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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  March 21, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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we'll be back tonight, oddly, because it's so late now. at 9:00 eastern. film maker kevin smith. he's always great. that's all for us tonight. good night. >> tonight, illinois is romney country. mitt romney has won a convincing primary victory over rick santorum. barely mentioning him, but directing his words mainly at president obama and the economy. >> three years of barack obama have brought us fewer jobs and shrinking paychecks. many of us believe we were years. historic drops in income and historic rise in gas prices. a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obama care, but leads from behind in the world.
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it's time to say these words. enough. >> rick santorum also spoke from gettysburg in his home state of pennsylvania. >> i said throughout the course of this campaign, while other issues are certainly important, economy, joblessness, national security concerns, the family, the issue of life, all of these issues are important. but the foundational issue in this race, if one that is, in fact, the cause of the other maladies that we are feeling, whether it's in the economy or whether it's in the budget crisis that we're dealing with. all boils down to one word. and that's what's at stake in this election. and it's right behind me on that banner. and that's the word freedom. >> rick santorum in gettysburg. let's check in with wolf and john with the latest numbers. >> all right, anderson. thanks very much.
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here are the latest numbers. 55% of the vote is now in. in the state of illinois. you can see a very impressive lead for mitt romney. 47% to 35% for santorum. ron paul, 9%. newt gingrich coming in fourth with only 8%. a very just think after louisi
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saturday, let's see how newt does. it's the last of the southern states to vote. and if newt can't make his case there, i just think his crowd has diminished, reportered stopped following him. that starts to hurt your feelings as a candidate when you start to say why am i here? nobody else is showing up. that's what starts to make people look twice and say should i be in. i think rick santorum has earned the right to go seven more rounds. his problem is that mitt romney is starting to expand and lead in every way, shape and measure. if rick santorum can't address that, his day will come and it not here yet. but he's going to have to face that day. >> paul, for rick santorum, for everybody in louisiana and that could be good news for rick santorum. >> it could be. i'll let her speak about the interesting divide there and why i think you'll see the catholics running hardest and strongest in a very protestant, north
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louisiana area. but the most striking thing to me, and if i was santorum, i would cling to this, 40% of republican primary voters today said they had reservations about the candidate they voted for. not about another candidate. but when four out of ten still say that they're not happy with the candidate voted for, of course many of them may have said that about santorum himself, that's something politicians sometimes use to fuel a dying candidacy. >> what about louisiana? north louisiana is really home of the self described christian evangelical movement. and, also, rick santorum has a hard problem, really, solidifying a catholic vote. so i think rick santorum can covery well in weekend in louisiana. but, you know, i already said something very important. that's the last southern state.
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that's the last south state. but you still have texas. you still have arkansas. i don't think he can pull together the math. we know that he has problems filling delegate's place in many of these states. but you know what, this race is still going to continue. and i still believe at the end of the day sometime in mid april, mitt romney will be able to get these two gentlemen out of the race and he can finally earn the right to, you know, start talking about president obama, i guess. >> you said earlier the handwriting is on the wall chatty what about santorum? >> santorum is going to stay in for a while. he's got louisiana. he's probably got texas. mathematical mathematically, considering his lack of delegates, even where he's winning, i don't see how rick can get to 11:44. if his strategy is to try to get to a cone fens and keep romney from getting to 1144, that becomes a fool's error. you're going to say wait a second, no one has gotten to a broker convention like this. you need to stand down.
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i don't see he can stay in for a while longer. i don't see him getting to 1144. >> everyone, stickaround. twitter at anderson cooper. coming up next, john king is going to break down the numbers just how mitt romney won. also, later on, the latest in a shooting. we'll be right back. [ snoring ] [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu relieves your cough 50% longer than tylenol cold multi-symptom nighttime. [ snoring continues ] [ male announcer ] because snoring sounds better than coughing. greetings from the people here sure are friendly but some have had a hard time understanding my accent. so to make sure people get every word of the geico savings message i've been practicing how to talk like a true chicagoan.
