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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 12, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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you're doing. that's because the london organizing committee has banned all the volunteers from using sites like twitter and facebook during their shifts. now, the specific restrictions say that the volunteers or gamemakers can't share what roles they have, their locations, or even athletes they might run into. so that means no snaps if you bump into michael phelps. now, this is in stark contrast to what the athletes will be encouraged to do. they're being asked to tweet and post facebook updates of their experience in london and even upload video diaries of their time during the olympics. the organizing committee said that these social media guidelines are nothing out of the ordinary and that the volunteers shouldn't be surprised. they said these guidelines are simply intended for the protection of the games and its workers. the only problem with 70,000 volunteers, i know i wouldn't want to be responsible for monitoring all those accounts.
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brooke? brooke? >> -- captions by vitac -- >> i'm brooke baldwin. a couple stories at the top of the hour. first a manhunt could be coming for pardoned killers. new reaction to the shocking video of these marines in war. also the taliban is weighing in, as well. plus, mitt romney zero dmz on another battleground state. let's play reporter roulette. martin savidge in jackson, mississippi. this judge today blocked the state from releasing some of those convicted killers pardoned by haily barbour. have you new information about the state's attempts to reach these high profile paroled killers. >> well, the real concern is those killers, brooke, they were released on sunday. the judge has said they have been given an order that they have to report in on a daily basis where they are to alleviate the concerns for victims' families that there might be some sort of revenge. the problem is that order
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doesn't go the into effect till the prisoners get it in their hands and state officials admit they don't know where those four murderers are at this point. they are searching everywhere in the state. it's possible they might have the left the state of mississippi. >> so the pardons, they wiped these criminal records clean of these guys. so are they even technically breaking the law if they don't come forward? >> no, they are not. not until they're served that document and they're not going to be served till they're found. because of the fact that they were pardoned, those prisoners were under no obligation to tell the state of mississippi where they were going. they didn't. and now they've varnished. brooke? >> martin savidge, quite the story, jackson, mississippi. thank you. next international outrage over this video that appears to show u.s. marines urinating on taliban bodies in afghanistan. barbara starr, we're going to get to you here in a moment at the pentagon. first we want to show this the video in question. what you're about to see is graphic and you might find it
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disturbing. >> did you get the middle guy? >>. >> trying, trying, trying. >> look at mine. >> yeah. yeah. >> have a great day, buddy. >> yeah. is that on video? >> yeah. >> like a golden shower. >> barbara, obviously, one of the questions, who are these guys? you've now learned that the marines have identified some of them. >> yeah. brooke, i think if you covered the military if you know the marine corps, you knew yesterday when this emerged how quickly they would move and how hard they would look for these guys. marine corps tells us they
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believe this is a unit from camp lejeune, north carolina that deployed to afghanistan last year into northern helmand province. it was a sniper unit. they also tell us that they now have names they can attach to at least two of the marines in -- that participated in making this video. they're trying to nail it all down. they are not going public with it, obviously. in terms of the names because a full-blown investigation is under way. and they want to assemble all the evidence that they can. still, outrage from afghanistan, from afghan president hamid karzai. here in washington, some of the most withering criticism from secretary of state hillary clinton. have a listen. >> i want to express my total display at the story concerning our marines. anyone, anyone found to have
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participated or known about it, having engaged in such conduct must be held fully accountable. >> and the marines are making sure everyone understands that's exactly what they intended to do. marine corps command dant james amos, general james amos saying he also has asked for one of his top generals to launch an investigation into what happened here. the naval criminal investigative service launching a criminal investigation into all of this. hard to avoid the prospect that charges may be coming down the road soon, brooking. >> barbara starr, thank you. next on reporter roulette, the bodies on the ground in that video are believed to be taliban fighters and the enemy is furious about what let's see. nick paton walsh standing by in kabul, afghanistan. nick, how is this affecting the taliban's willingness to restart peace talks with the u.s.? >> well, these peace talks which almost beginning to get under
