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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 16, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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we appreciate it. cnn "newsroom" continues right now with ashleigh banfield. >> hi. it's nice to see you, suzanne. it's 10:00 on the west coast and 1:00 on the east coast. the verdict is still out whether what role, if any, prescriptions played a role in whitney houston's death. in the final days, her drinking was heavy. she was, quote, partying the night before her death at the hilton hotel. she was drinking at the lobby and pool side bars before 10:00 in the morning and also complaining that the drinks were too weak. we'll have much more on that in just a moment. in the meantime, subpoenas are out to doctors and pharmacies that supply houston's meds. but so far they say nothing looks criminal. no signs, he says, of, quote,
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doctor shopping or over prescribing. the information at this point is far from over. and you might not want to take my word for it but under cause on whitney houston's death certificate it says deferred. the toxicology reports could take weeks to come in. her burial space is in westfield, new jersey. we have not been given an official word on whitney houston's will but is stating that it does exist and she had a lot of money, a lot. she took in $35 million and her only child, her daughter, bobbi kristina, is likely the main beneficiary of all of her assets. in the meantime, houston's funeral, as you know, is probably going to take place here. they are trying to do it quickly.
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it's the new baptist church in newark, new jersey. funeral set to take place at noon on saturday. we now know that cameras will in fact be allowed inside that church which means that you can see it live on television. specifically, you can see it right here on cnn. our special coverage will start one hour earlier at 11:00 a.m. eastern. that's 8:00 pacific. long-time family friend is going to give the eulogy and he spoke about the church service rather than a stadium spectacle. >> we don't want to have a parade. we loved her when she was nippy in new jersey. the world loves her because of her voice but if nippy could not sing, the houston family would love her. >> that certainly brings me to my cnn colleagues who are on this story.
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don lemon has been following the investigation from beginning until now in los angeles and susan candiotti is live in newark at the site of where that funeral will take place. i know that there was a news conference that just wrapped up about how to get things prepared. how to deal with the security. it's the people who are likely to want to turn out in this area that heretofore have not been prepared. >> reporter: privacy is what the police says is at play here. if you want to see anything going on that has anything at all to do with the funeral, you can just forget about it. here are the words straight from the mouth of newark's police director. >> i would advise the public that there is going to be nothing to see here at the church. the best thing would be to see it watched on television. it will be aired on the network
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channels. the funeral is not going to be a traditional procession as we would normally have. >> reporter: and here's what we will have. the director says that there will be a perimeter set up, the wide ranging area around the church. four blocks in two directions and two more blocks in the two other directions. he did say that there will be a staging area set up where the public can get as close as they possibly can but that's going to be two blocks away. so anyone interested in seeing a family or any celebrity sightings, their best bet will be a car going by. that's probably all they will get to see. i did get a chance to ask reverend joe carter who spoke previously about privacy issues and the like, i asked him how the family is doing and as he walked away he told me, they are holding strong. >> i can't imagine what they are going through, especially with
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it being such a public spectacle and then all of the controversy as to how she died. don lemon, kevin costner is probably going to be speaking at the funeral and everybody would remember the iconic video, the bodyguard. >> that's what we hear. her co-star from the bodyguard is actually going to speak at the funeral and imagine -- imagine that. in that movie t. broke so many barriers about interracial love so to hear kevin costner speak as well, including other stars, aretha franklin and it won't be a big venue like michael jackson's memorial service but you were talking about cissy houston. i understand cissy houston was a choir director in that church. whitney houston sang in that church. they want to go to church and have an old-fashion funeral and
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send off for their loved one. you can understand that. that's what she would want. >> sure. what about that rumor that was about bobby brown maybe not being invited and that being ramped down. what's the status about the father of bobbi kristina? >> there are different stories. one camp says he is, another camp says he is not. another report says that he is going to go. in fact, the report says sober bobby brown will be at the funeral. i would imagine at this point -- and this is just me -- that they they don't want to disinvite the father of whitney houston's daughter, the father -- bobbi kristina's dad. regardless of their relationship, i don't think they would want that. i would doubt that. that's just me, if only, just anything, because of bob
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bobbi kristina. >> we are seeing her in happier times. let me scoot back out to you in newark, susan. i imagine this is something that they are trying to put together moment by moment and putting out the invitations to all of the people who loved and worked with whitney houston. i imagine that aretha franklin is part of the ceremony and now possibly stevie wonder. any more that might be in attendance? >> reporter: cnn has confirmed that the queen of soul, aretha franklin and stevie wonder will both be singing and other huge names also in the acting and singing world. darlene love, a lot of different celebrities. and i think that you were talking about the family wanting privacy and fans, for the most part here that i've been speaking with, understand that. they get that that is what this
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is all about. they are disappointed that there won't be a public tribute, at least not now any way. >> sure. understandable. susan candiotti and don lemon, thanks to both of you. i want to remind our viewers, you'll be able to watch this funeral from home. the funeral of whitney houston right here on cnn. you can join soledad o'brien, don lemon, and piers morgan for live coverage that begins on saturday at 11:00 eastern time. make sure you tune in for that. other news today, democrats have chosen the man that they want to lead their national convention this fall. so why l.a. mayor antonio, what he has to say about his new and upcoming role. the mayor will join me next to talk about what he has in store. any surprises for the three-day event? make sure you tune in coming up next. first, though, to an
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human suffering in syria. bashar al assad's brutal crackdown on the opposition in that country. at least 63 people have been killed so far just today. unbelievable pictures playing out. opposition forces say this explosion destroyed a government tank northwest of the capital of damascus. thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets yesterday in the southern city of daraa where the eruption started not quite a year ago. forces killing at least two people there.