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and now the president is trying to erase his record with some new rhetoric. he says we are inventers, we are builders, we are makers of things. we are thomas edison, we're the wright brothers, we're bill gates. we're sill jobs -- wait, i missed that. we are steve jobs. that's true. but the problem is, he's still barack obama. >> already looking ahead to november in the primary. the question is how did he do it? exit polling tells a story. let's turn to john king and wolf for this. >> thanks very much. the polls do show a very impressive win tonight for mitt romney. and he won not only because he
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won in some of the bigger popular toy areas. but it's deeper. >> illinois is not mississippi or alabama or louisiana which is up next. but look at this. 65% of the electorate, two-thirds of the voters say they were conservative. mitt romney has had trouble. he won 43% of the vote to senator santorum's 39 among those who said they were conservative. this is evidence. the party is going around and santorum will say louisiana is a lot different. this is another good night for mitt romney with which he has struggled in the past. among this constituency, another 43 to 47% at 12%. and ron paul at 7%. but governor romney winning among tea party supporters. the biggest issue was the economy.
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this is the lopsided romney win here. so he holds his strength here. if you look at this one again, the romney campaign will cite this. his problem has been can he connect with blue collar voters. let's come over here by income. 50-100,000. you see him here tieing senator santorum 39%-39% in the middle of the income ranges in our exit poll. otherwise, we see those who make a hundred thousand or more. so the constituency, with which he's won in the past. but he did show some progress among tea party voters and among those who say he understands their concerns. again, illinois different from the south. but that's a good night. >> anderson, with 62% of the vote now in, 47% for romney, 35 for santorum, only 9% for ron paul, 8% for newt gingrich.
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a very good night, indeed, for mitt romney. >> yeah, let's get reaction with the panel. >> well, sure. i mean, first off, you want the race to be sort of to rewrite thomas hobbs. nasty, broodish and long. and it has been. but i thought romney did a good job for mitt romney. but he still doesn't make the emotional connection. frankly, i thought a lot of people thought al gore lacked that. mitt romney makes those two look warm and fuzzy. and he needs to find a way to open his heart a little bit. i think having ann romney speak is a great advantage. she's terrific. but she's not on the ballot. he did it in illinois by out spending santorum 21-1. and he won't be able to out spend barack obama 21-1.
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>> is all of this -- santorum, gingrich, they all make this argument about the delegate count. it's inevitable mitt romney is going to be the nominee, isn't it? >> i think so. unless he unexpectedly collapses. >> one of the reasons he's down below 10% is the sense that his candidacy is fading. there's an up and down in these things. i have to tell you. there are a lot of people in illinois who are not totally comfortable. there are a lot of people in barack obama's camp who are not totally comfortable, either. i still think barack obama is
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favored. i think he's moved from underdog to favorite. and with a better economy. but it's still winnable for the republicans. >> but that point, the four out of ten being uncomfortable, speaks to the question of enthusiasm. and bar obama may do more to bring out republican voters than mitt romney does. it looks like turn out is actually low in illinois. and we've seen that time and time again. and the big question is whether that's going to mean much come the general election. but when you have republicans who are unsure or not thrilled about their candidate but they sort of think that he's inevitable and maybe electable, will they turn out? >> you saw john king's exit poll. do you buy the earringment that republicans are starting? >> well, i think they are
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starting to coalesce. we've seen that pattern throughout the primary race. he had it in nevada, he had it in florida. he didn't have it in south carolina. he didn't have it in some of the states that senator santorum won. the big issue, as gloria was just talking about, what's going to happen if it eegs romney. and i think gloria nailed it. i think they are going to unite against barack obama. that's going to be the blue that holds them together. and that's going to be the gap that the democrats have. and it's going to be matched by the enthuse yack drop because they just can't match the magic of 2008. so they're going to have less turn out, less constituencies, young people and minorities turning out in record numbers they turned out in 2008. >> but i don't know if you can
1:19 am
predict democratic turn out anymore than you can really predict republican turn out. >> on either side. >> let's look at turn out numbers, john king and jonathan, you have some of the figures. >> i just matched them up. if you add this up, 300,000, 218, 58 and 49, you have about 61% here. so you're a little above 600 with 71%. let's just go back in time with the republican primary. you get a little above 800,000. so you're more than 800, remember, this is the percentage of presingeds reporting. we're waiting for the rest of the vote to come in. >> he's not giving up. more from our panel. we'll have more on that next. as! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse.
