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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone, i'm don lemon. cnn after dark, where most shows dare not go. ready, aim, fire. no one, not even the president, is taking your guns away. is that really a good thing? >> what is solved by saying he's a racist? >> bill cosby on black people, trayvon martin and george zimmerman. enough said. >> i think of a man and i take away reason and accountability. >> women, the rage this week. outrage, too. how are men reacting? silent, as usual. yes, dear. it's splitsville for mike and ike. uh, wait, who knew our favorite candies were gay? what in the bert and ernie is going on? the stories you're talking about
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in a moment. but first the news you need to know right now. as we go on the air tonight, i want you to take a look at what's happening in the midwest. there is a major tornado outbreak going on. so far it's affecting mostly rural areas, but it's headed for some big cities like wichita and kansas city. we have confirmed reports that a possible tornado has hit a hospital in creston, iowa. a search and rescue operation is under way. a hospital spokesman says they are triaging and moving patients. dozens of tornadoes have been reported and more than 5 million people live in the at-risk area. our jacqui jeras is monitoring the story, and we'll be checking in with her throughout this hour here on cnn. another big story, a prostitution scandal rocking the secret service tonight. 11 agents were someplaced on administrative lead today for bringing hookers to a hotel in
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colombia ahead of president barack obama's visit. they were doing security prep for the summit of the americas. now to the stories you're talking about. guns kill people, people kill people, it's an age-old adage. so it stands to reason, people with guns kill people. and one of them did in stanford, florida, claiming he fired the shot to keep an unarmed teenager from killing him. because of the controversial self-defense law in florida, the killer wasn't arrested for more than a month. can you imagine this? after a month of outrage, protests and debates over gun control and another highly covered killing spree in oklahoma where three people died, imagine running for president and being slated to speak at the annual convention of the national rifle association, the nra. how do you spin that, mitt romney? you do it, well, like this. >> we need a president who will enforce current laws, not create new ones that burden lawful gun
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owners. president obama has not. i will. >> he also said it was a kickoff of his general election. romney steered clear of the florida and oklahoma cases. but no conservative would make waves when it comes to the nra, no conservative. and why would they? democrats have all but given up reforming gun laws. the president rarely talks about it and the nra is sensing victory. >> mark my words, when the sun goes down on election day, barack obama will have us to thank for his defeat. >> not only has president obama not come to "take your guns," as many gun owners claimed four years ago, he really hasn't mounted any substantial effort to tighten or close loopholes in existing laws. so with no clear effort under way from the white house, on down to tighten gun laws, it would appear americans are happy with the way things are.
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or is the nra just too powerful? we'll be talking about that tonight. i know a few people who can't wait to get in on this topic. some will say no, you're wrong, that's not true. beside me is goldie taylor, a cultural critic, as well. and georgia democratic congressman hank johnson. thanks to both of you. to the right of your screen, author steve santagotti, editor of news busters. joel sheppard is there, and joining me is comedian dean obadallah. also joining me is dana bash and director of the florida coalition to stop gun violence and sherry schneider, co-author of "the rules." we'll hear from them after a break. but first this -- >> this and what is he doing with it, and who taught him and told him how to behave with
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this? >> bill cosby on george zimmerman, and what's really to blame for trayvon martin's death. the next revolution in music is happening here. pandora rocks the big board. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all.
