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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 5, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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i'm don lemon, you're in the "cnn newsroom." new developments in washington state where authorities have just confirmed that the victims in a home explosion are in fact josh powell and his two young sons. you'll remember his wife, susan powell cox, went missing back in 2009. he has been the lone person of interest in her disappearance. i'm going to talk with holly
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hughes here in just a minute, a criminal defense attorney. but first i'm joined on the phone by pierce county sheriff spokesperson ed troyer who has new information for us. what do you know, mr. troyer? >> well, at 12:15 this afternoon there was report of a fire. a social worker was bringing the kids for a visit with josh from foster care network and she dropped them off as she of before. within this particular occasion he lock her out and within minutes the home was within flames. burned very hot and fast, fire department was there in a few minutes and unfortunately when they got in there they found three bodies, the two children and josh. we believe it is the three of them an they're all deceased. we need to confirm that with the medical examiner's office but there's nothing that tells us it is anybody else but the three of them. he's since sent out e-mails and texts, we understand, admitting
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his complicity in what happened today. this is just not how we wanted it to end. >> i have to ask you this, mr. troyer. this is not cnn's reporting so i'm reading the information now from an e-mail that i've got -- there was an e-mail that went out supposedly from josh powell that said "i am sorry, good-bye," and as you were saying -- can you tell us about that? do you know anything about that? >> well, we have that e-mail. it's been forwarded to us as well. we're still investigating what the source of that e-mail is. there's nothing that tells us it wasn't from him and the probability is that it is. but we still have part of this fire burning. it burned so hot, they're still putting it out. our arson people are doing what they can but detectives are checking whether that e-mail came from him or not. the probability is that it is
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from him because what happened is exactly what happened here. this fire was intentionally set. and it burned very hot. worry we're lucky that nobody else was hurt, it is just unfortunate that the two boys were involved in this and he took them with him. >> i can imagine. as well as for viewers who were watching, it's been going on for a long time. police trying to figure out what happened with susan powell. there's also reporting -- again not cnn -- saying josh was upset after being ordered to undergo a psycho sexual evaluation recently. >> there were court hearings this last week and he was trying to do custody and it was determined the kids would stay with susan's parents and that he needed to go through some different type of evaluations, counseling. but the supervised visits were to continue and there was no warning or he has not told anybody that this is part of the
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plan or was going to do this. the kids have been here for visits before without a problem. this is all on him. he set this up. he did it. he is the one who started the fire. and didn't tell anybody. we're in fact now informing his parents. i'm sure a lot of family members, people are learning this from the media because it became so big and so -- such a big incident so fast that it was reported what was going on here before we were able to notify everybody. >> you just spoke to his family to let them know. >> yeah. we've spoke to all the family and utah police, west valley and everybody that we can to let them know what's going on. it is their case. we've been in support with them on the josh powell case and through that obviously arrest's josh's dad here for what everybody knows was all the child pornography and we were continuing to work that with the help of the west valley. the west valley police department has put so much work into this and our guys are just devastated here and our detectives that have worked with
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them that it ended this way. >> so as far as you know, it is just one e-mail with the three -- i think it is a three word e-mail that you are aware of. did you say tweets? >> we're seeing the same thing you're seeing. we do have that e-mail. who it came from and how it got out there is yet to be determined. >> what i'm trying to figure out is what you've seen is just one e-mail because initially i think you said e-mail and text. >> what i said is i don't know whether it was an e-mail or text. i'm just seeing the writing, i don't know how it came to be. >> there's nothing that says anything about susan -- >> no, we have no information about that. if we do, that information will go to utah, it is their case and they'll be the one to talk about that. >> thank you. ed troyer, county sheriff spokesperson there there. holly hughes, criminal defense attorney, former prosecut prosecutor. the dad arrested accused of
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child pornography. now you have him with this and their belief, as he said, this was his doing. they believe he set this up already. >> it is an intentional act and they are basing it on the evidence. he was the lone adult in that house. he managed to snap the children inside, close the door and lock it so that the social worker who was there so supervise the visit could not get in. the social worker immediately reported i tried to get back in because i smelled gas, i was unable to do so. the next thing we know, big explosion. what this boils down to, don, is that josh powell hated susan's parents more than he loved those boys. because when he got ready to take his own life he took those children with him because they were the ones who had custody. and he hates them more than he loves those children and the saddest part is now we may know what happened to the two young boys but we will never know what happened to susan and that's the torture and that's a sick mind. that's a criminal mind.
