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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 16, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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yislow f rldfi the tat pio chin g cowser fith t neig orho s. in cr unseonab dry wndy weherigho is m kingseabry i wtywer extmely diicul to fisht t mnglaze i ousas ha beeforc froxtly ditheiulhome f t ze sahaeercro eime >> my prarsan't b f t nd thang becsemyra't b f t t th ng tuecs ito sobodyele. my prersth tueverit nigsodyels th my everody prayss ersaig. >> th's er jy ts jf. it'sebuiable >> iill 'seuile h id, jtll beuse likeome, likbeinup re.h jbee kee, ikbut in can sto it. . t an to mor.than 1 hos ha alady en losoran thfire1 is stoha aly s %thres coaine tropaldeprsioncone clott > isxpecd topdumpprson muc ctt a is eitec tchesn sohernmp mexiuc. fici as ar onceeied outessorn the xissibity ciar ce mulide t nd e iby oodi. th stoude w a cegor di 2 thwhento w camasheast cornit. 2 two yungen s ster wereamhkillt ni tw yg s er whre the homcollsed. ll
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wh he >>omlld. maunt nder >> yow rmat er a m llin g a m inhree guds. steegus. nig's sopinngig sinsotin ppeng ansin en on e caanus.n ca. >>33-yr-ol louengas >>accoaniebywo-yolotheoung asonau. if llcoiegoeshe ll,asau ifheres sipith dockithl,r sh th ckhrbitthngspac labotoryitac bory esidt oba'surpred cisi on > immiidatioob rulsispr sin domiting piticmi deiote.ul effeive mmedtely mi pngple p ic de .ungethan0get afee edly peo-ye geant a defeal fyem dertatnf th aived efo a fe fde16atn th livehereor a aleasedfo aive yes, b16n sool, vere hav aase gr uateyeor b b asl, u.sav vetan
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grand teve b a flony.set d fny conctio. pridenobamcalloniothe newprenamll rulefairandeew juleird jubut reblics are it istamesty re icthe aral witld eisfect of theam ty ange makee w h egectofiffheence the ligeske o hffce hehounds d li o n's ck lencasous ne s stor >> the ncange i.s. immiation poorcy >> annhenced ge fr iay cld.iacthe ivesmifio huporedsf thsandof pple.nned fr cites hudsthnd pe. paa isne o them m fitingory cpaeis and o em ing cnd th'shy i her >> rorte staing tsid the migrthion urt,he fht totay i iner the rnitetestattag id e begrn inn t, f toapry.n ethete8-yatr-ol bemmiinant gopr e-yol intomit mgoor car accent a wa rest for to ivin mithartcc t a alense wabrout to the usts.or in 4 yeath a old,lhese souys tto onlhehome uhe ows the.s.ea d, s tnlme s he. goinbackoaragy incksn' an
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ghre tre rht tng o ed hao gonto sool dwant r f tlow t ha ameoncan sl eam.nt >> epor r: s's shedu fdwto t me npord inm.ate gust>>or s if sduallod t ortay,inhe sse sst want to jifnhelo t ny anone y, sy beme a schooeach. nt j nane be a oowhilchthe chge i u. migrion il peicy dsh i maer u elibleor work grn py d defmentand avoielng lerkefnt oi dortaon, ere e noguantee plicionsordta, ste s nof uaee remol cod ta ic nseks, iftnot mont .mo co >>tanick ank s,u ve mucft > ntearer >> ick pokek vethuc a youn pale iniawom.r heke amil ceher wh shunwasleia mjust he wil crh shs hast a gre a she s fahang a deortareon i a sepmberhe ask herfa abo what sh deta ithout ofhe pepsideer's nounmentsk.rboatsh ouof pde unnt >> ts is tempory fi untiscongss c copofi up wi ti ng c moreermaont solion,untipi demoreats dma publans oln n, rk tethetito co up wit mos a bls rman tt sohetion but co lonas cupgresitison a an so deonlockthis ist on ces wha