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and you think about the great elections of our past. and i've gone around this country over the past year now. and i've said this is the most important election of our lifetimes. i think it's the most important election since the election of 1860. >> something's happened since 1860 and now. it's up to you to decide if it's the most important election since then. as for tonight, seen as proje projecting a win. still, rick santorum not giving
1:24 am
up. neither is newt gingrich who spoke just a short time ago. >> phase one has to be stopping romney because the fact is if he gets 1144 votes, he's the nominee. fair and square. it's over. on the other hand, if as voters look at this as happened last week, for example, in mississippi and in alabama, as happened the previous week in kansas, then i think you get to a situation after june 26th, where there's a 60 day conversation. that's what happens. then we'll have a real conversation. >> so, for now, still a four-way race, at least if you ask the four candidates, they'll tell you it's a four-way race. what do the numbers really say? >> i don't know? >> the numbers say it is a two-way race with a big advantage to mitt romney. you see the numbers here. that's our guesstimate. i understand santorum with 244. so where do we go from here?
1:25 am
let's fast forward. louisiana is on saturday. let's assume santorum wins, he narrows the gap, but just slightly. maryland, wisconsin, the district of columbia. speaker gingrich talking about a conversation down the road. it's hard to stop romney unless santorum or somebody has to take away indiana, has to take away west virginia, has to take away north carolina. even here romney clinches a map that's overwhelmingingly tinted in his favor. as we have the conversation tonight, it's up for anybody but romney. >> i mean, will this be a different conversation if rick santorum wins and wins big in louisiana this weekend? >> i don't think so. this is a war of attrition.
1:26 am
and while he may be able to pick up some of the louisiana delegates like illinois, again, many of our delegates will be selected by a congressional district. and you have to look and see if rick santorum is on the ballot or he's found enough delegates. i don't believe they have any incentive to leave the race. it's really up to mitt romney. i was reading just a while ago because i teach on wednesday. if i had to grade mitt romney, he'd get an a in math. . but in terms of chemistry, i think he gets a c +. >> what do you meek of donna's argue? >> you can see by the exit polling, there's a core group of conservatives. if you look along the border of ill now, he's not doing very well down there. he's not doing well with evangelicals. but he is doing well with the population.
1:27 am
i do think he's going to be the nominee now. this is the first big race he's won where there wasn't a caveat to it. he did quite well. at the same time, we do have to keep in mind, there is a large number of evangelicals who they're not necessarily wedded to a party. hence, they don't particularly like mitt romney. you can say it's because of his positions on life issues over time. whatever. the fact is, they're not wedded to him. and they're not necessarily wedded to the republican party. and he's going to need those people to turn out for the november along with independents who -- which i think ari is right. >> the base of the base ultimately wants to be president obama. and we'll go with whoever is the candidate. >> yeah, i think that's right. and i think the base of the base
1:28 am
hated mitt romney so much, he wouldn't have been in these primaries. they're not enthusiastic about him. that's the one that's really there. on the economic issues, he's comfortable enough. >> i think barack obama would probably get an f. let's look ahead to what's next. louisiana saturday, potentially, newt. and then where do you go from here? you go to april third and then we've got d.c., wisconsin and maryland. and then the race goes into a long lull. and when you're in second place, the last thing you need is a lull. and then you go to april 24th. the end of april. and everything basically shifts to pennsylvania and the northeast. the northeast goes for romney. rick santorum is still not gaining ground.
1:29 am
if santorum doesn't win pennsylvania, his home state, that's a real problem for him. at that point, on the 24th, i think then it would certainly be a real issue for him. >> if he were to lose pennsylvania, i think he would withdraw at that point. i think ari's analysis is fundamentally right, if you look at the state. >> i thank you, everyone. thank you. coming up, the latest in the case of 17-year-old travon martin shot to death by a neighbor who watched in a florida gated community. live report from florida. i'm also speaking with two neighbors who have some startling things to say about how police responded to the shooting. they're also talking about what they saw with their own eyes. we'll be right back. whitestrips.cts it goes below he enamel surface to whiten as well as a five-hundred dollar professional treatment. wow, that's you? [ female announcer ] new intensive professional effects whitestrips. [ male announcer ] for our families...
