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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 28, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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this debate, the republican party of florida, the hispanic leadership network. and we'd like to thank our hosts on the university of north florida in jacksonville. -- captions by vitac -- hello, thank you for joining us. breaking news. let's get right to the pictures shall we? it is coming out of oakland, california these are pictures from ktvu. this is occupy oakland. it has been going on for a while. let me tell you what is going on here. police are making arrests here in the past few minutes. we're hearing that on twitter an hour ago police claim they haven't used tear gas. but according to officials occupy protesters are looking for a new building to occupy in oakland. they got out of control and
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police had to go in. and according to protesters, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at these protesters to break it up. the protesters said we are going to be peaceful about this. but we're going to try to claim this new space. and as you know if you have been paying attention to this occupy movement here, oakland has been a flash point back in october, a u.s. marine got a fractured skull -- suffered a fractured skull after police hit him with a projectile. and now we have this. this has been going on since 1:00 local time. these are -- this is video from our affiliate kgo and you can see the smoke there from some of -- we are assuming that this is tear gas. and you can see now, live pictures and some of the local news affiliates on the ground there preparing for their reports. but this is oakland, california.
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and this has been going on since 1:00. and i give you a time line here. this started at 1:00 we are told when they gathered and began their march to this new building and then at 2:00 apparently that's when things started to get out of control around 3:00 i'm told, dozens of police in riot gear showed up. and dozens of police wearing riot gear turned up. the protesters were walking through lainey college there in oakland at 2:30. some wearing bandanas over their mouths and holding signs saying we are the 99%. and minutes before 3:00 they tried to breakthrough the fences you saw there surrounding the former henry kaiser convention center near the oakland museum. in response to that police declared this particular march an unlawful assembly and fired smoke grenades at the crowd.
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the marchers rallied at other streets there in oakland, california and were boxed in by the police officers in riot gear and then at about 3:30 local time there, police once again declared an nauflt assembly and began firing rubber bullets and smoke grenades and the whole thing started over and now we have this. the officers in riot gear in full force. no official estimates of how many occupy protesters are involved in this, how many occupy protesters are in this crowd. but you can see there are a number of them. let's give you live pictures now. you can see the signs, occupy oakland. this is the biggest demonstration that we have seen since this occupy movement began a while ago and it simmered down over the holidays and into the new year. and now at the beginning of the year now, on this day, we have
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this going on in oakland. can we hear in of this? is there a way to hear this? silent. it's from a helicopter. we are working to get a reporter who is on the scene, other officials who are on the scene. the police department as well as we look at the live pictures. as soon as we get more information on this we will bring it to you. we are not going to go far from this story. stand by and stay tuned right here to cnn. we have another developing story now. this is a medical mystery out of leroi new york. 15 high school students are suffering from an illness that causes uncontrollable twitching and outbursts. remember erin brockovich is getting involved. a 1971 train derailment caused a
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chemical spill three miles from the future site of the high school. she is conducting an investigation and believes that the bedrock and ground water could be contaminated. care line tucker is in leroy and spent the day with brockovich's team. dr. drew is doing amazing work on this story on hln. we will talk to him in moments. first to caroline. what did they fine? >> they haven't found anything yet. they went to the school site, trying to get samples from there. the school district does not want to cooperate, says it does not want testing done on the school grounds. but they did testing in other areas. they went to the railment site where industrial solvent spilled in 12970s. they went to homeowners
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throughout the area near that site and took samples from the well there, some reaching 70 feet in the ground. and they plan on taking that and sending it away and getting results out of this. >> so you say between 35 and 45,000 gallons of that. and according -- what i'm reading. i'll talk to dr. drew about this too in just a second. from what i'm reading and we are told this is not our investigating here. this is according to erin brockovich the spill happened in the 1970s and anyone with any authority didn't get to the scene in the 1990s? >> that is correct. there was an epa report that said what solvents went into the ground. a lot of it the wells near where the site was were turned off. however what the environmental investigator working with erin brockovich said that the wells
