i talked to barry wynn, the former chairman of the south carolina republican party, sort of a financial analyst here. a big deal. a big financial donor, bundler for republicans. he was with rick per ril until today. he abandoned perry's campaign precisely because of these attacks. he said this isn't in keeping with the republican party. we celebrate capitalism. we don't attack it. he called it destructive and is he quit on rick perry today. so that's a bad sign. again, the republican elites, the money people, many of whom you know make their limpings on wall street and the financial sector and private equity are the really frustrated that gingrich and perry are attacking mitt romney this way and rallying to his defense. >> south carolina certainly has a reputation for dirty tricks when it comes to the primary and politics. isn't that right? >> reporter: it does. we haven't seen that this time
1:59 pm
though. you know, and quite frankly, that's sort of the conventional wisdom that this is a nasty state for politics to see dirty tricks, anonymous phone calls, mail pieces. those kind of things haven't really derailed the statewide campaign since bush and john mccain fought here famously in 2000. you do see dirty tricks here. the question is, will it impact the race and frankly, a lot of the negative attacks we're seeing are on television from these super pacs, bombarding voters with these messages about the different candidates. so there's still plenty of time for some of this nasiness to emerge. so far if south carolina we haven't seen it and didn't see it in the 2008 republican primary either. so we'll see. >> peter, i'll let you get back to listening to what newt has to say. appreciate it. thank you very much. thank you, everyone for watching today. as always, i would love to hear from you, you can continue the conversation with me online. you can find me on facebook or twitter #randi kaye cnn. newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin.
2:00 pm
top of the hour, getting you caught up with everything making news, rapid fire beginning with a warninging this hour. and i have to warn you. what you're about to see is very tough to look at. it's an image that apparently shows u.s. marines in afghanistan urinating on taliban corpses. here's a photo. this was pulled from a video that's cropped up on multiwebsites, u.s. and afghan officials along with the taliban are condemning it in no uncertain terms. >> i want to express my total dismay at the story concerning our marines. anyone, anyone found to have participated or known about it, having engaged in such conduct must be held fully accountable. >> secretary of state clinton. in just a moment, we will show you the video. the parents of natalee holloway are in court this afternoon to
2:01 pm
have their daughter legally declared dead in her home state of alabama she disappeared during a vacation to aruba in 2005. her mother continues to work though with families of the missing. her father wants to finally resolve her estate. and a judge today blocked the state of mississippi from releasing some of those convicts that were pardoned by the outgoing governorley barbour. some of them have been set free and now this today from mississippi's attorney general. lis. >> and these convicts hit the road. some we were shadowing areas we thought they were located in. we have not been able to serve them at this point. >> hood says the ag says he may issue a nationwide man minute for these four. they're are their names and pictures. david gatlin, murderer joseph osmond, anthony mckorea and charles hooker, also a convicted
2:02 pm
murderer. coca-cola company says it's the one who tipped off the fda about traces of fungicide in imports of orange juice from brazil. they told regulators it had found lowcarbendazim. the fungicide is legal in brazil. coke which makes minute maid says most of its oj comes from florida. and a cincinnati landlord found guilty of a civil rights violation has lost her decision to get the decision overturned. jamie hines says this is sign says white only. this is a sign on her swimming pool. she says it was an antique gift not aimed at tenants but neighbors as you can imagine are pretty angry. >> it's crazy. you wouldn't think because of all the things that have changed, you wouldn't think that that would still be a problem. being black. >> a former tenant said the sign went up after his 10-year-old by racial daughter used the pool.
