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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 15, 2012 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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pureelontionnort t a kroli, wh he heust sqaked ou aelonrtinli in whhet2008qedou ohi nnsyania vi iniaio08hese ari sy griaing hi anicviiaiose arpulaons. en tgrre agi sicateshat e la t a sest hisnic ke co rado dl and newexic andisc vad o bedouse he d hiewanicicndad polati bee hiic poti u cod auein the 10 mtermlectns ere re foonsta ae, se tor e rry midrmasct ab to e ldota se on r y isabo se ndren ain sena marityeeadein vadare nthat somhing h na culda notyde ha don witut the da atom hinganic cdo vo. >>hai waonithe toi iclk aut is causvopeop havbeen >>ayinwa is etoctio a usopprobavlyen ging in -- et'sio gogo dp whob g thg -sgo frges w wit thhewomenvotfrs thitmeotatinvote th that whas gog tinte de deathago t iseltion de bui wa thear wat el on publbuans ewa tar w sayg no bl bs whathey ve sdayinno b the aty st s thheyhe e ts aortf
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athey t ck-d ar amstyrt alicy cert-dnly . roey andamy wmakcys wa to ghtethe rty rond bords hee. th akwao tee rdhe th d't bieven wh ts neannoceme andhat is d ne bve annuncewhnt t -- t ynenomedon'nd t beeve tsat ne alnce- t is iann' beppoe tion toheir thinalng aut wh i we sulddopoon ei asar aillel in ah imgraten. sd repter: as acerleinlywe'r im waating thi epr: poter toly'rear wafromg omehi popublans. toar om enderand,blthiss.s ppen g veerd, quklyisnd enve muy ju heang thrgh my jueahr blkbermy her the are reblics onthe hi tha dot l kebler erherehis. bu thereotheicon tnge yohavehiha do l tos. bu e coheiders th tyovehis sothinhat taets, coerth s arguly, tese e yungetas, amerans. gu , thatdr cer inlye ysomegeing at, ers. aterlymeg t, thin hashe spathof nyoremerins tan sinas s th so reri banke tt appach swher u'dso jtllow aone bkehepph er untr d i jegalow aoe def. so tr ial a thipoin i thi wfe
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so shoun't aw a ahiblaninthi w ncluons d weoult a wtingan heawhatoverr rmney haslus we say bout th. w ng>> a you eeaatookier at r eyeas ay utackb ry ath i'm. lking aatoumykit note as kbwel a'm l ng ile nt to tetake aelbrea e okeea hethisscomenginin st of real quily. heandbis i'm ing bri in mer seor lanin sof alui. affdbrs m corrg pondritn se laffrrnd rael ra omo. wh i wto lk abo o. i'm wh w reboing re m ofths, tereg f ha beeclosth tooreetis wi thehadmineetratosnhatorti lati s hwivehe spineatn to tat minirati ando heti h prpidenaboutothis t pocy. nirecotind prenouisportionspo. thco isomeing he ding mohs bore ertnsecti. th s % imeghee dgates mo be ti po s t iteespo t d hipanilati voe. th wilgarn morof tt vo andhieoplniare tillinit liti. buvoit'sot t endthil rnthisors no ta pa to
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vondple inciti nshi ti>> y m ntiobud's tndat. isnopao oba wowith tihi 67% y mio the.lati ob wovotethin%200 he you ow vyellti wen te heas a 00senar inhica , thu v is e l wof te a isses nain thcaths he wo d ta t abouss cotantthavorg th he drm acwoalltahe oume. anco onntorth dracl o the asone.why an ontelecd oase ony bause t he s gin atec ndatto b se e sothinon thegi eam act. att soinhe mt. wha i'm arinfrom lino aderha im inom e lo er iount, hi admistraondertednthi mira 40,00 depeoped eve sinear. r the pect 4g00 opveinr. ththe esidt cto doe idtsomedoing,e hadoneery ttle so n we ve aelecon yr. thmeg, hannouneemeny is bleng me. n the has aec t y th ptentl of nefiingou en b m 00,0thas tids. p nt maof of fig,0 tose ds hs.e be ma prfesti foryear is ian isue tt go bck te h be pr tiorar200 or e ien ie tgo b arli.00r eso iis geat oportity fli em i gto hav oe rtis dyam com f true av d >>omut s i uesaid havhe
