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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 2, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the protesters got loud after two of his sons were acquitted on corruption charges. six of his former aides were also acquitted. i want to bring in samir shehadda from georgetown university. good to see you. first off, reaction of what we're seeing unfold in tahrir square as a decision of the court. what does that signal to you? >> clearly, many millions of egyptians are unhappy because they feel the sentencing was light. that this was not just. remember, 846 people were killed during those 18 days. that was the figure produced by the official egyptian committee that invest gated the killings during the revolution. 6,000 were injured. they feel that mr. mubarak is minister of interior and the six other high-ranking individuals were directly responsible for those deaths. remember, those six high-ranking
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officials were acquitted. as were ga. he and his older brother mubarak. they feel this was not justice. the sentence should have been heche. >> is it bittersweet a court process that involved hosni mubarak. they wanted to see him brought to justice, but the outcome wasn't necessarily what a good majority of people were looking for? >> well, that's completely correct. certainly no verdict, no rule wog have satisfied all egyptians. at the same time, people were, as you know, intensely fixated on the court proceedings, the idea that mr. mubarak who had roomaled the country for 29 1/2 years as an authoritarian dictator, really, was in a cage put on trial, held accountable, something that was mesmerizing. at the same time, you know, this shows us that the egyptian revolution has not been completely successful.
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we know, for example, that the prosecutors were not helped with, did not have full cooperation from the ministry of indollar could have supplied more hard evidence as to what actually happened during those 18 days. whether orders were given or not. what the minister of interior said to mr. mubarak and so on. there was reluctance to cooperate with the prosecution to defend their own. clearly, this also shows that not enough change has happened in egypt in the 16 months since the revolution. >> it also looks a bit half glass empty, half glassful, because you've had democratic elections taking place. now there will be a runoff election, and that involves one of the cabinets, you know, who -- candidates who represents the brothers of bonnie schneider. >> muslim brothers. >> muslim brotherhood, but then this coinciding. might this interfere in any way with the runoff election? >> there's been a great deal of speculation how one particular
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verdict or another would impact the elections. if mr. mubarak was acquitted no question that would have angered millions of egyptians and that they would have more likely then voted in fave of the muslim brotherhood anti-regime figure. this verdict is a kind of, as you said, glass half full, glass half empty situation. so the regime candidate, mr. mubarak's last prime minister, who was in the runoff, can say, look, the revolution has suck ceded. mr. mubarak is now in jail for the rett of his life, and let's move on, and elect me as president. as i mentioned, i think many egyptians, those who favored change, who decried corruption and authoritarianism are unsatisfied with this verdict and are likely, i would think, to be skeptical at the very least about ahmed jaffe, mr. mubarak's last --
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>> thanks so much. georgetown university. appreciate that, joining us. back here in the u.s. now. confessed shooter george zimmerman could return to jail as soon as today. that's because a florida judge has revoked his bond and ordered them to surresidenter no later than sunday afternoon. originally his bond had been set at $150,000 after he pled not guilty to second-degree murder in the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. but the judge now says zimmerman lied about how much money he had, and was unfairly reaping the benefits of a low bond. prosecutors argued zimmerman had thousands of dollars of doan apgss from a paypal account but pretended that he was broke. they say recorded phone conversations between zimmerman and his wife prove that. all right. the first day on marking the
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betweens diamond jubilee celebration begins with a bang. >> all right. a 41-gun salute was fired at the tower of london while other similar salutes echoed across the united kingdom marking the 60th anniversary of the queen's coronation. hundreds of thousands xheered as the queen and prince philip arrived at a racecourse near london. her first official engagement of this four-day celebration. and coming up next hour, our own brooke baldwin. and mayor bloomberg. a ban on sugary drinks. is this really necessary? how much sugar we really are drinking and brought samples there. a lot of these products are very a lot of these products are very familiar to you. in here, heavy rental equipment in the middle of nowhere,