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for the 13th straight day, the city of homs is the target of extraordinary shelling. 13 people killed there and dozens of others wounded. look at this satellite. this is the oil pipeline in homs that exploded, filling the sky with massive clouds of black smoke. the syrian government's revolt on the stronghold in the southern part of the country is an entirely different situation than the north. which has been under the government's control for many months and that may be about to change. cnn's ivan watson is there with an exclusive report. take a look. >> reporter: the countryside is in open revolt and this is a rebellion of farmers, carpenters, high school teachers. entire communities, villages, and towns and stretches of
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northern syria that tell us that they have not seen presence of syrian government authorities in months. they have effectively been governing themselves and clearly have established militias as well as pockets of what has been called the free syrian army. defek fors from the army that have come and joined these villages and royal communities in opposition to the syrian government. as we have traveled across this region, we have gone from village to village, from small council to small council where young men and old, weapons they say they have gotten within the last couple of months. the residents of these communities say they haven't seen any presence of the syrian government in months since convoys of syrian armored vehicles and in those cases nearly everybody you talk to ask show you photos of loved ones,
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neighbors, cousins, brothers who say that they were killed in those attacks. they tell us that they are trying to protect their communities, families, villages, by laying rings of improvised lan mines but are fully aware that they don't have weaponry and air power of bashar al assad's army. what is striking is that at one point we saw a skyline of the largest city in the area and you could see a syrian government flag flying in the heart of the city and green, black, and white it's very clear that government and opposition control sometimes what is dividing these forces is sometimes just kilometers. we have been told that there have been cases in the last 24 hours of deadly artillery
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assaults hitting villages and killing at least two residents of that village. the inhab tants here are enjoys what they say is called self-rule. >> we have to tell you that -- we've got to explain how dangerous that was for ivan watson to report that. arwa damon is also there and are at great dangers to themselves. still ahead today, forget about writing samples. students at one school are soon going to be giving hair samples. why? well, come this fall the private school is going to be implementing mandatory drug testing and every single student is fair game. so what do you think? does it sound fair? let's talk about it next. chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain.
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private high school in new mexico wants to make sure that students say no to drugs and to that end st. michaels in santa fe will make random drug testing of students mandatory starting
1:20 pm
neck fall. if a student tests positive, they will have 100 days to clean up. if they don't, they will get kicked out. it's not to target or punish anyone. our goal is to support our students from preventing them from developing drug habits that can affect their health, safety, intellectual development, and athletic performance. some parents say it's a great way to make sure that flare kids do not succumb to peer pressure. >> i think if more schools were doing it, we wouldn't have the problems that we do. >> some parents say that they should leave the parenting up to the parents. this comment from a facebook page says, i am curious as to what will be the criteria deciding whom to test. this is to me the real question and potential discriminatory issue surrounding this policy.
1:21 pm
we're joined by the principal in santa fe and also our senior legal analyst. this is obviously something that has a lot of people chatting some people think it's great and others not so sure. >> well, i think that in society today we are inundated with drugs and we're trying to decide to attack the war on drugs. we're trying to be proactive of supporting our kids and giving them the ammunition to say no. >> correct me if i'm wrong, but you're going to group kids
1:22 pm
randomly so there's no finger pointing but there's also a target for those kids that might be troubled. is that correct and then also is that right? >> we're going to be randoming helping kids not necessarily in groups and then selected and then administer the test. >> what happenses if the kids refuse? >> they can't. part of our student handbook is that they will comply with the rules that we have instituted there at the high school in reference to our drug testing program. >> so if they say no, they are out? that's it? >> they've made the choice not to attend st. michaels high school. >> the first thing that jumped out at me with regard to this is privacy and your right to protection and u.s. constitution and we're talking about kids.
1:23 pm
the principal said that it's their choice to attend or not. >> this is not a public school and they can make their own rules. a lot of parents send them to those schools because there is discipline. i don't think there is a legal problem, any right being violated. there is a right to choose the school or not and if you do, you have to attend the rules. >> the constitution protects us as grownups and us kids. the kids are not making the choice to go there. their parents are making the choice for them to go there are they not, therefore, enjoying some kind of autonomy when they are at that school? >> the technical legal term for that is tough luck. that's what the supreme court calls it. your parents decide where you go to school. if you have a dispute, you go to your parents, minors have less rights than adults and what is interesting about programs like
1:24 pm
this is the courts are starting to allow this not just in parochial schools but in public schools. medal detectors, searches of lockers. that stuff, the courts are much more allowing than they used to. student rights are getting smaller, not bigger, especially when it comes to drugs. >> there was a case up in canada i remember during the olympics several years back where a snowboarder was tested positive for marijuana use and he said, i have been at parties where there is secondhand smoke but i myself do not partake of the drug. so do you foresee any problems where you might have a student that tested positive and says, i didn't do it? i may have been around other students who did it and what are you going to do about that kind of a scenario? >> well, we've asked that question to our labs that we use there in california and they've
1:25 pm
ensured us that it's not going to show up on a test. you would have to ingest a lot of smoke to -- for it to show up and for -- for it to show some kind of baseline. that is not an issue. and there are no false positives through this testing. >> you just answered my final question with what about bad labs and people who miss handle stuff. a student who is innocent may not get kicked out of school? >> yes. and we've been assured by the labs that we -- the lab that we have been using and they've assured us -- i think that if there were a lot of labs who were doubtful with false positives, they wouldn't be in business. >> well, thank you for taking the time to talk to us about it. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. thank you so much for your time. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> also a big thanks to jeffrey
1:26 pm
toobin who you thought i was going to get a bill league argument out of. >> we agree. >> thanks to both of you. thanks to both of you. moving on, democrats have tapped a man that they want to lead their national convention this fall. so what does the l.a. mayor have to say about the big new role that he has taken on and what can he do for the democrats in their big battle for the white house. we're going to talk to him? just a moment. citracal maximum . it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. [ horn honks ] [ dog barks ] [ dog whimpers ]
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well, there certainly are surprises in the north part of this country. mitt romney's home town of michigan is not exactly showing the love. that is the topic in today's "fair game." jeffrey collins is joining us as well as democratic strategist chris is in san fran. i couldn't believe the numbers.
1:30 pm
michigan voters, likely gop voters are choosing rick santorum over mitt romney by four points. it's within the margin of error but it is what it is as well. let me ask you this. with the governor of that state coming out today and endorsing mitt romney with his dad as the former governor and with that being his first state, what is going on there? >> ten days before the florida, mitt romney trailed newt gingrich by ten points or so. they are starting to pay attention to michigan voters and messaging. i think it's too early to call this race. the momentum is real.
1:31 pm
>> glad you brought that up. some of the ads running in that community, you know, mitt romney has said that he's running positive ads and one of them has him driving through the station wagon, saying, this is me and my dad from the '60s, trying to stay positive and trying to tell voters in that state that this is where i'm from, i'm one of you. however, his super pac is doing something entirely different. those old grainy images making rick santorum look terrible and it's just like the old formulas playing out and then they have the rombo ad.
