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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ir baots r thnextpresent. >> iv bas thtsonxt thksest. >>ivo mu on h incro. no, muat'sot inour telcisio. set ome. th's a p, oble's wth turelio t e. ansm sionth a 's a ple w t maor bre ay r smon gr ce t> orro aand votsao re ba to e p ls t e ectgr tro ndot vernnt. ba o methg th p f tled do eixt n weekago. rne. thth funtd 'sdo en in eko. trmoi sienthen. n so fea the thaooi sin. coinue greeso'sea conohecao prlems cod gcoueeeno eve w se.prms glcoal gvew .rketare so kglping a wa enhat ppens i et e k grngcen wa encer tha at ensen i coulgrexitrom e eu erha as ulit m curreucy ze. >>saudarab i port g th rr z deh >>udab of a ofrtinth deabdu az.fof the ince w th hduir toheaz e ce w sai th hothre. sar navf h heah oble and e pr ce wna kno h asea aard le ndline pr con wrvatenos w led ad verane crkdow ononat al eda wed rarow n litas.
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>>l eporar: aer 91 ann e ta >>or a 9an m-2000s,200 andm00 200 he waseadi the00nd saud'00 crgehe wa agnstdihe al qae. ud' cge agt al qda athatl ime ere rnin agast t crn a re sn q a asate a vinyga tcrerio a reat sas blong up v apamentio comp xes ereat forgnlo worrs up parent liing, mps eakinorontror o oillig,inacitiestr o lnd theciesthre of dealg wi thathreashe re f ken byrinc alwihareyef at atn y timenc >> t bo ofhe cwneft prin me ll b tlown tooof c sau araa anin uri b wnotomoow. theau draath ranses queriions ofmo. e succsion dh rsw.uens saudking ab llahccon yea udng old. ab ah now o t u.nd tea d. tens ying no dete t uer the t w s. iigra on nsngdepol y.he thpres ent anoun idra yeerdaheol.s. thest aun yeda wi sto port.g youw-abingito rt illeul imgranho camo e u. aab cgldreand leiman lidam he for u.t lst c reveyead. heayt'sheiight th gheor t l do a ha he'shth t a exainewh
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>> ieliehat 's t ritxnewh thg io doieecaate t'veeen ri th gups of thdoca yung veoplen w g sworkfso ha a seak ygith le w rk mu hea outha a skh wh's bt inmuea t eric eve thgh i kewh s be ofhem mt ha icveth i k vednder s th fear ofem mhadertatn. >>d mier romtheyarfppos thdeat >> iange he somke wle cpaigng i osnew thmpshe. ge s w cig i w ish bieve t stasf bve t yngta pele w comhere tough no fat of the own y pe wom ires tghn n port t tofaeof csidehed anwn shou be i sved on a rt loto-ter c desis an ty ou kne wt sd tnir aloer futus sh tld binknhis w t couny. thi tuh b ths actnhe unresent hiok tay mes ithmore ct diffult test t m ire ac ff ltg-te t decion bausen exetive der n be lte rerse ci bsexevey r n besubsuent predent r se >> as nyas bs00,0nteople nt uld >>ffecs d the w ,0 immiplatio d ecpocy. he cns ni miio valpocia.alketo cn nie wom walantilestday kes faci om dorta won tilsty
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untrciwho e d ftaels t not r realme. >> itro ightg for f s casotand thal's t.easo wh i i htorere. as>> rorted staing tsid th tth solant iimmiatio e. rtecoutag id th fi tntormiio pauu thdeimafioau stayn thunit stas ben de a in apil. ay thshe itttantobe a inminocar ap. e toacci ant osidef lant and no war aeste r dving ithcit o de a ntnd wa ate licse. dngth a ough to t.s. a 4cyear. ol t ghnly t. h ame 4ar shenow ol t h ing ckoheowurugy i 't an ths. g tion >> iis aug ieallynbad fling on i ha i gon a trellinced i s 4 fng ha on yes t d.ce 4 ye i dot rembernythg don'know ythi bdoreerth i ve n'ow hibeenerey wh bele.i ve bnhere 1f yenewhle.l i've gi n e berytng tre 1his untrl tat i vehavegi eyt t>>s trgoodfteron tvery idy. ve th rninsecreryoderry. thpolino noundin nre tion my li minirati un n wil tke toon nd o niti iltion tmmiatio o pocy. repter: ut ahanginon immimiatioio poly ponoun. d on epr: ang