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way at a very, very preliminary stage still talks about talks i'm told are really some degrees of separation from the spokesman hon have been issuing is statements on behalf of the taliban trying to get political capital from that. it's important to realize the taliban aren't like a corporate shareholder structure. they won't go away and have a board meeting and decide to withdraw from talks. it will take a long time for it to percolate through and for them to realize what they have to gain from this. they referred to this as a barb bearic video saying no religion that follows a holy text would accept such conduct. this act reveals their real face to the world. clearly they believe a lot to gain from harnessing afghan opinion against nato forces here after a decade of their presence here. many afghans disillusions and fatigued at the nato presence and something liking this can really sour public poinl. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. i had this fascinating conversation last hour with a marine who recently bed in both iraq and afghanistan. he spoke to me about the
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impacts. and his fears of how this video will resonate in afghanistan and perhaps affect the safety of his fellow service members. we'll play that for you in a little bit next on reporter roulette, mitt romney faces perhaps the biggest test of his campaign. nine days from the primary in south carolina. today he's looking past that though to the florida primary at the very end of this month. jim acosta following mitt romney in west palm beach. romney's record with the bain capital, the equity firm he is getting hit from all kids. what is he saying today? how is he defending himself? >> reporter: well, brooke, you kind of heard him deliver an i feel your pain kind of speech today in palm beach talking about people unemployed and the hard times they're going through, how sometimes being unemployed leads to broken marriages or being depressed. it was something that we haven't really heard him talk a whole lot about. he even said during his remarks
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if he becomes president, he'll being out for your job and not his job. and it almost sounded like a rebuttal to this 30-minute attack ad that this superpac has put out this week. and it focuses on romney's days at bain capital and some of the companies downsized during his tenure there and even after thinks tenure. in that ake ad, you hear from people talking about how their marriages broke up, how they became depressed. it was interesting to hear him hit those points today, it was almost like a rebuttal, brooke. >> as i mentioned we are nine days out from the south carolina primary. why is he not in south carolina? why is he with you in the palm trees in florida? >> you know, because arguably, florida is as important as south carolina to the romney campaign. let's say you know, maybe newt gingrich comes out of nowhere in south carolina and wins that primary. mitt romney has to be ready to win that state down here.
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it comes you know at the end of this month. so the you know, he has to devote just as much time and attention to florida as he does to south carolina and keep in mind, both of these states basically mark the end of his campaign the last time around. so the romney campaign is not taking anything for granted, brooke. >> two steps ahead i suppose. jim acosta, thank you for us in west palm. that's your reporter roulette here. there may be a manhunt possibly this national manhunt for multiple convicted killers who got pardons in mississippi. well, there are more cases and more faces hanging in the balance here. we'll speak live with someone who knows them inside and out. plus, a landlord puts up a sign. you see this? it says white only to get into the swimming pool. sparks quite a stir. wait till you hear why she says she did it. also this. >> we are legion. we do not forgive. we do not forget. >> it is a secret group that hacks powerful people, a cnn special investigation reveals the truth behind anonymous.
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if it's interesting and happening right now, you're about to see it. rapid fire beginning with the justice department has reaffirmed the power of the president to use recess appointments. the white house asked r the opinion after the controversy over president obama's recent appointment of richard cordray. he became the head of the new consumer financial protection bureau while the senate was in recess although republicans disputed whether the senate was officially out of session. the justice department's decision could still be challenged in federal court. and at least one tornado hit the western part of north carolina just last night. take a look at the aftermath.