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we need a president who will stand up for the rights of hunters and sportsman and those who seek to protect their homes and family. president obama has not. i will. >> all right, thanks for joining us. let's get into this. we gave you the big buildup. beside me is cultural critic
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goldie taylor and congressman hank johnson. and the editor of news busters. dana lash is going to joining us. let's talk about gun violence. you saw mitt romney at the nra having to speak there. very interesting, comes on the heels. we've been talking about oklahoma and some other gun issues around the country, we've been talking about trayvon martin. as we were doing this, as i was reading this, i said democrats haven't done anything sufficient about gun control, i saw you looking at me like, wait a minute, that's not true. do you not believe it's true? because we couldn't find any substantial work done by democrats on this issue. >> certainly, there are issues that have taken more priority for our republican legislators who are now in control, and they want to deal with things like abortion, contraception, the war
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on women, and meanwhile, any legislative effort by democrats takes a u-turn and goes backward, hits a blank wall and is not dealt with. >> but you said hits a blank wall, but you can't blame that not talking about these issues or not having any substantial legislation -- how can you blame that on republicans? if this is an issue, especially after gabby giffords, and now trayvon martin, how can you blame this on the republicans? >> they are under the influence of the corporate lobby, nra, walmart. they give campaign contributions. they work through to propose legislation. and those are the views that are being heard now sense they are the ones that are in power. >> so the gun lobby, are you saying the gun lobby is too
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powerful for the democrats to go against? >> well, unfortunately, there are not many democrats who are willing to stand up to the nra and there are not many republicans -- there are not any republicans that i know of willing to do that. >> why no democrats? >> well, i don't think that they want that special interest super pac money coming at them during their primaries. and they don't want to be challenged by the tea partiers, who will be there to oppose them. >> all right. goldie? >> you know, with all due respect to the congressman, and my mother lived in the district and i think she voted for you -- >> tell her thank you. >> and arthur, jump in here any time. >> the real issue here is democrats by and large have attacked the problem have the wrong perspective. the vast majority of people in this country who own guns own
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them legally. it is their constitutional right, whether it is for sport, for self-defense. you know, they have the right to own them. and so to impede on the second amendment of the constitution, i'm never going to be for. but what i am for is this, that we attack the problem from a different perspective. the number one predictor of gun violence is poverty. when you attack it from that direction, then you find real solutions. if you look at a place like kenesaw, georgia, that every household is required to have a gun and they've had no murders. it's because poverty is almost nonexistent. >> but kenesaw is not chicago or atlanta or new york. let's say in most cities the gun murder rate -- >> if you look at the difference
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in wealth indicators in the areas, the number one -- >> i understand what you're saying. if you take a place where crime is already low and say it decreased because of this and got lower, is that a fair statement? that whole kenesaw thing, it's not imposed. nobody is going from house to house to make sure you have a gun. >> you know why the law is on the books? for the bears. >> arthur, go ahead. listen, just playing devil's advocates, if you look at it, and this is 2010, according to the home office, this is for britain, there were 619 murders in britain in 2010. in the united states, there were 12,996. britain has a much more stricter -- much stricter gun laws than the u.s. of the 12,000, only 13,000, almost 9,000 caused by firearms in the united states. arthur, are those numbers damning for us in this gun
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culture? >> well, they are, and we've got a problem in florida that other places don't have. the democrats in our organization have introduced laws, but they don't go any place because all the committee chairman are republicans and they refuse to allow these bills to be read. so we've got a problem here in florida and it's getting worse because the nra has introduced a new law, called a firearm pre-emption law that made it illegal to create new laws and preventing people from posting anything about guns. you can't post a sign any place in florida, and you want to talk to the people that are mad, talk to the people that raise cattle and horses and they can tell you what kind of a problem that is. that will reverberate to the next legislative session.
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>> i think the consensus, i would think, from this entire panel, is that the democrats are weak when it comes to gun laws and gun control and gun issues. >> you're not going to find many democrats who would oppose people being able to possess a firearm. we recognize the second amendment. it gives the right to americans to hold a firearm. but the question is, which americans? should it be convicted felons? should it be child molesters? can they be restricted? can domestic violence perpetrators be restricted in their ability to possess a firearm? what are reasonable regulations. and the thing is, the nra opposes any and all legislation, including assault weapons. >> i understand what you're saying, but it should be talked about, whether the loopholes should be tightened.
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whatever it is -- >> law abiding citizens are able -- law abiding citizens are able to purchase guns in this country, generally speaking. but there is no law on the books today or that you could put on the books to keep the black market of guns off the streets of our cities in this country. not a one. >> if you don't have any that restrict or make it illegal for people who should not have firearms to have them, then it's just open season. >> we're going to have to end it there. that's where you come in. that's where lawmakers come in to figure this out. regardless of what side of the fence you're on, we've seen a lot of gun violence and we're trying to figure out why hasn't that been part of the debate? it's been profiling, race, and stand your ground. we're going to have to go to
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break. coming up, the right speaks out. they call me and this network liberal and a show for democrats in the white house. and that's the nice stuff. i'm going to ask them why. but first this -- ladies, do you understand the mindset of a man? you are never going to win in the game of love. >> act like a lady. >> but think like a man. >> think like the man? ladies, what the hell does that mean? we asked, is it sexist? shifts e the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space. which would render retirement planning unnecessary. but say the sun rises on december 22nd, and you still need to retire. td ameritrade's investment consultants can help you build a plan that fits your life. we'll even throw in up to $600 when you open a new account or roll over an old 401(k). so who's in control now, mayans?