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get turned off but the ground water moves into the other parts of the ground. and that's why there is concern whether wells were infected and whether it could be flowing the way the water flows to where the school ground is. >> can you stand by for us? i want to bring in dr. drew who joins me on the phone. i know you spoke with erin brockovich on your show last night. you had the two students on as well in the story on your show. you have new information for us. >> i spoke directly to the bob that the affiliate was speaking about there. is it a complicated story. erin takes it through it step-by-step. we will reair that interview again sunday night at 9:00 eastern. it's available at i would love it if would
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put it up as well. >> let's listen to -- we had the interview from your show and you can take us through new information. erin brockovich walks us through it right? >> yes. >> let's listen and we'll get back to you. one of the family member somebody put a note in the mailbox and it was about a 1971 derailment and the contaminated rock and fill and soil was used to build the new school. >> slow down. you found out. this is something you could corroborate? >> we are still trying to corroborate that. >> that's one story. >> what i did to research it i went online and low and behold in 1971 there was a very serious train derailment that caused 1 ton of cyanide to spill and 45,000 gallons of tce. >> that is try clear ethylene. >> is that the same thing --
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>> that was hexavalent chromium. >> can it cause these sorts of neurological problems? >> i have read that tce can be associated with neurological disorder. >> so one of the young lady you saw in the video next to erin brockovich she is one of the students who says she is suffering from this. you see the twitches there. first, dr. drew on with your information. >> so the plume from that original spill would -- in the bedrock would be just about reaching that school right now. bob went to the school and was stonewalled. he has worked with erin brockovich for years and this has never happened to them. the school superintendent gave them a note with a statement saying that the school has hired its own environmental hygiene and safety services company to
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review the testing that had been previously done. they would not allow him to do the testing. but he went to the site of the original spill and he has never seen in all of his career never seen anything like this. the spill itself is -- he was supposed to be remediated as a remediation site. and it is like the site itself is becoming a source of further contamination. is it a double whammy. we'll show the footage of that site on monday night. >> dr. drew stand by. the two young ladies who exhibit who say they are exhibiting from this they spoke to cnn. let's listen. >> i was in school for a little while after it started. but i ended up leaving the last week of october because i didn't feel i could handle school any more. >> it's hard not be able to do what you love, even going to school. i love going to school.
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but it's -- it's -- it's hard that -- i think it's harder knowing that i don't know it's going on. i'd like to be able to answer people if they ask what is happening. >> and they spoke directly with dr. drew. dr. drew what do you make of this after hearing them? >> they have a fine neurological team taking care of them. but it was dismissed or concluded to be a mass hysteria and it didn't pass that sniff test. some of these girls really have a biological problem. there are doctors testing for infectious causes. but this environmental disaster that is ongoing there is going to bear fruit. bob told me he is trying to look at areas of the community where middle schoolers and high schoolers might congregate and there is a limestone quarry in a
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direct line of this material that has been leeching it that the kids may be swimming in. that's his biggest lead right now. he is going to check that out. >> did you say it would air on sunday or monday? >> sunday we will reair the erin brockovich interview. on monday we will show you the confrontation with the school, the stonewalling, and this footage from the spill site. the spill site still with hundreds and hundreds of decaying drums filled with toxic material within feet of people's living environment. >> dr. drew pinsky tomorrow night and 9:00 p.m. eastern. thank you to caroline tucker as well. we'll move on and talk about band members gathered in atlanta for the battle of the bands. but this year alongside the
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music is a message. florida a & m university student was killed after being hazed in november. now there is a campaign to make students aware of the dangers of hazing. >> reporter: it's a showcase of some of the country's most talented bands. the honda battle of the bands invitational draws thousands to the georgia dome but this year the show started differently. >> i would like to take a moment to recognize a [ indiscernible ] of the marching band community [ indiscernible ] a moment of silence. amen. let's have a moment of silence.