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>> what you are he saying, you believe he knew something about susan's disappearance. >> absolutely. and i think because the children were getting older, because they were more removed from the tragedy, it's been about two years since she disappeared, i think maybe they were starting to verbalize. and i think maybe he was worried about what those kids were saying in the safety of xwragra and grandpa's house. >> this was a disturbed family. >> yes. there were a lot of reports that josh powell's father arrested for child porn had put the mofgs on susan, had made sexual advances to her, had even stolen her underwear from her drawer and she reported this, saying i'm not comfortable with this man, he makes me very nervous. what we are seeing is a family that had a lot of very disturbing patterns and now some criminal behavior on both of them. it's what we see. the father and josh powell. >> just because you can't have children doesn't mean you should -- >> that's exactly right.
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absolutely. >> all right. holly, thank you. we appreciate you, as usual. let's move on now to florida where hundreds of people on-board two cruise ships this weekend were hit with the norovirus infections. nearly 500 passengers aboard the ruby princess and crown princess ships arrived in port suffering from stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting. the response while the ship's crew got o mmixed reactions. >> no am dapccommodations made how horrible it was. nobody apologized. >> sometimes it seemed overdone. you had to stair lies your hands once you ate, once you sterilized it, they still wouldn't let you touch it. >> i think they did an excellent job. told you not to touch any surfaces. so that left me hugging my wife. >> norovirus spreads easily and crews disinfected the ships while cdc investigators searched
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for a cause of the outbreak. mitt romney wins the nevada caucuses but what's his ticket to winning the white house? we'll talk about the rumblings of a romney-rubio ticket. plus, scandal-scarred mega church pastor bishop eddie long is sorry for an and the many jews found offensive. we'll explain straight . when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] discover what's next in your life. get this free travel bag when you join at
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...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. here's a quick campaign catch-up for you. mitt romney took the nevada caucuses saturday. can anyone stop his momentum? newt gingrich who came in second still believes he can win the republican nomination. so, here's what he said today on "meet the press." >> governor romney's running a campaign that he thinks is right for him.
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i don't happen to think it is a very good thing to do. i'm very proud of the fact that the counties i carried in florida, the vote was up. the counties he carried the vote was down. in south carolina we set an all-time record for turnout. i'm going to be running a campaign of big ideas, big solutions. i'm trying to draw people into politics, not carpet-bomb them out of it. we just have a fundamental disagreement about the responsibilities of somebody running for president should have to the american people. >> political analyst goldie taylor joins me now to talk about the challenge for gingrich ahead. you predict that he's gone after super tuesday. he's gone after super tuesday when ten states have republican primaries. >> true. >> you think -- out of there. >> i think he's out of there in a traditional way. i mean mitt romney's goal is to hold him to the south. newt has this incredible southern strategy to hold those states. if he's able to do that and hold mitt romney under the magic of
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1,144, he it take him to the convention. this truly is the politics of revenge. and so he's exacting his revenge on mitt romney on the gop -- >> can he see it though? everyone is talking about it, republicans, democrats, everyone is saying he looks angry, he looks like he's out for revenge, that he wants to get back at mitt romney more than wanting to win the presidency. that's what our will cain said less than an hour ago. sfli think that's a huge part of it. i think in newt gingrich's mind he really is the savior of a nation, that he intended to be the leader of the free world so he's going to hang on. >> his downfall is he too negative, he does better when he's a cheerleader for the future and not the critic of the present. >> that used to be true about newt gingrich but today, he's neither good on the future or
7:14 pm
the president? moon blast? come on? >> let's look into the possible future maybe when there are colonies on the moon, whatever. mitt romney, senator marco rubio. is that possible? >> i think it is possible. given the cynicism out there, if you pick someone who balances the ticket, pick a latino, pick someone from south florida, then maybe you can balance the ticket a bit and give mitt romney son of those conservative votes that he's looking for. but marco rubio doesn't have the widespread hispanic latino appeal that many people maybe think that he has. cuban-americans are different ideologically than other latinos are so i think it is going to be problematic. >> already starting off saying we aren't jealous of the people when we drive through the rich neighborhoods, just saying we're going to join you soon. >> absolutely. >> bishop eddie long is back in the news and now he's issued an apology. the controversy when we come
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scald scarred bishop eddie long admits new video of him may be offensive but that was not his intention. a video from youtube shows him swathed in a torah as self-proclaimed rabbi proclaims him king. >> he's wrapped in the word of god. he's sealed by the blood of the messiah. he is sealed to come out with a new anointing.