2:03 pm
the ohio civil rights commission voted unanimously today not to reconsider its ruling. 220,000 people killed and 1.5 million left homeless by a massive earthquake two years ago today that that tragedy hit haiti. today just about half a million haitians are still living in these makeshift camps. about one half of the rubble has been removed. the country's new president acknowledges recovery will take time. anderson cooper revisits haiti and talks with the new president tonight 8:00 eastern only here on cnn. more than ten million mistakes where is made on tax returns in 2010. according to the irs, that number is more than double what it was five years earlier. we're talking about math and clerical errors here. moral of the story, check your tax returns once. check them twice and a third time before sending them on to the internal revenue service. on the heels of what had been encouraging economic news, more people filed for unemployment benefits this week than the week before. nearly 400,000 claims were filed
2:04 pm
and this comes after the good news, remember just last week in the jobs report, most economists say not to worry too much because the levels are still near the lowest since the recession began. and it may feel like winter but home depot already looking ahead to spring. the home improvement chain says it will hire 70,000 temporary workers to handle its busy spring season in the u.s. folks, that's 10,000 more than they announced last year. while the jobs are temporary, home depot says there is a possibility of permanent employment for many of those they'll be hiring. and we have a lot more to cover for you in the next two hours, including this. not doubt, it is shocking. there is video apparently showing marines urinating on bodies in afghanistan. i will speak live with a marine who knows the realities of this war zone very well. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. 24 hours ago, dozens of inmates
2:05 pm
thought they were free. including rapists and killers. >> these families are afraid out here. >> now, a sudden change after a last-minute decision. a special cnn investigation. >> we are a leaning. we do not forgive. we do not forget. >> they lurk in the shadows and prey on powerful targets. we're going behind the mask of anonymous. amber lyon joins me live. plus, newt gingrich says armageddon is coming in the republican race. this as the obama campaign reveals new campaign numbers. showing a big bank. and cnn investigates the near misses, the crashes, and dangers in the streets. >> talk to you about your training? çtoooowl
2:06 pm
2:07 pm
2:08 pm
suspected taliban fighters lying dead on the ground. u.s. marines stand over them and start urinating on the bodies. that is what appears to be going on in a video that's now popped up on the internet. i want to bring in and welcome marine captain timothy kudo, a reservist who served in both iraq and afghanistan. he also worked for a group called iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. captain, thank you for coming on. do me a favor. stand by. we're going to show some of this video and you and i are going to talk about it on the other end. a quick warn the video is the graphic and what you are about to see you might find disturbing. >> did you get the middle guy?
2:09 pm
>> trying, trying, trying. look at mine. yeah. yeah. >> have a great day, buddy. >> and is that on video? >> yeah. >> golden shower. >> i should point out we just learned the marines corps have pinpointed which regiment those marines are from. as you can imagine, the outrage very much so the immediate. i want to read part of a statement coming from afghan president hamid karzai "act by american soldiers is simply inhuman and condemnable in the strongest possible terms. quoting a taliban spokesman "this is a barbaric act. over the past ten years, there have been hundreds of similar cases not revealed."
2:10 pm
leon pan net at that time vowing a full investigation because of this released a statement. in part it says this "i have seen is the foot and and i find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable. i condemn it in the strongest possible terms." today the timing, it's terrible. this video came out just as the u.s. has announced it would try to restart peace talks with the taliban. and than brings me back to my guest, reserve marine captain timothy kudo. immediately your visceral reaction to the video. >> you know i'm absolutely disgusted by this. both as a marine and as an american. but i'll say that this is not widespread. this is the acts of a feud individual who have acted in complete opposition to every single thing that the marine corns and america stands for. i hope they're brought to justice. >> you say it's not widespread. i have to push you on that. desecrating the dead. i just have to ask, how often, how often you've been top both iraq and afghanistan, how often does this happen when a camera
2:11 pm
isn't around? did you ever hear about anything like this. >> no, it doesn't happen frankly. that's what's so disappointing about this because this is how people think that service members abroad act. it's simply not true. this is an isolated incident due to a complete lack of leadership and moral values. and yet, it's going to become a widespread opinion and it's disappointing. >> as a captain, what would you have done if the men in the group were under your command. >> you would immediately detain them, investigate them. you'd pass what happened up the chain of command and let the proper channels work. i this i they're going to be prosecuted under the ucmj and they should be dealt with the accordingly, absolutely. >> as captain though, would you have known about it? these guys could have gone off and done this without you even knowing. >> you're right. there is a chance that their chain of command had no idea what was going on, just as likely they might have found out. obviously if they had, they probably would have prosecute them themselves. it is likely this is an isolated incident by a few marines going
2:12 pm
rogue. >> let's hope so. i did the tweet out the story earlier. and i got a lot of different responses both sort of agreeing with you this is deplorable, others "why does -- why does the u.s. have to be good guys? taliban are murderers. have you one group of americans saying this is the enemy. they've killed countless americans. who cares? what's your response to that. >> that's what makes us different. beyond the ethical right and wrong of doing the right thing and giving them a proper burial, we gave osama bin laden a proper muslim burial. we can do the same thing for everyone we encounter over there. it's more important to note as well that tactically it's important to win the hearts and minds of the afghans. doing something like this can completely goes against everything we're trying to accomplish there and makes it more dangerous for the service members going over there. my unit is deploying there and they are facing a much tough situation now because of this v. >> how worried are you about your service members?