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>> reporter: a moment to support pam and robert champion, their son died in november in a beating in what's being called a hazi hazing incident. >> how important is it for you to be here right now? >> i think it's important that we put the message out that we're not against the music at all. we're just against the hazing that goes on. >> reporter: they hope their presence at events like this makes students think twice about the dangers of hazing and many of the students are listening. >> i think it's powerful. i think it's great that the music is helping healing. music is more than just sounds that come. it's an emotion. >> it's nontolerance. you're not here to be hazed. >> we lost a son and they lost a drum majorer, student and friend. >> reporter: the packed crowd is just a start for the family. they are pushing the message
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with the t-shirts they what, hashtag i am champion. >> they put together a video they hope goes viral. >> i am champion. >> you feel like this makes a difference? >> yes, i do. it says a lot. it does. it says a lot. >> i am champion. >> we're trying to reach kids at an early age to bring awareness and hopefully this video will help do that. >> george howell is here live with me now. how emotional was it for the family to be there today? >> when you sit with them you feel the depth of what they're going through. they lost their son who would have loved to have participated in this event and he participated two years ago. they had trouble going to the event. but they it was important for them because they said it was
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important that the students saw them and got the message. >> florida a & m did not participate this year? >> the band is suspended as the investigation continues. we don't know when police will make arrests, how many people police will arrest. but the band was no there. a good samaritan dies trying to protect a woman he did not know. would you risk your life for a stranger? wendy walsh on what makes someone run into a dangerous situation. that is next. and a television news anchor accused of date rape. but does the evidence support the claim? what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ?
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going to talk more on the story from new york that we talked to dr. drew about.
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15 students are experiencing a mysterious medical condition including uncontrollable twitching. wendi walsh is joining me. >> good to see you. >> good to see you in studio. you heard what dr. drew had to say. what do you make of this? >> we have to exclude all possibilities of a biological conditions. this is a real biological illness that can almost be contagious among groups of people. >> we have seen examples of this in the past. >> the shining example is near the beginning of psychological is hysteria where woman would come in blind and unable to walk. their bodies were speaking for them. this is one possibility. >> one possibility. but we don't know until it is
7:20 pm
fully investigated. >> yes. >> i want to switch topics. we have heard of women marrying men for money but what about a sugar mama? in recent years there has been a role reversal when it comes to marriage and making money. do you think that the husbands are threatened? >> 25% of american marriages the woman is the primary breadwinner. what we are seeing is an unprecedented rise of women. for every two men that graduate college will there will be three women. women make up the bulk of the work force. and new york, chicago and l.a., chicks are making more than the dudes. >> how do -- this is a weird question to ask how can a man find his identity in society? >> men are going through an identity crisis. my advice to men is step up the
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protection and that might take the form of running the family finances. you can invest it and help it grow and find identity through that. and women like men taking on the gender roles in the household. >> it is evolving. but sometimes through a crisis you grow. >> exactly. >> i want to turn to the story from new orleans. a man in new orleans was shot and killed after trying to save a woman whose car was being carjacked. why would someone run into a dangerous situation like that? is it a gut reaction? >> it is empathy and compassion that trumps any voice that says save yourself first. paramedics, police officers have it. plenty of people jump in and risk their own lives. people who donate organs are
7:22 pm
heroes in their own way. it's an ability to have compassion for somebody else. >> my natural instinct is to run in the direction to help. some people freeze and some turn the other way. what should you do in a crisis like this? >> people react to stress in different ways. if there is anyone there to be helped your first reaction should be to help those people. unfortunately this gentleman lost his life. >> nice to see you here in the studio. >> love being here in the mother ship. >> we see dr. wendy here all the time and on "the doctors." are visitor yule classrooms the future? who better to ask than steve perry. he will join us live right after the break. there he is live smiling live in the cube. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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it seems kids do everything online these days, socializing, playing, listening to music. what about going to school online. can classes over the internet be
7:26 pm
as effective as classes in a brick and mortar school? we look at getting a full-time visitor yule education. >> reporter: catalina is dancing four days a week up to eight hours on fridays when most everest is graders would be at school. she goes to school online. >> sometimes i study in the morning and do a few classes and then go to ballet for three or four hours and come back home and do more. >> reporter: we sit in on an algebra class. >> c was the correct answer. fantastic. >> i'm trying to check for understanding saying do you agree with me? they can put an emoticon next to their face. i agree, smile, confused face.