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all right. the center for consumer freedom is speaking out today against new york mayor bloomberg's proposed sugary drink ban. the "new york times" printed this ad from the consumer organization, which depicts mayor bloomberg as a nanny. the caption says, "you only thought you lived in the land of the free." so this all started earlier this week when bloomberg announced a proposed ban on sweet drinks larger than 16 ounces. that's smaller than most medium and drarg drinks at popular fast-food chains. a physician at premiere care with us with a few samples. in case you don't know what 16
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ounces or more of a beverage actually looks like. when we talk about this ban that the mayor is proposing, at the bottom -- bottom line, he's saying people are consuming too much sugar and that is contributing to the big weight problem. is he right about that argument? is sugar a big no-no? is it bad for us? >> i think in the quantities that most americans consume it, yes, i think it is bad for us and part of the obesity epidemic. people might say you don't want government kel telling kwlau to do, why do we need to drink all of these large qantas of sugary beverages? >> you brought the equivalency of these drink, 20 ounce coke, pepsi, this much sugar is in each bottle? >> 2.5 grams of sugar in each. 4 grams per teaspoons. same in a complete can of red
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bull. 16 teaspoons equivalency. >> and fast foods won't be affected. this is a vente. >> chocolate mocha, frappuccino. >> so yummy, but, oh, my gosh. >> 87 grams of sugar. which is 22 teaspoons. it's important for feel see. it wouldn't be in the ban. you're getting about this many teaspoons of sugar when you have one of these. >> the alternative. water. zero calories. there are other alternatives. people want to have flavor. if you have a diet drink. >> these are diet beverages and this is a diet energy drink with no sugar in it. obviously from a health perspective from a purely sugar perspective, this is better. there is no sugar in this. make the argument, we were talking earlier, artificial chemicals and sweeteners, given the obesity problem from a sugar perspective, i do feel these are better. >> if i'm a person who drinks a
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bev rap like this every day. 16 teaspoons of sugar every da i'm ingesting, over what period of time am i eventually investing like a whole pound of sugar? >> this is four pounds. in a month, if you have one of these, or this a day, it would translate into five pounds per month. >> oh, my goodness. >> which would be, add this to your diet, two pounds of weight gain from just the sugar calorie as month, but the a five-pound bag of sugar a month. 60 pounds of sugar a year if you had one a day. >> it's all about moderation. just because we make it available doesn't mean you have to drink it, consume it every day meaning you're still responsible for your own weight gain. that's your point of view? >> absolutely correct. have one of these not every day, every once in a while, way better than every single danchts doctor, thank you very much. appreciate that. >> take care. the jurors in the john
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edwards trial are speaking out. why they could only reach a decision on one count against him.
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the jurors in the john edwards trial are breaking their silence. the federal corruption trial certainly had its share of drama before edwards was acquitted on one of the six charges. the judge ordered them back to the jury room in an effort to get them to come up way decision on the other charges. ultimately, the jurors were deadlocked. in an interview last night with our anderson cooper, the jurors explained why that happened. >> all three of you believe that he was guilty on some of the charges. why -- what did you think he was guilty of? do you know? >> as it related to him being guilty, i think the charges were very clearly defined by the prosecution, and the instructions were defined by the judge. so we applied the rule of law based on the judge, judge eagles, and also the evidence that was able to support at
2:17 pm
least my opinion in some of the cases where there was guilt. >> so you think he did do something wrong, but they just couldn't prove it? didn't have the evidence to prove it? is that accurate? >> that would be my assessment. >> we actually wished there was more evidence and actually able to follow the money to john edwards, but that wasn't the case. >> prosecutors now have the option to retry edwards. most legal experts say that is unlikely. shehe is a performer who doesn't mind making listeners a little uncomfortable. ♪ >> james mcmurtrey shares some of his inspiration with us. ♪ getting us in a each kid has their own path. they grow up, and they're out having their life. i really started to talk to them about the things that are important that they have to take ownership over. my name's colleen stiles, and my kids and i did our wills on legalzoom.
