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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 30, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EST

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what's your end point? >> latina mothers, the swing vote group of this election, no gop candidate is talking to them. and more broadly, if mitt romney wins, is that the downfall of the tea party? >> is a great place to look at that poll you were talking about earlier. now to kyra phillips. we'll see you back here for "starting point" tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. happy monday. it's the top of the hour. we begin this hour with presidential politics. and tomorrow's republican primary in florida. the clock counts down, and of course the gloves come off. >> if you've ever tried to hire someone for a job, you look at not just what they say, but also what they have done. and what their record is. and his record was one of failed leadership. we don't need someone who can speak well, perhaps, or who can say the things we agree with but does not have the experience of being an effective leader. >> i am in fact the legitimate heir of the reagan movement. not some liberal from massachusetts.
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>> well, mitt romney has surged ahead in the race. and a win in florida could be pretty critical. cnn political editor paul stein haweshaus hauser is in tampa. >> we have four polls out over the past 36 hours, and they all indicate the same thing, that mitt romney is up by double digits over newt gingrich along people likely to vote in that primary tomorrow. take a look at the most recent out about two hours ago. you can see right there mitt romney with about a 14-point lead. 43% are backing him. 29% say they are backing gingrich. you see santorum and paul both further down at 11%. when you break that poll down, it's interesting. among tea party supporters, among social conservatives, these are the base voters for gingrich. but romney has the edge there. one more poll i want to share with you. take a look at this. it came out yesterday afternoon. american research group. and pretty much the same story. there's romney with an 11-point advantage.
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kyra, both surveys conducted after our explosive debate on thursday night in jacksonville, which was of course the final debate, the final showdown, before tomorrow's primary. kyra? >> and rick santorum. tough time with his daughter right now. what exactly do we know, paul, and he's back on the campaign trail, right, but not in florida? >> he is back on the campaign trail today. but father comes before candidate for anybody. and that is definitely the case with rick santorum. if you're not familiar, a lot of our viewers may not be familiar with this, his 3-year-old daughter, bella, suffers from a chromosomal condition called trisomy 18. very serious. she was rushed to the had not in philadelphia over the weekend. santorum stopped his campaign events and was at the hospital with her. listen to what he said last night on a conference call to supporters in florida and he talked about her condition. take a listen. >> she is on the mend and really miraculously on the mend. she went through a very, very tough time the last 48 hours.
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and this afternoon, she made really a remarkable turn, and just feeling so blessed. >> so because of that, now rick santorum is going to resume campaigning. but as you said, kyra, not here in florida. look at the schedule. missouri, minnesota, colorado, and nevada. today and tomorrow. what's up with those states? well, they vote next. all of those states go in early february. somebody else who's not here, ron paul. the candidate down today, but he'll be in nevada and colorado tomorrow. why both these candidates are not here? florida is winner take all. both candidates know they are not going to win in florida so they are looking ahead to the next contest. kyra? >> we'll talk more about that, paul. thanks so much. for florida voters, the economy is issue number one. the hard-hit state is still lagging behind much of the country in bouncing back from the recession. christine romans was in florida last week and talked to a lot of voters about issues and what's driving them to the polls. what did you find out?
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>> i found out that housing is still a really big problem there. can housing recover before jobs, or if jobs get better first, will the housing market follow? so people are hopeful for the future but still stick in a real problem for foreclosures. you have a 50/50 chance of being underwater on your loan if you live in florida, on your home loan. you have a good chance of having lost half of the value of your investment from peak to trough. one realtor said they are still looking for concrete answers, and that's been hard to come by. >> we need somebody to step up who's going to have a voice, that's going to say, this is a solution. and unfortunately there are so many different situations from why are they not making the payment, what's going on with the values. to me, it's the economy needs to pick up. the jobs need to be up. and it's not just the jobs. it's the higher paying jobs. >> and that's the key for florida. they need jobs, they need higher paying jobs. and they need a housing market to stabilize. kyra, i think that very few
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people are going to be able to vote in that primary on tuesday without having jobs. and housing right there with them in the voting booth. 900,000 people are unemployed in the state of florida. so these are very -- two key issues that romney right now is polling better on quite frankly than newt gingrich. >> what about other battle ground states? i know you have been looking outside of florida as well. >> housing again and again. you look at the battle ground states, they have major housing woes. in fact, five of the top six battleground states, you can see they are the worst housing markets. california is not a battle ground. but over the past year, it's how many prices are down almost 6%. arizona, michigan. still down. a little more stable, but they have had a horrible run. and florida, houses down about 3.7% in florida over the past year. so in any of the really important contests it is housing. in the voting booth, people have housing baggage. no question.
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>> tomorrow, you can join the best political team on television for live coverage of the florida primary. wolf leads the coverage. it all begins tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern, starting with john king usa. well, defense secretary leon panetta is creating international buzz. he says he remains convinced that someone in pakistan's government must have known that osama bin laden was hiding in that country. just a mile from pakistan's military academy. take a listen to what he said on "60 minutes." >> don't forget this compound had 18-foot walls around it, 12-foot walls in some areas. it was the largest compound in the area. so you would have thought that somebody would have asked the question, what the hell is going on there? >> pakistan was outraged that the u.s. carried out this raid without consulting them. what do you know about the rifts
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between our country and pakistan, and is it getting any better? >> reporter: well, there have been rifts, although things are getting better. these types of statements from u.s. officials like defense secretary panetta certainly won't help, especially statements that can't be substantiated. and it looks like that's what we have here. defense secretary panetta saying over the weekend he is convinced that someone in a position of authority in pakistan knew bin laden's whereabouts. obviously, the military leadership and the government has said all along they did not know he was there. deny the accusations. we should point out that in the interview, mr. panetta himself said, look, this is only my opinion. i don't have any facts to back it up. but certainly a man in this position, if he makes a statement like that, it's going to create a lot of buzz. and that's what is happening. we should also point out that the pentagon came out with a statement after this interview, clarifying what mr. panetta said, saying that the defense secretary said they are seeing
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no evidence that bin laden was supported by the pakistani government. the pentagon also saying since the bin laden operation, secretary panetta and his colleagues in the u.s. government have been working hard to improve u.s.-pakistani relations. so some signs there that mr. panetta and the pentagon are backing off from that statement in an effort to mend these very fragile relations between islamabad and washington, kyra. >> ressa, thanks. in syria, an activist tells cnn the government's crackdown on protesters has left streets littered with dead bodies and wounded. that video posted online supposedly shows troops opening fire on demonstrators in the capital. in recent weeks, hundreds of people have reportedly been killed, and now the united nations is stepping in. zain verjee is following this for us from london. what is going to happen this week? >> well, what we are hearing from opposition groups, first of all, is that they are saying
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that 64 people were killed in syria just on sunday. there's a huge amount of political pressure from the united nations on syria, as well as the arab league. now the arab league is saying they are leaving. there's too much violence, and they are pulling out their monitoring mission, which was supposed to protect people from more violence. there have been more clashes today in different suburbs outside of damascus. and many people on the ground are reporting that the government troops are cracking down and they have also cut off things like communications, water, and electricity. let me just give you an idea of what some of the newspaper headlines are saying around the world. the guardian here in the uk says this. hopes pinned on u.n. as fears of bloodier crisis grows. it says syria's uprising stands poised between intensifying international diplomacy that may achieve little and escalating violence that is taking events on the ground to a new and menacing leflt.
