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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 2, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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years is now in a maximum security prison where he'll spend the rest of his life. earlier today an egyptian court found hosni mubarak guilty of making orders to shoot and kill civilians. the angry mubarak was taken by ambulance to the cairo police academy where the verdict and life sentence was handed down. he was wheeled in on a gurney under heavy guard. six of mubarak's former military men were acquitted. that sparked an uproar inside and outside the courtroom. [ chanting ] . >> furious protesters called it wrong and want to topple the regime. the security is very tight. 5,000 police have been deployed. our senior international correspondent ben wedeman joins
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us live from tahrir square. what's the scene like? >> reporter: well, we've got more people coming in to tahrir square. just a short while ago we watched them bun posters of one of the presidential candidates. he was mubarak's prime minister. the anger seems to be going into the direction of shafiq because he's got a good shot of becoming president when the egyptians go to the polls in the middle of the month for the second and final round of those presidential elections. now what's important to note here is that the muslim brotherhood, egypt's largest and best organized and political bloc has called upon the protesters to join the protest in tahrir square, and normally when they say people should come out and protest, you do see large numbers, so it does seem that a lot of durcht political
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groups and many just ordinary egyptians are heeding their call to come out and join these protests as the temperature mounts in egypt following that verdict against hosni mubarak and his interior minister. rob? >> you know, ben, just a few hours ago we were watching the verdict being handed down. the judge said a lot of words before that. he spoke very strongly, almost to the point where he thought, hey, man, this guy's getting death penalty. he talked about dark days during the regime. what happened to egypt. what do you make of what the judge said prior to the verdict? >> well, certainly as we listened and of course we were listening along with hundreds of others outside the court, we were expecting him to come out with a strong verdict. the life sentence, in fact. initially when people heard that sentence, they celebrated. they cheered, they danced, they clapped. people were firing fireworks into the air. but when they heard that six
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sean yore officials from the interior ministry including head of the much hated state security apparatus had gotten off scot-free, own sent, that's when the mood completely changed and the anger started to erupt outside the court. rob? >> ben wedeman live for us in cairo. thank you, ben. well, the verdict comes at a turbulent time. the runoff happens june 16 and june 17. earlier i spoke with an egyptian journalist about what the verdict means for egypt. >> despite the life sentence that mubarak got, the fact that his sons were acquitted and all of the interior ministry officials wiere acquitted, on tp of that not a single police officer has been found gmt of killing the over 100,000 people who died during the revolution. all of that contributed to the anger you saw in the courtroom.
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the people weren't just chanting the fall of the regime. they're also very importantly chanting they want a cleansing of the judiciary. this is all part of a very corrupt regime that remains very much in place. >> she also says people are so outraged tla want go out in the streets and demonstrate what they consider a great injustice. back to the state, george zimmerman could be back in jail as soup as today. a florida judge has revoked his bond and ordered him to surrender no later than sunday afternoon. his bond had been set to $150,000 after he pled not guilty in the second-degree killing of trayvon martin. the judge now says he blatantly lied to him about how much money he had and was unfairly reaping the benefits of a low bond. well, a janitor is facing charges this morning for trying to blow up a school. it happened thursday at this muddle school in toronto. pleem say the 67-year-old janitor intentionally cut the
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gas line. teachers and students starting getting sick from the gas odor, but it could have been a whole lot worse. >> he u cut the gas line and wept to the kitchen area and attempted to light one of the stoves. the situation could have been much worse. he has been arrested and charge and the most he's looking at is a temp murder. >> staff pulled the alarm and got the students out safely. all right. your money. wall street ended the week on friday with the worst day of the year. the dow plunged 275 points, the biggest one-day drop since november. that erased all the gains we made in 2012. what caused the dive? investors did not react well to the government's may jobs report. only 69,000 jobs were created. that's much less than the anticipate 150,000. the unemployment rate ticks
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backes up to 8.2%. the mets are waking up and they're in the history books now. there you go. johan santana tossed his first no-hitter, first one in mets history, striking out the last machblt department stop. that beat the cardinals, 8-0. that leaves the padres now as the only major league team that still hasn't thrown a no-hitter. congratulations to them. many high-profile names have been campaigning in wisconsin as the state gears up for a government recall election an & now some are asking why president obama wasn't one of them. wow. yeah, right ?