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the damage, it's pretty bad. more than 70 homes were damaged, 16 were destroyed. emergency management officials say about a dozen people were hurt. thankfully, no one was killed. and a judge in birmingham, alabama has just declared natalee holloway legally dead. she disappeared during her vacation to aruba back in 2005. no one was ever charged in her death. her mother continues to work with families of the missing. her father wants to finally resolve her estate. and a cincinnati landlord found guilty of a civil rights violation has lost her bid to get the decision overturned. she is jamie heim. she says this white only public swimming pool sign was an antique gift, not aimed at tenants. she says. but neighbors, yeah, they were angry. >> it's crazy. you wouldn't think because of all the things that have changed, you wouldn't think that that would still be a problem
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being black. >> a former tenant said the sign went up after his 10-year-old by racial daughter used this pool. the ohio civil rights commission voted unanimously today not to reconsider its ruling. and it may feel like winter but home depot already gearing up for spring. the chain says it will hire 70,000, 70,000 temporary workers to handle its busy spring season here in the u.s. that is more than 10,000 more than they announced last year. and while, yes, they say the jobs are temporary, home depot says there is a possibility of permanent employment for many of those they'll hire. we are now hearing who kicked off the investigation into orange juice. and the race for america's favorite beer is heating up. let's bring in alison kosik for all these drinking-related issues there at the new york stock exchange. first we now know the government's investigating this whole fungicide problem in certain kinds of orange juice. who raised the red flag? >> coca-cola did, brooke.
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they alerted authorities that they think that a chemical could be in their juice that was coming from brazil. it wasn't just in their juice. in case you don't know, they only make minute maid and simply orange juice, as well. so what's interesting is that coca-cola told the fda in late december but the agency only went public with the information this week. letting the public know it's been stopping shipments at ports to test the juice. the fda is also going to supermarkets to test the juice, as well. it's looking for fungicide, a chemical sprayed on trees to control mold. it's banned here in the u.s. but other countries use it. and regulators say if they find juice at ports with the chemical in it, they'll go ahead and block the juice from coming in. so far the levels that have been detected have been very low but the fda found some juice with the fungicide already on store shelves. the fda says it will take it off the shelves if the level is too high but at these low levels the
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fda says it's still safe and going to let the juice stay on shelves in the supermarkets. >> let's talk about a different kind of taste test. maybe happy hour time. beer. apparently, the list is out. america's favorite number one is still bud light. but there is a new number two. who. >> look out, long-time number two budweiser. it's coors light just moved in on your turf. coors it's the silver medal because it sold more beer by volume than budweiser last year. could be pretty tough to swallow for the king of beers. this is the first time in almost 20 years anheuser-busch which makes budweiser didn't control the top two brands. you know what, brooke, the whole beer industry has really been feeling the pressure. consumers are choosing wine and spirits these days instead of reaching for a beer. what they're reaching for is coors over bud wiser. >> i've seen a few people drinking a few brews lately. it seems the industry is doing
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a-ok. >> doing pretty okay? alison kosik, thank you so much. next here, we've got a special cnn investigation. they're lurking in the shadows. we are going behind the mask of the hacking group anonymous. could you be a target? amber lyon goes inside. she is standing by live for me next. stay here.
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if you maybe saw that you natalee portman movie have for vendetta, this is the mask worn by a character in the film, the guy fox mask. you still recognize the mask? that's probably because the mask has been picked up and porprized by a group called anonymous and it's turned up at a lot of the
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occupy demonstrations. this group if known at all is definitely known for stealing credit card numbers and hacking into say police or military files. well, now anonymous is going public but staying still behind the mask. cnn's amber lyon takes us inside this secretive group. >> hey, back up. >> it's a dark and disturbing vision. a world where riot police attack with impunity. >> what happened? what happened? >> we got [ bleep ] shot. >> get back. >> where democracy is corrupted about greed and dissent is crushed. that's how anonymous sees america and they say that's why they're fighting back. >> we are legion. we do not for give. we do not forget. >> troy, not his real name, is one of them. we met him at the occupy wall