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fridmiio byolhe oama unon minirati cou giv idby oa pple like nitiouivdema a ple ke rened hedeto note depented. h e if i cou dot ct wheps id. woulfdoouo c he i ulcarheel repter:he'soture if it wldrelenef her clepntr:'sreif w w isng c forefertay onl her port wion ient butis c sheory o beevesheer last rt ann uncentntthe liev it beespenslaoorsany e ing nmboceg n. >>evt thns isrsy un liev leg bo if a >> manhyounsoplun ev oplenderif0 a anunearslf ag who wereleer bough hrey tirrsag ho pants dre whhave d bnegh the h rit th tg an ha g nepas wh scveol a d wanhe rithanha g sc aan to thrigh ing unbeevab. >>eporo r: i athowedgho sy g sh nts joithebeab n y>>or and i aed s onday beco sh hool s oi e neach.nd >> n kony co ol vancias joing mch. ri>>t nnow th newva iiaigraon pooicy mdoes ri noow appo thew pe ilerawho veo es comm ted no pplon yope mo ntiodhe mmd on ha founyo hersf inroub m, buiodoes at reme her fmaun rs inubbu es igib ity? weemer fentned e's stl faibngy? eportion. e's antreadd s best
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fa ginanrtn. s aordeadto bbe revedgi bthe deuntr b the asone caht ed bewith her ther she trsutsi te onca th er atlaa ofce a ingere fsi t atay of h emov laof and ag tt's f not ay hov arannded. t'sot thas stightrom th yo arean. undohament youthtstilmh ed to oyo erougsome do ntperwouk anneedil t go throhto ugme th mionso e nrwetan thied t ro defeent twoyear th m ns hodoes ethathiwok? fet wo>> aris dsn't me allho esatwo suen y are ega r d'tmell esidt you he a su yohaveido go ou to hheaa. im gratyon ofvece a put thgoeo aplicion for imatorkof aut ferm t anththat mke y aicnor eligkle f a ob rmanto att m a yjo acally ndig you fan a a id ajo depo atioacbyly hangouthat a perwk. ha ng sd th thepoio eanoat aran es rw a alha sthhe thes ssion cou t ean aaleeks ifesot sonthonandou t the areo ks guante and achifthdhereow wh gu thte inindativh bei oered by e ob wa thniivei oedadmistrion.y ey fobl thhis giv th me hopemtrn. is fths symlicivhestu o pe s beha of eymobamctu o haf am
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adnisttion havi saithathere anositand versy fr the esidt fr theadatinston co unitviai attherreare ill meanit thd arersfrhe idfr hein upse thatcoit ere thel hast bnthre engh don yohear seat gues earheerasoday b en sang ions a byod-aiar and nue aaray peanen sa ialuti b.aind >> nt's a a b peendvoceti othe >>dreaact ichsould a cre bte a path tooc oe ceaizent iph ldat hn'tre happed a his th notto a c en repl emen hfor tat pp aeitr. s >>ot acorrt. nic plenr vatncia anks srrmh, ic appciat .vaia ks> th s eleion mear,pp atlicy chan isn thlen siingr,well wi cy eryo .ansnigll irepr entave eon yogal eprta is e reblicfrom lifoiaand aaleis airm for reic imomwrag fo picydnd rmor ag 's jning ps frcy wasngto rcod tt. see jyongfr whatasto i you teeyoreatt ccern ab t th preshaent' iou ecutiat c rn der yeerda abth es t'irstf l, eti eder ka, r yeank dau for stavier, me k oronvime i ha manon robls. thpresent il gis ahaanbl thest i tremdouspeecand t wa emusecd wa fied wh
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fi w aecdolamps, het encng ado acdotmp he ampl butnc our aotount is pl fuut ofeartrencurngnts aneotalu ofrtnc exames oneal citensof ople re am oitslega y thle famies re wiout bs a man aregathamsdeni cesso our wit uni arsitans anre collesnibecae of ssur overniowdiitan ll butcaf erdiut athe se ti las year t predent putat s tiasea t a ayre onntut 300 00a peleon at d readbeen oered00pe derted rom adeen untr oed dethesedm en'tusttr art wreningexa ese e'ttpeop t tent hag gon xa s.throh t w lee op pro tssha wi on thcour ro t s wtem a therowi thppeurs s m stemnd w aehe orded out of th cpentrysnd e p side em w put ard sutay f c00,0ry ad pdeow et shas 0,00 ,0m ae. the a not s 00m th aot jus ildr tha ca to isus drha cao coury at 3 or yeous ond t styyout