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tuesday is the recall election regarding wisconsin governor scott walker and big names have been fire up democrats and republicans. yesterday former president bill clinton, south carolina governor nikki haley were in milwaukee campaigning as well. chris welsh is in racine, wisconsin, right now. how surprised are you that the president has yet to come to
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town? >> reporter: well, i want to briefly let you know where i am. i'm in racine. this is americans for prosperity event in racine. for the last several days, this is a conservative advocacy group. they were largely responsible for playing a big part in the 2010 republican takeover. they have been campaigning, getting message out about governor walker's policies. they're very pro-walker policies. now, i want to transition how you started the story because the story yesterday waspot bill clinton, the big heavy hitter heading to wisconsin to campaign on behalf of governor scott walker's competitor, mr. barrett. now, bill clinton wasn't in the state. he's only the big heavy hitter to come here. the republicans have had quite a few. last night i caught up with lieutenant governor rebecca clay fish. she also faces a recall. here's what she had to say when i asked her about bill clinton.
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>> what's more obvious is the president himself, the current president is not in town and that to me speaks volumes, his absence. i think what it says specifically is that the president doesn't want to be associated with a losing campaign and tom barrett's campaign right now doesn't have a whole lot of facts to stand on. >> now, obviously she is taking that question -- the question obviously was about bill clinton but she wanted to talk president obama. he was just about 30 miles way yesterday in minneapolis, minnesota, just across the border of wisconsin and he was not here in wisconsin. she says that says quite a bit. now, we've reached out to the obama re-election campaign. i would not respond directly to her comment bus they did say a campaign official said on background that the campaign has been heavily involved in this
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race. the president, mr. barack obama has thrown his support behind the walker challenger so they are playing a role in this even though the president is not on the ground. rob? >> lots going on. chris welsh for us live in racine. we'll look forward the election results. >> a royal celebration is breaking out all over. great britain, it's queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee, honoring a woman who has been on the throne for six decades. and don't for give, you can watch cnn live on your computer all day long. head to would defineu as an innovator. to hold more than one patent of this caliber... would define you as a true leader. ♪ to hold over 80,000... well that would make you... the creators of the 2012 mercedes-benz e-class... quite possibly the most advanced luxury sedan ever. starting at $50,490.
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you'll never break them. so what do you guys think? we love it. it's only two bucks per disc. that's cool. that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. bring in your favorite dvds to your local walmart photo center to get started. don't go in there. don't go in there. they don't listen. that right there is some british party music. you have the olympics and most of all britain's diamond jubilee. our brooke baldwin is in the middle of it all in london.
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>> reporter: it's almost like a party atmosphere here in london. you can see union jacks hanging from building to building really as far as the eye can see. and i want you to see this. her majesty completely made of leggos. everything in these store windows is the color of the union jack. every store. it's the white, it tees blue. it's the red. >> the atmosphere is much happier than what it normally is. flags everywhere. it's just -- it's just really, really brilliant and everyone is so happy. that's the main thing. >> this year with the olympics over the jubilee. i don't know. the euro football as well, wimbledon. so much going on. it's good to be british this year. >> look. it's all the corgis because the queen loves her corgis.