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what do you say to the women who have got an attitude? >> i would say those women are lonely. >> that's kevin hart, one of the actors in the new movie "think
10:19 pm
like a man" on the red carpet. steve harvey has some advice for women. see if you agree. >> ladies, do you understand the mindset of a game? you are never going to win in the game of love. >> act like a lady. >> but think like a man. >> so the movie is based on a book by comedian steve harvey. even though it comes out next week, it's got people arguing whether this is valid. should women think like a man? comedian dean obadulla is here and author of "the manual" built as a guide for women to see how men think. and sherry schneider, welcome to the lion's den. >> thank you. >> she co-authored "all the rules," which is a compilation of "the rules for capturing the heard of mr. right." i'll show it out there like a grenade and jump back. some women, should they think like a man, sherry?
10:20 pm
>> they should think like a man. they should not act like a man. they should not talk to men first. we're all about playing hard to get because men love a challenge. my husband just called me to say that bubba watson, who just won the masters, his wife blew him off. men love a challenge. they want the girl they don't think they can get. >> is that all based on when you're thinking about what -- there was a movie called "what women want" with mel gibson. but you're basing your thought process how you can get a man. do you think that is -- i don't know, it sounds condescending to women, to me, and a bit sexist. goldie taylor, what do you think? >> you know, i think that women ought to be women, that when we decide that we're going to be
10:21 pm
the aggressors, when we decide we're going to get inside the head of our man, i think that women ought to really embrace the very -- the mistakes of being a woman. >> why are you basing that on a man? why are you basing that on a man, what women should think? i rarely hear, dean, anybody saying, hey, you should think like a woman, don. >> no, i don't think any woman should think like me. you don't want to think the thoughts i think. it will clutter your life up. there's a lot of things in there that are scary and dark. if there's a man you like, if they're interested in you, they're going to do anything to pursue you. if they're not interested -- i've had women i've liked a lot and have dumped me. me not calling them back for three days is not going to make
10:22 pm
them go oh, that dean is a great catch. i think timing in life is the biggest issue. >> steve, this whole conversation has become about what men and women should do for the opposite sex. and it hasn't become about what is best for me to do as a man, what is best for me to do as a woman. it's all based on someone else besides ourself. >> don, the real issue is not so much thinking like a guy, but it's understanding men by male sensibilities. the same way any smart man is going to understand a woman by female sensibilities. when i talk to a woman and she responds to me, i put that through my filter so i can understand what she's thinking. i'm not thinking like her, but i'm thinking by her sensibilities. we all know more about televisions and celebrities and reality shows than we do about the opposite sex. and the people that don't take the time to learn about the
10:23 pm
opposite sex will suffer in relationships. >> sheri, why are you moving that book in the screen. is that a shameless plug? >> i want them to know that this is the answer to getting a guy. >> it is a shameless plug. >> i read it. it's a fantastic book and i saw it online and i had to get it and it was something that i talk to my daughters, my girlfriends about. >> the rules are, there are no rules. >> hold on. are any of you -- can i ask you one question? are any of you out there in the dating world right now or are you all in relationships? i happen to be in the dating world and because of technology, things have changed dramatically. women are more independent, they're getting married later. there's a new book out about living by yourself. there's more people that are single than ever. so the rules have changed. the rules are, there are no rules. yes, you should still stay --
10:24 pm
>> i will say -- >> there's nothing wrong with that. okay, stand by. we're not done yet. we'll talk more on this subject coming up. but also, it's time to talk to the conservatives, and i'm not talking about the democratic approved ones, or as they would say, the democrat approved one. can we all just get along, can we? [ male announcer ] whoa, megan landry alert.