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>> drm co id avtrue isn'drthe cod meuen'e ctizehip ere czep eyo don haveo goack d reply ery upleearsor aork rmit onthe vegok rey y leiticrsm a k om it the reht ic h beenhend w rl behat is i h aen w bet run ound th and ilso at thiss a n bndk-dothnd so is citinshi bevendohougit dsn't ayth. >> e ticrithiism enug d fro'theightth has en lleg iitm illalnoro htmatt w t.s no megter ill ttw mr i youame thi couny onour n orheth yowereroug in a k. itoesn i reaouy e ttehi anunon ther or other tng isyoreugn k exaly it snat yeate meanionehe owhat tinds ofxa m ssag y i is me negointo ge t oatd theof rt o mheag i rld? you inme t go t tishe coury r o gall you d? bri u y tr tou chdrenand ce yo he ll ou yo chiren rie yoing to gchend o thhe sor o yohin bacdoorngto gnest th 's bthn thor ocritis onacor est th bth n we' bee sumi tat t. ev y, j t be'theeeaye're mi t ev j bere speang a i'murostre speaking ais'm th is sothin hianicst
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spngthsoin hiic ae ingreent wh, bu n eve sine lano ainee w bu nveinla liev ev th poly. the arsomehat liev you ve tcomeere gall becae i me he lehlly,oly yothnot armingmeere t gallev it u kes te wamei die itllseem cai h le y,all yot nge llt con quen al.s wa di anem its a v ry oodl poinonen. an theit a vodatiin ote e notti noliice ot noliic. u wi finaigni cant li amou tha li. s wiin thanint most oouha sa lino ters st oespeally isyeand l weo rs have orepely youeryevotds,eare veeou gog totgreeith me set of dreagotoeeh act. sof thnegave eecon the ea t. lati comthnityga is eot inghe be b entighomtys to gofset t b potiveento oft t povefect we' notone th ts suect. ct 're itinfor e priden to sak he at e'ote t1:1 sut. e inr pren we'l scarr hit hate ankeep folling e st1y. ou te it 'lwerr, th he isanep llg st t itmalennouer ] 's cled uvit wethis
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a vaminotal dedated le ou you ]eyes cd it vfrointhe ale-caed expedts atouausces+ lo. roe ca xpas y age ateysc canloose tal tries. yge eyane l ieuvithelpreplish key e nuient itlpplh y [ manu annntncer ocuve haa unue fmula ma nnt foerd in our ltivuvaminhaun fla toelp otec fo yoin eyer ealtivin top ec w, tyot's yepillltorthakin malennouer ] uvit ts ll th inelp otec yourye hlth. leou ] it p ec ur hh. ineks peonalrici onrake tellike
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at ian snd. eki pe my alst tcimake hat lle i s. 're ivinsafe. i y tket . d susavemoneon bkes. e infe now at's persal pcing suvene bs.w 's rs png
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oppotiono ouis imgratn ct poli. po thon wiloutalkbouthe js imat thatt'sgoin to ta fm li thil lk amutican j you n ex ct tatosearinota f am alanof u at fexm th tcandatesar an tl pres ent ll f tthk abndtes why h is inan t sportof hisest tabhy hrticar isin licy srts > wa to ic tk abt cygreeon the nal wayo of tabeeampaning e l sufay'so oer eltionpang grks he a su's day and o a el honf to gr haaynd ho makep thr mis. whe threstf useallhold r brth f the kethmi whthstusll eldonom fabr fhe t. hava eomfa r ort av fom rt fthen johnen hn minds ofhe nnecon bweenhesereek raceand e wod ndof ec benseek ced woonom >> rorte yh, is noa om ve big rconote. le tha$300 y ino veigno leha00 blion itlunk %.bon is ia vy dnkp . ia v d ressi. 's sn aa vo forhe eo orgain it.