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corgis, of course, on the diamond jubilee. look. here's the cab. the union jack cab right there. here at henley's toy store you have the union jack flag. you can hear the "national anthem." bears. queen on bag. pocketbook. even key chance. it is everything diamond jubilee. >> i get excited because she's the second queen to be on the throne that long. >> you're exactly right. do you know who the first queen was? >> queen victoria. >> brilliant. you know way more than a lot of other queens. what does she mean to you? >> she's very important, looks after everybody and makes sure everybody is safe. >> i did manage to find some members of the royal family. catherine, how do you feel about her majesimaginmajesty, 60 year throne. you can tell this diamond
11:18 am
jubilee siis going to be one hu party. >> brooke, nice job getting exclusive there with the new royal couple. the queen's diamond jubilee only occurs once in a lifetime. why not take home a souvenir. >> what do we have here? >> this is the queen's signature drink and you andry going to partake in gin, dub new york stock exchange rouge which is a french red wine, lemmon with two blocks of ice and that's what they call the zara or the queen's favorite cocktail. >> is it the real deal? >> of course, it is, reynolds. enjoy. >> you've got to be kidding me. this tastes like water. >> but there's lots of other amazing memorabilia.
11:19 am
for example, this chess set. this comes from the royal collection shop and it is hand crafted. it is quite magnificent. you're seeing pictures of london now and the flag and all kinds of things. you can buy the chess set in london. for example, you've got the queen who's wearing the sovereign robes, the rooks who are formed after the round towers and the choir boys from the chapel and you can buy it at the royal shop for around $469. >> what a garn for do t diamond jubilee. it looks like something you don't want to play with. >> it's absolutely special. >> what's my favorite is the lingerie selection. you have everything from flirty knickers. of course, queen elizabeth became the queen in 1952 when she was 25 years old and it's inspired by that era, everything
11:20 am
from girdles to lovely knickers and they call it the jubilee lingerie collection especially for you. >> what's in this drink? we've just gone from a chess set to very attractive people walking through piccadilly circus in london jer ray. that's just incredible. >> and even more i'm taking you to shoes. these shoes have around 3,000 sw swarovski crystals. this has the full amount of crystals. >> he's curled up but looks to be happy. 60 years as queen hosted by brooke baldwin and piers morgan sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern
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to offer p. diddy's son a $54,000 scholarship. the debate began with an argument that the school shouldn't spend money on the son of a multi mill yar. but they say it was merit-based, justified and not paid for by athletic money. here's where the outrage comes from. in this clip from mtv's "my super sweet 16," p. diddy gave his son a $360,000 car for his birthday. but justin combs responded to the criticism on twitter saying, regardless of what the circumstances are, i put the work in, period. well, the "l.a. times" reports that the defensive back graduated from a new york prep school with a 3.75 gpa and was also offered scholarships from illinois, virginia, and wyoming.
11:25 am
we asked cnn contributor steve p perry to weigh in. >> he says he wanted to be known as justin combs, not just as p. diddy combs' son. as someone who works with children from all socioeconomic backgrounds, i understand how important it is not be judged by anyone other than yourself. that's truly what ameritocracy is. >> there are two notes to show a pain on someone's face. finals week and student loans. more impressively is how he wiped out more than $90,000 of student debt in seven months. i spoke with joe ma hoa short te ago. >> i bought a lot of stuff and i was spending about $1,300 a month in entertainment, going out with friends, dinner dates, traveling and things like that.
11:26 am
one day in august i sat down at my computer, looked at my student loan balances and even though i had paid off 22 k i still owed $91 thr$,000. that night i tried to fall asleep but i couldn't sleep because i felt trapped. every dollar i was making was allocated. it was already allocated to the student loans retiermts fun and zooeg out credit cards. i couldn't afford to buy a business, start family, travel around the world or go do something humanitarian. i felt trapped. i went on craigslist and started looking for a job and took out savings and took steps. >> what kind of steps, like getting a roommate, having a garage sale? what did do yousome. >> yeah, basically. you nailed it. i got two roommates from
11:27 am
craigslist that are still living with me now. i sold a lot of stuff on craig's list which is today's version of a grarng sale. i start add lawn business. i sold stuff. i stopped contributed to my 401(k). i took my savings and flushed them down the toilet on student loans, not literally but put it toward -- >> you paid it off. what part of you felt like you're flying without a net where your co-workers and colleagues say you're crazy, don't do this. >> you know, actually my friends were really supportive. they understand where i was coming from. i think they saw that there was a larger purpose to it all. it was never about the money. it was more about the free thom. just finding freedom. being free and having options. >> one last question. did you calculate how much interest muoney you saved by doing it. >> i haven't done it.