2:13 pm
obviously this is going to resonate. how worried are you? >> i think american service members have dealt with setbacks like this in the past but all of them except for these isolated few have the honor, currently and commitment to make a change in this country. while this is a huge setback, they're going to be able to overcome that. we've done that in iraq and hopefully we can do that afghanistan. >> "let me see. etrain kids barely out of adolescence to kill, put them in a fight for their lives and expect what, decorum? talk to me just about the mind-set of a marine, you're in war. and i imagine the anger toward the enemy is pretty palpable. >> i think it is. especially when you lose your fellow marines and see the setbacks and what the taliban has done to women and children in your area. absolutely, you're frustrated with them, you're frustrated with the situation. and you know, you want to stop what's going on. but at the same time, you recognize that on a human level, you don't cross certain lines. there's still right and wrong in
2:14 pm
war. the people who recognize that more than anyone in the world are those who have been in combat and seen the consequences of right and wrong action and know it's important to abide by those values. >> you talk about the fear how this will resonate in afghanistan. but you're a veteran. you work with veterans right here at home. how will this story, how will this video, ramifications of it sort of perhaps change for the worse perception of veterans back here? >> i think it is going to change it for the worse. from now on when i tell someone i'm a marine, this is what they're think of. so my organization is calling on the marine corps to investigate this which they're going to do. that hopefully will bring these people to justice and we'll be able to resolve our name. >> captain, i appreciate your service, as well. thank you so much, sir. nearly 200 convicts pardoned in mississippi. 14 murderers among those pardoned by the outgoing governor hail little barbour. now the state's attorney general firing back saying it was a slap in the face of law enforcement
2:15 pm
and is accusing bauer bour of running the state like a character from the '80s show "dukes of hazard." >> former governor barbour ran the state and the governor's office like boss hog. he didn't follow the law. >> coming up next, what we learned about legal wrangling issues to block the release of the prisoners. be right back. already a loud up
2:16 pm
2:17 pm
mississippi's out going governor handing out 199 pardons on his way out the door, stand by because this is uproar is going ballistic. want to great straight to martin savidge who's been on the story all week in jackson, mississippi. part of the news today, martin, this judge blocking the state
2:18 pm
from releasing some of the criminals that haily barbour had pardoned. you talked to mississippi's attorney general. he's worried because some have already left, am i right? >> reporter: right. that is the big concern, brooke. ever since you had that release of five prisoners on sunday. four of whom were murderers. this is before the other 199. those four murderers have been the primary concern for law enforcement and certainly for the victims' families who fear that perhaps some of them might have the well revenge on their minds. so, last night, there was an emergency court order issued by a judge that basically put a halt to any further releases based upon the pardons that the former governor had promised. that also said that the four murderers had to report in to the state attorney general's office. the only problem is, that does not apply until the court order is actually physically served to those murderers. and here's the real problem. they don't know where they are. they have no idea where they are
2:19 pm
at this time. and the reason is because the men were paroled, they were allowed to leave scot-free and were knot obligated in any way to tell the state of mississippi where they were going. so now authorities have been given the task to try to find them so they can serve them this order so that then those murderers could begin reporting in. but as i say, they don't know the where they are. i talked to the state attorney general and listen to this conversation. >> have you been able to serve this court order to any of the four murderers that were released on sunday? >> unfortunately, we have not. you know, these convicts got out and hit the road. some we were shadowing areas we thought that they were located in. we have not been able to serve them at this point. >> the reason i ask you is that i've been told that until they've been served, they're under no legal obligation to have to report into your office or to report into the department of corrections. >> well, there's a court order out there that orders them to
2:20 pm
notify. they haven't been served with that yet. you know, this is probably going to end up in some attempt by us to have fugitive warrants issued for these people. there's going to be a national search for some of them. we'll catch them. it's just a matter of time. >> do you know where had he are? >> no. >> there's the problem, brooke. they don't know the where they are. the real question here is could they have left the state of mississippi? if they've left the state, there is hardly any jurisdiction that this state has to go get them from somewhere else. >> if they've left the state, he just mentioned possibly fugitive warrants. are we talking about maybe a nationwide manhunt for these convicted murderers? >> that's what it could come down to. the problem is to launch a nationwide manhunt, they have to have been charged with something.something. they're paroled and left legally. they were free. so they don't have the anything to charge them with. this is what the legal scholars are going over right now, what law enforcement is going over right now. it all goes back to the pardon granted by haily barbour.
