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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 3, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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the old tongue, which you hear mentions of there. and across the northern sea there's the high valryian. really it's a neat thing that they did and populated the entire world with languages. even if they don't actually exist, it's not just a blanket of english. personally i would love to keep creating languages for project like the game of thrones, for tv shows, for movies. that's the dream to sit down and create a language. >> that dream is quickly becoming a reality. game of thrones is in the second season, and recently david fielded a call from another production team. this one from the sci-fi network. >> in late 2011 they were putting together a new show for the sci-fi network that was going to need a couple of invented languages. i looked at the initial script and said, yeah, this is something to do. i came up with a translation for spirit writer.
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you can still use the english writer. >> how do you say it? >> long form or short form? >> you tell me. >> that's easy for you to say. >> one of the neat things about the world of defiance is there are several different alien species who speak several different languages who are come to ertd and are intermixing with american english speakers. words will drop into english. english words will pop into the alien languages. just for starters. i came up with a list of curse words that could work into english. this comes from arathian. and this would be how we would do it in english. >> sounds great. >> all right. awesome. one of the most difficult things to drop in was curse words and modifying adverbs. >> there's no point in having a
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curse word that doesn't just feel satisfying. >> exactly. >> ily say there's a lot of incidental dialogue we didn't write ourselves in terms of curses that people were throwing around and david wrote for us. he has a real gift for coming up with really vile things to say in dothraki in very creative ways. a mild mannered linguist by day. profanian dothraki warrior at night. >> i remember the first time that i heard a fan speak my language or try to speak my language. it was like -- it was just one of those moments where there are words that were so familiar to me, that especially i had only really heard in my own voice, and to hear somebody else pick them up and speak it live, it was a really surreal moment. almost as suddenly my brain had
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jumped around to somebody else and was speaking in somebody el else's voice. it's really a lot of fun. a created language can't really be appreciated as simply as something like a painting or a movie or a song where you can kind of sit down and get all of it. people are going to appreciate on different levels. but a creative language is kind of a large, all encompassing work. the online language creation community, we are a both a collection of artists, and also we are our own audience. at this point the numbers have just exploded. there's thousands of language creators all over the world, and it's impossible to even put a number on how many people are creating languages and how many created languages there are. so as i see it the art form of language creation is still extremely young. >> i don't see it as being any different from very modern art and classic art.
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it's just a very different way of expressing yourself and making something new. >> the wonderful thing about television is that we're all collaborating trying to create what, hopefully without pretension would become kind of a work of art. and the writers are a part of it. the director, the actors, the set designers, the costumes. now the most elaborate way possible, david has created a really important component of the series, which is the dothraki. so i think we're all contributing to this art form, and david had that help enormously to make it feel morale. >> five years from now i guess i wouldn't be surprised if i'm still answering questions about dothraki. and you know, that's fine, to the extent that there's such a large fan base for martin's works and hopefully game of thrones, which by then will be in season six, season seven. hopefully it will just grow
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bigger and bigger and bigger. ideally i would love to be working on more language projects. for myself, i have a wonderfully small life with my cat and my wife. >> whether creating languages for tv or just for fun, david peterson is bringing new appreciation to what thousands in the online community consider an art form. yes, others have come before him. but with each new language david creates, he's sharing his unique vision of the world. that's what earns him a spot on "the next list." for more on this episode and other agents of change, please go to and join me at it's a one-stop spot for all my videos, blogs, tweets and behind the scenes photos. thanks for joining us. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. see you back next sunday on "the next list."
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hello, you're in the cnn "newsroom." i'm fredricka whitfield. who big stories now. george zimmerman has just turned himself in, the man accused of killing unarmed teenager trayvon martin is back in jail. and a plane with more than 150 on board crashes. that's where we begin in nigeria. a rescue operation is happening right now at the plane crash spite in nigeria. dana air passenger plane carried 153 people crashed into a neighborhood, setting several homes on fire. cnn vlad is live and joins us by phone. what can you tell us about the crash and the vashlties. >> it's pandemonium here. there are hundreds upon hundreds of people here. a rescue operation is under way, as far as we can tell.