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ha at 3e eador iaye hea o t t y uenchg st yha andt thead shld i a bedealeawith chndivuall butst nd thh inotsh beal thprestati of theivllut th0,00 i0t theresint i es retirrinofto e 00he is ursi i bigst iperein tha ere this eferntig tha e isha beg e hiexndedrer iha it ts fbect that yoreexed i satng at y t fdon'belie thaato so of e pele wsa uld y ext dedn' li hais nof opptuni , thpe w d dermenaretd n despvingnith of deenehis esportngity? f lp mbettnderand at yourositsn nrt y? is. m tt>> tnk terd art wi h,uritwe eed loo. the t tesint's t wi auorit tedo m e oo th's weave auit t l msth is wee in e cntry l a to b lectelyn forcg c ry th ae lws a at's b cty rely whe therc th adm listr aion s'sn is iuere whinkehesdmtrn iong k elted ang p side ld aot a ng. p butde the psidelsoas ae rht t o .xecu ve uthe pdeo orr and r t yo heacu frornd napitan oyo eaoro said tt no laapan hav been brok id tno th is an aeensi of av hien okthory a hishsan poresi of ha his ehiecute or ror a ais o
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th is ha exiscise euter ahat ths took you'exseayin thehoulbe nt ex utivok oer oru'in thes isotul n an exiv or iue tisthat s uldanall und hi i exutivat sdllnd ord prihilegeexivrdrige >>ertaly dootdenyhe >>righf thta exutivdo oers and ny thi gh i thithcasendxiv o s partd ular in ehicaseast iarhise ere rtarn errseethe feral urt stem e hink srrruly beushi tfel t em in velo . >>et'sly seck thishi tiss lo e dr m >>'s st. tiss dr th is methg byay o coresshat s be ths th by o troded co sevssalt e tim. llec vely t haodeenevimdeni annot s b n eclyhable no thugh. niere e yo an thet ream b ae whh ar smila tothh. e yo hiheam oer a ex pt twhtart s doelaoreat a path oo ciexzens tp ttoethisat a ne iigraon thpoli descins not t is . whnee ar ira yn tli d damotct? wh youarhinkhat itas a ylace t thicouny? d? ounktt a ce >> hi un am a stng,irm >> beever f thrule of amw. a stg, m weave imgrat nbeerthlef aws th cotry. weem at were a untrs ofth
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coy. we a trof imigrts d m offi, % ofhe isesgr that me hanmyfifficfre s imgran atelatha and to ic bat r evy imanne othematnd hat have leg t evighto oemat veeg ghaess. weve we' alsa naon of la, anas.if w ne vee' lsnaf laan chge w neose ws l's do thugh eegistiveh roc s a e l noto th hth aign of aisve nocn aighlot vo atilenssue a lke is. invidu hlexples we ve tvoleue l s. indu exese t abily toave speal-- il spialases wheoe they bng pe em bore conessand sp getleshehe waiv bs lke per ps beons deet cseof thyoun ivady l feromugua c thisths nounthe ghtay dy f i tnk the isresinont'se t ma ng a apch stak tand uhetalksi ab'sthea a la nos.akd lk is iabnot limedo las. itimatis. 40 of e immrant cong ti 40 th untr af ayinmmntco illelly vernte dth hroutr a e in ley outrrn bteder. oust othem re vsa utov brstar. oem at l vst % of thohat e ovilletally the l untrof
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ho>> wht nou rlethey hetr whopponts pitol hilhedo to revee ts pos toilordeto ve t anyay chalnge isde exetive oer, is inyigraon picy? ale xeveo, ira p >>y?'lleeetg whembe of >>l myet w cmitt tomrowndbe ofth t chrmany ofhe cttomw t diciyhanofmmite, lam ciy smiit and scusng wt ouamptio e. we nee tmi d us l wokouio a theegal we aseect o tt,but l ido ahinkheal it as o eds be tttednkt plicl s e uaraedee wll he arin pry clso. >>ra w repsentive, hthanyou ry minh foyour ime. so. >> pprecntte ie,fromanu m fowashurgtone. >> tnk y ec iomshon t y freric. >>so w wll thimmifratioic >> pocy mpac th whi ltino voe?miio we'lhear po om oachromint l no span indendevo lear. 'lar omi annddeea ay ithe mentanya foculolofocu
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ie ntya t's docuhislo cu 'dos i amrom ltim e soh calina. amoomim ton,imalif nia. stintexa.. socana mi n,weifre aa. her to rrese inthxacoun y weove we aer rse thunwee is ifor eryo bachome i r yoacme 's goime. acrs amica, 're ' comgottede.o te usa crama,' aomedtesa is i$10000. ask tot strgers to wch i for i. 00. skottrrs w ir th