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last week on this program, we stirred up some s -- you know what. i don't want one word to become such a big deal like it did during our racism free zone. when i said that word, the n word, i hate saying the n word. i think it takes the value out of what that word really means, especially when we're reporting it. i think someone should say that person called someone nigger instead of saying the n word because i think it sanitizes it. why did i say that? because everybody and their momma jumped on the n word bandwagon.
10:28 pm
>> it's not -- he's a reporter, no, he's a reporter. what reporters do is report the news. and every time you make it the n word, it's cute. it's like the n word. but see i feel very strong about the word. do not eliminate it. it's part of our history. but every time people try to sort of make it sound better on more acceptable, let's call it what it is. >> there's a cnn anchor, guy's name is don lemon. i don't know if i want to air the sound bite. making the case that it's inappropriate to say "n" word, just use the word. >> he said he supports it in terms of reporting what someone said. so those are two different things. i think you have a point there. >> that was just on television. should have heard on the radio and what people were writing about, even some conservative bloggers wrote about it. one of them is here tonight.
10:29 pm
and we have quite an interesting exchange on twitter. can't we all just get along? noel sheppard is here. boy, i have some questions for you. dana lash, we know you, because you're a cnn contributor and the editor of the late andrew britebart's website. i just want to talk to the conservatives tonight. as i said, i don't mean the democratically approved ones. so listen, there's always a spin from both sides. so noel, i want to ask you this, this is -- this is right up news busters alley. how is the liberal media doing telling this story, are they
10:30 pm
getting it right so far? >> what you said and what suzanne said? >> no, i'm talking about hooker gate. let's talk about the secret service. so i was saying the secret service, this is right up your alley. in your assessment, watching the media report this today, the so-called liberal media, are they getting it right so far? >> i got to tell you, don, i'm not prepared to discuss that. i really didn't pay a lot of attention to the story today. i was writing about other things. >> interesting, because are conservatives going to capitalize on this, or is this something that doesn't make a difference? any reflection on the white house at all? >> i think the thing that scares me the most is you have secret service men assigned to protect the president of the united states, and going down to colombia, he's not -- i mean, he's not being protected. what are they, part of the advanced team i think i read? i've been in wisconsin for a
10:31 pm
fantastic rally with americans for prosperity, and the wisconsin tea party. so i came in, i was looking at the story. my first thought, don, was wait a minute, i get we disagree with the president on policy, but i have a problem with the people who are assigned to protect the president not being there protecting him. so that was my first thought. that's what i was looking into first. in terms of what the media has written or what they haven't written about it, i haven't seen anything yet. i still think people are trying to get the facts out there. but that was my first concern. i hope that was everybody else's first concern, too. >> i think what people were saying is that, okay, this is an election year, and if it was something that happened during a republican administration, the democrats would try to spin it. and it's something that happened during a democratic administration, the republicans are going to try to spin it. so that was the impetus to my question, is this going to be
10:32 pm
used in an election year in the political process? >> well, i don't know. i read an interview that an individual gave earlier today. again, i've been out rallying today. i read an interview that someone gave today who worked with the secret service and they were saying this is kind of a problem with the secret service that's been happening for a while, and then they mentioned, was this a white house that occurred two years ago where you had the salahis that crashed this party, and they were able to get there, do their photo-opes. that's something that should have never happened. so from seeing that and just seeing the reports on it, this seems to be a problem that's been festering for a while. we need to get all the facts together before we can play politics. >> don, i would say that as well. i think this is a new story, so let's see how this plays out the next couple of days or week. then we can get a sense how to
10:33 pm
how the media will play this. >> all right. so noel and dana, you might have missed this moment this week. i'm joking, but any way, i just want to make sure you see it before we talk about it. here it is. >> his life wife has never work day in her life. she's never dealt with the economic issues that a majority of the women are facing in this country, in terms of how do we feed them and worry about their future. >> okay, conservatives, is this a real conflict or is this a political or media drive ston s? >> i think everybody is talking about it. within 24 hours, you had david axelrod make a statement --
10:34 pm
>> i'm talking women. and people outside of the political process. >> as did the first lady. so don, where are you at? >> no, no, listen to my question. i said people outside of politics and outside of the media. >> okay. i think it is a problem. i ran into a lot of women today who aren't in the media, and i had lunch with some women earlier this afternoon who didn't go out to the rally, and they were saying, we heard about this. it's a little bit unsettling, because we're mothers, we've raised children. it's kind of a problem. democrats are realizing that they sort of have an optic problem when it comes to reaching out to some women voters. it's great to talk about the lily ledbetter act, which did not have any impact at all whatsoever. you can't reach out to a voting bloc, which is going to drive the election, women, mothers especially, drive every election. you can't reach out to a voting bloc while at the same time your
10:35 pm
party going out there and saying there's a war on women, and then actually saying things like this about women. and it's not just hilary rosen. we're talking about there's a democrat down in florida representative randolph who went off on a tirade against mothers on facebook just in the fast several days. the democratic senatorial committee has been using the war on women for a long time. >> you have to let the men get in on this. noel is just sitting there patiently, waiting to get in. we're being gentlemen here but let him say a word. >> don, this proves there is no republican war on women. i'm letting her say whatever she wants. so this should completely dispel this notion that republicans have a war on women. the reality here, this was a big misstep for the obama administration and for the obama campaign.