2:21 pm
it is a mess. >> indeed. martin, thank you. to south carolina we go. political ads there, they're getting a little nasty. if it's not the candidates themselves, it's support eers cranking them out. we'll take you live to south carolina after this quick break. be right back.
2:22 pm
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2:24 pm
this is the one being run by the supporters of newt gingrich against mitt romney. here it is. >> a story of greed, playing the system for a quick buck. a group of corporate raiders led by mitt romney. more ruthless than wall street. for tens of thousands of americans, the suffering began when mitt romney came to town. >> subtle? not so much. let me just quote that again. the suffering began when mitt romney came to town. is that ad airing right now? you seeing it there on tv when you're popping the tv on, people talking about it at all? >> reporter: you know, i actually watched a lot of tv this morning. but i haven't seen it. and a lot of republicans i've talked to haven't seen it yet either, which is curious. that's just anecdotal brooke, obviously. but the mitt romney super pac restore our future has been all
2:25 pm
over tv and lots of people are seeing it. i just talked to a republican operative at this event where gingrich just spoke. he said his kids are running around the house mimicking the restore our future ad because they've seen it on tv so much. the newt gingrich ad supposedly has $3.4 million behind it. they've bought $176 million of tv so far. still haven't seen it. i haven't heard a lot of voters talking about it. a lot of media, it's consuming the race here right now, these attacks on mitt romney's record at bain capital, brooke. i'm sorry, mitt romney. >> let's listen. >> i had that sound bite. romney actually, sorry, go ahead. >> roll it. >> i think anytime a job is lost it's a tragedy for the family, for the individual that loses a job, it's just devastating. and every time that we invested in the business, it was to try and encourage that business to have on going life. the idea of making a short-term profit actually doesn't really exist in business because no one wants to buy something or buy
2:26 pm
stock in a company that's just going to be a short-term success. you want it to be long-term. >> now, a lot of republicans are rallying to romney's defense. rick perry backer actually flipped today and defected to mitt romney over these attacks about babe capitin capital. >> gingrich is getting flack for attacking mitt romney for firing people. but we also noticed something else about some web ads the campaign is running. here's my example. >> so we went to the company and we said look, you can't have any illegals working on our property. i'm running for office, for pete's sake. i can't have illegals. 10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet? i'm not in the betting business but okay. >> okay. >> i know what it's like to worry whether you're going to get fired. there were a couple of times i wondered whether i was going to get a pink slip. >> you saw the caption quickly again. it read what would obama do with a candidate like that?