1:32 pm
what they are doing about dirty ads. have a look. >> i'm rick santorum and i approve this message. >> mitt romney's attack is back on full throttle. he's slinking his mud at santorum. >> okay. it's great to watch this thing but at the same time it's pretty telling because i don't think that i have seen rick santorum jump into the fray like this. and certainly not at this level. am i wrong? >> ultimately what santorum is doing here, it's a fundamental problem for mitt romney, which is the trust issue. there is a problem establishing trust and giving it to republican base voters. you see it from primary to primary. that raises a fundamental question that if you can't get the trust of the republican primary, running objectively a very, very weak field. how do you expect to get the trust of the american people in a general election, particularly those independent voters who
1:33 pm
will make ar break this election. and this ad using humor which is a good way to do a little bit of the negative to use that to ultimately probe and people have a problem with mitt romney. >> i'm not so sure people will find it funny that someone is using an assault weapon on a politician. maybe that's just me but i have some folks that may take issues with that. let me move on to the money factor. to produce these ads, run them in 50 different states, we've become familiar with the name sheldon and rick santorum may have a two-front battle but this is what they said about him. they said, he is ready to not only direct financial support to the former house speaker, newt gingrich, in the republican primary but also use cash to push rick santorum from his division atop the latest polls
1:34 pm
and gentry, i guess this is good news in a really ironic way for mitt romney. >> well t. is. in fact, it's a multicandidate race has been good news for mitt romney. the fundamental architecture has been mitt romney as a weak front-runner and the not romney vote and no single candidate over the course of multiple states has been able to consolidate the not romney vote. to the extent that gingrich's super pac and santorum's super pac have to watch each other, they have to be very pleased by that. >> i'm just ping ponging around here. if you go head to head, maybe not with giant margins but significant margins. so what is he to make of this or
1:35 pm
anything at all at this point? chris, it's early in the game and those money machines haven't even gun to take aim at obama, have they? >> it is very early in the game but you have to like the time line. any time you're in a campaign or run a campaign, you look at the underlying data. >> i knew you'd say that. >> and so you look at -- you look, in particular, at what i look at and what a lot of other officials look at is called the right track, wrong track, whether the country is getting its act together and going in the right direction and really you've begun to see those numbers begin to trend in a favorable way for the president. that, in turn, then drives his job approval numbers and it's the job approval numbers that manifest themselves as a head to head number. that's why you're now seeing him break that really critical 50% mark.
1:36 pm
while you're right that it's not a ten-point lead or a double digit lead, any lead that is five points or above is considered a significant margin. so you have all of these odd things that happen, particularly with the economy that drive those numbers and you've had a really protracted republican primary where major issues have been opened up, in particular, romney, and the other thing that i would keep an eye on last night and this morning, there's an announcement that congress has reached an agreement on the payroll tax and jobless giving people certainty and employers who are looking to hire and that would raise the job approvals. >> it's one thing to get the approval and another to get the vote. that was a lot of mass math. i'm very impressed by your math. thank you very much. that's "fair game" for today. thank you, boys. appreciate it. coming up, a lot of news, including stephen colbert not on the news. what's up with that?
1:37 pm
1:38 pm
1:39 pm
it's the gop race for president keeps going the way it's going, it could be a barn burner. but the democratic convention, maybe not so much. barring any unforeseen
1:40 pm
developments, the convention in charlotte will be a three-day pep rally for president obama and leading the cheers will be this man. antonio, the l.a. mayor. congratulations. i'm excited to hear that you're going to be at the helm. at the same time, i don't know what your job entails. what does go into it? >> i bang the gavel. we approve -- i'll preside over the proceedings of the convention, adopt the resolution, provide the nomination of the president and vice president and our hope is that we're going to engage people in a much more accessible and open convention. this is not going to be the traditional convention.
1:41 pm
on the first day we're going to have a labor day celebration at the speedway there and then over the next couple of days we're going to have a much broader participation, particularly on the last day. i just did two webcasts, one in english and one in spanish. this isn't just about nominating andre and the platform, it's about the future. >> i go back to the block of voters that have evolved over the years. and now, correct me if i'm wrong, i'm getting the feeling that the hispanic vote is now the new highly south after voters. especially in swing states where many people say they could be the margin that tips the stake. are you, in particular, going to play an integral role in reaching out to hispanic voters?
1:42 pm
>> first of all, our party has always been the party of the big pen that reaches out across america, in every neighborhood or every city and in the countryside and we're going to continue to be that party. yes, there's a changing demographics in america, a glowing latina population. we're going to reach out to them as we do every part of the nation. when you look at campaigns, it is about making sure that you t as many people out to vote and that we energize them. i think that this convention is going to be an opportunity for us to really discuss the issues, to get people involved to allow them to participate, to help get their ideas about our party platform but most importantly about what we need to do going into the future to maintain our
1:43 pm
strength as the nation, be a nation where every one of us have an opportunity to pursue and achieve the american dream. so we're going to be talking to everybody and i'm bilingual so i can talk to a couple of people. i wish i spoke french because i would do that as well. >> you'll get nowhere having voters speak french. let me ask you this, as we continue to do all of the polling in the gop race, we have been -- you know, i suppose i'm somewhat surprised to hear how different hispanics have come in, depending on what faith they are in, whether it's financial issues or mortgages underwater or immigration. are you finding the same thing as you try to assess what that his panic block may be or are you resigned to the fact that there is no hispanic block. it's about what these people
1:44 pm
personally feel. >> you know, thanks for asking that question. i hear a lot about the hispanic vote, that it was this monolithic vote. when i'm asked what is the la tin know agenda, it's the american agenda. it's what americans care about, the agenda of the people living in the south and in other parts of the nation, african-americans care about. we all want to be part of a great nation where if we work hard and play by the rules we can benefit from the opportunity that america's always represented. so it's jobs right now and in an economy that is where it is. people are looking for work, they are looking for good jobs. it's education, housing,
1:45 pm
addressing the mortgage prices. it's all -- you know, it's health care. the president's health care act disproportionately impacts the latinos. it's a broad cross-section of issues and the party able to speak to those issues i think is the party that will be able to get the vast majority of the latino vote. >> mr. mayor, it's a real pleasure to speak with you. we'll meet up at the convention. >> i look forward to it as well. maybe i'll speak a little french. >> ah. thanks for being with us today. and if you are a fan of the colbert report on comedy central, you're going to have to settle for a rerun tonight. actually, make that for the rest of the week. up next, the mystery surrounding the show's airwaves.
1:46 pm
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okay. this one is a bit weird. certainly interesting. it's from the entertainment world. the terribly awesome show, the colbert report, stephen colbert, it's been suspended. the production is off for this week. who knows if it will be for longer. kareen wynter is joining us.
