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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 4, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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bath salt. walter cronkite and one of the most iconic moments in u.s. history. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time. i guarantee you'll learn something you didn't know about the most trusted man in america. i'm don lemon and here are tonight ooes big stories. anyone with money in the markets and that's most americans will want to keep an eye on wall street tomorrow. the dow dropped more than 2% on friday, down nearly 9% since may 1st. george zimmerman no longer a free man. the man who says she shot teenager try vonn martin to death surrendered to police in sanford, florida. the judge revoked his bail saying zimmerman lied at how much money he had and will take a close look for what's left with zimmerman and the
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investigation in just minutes. the largest fire in new mexico's history growing even bigger, despied more than 100 emergency vehicles, helicopters and bulldozers, it's far from being controlled, just 17% contained. the rain they were hoping for, it is not coming yet. the wildfire is in nah gila national forest covering an area 1 1/2 times bigger than the city of chicago. a strong earthquake shas struck off the coast of panama. the 6.6 magnitude quake was centered in the pacific ocean 250 miles south of the sidity of dave individual. so far, no repords of injuries or damage. we'll tell you about a spreading threat particularly to young people. the department of justice and the national institutes of health singled it out as a, quote, emerging domestic threat. i'm talking about a fad growing in popularity. synthetic drugs often in powder form available either in stores or online. they is a million different
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street names. the general term is bath salts. they're knew to the eel liss it drug scene. health care and law enforce. officials agree the addictions are real and the damage dwrusers permanent. what you're about to see and hear gruesome. i caution you against changing the channel. last night right here on cnn, i spoke to a bath salts user named freddy sharp who od'd on bath salt and i asked him what he went through. >> i want you to tell people what was going on in your body, in your mind, in your head as we look at this video. what was happening to you? >> feeling of darkness. it just felt like impending doom was coming down on me and that i was possessed and i couldn't try to stop whatever was in me from continuing further. it felt like i was actually about to bust loose and hurt
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somebody. that's why hifs wrapped up in a fetal position and try to keep my hands behind me. i felt like something was going to happen and i was going to bust loose and it was going to be a really bad situation. >> my full interview with freddy in a moment. his story is one of thousands about people chasing the next high. we have scene several khan ball lichl case v cases that could be linked to bath salts. >> a man says he aets off 75% of another man's face. the whole thing caught on a surveillance camera. now to hartford county, maryland, where another man is accused of killing a friend and eating part of his heart and brain. next, hack kin sack, new jersey, a suspect stabs himself repeatedly and hurling his intestines at police. in canada, police say another man kills a lover, tosses body parts in the garbage and mails others.
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in at least two of these cases, police believe they were driven to dismemberment by bath salts. george zimmerman has been a free man since posting bail in april. the reason he was ordered back to jail involves the conditions of that bail. it's about money, lying, and about a murder case that now takes a step backwards for george zimmerman. martin savidge is in sanford, florida. >> reporter: don, george zimmerman arrived in the seminole county jail with about 45 minutes left to spare. according to authorities, george zimmerman's return went safely and smoothly. it began 20 minutes earlier when george zimmerman turned himself over to sheriff's deputies in a parking lot at the side of a highway. here is the sheriff describing
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that scene. >> george zimmerman met two members of the sheriff's office at lake mary and i-4, was placed into custody, transported to the correctional facility. >> reporter: george zimmerman will remain in isolation away from the general population. for how long remains to be scene. his attorney, mark o'mara says he'll file for another bond hearing tomorrow. in the meantime it is still up to the judge to determine if there will be bond. here is o'mara. >> he is in custody now. he's going to remain there until we get back before judge lester, if and when he grants us a bond hearing. it sounded like he might consider it. >> reporter: the judge is still angry over now what he believes may have been deceit on the part of the zimmerman family when they said they had no money when they knew they had a significant amount donated by the general public to a website. he knows that because jailhouse recordings of george zimmerman talking to his wife revealed
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they knew how large the sum was but when they got in the courtroom said they didn't have any money. that will be worked out at some point when there is a hearing. >> a quick refresher for you. george zimmerman says he shot 14-year-old trayvon martin to death. zimmerman told police it was self-defense. early april, zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. that means the potential for life in prison. a few days later, zimmerman posts bail and is free until today when he surrendered to police. martin savidge in sanford, florida. a few moments ago i spoke with defense attorney holly hughes and tried to get inside zimmerman's head, why he would potentially do something to get himself thrown back in jail at a time when things weren't looking so grim.