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k yoso mh, ippreate iti'lle rit ba. thyo m ireeitllriba ey dn't ke a ime. ho much dn fet doe ayoure.ank takeo wah yo mon ? hochfeoeurkkewayoon ifour nk tes me moy than strger, ifr t mmo antrr, u ne an ly. nen . allyank. no nsens ju peoe see. lyk. n ns jueose
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meeke'persal pcing on bkes. i ll me wh i c spe. me e'i dorsy be p to ngke tt wo b.s. i mwh cpe wee dring felydobeo two ansue ved ney bras. wedrg ly w th's rson pring. ane d y ra th onri. >>present ama lreaad ptty hlthyleadith >>es t a eatino v ters n py stolls hhyad h ead no vrs ls vemb 's ed ctio coul yestday' anuncent onmmiatio lkhat lemb e io downulsty'ith nce him, mi iovere l muelatle wnh m, ro iguere ithe elresintf ehispic ro leauershi iesi confencend h yet eosp dorseaahipresenti nfce h et ndide. re rend rsaesti id re ndrodguezhankou r ing he. >>hankou f havgd ez. nk >> hat oes th g newhe
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>>nk f av migrionolic >>an?ts hhowis iewimpting he grnic latn?o w i counitpng aitat cnsids co it eltionay f ae ds cawaid eli on fan fe dnths awy, asorr >> fsee. hs noputtawg plitirr asid>>s ev fo a mottnt o it own pti midritv isfomo oitwn molly mtjut,sair, moy praccal.ju iny opr,ion,ery chrtian dacl. coassiate s i inopn, coyenhr an and aplauheosi preiden sfor otaki a de sion thd realy aau ingspropeenrto kideonheao my yng gs peele thin o crespding m y pe co o noon t liti clspng ise w cocan'it enyno the t ftnd tiis i w notn' nyre thejudg the f pridens i litilt tcalcdgatiohepren ti nevehele, wean'tlcgnorio thfact th e velewe'tor thct hthpani wi pl aolen hcolonidoi neplda d floda, eese are lo crical swinnestat that lohe, preedent re es nd tral inreatkehahe ite use red stntd n treelted re 20. e >> o yo thine all st thawas ineld je ardy 20rioro ye erda>>syo in anl uncehants jedyoryeda an >>ce wel,thers bitf
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>> angwe anderit conernafon itheng hi anicdommutyonna iheegaing esidhit firsof a f theirsga tg idob ars, hers p aesidtid hav fhers t s, p id joriav docrac hou and nate an imm ratiri re drmraound wanot teanmmti poritre wat gend em and pitnd d spans asd wt haenedo imgratnrorm anand es w omisha.ed im atcondtherrm d reis ndervae, iniatis th run cenda to eva intithun c dao hisnic-eric aith and th e's bitfisc-ic nstethationd it yet ths it be d termed te io whher noteste ay'sitet decion wl he. e wh we drm kn iwhthatr otte's se torci whe cainwhe kn oaine iat31% ose ther hiinanicot in one% ohe208. hivernic romyn nds t20 ac irernom 35to n tace 3 if i to 35 deft esidt oba in 3f ovemb. ef ver d, idobinmb odriezer imgranrefos ierpr ed ri diffentl imto sane thfomean iprtrenheni e b ardeff andtlhat seanth notan alenwingni pele co bde indoat theanot cotry
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alngpe o i illallyhe and en co y hersaymmigtionforlllynd mes the needrsto b aigon or grear paof methed a beptae fo thoswho e ineapa cotryho ve agottta herfo llegoslyo aincoy tteateerpath tardeg a the teth t d cizensp. sohe iigraon form answhat to cinsyo so i ra>> rm imgratn seforat meato yo nuer one, depmtat torea nu e,bad ys. t'sep g t r ofhos whhave cod .o tss g rfosounthveor coo ts neriount tivy, t nengbaouers d na owe iv t affiers. t' get bads na thewead guy and fiet'ss. proct oet heuyorde d an'slookro o athe 9%de th anomeok hereo gi a thee ki aettehme refe. gi he's aki abroktemmigtion seice, ack g of. a vsasok th igon exce 10, see,ckof1 i ny vsth cses 15 ce0, yearand w1 iasicly c welsme them ard wth on armicn ael em w o de rmfactmatto athisondeulde ct ttmogrhic t the th is is de god-grarinc ththmilys ovin commity. wen d-uinhearhelyin repr entammve wy. i w ske ithar momes bere prta w stalkg toh y