1:49 pm
do you have any insight as to why all of a sudden, poof, off the air? >> actually, you're not alone. i think the world is wondering what is going on here. don't expect to see anything new from comedy central's colbert report for at least the end of the week. they have released the following statement that we got into cnn earlier today. due to the unforeseen circumstances, the show will air repeat shows on february 15th and thursday february 16th. what is interesting here is that the network is citing unforeseen circumstances. this is really something that has really caught them off guard. however, we are not getting any indication that this is something -- cnn has reached out to a spokesperson for colbert but we have get to get any response. a comedian hasn't posted
1:50 pm
anything since tuesday but you can bet that we are following that as well. this could be related perhaps to a family emergency. we are working on our end to confirm that and get more details. i also want to mention that we've reached out to jon stewar and often appears on the show. a represent says there will be no further comment at this time. a little bit of silence here. very few details. it's not what we're used to when it comes to surety and this nte network. >> apparently there were people in line. they had their tickets in line waiting to go in. some people were even in their seats when in announcement came along. it made me wonder, you mentioned it that stephen colbert does a lot of tweeting. there was a show tweet that went out last week, some kind of joke about the contraception battle between obama and the republicans. anything we should be reading in there, something political, a
1:51 pm
problem, maybe a threat? >> great point. the consummate reporter you are. i checked out that is show that aired and i was looking for something here that are maybe you pushed the envelope too much. this is nothing out of the ordinary, what fans, the media, what we all are used to seeing every single night. it dealt with contraception, the catholic church. there was a ba fa na, a lot of sexual innuendos but nothing that stood out that would say perhaps there was disciplinary action here. we're waiting for more details to what has led to this hiatus. this isn't the first time we've seen some sort of blackout not with just the colbert but jon stewart, his show when he welcomed his second child and also when there was i believe a staff member who had passed away. so a lot of blanks to fill in right now. we're trying to get to the bottom of this. >> i hope everybody's okay on
1:52 pm
that staff. keep an eye on it and let us know what happens. thank you for doing that. other news for you right now, three florida teenagers are charged with hate crime and take a look at this. it's extraordinarily disturbing, accused of taunting an autistic boy and recording it on their cell phone. classy. that's coming up next. also, there is a new kennedy in town. take a close look. looks like a kennedy, and he is ready for his close-up in washington, d.c. we'll explain. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪
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an important medical story to tell you about. a critical form of drug to treat a childhood form of leukemia may run out in hospitals within two weeks. the shortage of methotrexate is
1:56 pm
serious and leaves hundreds, perhaps thousands of kids at risk of dying from a largely curable form of cancer. what on earth is the reason for shortage? the principal manufacturer of the drug apparently shut down plants after failing an fda inspection, but the fda says there are three other manufacturers and they have been persuaded to ramp up production. next stop prison for the underwear bomber? you'll find out next. ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪
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time now to check the soldiers making news at street level. in detroit, the terrorist known as the underwear bomber is being sentenced this hour. omar farouk abdulmutallab, his plot to blow up the 289 people who were on a plane, it did not actually prevail. the official said the terror gro -- he is expected to get a life sentence for it. shocking story to tell you about in florida. authorities say a group of teenagers chased and taunted a as youtis tick boy with racial remarks. three suspects is now under arrest and being charged with this. it's being called a hate crime. the police in palm bay say they
2:00 pm
bullied the 15-year-old boy and recorded it on the camera. the victim was chased at and yelled at for six minutes at a school bus stop. the school counselor saw this video and then alerted the police to it. now to massachusetts. he has that kennedy look. he has that kennedy hair. and guess what, he's running for office. in fact, he is a kennedy. he is joseph p. kennedy iii, the son of former congressman joseph kennedy ii and the grandson of the late senator bobby kennedy. the younger kennedy, a democrat of course, today announced his bid to replace retiring congressman barney frank, long-time congressman. joe kennedy stepped down as assistant district attorney last month to focus on his run for congress. 31 years old. thank you so much for watching everyone today. i'm going to be back here doing the duty for randy tomorrow, same time same place.
2:01 pm
"cnn newsroom" continues now with brooke baldwin. i'm sure you have a lot on the agenda. >> a lot going on as always. ashleigh, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. let's get you caught up on everything making mus. as always we begin with rapid fire. let's go. video and pictures of whitney houston's final days coming under scrutiny as investigators piece together what caused the singer's death. we are learning much more about her final hours. they included boozing, mismatched clothing and erratic behavior according to a source brief the on her activities and another source tells us her co-star in "the bodyguard" kevin costner will be speaking at her funeral this. coming saturday. the crisis in syria hitting the northern part of the country. opposition groups are rising up against the government. in fact, much of the north has been out of government control for months. ivan watson and his crew are now in the region. take a look. >> the countryside here in
2:02 pm
northern syria is in open revolt. this is a rebellion of farmers, of carpenters, of high school teachers. entire communities, villages and towns and stretches of northern syria that tell us they have not seen presence of central syrian government authority in months. >> ivan watson. today alone, at least 65 people were killed in syria. that is according to an activist group. a fight really developing here in washington state over where one man who murdered his two young sons should be buried. i'm talking about josh powell. his family wants to bury beside the sons killed when he blew up their home with them inside two sundays ago. but a crimestoppers group has bought the burial plots on either side of the sons to stop the family from doing so. the boys were buried saturdayto. >> i can't see this happening. i just hope that you know, it
2:03 pm
goes away quickly. >> it's unacceptable to have him anywhere near these boys and their mother. >> i feel it's in the best interests of the city and both parties if they file that, let the judge decide and we will abide by that decision. >> talking to a member that have crimestoppers unit in in show. also, josh powell was also a suspect in the disappearance of his wife, susan. that dates back 2009. and new numbers show president obama's job approval rating on the rise. take a look. you can compare month to month here. a new cnn poll has the president at 50% for the first time in eight months. that is up three points from last month, six points from november. the poll also shows the president topping mitt romney 51% to 46 and leading rick santorum 52% to 45. here's some good news. a california couple missing since sunday found alive back home today. mark and jeanette were just out
2:04 pm
taking an afternoon drive just west of lake tahoe when their car got caught in the snow. schrader is hiked through two feet of snow till he could get a cell phone signal and call 911. obviously the couple's family and friends relieved. >> relieved. >> john and jean schroder can finally breathe again after not knowing where his son and his girlfriend have been. >> he said hi dad. i did a stupid thing. >> the pair was treated and released from the hospital this morning. america's leading fake news pundit abruptly suspends his show. comedy central confirms the colbert report shut down production due to unforeseen circumstances. a rerun last night, another scheduled for tonight. "wall street journal"ing is reporting an emergency in his family citing people familiar with the show.