11:28 am
i haven't looked at the net present val yaw of what i did. i took losses when i cashed out my stocks and my ir.r.a. i took losses. i never did the math. but i would have paid, if i had gone the full term. i would have paid $42,000 in interest. i probably saved about 30 k in interest alone. >> people say money doesn't buy happiness but debt can cause misery. you got rid of that and that lifted you emotionally. joe who got rid of $90,000 in student loans. congrats and good luck on your career. >> thanks, rob. now a question is will interest be a job for him and others when they graduate? candidates are talking about it and the numbers, well, they don't look that great. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ]
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okay. let's get you caught up on today's top stories. an egyptian judge sentenced hosni mubarak to a life sentence to shoot and kill hundreds of anti-government protesters last year. and right now angry mubarak opponents are in cairo's tahrir square. furious protesters called the verdict illegitimate and chanted, the people want to topple the regime. to syria today, the arab league takes up the worsening crisis there. while leaders talk, fighting in the streets continue. at least 13 died according to the opposition. at the same time washington are
11:33 am
still locked in a arms trade with syria. they say they're strengthening the hold on the country. moscow denies they're selling arms. back to the states, george zimmerman could be back in jail today. he's been free on bail for weeks after pleading not guilty to murdering trayvon martin. and what the families are saying, a significant move. the judge revokes zimmerman's bond because he said zimmerman blatantly lied to him. martin savidge is in sanford, florida. >> rob, the clock is ticking down. the state maintains that it really all comes down to money. here's what i mean by that. if you'll harken back to the original bond hearing, george and his familiaritily maintained he didn't have money and the bond should be set low. then it was revealed there was a lot of money sitting in a paypal account as a result of donations made to the george zimmerman
11:34 am
defense fund. then on friday there were transcripts of recorded conversations between george zimmerman and his wife a couple of days before the court hearing in which they were talking about that money. in other words, when they were requested at the hearing, they lied. at least that is what the state maintains. >> why did they lie about it. >> why was it necessary for the defendant's wave to say they had no money when, in fact, sh e knew they had money. so this can all be tied to the defendant. that's why our position is his bond should be revoked. >> after the court hearing, mark o'mara, attorney for george zimmerman tried to put his best face on. he said, of course, he'll comply and turn himself in but he hopes he won't be behind bars for long. >> i hope they look at george's behavior and all the circumstances including the discovery that's come out today and determine as what he's going do about letting him back out on
11:35 am
bond. >> reporter: and also trayvon's family. it raises the question here. if george zimmerman was lying about the money, what else might he be not telling the truth about? and that's especially important when it comes down to a self-defense case in which there was only survivor. rob? we are just 156 days from the general election and our new cnn/orc poll shows that the race between president obama and mitt romney is now a dead heat. cnn's paul steinhauser is keeping an eye on it and telling us how the candidate reese responded to yesterday's dismal report. >> good morning, rob. it's arguably the most single economic number in politics. >> the president's policies and his handling of the economy has been dealt a harsh indictment. >> the president's republican challenger says he can do a better job on jobs than mr.