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yourakesi a s avoor ste e orinck,t. thi is oue radl a o tedocra.k,hi dl ey a o vinghetr orotdra to vreft and go a vgtoetor comm ism. v tnd thgo ft, the's mmm. goo tentl thth maypt tt,he ofoo theuro go g ntthfoayward they ined tof throourrey ju fo rd teyear eyag ed so tf grce go oureju tearag soringgrgo ou in queion ill the b anher o orhreeng inuenlounteshe b at illanr corsideee doint te l sa. c de thoi itaans he beearng t sa thtas h be too ba to eir drn rren. tobao r so tsoul b enbasilly ttheul eaki bpensiye kifn thegree cide gheoee de gcounis co ifishey y th is o mu stery, w wifnty oth s tmu out. it cerld s wake e wobal rket >> wt.ust c s wee al rougthis et out wxte ugis t wks ago. >> rorte yea we h the wlectns omay h.o. i ink hows th rteespeeation h he ofct ohey i pek lews rigth nowpeinon of eece
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ebasilly,igow kin ce siy, se it almo likinthe ab spng. thiss th sitreek moike rinsp. they reisth toingekut a thein eypolicianthataveo rgled a thhe untr orli theanat letour rd th de andhe lur theyre s dedeerats. dey seat the are inki abo briing soone pottial go ouhef e ki bo rieg eur soecaue otalheyo d't sou any pe i sit.ur au emplmentyate d s of y isi %. plnte youtuneloymtof of 50%. th areoingack to tutneymtof %. pos. th rerighngnok thto are teck d po ghno hck wreh nek mocry thd wne crhe r le par. sohey e lear rely dpera not y owinwhicway lea joh tank eu dryraot inicy ea ch. grohce i tk sti to mak mre dget .uts. gr iti fastoak m bet s. faond ymen b alst 4illi eur in gust nd en al 4liurn st
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yoo-o. hlo. 's wer fm thdrino-ng h.unta at e ma. w fthin tat ma [ ma nnouer ] eat stintap ter n co froany ucetnywhe. ma ou ] t inp r coroy etwh e bra bole th t filr inde. brbo tilin.
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> rneygoinbacktois root t ry t tow wereeinck kied o ot t h tow webidor e kipubl oan psideia h d minaon. ere u se h bl pdelive 's bnak. f e anotser h kiveoff, a bs tou fhatot ll keki himf,to si stes at woulat lily payim a ksiy ro ss w w ws tli p nomber kro ecti. w om n w tmpshe, noer romy witi
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trav byoth n bsh a pneom to i peavsylvyia, hio bwisnsin a piowaando finly pelv e, ding inis hin wadin engn h mestat ofichan. at'sn atfch. 'stueay. jim acoa jos us any spon abo thinew ue .migrion m polocyjousrom th y onbohiw grmneynolmth ampaeyn? >>eporr: yonow, pa >>door noto as ow, t. wereaitior thdoot reonse o som of ese wetih mves e these the omrt of e t oama ms whhee e hous o t oa wh i ll tl yo thoush, i tyohoitt mneyas elvedn th iss of t dre act a loof pple e coarin t what he o maey eedthss ad tnistretionct lo pe co iin at o dog toy whadstonmmigtion iwithespe to ose youdoto w undomentigon iigras in the thpe o e ouuntrand lkin g aout itdo innt itherainframhe wrkof he trd indrea atn eama w whh wod giea yngerlleg aimmiants p thwhwogi yereg mits po se nd of ci sizenip. e r neyof cpaignasaidcien. ea rier yat he c wigldid vto th
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ac ear he or w thlegiatio vift h me t hi ac sk.or ht i llgi teioou that bac tin . apl at i teatfunacrais in n flapida,at m tt rney di sa thatunheisepubncan par fla, nee md r y diswnsa veron f attheubn drmar ee erer ac becse hfelthat at sue s daginghe pty ong s paics. theracisec hltt e dang p g pas. er a lotof pol ang tot demotratthat thent anvent weeafte thatundrser,e sa he'ol t mo atokinatat enannteete atdrr,sae'arco ubio verinon ofhategistion it'sntertingcooioer oftee hison mt 's roerey rngpondto a his. th m is ro rnd a. thershs owinwhathey oughwoulbe aigay f thbus tor. sh inat it'y ghulnter ating y f br gthps to rco t'erng yruio.r i ps gogo o ask yo abo ru. that i go he issk oneobo erson at hesne tey a sayg posoiblyn aiceresintia coende t a fay poly m at romn. ancei'msiia co wonderingnhis f mmn an m rticaronngis i ueicif i soone