7:18 pm
kingship within him, the power within him, he's going to come out. it doesn't matter where you go, nor how you try to attack him, can't attack him. he's sealed, wherever he turns, the pow er guards him. >> many of you know bishop long, mega church pastor in suburban atlanta who at one point had 25,000 people attending his services. then some young men from his church sued him for sexual coercion. that lawsuit was settled but this video is unsettling because many say it misuses the torah. >> it's very offensive. a number of people have reached out to me and said how offensive they find it. for a few reasons really. one is the referenverence we shr the torah. it is not something to be used or utilized in some way and to pronounce some kind of coronation ceremony which, well,
7:19 pm
frankly, just doesn't really exist is pretty deeply offensive. >> in just days there have been more than 600,000 views of the youtube clip. bishop eddie long just wrote a letter to the antidefamation league that starts with the words "i apologize." it goes on to say the ceremony was not my suggestion, nor was it my intent to participate in any ritual that is offensive in any manner to the jewish community. or any group. furthermore, i sincerely denounce any action that depicts me as a king for i am merely just a servant of the lord. we're back now with goldie taylor who is not just a political analyst but she's also a culture columnist. you know the community very well and his congregation. didn't take long for him to apologize. he did apologize. rabbi ravrl melph messer, the o anointed him king, said he was sorry in his saturday service.
7:20 pm
>> if you only watch that one 10 to 14-minute clip, you can walk away very easily to say, wow, who does he think he is, he's proclaiming bishop eddie long as king. i and bishop eddie long have already discussed this. we in no fashion, form or way are claiming for him to be a king. what we are saying though, we serve the king of kings and the lord of lords. >> okay. so what do you make of the apologies and it looks like according to him bishop long had no idea what he was getting himself into. >> i think the idea that bishop long didn't know what he was getting into was, frankly, laughable. as a theologian, he should know that a ceremony like this has no basis bib lilically.
7:21 pm
to wrap a man in favor and claim he is somehow absolved of all of the crimes that he's committed on this community against children i think is most unfortunate about this. >> doesn't the video speak for itself? >> i watched the extended version, unfortunately. and i'm a proud christian. a stirring in me hit so deep, it was so utterly offensive, that they would present a sermon that had no basis scripturally. >> let's talk then as just human to human people. so then if you are -- is this what jesus and the lord and christianity is about, this sort of ceremony and showmanship? that's the whole thing about bishop eddie long and mega churches and all that, that people have questions about. >> the christ that i've come to know is not a showman and so this kind of boisterous, grandiose showing of faith is certainly something that is
7:22 pm
ashued biblically. you have to ask what kind of influence are the people of the community under. he's stripped them of their wealth and of their trust. just a supreme lack of integrity. >> i'm just asking the question because i am a journalist. so don't say i'm biased. i'm just asking -- people wonder why do people continue to go to his church after all of that, why do people continue to participate when you see things like that, when you have the allegations and on and on and on? >> you can ask that about any cult leader in history, why do people continue to go. the very language "he tradrank kool-aid" comes from jim jones in jonestown. that kind of thing has been happening throughout history. i think biblically it says many
7:23 pm