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>> because he didn't think he was going to get caught. that's the short answer. he thought if he let his wife testify, well, we didn't know about the money and didn't disclose to his lawyer what was going on before the bond hearing. >> he's facing murder charges. >> doesn't it tell you where his mindset s i can skate, i can convince him. the defense has to bring a motion. the motion is the stand your ground motion. that's argued to a judge, not to a jury. >> also tonight. lower than expected job numbers this week and a bleak outlook for the economy. we'll look at how it's affecting the race for the white house. legendary anchorman walter cronkite. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> you may have known him as the most trusted man in america, but did you know president jfk got testy with him over an interview. y rinse that makes your teeth two shades whiter and two times stronger.
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unemployment inches higher. the stock market tumbles lower. we all know the economy is driving the race for the white house. this week's numbers have complicated president obama's effore
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efforts to keep his job. i asked about the recent tumble in consumer confidence and comparisons to a previous democratic president. >> the biggest drop in eight months. that sort of reminded me of another democratic president. sometimes he's compared with, this is 1979, confronted his own crisis of confidence, talking about the energy crisis as well. take a look. >> it is a crisis of confidence. it is a crisis that strikes at the very heart and soul and spirit of our national will. we can see this crisis in the growing doubt about the meaning of our own lives and in the loss of a unity of purpose for our nation. >> he was trying to sell it there. did you see hand gestures and the motion. that was the so-called malaise
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speech. is president obama not convincing americans he can fix a bad economy. >> there are a lot of parallels here. three years of a very, very boring the malaise. i said to you guys a moment ago, you can't understate how bad that speech was by jimmy carter. president obama doesn't put out bad speeches like that. he won't go on national tv -- >> i haven't seen him that animated, president carter that animated. when you're looking at it in history, it looks forced, didn't it? >> absolutely. so is that a fair comparison lz? >> yes and no. in terms of the situation, yes, that's very fair. i don't think anyone is going to look at president obama and think of jimmy carter, especially when you think about the other things happening besides the economy. that would be of course the hostage situation. i don't think anyone views
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president obama as weak on foreign policy the same as jimmy carter. they have to look at who he's running against. jimmy carter was running against an actor, a salesman, very, very good at getting his message across forcefully. >> aren't they all salesmen? they're all actors, to. >> romney is a different beast. he's got a very, very good way of getting in touch with everyday people. reagan was. >> we want to talk about the recall election in wisconsin. quickly, will, national implications, whether or not scott walker loses, we will see it in november depending on what happens? >> probably the death rows of the unions. that's the national implication. the unions put all they had into this fight. it doesn't look like it's going well for them. the democrats knew it wasn't going to go well. >> i want to go on to this. w. back at the white house for
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his official port rat hanging. take lays sglen you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would george do? >> love him or hate him or whatever, he was funny and it was interesting to see him in that setting. yes, lz? >> absolutely. he has the luxury of being able to make fun of himself. that's nice to see in retrospect. >> want to know what life is really like out there on the campaign trail? this tuesday join the roundtable with cnn's wolf blitzer and the best political team on television. submit your questions, get answers in realtime and don't miss the election roundtable tuesday at noon eastern. logon to vice president joe biden's daughter tied the knot. 30-year-old ashley biden married dr. howard korean at a private
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ceremony. she's a social workr in delaware. the groom is a plastic surgeon. about 200 guests gathered for a reception at the biden family home. best of luck and congratulations. millions of americans welcomed hint into the newsroom to hear the news and his tag line "that's the way it is." walter cronkite defined what a journalist was through out his 19 years at cbs news n. a new book by douglas brinkley, it celebrates many of those accomplishments buts are reveals he was human even though he was considered the most trusted man in america. i asked douglas brinkley about cronkite's title. >> it's hard to live up to being the most trusted man in america. that is what he was doubled by 1972 from a fail poll and the cbs publicist ran with it. his insegity factor was extremely high. i write in the book about some