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likearcoubioelpsut t roey cpaigevenore . >>eporr: tsot's eght. kedon,cohereiore aps t ro cigene >> coorle ts t. of n,tentrel aice esidtial runng mas ouofon nt te idal nnmaou campgn til tday. key mp tayot y.sjustp o ketag withitt mney afewot m entssst oag o. th anlatet teyay atim wwlen m tswille ohe ca aign tanilte t wi govm noren llro oey. wilbecagn tntestin wi but ildo thiistein w. t doveryhi intestindevepmenon t pa o the wte hous ry te in thveen t pa o pside hadhe w th usbig spch i clevthand steay. lot pofdeadeoph inisg ownsp i evrtyd te. di notot rspon toop inverywn y diot r on pototive. iry thenhis veloent ppen pove. toda i wod no be urprened is lot en ere' da wonoe poplensidprthe imney mpai t te' are sctchi p thler heid ande ey ai t wderifrechi thhend wrihe prident is tryipr to envot om wt wanot isactla sptacur dafor e pridenyestday. yi o nevt a d l mo nt. w wa t ank tlu ve spcudar mupren sty. jim. ev dmo . e de cratk arenve stingn mu the m. desiatlineen dung sngromy's ebus ur. thnatialsineduoms s . thtiommiee kking
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off eir n butourtoay. th plami kng f r to bullowur simar to .ute. thla o owim e. you e usat t starof t day theompa pho lis that a f namu lonusr. t ar tay he pau sehous bisk on busiat hig fays.amon se bon sion oige ems.y fids. oem fi. everay y seell t waysll ous aus bk e heing ow ouecon yee t ys o a b heg ouon ndinmoreo coanie and mmunies n exnd ow s ongeinandre co iet ba to rk.d uns ex sged bao . everay y seell ofs seing u, er ar ynd tee cou ry of seoundg he cner. ar tou nd cr. ban an a pty? [ muc pls, rord ips p? hi i'new surelearmupl rd s hi i'w rearear,uh? nuttion staards are gh. r, ?i'm t jue or ancyutateron tai'dsdiffent.e .m juorve gcy ninergram of pi'teinfft. twismy l. that thr tim morthan e! ginam pinis l athrimoran twey-onvitans a minals anzeroat! weonta ain smm. u'llring lot tohe pty.anro!
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ildr in z counitfrom drun is totale drn coitom undrivs. celrateeo marr thi. e da wiv re sedelte mr i. to let da wis dauger bome usred anhertoet ug b e stattic. n >>r tobewas a butif aumn daatc. >> shbewas th hs t biffrids. au diddat k wshs h t th sti. te id k kissth her ouldave en t t e e la ti. ter at ni htsserld thee were t la ti lkindown hisr niathhenheren inwn is unragedrundrivhenwerv ungeunivrv ofthe ad a hithem. e laed he. e ed ofhate la h ey w e on a bck aw fr mytni.hose. won b shawwas frly my14.ho .and m inki howshs did4. ts d ki owhapp? its soid t reveppable itmy nsome i vele n i lo mccthy. i lmccy. iive ds tos totay ay om dnkin our ate s be tope ive drkingnd dvingataloies to y the din r e beopcoue ry. dr ngthe dngals he drkingu.t's e dease
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at w drlowngs t dontisee. w w tti maiah'halngesmah' shld ad yales to tdrk. >>fyoush yo ticdr wit me >> fou fo ic yes, d't uit mfoorugs or ye d u alhol.gsr i wi givyou alney.l. >>prome n t d nkwi uivtil u m y.2 >> ipromeom no n to d ul get nto a2 romithsomenoe wh hastoeentto rhmewhasn inki. >> iromi to ve bk toy counit >> ihinkaria s chleng is ki sothin that>>akes ieoplmio bthintoa lile b morcoto sit i nk ia ch cannge sotteinatespl inli bor s maah i forer an. e can t h ba. ma i or t i an can h hlptheba an hhepares ke the kidsafe if wsavene cld, sava keheidfe wve c, av geti
11:27 am
sonywa i'vbeeno a t of ples. u kn, i' held a t of peop sava loof m ey. sowa 'vbut enday.a ( ofpl sf. lou noisof knlargi'metaelobjea hitofng t op gravnd)lo m. t y. sf outhinis hav beenrg littae jestraite. t gr) inav en it(sfx sounraof pno sshin fxun p sin rorunn: me mee ronnmeee meepeep? epp? (s: lo thusoun (slohuun at atran pla. ico®. fteeminu s cod asaveanou flateenerce or re carnsurce. o. eenuco ve fencer arur. [ urse i a hpiceurse brta oen imy pient[ se i hcese spebr lon ohour iwith per ntcheing r het ra peonurth eming terihe herraedicion, a jusmaki heromfoable inriericn,auskier fooneleightritttolde out trationn deark, ehtttld utraondek, hen pers die" shsaid "smeo musopenhe wdow sthe ul c dep t."n rsieshid "sousen wowse cep" smid ansqueed h han mianue han ot tightbrit. notonit." thtit feme anunce] tonurs evewher noni"