2:27 pm
peter hamby, newt gingrich keeps insinuating obama would wipe the floor with mitt romney. are republicans talking about that that gingrich is he will vath the president? >> yeah, i mean, we saw in 2008 long bruising primaries can benefit a candidate. they made barack obama a better candidate. newt gingrich actually says -- rick perry said just the other day, hey, if mitt romney is the nominee, we're making him a better candidate. again, republican elites are really frustrated with these attacks, a lot of donors and a lot of the opinion leaders in the conservative movement have rallied to mitt romney's defense here. so it's going to be probably a nasty divisive fight here, but mitt romney is still expected to win if you talk to people here, unless something dramatic happens in the next few days, he's on his way to victory and heading to florida with a ton of pone to run tv ads. it's going to be very hard to stop him. someone needs to come up with a message that can take romney
2:28 pm
out. >> you got a great piece on talking about is it really dirty politics and a contact sport in south carolina. peter, thank you again. i want po move along though. we just got news from our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. a marine corps official tells us two of the marines participating in the video we showed you have now been identified by name inside it the marine corps. the names, they're not being made public right now. just spoke with marine captain timothy kudo. we're going to put that up. his thoughts on house this video will affect and resonate both in afghanistan among afghans and service members but also change the perception he said negatively with regard to veterans here at home. go to my blog. we'll get it up there, if you missed it. new claims from casey anthony about how her daughter was conceived. the death of little caylee anthony and a cover-up by casey's father. up next, never before released
2:29 pm
details from a psychiatrist and a psychologist who had conversations with anthony before her trial. plus, this. >> oh, no! >> that is dashcam video of a city bus in washington, d.c. hitting a person in a crosswalk. even more video. here you go. tough to look at. another bus slamming into multiple cars here. coming up later this hour, we looked into this the rash of bus crashes and what's being done to keep it from happening in the future. don't miss that investigation coming up here on cnn. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce.
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2:32 pm
>> the wild jaw-dropping bone chilling, those are some of the adjectives being used to describe some of the latest revelations from casey anthony coming from a psychiatrist and psychologists in some of these depositions that examined her in jail before her murder trial. keep that in mind. but the big headline here, casey anthony claimed her daughter caylee may have been conceived through demonstrate rape. in one deposition, the psychiatrist who examined anthony reads from the notes he took during the interview. "took two beers. possibly given another drug. woke up passed out. according to the psychologist's deposition, casey anthony didn't know the who the father was but says she never considered abortion. she said "glad that she had
2:33 pm
caylee. she immediately had love for her child." he also noticed that "she was going to have the child. she was going to be a responsible mother. and there were no alternatives in terms of who would parent the child." wendy walsh is a doctor of psychology and co-host of "the doctors." wendy, how does this, this news, how does it jibe with the images we kept seeing during the trial of casey anthony? you know, partying out partying when her daughter was missing? >> well, it certainly jibes, doesn't it? it makes sense. i don't know how she can equate or figure out the exact date though of conception because it seems by some of the early witness testimony that she was living quite a promiscuous life anyway. so to determine if there there was one partying night where maybe someone could have put something in her drink and she could have had sex and that was the big night, i don't know how you could go that far based on her lifestyle. >> what about the process of these depositions talking to
2:34 pm
psychiatrists, psychologists, these experts? what exactly are they looking for when talking to a casey anthony, to someone before trial? what are they trying to find? >> what they're trying to find is fitness to stand trial. and that's a whole different and while they're saying she didn't exhibit signs of mental illness, we have to remember, they're trying to saeb she knows who she is, where she is, why she's doing what she's doing so she is fit enough to stand trial. that doesn't mean she doesn't have a major personality disorder or that she's not a pathological liar in some way. >> can they even tell? can they tell these professionals if a defendant is lying and is it even their job to tell? >> it's not their job because they're not putting this defendant on trial. they're basically analyzing whether they have an ability to know about their actions, understand the consequences of actions and know where they are and if they're fit enough to stand trial. if she was hallucinating, if she
2:35 pm
was delusional, in another world she's would be red flags that say she has a serious mental illness but they did not say that. she was fit to stand trial. >> during the trial, hadder lawyers contended that casey will been sexually abused by her father when she was a child and said ta caylee accidentally drowned in the family pool. that casey you know, and her father panicked when they found her. here's how the doctor describes casey's account. "he was yelling at me, your fault. can't believe you did this. she said he came out and said daddy is going to take care of it, the same thing he used to say to me. he left the house with the child. that's the last time i saw her." when you hear that, do you read any, i don't know, new revelations into this? we kind of knew by watching this trial play day in and day out, this is a pretty dysfunctional family. >> yes, it's definitely a dysfunctional family. we have to remember the father was not put on trial here. casey was the one arrested. the authorities thought they had enough evidence to prove guilt.