2:05 pm
and sentencing under way right now for the so-called underwear bomber in detroit. farouk abdulmutallab pleaded guilty to trying to blow up a detroit bound plane with a bomb hidden in his underwear. the now 25-year-old nigerian is facing a life sentence and daeb ra feyerick is in the courtroom. we'll bring you is the sentence. obviously that news as soon as it's announced live here on cnn. got a lot more to cover for you in the next two hours including this. a serial killer draws a map at least to hundreds of bones, jewelry, even a purse. i'll speak live with a father who believes some of those remains belong to his missing daughter. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. new revelations about whitney houston's final days, including her erratic behavior by the pool and what she was like the scenes of her last movie. >> if we seek the light, we have
2:06 pm
to be prepared. >> have you ever heard of the lunch box police? a firestorm is brewing after a school confiscates a preschoolers homemade lunch. plus, beneath those flames. more than 300 inmates tried to escape before dying and some of them may have been locked up without a single charge. and adele is everywhere. top of the charts, the radio, even the cover of vogue," but many accuse the magazine of air brushing her figure and changing her curves. plus sized model emmy chimes in live. ur country... ... scientists, technicians, engineers, machinists... ... adding nearly 400 billion dollars to our economy... we're at work providing power to almost a quarter of our homes and businesses... ... and giving us cleaner rides to work and school... and tomorrow, we could do even more. cleaner, domestic, abundant and creating jobs now.
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we are continuing to learn a lot more about whitney houston's final days. and the detas are not all pretty. a source says she was drinking heavily earlier in that day wearing mismatched clothing and behaving erratically. don lemon is in los angeles. he's been working his sources for us. don, what do you know? what was she doing the final day leading up to her death? >> i'm so glad you said it's not all pretty because it is not, brooke. and you know, it's a reality. there are people in all of our families, some of us personally who have issues with addiction. this is is the reality of what happened to whitney houston in the days before her death and this is what is investigators are looking into. that's what they're telling me. they're saying that whitney houston, this is a source very close to the death investigation saying that whitney houston was seen at the pool and hotel staffers confirm drinking at the pool, drinking at the pool bar,
2:10 pm
a lot of alcohol, complaining about alcohol being watered and too much ice. jumping in and out of the pool. acting erratically, so much so that other guests and staff members became concerned. those are the realities. that's what happened. and, brooke, if she had prescription medication, we know that she had xanax, that is confirmed in her room and she was taking it according to her family. if she's doing that and drinking from a known addict, that is a problem. as much as some people don't want to hear it, that's the reality. we can't turn away. >> you hit on two points. i want to go back to the point about being at the pool. we have a picture from tmz. let's throw it up. you can see her lounging and sort of behind the chair is this glass. do we know what was in the glass? >> we don't note what was in this glass. but let me tell you, if you --
2:11 pm
when we say sources, we don't say sources confirm very lightly here. this means these are people in the know. and they're saying she was drinking copious amounts of alcohol. and according to her friend kelly price, america, she was drinking at this bar on thursday night, which was just a day and a half or night and a half before she turned up dead. and she was drinking before 10:00 in the morning. okay? so that's a reality of it. we cannot pretend that it does not exist. we can't pretend that whitney houston never had an adix issue. and if you have addition issues you shouldn't be drinking. every single prescription say do not take with alcohol. i talked to jane velez-mitchell yesterday and she would agree
2:12 pm
with you, the enablers, the circle around her. i want to get to other facts about the investigation. this is a huge hotel. cameras are pretty much everywhere. i imagine investigators are combing through every piece of surveillance video they can get their hands on. >> right you are. not just surveillance video but from television interviews. there's an interview, there's a piece of video from clive davis where he's doing an interview and whitney houston comes in and her clothes are completely dry. her hair is wet. they're looking at that. investigators do say that they have asked for pa surveillance video. they're not saying that the surveillance video exists, but they say it will be part of the investigation if they have recovered it. some parts they have to keep private and won't share, brooke. >> what about the room itself, don in this room in the beverly hills hilton? you have some news as far as when officials actually entered the room and where they found her. >> according to the sources very
2:13 pm
close to the death investigation says at no point does the source believe that whitney houston was ever seen by an official in the bathtub once the paramedics got there, outside of her assistant or bodyguard or security that she had been removed from the bathtub and was on the floor of the hotel room on her back which adds another dimension to this investigation. >> don lemon, appreciate you talking to your sources. thank you so much for us in los angeles another side of whitney houston from the man who produced her final project. want you to listen to bishop t.d. jakubauskas describing her performance in this film "sparkle" which also stars singer jordin sparks. >> when she walked out and began to perform, we were stunned with how well she did not only with the singing but also the acting. when you look at how jordin has
2:14 pm
shot into the stardom and whitney had been there and done that, there was almost a sense of mentoring or camaraderiedy that exists on and off the set. >> he talks about the monitoring. but if there is any doubt that whitney houston was still the voice, listen to jakubauskas, how he describes her rendition of the hymn "his eye is on the sparrow." >> that was probably one of the stellar moments in the movie when she began to sing it. we had had some deliberation about that and singing possibly another song that we all knew and liked "mary don't you weep." but she said she preferred to sing "his eye is on the sparrow," and i think it was a personal testimony because when she began to sing it the entire cast and crew were teary eyed almost as if we had really gone to church for a few moments. it was a great moment. >> now, on the defense over his decision to lower flags to half-staff for whitney houston's
2:15 pm
funeral this upcoming saturday is new jersey governor chris christi. first listen to the initial announcement and his decision to honor the singer. >> whitney houston was an important part of the fabric, cultural fabric of this state. and as i said, on the night of her passing i think she belongs in the same category from a musical perspective in new jersey history with folks like frank sinatra and count basy and bruce springsteen. she was a cultural icon in this state. >> but the backlash over that decision has been fast and furious. a lot of reaction on twitter. one quote, are you serious? whitney is no hero. christi tweeted back. ing inlowered for her cultural contributions as artist and new jerseyan and her struggles with substance abuse are a different topic. others observe the honor should be reviewed for fallen soldiers and police officers. the governor's response saying
2:16 pm
her cultural contributions to the state merit the honor. sorry, we disagree. and whitney houston's co-star in the bodyguard, kevin costner will speak at her funeral saturday in new jersey according to a cnn source. among the 1500 mourners at this invitation only service in houston's childhood church, aretha franklin, stevie wonder, chaka khan. fans have been clamoring for some sort of public memorial. you will get to watch the funeral right here on cnn. our coverage begins saturday morning, 11:00 a.m. eastern time. the united nations is set to vote on a syria resolution soon. we're monitoring the u.n. for that breaking news. my next guest is a syrian activist who says while his country may not have money or oil, his people are dying. sec hear bullets when he talks to loved ones on the phone.