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ank emu, an ceom j nson johtoon.rsveer k jonoh. ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪♪ ergy. alleed . to me. t keep warmgyto kp us ed.lld m t ep makrmclay kiggius.. akaygi t toeep ing ese thgs ithe ture. top g e th
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11:30 am
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11:31 am
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11:32 am
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11:33 am
way.pp to cowoul fthina it cr aisiout m ytieeat y. ulin sodifiour gume. >>eah,nofir way me >>h, wee gog to ontiaye we engorcintothis ilegati migrion laws inenudinintheis ate i gaws. grwe dn wsave stain inws tet e wes. d eta tforc but m ju more coerne abouthe rc t juor pitic oone ou ets, whetr yo sa i pesn'ic o mattt, itoe atteetyosa i an n' wou le coress ttit tote lookan ou lcoss thoream t okssu xt yr and dohomeingam su ynd aut itnstedo of lkinmeall ge ti and leing the pside me ap ittef ithinl an tindegheexec pivde rder >>herithoe iidn' secer t>> ri don't matt ir.n' s dot tt shou you spris b t ou ou liti, it all s ispolics. t i so wnt tiitll ta abool this. be use w tre a pele w a bo hiy, a evesome bee t ae w aveme repuican whsay thiissu reblics ne to ke a diffent ok ait bausepuan it's urtiwh they artyhiit'ssu reic ne o artinyour fft ca adida ho do y'stihe rtyspon's to inurat?cada ho y >> ron well le tm tao at?ook
11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
11:38 am
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11:39 am
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11:40 am
ough i yowey gh heras ks. th werunde16. ey he toe uer 3nower k therde. hto u 3w t alif f th. soe're talki abo you peifle w didt rely he a oicebout fominhereth so ksod ofrekiboou pe widre ha ceutinre kof t mo innent thosfolkthatre h te. anowe he se sonnt o th osrepulkicanatarty h an hseo oth wting pu an doty someing r the wng o meg th uden and for ese der s th cme re a enchindren. r e r th c ain. so wileitt mneyirst seem to nd orulehat t awle bk, h cl wrlyet eyst emo olet aw b hly es lk t hasisted tohas en wh mao ruo. so i wi be i tere ed t astetos w maseeiru wha his t ikewi ie on i thire part ulareissuehais >> t indy,onhi a you rtarue ayiny, pople a keouarcorubi andin ple cobindmitt romn, wh jtt mnwhcos j sa iss relvinon ts isae,sre you yinghis y le rein tisou p to arcongs l
11:41 am
bio'toco tho'king i'm saygthathererethng 'm simiriticertnly aytweeatre marcruio's mi pltirtndy whaee he wasalki rcabouru's pld wh thae s psideki isou wh t pdesdng. oknow thd. itt mneyaid i'm lieninow ith an eectit eyyeaid m libutin wat it dan eti keaw is hatt wow dth o tsecandates kres atlookg atwing vote . o tndes ye thiokwas at bngeovete r the esidt if yo wantyehi s b e lo att e idifyont lotlitally thisas tstirp thlati vo, whithlyis alr dyis t irirlythti demoatic vowh bulrswin ly vots so lkt moic buingsinike ot is. l d by an gse s.rge, by swgan oter sotimehavee, lkedsw aterhese so me prveiousolls l hadtseook irigrausonssueandlsaside re ohek mocr ic s idera tueand dethe publ an de o so crmittomne s no tong tre ng tblo ppea to so ttt bane ofng his trpar t. ea weoe n ta movg to sng s ar terrory. we n idon' knoov s rry.
11:42 am
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11:43 am
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11:44 am
pr songwhatroce ral,r fstou, ec ynd d ho atll.ksll i the ryso hadatcel, asd and atual . wa e adasead prtnd of aal waad p thofrevend mesrennth vestim y fr s a chch tnnalback in20 imr a regaching teck alingatis agait 20hi whi are ga g at hlti ai atmptehito rehire h a atte14-y rr-ol we h ear-yol te imonwefromhat h ar ctimteonomt imringhe tal awell as waing to cpare ng t allnd contst tase tgto cre stimies. so hnt t t atrneywasuite out th hnd mateys tess ands astd tohave mastri whind ofours the asto je geenierihi so w reof nrsheay j ni oie w n libetion day ofi th oial. >> bearahon th k yoy verf muh. h itl. inrestg. noahfarwayhyoer fro muere it ey einst noryro re dalinwith simar indent we'r din tthkingim out jer sausky innt lso'rn trl. tng ter sarasa thaky tr en a if tse veicts c merahau. , yoll hr th fir her a ifon c t. vets c yo hthirer c.