11:36 am
obama, who acknowledges he still faces stiff economic headwinds. >> we're still fighting our way back from the worst economic crisis since the great depression. the economy's growing again, but it's not growing as fast as we want it to grow. >> so what do you thing? >> jobs are job one for the presidency. >> and americans agree. jobs and the economy remains the top issue on their minds. 52% of people questioned in our new cnn/orc poll say the economy is the most important problem facing the country, far more than anything else and they're looking at who will be better. 31% think things will get better if romney wins and 28% if obama wins. all of that mean as race to the white house. 49% say they back the president. 46% say they support romney. with just over five months go until election day, keep your eyes on the unemployment level.
11:37 am
rob? >> well, a beautiful day in the east, even a little bit cool, you might say. but there are some fires burning out west. now time for my personal favorite part of the show. not only because it's weather but more importantly my good friend and colleague reynolds wolf is here. >> rob, you're a brother from another mother. the four corners really under the gun, especially in terms of the fires in new mexico. let's go right to the video. you see it. an immense blaze continues. you have the drive ponderosa, the chaparral. the winds are expected to drop. but with the very low humidity it's going be a tall order for them. still a lot of foliage up in the hillside and it's going be tough. a lot of the earth-moving equipment and you see a lot of the aircraft out there. it's going to be a long haul for them and let me tell you, they are motivated, they're up to the task but it's not going to be easy.
11:38 am
i'll tell you something else that ghiengts to be easy. the temperatures in parts in the southwest. taking a look at the temperatures. in albuquerque, 96 degrees. near this fire, it's going to be much warmer certainly up there. 91 in salt lake city. we have a big ridge of high pressure roll and encapsulating much of the midwest. a bit of a cooldown in parts of the northeast and certainly in the great lakes and with that we've got some scattered showers in parts of the great lakes and in the northeast, boston with rain near fenway. we'll see breeszy conditions. severe storms possible in the central plains. we'll keep an eye on that. there's a chance of strong storms and even todays, rob, in the foothills and rockies before the day is over. i'll send it right back to you. >> we know that you're a multi-talented guy and much, much tougher than this, so we're going to introduce the folks to what you did with these air force guys who are tougher than nails and only a handful can
11:39 am
make it into what's called the mob and our reynolds wolf trained with these bad boys first hand and we're going to show you that story in just a couple of minutes. we imagined a vehicle that can increase emergency braking power when you need it most. and we imagined it looking like nothing else on the road today. then...we built it. the 2012 glk. where bold engineering meets bold design. starting at $35,880.
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jo whenever there's a war and someone has to be first in, first out, there's an air force team bet northern as the mob. if that doesn't sound scary enough, you don't want to mess with those guys.
11:42 am
reynolds wolf went out there with them. you got suited up. you got to see it firsthand. amazing stuff. >> absolutely. i think about it. someone has to go in first and when they do so, they've got to establish places where the soldiers can sleep wrrks they can communicate, get fresh water, basically everything. and these guys are the ones that do that job and the talents they have are truly amazing. >> reporter: in modern combat, targeting and taking out enemy combatants is crucial to military success. there's one elite air force unit that lays the ground wachovwork all. >> we had a team in afghanistan up close and personal with the taliban. they were feeding downlinked imagery to find, fix, and target the as very sayres out there r they're also known as the mob. they're literally the first to deploy and the last to leave. >> we're always first, you know. first ones out the door, first
11:43 am
ones to excellent. >> when we go out, we're building up or installing initial communications and make it so that we can actually get up within just a few days and have communications with the outside world. >> this is really the first step to base building. >> absolutely. >> this is it. it all beginning here. >> absolutely. >> to get a better understanding, i was made an honorary member for the day. from communications to shelter to air traffic control and to supplying troops in the field, the mob does it all that you guys make the complex look easy and it's not easy at all. >> it's training. that's all it is. it's training. >> there's a lot to this. >> we put the tax dollars at work. >> reporter: it doesn't come without risk. >> our life is a business. >> reporter: these are the guys that deal with electronics, deal with engineering, but they also have to be soldiers, don't they? >> they may be in an environment
11:44 am
where bad guys want to do them harm. they have to be ready to face that as will. >> right behind you. right behind you. >> back up against the door. let's go. >> roger that that this aspect of the training brings it home. shouldering a weapon in let's say adverse circumstances. it was intense. how can you not respect these airmen out here doing this stuff. seriously from the high-tech garagetry to all the electrical engineering to the day-to-day tactics to this stuff, it's amazin amazing. i have a lot of respect for them. >> we pick up and go someplace where we've never been before. it requires us to operate as a teerjs defend on each other and rely on each other to get through hazardous situations. >> whoever's high up makes the