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whmesaysbe comssios on ing d lkto yextding whysompsionomalsoio on mean lagng eatextngmponso anaurden an teecony, a ndeion an th on readhavi a a niffionlth tim th adunemvioyme afi oth imfinaial upse thaemthisme on ath nal exacbate thesehaisn proemby no actehe lowi peoe torostaynor wieo t ay vinghem a defment f wo ngm peits,efnt f eceteo whealrey ere epereas, ete bherdennhire e untreea how you reond beno m? tr aw ou corele od thgson co o ow th st a how reonectis itf ou amecan aalueowreti ifeit epooumen uef 4-ye-oldndo16-yr-ol whme, byeldthei pents-yol whoughthemver on the,rut baeis whenhey pre 2ts yrs age.ghemr on hey wt toatudynd eny 2 y ntrite te.our soc ty w wretody enish i theiri f trstroc wlangge. w fa and juenh iishat?ei f t 's n fa and jngt. fandt alu mberwot? le ns fand jpraccal. al a t of ereseunleocum ted ac l.divials a alr dyof coneibut tounum oud onom a vislr ntriteoonut
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ou toou corspon ngom a cmmunies d th 'reri woing out ou treoron cun s al ady thdeog manut t ofheman't aly an reque ba the penon olansem or'tnvementr qubahecquienocians se rity soany ventthem areuilreaia sety so y coribung.em re e reity there n gngea too ack. cobu. portreiony he i nnot gact al.tok. rtwe nnd to iightot act. ractal nto ht ir w a ofcteconling the re of l wof wittheon congassiheate r vae stem lite cosie vaem revend rodguez anksso mu for evurd ti. tha youdezor ks hvingme mu or >> antti tstay haouhlthy? h ngu neme o>> gsomet sl tpayndh ihy mene getight ghourmeveryl ght. meethtur i'llryell u wh it cld hp prt.ent hearatta. lll wh c h prt arta malannocer imane fing e da wi leschroc osoartitisain.
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alnor ma fg da imag e ling ywir liesro osrtisn. th ss c onicag li yow blik pa. h c icaginyou with blesspaain cbaltcan lp.inuthssn cymlta s f-appcvedltn . mane chnic scul keleml pata. fpped anchc ul le pane n-nartic ll aay veryay narc a canryelp educ thipai te youdoct rig awa if yr mo worns np uchiai teouctig wa yo have nusu y chamoes or inood behior yo ve orsuhouhats o suiide.ind ehr andeprsant can crea the oru o ui,eens and anung prultsnt n eahe mbal is t apoved hi n,r chnsdren nder 8.d g ts al s apopledtaki mao ch orenthioerdazi or wh unntroed gucom shou notake mbalpl.kiao oriozi wunro gom ouakinotit we h al nsid pin rieves, airi in w bld thnsners p r veay i areasibleeng rk. sere ler pblem someblatalthwerersepord. iasee r se l pem me alre siors inude domil pa d ylowi skior es. sitellinour e ctormi pa out l yo meicins, ywiki e in udinllthosr for orgrai t yome ain whe onymbta callighawa ininosr aiif y havhigh ever a hconfonion bd stf mu lesllghwa yavgher nfn stmu orsseris alrgic in actis ke iste , peing orshri al icvesor m th sn esti e te topeddreg posble esfe-t meate sng cditis. to relk aosut yer alhol e, -tte li cr ditiase a yd balore l u re ce li odistopeymbaa.
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diinesor fntin may bcure re on sndinoopba dies f insk yy r doror aut c balt sin y do aima cne ylt witlessain. a yit ssn. cyaltaan hp. goo cyaltaom cy ta hto arn out fretriaoffe gocyta o n t reiafe
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the imptleep olack treof e campep hve ockon yr t heofth specical forisks h o hea yatta andhestrond t re'secalorks oea tanda ro rent sdy fm th t's aabam re sbirm fghamthhat ells out betwnow mhleep you aamge rm am t yolsdon'getut and wt itw mepou ge doe yon'tnd w i
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:30 pm
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2:31 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:53 pm
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2:54 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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