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moments. it was kind of the old boys club at a time when politicians and journalists interacted in a much different way than they do now. by the time cronkite became anchorman at cbs in 1962 people were getting their news from the evening news of walter cronkite. it almost became a ritual. you got home from work, 9:00 to 5:00, relax a little, watch cronkite and have dinner. his impact is immense. on things like civil rights, gay rights, the women's movement, the environment in the '60s and '70s, cronkite insisted all those stories were covered in a real time and an important way. you can't think of things like the birth of earth day and the images of bull connor in the south and the horrors of jim crow were brought into everybody's living room. cronkite's managing editor of cbs insisted on it. >> president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time,
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2:00 eastern standard time. >> i remember getting these glasses, right? i never thought about it. i just liked the glasses. my colleagues sort of call them micron kites. i picked up that name. it's interesting when you see him with those glasses talking about the death of john f. kennedy, taking him on, looking at the clock. that was his moment. that is probably the iconic moment in journalism. the next i think would probably be 9/11. >> everybody knows that clip. he came in that day, a normal friday. a lot of people cut out for the weekend. others were having long lunches in new york. he brought cottage cheese and pineapple, sat around the newsroom. he was an old united press wire service guy. he would hear the hum of the machines. he didn't announce that to the nation in the famous scene with the glasses, but had to continue all weekend long. he had to report on lee harvey
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oswald, who he was. ruby killingham and then the funeral. i call him like a rabbi or pastor in cheese. he held our hands in a communal way through that long tragedy of the kennedy association. but he became close to bobby kennedy. in 1968, cronkite urged bobby kennedy to run for president and challenge lyndon johnson for the nomination, cronkite went to vietnam and was sickened by what he saw about the johnson administration and lied to the american people. many people are questioning why would cronkite urge somebody like bobby kennedy to run for
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president. concrete stayed in the middle from '65 to '68. once he went in country, looked around. his sense of being a humanist transcended him being an anchor. >> a legal drug is believed to be connected to several gruesome crimes. one young man says it is the devil incar nate because he overdosed on it.
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want to check the headlines, george zimmerman no longer a free man, the man who shot trayvon martin to death in self defense is back in jail. he lied about the money he had, and that amount determined his bail. zimmerman's legal team says they'll seek another bond hearing tomorrow. the death toll is rising following a fooirry plane crash in nigeria. a passenger plane careened into a crowded neighborhood killing all 153 people on board. search crews say they have found at least ten victims killed on
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the ground. nigeria's president has declared three days of mourning in the wake of that disaster. there are no reports of injuries or damage after a strong earthquake strikes south of panama. the 6.6 magnitude quake struck more than 215 miles south of the city of day individual. canadian officials believe they've identified a gunman responsible for a terrifying attack who opened fire in a busy food court t. suspect is still on the run. police say the shooting may have been gang related. job creation numbers. romney's record verse president obama. who's got the better track record? don't miss my no talking points. y your entire mouth. so take your oral health to a whole new level. listerine®... power to your mouth™.
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it is time now for "no talking points." ♪ tonight, it's about the facts. just the facts.
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a story that you are about to hear is true, not even the names have been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty. the economy is a big factor in the upcoming presidential election but employment tore lack thereof will be the decider. who can get you a job, according to romney supporters it is him. he said that that is what he did. or did he? let's go to the state of the union. >> during his four years there the state was 47 in job creation. >> he went from 47th to 30th. >> now to "meet the press." >> when he took over, he was 51st, and when he left was 30th. >> let's have fox news clear it up. >> massachusetts was ranked 50th, dead last >> over the years it was 47th, no question about it. over the four years i think you are wrong. >> and i think you are wrong.