2:36 pm
so the all these things that may have come up in the courtroom were done to create a sympathy vote for the jury to keep her away from the death penalty. we don't know what really happened, but the father was not on trial. casey was. >> yeah, annen we should point out george anthony, the lawyer released a statement after the depositions. as he has repeatedly said prior to the trial, during the trial and after the trial, he never molested any member of his family including casey anthony and he had nothing to do with the death of caylee marie anthony, including what happened to her remains after she allegedly drowned. wendy walsh, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thanks, brooke. take a look at this video. this is a rash of city bus crash pz. perhaps you live in the district and perhaps you know. washington, d.c. here. we are talking about buses slamming into parked cars, even people. all caught on tape. >> that's pretty egregious. >> it is and it's clearly the inattention of the driver that's at issue here. they clearly need to have more training if you have examples like this.
2:37 pm
there are quite a number of these in a short period time. >> coming up next, we investigate the crashes and what's being done to keep pedestrians safe. what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ? hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better, and that means... game on! symbicort is for copd,
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how many times have you sat there in your car and watching this big city bus trying to squeeze into a lane and make that tight turn and thinking to yourself there is no way that driver's going to make it? that is becoming an all too
2:40 pm
familiar sight on the streets of washington, d.c. as brian todd reports, the city's own cameras have caught a rash of collisions and near misses recently. >> reporter: brace yourself. on the right side of your screen you're about to see a pedestrian get hit by a bus. >> oh, no. >> the pedestrian we're told wasn't seriously injured. here a bus slams into an suv stopped in a school zone. >> whoa. >> whoa. >> deja vu. another one hits an suv at an intersection with a child nearby. in clip after clip, collision or close call, all involving metro buss from washington, d.c., sixth largest city system in the u.s. cnn radio affiliate wtop got the clips from the bus system through a public records request. the station says it got 134 near collision videos, dozens showing actual collisions and violations covering just a two-month period last summer. they're recorded on a device
2:41 pm
caused drive cam. activated by g force. in some of them, is the incidents clearly are not the fault of the drivers. but in at least three of the clips, buss are shown running red lights. look at this near miss. >> i mean, that's pretty egregrious, right. >> it is, and it's clearly the inattention of the driver that's at issue here. >> we went through the clips was joan clay brook of the group public citizen. >> they clearly need to have more training if you have examples like this and there are quite a number of these in a short period of time. >> this in a city with millions of meds tourists on the street each year. in addition to her comments about the possible lack of adequate training she is concerned a lot of these bus drivers simply aren't aware enough of the sheer size and destructive capability of these vehicles. clay brook says distractions are a huge problem among city bus drivers and says some make mistakes from the stress of trying to keep up with schedules. we approached some metro bus drivers on the reit to ask about their training. they won't comment.
2:42 pm
>> are you driving the bus? step back, bus. >> can you talk to us about your training, anything like that. >> no, sir. >> but metro bus official jack riqua says the training are excellent, their drivers have an exceptional safety record considering what they're up against. >> we carry about 543,000 passengers on a given weekday. we've got the challenges of pedestrians, double parking, events that are taking place, construction but the numbers are getting better and we think that the program, would. >> reporter: meaning they use these clips as i an training tool. metro bus officials sad their drivers operate in a region rated by safety officials as the most congested area of the u.s. in traffic. and with some of the worst drivers. they say accidents are trending down with only two customer injuries per 1 million passenger trips. >> brian todd live for us in washington. your piece was tough to watch. >> right. >> a lot of those were beyond close calls. is metro bus disciplining any of the drivers we saw in the video?