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jobs and the economy are priorities for hispanic voters and other issues like immigration are taking a back seat this election jeer. a recent nbc/"wall street journal" poll suggests president obama were count on hispanics in movie. 61% picked obama over romney. cnn's john zarrella has been talking to latino voters in the state every candidate craves. florida. >> reporter: patrick man tag georgia enjoy as good cigar and a game of darts at his favorite hangout in tampa. but mantega, publisher of a small weekly newspaper is not your christian cuban/american. he's a democrat, not a republican. mantega says the issue that will decide how many his nanks florida will vote is not what you think. >> immigration at the end of the day doesn't affect many voting
2:28 pm
hispanics. school affects them. social security, medicaid, medicare, all these eother issus effect them. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: stereotyping the hispanic voters as focused on only hot button issues like gay marriage, communist cuba or immigration is just flat wrong. ruben says, there's no question about it. >> small batch, receive a product roasted every week fresh. >> reporter: he own as restaurant, food stands and a small coffee roasting business in orlando. he hears and overhears a lot. >> getting people to work. >> reporter: and getting them out to vote. the interstate corridor between tampa, orlando and daytona beach is splis 50/150 republican and democrat with a large voting block of cuban-americans in
2:29 pm
tampa and puerto ricans in orlando. half cuban and half puerto rican. >> amazing. a strong opinion. when ch you ask, i'm tired of it. yop think my district -- so whatever political party can get those particular folks out to vote probably can win or lose. >> reporter: that may come down to which candidate does a better job at courtship. >> the issues are clearly economic. like they are for everyone else. but hispanics really like to be appealed to. they love for candidates to come to their fiestas, to events at their churches, and to speak a few words in spanish, but not look fake about it. >> reporter: sure, there are specific issues that will sway some. cuban-american hernandez says one was the obama's administration granting raul castro's daughter permission to attend a conference in san francisco. >> i don't like obama before, and now worse. >> reporter: experts say some hot button issue could gain
2:30 pm
nudge traction between now and november to turn florida's hispanic vote one way or the other. absent that, it will be as patrick mantega says, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> thanks, john zarrella. i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks for joining us. "the diamond queen," starts right now. once upon a time in case we had forgotten or never knew there was a beautiful young princess. a fairy tale princess. ♪ >> at the age of just 27, she was crowned a queen in a glittering fairy tale ceremony
2:31 pm
filmed in technicolor. ♪ >> long before anyone had heard of kate or diana, there was elizabeth. a star from the very beginning, and a regal, unflagging presence in our lives ever since. >> i think she's the most visual representative human being ever to have existed ever in the entire history of the world. i cannot think who the rival is. so that in itself is utterly extraordinary. >> reporter: this is only the second royal diamond jubilee in british history. after queen victoria's way back in 1987, there's much to celebrate and remember. a lot of smile it's -- a lot of laughter -- and all that pageantry.
2:32 pm
and, of course, the occasional revelation that it's raining outside. >> quite surprising. ♪ >> reporter: again, trying to tell the queen's story in a special and original way, we're going to delve into the old photographic archives of the victorian albert museum at the national portrait gallery. we're going to look at old scrapbook, the once owned by cecil, the court photographer, and by her dressmaker hardy amos. we are going to turn back the pages and take a closer look at the first royal celebrity of post-war britain. >> i think sometimes she's better looking at 80-something, sometimes, than when she was 18. >> reporter: and we're going to talk to one of her oldest
2:33 pm
friends. >> when she's at home and just being a wife and a mother with her family, she's -- she's -- not grand at all. >> reporter: baby littleabet was shown off wrapped in urmen. at 3 matsch the front cover of "time" magazine. lilybet set the babe fashion for yellow. in the basement of military barracks in london, we found photos of a shy, but smiling teenage princess. papa, made the honorary colonel at age 16. her first job. the idea of a fairy tale princess was much to cecil
2:34 pm
beaten. be beeten. he was enchanted. incandescent complexion, he wrote. brilliant flsh-like eyes. >> very keen to place her in that long and great tradition of fairy tale queens and princesses, and so he uses these beautiful backdrops based on well-known paintings. >> reporter: he quickly fill add scrapbook as his romantic vision was reproduced in papers and magazines. the little princesses by the royal governess, marian crawford became a sensational best-seller. lilabet is in the prime again. "time" magazine in 1947, a diamond princess about to turn 21.