may come in my name. >> this ralph messer says i have wrapped many people in the torah. never had this sort of backlash before. should jews be offenses? i -- we'll play it real quick. >> i wanted to bring honor to him. i wanted -- he called me on the phone and said, would you teach me as a bishop the torah. i said, yes, i would. he said, rabbi, will you mentor me. i said, yes, i will mentor you. >> should jews be offended? the rabbi i spoke to last night said he was offended. >> i spoke to that rabbi last evening, he was absolutely offended. what he was also surprised were some in the cyst community were equally if not more offended by the use of the word king as if some human person could be named a king in god's kingdom. so i think both communities are equally outranled by this, as they should be. >> what happened next out there? you don't know -- do you know? >> i think this ceremony was
7:24 pm
meant to relaunch newbirth and relaunch eddie long. clearly it failed so he'll have to find another pathway back. from thank you, goldie. that's very interesting, to say the least. remarkable, as the rabbi said to me last night. florida investigators identify the last three victims in last weekend's massive crash that killed 11 people. next a conversation with the aunt of a 15-year-old who lost her immediate family. but first, this on cnn -- at least 100 educators in georgia await their fate in a public school cheating scandal that may be the biggest in u.s. history. this and other cheating issues across the country have prompted the department of education to take action in an unusual way. officials are appealing to the public on ways to prevent cheating. steve perry shares his thoughts. >> i don't know that there's any particular way to stop people from cheating on examinations. the fact that the department of
7:25 pm
education would request our input on what should be done in our schools i think is the best way to do it. i applaud the secretary for reaching out to both experts, quote, unquote, and parents and other people in the community to ask them for their opinion on a way in which to solve a problem. i don't think that this represents that the government is out of options. we are the government. it's we, the people. ultimately, education is a local issue. so local as best served to the parents, students and faculty at that stul. so the government, as it were, the federal government, should ask for the opinion of community when it comes to the decisions that will impact their children. >> okay. i have some information for you so i hope you're able to write this down. if have you suggestions to help cheating in our schools, visit and search for
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florida investigators identified the last three victims in last weekend's massive pileup. 11 people were killed when fog and smoke from a brush fire
7:29 pm
covered interstate 75 near gainesville. smoke reduced visibility to zero. the interstate had been closed at one point, but the florida highway patrol reopened it just before the crash. at last check, eight of the victims, those injured in the pile-up, were still in the hospital. among them, a 15-year-old girl, georgia girl, who lost her immediate family in the crash. martin savidge talked to the girl's aunt who had to break that news to her. >> fredricka, the outpouring of support for the 15-year-old georgia teenager who was made an orphan as a result of that terrible crash on i-75 has been, in a word -- huge. her condition continues to improve but she still has a long way to go and i had the chance to sit down and talk with her aunt who has been at the young teen's hospital bedside. >> let me ask you first how is lydia? >> she's doing better around she's alive. >> reporter: and that, in the minds of many, is a miracle. lydia and her family were caught
7:30 pm
up in the horrible series of accidents that stretched a mile along a smoke-shrouded florida highway. this woman got news by phone early sunday, her birthday. >> was 4:20 in the morning on sunday when my brother-in-law called. >> reporter: in an instant, a family had been destroyed and it would fall to lucy ann and her husband to tell the girl she had lost her father, her mother, her older sister, her uncle. >> i know she's a strong girl but i never thought it was like that. just for talk to her and give the worst news we can give to her and how strong she was at the time. >> lucy ann showed me the photos she took of her niece in the hospital which, for legal reasons, we can't share with you. her face is swollen, black and blue. but it is definitely lydia. you did her hair?