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level . you saw that in the video we just saw. and this from today's zaman. its the security council is paralyzed over syria, unable to agree not only on the extreme step of military force but even on lesser coercive measures like targeted sanctions and arms embarrass or oh referral to the international court. and finally, syrian people deserve better than al assad. it's incumbent on al assad to take the peaceful route and persuade his generals and other senior 2figures in the establishment that their regime is coming to an end. it seems that syria has made a strategic choice. the government has chosen a path and will push ahead with it. a lot of demonstrators were asked too, why are you doing this? are you going to keep being defiant in spite of the pressure from the government? and they said there's no turning back, even if things get tougher. kyra? >> zain verjee out of london for
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us. thanks. well, d.c. cops threaten to start arresting occupy protesters. they have been there for months. so why crack down now? we'll go live to d.c. and candidates making their final push for votes in florida. one key constituency, retirees. who is going after their vote? we're live in florida. ♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security a printed statement or receipt provides... ...with mail. it's good for your business. ♪ and even better for your customers. ♪ for safe and secure ways to stay connected, visit i want to fix up old houses. ♪ [ woman ] when i grow up, i want to take him on his first flight.
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in as early as 36 hours, we could know who voters in florida want to challenge president obama. retirees are a significant
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voting bloc in that state. who are they getting behind, brooke? >> reporter: well, let me just say this, and i think you as a fellow golfer would appreciate it. when you come to florida, where do you talk to retirees? the golf course. so i was rolling around on a golf cart all day yesterday in the florida sunshine, and i talked to a number of people. but i talked to one couple in figu in particular, and they don't even talk politics over dinner. the husband is a registered independent. he likes barack obama. says he's earned for another four years. but if he were able to vote, he would vote for romney. his wife said,or sorry, honey, i like newt gingrich. she says all kinds of candidates have baggage, what's new. she says he really speaks to new people and can unite both parties. bottom line, when you talk to these folks, we're talking 70s and 80s, they were born to be frugal and they say issue number one is the economy and paying down the debt. >> we have never been in debt, ever.
9:15 am
we bought our first automobile, paid cash. we bought our first home and we paid cash. >> joyce retired to florida from gross point, michigan, nearly 20 years ago. the mother of six calls herself a depression baby, meaning she learned to be frugal from birth. she has a little advice for the younger or as she's dubbed them the spender generation. >> to take part of their salary and not live up to their full income, to tear up your credit cards. >> what do you mean by that? >> i don't think they realize when they are putting money onto a credit card how much it's mounting up. >> reporter: but there's an alarming disparity between her generation and their kids, the baby boomers, says this financial planner. >> today, with layoffs and things happening, people might have five or six jobs in their working life. they didn't save for their retirement. a lot of them don't put money in their 401(k)s. >> but why?
9:16 am
the economy is different. we're in a different place in so many ways. >> they can't afford it. they can't afford that $500 a month. >> reporter: they can't pay cash for their homes. >> no, they cannot. >> reporter: still, there are steps you can take now to live worry-free in your golden years. what three pieces of advice would you tell a 35-year-old today? >> first thing i would say is, you know, don't give up. persevere. the second thing is, you've got to find a career that you like, that you enjoy. and the third thing is, have a plan. you have to have a plan not only for your family, but also for your personal income and your personal growth. what you're doing today but also what you will be or where you're going to be in 20 years. >> reporter: i have to tell you, after spending even just 15 minutes with some of these amazing men and women i met on the golf course, it made me want to hire a financial adviser, first and foremost. and lay of the land this is
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beautiful tampa. downtown skyline behind me. and that's where mitt romney will headquarter tomorrow night where he is hoping given the latest polls we have seen, double digit margin, hoping a victory party. obviously, we are here in tampa for the next three days. live on my show 2:00 to 4:00 eastern, we'll be talking to bill mccollum, the florida chair for gingrich's camp here in florida. we'll talk to him about the gingrich strategy. and also you can't quite see it, but there is a pirate ship over my right shoulder just a little further down that way. so we're having a little fun, political pomp in the show, talking pirates and politics. see you at 2:00. >> thanks, brooke. checking stories across the country now, i-75 is back open after smoke from nearby brush fires made it impossible for drivers to see. 10 people were killed yesterday when about a dozen cars and trucks crashed into one another. police are now trying to figure out if those brush fires were man made. joplin, missouri, taking a
9:18 am
giant step toward recovery. the town was decimated by a tornado that killed 161 people last may. that hospital was just about the only building left standing, but now it's coming down because a new hospital will be built just two miles away. and in oakland, california, police using tear gas and rubber bullets to break up a massive crowd of occupy protesters. that group even broke into city hall and trashed it. about 400 people were arrested there. in washington, d.c., occupy protesters have been camped out since october, but park police say it's time to pack up your things and go home. brian todd is actually at one of the camps. brian, what exactly is happening there right now? >> reporter: well, kyra, there's been a lot of activity here since the predawn hours. scenes like this, people starting to pack up their belongings. at least trying to get them out of sight for when the national park service police start to move in here and maybe about
9:19 am
three hours or less. what we're told they'll be looking for are signs of bedding, personal effects, any signs of camping because that's the ordinance they'll be enforcing. the ordinance against camping in these public areas here. these protesters have been here since october. and now is the time when the police have said they are going to come in here and try to target the people who they believe are here on a, quote, semipermanent basis, i guess. but there are signs of that already. you have a lot of protesters gathered here. there is kind of an information center over here, where there is, you know, that's been set up for months now. so when that confrontation happens, we'll see who gets targeted. we are told this is not going to be a massive sweep. they are not going to arrest everybody and break down all the tents and move everybody out of here. but the protesters who are here say they have told us almost to a person they are not going leave. they are going to resist this. and we'll see what kind of confrontation brews here. there has been a confrontation already. last night, one of the
9:20 am
protesters started to go around and remove posted letters from the national parks service saying they essentially were going to move in here. when that guy did that, he was essentially tased by park police. and we're not sure exactly what has happened to that individual, whether he is in custody now or in the hospital, or how badly injured he was, but he was tased. he did drop to the ground. so that was a bit of an ugly scene here last night. again, we're told three hours or less. the national parks service police are going to start to move into this spot. we're going to see how much of a confrontation it is, kyra. >> we'll check in with you, brian. thanks so much. and we are just minutes from the opening bell on wall street. investors keeping an eye on facebook. the company is on the verge of a major move that could bring in billions of dollars. we'll have details straight ahead. and prince william adored by royal watchers every were. well, almost everywhere. protests over his new military post, next. [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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well, normally prince william is greeted by adoring royal fans. not so much with this next military assignment. cnn's max foster is watching this story for us out of london. max, history not working in the prince's favor on this one. >> no. he is taking a posting as an r.a.f. search and rescue pilot. it's fairly standard. they do go through this. and he wants to become a pilot, a fully qualified one. but this isn't any other ordinary serviceman. this is the future king of england. and the falklands, there was a war there of course nearly 30 years ago. going up to the anniversary. and it's become a big diplomatic
9:24 am
dispute in light of the anniversary between argentina and britain who were fighting over the islands years ago. britain says the sovereignty of the islands is nonnegotiable. argentina says they want to negotiate on this, but the british prime minister making it clear no negotiations on the islands. and actually, there won't be any change in the future sovereignty unless the falklanders decide that, and they are all mainly british. so the debate is whether or not there should be negotiations. britain saying there won't be. when it was announced about prince william going over there, kyra, argentina called it a provocative act, so lots of sensitive language and a former cn military man in britain said over the weekend if there was another war, britain wouldn't be able to fight it. >> all right, max. max faoster out of london. we'll follow the protests indeed.