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the 17-year-old young man who was killed as he was walking to his father's fiance's house. martin, just before he was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer told 9-1-1 that the boy looked suspicious. he had been talking on the phone with his girlfriend. an attorney for the family says that conversation with the girlfriend can help prove that he was killed in cold blood by george zimmerman. he admits that he shot treyvon, but says it was in self defense. what the girlfriend heard on the phone that day blows that claim out of the water. he told the girl that someone was following him and he was
1:34 am
trying to get away. zimmerman has not been charged in the case. in a few moments, you'll hear from one of the neighbors who called 9-1-1 that day and had some pretty chilling allegations. but, first, tonight, the naacp is holding a rally. >> anderson, the church behind me was filled to capacity. several hundred people holding their own rally outside when they couldn't hear what was going on in there. everyone walking away feeling like their out rage has been heard. that it has had a sense of purpose in these last couple of weeks now that the u.s. justice department has gotten involved and is going to be looking at this investigation, a look at how it's been conducted and how the conclusions have been reached. people here feeling like that their voice has been heard. and their agenda is pretty simple right now. they want to see justice for treyvon martin. they want to see george
1:35 am
zimmerman arrested and they want to see the police chief fired for his handling of this investigation. >> what did he have to stay about the justice department? >> i talked to him right after this rally. now, if they have some purpose in moving forward here, he says he has a lot of confidence in the justice department of this administration to look into this and to take their concerns into account as they go through how this case has been investigated. >> we've seen them do the right thing. >> so if the justice department looks into this and they find that the stanford p.d. acted appropriately, will you standby their decision? >> that's a bridge that we're going to have to cross. right now, we have faith in our justice system. we have faith that he will be
1:36 am
brought to justice and that charges will be filed. >> the justice department is involved because of the work that they've been doing. he's asking everyone to work on this for the long hall to make sure that the energy doesn't diminish overtime. the grand injury is coming up in april. that could take weeks in itself. >> david, appreciate that. mary and selma live in the gated community where martin was killed. mary was one of the people who called 9-1-1. both say police were siding with george zimmerman from the start. i spoke to mary about what they saw and what they heard on that day. >> so you heard some sort of whining, some sort of commotion outside? >> what was the first thing you
1:37 am
saw? >> by that time, you hear some other noise. >> you heard the gunshot? >> yes. >> and i run away and then when eh just get into the point like my screen stopped me, i look at the first one on top of a body. >> so you saw mr. zimmerman on top of treyvon martin? >> exactly. >> when you say on top of, how so? >> obviously, if it's the shooter, he would have ran. i thought maybe he's holding the wound, okay. when she called to him three times, everything okay? what's going on? each time he looked back and didn't say anything. and then the third time, he finally said call the police. >> by that time, it was so dark. i just saw this person.
1:38 am
i saw zimmerman kind of confusing back and forth to the body. >> so he was sort of pacing back and forth? >> yes. like, like, oh my god and then he'd go back to the body and just, like, i don't know if he was kind of, oh, my god, what did i do? what happened? >> so you didn't hear or see any altercation? any struggle? you only heard the cry or the wimpering and then the shot? >> yes. >> so you believe whatever altercation or whatever it was, you believe that happened elsewhere, be you didn't witness it? i believe it had to start from the first person that called 9-1-1. >> and from that point, to where his body was, like two or three doors down, it's hard for me to believe that at the time that we
1:39 am
heard the whining and then the gunshot, we did not hear any wrestling, no punching, no fatheading, nothing to make it sound like there was a fight. when police have said -- you gave an interview to a local station. what you're saying now is contradicting what you told them early on. that your initial statement to police actually backs up george zimmerman's version of events. >> actually, i called the chief of police and i demanded that they retract it and print the truth. >> they never said anything about it. it's because that's why i just decide to tell people i was the one that i never want to see be shot. >> you did want to make a statement.