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>> you know who else thinks he is wrong, president obama's surrogates. >> it did fall to 47th to 50 in job creation. >> we were behind 46 or 47 other states in massachusetts in job creation. >> the last guy there, governor duval patrick became governor after romney and down played the job numbers when it comes to the president. >> job gains is always good news. 27 months of gains is great news. >> we have had 27 months of private sector job growth. >> 27 consecutive months of job growth. >> this is the 27th month of job increases. >> so, you can see on both sides there's a lot of fuzzy math going on here. here is the truth and nothing but the truth. yes, there have been 27 straight months of job gains, that is true. but it's also true that the
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but it's also true that the jobs report was terrible news for a president who needs the economy to improve. the unemployment rate is now at 8.2% and no president since the great depression has won re-election with a jobless rate higher than 7.4%. and it would take a miracle to hit that number by november. here is the truth about govern romney, using bureau of labor stats, reports show massachusetts job growth ranking improved dramatically from romney's first year in office to his last. but it's cumulative ranking was lower than his predecessor. the romney campaign has not disputed this accuracy. if d.c. is included in the numbers, massachusetts's rank was 48. so the fact here is, both sides are spinning you. and that is tonight's "no talking points." ♪
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i want you to take a look at this, this is his brain on drugs, this is freddie sharp, and he has been tightly restrained because he is high on bath salts. his story is one of many stories of people trying to chase the next high. in the last week alone we have seen several cannibalism cases
4:33 am
that could be linked to bath salt. freddy's story is not unique, but it is unique because he is a survivor. i spoke to him this weekend. >> how do you describe your experience? because we see the video of you and it looks like you are having these wild hallucinations what was going on with you right there? >> it was a scary thing, whenever all that was going on, it was my overdose and everything. whenever that was going on, i never experienced anything like that, doing the bath salts. it scared me pretty bad, because i was hallucinating about being in an insane asylum basically and something about ji son vor hees and getting possessed by him and i felt all kinds of crazy. >> i want you to tell people, what was going on in your body, in your mind, in your head. what was happening to you?
4:34 am
>> fear. darkness, just, anything like doom was coming down on me and like that i was possessed. and i couldn't stop whatever was in me for continuing further. i felt like i was going to bust loose, that is why i was wrapped up the way i was, and keeping my hands behind me, i felt i was going to bust loose and it was going to be a bad situation. i never felt anything like that before, the fear like that. and it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. i don't know why i did it. it happened. it's behind me now and i'm trying to move on from it and everything. >> you describe this as you said it was like hell on the inside or the devil. how did you describe it? >> it felt so evil, it felt like the most darkest evillest thing
4:35 am
that is imaginable. i was going through something so severe and it was so dark and scary and it was unimaginable for me. i could not put my head around it and grasp it. i was trying to cam myself down, trying to think about other things and trying to basically keep myself under control because i felt like, if i lost that control, that anything could happen. >> how old are you now? 27? >> yes. i'm 27. >> you had been using for how long? >> bath salt? >> you said you've been using drugs. >> yeah. i've been an addict since i was basically 13, 14 years old. >> so kids start young using these drugs. how are you doing now? do you still use bath salts? >> no, i do not. i do not use bath salt. i haven't used bath salt in
4:36 am
months. >> do you know people who still use them? if so, what do you tell them? >> there are people i'm sure that there are throughout still using them. the only thing i can say to them is, if you value your life, you'll stop it and won't do it anymore because it will destroy your life, it will destroy your family. it will destroy everything. >> when you see these things in the news that people are dismembering people, taking their body parts -- people stabbing themselves. people who are eating people's flesh and faces and doctors and investigators believe that these bath salts contributed to that. do you think that it can make people do that? does it give you that kind of crazy super human strength and make you do things like that? >> actually the sirp human strength thing, yeah. you feel like you're 10 foot tall and ball let proof. you actually don't feel any pain. i didn't feel any pain
4:37 am
personally. for me, i didn't want to eat anybody's flesh or do anything crazy, i just got paranoid off of it. >> as someone who has used drugs, this particular drug, this particular drug, this overdose, was it the words thing that ever happened to you. >> it was one of the worst things that's ever happened to me. it was top -- number one thing that happened to me. it didn't amount to anything else that i had done. it was so hard coming off of it. i'm so glad i did it and i had the power to do it. >> there you go, kids. there's always help for people suffering for drug abuse. numbers for useers and their families to kauchlt is just one of them.