9:25 am
appreciate it. well, facebook ipo. it may be one step closer. alicia taylor at the new york stock exchange. is it actually going to happen? >> well, that's the rumor. i mean, if i was a betting woman, i would say probably. rumors have been heating up that the facebook is going to file the paperwork needed to launch an ipo is go public as soon as this week. this is coming from the "wall street journal," and the timing is still uncertain. but we have been hearing that an ipo could happen this year. so it's not exactly unexpected. it is said to be certainly one of the biggest tech ipos in u.s. history, and among the top five ipos of the last 30 years. facebook is looking to raise about $10 billion in the offering, and that could value the company at about $100 billion. the company is only seven years old. whenever it does file the paperwork, we might learn a few things like what the ticker symbol could be, which exchange it might trade on. but for the moment, facebook is not saying anything. and so, therefore, we can't confirm it until it happens.
9:26 am
but rumor is, it could happen by mid week. >> ok. we'll follow it. about five minutes away from the opening bell. thanks so much. well, herman cain makes his endorsement, but does it really matter? we'll ask lz granderson and will cain coming up. oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ my sunglasses. people say i'm forgetful. ( car honking ) maybe that's why we go to so many memorable places. the subaru outback. love the road you're on.
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checking top stories now, 34 people were killed across syria today according to anti-government protesters. clashes between the army and the opposition forces continue outside the nation's capital. and a senior u.s. official says that an aide worker is now on her way home. somali kidnappers held jessica buchanan for three months. the aid group says that a crooked cop may have made her kidnapping possible. he shot president reagan in 1981. now another hearing for john hinckley jr. will start this
9:30 am
hour. his attorneys are hoping that he will be allowed to spend more time at his mother's home and that he'll eventually be set free. let's talk endorsements. how much do they really matter, especially from candidates that have dropped out of the race? jon huntsman endorsed ron rom. rom mitt romney. and last week, i tried to press herman cain on endorsement and this is what he told me. but when it comes to an actual candidate, who do you prefer? >> i prefer the american people. >> but he decided to wait until he left the studio and make an endorsement in florida over the weekend. figures. here's what he told cnn this morning. >> well, i made the decision because newt and i have been talking for the past several weeks. and when we finally -- when he finally understood the 9-9-9 plan well enough to say that he can give that some serious
9:31 am
consideration, that was the first point. >> lz granderson and will cain join me. i tried, guys. i think i asked the question four different ways. and i couldn't get him to do it. he obviously wanted to do it on saturday. will his endorsement help gingrich or not? lz. >> i am still laughing because i can't believe he's still trying to push 9-9-9. the guy is hilarious. after the stephen colbert incident, scenario, however you want to describe it, to think there are american voters who are waiting for him to tell them who to vote for, it's absolutely slap stick hilarious. >> i disagree. herman cain still carries an audience. i don't know how big it, is but it's still there. there are people who are really passionate about not only herman cain but 9-9-9. the question is not will it help newt gingrich. the question is obviously yes.
9:32 am
the question is how much. and i can't speak to that. we know that rick perry endorsed newt gingrich right before he won south carolina. we don't know how much that contributed to his win. but it doesn't hurt to have these endorsements. >> all right. well, let's talk about florida governor -- ok, lz. i have to get lz to stop laughing here. this subject matter, obviously. let's talk about rick scott. he made a prediction yesterday with our candy crowley on "state of the union." >> it sure looks like governor romney is going to win. >> all right. he was straight to the point there. guys, predictions for tomorrow's primary? lz? >> well, he really wasn't stepping out on a limb. >> no, he wasn't. that's what i'm saying. >> i think at this point, you know, i spent most of last week in florida. and i can't even remember seeing an ad put out there by newt gingrich's people. so i think it's a pretty safe bet that he's going to win, and he was smart in want endorsing
9:33 am
him himself seeing how his approval ratings as governor is one of the worst in the country. that might have been a kiss of death. but pointing out the obvious, pretty safe move for him. 4 >> i'm not going to give governor scott a lot of credit. a poll with a 10-point lead for mitt romney. i will make a similar prediction for you. yes, mitt romney will win florida. how about that? >> plain and simple. smart alec. all right, guys. we'll do this again. i promise. meanwhile, we're all going to be looking to florida, definitely lz and will. wolf blitzer, candy crowley, john king, all looking at the live coverage of the florida primary cnn tomorrow night beginning at 6:00 eastern. and a few surprise wins for the screen actors guild awards. oscar favorites missed out on some big help. show biz headlines are next. or what if we told you that ferrari borrowed technology from cadillac to develop its suspension system?
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another big night in
9:37 am
hollywood "the help" wins big. and kareen wynter has all of the details. >> reporter: it was a huge night for the cast of "the help." the entire group took home the award for outstanding performance by at cast in a picture. viola davis won for the actress in a leading role. and acthey've yeah spencer, she took home the best supporting actress. and it may surprise many folks that viola's first time as a leading lady. boy, did she shine in this role. "the artist" won best actor, and two of your favorites on tv, win for the second time in a row, "hot in cleveland's" betty white named for outstanding performance by a female actor in a comed, and the cast of "modern family" won as best ensemble for a comedy series. so the whole gang, sophia ve
9:38 am
garra, ed o'neal, on quite a winning streak. >> two of our favorites, right? >> yes. >> of course. now, actors always tell you that winning a s.a.g. means the most to them, right? talk about why that is. >> of course, because this is after all an award voted on by your peers. so it makes it extra special, kyra, for all of the stars that come out. the actors feel a sense of ownership of this show that you don't see at something like the golden globes, for example. and you can see the sort of emotion that really comes through during the ceremony as mary tyler moore, what an icon, she was honored with a lifetime achievement award. she got such a nice standing ovation. and so did her presenter and former co-star dick van dyke. but as for the oscar race, kyra, winning a trophy here for your film work is usually a pretty good indication you're at least a favorite for the oscars. last year, every film winner at the s.a.g. awards took home the
9:39 am
corresponding actress. that could mean thviola davis could upset meryl streep. but viola told me that her bets were on meryl. >> talk about stealing the spotlight, president obama singing a little al green. i know you're going to talk about that next hour. helping with a little record sales boost. >> you bet. you wait until you see what we have in store for you, kyra. >> we can't wait. >> it will be a good one. >> we'll see you next hour. well, he risked his life to save others. meet this 93-year-old vet who finally gets his purple heart 70 years later. also ahead, a connecticut priest who doesn't believe in turning the other cheek. >> any affront to somebody's dignity, to somebody's safety, is an afront to god.
9:40 am
>> with video camera in hand, he took on a group of local cops accused of terrorizing his community. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree ♪ ♪ side by side, one, two, three ♪ ♪ count the birds in the big old tree ♪ ♪ la la la [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. ♪ ♪ you and me and the big old tree side by side ♪ but if you take away the faces on the trees...
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snooimp they were cops sworn to protect the east haven community. but now the feds say they were known for terrorizing la tinos, excessive force that a local priest tried so hard to document.
9:43 am
he just wanted to end the discrimination. >> reporter: serving his parishioners is something that father manship takes from his office to the streets. >> any affront to somebody's dignity to somebody's safety, is an affront to god. and it required a response. >> reporter: so respond he did. long before four east haven connecticut police officers were indicted for systemically targeting and abusing latinos, he documented alleged abuse in his own backyard. >> what are you doing? >> a store security camera also was rolling in this latino convenience store when police ordered that some old decorative license plates be taken off the wall. >> i began to videotape what was going on, and then i was arrested. >> reporter: the priest's camera kept rolling on police.