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deckiss the priden ishadoin to gihe at pr enleassintoiundumenatdyout as who haveeenerendenut lo ti aho ance o geveworkne permos. so ttisives us cegerk perm if t anhingesus >> h harin is s forf seembe an ngturay, s 's h h inpingis to sbe or le tstay heresebe she gre ra s p,ng to anthats in tay >>alwa outsanken at imgratnca >>wa istses,n im tatan isnicks,med ericsought tn ck d erificas beeghnown ock if hos weeh theow whie theri joe ho whehi arpio saye. he rioe knowwhy tresirpnt maydeishe noun mentowny tmigsition m >> unnt pigiticon why no wh netcong pssic dede y ext no ye on wh nng thie issxt anyeon a of thhi illalss iigraon pbleman at w afhav th sheffll j ira pem w arpa.av he j >>does gpa exis mo oung>>eoplesoub th he g does is nextaook mongplhat'ub thhe blames xtk firt' don t k, dot tamll was >r reoneale w thpenton pdons t t
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cele ate sy pre. rele thnt p t lee pr ♪♪ ♪ whirng ancracing unds ir anacg ds ma semb lin at f theelve ma mbin fheve e mo novave cpani ardointhin ey n er cmold bore, va cni by barldininon tin cis ntell cent btwore, bin tis llt or at ary canerwe rlace pele wh a chin a cer rce pe wa in
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at ? ? cuomerdidn lik it. cu erdnik. sohy dbankdo i? llo so dnk i llo ifour nk dsn't et y o ta to realerso24/7 o ifr d't y tao also/7 yoneedn al. llo yo edal o allyank. noonsee. st pple nse. lyk. nose pe e. [ malennouer ]emovg faal hr cabe iitatg. chlengthat [ leou ]ov fa hay scaoth inishat chngat faci hairemol du sh sh firsa gele bm ciaimodu thenhe rovalream rsge ef bctivtogeer wi lesirrition en ralam d asefentlivas ageeath .wiesrion ay hr reval o. astl ath hrel
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car or csing man oooo! hoseat ho hothot! malennou er ] ime r cchecngyour ir cn ditiooing?hoat hoott! come o meleeke ouw ] e d ge a fr ac ecstemurheck ctig? memee geinekfr c emwe hcke thcoolt cuomer ek htholcuer > sohis ticeal g us sos t goinal a tic f gusyou to ew on tinight tt f thu dnnerto tale. thtth god,oes deer taist?. re aor yog pele d, dsbtt?
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heoes. aor oe dshe as ll. he s. new sury ashehes queson. iever dewbt theur exisence of es id,er a dre orhexiceof aordisaee? % ofeopsa? ofop0 or uder say eyr ueverroubtayod's istee. what gves ere?er bt 'sy t te grong at gsdot?e? inin t uro nowsdo jssie in uowlif j ie heis ahemeif mehe is a itorme of themee orfhe so wt i aeist nd hepersco who w i die tast rs hoistee of a d sreme tbein or te ofings so essi sme i'mgoingin tr stt gs wi si 'myoin why t you --firs otal i'mwi ing yoesk y y oubout-- tatrs o poal.'m whdon'you liev g yut t po whn'u ev >> rsolly, ion't beeve i s brght a ecursoy, i'te
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e usehd. ibrt wast a intducecu to eh ireasgionntce i waotaug mal whout beli in greon or go .waug m w ut wlin'tn gor unl go wenffto wtun en coege at ias epose to otr coe woriews i i eseo otante to undstanorwshat i teo ndpeopan liev andecamat inlvedith e selar ub op evnd tham's wt in medeh sendr mo selar cls ar th w finng. >> mmomet, wh donse yrlar in.beli e? >> se. t, whwason yaisein ali re giou s s faly, t wh i stsete a queseoninoumy fth rhe fa, whfirs i timin higschostl, esin f aliz tha not on drsim mig ho faitnot ve t izhaansrsot bn d fai d heitt t anwersns and bikessi ai iddwhen i nt tanrs dsi colge, haden th ch ce t t elore that an waed tolbeco, andth achtivi t in ereha than are >>ou wa tconguy bh avi yneali thre that yu're t reany b fo what y lijust atppen yre teafoat ma peoste dot wa to ennd -- therema eoworrdod abt sewaingo eir- kihe offoolle rrabseecaug r th'll ki come flenbelvers aui'm st bngthl meoneselrs m b