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t same city square where egypt's revolution happened last year. 84-year-old mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for ordering the killing of protesters during the uprising. six of his aides were acquitted. mubarak's two sons were also cleared of corruption charges. the pair are still in jail. prosecutors announce they're bringing money laundering charges against the two. syria's president took to
4:41 am
the air waves denying his government had anything to do with last week's massacre in the town of hula and blaming terrorists for the deaths that included dozens of children. >> translator: the political process is moving forward, but terrorism is also on the rise. they use the pretext that there were no parties. terrorism, dear gentlemen, does not include reform. the terrorists hitting all sides with no kepgs. >> reaction was swipt. this youtube video purports to show protests after al assad's speech calling for the syrian president's execution. now to the big stories in the week ahead from the pentagon to hollywood, we'll begin with secretary of defense as he travels across asia this week. >> i'm chris lawrence to the pentagon where next week the military marks the 68th anniversary of d-day, honoring
4:42 am
the surviving veterans of world war ii. the big news is defense secretary leon panetta traveling all week in asia meeting with counterparts from japan and south korea. with the war winding down in afghanistan, the pentagon put a premium on moving assets and making the asia pacific area a priority. >> i'm paul steinhauser. primaries being held on tuesday. at the end of the weeks progressives gather at net root'sation in rhode island while conservatives have a political action conference. i'm a.j. hammer. here is what we're watching. reality star and former girlfriend of hugh hefner kendra wilson is back on top. we're going one-on-one with the biggest stars of daytime tv as we get ready for the daytime
4:43 am
emmys. an attorney for one of the victims of jerry sandusky tells cnn he expects his client to be the first witness in the case. jury selection starts tuesday of the former coach accused of abusing at least ten boys over a 14-yeardley period. cnn's national correspondence susan candiotti previews the trial. >> reporter: it was a riveting moment. ten days after jerry sandusky was arrested, he called nbc's bob costas. the former penn state assistant coach denied being a pedophile and then this. >> are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys? >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attracted -- i enjoy young people. i love to be around them.
4:44 am
but no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> i think there was an intention by his defense attorney, amendola to humanize him, to establish he's sort of an uncle who kind of likes boys but not in a sexual way, in sort of a healthy, normal way. i think that interview backfired. >> the case sparked shock and outrage on campus. when the university hired head coach joe paterno who has since died, it set off this raucous clash. there were ten victims as young as ten years old. for now none has been publicly named. prosecutors don't know the identities of two of them. now it's time for sandusky's accusers to take the witness stand, the defense prepared to attack their credibility. any humiliating, embarrassing experience in their past live that has a bearing on their believability potentially may be revealed to all the world in this trial.
4:45 am
>> also expected to testify, a key witness to one of tall ledged rapes. penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary, then graduate student who says he saw san dus dusky in a locker room shower one night with a young boy. prosecutors say sandusky met his victims through his charity, the second mile. sandusky pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. will he take the stand to defend himself? what else might be revealed at trial? a recent defense motion raises the possibility prosecutors may bring up other allocations of abuse to help establish a pattern. >> sandusky's lawyers have lost several attempts to delay the start of the trial. as for the alleged victims, they're anxious, their lawyers say, but ready to go forward. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. >> susan, thanks very much. a governor facing a recall. that doesn't happen often. it's left a state, even families divided. we want our viewers to stay connected to cnn even on the go.
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grab your mobile phone and go to you also watch cnn live. sgleefrnlths sglfrnlths
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wisconsin's voters are just two days away from an historic recall election, fueled by scott walker's decision to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights. walker came into office and took on the state's powerful employee
4:49 am
unions arguing it was essential to reforming the budget. the recall drive has taken more than a year. polls show the race too close to call. his opponent is democrat milwaukee mayor tom barrett. cnn's chris welch has been tracking this race for days. he says both candidates are doing whatever it takes to get their most ardent supporters to the polls. >> this could be trouble. >> he's not kidding. meet walker supporter oriana paul, now a full-time volunteer. in this recall battle, that comes at a price. >> i was walking down the street taking videos of both sides. a woman came out of the crowd and whacked me with her sign. >> she posted it on youtube. >> i've never seen anything like this. >> reporter: her car has been spit on and keyed.