7:31 pm
>> yeah. i brush her hair. i make her hair. polish her nails, too. >> even here you can see she's beautiful. >> she says it wasn't long before her young niece began to ask questions. >> the first questions she ask, where am i going to live now? >> with us, was their automatic reply. but adoption here is not certain. you see, she and her aunt and uncle are from brazil and have been living illegally in the u.s. keeping them all together, she says, may require a drastic and unwanted step. taking her back to a country for which she has no memory. >> if i have to move to brazil, i will move. whenever we can have a safe place together will be the best place for us to stay together. >> she says she hopes it doesn't come down to that. they've been in the united states now for 14 years an they
7:32 pm
love it here. they also say that lydia is an all-american girl. police in pierce county, washington police that josh powell and his two children have died in an explosion at their house. a case worker who dropped off powell's two children today reported smelling gas but said she was kept from entering the house. utah police previously identified powell as the lone person of interest in the disappearance of his wife susan powell cox. police said the last time he saw his wife was on a december night in 2009 before he left on a camping trip. after being slashed by a knife, a north carolina woman didn't panic. she calmed her attacker with bible versus. 32-year-old lindsey wood had just arrived home when a man walked into her house and slashed her across the neck with a knife. shelby police captain rick stafford explains what happened next. >> she offered her car up as
7:33 pm
well as her money that she had on her. she actually opened her bible and was reading bible versus to him, actually invited him to her church. >> an hour and a half later wood' attacker apologized and left. her injuries left her with at least 20 staples in her neck. at least nine people were killed when a bomb iing occurre near a police headquarters. a doctor at a local hospital said at least five victims were local police officers. afghan karzai called the explosion a cowardly act of terror. the pentagon is investigating the death of the highest ranking soldier ever to die in afghanistan. the brigadier general died friday in kabul province apparently of natural causes. the 49-year-old general was based at ft. hood, texas. he was deployed in afghanistan to assist the nato training mission. military helicopters are being used to evacuate thousands
7:34 pm
threatened by record floodwaters in australia and at least one tragic scene already from the flooding. a woman was swept away minutes after she was able to hand off her 7-year-old son. hardest hit is the eastern australian state of queensland. reports of a possible tropical weather system in february? jacqui jeras in the cnn severe weather center. what is going on with the weather? >> i know! this is crazy. it is early february and we are actually talking tropics. it is not tropical storm or even a tropical depression just yet but there's this cluster of thunderstorms we've been watching all weekend long. just keeping our eye on but now you have to talk about it because the national hurricane center has just issued a special tropical weather statement saying they're upgrading the possibility of this becoming more organized. it's been kind of trying to get its act together today and if it does so i don't think it would be a true tropical storm. it would become likely what we'd call a subtropical system. it is kind after hybrid with characteristics of both but the
7:35 pm
impact will be the same either way it slices. this is bringing in much needed rain across parts of south florida and will continue to do so throughout the next 24 hours. central or southern florida, that's pretty much what to expect. maybe one to three inches of rainfall here, broward county, miami-dade here, homestead, you'll get the heaviest of rainfall but we may even get good rainfall into several parts of florida. that's good news. all of florida is in some type of drought condition. much of south florida could use a good eight to ten inches of rainfall to make up for the deficit. we've had a lot of fires burning across parts of florida so any kind of rain is much needed. you're saying to yourself is this unprecedented, have we ever had any kind of prop cal system before in the month of february? well, yes we have and it happened on ground hog day back in 1952. it was a tropical storm, maximum
7:36 pm
winds around 50 miles per hour. take a look at the track that it took. very similar to what we're expecting this one to do. we'll keep our eye on it. don, back to you. residents of joplin, missouri, still trying to recover from the massive tornado that hit last year and part of that recovery comes in the form of a new hospital. we'll take you there next. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. mathis team of guinea pigs to ty boanso to save some y, d inea pig: row...row. they genatectry, wch le me rf t.