1:40 am
>> i did say one, but i didn't want to be on camera. she said we need to help someone, i said no. i don't want to go on camera. >> so when police say your initial statement backs up zimmerman? >> i don't know how it's any different from my original interview. >> so what you're saying now tonight is the same as what you told police initially? >> absolutely. i said nothing different. the only thing that would have anything different what so ever is they asked me how would you know that it was treyvon that was whining? and i said i don't know. i guess because it stopped when the gun went off. >> what i heard was a very young voice. >> based on what you saw, do you believe it was self defense? >> i did not. ah rhinallyally, i didn't believe it was self defense because of what we saw when we
1:41 am
walked out on the porch. if it was self defense, why was he on his back? >> what was your impression of the police' attitude? >> they were fighting with him. >> with interimer man? >> oh, yeah. >> what makes you say that. >> i guess their nonchalant attitude. i guess he was a police officer and he has a squeaky clean background, which he does not. it has come out what his background is, and let him go. >> well, thank you very much for talking to you. i appreciate it. >> george zimmerman says he shot him in self defense. that claim has reviewed the debate over stand your ground law which lets people use deadly force away from their homes. a lot to talk about in the legal. senior legal analyst joining me, as well. the attorney for -- the
1:42 am
attorney for martin's father and family says that martin was actually speaking to his girlfriend on his cell phone when this began. ultimately, the call -- how does that change the -- what we've heard. >> the police say they didn't arrest george jimmer man because of the self defense claim. now we know that martin was on the phone with his girlfriend. she says that treyvon was nervous. he was scared and concerned because someone was following him. that she advised him to run. he then ran -- george zimmerman runs after him. she says that treyvon says why are you following me? george zimmerman says something like who are you? why are you here? she believes she hears george zimmerman pushing martin. well, that means that that's -- if that statement is true, george zimmerman is the first aggressor and he cannot avail himself of the self defense
1:43 am
theory. >> i think what's so remarkable here, and i've spoken to one of the attorneys, police didn't interview this young girl. >> why has the information just come to light now? >> because i believe that treyvon martin's family is sort of doing their own detective work. they've had to take those steps. and, really, it's just remarkable because when you're talking about the investigation of a shooting death, these are things that are always -- you always look at phone records. >> i agree that this should have been done. again, i think we need to pause and say that there is not a few picture of the evidence. we do not know exactly what occurred from the time zimmerman stopped talking to 9-1-1. >> there will be a way -- there will be a cell phone record of this phone call. >> and there are. >> we need to know what time it ended. what time the gunshot was.
1:44 am
i'm just prepared to say that, you know, this is not -- this positive proof that he was not acting in self defense. it is still possible based on the evence that i've seen that he could make a claim of self defense under the law of florida. >> to me, i mean, a lot of questions i have about this, obviously. but why did he -- why did george zimmerman describe martin as suspicious based on having nothing other than just a physical, you know, just by looking at him. why did he say they -- you know, these aholes, they always get away. what did he actually mean by that? do any of those comments that you heard in the 9-1-1 call argue against a self defense or the idea that he felt threatened by martin? >> i think he feels threatened by treyvon martin.
1:45 am
i think he feels threatened because he's black. i don't think there's any doubt that this is a classic case of profiling. >> i think it's remarkable that someone claims to feel threatened but then chases the person he claims to be threatened by. >> we don't know how that unfolded. >> we do, though, jeff, because there are 9-1-1 calls. the dispatcher says are you running after him? and he says yes. he's running. you hear someone get out of the car. and the dispatcher says are you following him? and he says yes. >> the girlfriend told martin and he said i'm not going to run. i'm just going to walk fast. by the way, there's now a justice department investigation, the f.b.i. and also a grand jury. how does that play? >> well, the feds are in charge. they will come in and i have,
1:46 am
like the naacp, i have a lot of confidence in these people. i think they will interview everybody. they will get all the evidence and they'll figure out whether there's a case to be made there. >> coming up, the soldier who is accused of killing 16 civilians in afghanistan, including nine kids. he says, apparently, he doesn't remember what happened. we're going to hear more about that claim from sergeant robert bails' attorney next. not that we'd ever brag about it. turn right. come on, nine. turn left. hit the brakes. huh? how'd that get there? [ male announcer ] we can't hide how proud we are to have nine top safety picks like the passat and jetta. so we're celebrating with our "safety in numbers" event. that's the power of german engineering. right now lease the 2012 jetta for $159 a month.