11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:47 am
11:48 am
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11:49 am
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
th youave go inrougedthe edicathtest twhicaryou lauld whpectmand pitcholinicalst counthlingouone e d to s uge ca st biicdeciu ond ct polal unnge t bici to sa i ll rry broer'saby re, d bedes is, is adotion ssa we l, any roven's y , be re t be bas , iss adboonwe anden be ta reted, thebo is a parwor th hasto be dreltd, with asis ll, causin tpaornd thas ibe d th chaie thes min , usr h te cond ith ughtth it ha a lalhein h ocee ng. nd i he be ntinthto ahtt l you out eext ee st. y a hbeou in a u t extst a remeer t ni dth ver om t sup bowad a y cashow me tm. dd i v kno th tupouow hav a yeen ca owspenng aot otimeith him inoth and hasav- en he is en a omeh im d as es rdicuuslyute d. he a ce k ly ope -hea sur ry e c k opeaur yeerda >> hwas rn wh a ngenal heet dedact a he d th eigh opehearoperion h res ace w a enval .hede ahee ths dng weghl.pearern we h rd frem, ye owl th ve b dn we counicing th h f y th b anwe veoicg an beme ite lose theyaid coup of ugh ys ana loof pn anbedoest eink ter,se d eyd upf h andisloient p, an es bu this s th reakty r tr, ki thehavehisisnt opatio atbuisthea t rth,ut i is aki lifheime ve is opatio foromeoop
11:52 am
h, i a ifbute opiooreoikm. t sis alookg go. >>hat himnd h brosier, a ght? yesthats rit. th is okx angoelseand ey >> t ime hro, t? esatri ths ansed ewachin becsetheyatch u alof t timwa inhe iecin t hostal ght w, bui beyou is king ey ch go rec t im>> y wil spea ito t t famosy l t agn, b ausebuoube speu s ng go loecy. y timilwithea tamhim, a agsome bese pe lls lo atimthou hm, it a meoff. >>s wel he antso askout h mit f. daelhterand etsskt m daerd yrs oldand saidwella fe yars y betenldd myidfriellfe ys mabut wllet myseeie >> okay mahaveout whot n wi oe beauayful vedghte. ot >>ihree thre au l shtgun >>hreedte >>ee reshtgun sh unank u, dr.>>eegta.shun n't k ss.r.g. sjay gua, tmd tomoow a 4:00 m. sy astegu anyoucanmd moeck aut is00 te clusane inurvienwithhe k usinieth suogatfamiiether suatmiieer
11:53 am
11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
atnnouemenand so ske s toetolf itzemawho ll b joing frrickwhiteldat ou en d e to sof t hou momtotsf zeo b aw oninfrckcnn.itd st tun f to touomth. >> amerawa'snn. relions p wistun f th >>erselnswi do ishe fus oa nehbo cumeary okinat t colict dos f oneo a themey in tssiote co ct latishipthate a he erics ha wheiot omestioipat icha he nine es kaen wter ves a nepreew ka wr of hes heawarmg ane meti s shofking earmansries >> rorte foro any tishng s anesals rat cte't borcare yorhe alitcaneansrim as c breepicd inhe n itn domenty m"one nati undic in ndontne tinddogs ators ofear,oss d beayalgs a >> iis t emoon tt is overelmi, kning at yor ofn't r,kes evbeybodal i thomoe. t is rep ter:erhemikn scg es a y t grhic vdod ho epr:c a grc uensod. youan oy sa so ny. theend in gas uso ouambe osa o >> r.orte but lso hed n upsftin an insring be>> war rteuto eei aupin swe anide sng w w. alei awede alrigh is ts wh y are >> rorte theilm'hero
11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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12:00 pm
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12:01 pm
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12:02 pm
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12:03 pm
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12:04 pm
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12:05 pm
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12:06 pm
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12:07 pm
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12:08 pm
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12:09 pm
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12:10 pm
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12:11 pm
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12:12 pm
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12:13 pm
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12:14 pm
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12:15 pm
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12:16 pm
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12:17 pm
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12:18 pm
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12:19 pm
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12:20 pm
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12:21 pm
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12:22 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
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