11:45 am
call. we want to send a fifth mob out. >> we're basically a air ticket away. >> reynolds wolf, n, air force base. i never felt older or fatter then when i was around the young me and women of the mob. they're magz human beings. as i said earlier in the show, if you're searching for a hero, you need to look no farther than the men and women of the armed forces. they're truly amazing. they're always motivated, ready to go at a moment's notice and they're always ready to perform. >> your dad was a military man. i tell you, you looked like a flaurl out there. i was ready to salute you. you looked like a field general. the way you were holding the gun, good form. tell me what it felt like. >> to tell you the truth, sensory overload. the fire, that's the bottom line. of course, they set up bases. there's so many things they to,
11:46 am
but at the end of the day, they still have to shoulder a rifle, fire rounds, take rounds, suffer casualties. thing of shouldering a weapon and then doing everything el on top of it. it's overwhelming. >> you didn't look that old. >> thank you. >> maybe a few pounds. good stuff. speaking of heroes, baby carriage on the runaway and a trucker was there to save the day. caught on surveillance videotape. we're going to show it to you full coming up. g.. you can feel. introducing the all new cadillac xts, available with the patented safety alert seat. when there is danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all new cadillac xts has arrived. and it's bringing the future forward.
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checking stories happening across the country, an 11-year-old boy who attended president obama's rally in
11:49 am
minnesota on a school day was shocked when the president offered to write him an excused absence note. >> really? he's going to really write me an excuse note? mr. ackerman, please excuse tyler. he wasackerman, please excuse tyler. he was with me. barack obama. then i kind of want to brag at school and tell them, look at what i got. >> kind of want to brag. i'd be flying that thing around until i graduated high school. all right. tyler, keep that one handy. he a front row seat in the vip area. lucky kid there. got to shake the president's hand as well. he said he was already excused for class so not needed. in california a little league concession stand victim of a snack attack. three adults and a teenager girl raided the stand and left a hansel and gretel type trail. the trail led to a house a few blocks away. they found the snack bar's register inside the house.
11:50 am
they arrested the suspects for burglary. a seattle truckdriver is being called a hero after he ran to the rescue of a baby stroller on the runaway. check it out. jeff blackburn said he saw the stroller start running down the hill away from the mother and was afraid it was going to roll into a busy intersection. >> i hit the break and ran out of the truck and tried to run over and grab it. luckily when i was honking the horn, there was a fedex truck through the intersection and he stopped with the horn honk. >> the baby boy was smiling when he got to him. the mother you can imagine -- can you imagine being the mom there. crazy stuff. "cnn newsroom" starts at the top of the hour. fredricka whitfield is here to take things over. >> how are you? >> great to see you. >> i know you had a busy morning. we're going to have a busy day, beginning with our legal guys with us every noon eastern time on saturday. we're talking about a woman in texas who says her husband at the time bought her a $1.5
11:51 am
million in merchandise and gifts. then come to find out, the woman says the purchases were made with the involvement of a personal shopper that her now ex-husband was having an affair with. so now that texas woman -- i know it's very sordid -- now this texas woman is suing. she wants that store, neiman marcus to take the merchandise back. we'll tell you what neiman marcus has to say about that. >> a brewing legal battle. >> i know. it's going to get our guys talking. i know it will fascinate a lot of people when they try to deal with their own returns they want to make, maybe not $1.5. >> some high-end stores will take everything back. >> some won't. you've got to know that return policy. then are you planning for retirement? >> not well. >> not that it's around the corner, but you really do spend your lifetime sort of, working lifetime planning for your retirement. daria dolan is going to be with us. she's going to reveal what she
11:52 am
believes are five big mistakes people make in retirement planning. then are you a big diver? >> like under water? >> snorkeler. >> i'm not crazy about the underwater thing. >> this might. off the coast of greece, there was a discovered city. a sunken city. it was discovered back in the '60s but only now have these divers had a chance to go in the deep and discover this city, which they believe is the expanse of eight football fields. it's extraordinary. there are public buildings. one diver describes it as kind of swimming over kind of like a bronze aged map, 5,000 years old. we're going to be talking to an archaeologist, archaeological diver about the discover, what you'll find. is this open to another diver. i'm actually a diver, off the coast. i didn't see a thing. this i would like to see. >> maybe you can talk them into a map. >> or a dive trip.