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street camp at zuccotti park. >> there's no specific person that talks for us. it's more like an hive. an idea is brought up and over agrees with it, if the overwhelming majority of people with it, we go with it. >> we are anonymous. >> anonymous likens itself to the air force of the occupy movement. >> everyone everywhere will be occupying their towns. their capitals and other public spaces. >> when they see evidence of what they believe is police misbehavior, anonymous strikes back. releasing personal information about specific officers. >> hopefully they'll think twice before he pulls out his baton against somebody holding a sign saying we just want peace. >> how are they getting the cell phone numbers and personal information of these officers or bankers? >> i'd rather not say. >> the department of homeland security has put out several alerts to law enforcement and corporate security focused mainly on the group's hacking activities. and the fbi has made more than a
3:22 pm
dozen arrests. >> we are living in a police state. >> but there's no indicationing that has cramped anonymous's style. >> merry christmas and a happy new year to all on planet earth. >> on christmas day, members crashed the website of a security research company. hacking its client list along with their credit card numbers in order to steal 1 million dollars for donations to charity. >> we are anonymous. expect us. >> want to bring in amber lyon live from los angeles. amber, you were age able to get up close and talk to members of the group. is it clear at all what they want, or is the point not to have a an agenda kind of like the occupy movement? >> they don't really have an agenda necessarily as a collective, but some of the
3:23 pm
individual anons we spoke to say their main goal is to keep people talking about it, to keep it relevant and to protect the human rights of the protesters. you saw in that video they've been releasing information, personal information for police officers they believe violated those rights. and if you look at the more extreme side to anonymous, brooke, some of those anons are calling for a full-out revolution here in the united states similar to the ones you're seeing over in the middle east and north africa. >> i'm curious exactly who these people are. there are probably a lot of americans think these anons, as they call themselves, are young hacker teens maybe working out of their parents' basement. that's not the case, is it? >> it's a slight misconception. although there are young hacker teens in anonymous, the majority are just average joe americans. a lot of them do not have skills as hackers. they're hitting the streets now doing live streaming video of protests. also keeping an eye on police officers, but throughout this
3:24 pm
investigation, we met anons who are auto mechanics, anons who are doctors, teachers, lawyers just trying to help build and create a revolution here in the u.s., brooke. >> amber, thank you. can't wait to watch your piece again i've already seen it. your special report of course, coming up this weekend as part of a special "cnn presents." i am hosting this special along with dr. sanjay gupta. this is three in-depth stories, one hour, 8:00 p.m. eastern saturday night. don't miss it. a socialite admits to driving drunk. the result, two doctors were killed. as a man is convict the of carjacking a woman, then murdering here. two of the scores of people who have either been pardoned or received clemency in the state of mississippi. >> these victims have been through a terrible amount. it's a slap in the face to all law enforcement in the state of mississippi. >> now the fates of these inmates hanging in the balance after a sudden decision. coming up next, we'll go
3:25 pm
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we are just now getting word here, president obama has just sent a letter to congress regarding the nation's debt limit. let's go live to you kate bolduan in washington. tell me about the letter. >> this is a letter and this is all set up by that wonderful debt ceiling fight we covered nonstop over the summer, brooke. under the agreement that was set up and agreed to by the house, the senate and the white house, whenever the president wanted to raise the debt ceiling once again, he would need to submit in writing his request. and today, the white house
3:28 pm
submitted this request to both the house and the senate. and basically what this does is it sets up this process to vote on raising the debt ceiling, but you love congress and their con view luted ways basically turns out to be a political exercise in the end because how congress set up this process is to allow for members of the house and senate to vote actually against raising the debt ceiling while still basically ensuring that the debt ceiling will be raised in the end in how they wrote this all out. so this is the first step in the process to raise the debt ceiling according to that fight, the agreement that kind of resulted after that big fight over the summer to keep the -- allow the government to be able to pay its bills and pay its debt. and that will be a request of $1.2 trillion. i'm told by a top house republican aide that the house will vote to the disapprove in their words on wednesday when they return and i'm also told that the senate will likely follow up with moving towards a
3:29 pm
vote of disapproval the week after that when the senate returns. bottom line, this is a political exercise because in the end, through the convoluted way it's written, the debt ceiling will very likely be raised as the president is requesting now. >> okay. glad we got it here. at least on the record today. kate bolduan, thank you so much. >> of course >> by now, have you seen these faces four mississippi killers pardoned by outgoing governor haley barbour. before he left office he gave hundreds of criminals clear records. murderers, rapists, armed robbers with nothing on their records to so they ever committed a crime. today a judge blocked the state from releasing some of the newly pardoned criminals but some are already out. as in out of the state. and now they're just trying to figure out how to round them up. jerry mitchell, he is an investigative reporter for the clarian ledgener jackson, mississippi. jerry, you've covered many of these cases. as you've been there since 1986.