9:44 am
>> is there a reason why you have a camera? >> yes. >> why is that? >> i'm taking a video of what's going on here. >> reporter: the store's camera shows what happened next. father manship is arrested, charged with disturbing the peace and interfering with police. >> he definitely played a critical role in helping people come forward and helping people really stand up. >> reporter: the fbi used manship's video to help establish what the justice department called discriminatory policing of latinos. authorities say more arrests are expected. east haven's mayor, who himself has been criticized for insensitive comments about the latino community, says he stands behind the police department. father manship's parishioners say they are blessed to have him speaking out. if it weren't for him, she says, he wouldn't know what to do. he's the best. >> this is not -- was not for us just simply about a few bad apples. this was a serious deep cultural issue within the police department that needed to be transformed.
9:45 am
>> reporter: among latinos, fear of police remains rampant. >> what is the reason you stopped me? no reason at all. because you look latino. >> my hope is that one day we'll have a police department in east haven that we can be proud of. >> reporter: the priest who holds an engineering degree and once designed brakes for a living now finds himself trying to put a stop to alleged racial profiling. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. checking stories across the country now, a university of utah student killed in an avalanche is remembered as an avid outdoorsman and thrill seeker. investigators say that the snowboarder slid 2,400 feet and buried under three feet of snow. it's the ninth avalanche death in the west this season. experts say the risk of additional slides could remain high all winter. it took nearly 70 years, but a world war ii vet finally receives his purple heart.
9:46 am
aaron farville was wounded in combat trying to help another soldier. he received his long awaited honor on his 93rd birthday. former president gerald ford's california home is up for sale. $1.7 million. it sits on the 13th fairway of the thunderbird country club. the fords built this ranch home in 1979 after leaving the white house. well, the super bowl set for sunday night. and this is the prize. the lombardi trophy. we'll take you to indianapolis for a preview. goodnight, outdated. goodnight old luxury and all of your wares. goodnight bygones everywhere. [ engine turns over ] good morning, illumination. good morning, innovation. good morning unequaled inspiration. [ male announcer ] the audi a8, chosen by car & driver as the best luxury sedan in a recent comparison test.
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and stories happening later today. at 11:15, first lady michelle
9:49 am
obama pushes for new rules that would expand the family and medical leave act. at 1:00, janet napolitano delivers her state of the american homeland security address. and then president obama will answer questions on google plus hangout. it will also stream live on white let's start with rob marciano for stories we are following. >> as you know that deadly car crash yesterday along i-75 was caused by smoke and fog. same conditions this morning. we'll go over why it happened and how long it will persist in the next hour. i'm barbara starr at the pentagon. nuclear inspectors on the ground in iran. how soon could tehran have a nuclear bomb? we'll have new details coming up at the top of the hour. and i'm mark preston in the cnn election center. things are getting asidic between mitt romney and newt gingrich on the campaign trail. and herman cain has made an endorsement.
9:50 am
thanks, guys. also coming up, the tea party movement. still deciding which gop candidate to endorse. primary h them decide? dana joins us next hour.
9:51 am
9:52 am
well, the countdown is on to the patriots facing off against the giants. can the super bowl, a rematch from four years ago measure up? hln's carlos diaz is live in
9:53 am
indianapolis with a preview. carlos, let's talk about how indy is getting ready for one of the biggest events in our country, no doubt. >> reporter: yeah, it's a little more than saying, let's put together a nice bean and cheese dip and have a super bowl. it takes years and years of preparation, millions of dollars, and ironically, the giants and patriots met in the super bowl four years ago and it was four years ago that indianapolis learned it would have this super bowl. so it's been four years of preparation, millions and millions of dollars, and i can tell you i grew up in indianapolis and spend a lot of time downtown growing up, and this city is so much different than it was 15 years ago when it was called india-no place because there's so much to do downtown. they have spent millions of dollars making this the world's largest tailgate party. and a big difference between this super bowl and other super bowls, is everything's centrally located downtown. they've ripped up the streets,
9:54 am
they've put everything back together to make it so super bowl-friendly for the thousands of fans coming in from all over the world. >> carlos, you know this is a place that knows sports. come on, if you want to see some of the greatest car races in the world, you go to indianapolis, right? they can do cars, they can do football. >> trust me. and they've hosted the ncaa's final four, the nba finals, the indianapolis 500. so they know their sports here. and what i'm saying is, about 20 years ago downtown after 5:00 p.m. was a ghost town. so now they're really ready for this big game. >> all right, well, the game pits two of the nfl's best quarterbacks against each other, right? which one do you think is more popular with the ladies? >> reporter: well, you would think it would be tom brady, but a new online survey says that married women, married women who were polled said that they'd most likely have an affair with eli manning. a majority of women polled
9:55 am said they would cheat on their husband with eli manning before tom brady because they liked his boy next door good looks and thought he would be less of a hot head than tom brady. tom brady is married to giselle, and manning married his college sweetheart from ole miss. that's one big victory so far for manning. >> leave it to you to turn a football super bowl story into what the ladies think about the quarterbacks. all right. well, now you talk about being from there. this is your hood. all right? i'm a green bay girl, i've got to talk about the lombardi trophy, a lot of history there, all-time great coach. >> reporter: yep. yep. vince lombardi, of course, with green bay. a lot of people are expecting the patriots, their favorite -- they're the team expected to raise the trophy as they didn't
9:56 am
do four years ago when the two teams met in glendale, arizona. we'll find out on sunday, kyra, and they're expecting it to be the most-watched tv event in the history of tv coming up this sunday. a huge audience expected from around the world on tv. >> all right. carlos diaz, we'll be watching, that's for sure. thanks so much. all right. about what? 27 minutes past the opening bell. how is it looking? >> not looking great, kyra, unfortunately, we've had comments out of europe particularly in germany where the finance minister says greece may not get a bailout if they don't get their finances in order. once again, the markets are taking their cue from europe and asia and focusing on another eu summit taking place in brussels. the dow down about .45%. both the nasdaq and the s&p are down about 1%. the uncertainty that surrounds europe is really what's going to be the focus of trade today with
9:57 am
very little u.s. economic indicators coming out. look to see the financials continue to be under pressure, particularly bank of america which is down about 2.5%, citigroup down about 1.5%, jpmorgan down 2%. again, the financials are under pressure because of what is not happening in greece. and that is we need to see a resolution sooner rather than later. kyra? >> thanks. the country of canada running for president of the united states. okay. a whacky idea for some, but not necessarily to the duo who thought of the idea. cnn's jeannie moos on the canada for president campaign. >> reporter: you're looking at the latest candidate for president of the united states. >> hello, america. it's us, canada. >> reporter: canada has announced its canadadacy. >> we've seen your candidates, and they scare the [ bleep ] out of us, so we're volunteering our country to lead your country. >> reporter: americans may think of canada as mountains, maple
9:58 am
syrup, and chipmunks -- >> why do we want to be your president? two words -- these guys. >> who's the president of u-becky-becky-stan-stan -- >> what's the third one there? >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> he was asking to have an open marriage. >> is as close to despicable -- >> all right, let's do it again. >> but who needs the republican or democratic parties when there's now? >> the canada party, america, but better. >> reporter: it better be a parody -- >> this is not an invasion, it's an intervention. >> reporter: by two canadian residents, an actor and a writer. >> reporter: us americans, you seem to be mocking us. >> if your neighbor's house on fire and it's peeling your paint, you can either grab some marshmallows or grab a hose. and well, we're here to hose america. >> we're here to hose america, i guess. >> chris canon, the writer of doing the hosing is a former u.s. marine and still an american citizen who plays
9:59 am
championship level frisbee. two videos with more to come tweaking the u.s. >> and we have the same problem you do wi-- >> the creators face the wrath of an american servicewoman. >> suggesting i put the video up my backside -- >> reporter: among the canada party's campaign promises, we will build the keystone oil pipeline, but it will carry maple syrup, eh? it's the republican race that inspired the parodies. >> are you going to keep talking? >> no, but i will. >> got all this stuff twirling around in my head. >> reporter: but they poke the president, as well. >> mr. obama, we're canada, and even we think you're too polite. >> reporter: at least if canada is ever inaugurated -- >> i barack -- >> reporter: maybe it will get the oath right. i do canada do solemnly swear to
10:00 am
faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. it's the top of the hour. thanks so much for joining us. we begin with presidential politics and the candidates racking up the miles. any moment newt gingrich is expected to step front and center at this rally in pensacola just a couple hours ago. he was at the other end of north florida. but gingrich appears to have a lot of catching up to do, fourth straight poll shows him trailing mitt romney by double digits. just a couple hours ago, quinnipiac released this survey showing romney with 43% compared to newt gingrich's 29%. ron paul and rick santorum way behind. gingrich
10:01 am
gingrich is sharpening his attacks. >> just think it'll p be very, very clear and increasingly clear over the next few weeks that this party is not going to nomination somebody who is a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase. look, it's not going to happen. >> cnn political director mark preston joining us here in atlanta. you know, it's obviously gingrich stepping up his attacks. what do you make of the polls? where it stands now, florida at stake. >> you know, a week ago it was all about newt gingrich. he'd come out of south carolina with such momentum. but we've seen that flip around in part because of strong performances by mitt romney and the two presidential debates. what we're seeing on the campaign trail is really a scorched earth policy from newt gingrich, really going right after mitt romney, calling him a liar, calling him liberal saying he's pro-abortion, anti-gun rights. but in turn seeing the same thing from mitt romney about newt gingrich calling his leadership into question.