2:17 pm
don't miss this conversation next.
2:18 pm
2:19 pm
>> i want you to take a look at something with me. this happened today in syria. that is i should say was aable. it was just flat out imploded from the strain of repeated shelling by the syrian armed forces. this is day 13 of the syrian army's onslaught against its own people in homs. opposition sources tell cnn at least 65 people have died today
2:20 pm
in attacks by the syrian government and in fighting between the army and the insurgents. the dead are said to include four people in homs, a city of 800,000. homs now staggering under the weight of this two-week siege which has begun to recall the block by block destruction of the syrian city of hama in the 1980s. the work of the then syrian president, father of the current syrian leader bashar al assad. listen to this analysis given by the u.s. director of national intelligence. it's quite chilling. >> and assad himself probably because of his psychological need to emulate his father sees no other option but to continue to try to crush the opposition. >> i guess my question, sir, was unless something changes as far
2:21 pm
as assistance from the outside, do you see a continued stalemate in syria? >> do, sir. i think it will just continue. we don't see any short of a coup or something like that assad will hang in there and continue to do as he's done. >> and the massacre continues? >> yep. >> the massacre continues. grim prediction there. hold that thought. cnn's ivan watson has just gotten into northern syria and witnessed a growing revolt against president assad. watch this with me. >> the countryside here is in open revolt. this is a rebellion of paerms, carpent -- farmers, high school teachers. entire communities, villages and towns that tell us they have not seen presence of central syrian government authority in months. they have the evetively been governing themselves and they have clearly established
2:22 pm
militias as well as pockets of what's been called the free syrian army, defectors from the syrian heerm have come and joined these villages and rural communities in opposition to the syrian government. as we have traveled across this region, we have gone everyone village to village, from small council to small council where young men and old sit on the ground, chain smoking next to ca lishny cov assault rifles. light weapons. the residents of these communities say they haven't seen any presence of the syrian government in months. >> ivan watson. i want to introduce you to hari al hendi. he fled syria four years ago after enduring torture at the hands of the syrian government. you are in contact with the opposition in syria right now. before i ask you about your sources, i just want to ask about your family.
2:23 pm
they're still in syria. you're able to call them. there are land lines, in most places people are sneaking in s.a.t. phones. what do you hear in the background? >> i haven't talked to my family during the last few months but i'm talking to activists on the ground. we could hear the bullet sounds on the phone. everybody's telling us why the world is silent that this regime is using air strikes in some areas of homs and the world is still silent. people were saying we hope that our blood would be turned into oil so people would come and the world 0 would come and save us. it's a big shame on the world that nobody's helping the syrian people. >> if our blood would turn into oil then perhaps the world would save us, that's what you're saying people would say. what are you hearing from activists and your sources? is this revolt now spreading to the north? >> it's in all of the syrian cities. today the syrian army has stormed the city in the south. the revolution started from this city and they are killing people
2:24 pm
and raping women, yesterday in homs they raped a 15-year-old girl in front of her father. when her father react, they killed him. the situation is miserable. it's like the united states, they have a golden opportunity now to have frien and allies in the middle east. if they have the a strong position against assad. but unfortunately, secretary of state hillary clinton defers to assad and said we would not get troops to syria unless he would approve that. this is viewed as a ridiculous thing by the people. >> this is information you're getting from your sources. cnn has not been able to independently verify that. we just played sound from james clapper, director of u.s. national intelligence saying that president assad let's just say this daddy issues. it was 30 years ago this month they shelled 20,000 people emulating the brutality of his
2:25 pm
own father. daddy issues, does that sound right to you? >> the massacre that occurred in the 1982 and the world didn't do anything back then. no verbal statements against assad back in 198 . now we are an prayed it's going to be repeated and the syrian people would be left alone. assad is killing more people. different now that there is more technology, we have sat phones inside the country. they are telling us what's happening. we are seeing the atrocity by the assad dynasty. they have been ruling since 1970 the same way, killing people, putting people in the prison. >> and thank you so much. i appreciate it live for me from washington on state of syria. both then and now. a turkey sandwich, a banana, chips and apple juice. seems like a pretty healthy school lunch. one school lunch monitor didn't agree and gave the 4-year-old chicken nuggets instead. that story is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] free hot breakfast.
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on story. this family, north carolina, says their daughter's school confiscated her school lunch box not for drugs or a gun but for not having milk. now the school is under fire for claims of overstepping its authority and becoming the lunch of box police. an lynn nap vachada of wtvd has the story. >> stay out of my kids' lunch box or grandchildren's. >> the message this woman has for state officials, the grandmother of a 5-year-old student here at west hoke elementary whose story has made national headlines. woman says a few weeks ago, a state agent inspected her granddaughter's homemade lunch and forced her to eat cafeteria chicken nuggets. she says the lunch consisted of a turkey sandwich, potato chips, a banana and apple juice. >> she had dairy and whole grains. >> bob barnes agrees that the
2:30 pm
lunch was healthy but says it was missing milk, a key part of what is considered to be a healthy meal understate guidelines. >> we are not the lunch bag police, okay? but if we observe that a child who's brought their lunch is missing a key component of the healthy meal, we simply say if it's milk, here's some milk. you may have it or not. >> barnes says there was likely a misunderstanding between the child and staff. >> she went through and got a school meal. she didn't have to do that. >> meanwhile this woman says the state should notten be inspecting lunches and the focus should be on academics is instead. >> get your priorities straight. >> that of the lena machado. the school officials say the girl misunderstood a direction to get milk in the cafeteria and bought a new meal instead. i'm tweeting through my two
2:31 pm
hours@brook bcnm. of josh powell, what a story. josh powell killed himself and his own little boys in that house fire a couple weekends ago. now there's this whole fight whether he should be buried next to those boys. crimestoppers has gone so far to buy the burial plots on either side of the boys' graves. that story is next. in here, inventory can be taught to learn. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... ♪ [ male announcer ] in here, medical history follows you... even when you're away from home. it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities, creating and integrating solutions, helping business, and the rethink possible. it's got 10 speeds, my friend. ♪ is it fast? it's got a lightning bolt on it, doesn't it? ♪ is it fast? i don't even know if it's street legal.