10:36 pm
they've been talking about this phony war on women since early january, and it's been very, very much assisting the president in the polling numbers where suddenly he's beating romney by 18, 19 points, and all of a sudden someone that nobody outside of the beltway has ever heard of makes this really stupid remark about mitt romney's wife, and this is going to be an issue and the president had to immediately talk about it, axelrod had to talk about it. and i think that this little rally that obama has had with regard to women, i think that rally has faded and now the question is, how far is this going to plummet? how much of his 18, 19-point lead -- >> okay, okay. noel, i don't have a blog like you. i have time issues. someone just e-mailed and said, this woman is lying. i have yet to hear one person outside of cnn talk about the ann romney story and that's from a woman. that's all i'm saying.
10:37 pm
hang on, listen. i'm going to talk to you -- >> that settles it. >> i'm going to talk to you in a bit, because noel, you wrote something about me and we'll talk about the n word and the trayvon martin story. you talked about the n word now being used on cnn. dana, your site wrote something about me and spike lee as it relates to the trayvon martin story. we'll talk about that. so stand by, guys. we'll be right back after a break. in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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as we told you at the beginning of the news cast, we're monitoring severe weather that's happening in the midpart of the country. wichita, in that area, jacqui, a confirmed tornado and a warning, as well. >> the tornado is still to the southwest of wichita. you need to immediately go to your safe place, get down to the lowest level of your home, away from doors and windows because there is a confirmed tornado a few miles away. this is the storm we're talking about. this has been on the ground on and off for more than 100 miles. and there's a confirmed tornado moving northeast around 30 to 40 miles per hour. so places in the path of the storm include downtown wichita, clearwater, continental airport, south and west wichita,
10:41 pm
mcconnell air force base all included in this warning. we've been tracking this storm for a long time. here's another perspective i want to show you on this. this is what we call velocity mode. this is how you see the winds and doppler radio and red and green shows wind moving in the opposite direction. so that indicates rotation. this is wichita proper and let's stop this and advance this to current time. this is the area where we're seeing the rotation. this is where the tornado is right now. if it continues on this exact track, it is going to be moving in or near downtown wichita. this could be in as much as 15 minutes. the speed of this could change a little bit, but this gives you a bit of a window of opportunity to get out of your mobile home, get underground. we've been trying to get this on video for you, the number of storm chasers have been out
10:42 pm
spotting throughout the night. however, it's dark out there now and many of these storms have been rain wrapped. we have a tower came out of wichita and you can see a lot of shaking. this is not necessarily have the tornado directly, but look at those lightning flashes. amazing. this storm is coming in, you're going to feel the rain. you might even get the hail out of this. these storms have been producing incredibly large hail. even reports in nebraska with softball size hail. that can cause a lot of damage and be very dangerous, as well. so the winds are very strong in advance of these storms and they would be reaching 50 miles per hour. it's the conveyer belt of warmth and moisture clashing with the drier, cooler air from the south and west and all of these ingredients are coming together right now.