2:35 pm
>> there was an awful lot of attention on her. we associate this with princess diana, we associate it with kate middleton now, but we forget that our queen went through exactly the same process. it's prizingly informal and there's just so little freeze on earth of -- of sex appeal. >> reporter: sexy, sensible elizabeth was about to become even starrier. ♪ >> reporter: the coronation in 1953 was her defining moment. amp three men either old or old before their time, a bright-eyed handsome young woman, it was the greatest ceremonial eincident britain in the 20th century. the first coronation ever to be televised. this was its simple climax. a heavy 350-pound crown of jewels and gold placed carefully
2:36 pm
on her head. she gives just a hint of a smile. >> i was a boy of 8. it was the first time i had ever seen the television set let alone a coronation. i've never forgotten it. the queen, she was extraordinarily young. we'd forgotten, she was very pretty, and she was alone. because, of course, she wasn't crowned with philip. he's ounl a consul. it was an act of ritual dedication. she swore oaths then which she to the best of her ability has kept and will never break. it's the coronation displays why she would never, ever contemplate abdication. this is a life time's commitment. ♪ god save the queen >> reporter: the queen made pt
2:37 pm
front cover of "picturegoer "as did a young starlet calmed joan collins. proof if anyone needed that elizabeth had glamour. the magazine went into graphic detail about plans for a coronation movie. you could say the queen starred in three movies, all of them documentaries, all of them made for the cinema. the canadians made "royal journey." australians made "the gheen australia" and, of course, the british made, "a queen is crowned." we joined older cinema goers for a screening in a north london cinema. the movie was shown in cinemas within days of the coronation. during the intermission, we all had tea and cakes. >> we had been married a week, but nevertheless, we stepped on
2:38 pm
the pavement the night before i saw the queen. >> saw the queen, everything. you name it, we saw it, in the coronation. it was a hell of a procession. >> i was 10 years old, and i s was -- we had a little drinking pool on the realm, you know? three drinks, cheri-aids and lemonades and cream sodas. three things that stays in life, always. saddest thing in life and the most happiest things in life and this was one of the most happiest things in mine. >> reporter: every one of an age will have a memory of the coronation. a few may still have a memento, but the museum in london's
2:39 pm
nottinghill, every one you could ever want. tins for cocoa, biscuits, toffees. this was a triumphant moment for the royal brand. everyone wanted to share in the fairy tale. one of the best selling toys of 1953 was a matchbox size verngs of the royal coach. they sold 1 million of them, when 1 million was still a figure to con jerg with. international magazines had special coronation editions and to no one the surprise, she was "time's" woman of the year. had any english rose ever been this fated? in the flight from austerity, elizabeth and philip were a golden couple. sweeping into town as if after a storm. new york gave them a huge ticker tape parade, and at a film
2:40 pm
premiere in london, marilyn monroe waited in the receiving line. both women within 30. it was fire ask who was the lovelier. one destined for early death and popular iconography, or the other, dazzling in glak, just a few years into a long, long reign. we're here at walmart with the burtons, who love movies. let me show you something new. come on. walmart can now convert your favorite dvds from disc to digital. so you can watch them on your laptop, tablet, phone... anytime, anywhere. cool, huh? yea! yea! what'd you guys think that it would cost? i thought it'd be around $10. it's only $2 per disc. that's a great price. bring in your favorite dvds. see for yourself. boooom! [ host ] that's the walmart entertainment disc to digital service. visit the photo center at your local walmart to get started. that's my favorite part.