2:43 pm
>> they say they are, brooke. they're disciplining some drivers regarding those incidents we saw on videotape. and some others possibly they did not specify for which incidents they're disciplining people. they say they're actually starting to review some of these tapes now as we mentioned in the piece. they are using this videotape as a teaching tool. but they also say they have a zero tolerance policy on distraction. the metro bus officials tell us if they catch anyone using a cell phone even once, they're terminated. so they say they're being very vigilant about these incidents. >> wow, brian todd, thank you. now this. >> talk to the families and the victims right now. they were led to believe by the police that we had done it. so i understand that they hate us. you know, hate me. but i didn't do it. you know? i didn't have anything to do with it. i'm sorry that your kids are dead. i'm sorry about that, but all i ask is that you all go back and look at the evidence. just stop and think and don't let your emotions about it all
2:44 pm
get to your head and just stop and think and look back at the evidence and look where the evidence does point. and ask yourself now who do you think really done it. >> what a story this is. that is the third installment of the west memphis three documentaries on hbo. you remember the story, three teenagers in arkansas wrongfully convicted of brutally killing three young boyce. standing by to talk to me about this latest documentary, jason baldwin, joe beringer coming up after this quick break. do not miss this.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
months now since the men known as the west memphis three were freed. the men were teenagers when they were convicted of the murders of these athlete second graders. to this day, investigators don't know what happened to christopher buyers, michael moore and steve branch back on may 6th, 1993, but tonight, hbo will show what happened to jason baldwin, damian he canals and jesse miss kelly during the last 1 years as the west memphis three sat in prison charged with murders they say they did not commit. that document tritt and the makers of the doc were there from the very beginning 18 years ago. >> how you doing? >> good. >> how long has it been since the last time? >> we were talking about that in the car. ten years. >> ten years.
2:48 pm
>> that's been a long time. >> i really do believe these people would have gotten away with murdering me if it would not have been for what you guys did. for being there in the very beginning and getting this whole thing on tape so that the rest of the world sees what was happening. if not for that, these people would have murdered me, swept this under the rug, and i wouldn't be anything but a memory right now. >> the producer and codirector of that documentary is joe ber linger and joins me once again and so does jason baldwin, one of the west memphis three. nice to have you on. jason, whew, 1 years. here are you six months later a free man. i mean, has it fully sunk in for you? what have you been up to. >> you know, every day i wake up with this feeling of thanksgiving. just ultimate like i am here. i have the ability to speak with my family to talk to my friends
2:49 pm
and be with people who care for me and love me. and i'm not in prison anymore. it's just the greatest thing. i tried to take -- be mindful of every opportunity just to be thankful to people who lent their support and efforts towards seeking justice in this case. >> wow, thanksgiving every day. jason and joe both of you, of course, the day was august 19th, the day, you jason, and damian and jesse were you know essentially you called an alford plea essentially saying yes, we would enter a plea satisfying the charges against new the eyes of the state but you were set free and could go off and proclaim your innocence. i know for you specifically and i remember the day, i remember the news conference, you were talking about how that was not easy to accept. let me roll that clip. >> yeah. >> anything like that, it was just like our names, our favorite bands, things like
2:50 pm
that. >> trial and court as much as possible. but he had it so much worse than i did. death row and this is unsufferable to put a person through that. for anyone. i don't even know why i didn't think too much about that at first. you know, when the plea came to me. but i'm just glad that he's out now and going to be with his wife. surrounded by people who love him and care for him. it's not just intent on hurting him. >> i want to publicly thank jason, too, just to let him know that i do acknowledge what he did, that he did want to keep fighting. he didn't want to take this -- and i recognize and acknowledge that he did do it almost entirely for me. >> what a moment. i mean, you saved your friend's life. damian was on death row. i know, jason, you want a full
2:51 pm
exoneration. do you think you'll get it? >> you know, my attorneys are working hard on -- they're still dna evidence that has not been tested that the state has contested us being allowed to be tested all these years. but it's slowly moving forward. it is my hope that one day, not only for damian, jesse and myself to be exonerated but we find who did this to these boyce. it's a horrible crime. and it didn't just affect them. it affected us, it affected all of our families and for all of our families to have peace for the towns to have peace, you know, every opportunity, everything to be pursued needs to be pursued. >> that's a question that's floating out there. joe, you addressed part of that in your documentary. this is "paradise lost part 39." this is the film starts with a very gruesome smurd scene. three little boys, naked bodies. why begin with such a graphic image. >> you know, that decision has been questioned by some. but you have to understand how
2:52 pm
brutal this crime was. and by understanding just how vicious this crime was, you begin to understand how the town could have had this kind of rush to judgment, this desire to just solve the crime. and i think state officials or the local officials at the time you know, they were saying on a scale of 1 to 10, this was an 11. in fact, the evidence is so weak, there's almost no -- there's almost no evidence physical evidence linking these guys to the crime. it's all extremely circumstantial. we just wanted to you know, make people understand that this crime was just so the horrifying that people were scared and wanted it solved. and unfortunately, the local officials, you know, did what they could do get the crime -- to get a quick solution but not the right solution. >> get some people in jail. you know, you and i talked, joe, back when everything happened back on august 19th. you told me, right, you told me your team was in the edit bay basically color correcting this film.