4:50 am
she says there's no doubt it's because of her signs. >> where is the civility? why can't we be amicable, have differing opinions. there's no reason for this aggressive behavior. >> reporter: lane hall wonders the same thing. only he's on the other side of the battle. an english professor at the university of wisconsin milwaukee, hall takes issue with the governor's education cuts. he and his wife lisa came up with a constructive way to get their message out after dark. queue the overpass light brigade. dozens who get together on overpasses with illuminated signs they built in their basement. this is a bridge near the milwaukee brewers baseball stadium just as game photographic let out. >> my mom says i'm not allowed to say that sort of stuff. >> reporter: hall has seen the same kind of attacks as paul. >> i was personally attacked and
4:51 am
my camera was stripped from my hands and i was knocked down. >> reporter: neither one of these activists has much hope this broken community will be mentioned once tuesday comes. >> we need a lot of healing. i'm a little pessimistic right now because things are so ugly and so divided regardless of who wins on tuesday, lit still be divided. >> it's not going away any time soon. >> reporter: chris welch, cnn, milwaukee, wisconsin. sunday night mysteries. two store region we have for you. first up, lit remain a mystery for another year, 62 years ago newspapers blasted headlines about the crash of northwest flight 2501, a dc-4 just like this that went down june 23rd, 1950. there it is. just like that one. 58 people were aboard heading to minneapolis. it crashed into lake michigan. no survivors, no wreckage found. sewn nor operator ralph will
4:52 am
banks has spent years searching for it. he and his crew wrapped up this year's search and the mystery remains unsolved still. now we know when the world is going to end. this past week nasa said after years of observation it's clear our galaxy on the left -- or is it our galaxy on the left will definitely suffer a head-on collision with our neighbor. there it is. you've got time to plan. the milky way will crash into the andromeda galaxy in about 4 billion years. don't sell everything on ebay yet. a celebration of queen elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. like many key moments in the long reign, it rained like crazy. that didn't dampen the spirit of the british people. highlights from the diamond jubilee next.
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4:55 am
houston, we have a shuttle. we don't have a problem, we have a shuttle, or at least the replica of one. this is a mock-up of a shutting, not the real deal. i used to sit outside the kennedy space center in florida. now it is heading to its new permanent home t johnson space center in houston. isn't that cool to see? meanwhile the shuttle "enterprise" made its own journey along the hudson river along the shore of queens and
4:56 am
brooklyn. the new home is the intrepid sea, air and space museum. very nice. ♪ >> that's our royal music, by the way. great britain celebrating queen elizabeth's 60-year reign with a four-day party. one of the highlights happened today, a spectacular boat show on the river thames. here is nick glass. >> reporter: it rained on the morning of her wedding, on the day of her coronation and, surprise, surprise, it rained on her diamond jubilee flotilla. this they promised would be the largest and most diverse assembly of boats in the river's history. despite the drizzle, the mood was irrepressible. let's have fun. prince charles and the duchess of cornwall popped into a street
4:57 am
party. she was shown the cake and introduced to a boy with the requisite face paint. would it come off, asked charles? they stood for the national anthem and aware that in piccadilly they like to sing more than one verse. ♪ >> reporter: the queen arrived spark nlg white for her diamond jubilee. prince phillip in the uniform of admiral of the fleet. just to remind you, she is 86. he'll be 91 next sunday. in a sentimental gesture, they were ferried across the river in a tender once used to take them to the royal yacht bre tanya,
4:58 am
much since decommissioned and much missed by the queen. she stood all the way for some two hours, wrapping herself with a scarf to keep out a chill wind. the banks of the river were packed. she was particularly pleased to see the puppet horse from the play "war horse" josie. they're old acquaintances. by way of salute, the entire bridge opened up and so did the heavens. rain and more rain. they sang on undeterred. ♪ you could just about hear snatches of song "jerusalem," then "land of hope and glory" ♪ and finally the national anthem. ♪ the queen and prince phillip stood sew eckley and happily it
4:59 am
seemed through it all. ♪ >> the queen! i'm don lemon in atlanta. thanks for watching. have a great week. have a great week. see you back here next weekend. -- captions by vitac -- breaking news this morning. we have just learned that the pilot in the nigerian plane crash is american. the details coming up. plus your money may take a hit today. it's going to be a rough day for the stock market. pre market trading is down, not as much as we expected. the world market is down overnight. we're live with the details straight ahead. brand new polls this morning, pitting president obama against mitt romney. we'll reveal the numbers for you in meemt. we have a new miss usa, the highlights and the newly crowned winner this hour on cnn.


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