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after being destroyed by a tornado last year, residents are finally saying good-bye to st. john's hospital in joplin, missouri. a ceremony was held last week to break ground for a new hospital and to begin tearing down the old one. a cnn i-reporter takes to us a community trying to rebuild. >> i got gown to st. john's hospital within an hour of the tornado hitting. i had friends working there so i was worried. looking at the devastation all around and at the hospital building itself it seemed there would be a lot who didn't survive. workers were salvaging anything they could, any supplies they could from the hospital to treat the wounded. doctors and nurses were tending patients in the parking lot and there was already a triage center up and running. the scene was really surreal. in the middle of such a stressful situation i remember everyone was so calm, just
7:40 pm
taking care what have they had to do. that building that stood there these last 8 1/2 months looking exactly the same as it did that night. it is time for it to come down and for joplin to move on to the next chapter. normally they'd use implosion for this but that's not an option here because of the old lead mines under the grounded a the possibility of that disrupting nearby structures. demalati demolition is expected to take six weeks. >> this is just a way for us to say good-bye to the past and bring some closure to everything that happened in may. that building, unfortunately, while we have sentimental attachment to it, it is a sore reminder of what happened. >> the hospital will be named mercy which is the name of st. john's parent company and it will have two campuses and cost more than $950 million to build. opening date is set for 2015.
7:41 pm
they're still weighing options to what to do with the rest of the land but one possibility is to build a memorial museum. cnn i-reporter bethany carlisle scooty, joplin, missouri. coming up next, we'll meet a woman who dedicates her life to the safety of women and their babies. you'll see why she was chosen you'll see why she was chosen cnn hero of the year. it safe to get it? but what, so we should go broke with imports? look, i'm just saying. well, energy creates jobs. [announcer:] at conocophillips, we're helping power america's economy with cleaner, affordable natural gas. more jobs, less emissions. a good answer for everyone. we gotta be careful. it's cleaner. it's affordable. look, if it's safe, i'm there. [announcer:] conocophillips. ♪ a refrigerator has never been hacked. an online virus has never attacked a corkboard. ♪ give your customers the added feeling of security
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a new year brings a new group of cnn heroes. starting next week we will begin introducing you to the class of 2012. but first let's take a look back at robin lim whose dedication to the safety of women and their babies earned her the nickname mother robin. she was your choice for 2011 cnn hero of the year. >> congratulations, how do you feel? >> full of gratitude. >> did you think you might have a chance of winning? >> of course not. we've helped so many people since 2005. almost 113,000 people got free medical care and medicine. >> what does that feel like to start with one person, then slowly start to build the organization? >> i found that if you have a good idea, and do you it with love, a lot of people want to help you. >> it was a very personal loss that got you involved in this.
7:45 pm
>> my sister died, she was pregnant. this was 21 years ago. >> what was your sister's name. >> her name was christine. i feel like she really helps me. >> you carry her with you still. >> yeah. and i think i carry her baby, too. >> what kind of impact do you think this will have? >> the clinic we have in the tsunami zone. that one is really safe. the clinic in bali is falling apart. it is too small for our patient care. >> you are hoping to rebuild the clinic. >> we've been saving money for years and we did get a piece of land right in our village so we're ready to build and now we have money to begin. >> you have $250,000, plus $50,000 so $300,000. >> yes. that goes a long way in indonesia. >> what keeps you going in those dark days when you don't have money and when you don't have support -- >> some days i don't have money but i always have support. just when you think, how we going to pay the electric bill, there's always an e-mail is a that's we're sending mrn. it is just a miracle every day,
7:46 pm
just like birth. >> congratulations. i'm so happy for you and for the work you're going to do and the lives you're going to save. >> thank you. one way you can do more to help the world is by telling us about someone making a big difference in your community. it is easy. go to we could end up honoring your nominee and you've just seen the -- and as you have just seen, that can have some big results. nominate a 2012 cnn hero today. new recording of the moments after the jfk assassination after decades. offering a rare glimpse into the confusion that followed the president's murder. hear them for yourself. that's next.