7:27 pm
that type of thing. >> students use their keyboard or a mic to ask questions. an estimated quarter of million students were enrolled in full-time online schools last year. a 25% increase. some parents choose the online schools because their children are struggling. >> state testing data shows that virginia visitor yule academy students didn't perform as well as brick and mortar schools and many were behind grade level when they joined. supporters and critics say how well they work depends on the child. for cat rena it's the right choice. >> i always wanted to be like a mouse in the nutcracker. i also want to be a fairy in sleeping beauty. and we're talking about education there no better the
7:28 pm
turn to than steve beery. this is his latest book, "push has come to a shove" i expect him to sign this copy for me. you have great information about education and students. you saw the report. some people like the visitor yule schools. others don't. what do you think? >> for some opportunities it's the best way to go to school. children need choices. and for a lot of children they get a lot from the one to one that comes from an online experience. i have seen both college and primary school students all the way down to primary school in visitor yule classrooms. my two sons do that. >> the access for that. that's great. but does it work for every student? >> nothing works for every student.
7:29 pm
we try to force feed the same type of education for all children. that's not what it is. what we have now is not just a reform movement but a renaissance. so many options are presented to children which for families is just what we want. many families who have one, two, or three children they recognize from child to child there is a difference. and sending that child to the closest school to their house is not the best answer. >> it's an option. >> is it. >> i'm going to move on. i'm not sure if you have seen this video. these teenagers gang up on this kid. it is a kid -- and the kid -- one has been charged as an adult and is in jail now. eight kids have been charged i should say. this video is amazing. does this thing surprise you? >> not. >> really? >> not at all. >> unfortunately it is too
7:30 pm
common. what happens is the typical bullying has gone to a whole different level. you get a kid with a phone and no good sense and they videotape these things. what you see is this is an indication not just of the child who are being hurt but the children around them. to cause such harm to someone else you cannot love yourself. >> as you are talking and they are kicking this kid in the face and in the head -- i don't understand it. i don't understand it. >> what people don't understand things in the schools are so much worse than people realize. it's really bad in many schools. >> what do you do? we always say you -- hearsay re thing. home training it starts in the home. but what can you do to make kids
7:31 pm
feel safe? >> we're the professionals. we can create a lot of course home needs to play a role. but we have your children from six and a half to nine hours a day. we should play a vitale role in that. it's not one or the other. but it's my responsibility when someone says that some kid in a blazer is having a fight downtown we get in the car and go down there to make sure it's not one of our ours. >> everyone needs to take responsibility. it is called "push has come to a shove" get a copy of it and sign this before you leave. and to the audience your top stories are next. the occupy movement is back and has gotten ugly this afternoon in oakland, california and it appears that arrests are being made. you know what's exciting, graduation.
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very busy news day. a medical mystery out of leroy, new york. 15 high school students suffering from an illness that causes them to have uncontrollable twitching and verbal outbursts. erin brockovich is getting involved saying that a 1971
7:35 pm
train derailment caused a chemical spill three miles from the high school. she believes that the bedrock and ground water could be contaminated. police have taken some protesters into custody at a massive occupy oakland protest. the occupiers call this move in day. they are trying to take over a vacant building. but police moved to contain the crowd. we have seen smoke or gas floating in the air but it's not clear exactly what it is. we are following this story very closely. a 17th body has been found in the wreckage of the "costa concordia." efforts to remove the fuel from the ships have been delayed until tuesday because of bad weather. leon panetta is convinced
7:36 pm
that someone in authority in pakistan must have known that osama bin laden was living there. he talked about the raid on "60 minutes" and he wonders why no one was suspicious about bin laden's compound since it was surrounded by 18-foot walls and the u.s. kept quiet on the raid for fear that someone would tip off bin laden. it's the first major welcome home parade for iraq war veterans. hundreds of iraq vets marched under the sun in st. louis today. organizers decided to hold the parade after the end of the war last month. the parade gave them access to jobs and help to readjusting to life back home. the world said good-bye to it that james today and christina aguilera closed the
7:37 pm
funeral service with her signature song. ♪ >> "at least" a song about finding a true love. it that james. al sharpton read a note from president barack obama. she died of complications from leukemia last week. 73 years old and she will be missed. moving on now, a television news anchor accused of date rape. if that's not intriguing enough he is the son of new york city's top cop. the story is two minutes away.
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7:40 pm
welcome back. a former fox news channel anchor, a man on tv across new york, the son of the city's top cop accused of date rape. greg kelly was the co-host of "fox and friends" and now the co-host of a show on tv there.