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2:34 pm
even after death, the sons of josh and susan powell are now in the middle of this tug of war. 5-year-old braydon and 7-year-old charlie were killed february 5th when their father blew up the house they were in saying he couldn't live without his boys. josh powell had been a suspect if the disappearance of his wife susan in 2009. and susan's parents had custody of these two boys. they were supposed to be on a supervised visit, an court mandated visit the day of the explosion. now josh powell's family wants to bury him next to the sons he
2:35 pm
killed at a plot at this cemetery in this washington state town. on the phone with me now is ed troyer from the sheriff's office in pierce county, washington. ed, i know you're part of crimestoppers unit that just bought these plots on either side of these boys' graves. why did you do that in. >> well, the bottom line is because we wanted to make sure when anybody ever wanted to visit those boys that they didn't look down and see josh, their dad's tombstone or some sort of memorial or plaque next to them. that way, who wants to be a murder victim and have your murderer rest in peace next to you for eternity or have a plague or marker on the grave for everybody to look at? it would have been shameful. we wanted to take this land and give it to the cox family and let them do whatever they want with it, something that honors those two boys. >> ed, let me ask you specifically, whose idea was this? was it the sheriff, was it someone in the community who
2:36 pm
said we have to do something? >> well, we knew it was going on. we heard from the family attorney and there's a lot of outrage here. the sheriff of the county came up with an idea to see if we could get the plots next to or near where this is going to happen. crimestoppers is a non-profit 100% volunteer that does not use government funds. no taxpayers moneys were used to do this. we got separate doe nays to make it work. we spent the day yesterday and were able to purchase the two plots, one on each side of where these boys are buried. and we'll leave them empty and leave them available for the cox family however they want to use them. >> you mentioned donations, ed. who is giving here? >> well, right away, you know, myself personally and the sheriff personally and within two or three hours, we had $1,000. really quickly. and then now it's ramped up to where we expect to get a lot
2:37 pm
more money than we even paid for the plots. so instead of saying crime stoppers is did this, now we're saying the community came together as a whole and decided this wasn't right. and has put a lot of money into making sure that these areas next to the grave don't get disturbed and the proper memorial is put on it for these boys. >> let me ask you about josh powell's family. from what i understand they said okay, perhaps if -- they couldn't bury him next to these boys, he could be 50, 80 feet away. i want to read you singh we have been getting kiro reporting that the some of family attorney says that the powell family has told them josh powell will not be buried at all in the same cemetery as these two little boys. can you confirm that for me? >> ient ca confirm it. i know they're going to court to try and stop that from happening. if that happens, that was our end goal. we didn't want him there and it wouldn't be an honor to the boys. i know they did acquire a grave about 30 yards away and one of
2:38 pm
the things we're telling people here is legally and per the court order, we may not be able to keep them out of the cemetery but we've kept them away from being next to those boys. >> ed troyer, pierce county sheriff's office, ed, thank you so much for talking about these little boysen an these plots there. jeremy lin the latest nba rock star. his face was used on a graphic with a fortune cookie during last night's game in madison square garden. it is causing a stir. ♪ that right now, you want to know where you are, and where you'd like to be. we know you'd like to see the same information your advisor does so you can get a deeper understanding of what's going on with your portfolio. we know all this because we asked you, and what we heard helped us create pnc wealth insight, a smarter way to work with your pnc advisor, so you can make better decisions and live achievement.
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make it seven in a row for jeremy lin and the new york knicks. lin kept his hot streak last night in a victory over sacramento. and there he goes. he's topping himself with a new career high of 13 assists. this harvard grad who so few believed in now is the most buzzed about player in the game. cnn has also learned that lin has been invited to the nba all-star weekend at the end of the month. he'll be showing off his skills in the shooting stars competition. but it seems like some don't know how to handle the athletics of success of an asian-american such as lin. case in point, take a look with me at this graphic of the msg network showed while broadcasting the game, it's got lin's face above a fortune cookie that reads "the knicks good fortune." what was msg thinking when he this he aired something that
2:42 pm
seems so entirely stereotypical you asked? we asked, as well. we reached out to the network for comment. lin has the made the knicks the hottest ticket in town. could the hype go to his head? the young point guard seems an aware of the potential pitfalls. >> i want to be the same person before and after. and you know, that's where i want to be. and i don't want to let anything affect me or this team. and i think you know, playing in new york is a big stage. and that's obviously a temptation and a danger. >> conditions are right for lin and the folks to keep their streak going. they begin a four-game stand at home starting tomorrow night. arwa damon with even more incredible reporting within syria. she talks with this injured man who says his life was forever changed when he just walked outside to take out the trash. that's next. that we were on sc.