7:47 pm
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we have a rare an intriguing glimpse inside one of the darkest days in american history. thanks to audiotapes hidden away
7:50 pm
for 50 years. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: they were among the most anxious, gut wrenching hours in american history, the chaos following president john f. kennedy's assassination. everyone, assassination. everyone, including top administration officials, were scrambling for accurate information. insight was offered into the confusion and government's response. listen to this phone call from white house position admiral george berkeley, who was in dallas, on where to take the president's body. >> regards to the tanking care of president kennedy and we're planning on having the remains taken directly to walter reed. probably mrs. kennedy will also be going out there but we will clarify that later. >> oh, all right. >> reporter: but it wasn't clarified. just minutes earlier, secret service called another official saying the remains should be
7:51 pm
taken to another military hospital. >> arrangements have been made for a helicopter for the bethesda naval medical center. >> the president was taken to bethesda. for decades, critics say his autopsy was incomplete, mishandled, maybe even part of a conspiracy. i listened to the tapes with historian max holland who has a different take. >> the government had no protocol. it was something that no one ever thought would be necessary. it was completely unprepared. >> historical document dealers got them from the estate of general clifton, a top aide to president kennedy, then donated them to the national archives. the recordings were made and include tapes from the air force one. part of the recordings, which are not new, are still riveting. like when a distraught lyndon
7:52 pm
johnson and his wife get on the phone to console kennedy's mother. >> i wish to god there was something that i could do. i wanted to tell you that we are grieving with you. >> well, thank you very much. thank you very much. i know. i know you loved jack and he loved you. >> lady bird kennedy, we are thinking of you. >> yes, all right. we are glad that the nation had your son as long as he did. >> well, thank you for that, lady bird. thank you. bye-bye. >> it leaves us all wanting to hear more but some of these recordings we may never hear. two hours of the raw tape are still missing. brian todd, cnn, washington. a los angeles man needs a kidney transplant or he will die. next, health care colliding with immigration restrictions. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a.m. scholar.
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will be giving away passafree copies let nothing stand in your way. of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to a los angeles man needs a kidney transplant or he will die. he has private insurance, he even has found a donor but no hospital will operate on him. here's casey wian.
7:56 pm
>> reporter: he fine for now but to see his 3-year-old daughter grow up, he will need a transplant. he rose to the top of the waiting list at uc san francisco hospital last may but the hospital refused to perform the surgery because of concerns about his ability to afford costly lifelong treatment, navarro says. >> translator: it depressed me a lot. the news they gave us. because we were so far ahead in line and because we see papers, we can't do anything. >> reporter: he now has a willing kidney donor, his wife, he has health insurance to pay for the surgery. what he doesn't have is a green card. he is an illegal immigrant from mexico. last month navarro lost his 14-year job at pacific steel casting followed by an audit. his insurance will expire soon. a spokesperson calls the situation heartbreaking. we hope he gets the transplant. >> you suppose they are here to
7:57 pm
save lives and that's what they should do. they shouldn't care about our status. have faith that they are going to change their mind. >> reporter: privacy laws prevent ucsf from commenting on the situation. they said that medicare is a critical link in the safety net for kidney transplant patients. individuals who cannot access medicare because of immigration status are at risk of being unable to sustain the organ. among the challenges he'll face, a daily regimen of expensive drugs. supporters have set up a facebook page and website to collect donations. several nonprofit groups are trying to help and say that they are talking with a kidney hospital and an immigration attorney. local news coverage of the plight also has drawn the attention of border security activists who argue he should return to mexico to seek a
7:58 pm
transplant. >> reporter: navarro says that's not an option because he wouldn't be able to afford a transplant there either. casey wian, los angeles. here are your headlines. in syria, the violence is unrelenting. at least 35 people and 45 children in the city of homs have died in recent days. opposition has called for a two-day civil strike to put pressure on president bash bashar al assad. 19 americans are among 43 people facing trial. it's the latest move in egypts ongoing crackdown on ngos. ee kwipt accuses them of illegal foreign funding. among the americans facing prosecution, the son of transportation secretary ray lahood.
7:59 pm
they are looking to build on his victory in the nevada kaukcaucu. the next battle takes place in colorado, missouri, and minnesota. romney beat newt gingrich by 25 points in nevada and we're still waiting on the final numbers to come in. nearly 500 people on two florida-based cruise ships are recovering from a stomach virus. cdc inspected the cleaning of both the ruby princess and crowned princess and trying to figure out what caused the norovirus outbreak. it spreads from person to person from touch contaminated water or food. children in london got the rare opportunity to dust off their sleds. the storm hasn't been as much fun for travelers. trains have been delayed and roads locked up with traffic. the cold spell started a


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