7:41 pm
the nypd is so close to this they removed themselves from the rape investigation. but there may be troubling holes in this case. >> see the stories again. you know what i mean? it will never go away. >> are local morning tv news man greg kelly was not at the anchor desk this week, landing in the headlines himself after a woman accused him of date rape. kelly whose father is new york police commissioner ray kelly has not been charged. a woman reported the alleged sex assault three months after the alleged incident. that can make prosecution tough. >> in most cases it's a head said-she said. when you combine that with a late reporting you don't have photographs of injuries. you don't have a rape kit. you have no corroborating evidence. >> reporter: the woman told authorities she was star struck
7:42 pm
when she met kelly by chance and they exchanged text messages before getting together for drinks. she invited him to her law office and the two had sex. she was woozy and unwilling. >> knowing there was alcohol involved doesn't qualify to make you physically helpless. the police and the prosecutors will be looking at all of the circumstances. >> reporter: the allegation may be further harmed by her account to authorities that she and kelly left together and later exchanged nonconfrontational messages. former sex crimes prosecutor says that alleged contact may make it difficult to prove rape. >> she continued to communicate with mr. kelly by text and phone and that it was a social communication not an accusatory one. that's not helpful to an allegation that something
7:43 pm
happened against her will. >> reporter: the woman says she became pregnant and had an abortion. her boyfriend could not be the father because he had a vasectomy. her boyfriend confronted kelly's police commissioner father and accused his son of ruining his girlfriend's life. kelly's attorney says his client denies any wrong doing and knows the investigation will prove his innocence. >> one way or the other the investigation will prove whether there's enough evidence to press charges with two reputations at stake. susan cadiotti, cnn, new york. the debate over immigration getting heated among the g.o.p. candidates for president. we're talking to latinos to get their thoughts on the candidates straight ahead. specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full.
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let's talk politics now, shall we? mitt romney is opening up a lead over newt gingrich three days before the florida primary. romney leads gingrich 38% to 29%
7:46 pm
in a new poll. ron paul and rick santorum lag far behind. romney made stops in the panhandle saying that president obama is mishandling u.s. foreign policy. >> i'm talking about people like ahmendinejad and castro and chavez and other people who threaten the world. he opens a hand to them. he wrote a note to ahmendinejad the other week. can we get together for a meeting? the foreign policy of pretty please is not working well. >> newt gingrich deflecting poor reviews of his debate performances by pointing a finger at mitt romney's criticisms. >> you cannot debate someone who is dishonest. you can't. i can't debate someone who won't tell the truth. and that's just a problem. they stand there. for me to react as intensely as
7:47 pm
their statements require breaks up the whole room and makes it impossible to have a sivcivil debate. ron paul in maine working for the caucuses that begin on saturday. and candidate number four, rick santorum is at home in pennsylvania. he says that he hasn't given up. is he in jacksonville or pennsylvania? he says he has not given up on his plans for what has been reported that he is going to drop out on the race. he says he's not going to do it. that is a live look at miami, florida from wsvn. the voters will make their voices heard come tuesday in the g.o.p. primary. they heard from the candidates a few days ago at the cnn debate where it got heated over immigration specifically over
7:48 pm
self-deportation. the idea is to make life in the u.s. so bad for illegal immigrants that they choose to leave the country. it got personally between newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> i described following the law in this country i'm not rounding people up and deporting them. people who come here legally get a work permit and who do not don't get a work permit. and those who don't work will self-deport. and to use that rhetoric suggests to people that somehow if you are not willing to keep people here who violated the law you are anti-immigrant. >> immigration is a big topic at the debate. jennifer corn served as director of hispanic and women's affairs under george w. bush. and in philadelphia, raul reyes
7:49 pm
who writes about latino issues and he has been in the "new york times" and all over. >> jennifer some of the condos taking this self-deportation issue very seriously. but some think is it a joke and they laughed at romney's response at the debate. >> everyone is focusing on self-deportation that one term and what we need to focus on is that the fact we have a broken immigration system that needs to be fixed. and the candidates are talking about how they would like to fix it. >> a lot of work needs to be done. and raul, is immigration the most important issue facing hispanics in this country? what about jobs? what about education? >> it's kind of funny, definitely, absolutely, illegal immigration resonates with us. but when you do polls the pop
7:50 pm
issues for hispanics, the issues are the same as with other americans, jobs, economy, unemployment. we have the highest dropout rates of any jobs, unemployment rate, we have a third of latinos with either a negative net worth or net worth of zero. >> what does a gop need to do to win over latino voters? >> what the gop needs to do -- first of all, i'm a democrat. there certainly are aspects of the gop platform that are appealing that latinos. latinos are very entrepreneurial. we tend to be more socially conservative than other groups. the gop needs to maybe go back to its roots. when you look back it was president reagan who got amnesty for 3 million people. and the "a" word is absolutely out in republican circles these days. both president george w. bush and his father and for a certain time john mccain all supported comprehensive immigration reform and they to a certain extent did
7:51 pm
win some popularity with hispani hispanics. what the candidates now need to do, they need a course correction. they need to pivot on these issues. otherwise they're going to be so far from the hispanic mainstream that they'll doom their own candidacy into the main election. >> jennifer, sum it up for pups. >> -- up for us. >> i don't see it as doomsday. i think if they can articulate their message on jobs on the economy because hispanics have 11.3% unemployment, way over the a r average, they're dropping out of high school at a very high rate. as long as they engaged the community, they could get their vote. >> thanks to my two guests. it is a common debate for those getting married later in life. should you and your new spouse merge yosh finances or keep them separate? the answers to that and other
7:52 pm
personal finance questions next. i refer to her as "that woman with the great gums."