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♪ when the queen was born the mat was still substantially an imperial pink. that changed irrevocably after 1945 with the end of empire came a new role, head of the commonwealth, and she has absolutely reveled in it. >> i think she has always believed in this elaborate fraternal association which when she was growing up was an empire and gradually morphed into a commonwealth. that gives her an authentically global role in way that knoll other monarchy today has. she can kind of speak for a huge part of the world across the oceans and around the globe. >> i declare before you all that my whole life shall be devoted to your service and to the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong. >> to me, the culminating moment was the speech she made in south
2:43 pm
africa, when she dedicated her life, and in 60 years, she's kept that vow to the letter. and -- few people can say that they've done that. >> when i was 21, i pledged my life to the service of our people and i asked for god's help to make good that vow. although that vow was made in my sallow days when i was green in judgment, i do not regret n nowhere retract one word of it. [ applause ] >> reporter: elegant in pink, another of her favorite colors, the hardy amos design was much admired at her jubilee in 1977. let's get back to the beginning and the coronation again. the dress was designed by norman
2:44 pm
hardenal. look closely and the em broid lay an obvious symbolism. the queen approved a sampling, an english rose at the center. a lotus flower for india, the australian, the new cedened fern, the canadian maple leaf, the south african protia, every one of them a commonwealth emblem. there's a whole generation out there who used to collect commonwealth stamps. many people still do. the stamps help tell the story. elizabeth's reign began with a marathon royal tour lasting six months. bra broughter, salon, fiji, new zealand and australia.
2:45 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> and here they are at last amongst us, moving in triumphal flog each city. >> reporter: nothing will of surpass the fervor that greeted them. australian dns have television then. it's estimated three quarters of the population turned out to see them. the queen is simply the most traveled head of state in history, as her private secretary once said, she sleeps well. she's got very good legs, and she can stand for a long time. in short, she's as strong as a yak. she's needed stamina and a strong stomach. >> the kwheen been in fiji before and know what's to expect, served in a coconut shell. this is a trying moment for any visitor, for it's looking like muddy water and tasting like -- tafrting like -- well, it's not exactly to a queen's taste. >> when the queen ascended the
2:46 pm
throne, the commonwealth comprised about eight nations. it now comprises 54. the commonwealth and the queen have grown up together. she knows the commonwealth extremely well. she's very, very fond of it. you only have to see the queen on the commonwealth's tour to see the empathy that exists between her and everybody in those 54 countries. really is quite remarkable to see. >> reporter: the royal yacht "britannia" always a great place for a party. the queen and the duke played host in 1989. the mood is relaxed, almost exuberant. but in '63, girlishly excited. who's that coming onboard now? >> of new zealand. >> the queen is inseparable from
2:47 pm
the modern -- it is because she's been her own person throughout that the integrity and authenticity in everything that she does, and which people sense, because it's not simply football keep up an act for 60 years. >> reporter: the queen has always championed the commonwealth. it's a passion. her prime ministers, and she's had 12 of them, have tended to focus more on europe and the united states. >> i have very personal reasons for feeling a special affection for africa. for it was in cape town in 1947 on my 21st fwhaernlbirthday tha committed my life to the service of the commonwealth, and it was in kenya that where it reached me the death of my father and of the responsibilities i then assumed as queen and as head of the commonwealth in 1952. >> reporter: where, if anywhere
2:48 pm
in africa, hasn't she been? with emperor in ethiopia in 1965, dancing with the president of ghana in 1961. africa nahs in apartheid south africa didn't like that much. a london mini cab driver remembers her visit to ghana vividly. he was then a 17-year-old schoolboy. >> when you marched past, did you look at her? >> of course i did. i had a very good look at her. she was radiant, smiling, waving. the fat bellies made an indelible impression on me. meaning i enjoyed that day very much. >> perhaps nelson mandela put it best when he said education is the most powerful weapon which you william uuse to change the . to everyone i extend my heartfelt thanks. >> reporter: the queen opened the most recent gathering of
2:49 pm
commonwealth heads of government in perth last year. her words that day seemed unusually poignant, almost val dick tory. she sended her speech with an about ridgeinal saying. >> we are all visitors to this time, this place. we are just passing through. our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then we return home. ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to declare april, this 21st meeting of the commonwealth heads of government. >> some of her audience wondered whether she'll ever visit australia again. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars
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back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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♪ >> reporter: the photographs have been on the side table for a while. here is someone who is, as they say, royally connected. an old friend and neighbor in windsor.