10:43 pm
that's a live picture, from our affiliate in wichita, kansas. the storm is to your southwest right now. this is a confirmed large, extremely dangerous tornado. when we see lightning flashes like that, that's when we get our chances to get a glimpse of the possible tornado and storm chasers reported they see a stovepipe tornado on the ground. it's a straight column about the same width all the way up and down. meaning this is a large tornado, likely maybe a quarter of a mile in diameter. so that's a very large path that it can continue to move on through. >> jacqui, when we started this, this was just hitting rural areas, but as it gets closer to wichita, kansas, these are highly populated areas. my question was going to be, as you look at the winds and all these lightning strikes what that tells you, that's not a good sign when you see this many
10:44 pm
lightning strikes. >> yeah, you don't want to see a lot of lightning. lightning itself can be deadly. we've had a couple of fires and damage reports today just from lightning, not even the actual thunderstorm or winds from the tornado. >> help me out with this interview. sharon watson is with the kansas emergency management agency. she's on the phone now. sharon, thanks again. what are you seeing? >> we're watching the storm system. the situation in wichita is looking very concerning right now, so we're keeping a close eye on that and we're in contact with the weather service and county emergency managers trying to get the latest information so that the public knows what to do. we just want them to heed warnings right now. this is a serious situation and they need to take precautions as we've been saying all along. >> okay. so precautions all along. and damage and those sorts of
10:45 pm
reports? >> we've received several damage reports throughout the state. scattered reports of homes being destroyed in certain areas, one or two homes in a particular area and the same thing in a different county. some reports of other types of facilities being damaged. but no large facilities like hospitals or anything like we've seen in some other states. so at this time scattered reports of damage, as well as power outages and trees down, that type of thing. >> sharon, this is jacqui. what are you hearing in places like winoka, as well as cherokee? can you give us specifics on damage in those locations? >> we don't have a good picture yet. we're trying to get more information on that at this time. we're collecting more information and with it becoming night, it makes it more difficult to get a better picture of what's happened throughout the county, because this has been so widespread
10:46 pm
throughout the state. >> there's another tornado on the ground near st. john at this time, north and west of this wichita storm. any details on that one? >> not at this point. we're still watching every aspect of these storms with various radar systems and looking at it as everyone else is to make sure we know exactly what is going on. we'll be communicating with those communities as quickly as possible to get damage assessments. >> i imagine you guys are going to be up all night and busy. what advice do you have for people to get through the night? >> we just ask everyone stay close to information sources so that they are aware of what's going on. as it becomes night, it becomes much more dangerous, because people tend to go to sleep, turn off all those sources of information. we would ask that they stay with us through the night and have the information they need to make the right choices, because it could get more difficult as the right goes on. >> thanks, sharon watson.
10:47 pm
>> jacqui jeras, look at that, as we look at those live pictures and see it on radar. jacqui, don't go anywhere. >> one more thing i was just told by the producer, is a tornado warning? wichita has been upgraded to a tornado emergency. that's a very rare thing. this is something that's pretty new, don, and there have been some new strong warnings issued with these warnings just this week and that's something the national weather service has been implementing. 2011 was such a deadly tornado season. so they're making changes and doing them this week just in time, as you can see, to help people understand the difference between tornado warnings. because sometimes we'll get a tornado, it will be indicated by radar. we're not sure scientifically where some storms produce tornadoes and why some don't. they can rotate but that funnel
10:48 pm
never gets to the ground. so when you issue a tornado emergency, that tells you that life and property could be gone. so here's the latest on that storm, tornado emergency in wichita, and there you can see this is the area we're talking about down here where the rotation is going to be. so we still have some time. >> jacqui, we have to get to a break. we'll continue on the other side of the break. there are reports of a hospital hit by a possible tornado in iowa. back in two minutes.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
welcome back, everyone. we're following breaking news on
10:51 pm
cnn. the left side of your screen, you're looking at radar from wichita, kansas. this is a tornado emergency and if you look on the right side of your screen, salina, kansas, that's what was on the ground today. we're following this, been following it all day on cnn. this warning for this tornado outbreak came more than 24 hours in advance because of new warning systems. and also tonight in creston, iowa, there are reports of a tornado. what's believed to be a tornado hitting a hospital. jacqui jeras is our meteorologist and is following all this for us. what do we know about this hospital in iowa? >> still not a lot because communication is out in a lot of areas and power is out. we have a radar picture to show you. this was a couple of hours ago in southwestern parts of the state. we know that the hospital was hit and multiple windows were blown out. we know there were some injuries, but we don't believe any of those injuries at this time are serious.