10:02 am
it's getting nasty out there. >> now, herman cain, we tried so hard to push him to see who he was going to endorse. he came out over the weekend saying he's endorsing gingrich. bottom line, how much does it matter? >> not at all. and here's the reason. had he come out right after he decided to get out of the race and endorsed, it would have caused a headline. but at this point, a lot of people are saying who's herman cain? in the same way, who is rick perry, michele bachmann. the spotlight's no longer on them. >> and mitt romney, you know, definitely his debate skills have changed dramatically in the past one. >> and you know what it is? it comes down to this, he's being very forceful, sharp, and his answers are not dragging on. he is going right at mr. gingrich with facts, and we saw that in our cnn debate on thursday night. whenever newt gingrich would lob something at mitt romney, mitt romney would hit it right back to him and in some ways newt gingrich was unprepared for
10:03 am
that. >> threw him through a loop. >> and i think that's why newt gingrich some would say lost that debate decisively. >> thanks, mark. >> let's check in on the campaign trail, gingrich holds his rally in pensacola, romney is headed for another afternoon event, showing no signs of coasting as the front-runner, though. he too is ramping up his attacks as we talked with mark. let's go to paul steinhauser in tampa. romney had tough words for gingrich earlier today in jacksonville. tell us about that. >> he sure did. it's a very different mitt romney than what we saw in south carolina. he's playing offense now. he used to always go after president barack obama, of course, but now he's really saving a lot of his fire for newt gingrich and, especially about those debate performances. take a listen. >> he said after the first debate that he didn't do well because the crowd was so quiet, it threw him off. the second debate, he said he didn't do well because the crowd was so loud.
10:04 am
i think -- i think the real reason he hasn't done so well connecting with the people of florida is that people actually saw him in those debates and listened to his background, his experience, and they learned, for instance, that he was paid $1.6 million to be a lobbyist for freddie mac and they said, that's not what we want in the white house. >> reporter: we're here in tampa, that's the tampa convention center, that's where romney's going to have his hq, what he hopes will be a big victory celebration tomorrow night. >> rick santorum canceling his campaign events in florida. not quite sure what the status is of his daughter at this point. paul, what do you know? >> reporter: yeah, yeah, his daughter was rushed to the hospital in philadelphia over the weekend. if you're not familiar, bella's 3 years old, she suffers from a rare disorder, so santorum, of course, listen, you're a parent before a candidate, no doubt about that. that's why he was down this
10:05 am
weekend. but he did have a conference call with supporters, and here's what he said last night about his daughter's condition. >> she is on the mend and really miraculously on the mend. she went through a very, very tough time the last 48 hours, and this afternoon, she made really a remarkable turn. and i'm just feeling so blessed. >> reporter: now, the campaign says santorum will be back on the campaign trail today, kyra, but not here in florida, missouri, tomorrow colorado and nevada. and ron paul also not on the campaign trail here today. tomorrow he's going to be in colorado and nevada. what's going on? why are these two gentlemen not here in florida? well, it's winner take all here. all 50 delegates are up for grabs, but they they're not going to win here. that's why they're looking ahead to nevada, which votes on saturday and the other three i mentioned, they all hold their contests a week from tomorrow. santorum and paul, they're
10:06 am
looking ahead. >> and tomorrow, you can join the best political team on television for live coverage of the florida primary. wolf blitzer leads our coverage along with erin burnett and john king starting tomorrow night at 6:00 eastern. well, the head of the u.n.'s nuclear watchdog is expressing fresh concerns that iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. high-level nuke inspectors are o on the ground taking a look around. barbara starr tracking the visit. so barbara, what's the goal of the inspection? >> well, kyra, half dozen inspectors on the ground from the international atomic energy agency for that very reason, they want to look at iran's nuclear plants, the documentation, talk to people, try and figure out once and for all if iran is indeed pursuing a nuclear weapons program as the united states believes or is looking at nuclear energy for peaceful purposes as iran continues to claim. they need to get a look at some of these facilities to see what
10:07 am
type of enrichment is going on, what types of fuel fabrication. all of the things that might be nuclear energy, but there is widespread suspicion, of course, is going for development of nuclear weapons. and leon panetta saying, again, any development of a nuclear weapon by iran would be a red line for the united states. it would make sure that iran did not have a nuclear weapon. would military options be on the table? well, as always, the pentagon says nothing is off the table. but for now, they hope inspectors and sanctions can pressure iran to give up any nuclear weapons ambitions, but so far they haven't seen that result yet. kyra? >> barbara, thanks. and defense secretary leon panetta is creating international buzz. he says that he remains convinced that someone in pakistan's government must have known that osama bin laden was hiding in that country just a mile from pakistan's military academy. take a listen to what he said on "60 minutes."
10:08 am
>> don't forget, this compound had 18-foot walls around it, 12-foot walls in some areas, 18-foot walls elsewhere, a 7-foot wall on the third balcony of the house. it was the largest compound in the area. so you would have thought that somebody would've asked the question, what the hell's going on there? >> and there's a doctor that could face treason charges because he helped the u.s. gather intelligence ahead of that raid. earlier today, an official said a decision has not been made. and in syria, an activist tells cnn that the government's crackdown on protesters has left the streets there littered with dead bodies and wounded people. >> that video was posted online that supposedly shows troops opening fire on the demonstrators in the capital. in recent weeks, hundreds have reportedly been killed and now the united nations is stepping in. max foster is in london following that for us.