2:52 pm
>> i do see the queen as we go to the same little church in the park here for -- on sunday, and she comes in and has a drink after. sort of keeps up the relationship. >> a gin and tonic or what? >> gin and dubuni. helps her moves in the morning. >> reporter: margaret rhodes is ten months older than the queen. they're cousins and have been friends since childhood. she's just written a memoir. naturally, a few photos we hadn't seen before. margaret is on the princess' side in a tug-of-war during a summer holiday in scotland. on v-e day in 1945, victory in europe derricks the frienay, th celebrated together out on the freeze. >> wonderful. out in the clouds with everybody.
2:53 pm
we were out -- everybody was kissing everybody and putting policemen's helmets on their heads. you came back and -- to the king. the king and queen came out on the balcony. including dlaaughters which wer yelling. the first time we'd seen the balcony from down below. it was magical moment, anyway, you know. >> the wedding photograph. you're on the left? >> quite right. >> reporter: it's a lovely photograph. >> yes, it's a nice photograph, and -- yeah. >> her choice of man? >> prince philip. well, i think she fell in love when she was 13. i mean, god, he was good looking. and he was inviting. never -- ever, and i think she really truly has been a rock.
2:54 pm
♪ >> reporter: that famous image, her first as queen, alone, coming off the plane back from kenya in 1952 after the king's death. margaret rhodes sent a letter of condolence. >> i said that it must have been awful to have been so far away when it happened. in the middle of the bush in kenya, and i think that she -- when she answered, i think she wrote and said that that was e the -- the awfulest part of it, because she had so wanted to be there to comfort mummy and margaret. >> this was -- >> reporter: margaret rhodes talked to us for an hour or so. hard not to think she said pretty much what her friend would have said were she to give interviews. she clearly has an empathy for the queen. >> i've got four children.
2:55 pm
she's got four children. three of them managed to make unhappy marriages, it's terribly sad-making. >> reporter: and would have done much the same as the queen did after princess diana's death in 1997. >> she was cast gateed by probably a lot of you for staying up in balmoral with the two little boys. being a proper granny. what was the point to bring the boys down to london with nothing to do but sit there feeling sad about mum? personally i think i'd have exact-of-acted exactly the same way. she made it all right in the end by coming down and looking at all the flowers. didn't she? >> reporter: all of them gold sauv rirngs queen victoria and the kings that followed her, the edwards and the georges --
2:56 pm
continuing the narrative, elizabeth has assured a clear line of succession. britannia, symbol of britain since the romans was the face on british bank notes until liz whether replaced her. the queen has aged gracefully, just five different portraits. she hasn't changed on the notes at all since 1990. >> it's no accident that the symbols of countries are women, britannia, maria and so on. the queen has been symbolist of changelessness as everything including her other than family and the monarchy have altered around what some would say a fallen down of rather. >> g.m. young, noted historian had a wonderful description in 1987. certain moments of cons traft eade motion which seem to gather up the purpose of an entire
2:57 pm
generation. while i think that was true in 1897, it may be flew 2012. we'll have to see. >> i think you have to play up to your role model if you're queen. you've got to be queenly. on her own, she's just like one of us. you know? laughs at the same jokes, and -- just -- i mean if she didn't happen to be born as queen, she would be in hopefully of, a nice country estate with she had lots and lots and lots of dogs and horses, and she'd be happy. >> i think in the last few years she's been iconic. she has become a national treasure. we live in a world that is changing faster, i think, than most people find comfortable. there is a stability about the british crown. a stability about the queen who's been there so long.
2:58 pm
>> aspirin says elizabeth, she pledged herself to the service of her country for the rest of her life. and i don't think anyone doubts that she has kept that pledge absolutely over the last 60-odd years. ♪ get better results in ap courses. together, they raised ap test scores 138%. just imagine our potential... ...if the other states joined them. let's raise our scores. let's invest in our teachers and inspire our students. let's solve this. there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it.
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