10:52 pm
there you can see creston. and cedar rapids, this is what we call a duratio. winds in excess of maybe 80 miles per hour and at times they can cause as much if not more damage than a tornado. so we know the hospital was hit a few hours ago. we know they're under a triage type condition. they're on backup generators trying to get power restored and they've been under a search and rescue operation to try and find out the rest of the information. so we'll track that story as closely as possible as we get new information and we'll bring it to you. but hopefully not a catastrophic situation there, but a lot of damage. >> jacqui, our meteorologist rob marciano is out in the field and we'll talk to him after a quick
10:53 pm
break. wait till you see the photograph we have of rob. you won't believe what we experienced today. back in a moment. ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ pop goes the world [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... a powerful three-in-one detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. pop in. stand out. are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts.
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okay. breaking news. a tornado emergency, an outbreak in the midwest. wichita, kansas, man, that's where we saw the most amazing pictures coming from today in salina, kansas. and you're looking at radar on the left of the screen where jacqui jeras says there's a
10:56 pm
tornado warning, a tornado confirmed in wichita. >> it's in conway springs right now, just to the north and east of there, between a quarter of a mile to half a mile wide. so that would just devour anything in its path. that's a very large and destructive tornado. here's wichita proper and here's conway springs. the tornado is somewhere in this location. if we can put a distancer on here and give people who live in wichita a better idea when it's going to be arriving. we're estimating maybe 17 miles from the current location and maybe 34 minutes away from here. just being handed new information on this tornado. confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado just south of clearwater, and moving northeast at clearwater, which could be hit from the sedgwick county area. so that's a second tornado we're talking about as just opposed to the wichita one. so a couple large ones going on
10:57 pm
as we speak. let me show you this real quick. this is very interesting. here is our storm, there's clearwater. this is the same storm. my apologies. it's just in between the two of those. this is the area where we're seeing rotation. you see some of this brightness right in here? when we see things like that, that indicates there's a very large something in the air that's being reflected back to radar. so that's likely what we would call a debris ball. so this is currently producing damage and moving through an area that could be somewhat populated. so looking at this heading into cle clearwater now. so you need to be underground and stay underground. these storms have been on the ground on and off for a couple of hours already. this storm in particular, and look at all the lightning on that.
10:58 pm
we're putting on the lightning display, as well. let's take a look at the tower cam, because it's -- >> jacqui, i want to get -- i don't want you to go anywhere, but i want susan candiotti to weigh in, because she's in wichita in a hotel. susan, have you heard any sirens? >> reporter: we have not heard any sirens yet, but i was watching one of the local anchor people here and one of the cnn affiliated stations, and they did hear sirens where they are. now, we are in wichita, and the sky is just lighting up with lightning. we're hearing a lot of thunder. it is starting to rain heavily now. incredibly, i'm still seeing cars right off the expressway, and trucks going up and down the highway. however, in the hotel where we are taking shelter, all the guests have all been told to come down to the first floor and that's where everyone is huddled. both in the lobby and the ballroom areas.
10:59 pm
and they are being told to stay inside, stay on that lower floor. that's always the best thing to do, to be as safe as they can be. >> and susan, you mentioned -- >> reporter: there are reports of dozens of tornadoes being spotted throughout the evening. >> i want to show our viewers what susan is seeing, that tower cam -- we don't have it anymore? okay. sorry, getting a little information in my ear. we're following this developing story. susan, stand by. i just want to tell our viewers what's going on here. when we went on the air tonight, we said we were monitoring a situation happening in the midwest and there were no reports of any serious injuries. it's a tornado emergency that's happening, that we have been telling you about for 24 hours, an early warning of a tornado outbreak happening in the middle part of our country.


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