10:09 am
what will happen this week? >> reporter: all right, well, it's interesting, isn't it? and those pictures from sunday. a big development on sunday. the arab league which is meant to be monitoring the situation in syria has said that they're going to stop their mission because of the sharp violence, the local coordination committees of syria, opposition activist group says at least 64 people were killed in syria on sunday alone. we can't verify that because we don't have the same access as the activist groups. journalists don't have great access to syria. but certainly violence escalating without the arab league there, there's huge concern, heavy clashes in particular in the eastern area outside damascus. this is what the newspapers are saying about it around the world. hopes pinned on the united nations as the crisis grows. syria's uprising stands posed between intensifying international diplomacy that is taking events on the ground to
10:10 am
new and menacing level. a call on the united nations really to take control here. today's demand in turkey, the security council is paralyzed over syria, unable to agree not only on the extreme step of military force, but even on lesser coercive measures like targeted sanctions and arms embargo or referral to the international criminal court. and gulf news, syrian people deserve better than al assad who runs the country. it's incumbent on al assad to let syria take the peaceful route. and he should take initiative to persuade others that their regime is coming to an end. any decision is based on russia because it has a veto there, a permanent seat on the security council, and it wants the arab league to continue its mission. that's effective on what the united nations will do next. >> we'll follow it. max, thanks so much.
10:11 am
and coming up, the tea party movement still deciding which candidate to endorse. will the florida primary help them decide? we're taking it to dana lash. and one survivor says a scene was mass chaos. more than a dozen trucks and cars collide on a major interstate. man: my eltrill s king ban
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10:14 am
he's going to take part in a google plus hangout. it's a chat room feature that allows users to connect with each other via video connections, and the white house says he'll answer several of the most popular questions. the president held a town hall on facebook in the spring you might remember, and he had a similar gathering on twitter over the summer. well, one day away until florida's primary, and right now mitt romney is leading the polls, but not necessarily with tea party conservatives. cnn contributor dana joining me now. the leader of the largest florida tea party group has chosen not to endorse a candidate. why? and could an endorsement by tucker impact all of those undecideds? >> reporter: it could, absolutely, kyra, impact those undecided voters. this is the bittersweet thing, the double-edge sword. because it's such a large, all encompassing movement, there's a ton of different movements that are sovereign. i know there's been a couple of tea party groups in florida that
10:15 am
have endorsed newt gingrich. there were a couple of tea party groups in south carolina that endorsed him, as well, and different parts of the country. but really from my perspective and the group i'm with in st. louis, the gateway grass roots initiative, one of the really founding things of the movement is that you don't endorse candidates, at least i've always thought that, especially in a primary, you don't get involved and endorse candidates because it seems a little bit too close to being used by candidates. if a candidate really truly stands on the platform of the tea party movement and they've shown that they not only believe the things that the tea party believes but are willing to enact those in elected office, the votes are going to come. it really doesn't matter to me whether or not a group particularly endorses a candidate because, you know, voters are smart, they're going to be able to decide for themselves. but billy tucker from my perspective is really keeping true to the spirit of the movement. that's not to say other folks aren't because everybody's different. >> well, how about herman cain? that's right, he did the same
10:16 am
thing, he said i endorse the people and later endorses gingrich. so how much does his endorsement matter? >> it seems a little bit too little, too late. because if he would've done this a lot earlier, it would have had a lot more impact. to wait this far -- to wait this late into the game, especially a day before florida, i don't think it's going to have that much of an impact. now, if herman cain had done something like this in iowa, there would have been a lot more impact. now it seems a little bit of odd timing to me. >> so what are you paying attention on this monday, the day before the big tuesday night? >> well, obviously looking to see what groups do in florida also looking at other states, as well. florida's really huge, but it doesn't mean it's the end of the story. i don't believe in the theory of inevitability. so we're still a long way off from mr. inevitability.
10:17 am
so just watching to see what happens in florida. and see what goes on from there and see if this continues to be a four-man race or if this finally whittles down to two. >> dana, thank you show much. >> thank you. and at the bottom of the hour, we'll take you live to florida. which republican candidate will get the backing of one key voting group? the state's retirees. we'll take you there. rubber bullets and tear gas. police in oakland, california, arresting hundreds of occupy protesters in a pretty dramatic show of force. we'll take you there next. lord . sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i deserve this.
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10:20 am
checking stories across country. in oakland, california, occupy protesters burned an american flag less than 24 hours later, police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up that crowd. the group even broke into city hall and trashed it. 400 people were arrested. joplin missouri, took a giant step toward recovery. the hospital was just about the only building left standing, but now it's coming down because a new hospital will be built two miles away. and about 25 miles of i-75 are still closed right now one day after smoke from nearby brush fires made it impossible for drivers to see. ten people were killed yesterday when about a dozen cars and trucks crashed into one another. police are now trying to figure out if those brush fires were
10:21 am
manmade. rob marciano, you have been checking in on those conditions. what do you know? is it getting better? >> there's a couple of fires there. the biggest one has been contained but still burning. they've been in a long-term drought now, and some of these what were wetlands were so dry, the fuel's burning down feet below the surface. that's why the fires have been so long-lived. and the smoke has been inundating this area. this is satellite interpretation of where the smoke is, the lighter greens, the thinner smoke, but the plumes of more dense smoke around gainesville are quite prevalent there as of yesterday. now, as of an hour ago, i-75, parts of it were closed. they may have reopened it since then, but nonetheless, there's still a fair amount of smoke and haze with this. temperatures this morning were in the 30s, but above the surface, about 1,000 feet above the surface, temps in the 40s and near 50. that puts a cap on the atmosphere, all that smoke and fog down on the surface, that's why visibilities yesterday and
10:22 am
this morning were near zero in spots, but now temperatures are rising into the 50s. that will mix up the atmosphere and lead to better visibilities, also better visibilities as a stronger onshore wind. but the problem with that is the windy conditions with the dry conditions, as well, red flag warnings for much of alabama, southern parts of georgia and central parts of florida today. so fire conditions are going to be an issue going forward here. looks like that fire is contained but still burning. so smoke will continue to be an issue as we go on through the next couple of days. >> rob, thanks. sarah palin's urging florida voters to support newt gingrich, but it's still not a formal endorsement. our political buzz panel weighs in. people with a machine.
10:23 am
10:24 am
what ? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it ? hello ?
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hello ?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello ? ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. checking top stories now, 34 people were killed across syria
10:26 am
today according to anti-government protesters. clashes between the army and opposition forces continue outside the nation's capital. an american aid worker freed in a daring rescue in somalia is now on her way home. somali kidnappers held jessica buchanan and another worker from denmark for three months. he shot president reagan in 1981. now another hearing for john hinckley jr. is underway. his attorneys are hoping that he'll be allowed to spend more time at his mother's home and then eventually be set free. all right. time for political buzz. your rapid-fire look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. playing today's cnn contributor and democratic strategist, maria cardona, and tea party activist and talk show host dana lash. singing newt gingrich's praises yet again, take a listen. >> we need somebody who is
10:27 am
engaged in sudden and relentless form and isn't afraid to shake up that establishment. if for no other reason, rage against the machine, vote for newt. annoy a liberal, vote newt. >> rage against the machine. all right, guys, why not just endorse him? and if she did, how would it impact his campaign? will? >> it would be very helpful to his campaign. why not endorse him? why are so many so willingly to speak glowingly but not go and endorse him? there are some with an allegiance to newt gingrich. but i have to say, putting yourself on the side of newt gingrich puts yourself on the side of an audience that perceives him to be the purist, the anti-establishment. it puts you in line with a big audience for people quite honestly like me who are kind of sitting on the outside of politics and hoping to be involved with the audience. that's just good business. endorsing mitt romney is not good business. you don't get fans that way. >> maria?