2:43 pm
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sentencing is under way for the so-called underwear bomber in detroit. is he farouk abdulmutallab. he plead the guilty to trying to blow up that detroit bound plane on christmas day in 2009 with a bomb hidden in his underwear. so let's go straight to the deborah feyerick. she's been inside the courtroom for us. sentencing, is it still ongoing, the hearing? >> it's still ongoing. as a matter of fact, brooke, abdulmutallab is speaking right now giving a statement to the court telling the judge, i am not -- he meant to say patsy. it sounded a little bit different. but he said my life and lives of muslims have also changed due to u.s. attacks. he believes that osama bin laden and anwar alabama lackey, his
2:46 pm
mentor, the man who actual approved him for this mission, he says he believes they are both still alive. now, prosecutors say that abdulmutallab is an unrepentant would be mass murderer and if let out, that he would do it again. his lawyers were arguing that no, in can the fa, abdulmutallab is capable of reform and they were fighting saying life in prison, that's not only unconstitutional, but it's cruel and unusual punishment. judge basically denied that and said no, it is an applicable sentence. should that be the sentence she decides to mete out. big ruling against abdulmutallab. the judge decided she will allow a 52-second fbi video which is a recreation of the 200 grms of explosion you bes that if detonated could have taken down that plane. that 52-second video they'll be showing after abdulmutallab finishes his statement. he was looking very placid in
2:47 pm
the courtroom. victims got up to speak. one woman said i forgive you. he just didn't even look at her, didn't make eye contact. the one flight attendant who put out the fire on board the plane, he said his whole life has changed. the joy has been taken out of it. >> saying they forgive him. as soon as there is news, we'll put you back in front of the camera and get it here. more news out of syria today. another 65 people have reportedly died in attacks by the syrian government and in fighting between government forces insurgents. we also heard today from the u.s. director of national intelligence who said the fighting and stalemate are likely to continue. he says syrian president bashar al assad has dug in his heels and is likely to try to cling to power. we now have two crews in syria, including arwa damon in the city of homs. she filed this report from the
2:48 pm
embattled neighborhood baba amir. her report includes some scenes you might find upsetting. >> on the horizon, thick smoke billows from a sabotage gas pipeline. this is the war zone homs has become. we are in a neighborhood that's endured constant shelling. where civilians are killed and wounded every day. a 30-year-old man lies on the brink of death after shrapnel hit him in the head. he had brain matter that actually came out of the wound last night. i couldn't really do anything for him, dr. muhammad says. i just stitched him up to keep the brain matter in and inserted a tube. it's actually a nasal tube to suction the blood. he will die if he doesn't get out. dr. muhammad is one of only two doctors here. his specialty is internal medicine. the other doctor is actually a
2:49 pm
dentist. the 36-year-old's arm is attached by a few muscles only. i just went out to take out the trash. i saw that the shelling had quieted down, he recalls. i had hardly stepped out the door when i heard a massive sound. the father of three tried to get his wife and children out of the area, but he says, government forces turned them back. in a weak voice, he implores, we are begging all countries in the world, please, get involved. muhammad also tried to escape but wasn't allowed through the checkpoints. he says he was hit by a tank round after running to help those wounded in a rocket attack in front of his house. the doctor is just saying that this is a patient that has to get outside of baba amed within 24 hours or else his leg is most
2:50 pm
definitely going to need to be amputated and the doctor was also pointing out how at this point you can smell the rot coming from the wound. this patient has been lying here like this for four days now. the feeling of helplessness in the face of such suffering is overwhelming. we've lost all feeling, muhammad says. there is no value to life. the rockets just rain down. dr. muhammad can't hold back the tears. this is a case that survived, he says. most cases we get like this they die within an hour or two because we can't do anything for them. this is how they have to move around just a short distance to get from one location to the other where they have the patients. >> six patients were killed in this building after a strike. the shelling is relentless.
2:51 pm
what they've had to do because the clinics keep getting targeted is try to distribute the parrishes around so they have a number of houses in the vicinity where they also have these makeshift clinics, as well. in what was a living room, one man groans as he shows us his wound. next to him another patient, struggling to speak, as well. he initially traces the shape of a tank on the wall. and then communicates through crude drawings. this here is abad. and he's been drawing trying to explain what happened because he's in so much agony he can't speak. he is one of the cameramen who goes out, risks his life all the time. it's some of his clips that we constantly see posted to youtube and broadcast. and he's been drawing two thanks and explaining how he was moving down the street across from them when they fired at him. his -- he's also got a severe
2:52 pm
head injury. his skull has been cracked and the nurse is just saying he's suffering from internal bleeding, as well. lying in the room nearby, 19-year-old abudi is barely hanging on, wounded when the clinic was hit a few days ago. among those treating him is 27-year-old nura, who like abudi is a volunteer. there is a team of 20 volunteers now on the medical frontlines after just 15 days of training. i swear to you, he's just a youngster, nura cries. he came here to help people. and now he needs help. no one is equipped to deal with the scale of the casualties. an average of 60 wounded a day. not to mention the rising death toll. these are humans, nura says, her voice trembling. they are not stone. and all they want to know is how many, how many have to die before some sort of help arrives.
2:53 pm
arwa damon, cnn, homs syria. that is so tough to watch. arwa, thank you for being there and sharing their stories. more sad news for you just to add to arwa's report. since she filmed in that makeshift clinic, we have now learned the 19-year-old abudi featured there has died. of and there are plenty of reasons for a young person to 0 want to be like adele. her amazing voice for starters. so when vogue" publish this had cover here it, obviously photo shopped it didn't go very well with a lot of people. i'm going to talk to plus sized model emme about this one, get her thoughts next. and two pills. after a morning of walk-ups, it's back to more pain, back to more pills. the evening showings bring more pain and more pills. sealing the deal... when, hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. it can relieve pain all day with fewer pills than tylenol.
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ever since she won six grammys on sunday night, adele has been trending. but now it's not just her talent, her voice but also her looks getting her attention and not all of is it is positive. this is the latest vogue". camous tuesday a lot of fans have commented that the cover doesn't give a true picture of her size. we went pouring through the comments. someone wrote "it's really disappointing that vogue" photographed adele in a corset and did everything possible to disguise her weight. she's fine just the way she is. vogue disappoints me in this area. real women have curves. it's okay. i wish vogue" felt that way, as
2:57 pm
well. i want to bring npg emme, beautiful actress and model emme. good to have you on as always. and if i may, i just want to show one picture. and just also point out, it's obvious she has clearly lost weight over the past couple years. that was her on left in 2009. then that was her sunday 2012. so, emme. >> okay. >> okay. you've seen -- >> makeovers do take place though, brooke. i'm looking at the pictures and i can see her makeup is different. her hairstyle has been changed and probably she has probably started working out a little bit, which is not a bad thing. there is definitely a difference. her hair is different. >> but not just the before and after from '09 to 2012. i want to talk specifically about the vogue pictures. you've thumbed through them. what's your first impression? >> it's not the woman we just saw. it's just not the woman we just saw. i do have to say, however, that
2:58 pm
it is, you know, the whole spread is a work of art. there's a lot of beauty going on. a lot of work with the photographer and the stylists and everything that went into this, but what the effect of this issue does to millions of women and children that vrn really followed adele with her music career, all of a sudden sees her in a very altered state that that's what i'm concerned about. wh that the retouching went past a line. i get lines taken out of my face and clothes when i do different things for clients. but there's a line that you cross. and i think they crossed the line. >> here's my question because i've never done a photo spread. you have done many. are you made we're that once you're photographed that your photos will be altered? do you have control over that? can you say no to vogue"? >> you can write it in your contract. sometimes i have to stand with a
2:59 pm
photo shopper or a photographer and say that's great, that's great. no. if you're going to do take -- you know. if there's something like something in your teeth or something seriously going on where you really haven't had a lot of sleep but if it really alters or trims your image where your body shape becomes different, that your face seriously becomes shaped differently, i don't want that in my life. i want to be what i am. and i work hard at maintaining the vitality that i have. and if i am anything different than that, then i'm projecting a really strange image out there. >> an did he has been very open about talking about body image and said to anderson cooper, i don't need to be some skinny minnie. here's what she said. >> i've never seen magazine covers and seen videos and said i need to look like that if i want to be a success. i don't want to be a skinny minnie with [ bleep ]. i don't want people confusing what i'm about.


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