3:30 pm
stand by for me. i just want play this. we have talked to crews on ground, talked to the state attorney general, told martin savidge this just a short time ago. >> this is probably going to end up in some attempt by us to have fugitive warrants issued for these people. there's going to be a national certainly for some of them. we'll catch them. it's a matter of time. >> do you know where they are? >> no. >> so four of these convicted murderers hit the ground running. jerry, what's your take on what the ag just said? >> well, it's an interesting situation. i mean, not really had anything like this before in mississippi. maybe even nationally where you have people who have been pardoned and then in mississippi's case, the constitution actually says you have to give 30 days notice in the newspaper, well, it wasn't done in a lot of these cases. and so therefore, under the constitution, which the attorney general is now challenging these pardons. and so there's going to be
3:31 pm
hearings, these four who are part of five that are going to have to show up at a court hearing on january 23rd. that's the plan at this point. they have 0 find them. >> they have to find them, perhaps a national manhunt will be launched. we don't know yet. meantime though, these four murderers have gotten a lot of attention but the outgoing governor wiped the criminal records of hundreds of people clean. we wanted to sort through some of these people, put a face on this. this is karen erbe. so she not only jerry, gets out of prison, she gets a chelean record too? in tell us about her. >> in her case, she was actually not pardoned. but she was, her sentence was commuted. so suspended. so she's going to have to serve three years of house arrest in this case. so that's the -- she was going to have to do 18 years. she had pleaded guilty to manslaughter, two manslaughter and had gotten 1 years on both
3:32 pm
of those to run concurrently. and so she's -- but she's out now. >> okay, she was in prison for drunk drive. she killed two doctors. that happened in 2009. you know, and there's also a case of a south african teenager. tell me about this one. >> right. >> well, he was convicted in a carjacking case. and then had kind of gotten international attention because initially, they were going to prosecute him for the death penalty even though he wasn't the trigger man in the case. and he had said he didn't understand when he pleaded guilty that that's what he was pleading guilty to. and so this has kind of become an international cause. and eventually what happened is the judge in the case had said look, this other guy who wassed admitted triggerman who got life without parole, you can't give a
3:33 pm
harsher student to this other one, the admitted trigger man. >> who is next? how does this whole thing get sorted out? there is huge outrage where are you in mississippi. >> you laugh, you laugh. it's tricky. >> it's going to take -- it's tricky. it's going to take awhile to sort it out. there are five people whose release because they were pardoned has now been stayed. and so they'll be a hearing with regard to those. there's no date yet set on that. there will be a hearing with regard to those. it's kind of a mess to be honest with you. i think the attorney general even called it that because they're actually going through to each one of these 203 pardons to figure out if the notice was given in time. you're supposed to give 30 days notice, and if they did, obviously it's constitutional. if they didn't, the attorney general is saying it's unconstitutional. >> a mess you say. jerry mitchell of the clarian ledger. i have a feeling we'll be talking again this story is not going anywhere. >> thank you.
3:34 pm
>> thank you. and this has a lot of people talking in these new unsealed documents. we are now learning how casey anthony things she got pregnant. we're on the case ahead. plus, six republicans are spending a lot of cash trying to take president obama's job, but it is nothing compared to the bank the president is building. senior white house correspondent jessica yellin is live for us there at the white house next.