10:28 am
>> i will almost never say this, but i agree with sarah palin on this, but i would actually change her tag line. if you vote for newt, i think it would actually be annoy the republican establishment. i've got to tell you, that's what we liberals want. we want newt to win. but maybe i shouldn't say that. so, yes, don't vote for newt, vote for romney. >> dana? >> i'm almost in agreement except i think that romney is the preferred candidate for the left. because you immediately remove the biggest arrows from his quiver when you want and go attack the democratic incumbent. i think she's spending her political capital wisely with this. she's trying to make the primary last as long as possible. the longer the primary, and i've gone back and forth about this, then you protect the candidate a little bit more from what's going to be coming from david axelrod and so on and so forth. and it does make the establishment mad. we don't follow in line with the
10:29 am
establishment, they fall in line, they fall in love. >> you don't, you're going past your 30 seconds. question number two. face the nation yesterday, take a listen to what the rnc chair said. >> in a few months, this is all going to be ancient history, and we're going to talk about our o own president who is abandoning ship here in the united states and more interested in campaigning than doing his job as president. >> what did you just say? what did you call president obama? >> i called him captain skitino, you know, the captain that fled the ship in italy. that's our own president that's fleeing the american people and not doing his job and running around the country and campaigning. >> guys, did that comparison cross the line, maria? >> yeah, absolutely it crosses the line, but i'm not surprised. i think republicans are very nervous and afraid about what this primary's doing to them because they're focused on bloodying and knocking each other out as opposed to focus to
10:30 am
what they're going to do for the american people when president obama is out there talking about creating jobs, talking about already created more than 3 million jobs and protecting the middle class and workers as opposed to republicans who the only person they're going to protect are the top 1%, millionaires, billionaires, and corporations. that's what this election will be about. >> will, that comparison, did it cross the line? >> maria packe so much into that answer, i don't know how to start. that metaphor probably did cross the line. this is an accident where people died and i think he got a little careless making that loose analogy. but we kind of are a little bit of a collective outrage society. we're looking to be offended, victimized. i think it probably crossed the line, but i'm not going to join in the crowd in saying everything's so terrible. >> it was a weird analogy for him to make there. and obviously you don't want --
10:31 am
president obama hasn't killed anyone to my knowledge, so i'm not quite sure that would be to make that. at the same time, there are people out there who look at the president and see him going on vacation or they see him playing golf and that's something -- i'm not a water carrier for george bush, but he stopped playing golf at this point. there are people who may get the impression that the president cares more about campaigning. >> and maria's right, bloodying the candidate, that's right. >> buzzer beater times, guys. conservative talk radio host laura ingraham fesses up that president obama's got some game. take a listen. >> barack obama who i saw last night wow a huge crowd in washington state dinner, yeah, i mean, a bunch of us sitting next to each other, very prominent conservatives, former bush cabinet members, we're looking at each other going, i don't know if mitt romney can beat him. >> really? >> it was -- he's got to bring
10:32 am
his "a" game. and it can't be the thing he's doing with gingrich, because his operation is really smart. they're going to run a tough campaign. >> what do you think? can romney beat obama? dana? >> i don't think the republican establishment or mitt romney has the brass or fortitude to go after barack obama in the way they're going after newt gingrich. >> maria? >> i have to agree with dana on this. i don't think that romney can beat obama. i don't care anybody on the republican side can beat obama. they haven't found a candidate who can be competitive going into this election. >> yes, mitt romney can beat president obama. but that's not even the appropriate question right now. it's who has the best chance to beat president obama. and quite clearly mitt romney has the best chance to beat president obama over his competitors like gingrich and santorum and paul. >> dana, maria, will, thanks, guys. >> thanks, kyra. well, as early as 35 hours,
10:33 am
we could know who voters in florida want as their republican nominee to challenge president obama. retirees are significant voting block in that state. our brooke baldwin is there. who are they getting behind? >> reporter: you know, i spent my whole day in a retirement community on the golf course yesterday and i seemed to hear the names of two candidates. let me throw some numbers on you as in 72, not to rub it in, but it'll be a balmy 72 degrees in tampa, and that's the reason why show many in the 65 and older crowd decide to retire here to florida. 17% of the florida population is comprised of that 65 and older crowd, but that's much bigger when it comes to those who vote in a republican primary. back in 2008, 33% of those republican primary voters were, again, the 65 and older crowd. they know every vote counts, and it seems split on the golf course. they either like mitt romney or newt gingrich. take a listen.
10:34 am
>> so who are you liking? >> newt. >> so talking about newt gingrich, were you cringing earlier? >> no. i'm not cringing. >> you're not cringing? >> no, i think reality is that because of the divisiveness of the party, i think obama's unbeatable. >> i would like them to say what they would do for our country and then they're on policies and how they would handle different things and how they would run the country. instead of getting into each other's baggage. >> and you know, kyra, one out of texas never heard once anyone talk about ron paul. not really a player here in florida. no one mentioned ron paul yesterday. >> jan made it clear she's tired of the baggage and these candidates getting into each other's, i guess, not so good details. what details do they want to
10:35 am
hear? what issues are most important to them? >> reporter: yeah, i mean, i think if you talk to older folks, younger folks, people are sick of the back and forth negative campaigning. they want to hear the solutions. so specifically among the older crowd, not surprising, they want to hear a lot more about health care, but they also want to hear a lot more about how we plan on paying down our country's debt and also the economy and, you know, i was in a very nice retirement community yesterday. they essentially are the men and women who we all sort of el emulate. but it's their kids, grand kids, and in some of the cases their great grand kids because they're facing foreclosure, out of work, and they're very concerned about the younger generation they say it's just not fair. kyra? >> thanks. and tomorrow, you can join the best political team on television for live coverage of the florida primary, wolf blitzer leads our coverage along with erin burnett, candy crowley, and john king beginning
10:36 am
at 6:00 eastern here on cnn. and a former president's home goes up for sale. we'll take you inside to see what nearly $2 million can buy. and this -- ♪ i'm so in love you >> president obama's not the only one in love. find out why record sales are soaring for al green next. day . a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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all right. some oscar favorites. lost out on big wins last night. but everyone seemed to go home happy. right? >> that's right, kyra, the cast of "the help" really cleaned up on sunday. >> and the actor goes to the cast of "the help." >> kyra, the entire group took home the award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture. viola davis won for outstanding performance as an actress in a leading role, and octavia spencer took home the trophy for supporting actress. also in the film category, "the artist," he won for lead actor in a movie. alec baldwin, he took home a trophy for the sixth year in a row as outstanding actor in a comedy series. betty white for the second time for outstanding performance as a female actor in a comedy and the
10:40 am
cast of "modern family" won as best ensemble for a comedy series. winning a s.a.g. award is an indication you're a favorite for the oscars. last year every film winner took home the corresponding oscar. so a lot of favorites, a lot of big faces to watch out for, kyra. >> i'll tell you what, a number of people in the biz happy with the president of the united states. looks like he should maybe, i don't know, cut this song, make a little extra money, help out a friend. >> right? well, the president he can thank the president for this, kyra. let's take a look and listen at what happened when president obama decided to take on one of al green's hit songs "let's stay together." let's listen. ♪ i'm so in love with you
10:41 am
>> president obama turning up the charm. according to billboard magazine while sales of the song shot up, get this, almost 500% in the week after the president released his version, that's huge, that's around 16,000 down loads, kyra, of the song, and doesn't count the millions of people who viewed this version on youtube. green has publicly approved of the president's version of course saying the commander in chief nailed it. nothing like getting the president's stamp of approval, kyra. >> exactly. >> people listening to it over and over and over again. he needs to, you know, get the president onboard to sing a couple more of his songs. >> that may be in the works. >> exactly. kareen, thanks. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, see it every night, "showbiz tonight" 11:00 eastern on hln. we rely on our reporters to be hour eyes and ears when news breaks, and we hope you'll take part in a new initiative called "i am america."