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so far we're fairly close to where the crash happened. i can see orange flames looking at the building. about 100 yards away from where we're standing, and there's tons of people. but also security personnel, the police are out here, members of the military. we're told that a rescue operation is under way. with n a typical rescue scene, you see a lot of lights. you see the area blocked off. there are reports of 147 dead on the airliner on its way from the state capital. right now you can tell there are operations under way. >> so, vlad, it was close to coming in for a landing there? >> yes, according to the national emergency, the flight was on route from the state
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capital to lagos. we're not sure if it was in the final approach. it diz crash into a residential neighborhood. so we were originally told that it crashed into two homes. right now it's really hard to tell. and the buildings, as far as i can see, it's getting dark here and there are no lights on. it looks to be utter devastation from where we're sitting. >> brad, thank you so much. keep us posted throughout the afternoon. now let's go to sanford, florida. that's where george zimmerman has come out of hiding and is now back in jail. his bond was revoked by the judge of the trayvon murder case. martin savage is there, tell us about how this unfolded today? >> it went smoothly, and it went safely. that's the primary concern for the defense here. george zimmerman was booked into
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the seminole county jail around 1:43, so a little less than an hour arg. a little different than how he turned himself in. it occurred on the side of a highway. we know that george zimmerman returned to the area late last night. as far as actually getting back into custody of authorities, well, listen to the sheriff as he described how that happened. >> george zimmerman met two members of the sheriff's office in the area of lake merriad, i-4. was placed into custody, transported the to the correctional facility. he is being booked and processed as per judge lester's order. he'll be held on a no bond status. >> and as before, george zimmerman is going to be held in his own cell. he'll be isolated from the other part of the jail population here. meanwhile, his attorney, that's mark omah o'mara described what
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his mood was like. >> he's solemn. having to come out of hiding is a concern for him. he also realizes the judge's concerns now that we've all had on the defense team a changs to look at all of the evidence. he understands the court's concerns. he understands the state's concerns and we're going to address those and say what i think needs to be said to address them with judge lester. >> mark o'mara hopes his client will not be mind bars for very long. the decision of how long george zimmerman stays in jail will rest entirely with the judge. and the judge is not too happy with george zimmerman right now because of what many say is hiding of money. >> and so it's the judge's discretion as to whether there
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would be another bond hearing, even though mark o'mara is requesting another bond hearing. >> that's correct. and you can bet the hearing is isn't going to happen real soon. the george may want him to think on it. the judge could make the decision he won't necessarily have to grant bond. if that were the case, george zimmerman could remain indefinitely, or at least until his trial, and that is not expected until next year. >> all right. martin savidge, thanks so much in sanford, florida. onto egypt now where prosecutors announce new charges against the sons of hosni mubarak. this comes as demonstrators gather for a second day in cairo's tahrir square. they're angry about charges that came yesterday to send mubarak to jail for life but cleared other journalists of wrong doing. the new charges against mubarak's sons, what are they, and how does this change the
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course of thing? >> fredricka, protesters in the square are protesting their anger not that he got life in prison or his interior minister got life in prison. it's that his sons were let off scott-free. what they have right now is that there's other charges against th them, which is money laundering. this is roughly $300 million. a lot of egyptians blame his two sons for the problems of the former regime. these are two men that aren't well liked in egypt. the people in tahrir square and around egypt actually are protesting that those two were initially let off. there's also the former interior minister's nephew was let off as well.
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these were men with the interior ministry when people were dying around egypt. and so people are saying these men have to be held accountable. and so the fact they were let off is a stick in their eye. especially that one of the men is trying to get his job back at the interior ministry. people are not happy about that. we're seeing tens of thousands of people around egypt protesting right now. >> and so, ian, where are the sons? are they in jail? are they out and about? >> they're in jail right now until they are -- they deal with the new charges, they're going to be in jail. but the other members, the other deputies, are being released. one of them is actually still in jail on other charges. but they're being released right now. this also comes as the judge, mubarak's judge is going to appeal this ruling. he says there's a lot of holes in this case. and that he believes that mubarak could be eventually
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acquitted. now if that's the case, we would likely see protests around egypt and in tahrir square explode to much larger numbers. >> thanks so much from cairo. right now to syria and this claim from president bashar al-assad. he denies having anything to do with the massacre that left dozens of children dead last wee week. >> we were not facing a political situation, we're dealing with strife targeting our homeland as a hole, that wants to destroy the nation through terrorism. >> this youtube video shows protests right after al-assad's speech calling for the syrian president's execution. and now police in toronto are looking for the man who gunned down and killed a man in a crowded shopping mall.