3:35 pm
3:36 pm
the obama campaign for re-election is running ahead of the competition in one crucial measure. already here. chief white house correspondent jessica yellin joins me with a look at some eye popping fund-raising numbers. big money. >> reporter: it is big money,
3:37 pm
brooke about the president has announced his fourth quarter total. he raised $66 million in the end of 2011, bringing his total for the year to $222 million raised for his campaign and his overall they call it victory fund. that is hard cash that goes to the obama effort and the dnc. let's compare that to what the other some of the other major republican candidates have raised so far. mitt romney, if you have that graphic, has raised $56 million to date, ron paul, he has raised $26 million to date. newt gingrich has raised $12 million to date. just so you know the why we picked those three, those are the three other candidates who have declared what they have raised. the others haven't declared yet. so you see the president, did he have a jump start and he is an incumbent so he has the lead but that's pretty impressive. >> what about when it comes to the unlimited fund-raising? i'm talking about the super pac
3:38 pm
money. millions and millions of dollars being used to back some of the republicans. does the obama campaign expect to be the beneficiary of say a democrat-leaning super pac? >> excellent question and one on the minds of the folks in chicago right now. democrats do have their own superpacs but they are not raising nearly as much money as the super pacs that go to republicans, to the republican side. those super pacs aren't declaring how much they've raised till january 31st. just based on how much has been spent, we know that more than $16 million has been spent by unaffiliated super pacs, republican leaning. and then more than $30 million if you count those affiliated with the republican cause candidates. so there's a lot of money going on that side. republicans would point out that the labor unions back democratic candidates. so there's a bit of a balancing act there, but there will be a
3:39 pm
huge amount of outside spending in this election cycle. and that's unlimited spending. you just compare that to the dollars that go to the candidates which are limited, brooke. >> then we will just have to follow up with you on january 31st when we get those numbers. jessica, thank. we are now learning what casey anthony told a psychiatrist about who fathered her child. plus if you have a dog, a couple left their dogs just in their car for an hour during lunch. next thing they know, firefighters, they go to the car. they rip it apart. why? sunny hostin is on that one. she's next.
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casey anthony alledgedly claims her daughter might have been the result of a date rape and gives yet another story about the day 2-year-old caylee anthony died. these revelations now coming from the depositions from two mental health experts who examined casey just before her
3:42 pm
trial. sunny hostin is always on the case. you have the copies of the depositions. what did she tell the doctors. >> i sure do. >> what's in there about that date rape? >> you know, she explains to the doctor that caylee may have been conceived when she was date raped at a party. she tells the doctor, brooke, that she drank two beers. she was possibly perhaps given a drug, some sort of date rape drug in the beer. she woke up, passed out, unclothed on the bottom and doesn't remember anything. she was about 1 years old. she says that is how she became pregnant. of course, this isn't evidence. this isn't -- these aren't her statements but these are words that she said to her -- to this doctor. she also said at some point she thought perhaps her own father, george anthony was caylee's father. of course, that was refuted at trial because there was a dna test taken. >> okay, so this alleged date rape, this is revelation number
3:43 pm
one in these depositions. number two, these gives these doctors this new theory about how caylee died that didn't come up during trial, right? >> that's right. i mean, but it did sort of come up in jose baez's opening statement and perhaps that is where this theory, this defensor to theory came up. we all know it was never corroborated with evidence at trial. she told this psychiatrist her father had found caylee's drowned body in the family swimming pool and that he helped dispose of the body and then covered it up. she says he was yelling at me. it was your fault. i can't believe you did this. she said he came out and said daddy is going to take care of it. he left the house with the child and she says that's the last time i saw her. >> what is her father, george anthony, saying? how is he responding? >> well, her father has always maintained his innocence. he has always maintained that he had nothing to do with the death of caylee marie anthony.