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country. a university of utah student killed in an avalanche is remembered as a thrill-seeker. investigators say the snowboarder slid 2,400 feet down a slope and buried under 3 feet of snow. his death marks the ninth avalanche death in the west this season. and the risk of additional slides could remain high all winter. it took nearly 70 years, but a world war ii vet finally received his purple heart. aaron narville was wounded in combat while trying to help another soldier. he received his long-awaited honor on his 93rd birthday. gerald ford's home is up for sale, $1.7 million. it sits on the 13th fairway of the thunder bird country club. the fords built this home in 1979 after leaving the white house. don't forget, tomorrow is an all-important republican primary in florida, and for voters there, the economy is issue one.
10:46 am
the hard-hit state is still lagging behind much of the country, though, in bouncing back from their session. and christine romans was in florida last week, got a chance to talk to voters about issues that are driving them to the polls this year. christine, what do you think? what are people saying? what's the most important? >> housing and jobs and jobs and housing. what comes first? they both need to happen together. for a lot of people they talk to in florida, they're not seeing that happen quite yet. 9.9% of the unemployment rate, that's a problem, more than half of the people unemployed have been unemployed for six months or longer. home prices have been cut in half since the peak. and you've got a 4 in 10 chance of being under water on your loan. that means you owe more on the house, on the mortgage than the home is worth. although, we did talk to experts. experts there who are saying, you know, even people on the ground say it feels really terrible in the housing market. they're seeing these tiny signs that maybe, just maybe a turn
10:47 am
could be coming. listen. >> yeah, i did a study going back to the '60s. and times when it's this affordable, five years hence prices have easily gone up significantly. i don't know this is so unusual and so rare, but this is such a good sign that housing prices will go up in the future. >> so mortgage rates are really low, but a lot of the buying is cash buying, people from brazil, people from china, investors from this country who are buying homes in florida, you still have a lot of backlog of foreclosures and alike. but the experts are saying they feel as though we'll be looking back and there'll be a turning point, close to a turning point for florida. >> what about other battleground states? housing an issue? where else? >> it is. it is. and that's what's so interesting, kyra. when you look at most of the battleground states, you see they happen to be some of the worst housing markets in the country. nevada is one of them, michigan is one of them. florida is one of them.
10:48 am
over and over again, this is going to be an issue that the candidates are going to have to deal with, but also the voters will be taking with them into the voting booth because housing is this fundamental problem for many of these states. and until housing and jobs come back, i mean, the retail voter, the person walking in and casting a vote is probably knows somebody or they themselves are having trouble paying their bills. >> christine, thanks. and tomorrow join the best political team on television for live coverage of the florida primary. wolf blitzer leading our coverage. erin burnett, anderson cooper, candy crowley, all begins here on cnn, 6:00 eastern time. and it's time to worry about what's in the orange juice that's you're drinking. the fda is detaining shipments now of foreign o.j. because tests have found a banned fungicide. ( whirring and crackling sounds )
10:49 am
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stories happening later today. at 11:15, first lady michelle obama pushing for new rules that would expand the family medical leave act. at 1:00, janet napolitano with her state of security address. and at 5:30, president obama answers questions live on google plus hangout. it's also going live on and first brazil, now canada. the fda is detaining shipments of orange juice from both countries in order to run more tests. some contain a fungicide banned in the u.s., though not in high enough levels to cause a health concern. five orange juice shipments from brazil and six from canada tested positive for this fungicide.
10:52 am
tests on domestic manufacturers are still pending. and coming up in the next hour of "cnn newsroom," the showdown between the occupy movement and the authority. it's heating up again. we'll go live for the latest standoff. and later, a survivor of the deadly pile-up in florida speaks out. that's all straight ahead when the "newsroom" continues. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours...
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10:55 am
all right. dow industrials down about 100 points to start the day. not looking so good, felicia. >> yeah, not on this monday, the beginning of the trading week. markets are basically taking their cue from europe and asia. and the problem, of course, still being the concerns over greece and whether or not it could possibly default. the concern now is that things that -- the talk, the negotiations, the discussions have gone on for so long that the increases the likelihood that something could happen like
10:56 am
a default in the near term. unless they are able to get their finances in order. we heard from the german finance minister. and that set off the pressure beginning in asia, europe, and the united states. the dow right now up .75%, the nasdaq down about .66%. the other big concern in the market is again, how the financials are going to be affected if there is any kind of fallout out of greece. under pressure particularly is bank of america shares down about 3% right now. that's also on a downgrade from goldman which has now rated as neutral. citigroup is off 1.75%, the banks are getting further hits over those concerns, deutsche bank is around 4/5 percent. clearly we'll be under some pressure on this monday of trading session. and florida's republican primary is tomorrow, but ron paul isn't campaigning there, in fact, he skipped the state this weekend and headed north.
10:57 am
mark preston with us. what's the deal? >> you know, if ron paul sees that his path to the nomination is not through florida, he says it's too expensive to campaign down there, in fact, what he's going to do is go to caucus states. we've seen him over the past couple of days not in the warm confines of miami or tampa, he's been up in maine campaigning up there, which has just started their caucus process. where will he be on election night? primary night? out west in colorado. because there's also a caucus out there. now, the most interesting thing that has come out of this interview yesterday with candy crowley on state of the union, ron paul says he's going to stay in the race until the republican convention. and when asked if he could support one of those other candidates, kyra, he said it would be hard to. >> okay. more to follow. meanwhile, the president of the united states sure taking advantage of social media, isn't he? >> yeah, somebody who really capitalized on it back in 2008 and helped propel his campaign, well, president obama is continuing to do that.
10:58 am
what we'll see today is he's doing an online chat with google plus and with youtube. there's been over 200,000 questions that have been submitted to this online forum where he's going to take questions, but what's interesting about this is that the questions aren't going to be vetted by you or by me or any journalist, they'll be vetted by the white house. i wouldn't expect any hard questions lobbed at president obama. >> i can't keep up with all of this technology. i had to study up on google plus today. how about you? >> i can tell you what, i understand twitter, i kind of understand facebook, i don't understand google plus. >> i'm glad -- hey, i'm old school too. >> give me a typewriter. >> mark, thanks -- oh, wow, back to college days there, mark. thank you so much. we'll be talking a lot more oshl obviously tomorrow. all right. isha in for suzanne today. >> good to see you kyra, mark. it's a good morning and a lot to talk about. >> take it away.
10:59 am
live from studio seven, i'm isha sesay. let's get you up to speed this monday, january 30th. a news conference is about to begin with the mayor of east haven, connecticut. sources tell us the mayor will announce the police chief plans to retire. last week the fbi arrested four of his officers for alleged racial profiling of latinos. came under fire for making a flippant comment about eating tacos when asked about improving the town's relationship with latinos. we are just one day away from the biggest prize so far in the presidential race. and the closer we get to the presidential primary, the hotter things get between the candidates. romney said gingrich is busy making excuses for his performance in the last debate. >> i think the real reason he hasn't done so well connecting with the people of florida is that people actually saw him in those debates and listened to his background, his experience


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