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according to the toronto star, police say a 25-year-old man was the targeted victim, and seven others were injured in the gunfire. >> when he pulled tout gun he started firing up in the air and yelling. it was hard to hear what he was saying. everyone was screaming. everybody panicked. >> we started running backwards. there was 200 people running twar us away from the food court. cops started coming in. they said get down, get down. >> police are asking everyone there to come forward to help with the investigation. and the emmy award winning actress who starred in hit television sitcoms and a handle of movies has died. she was 72. she may be best known for his role in "desperate housewives." her family says she died after an 11-year battle with lung cancer. >> and our survey says. >> and who could forget richard
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dawson? the original host of family feud. he has died at the age of 79. his son shared the news on his facebook page. he says his father passed away due to complications for cancer. he was boast known for his acting role in the 1960s sitcom, hogan's heros. but who could forget all the good luck kissing that he was known for, giving to his female contestants on "the family feud." celebrating a historic event in great britain. queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. a massive turnout to enjoy a royal parade on water. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn
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pomp and pageantry. a huge boat sailed up to
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celebrate queen elizabeth's diamond jubilee. 60 years on the throne. watching it all, cnn's max foster. >> reporter: well, the pageant is over. you can see the boats returning to their homes. u it was a great success. a huge success which hasn't been tried on this river for 350 years. and the queen clearly enjoyed it. she was smiling throughout in the presence of prince harry and the duke and duchess of cambridge on the grand royal barge. she did get a bit colder but put on a shall and carried on. this was all in her honor. on monday there will be a garden party at buckingham palace, and beacons lit across the commonwealth, and on tuesday, it's the day of pomp and pageantry. a big thanksgiving service at the cathedral. followed by carriage procession to buckingham palace. lots more to come. max foster, cnn, london. >> all right, thanks so much,
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max. at times, though, as you can tell from that video, it was raining hard on the folks gathered in london. the bad weather may not have bothered them, but id dit force officials to cancel a military flyover. country music superstar tim mcgraw kicking off a summer concert tour this weekend and giving thanks to vets with mortgage-free homes. ere ? it's getting away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's why we got a subaru. love wherever the road takes you. wow, there it is.
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this weekend tim mcgraw is kicking off his brothers of the sun tour, the hugely successful country music stars also giving back. he's partnering with veterans group and chase bank to give away 25 homes to wounded veterans while on this tour. i talked with him about why he's
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doing it. why is it so important to you to help kick off your tour in 25 cities, 25 cities where mortgage-free homes would go to vets? >> when this was all kicked around, and we were trying to decide if it was all going to come together, i couldn't think of anything better. my sister is a veteran of the first gulf war. my uncle was a vietnam veteran. my grandfather was a world war ii veteran, some of my best friends. to see how families sort of come together and survive those sort of times, and then you see soldiers come home that are wounded, and they can't sort of get their lives together and things are not going right to sort of have that freedom for a soldier to have that, to come back from being wounded and giving everything that he's had for us to be able to live in our home, to be able to get in our car and to drive around and to go to our jobs and to have that sort of sense of freedom and that sort of sense of security for their family. i can't think of nrt big for a
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wounded soldier to have. >> in the 4:00 p.m. eastern time of cnn "newsroom," you'll hear more from tim mcgraw and meet the first wounded marine to get a mortgage free home from this effort. also in one hour, political talk, president obama takes on mitt romney's record as governor. will it work? and what are u.s. nuns doing to get strong criticism from the vaticansome the report accused them of radical feminism. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. experience life well lit, ask for transitions adaptive lenses. receiving a transitions lenses certificate of authenticity is your only guarantee that you're getting the world's #1 recommended photochromic lens. ask for it and register your lenses online today.
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no matter how you feel about this economy, the one place that matters most, jobs, the latest hiring numbers are in, and there's simply no way to put lipstick on this pig. welcome to "your money." i'm ali velshi. christine romans, my good friend, has been studying these numbers. she breaks it down for us now. christine, every jobs day you and i have some area of disagreement. i can't even find one today. >> no, no. you and i aring to on this one. the glass is half empty. we both see it that way. this is rare. 69,000 jobs created. this is the labor market that the world follows. you know, the american middle class is still a very big driver of global growth, and there you go. people don't have a job, they can't be spending money. this is the friend, ali. here's the last three months. this is what is important. you don't look at just one month of


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