3:44 pm
we did get a statement from his attorney, mark lippman saying the same thing. he says had he nothing to do with the death of caylee marie anthony including what happened to her remains after she allegedly drowned. he responds to the sexual abuse allegations casey anthony discusses with the psychiatrist. he says he has repeatedly said during the trial and after the trial that he never molested any member of his family, including casey anthony. so in all respects, he denies all of the statements that she made to this psychiatrist prior to trial. >> now, this psychiatrist, psychologist, they were evaluating her to see if she was mentally competent to stand trial and they actually testified. did either express any doubtses about what she told them? >> that is what is really interesting to me. it's about 120 pages. he repeated, dr. danziger expresses concerns about discussing the details about what she told him because he
3:45 pm
says these crimes may never have happened. he's especially reluctant when he talks about the alleged sex abuse of casey anthony by her father george because according to danziger, anthony said that her father forced her to perform disgusting and key meaning sexual acts regularly starting at the age of 18 and stopping when she was about 11 years old. and this doctor was very concerned about repeating those allegations. >> let's move on from casey anthony. i want to get to this next one. i read this in the houston chronicle. let me set it up. you have this couple that go to dallas to celebrate the husband's birthday and take their dogs. apparently they take them with them every they go. they go to lunch and leave the dogs in the car. it was 55 degrees, no big deal. less than an hour later they get a call. >> i said well you need to come outside immediately. the fire department's broke into your car. and we have your dogs. >> they start in it's too hot
3:46 pm
for those dogs to be in the car and that they had had a call. i said really, guys, it's 535 degrees out here today. i don't think we've got a problem. >> but i want you to look at this. this is how the fire department actually got the dogs out of the car. a couple guys heard the dogs, saw the dogs, called 911. fire department used a crowbar to open the car vis-a-vis the trunk. have you ever heard, sunny hostin, of anything like this? firefighters ripping up a car, yanking dogs out of a car? is this overreaction or not? you know, it depends on who you talk to. there are so many dog lovers. these dogs allegedly were in the trunk of the car, no the in the cabin of the car. there was some concern about the air circulation. the owners are saying the back seats were open so that the dogs could sort of get some air but they didn't want them walking around the cabin of the car. many people are saying, this is neglect. they've been charged with animal cruelty. so it depends on how talk to. are these folks that just love
3:47 pm
their dogs so much they wanted to make sure no one snatched their dogs or you know, were they being cruel? i'm not sure. i don't know if i put my dog in the trunk of my car though, brooke. >> i've got a pug. she's got breathing issues. so no way. there's not actually a law on the books about leaving a dog in the car, is there? >> not that i know of. but you know, many, many people are charged with animal cruelty and some would say that it is cruel to put your little yorkies in trunk of your car. they were barking. maybe they were scared. i don't know. this is a close one for me. >> i just had never heard of something like that. sunny hostin, thank you. coming up next, you see my conversation that i had with a captain in the u.s. marines about this controversial video we've been showing you apparently showing other marines urinating on bodies in afghanistan. and he talked to me about the realities of war. he's been to afghanistan and iraq and he talked about how this impacts the safety of troops serving there right now. that conversation coming up.