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let's check in with the 360 news. >> anderson, a mag any tod 7.4 earthquake rattled mexico and the nation's capital. so far, no reports of serious injuries or death. a french teacher says a suspect in a fatal shooting spree knows he's being tracked and may strike again. monday's rampage was a third fatal attack in southwest france in eight days. and, anderson, a possible crew that investigators say could help them solve the 75-year-old mystery of what happened to amelia earhart. they say new photographs taken just months after the legendary aviator disappeared, may show the landing gear from the plane. explorers are planning a new search in july. >> the american soldier accused of killing 16 citizens in afghanistan.
1:51 am
according to his lawyer, he doesn't remember what happened. in an interview with cbs news, the attorney says he was not intoxicated, but that he was in shock and has a gap in his memory from that night. >> did robert bails tell you he went out the night of march 11th and he shot these people? >> no, he did not. he has no memory. >> he has an early memory of that evening and he has a later memory of that evening. but he doesn't have memory of in between. >> according to people who have been interviewed, eyewitnesss, sergeant bales went from room-to-room. he shot 16 people dead, including 9 children. five are wounded. you're telling me he remembers none of that? >> that's correct. >> well, the attorneys also suggesting that post-traumatic stress disorder are also in effect. i spoke to sanja gupta.
1:52 am
jeff, bales' attorney said he's going to plead a diminished capacity defense. >> he's trying to save from execution. this is all about the penalty phase. and you can start putting on evidence that's useful in a penalty phase during the guilt phase. but it is a -- it's a mental defense that says to the jury he's guilty, but don't execute him. >> bales' attorney also told cbs that bales has no recollection of the injury. he says bales has an early memory of the evening, and a later memory of the evening, but nothing in between. i suppose you can look at that as a convenient legal argument or that there's a medical reason for that. is that possible? is that typical for someone to completely block something out like that? >> well, it is possible. and what he's sort of describing is not completely blocking it
1:53 am
out, but as far as having these lapses in memory, this is not that unusual and it is more common in someone who's undergone a high stress event. we find people are more likely to describe the events as being confused. i don't remember specifics of what happened there. i thought somebody else was also there but they weren't. they can forget memories and add in details that aren't accurate. that is not that uncommon. but this is very different than an am knees shah. in this sort of situation, it's more like chunks are missing. >> jeff, the attorneys also suggested that bales was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. do you think that is part of a viable defense? or is that also getting to the diminished capacity? >> it's really getting to the jury saying, look, we know he's guilty. but we are not going to execute him for this.
1:54 am
>> jurors are very reluctant to give someone a break for insanity. you see military juries like this one, where the jury says there is a physical reason why this action took place, whether it's an injury, a disease, ptsd and they wind up giving life in prison rather than the death penalty. >> you've studiy eiey eied ptsd years. could ptsd lead someone to do something like that? is that a part of a viable defense? >> it's really tough to say. it's a tough one to prove. i mean, this is a profound response and a traumatic event of some sort. people can feel very beat up. they can be very debilitating. the one thing that's very unusual, that doesn't seem to fit in is this idea of predatory violence.
1:55 am
someone may react out of proportion and response to some sort of event out of a seemingly harmless event. predatory violence is not something in our investigations we've seen associated. >> he did suffer from a traumatic brain injury during a previous tour in iraq. what kind of impact could that have had on his behavior? >> well, i think when you think about traumatic brain injury, there's all sort -- it depends on what part of the brain was traumatized, what exactly happened around that. the way it was described is if someone had both frontal lobes. this is a part of your brain that's responsible for judgment. so this idea that, you know, something bad is happening and i know how to control that or use my judgment to make the situation better may be impaired. again, the idea that someone would go out and be predatory seems unlikely. it's more like the brakes aren't working in someone who's had bifrontal brain injury.
1:56 am
no one is saying that he had that as opposed to executing a plan like this. it's worth pointing out that you and i both have seen 230,000 troops or so with traumatic brain injuries. obviously, thankfully, we don't hear stories like that. >> thanks. sanja made an important point between predatory behavior and reactive. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] that. right there -- reminds you why you fell in love with her in the first place. and why you still feel the same. but your erectile dysfunction --
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