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74% of third marriages don't make it. terry savage, the author of the book "the savage truth on money" and a columnist with "the shug s -- chicago sun times." she joins us now. these are discouraging numbers. obviously you want to protect yourself. what should you do first? >> well, a second marriage or a third is a triumph of hope over experience. most of those marriages fall apart over money or over children from a previous marriage. here's something can you do tonight. go grab a glass of wine, you and this person you want to marry that you trust and love so much, go online and get your credit reports together. go to, it's a site the government mandates to give you a free credit report from each of the
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bureaus. do it safely and securely and share it with each other. are you surprised about the credit cards outstanding or student loans your fiancee might have? if you cannot share your credit records, how can you possibly expect to share your life? >> that's hard for a lot of people. they feel like this is my personal business, i don't want to let it go. most people have some kind of money plan. is this a no-brainer for a marriage? >> when you get into a second marriage you, probably have some assets, you certainly have built up some savings or some debt. you two need to sit down. people plan the honeymoon and what kind of wine they're going to serve at the reception and who's invited but the real issues are the things they leave till later that's a mistakes. you need to make a money plan. are you going to keep your money separate, keep your own names, keep your own accounts? do you contribute 50/50 or if
7:56 pm
one make more and the other, is it proportionate? there's so many issues. whose health insurance? should you both pay for health insurance? that can be an expensive thing. maybe you need to make a new will and change the beneficiary on your retirement plan. you want his ex to get his whole retirement plan? i don't think so. >> my dad died, my mom remarried and merging of assets, homes and that sort of thing in second marriages, it is a big deal, i know. some think this is a romance killer, though, a pre-nup agreement. how about that? >> people say i wouldn't want to do that, it indicates lack of trust. its awful lot easier to negotiate not only what happens if you split up to bu to the property that you have before marriage. can you do it now while you're most in love. you each need a separate attorney and you need to fully disclose your assets. but if you think it's tough now,
7:57 pm
wait till you see how expensive it is to fight it out with opposing lawyers. you may want to put things in trust each of you separately for your children or grandchildren. if it's a second marriage. but you need to consult lawyers separately. a pre-nup is a real good idea the second time around. >> it's like you know you got to get the blood test, got to get the license, so maybe you make a pre-nup a part of that as well as, as least the possibility of it. terry savage, appreciate it. >> thanks, don. >> always on duty. a police officer shopping at a store when robbers hit. this story is just getting started. the excited conclusion two minutes away. n spark romance an. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day so you can be ready anytime the moment's right, even if it's not every day. [ man ] tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity.
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two would-be robbers got an unexpected surprise. an off-duty police officers made her mark in denver. the sergeant interrupted them when they tried to stick up a walgreens on thursday. she was shopping when she saw the two men jump the pharmacy count are and shout at three employees. she put herself between the robbers and the women and fired a single shot, which missed. both robbers eventually rained off. she explained what she was trying to do. >> i want these men to think this may be a lone woman, however, this woman just may be christodoulo enough to shoot my ass. >> two sct


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