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
as we warned you at the top of the hour, what we will show you you will most likely find disturbing. it shows marines apparently urinating on corpses. cnn has now learned the marine corps believes it has identified two of the men. last hour i show with tim hi
3:51 pm
cuedo. here he is. >> you know, i'm absolutely disgusted by this, both as an a marine and an american, but i will say this is not widespread. it's the act of a few individuals that's acted in complete opposition to what the marine corps stands for. >> as a captain, what would you have done if the men were under your command? >> immediately detain them, investigate them, i think you would pass what happened up the chain of command and let the proper channels work. i think they'll be prosecuted and they should be, and they should be dealt with accordingly. >> one group of americans saying, this is the enemy, they have killed countless americans, who cares? what's your response to that? >> i think that's what makes us different. tactically, beyond the ethical right and wrong, we gave osama bin laden a proper muslim burial. we can do the same thing for everyone we encounter over there. i think it's more important to note as well that tactically it's important to win the hearts
3:52 pm
and minds of the afghans. doing something like this completely goes against everything we're trying to accomplish and makes it more dangerous for the service members going over there. my unit is deploying today, facing a much tougher situation because of this video. captain cuedo, thank you have etch. in a matter of a few minutes action wolf blitzer. welcome back home, first and foremost. secondly looking at your blog, you're saying make no mistake about it, president obama back in reelection mode. >> full campaign mode. i write about it today. i don't know if you had a chance to looks at the videotape of the three fund-raising speeches he did in chicago last night, boom, boom, boom, not only raising a lot of money, i think when the numbers are in, when you add up what all the republican candidateses raise as oppose to what the president of the united states raised 234 campaign money, i think he probably raised more than all of them combined, and he doesn't have an opponent for the democratic
3:53 pm
presidential nomination, but he's raising money nonstop, obviously going out there campaigning, and the speech that he gave, and we're going to play a chunk of it in the 4:00 p.m. eastern hour, brooke. you'll be interested. it's vintage barack obama 2008. he energizes that crowd. he gets them excited. he knows what he's doing right now, and he's in full campaign mode. he has a full-time day job running the country, commander in chief, president of the united states, but he wants to get reelected and he'll do whatever it takes to get him a second term. >> looking forward to it, wolf. see you in seven minutes. meantime, newt gingrich said armageddon, that's the word he's using, coming in south carolina, but as gingrich is attacking mitt romney, are other candidates backing off the front-runner? joe johns is standing by live in south carolina. he's next. my wife and i have three wonderful children and they make my life just perfect.
3:54 pm
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as we have pointed out, the scathing attack by mitt romney is to hit the airwaves in south carolina. what it does is it seizes on romney's leadership of vents further capital group that liquidated some of the firms it acquired, thus doing away with a number of jobs. keep in mind that south carolina's primary is nine days ago away. joe johns is live in columbia. you're talking to folks there. what are people saying about the campaign spot which seems to be tailor made for south carolina? >> reporter: well, people go back and forth on this issue of bain capital. it's really funny, newt gingrich is here right on the lawn of the south carolina state capitol a little while ago. this was a bipartisan event, talking about the housing market, and gingrich didn't really mention bain by name. what he talked more about was the need for transparency in the
3:57 pm
market, transparency in the bailouts that occurred that people talk so much about. i asked him whether he's also talking about transparency with regard to bain. he said, all he's doing is asking questions. he was shocked how people have gotten so defensive about it. but those questioning have caused real heartburn, even among one or two of the candidates also running for president, like jon huntsman. he doesn't want to go there on this issue. he says he would rather talk about mitt romney's job creation record, for example. let's listen to that. >> he was 47th overall? job creation most importantly. we were number one in job creation in our state. i think that is worth looking at and scrutinizing, as compared to bain capital. >> reporter: so people here say on the one hand it's not a good idea to go away romney on this, because he could be the nominee for the republican party, but on the other hand there are some
3:58 pm
who say, look, this is the kind of issue that republicans are going to have to face eventually if he is the nominee, because president obama and the democrats could certainly bring it up. so you sort of have two sides of that, and internal battle between republicans and south carolina on whether it's better to go into the laundry, if you will, of mitt romney from years ago. brooke, back to you. >> you were covers huntsman. just the other day he said romney enjoying fires people. he's bulked away from that. are the opponents putting forth -- could it be perceived as a mixed message, thus hurt their ability to chip away at romney's lead? >> well, it's a conundrum. i don't like to use that word on tv -- i know, i'm sorry. but the bottom line is when you ask democrats and republicans, tea partiers alike, what is the
3:59 pm
biggest problems facing the country, a lot of times they won't say the other party, they'll say it's the banks. so if you're armed with that information, you'll understand there's a lot of concern out there in the country about the way the whole economic problems over the past two other three years went down, and they're questioning the real source of that, so you kind of have to address it, and the question is, what's too far, at least for republican who could turn out to be the nominee. >> conone drums aside, south carolina could the state social done serve tiffism be less a factor than usual? 30 seconds. >> reporter: very simply, out of country and some other places, social issues have to some degree taken a backseat. however, there are evangelicals in this state and conservatives that feel


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