2:53 pm
you know, thought you had one ending of the story. suddenly you hear about the alford plea. i don't know if you hop a flight to jonesboro. tell me about that moment and this ending. >> well, you know, we had already been invited to the toronto film festival and the new york film festival and also wanted this film to be on television in november because there was supposed to be an evidentiary hearing in december so we wanted the world, we wanted arkansas to know the say the of arkansas because the good people of arkansas deserve better, we wanted people to know that the world is watching. and that evidentiary hearing ended up getting canceled in lieu of this alford plea. we were told that will something big is happening and we've got to get down there. and we dropped everything and you know, filmed them getting out of prison, you know, tears of joy. tears of joy at seeing them breathe fresh air but utter indignation at the raw deal that these guys had to take. you know, it is great that the death penalty for echols was
2:54 pm
vacated. it's great that the life sentences for jason and jesse were vacated. but they've had to falsely admit to crimes just so the state would not be sued for wrongful conviction which is tragic because you're telling the families of the victims basically we're not going to look for the real killers. that's just a travesty of justice. >> you address that in the documentary. sort of a final question to both of you. i'm going to play one more clip. your documentary talks about the person the defense believes who did murder these boys. >> damian he canals quit talking to reporters after getting warnings from his attorneys. last week he said mark buyers committed the murders. >> would it come as a surprise, mark? >> we don't have any comment. >> he's got knowledge about the area. he knows when the search is over with. he's big enough that he can carry the boys there and throw them in. his son was the only one mutilated. the other two the weren't mutilated. all of the pieces fit together
2:55 pm
with a person like buyers. >> so this question to either of you. where is this mark byers? and are police at all trying to build a case around him. >> we want to be very clear. the film is not saying he's the killer. that was an old defense theory during the trial and mr. byers has become a very staunch supporter of the innocence of the west memphis three. i think that -- we don't know what happened in this crime. all we know, all we know is that these guys are innocent in the state of arkansas needs to really fully exonerate them and start looking for the real killer. we don't think the mr. biers is the real killer. >> jason, final word to you. what do you want people to walk away when they see this film? >> well, first of all, the night of the murders, is the night the boys came up missing there was a guy who went in and came out of the very ditch the boys were found in the next day covered in mud and blood and went into the women's restroom in the
2:56 pm
bojangles restaurant. that evidence was lost. that was a mistake made that the police made. i can understand people make mistakes, things are dropped and lost. but to set jesse up and damian up and me up, that was the wrong thing. that's a problem and it doesn't need to continue on. our names need to be exonerated. and the search for whoever did this needs to continue. i just want to say thank you to all the people ho have sent their support whether it be through letter or concert or anything. thank you so much for making hope possible. thank you. >> jason baldwin and joe beringer, i thank you both. paradise lost 3 purgatory airs tonight on hbo at 9:00 eastern. thank you. volunteers for the 2012 olympics got a smackdown when it comes to social media. coming up next, what they have been banned from doing. not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute.
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even though we're sayingtrenning, you could classify this next story as what won't be trending. tens of thousands of volunteers of the summer games in london have been warned no social media allowed. so, what is an eager 20 something olympicphile to tweet to do? phil hahn picks up the story for us from london. >> hi, brooke. it's just over seven months till the 2012 olympics here in london. if you're one of the 70,000 volunteers at the games, don't even think about using social


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