11:53 am
>> now you're thinking. >> now we're talking. all that ahead noon eastern time. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> he's just starting out in movie business guess what, directing oscar winning actress kevin spacy in a film. you'll hear the story coming up.
11:54 am
11:55 am
>> this sounds like a hollywood script. young filmmaker finds out about an important competition enters and wins then a hollywood star
11:56 am
plays in his film. talked about directing oscar winner kevin spacey. you must have learned a lot. what are some of the things you learned? >> always know what you want. that is the key. you know. even if you don't know what you want, at least pretend you do. >> fake it until you make it. >> exactly. i think that's really, really important. >> so what's this moment like for you? the premier is tonight. your life must be crazy now? >> it's been pretty nutty, yeah. the premier is tonight. people can go see the film on the youtube page. that's what i'm really excited about that everybody out there can go see this film on youtube very easily. i'm really excited for the premier. it's going to be a scene. >> dana, want to ask you, you're the producer. you started this production company. i guess the goal was to discover
11:57 am
undiscovered talent. how tough is it for a young director or actor, whatever it may be, to get their first break. how difficult is this? >> it's extremely difficult for anybody to break into this business, as bought of businesses. we've always worked to try to open up new avenues for filmmakers to be able to get exposure to the work, get a shot to get out and lead to audiences. hopefully it leads to other productions and opportunities for them. >> how successful has it been? you've been around almost 10 years now. >> we started with trigger, an off shoot of our production company, which is a platform for aspiring filmmakers and writers. it's been very successful, still going. a lot of people have got an lot of exposure and a lot of opportunities from it. >> kevin, you mentioned don lemon -- jack lemon. >> tom lemon, doesn't he work here? >> he does. you'll see him later tonight. >> where is soledad, by the way.
11:58 am
>> she's not a weekend player. i'll tell her you said hello. jack lemon, one of your mentors. you're a two-time oscar winner. you must be feeling now the need to mentor some of the young talent coming up. do you find that in your soul now? >> it's been a big part of my life for the better part of the last 10 years. i moved to london in 2003 to start a theater company, we had a program there called new voices which is all about supporting, encouraging emerging artists, whether actors or producers or directors. as he said, when trigger started nearly a decade ago, the whole idea really stems frankly from a philosophy that jack passed on to me. if you've done well, you want to pass it on. i've done better than i could possibly hope. it is your obligation to spend a portion of your time sending the
11:59 am
elevator back down. >> cnn continues with fredricka whitfield. >> i want to hear more. >> i don't want to drop names but earlier today i talked to kevin spacey. >> you have a great afternoon. protesters are pouring out into the streets of cairo, egypt. people are outraged hosni mubarak will not be put to death for the death of protesters in the revolution. you're looking at live pictures of tahrir square, the center of the uprising. very similar scene to what you saw, right, last year during the arab spring. this was early this morning. the scene inside the courtroom when the judge announced mubarak will get life in prison.


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