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ssieow dooues e lainiehato survrom eint pew th rvhowshere m eessnd lesew thahelie orwsoubthere sseshaexisiencef orbt d? >> ihink th tisis ie so thinwe c agree i onnkinh t soety iat w shod soin c a eaminee nr soy elie who an elore ein wt tualie bieveannd ere wh w and ca us al bnve cowheges ev d high chooca andincrsingcoesv on ne, ghopleoond arcr engosed to dioneren, worlle viear a me inonta e witedohalngin dienrlie a in tait belis, cllenalngineas. aneop are li cenbroutups. inn an agwiththepreouinteinet. ag thth'reeindinlite . thcommeitiedi fridlyi aheis or oer pmmpleierihoyheyan ais lkbout an oalk paboueheirey ubts utso tanlkouir ts tmenia i pticur are le t doun amiasafe i ple. p cu >>rmet, e towou is afet tha pl y >>t,s cat beeve goha whats go yg onere? cabee go atgoone? toe inthisuntr
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to youinaveis to bliev in sethi a sttr opleouree c bistievs ininhis shi a untr le wh's wng wh ctiu?ins 's tr wh w w the heeterrati of is couny. an peoeertiaref bng un doctnateinto aneoe bsularm. >> wct'reteto aing peoeo thksar >> an wqueseon the ag faieo a h doubthei ith ananes pheaiurve sa a thas wubtei h th'rean p arti tove dore saofha wwhatheyethe tiindog dre isof ateyound cis beood wthou god anou c dot ne a bed relious wou odructean akedonehat ct >> oka e it'satmpornt -- dap you wt >> tokaeigh in 'sonor - dyo wtths, togh nessi >> i thk sothin hemesi sa h. abouth ide thsoin tatou c bme a od whout od. ou adeeal pro tem cor b the yo g wut. alroheo amicanwho e sttingngg amano stngto pericedoubhererell riese stigs,ubo easinrehe eea ttig maliteques ein regionill a tongt mwit. quand rtudes areonl adoing thwt. d
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theye dodegommu atyservein th ojec heleyngdomurv re ild ousec eltrin redus orgizeoup kiinhenrgep ki nacviti. becae comssiois a hum acti thin notca relioushingomioum inotelusng o t's port tto not thisi thin you re jts rtingootenti is in lineu j he et.g ti is clin angne you pele heunde.the eof 30 in iit aafeou e to s dee chnogy y30 be i plang a ele i s ths, noor ybe insncela the a i th set nsehehe ierne t lowing ine pele twg expremo? yocan ct cck pe txpmo w t yo yo pan or i csayi in urch ifou wveyo dou tspa a ioutyin our fah, tre ach coifunitu s ou onne a a tr fa tinc aasiny oncoit causes ndon a higschosnd c inllegonwheryou n elore ca esat wthou tigho fr ofd eg erbacku sh. ere th w'sou t wt fwef wan to ck. pthmote wwe wtpeopan qstioong a doting p
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te>> y wop qio a guy dongm yirgp oubluym ssiegemetthanyou ry ch. app ciatblit. ieetanu >> . ppat.han on. thanu. >> nighat 10:0an .e'r angointo d > ghde er.:0 mo'r peole inntin d to esti thedemere. eisteoe eo god,into dades frotihere ete now, cod d, dat mesneopro jst wl stow,co lievg? mp i'gointo j wlto layevevil i'in advoteayil so spe, toght 10: vo eaern. theesuo s ofpeto ant elec0:on ea onn.he he > side of tsuof woran eculd fect y ron bttomidf lin tor d ct y and ethe b youom g lanin r th newome ocar d heou g > chsing l t r ht thhoolewe o rar yo chi 'schng t rarly ol ed atio o caaffe nohi only afteschoing t cafenon tehog jooi stev pryold us a piing e rit chter hool ev pldus aig richr ol >> kn tha chter scol >> isknounhad prively.h rand wantc to kow wha i isunheivy. d nt besttoay k toha re iarch a chaer hoolhatbest its styo e ch mily haeeds >>ollltsthartts scolsre not ly dsprive. >>rtcs
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otsomere r by e iv strin fact mesome rre ry y teher'rin ctunio. me bu rin te r' venyou' skinio how bu do y pck th btenne foru'in owu, ion't hinkdohat y y p canth dohe b hool jorstic b isear'ting nkt yanlin yo haveolo wa jic b toughhe ar g hool ndakein yovewa tgh se it oleels e e wa you wnt it gourinls the hoolwa ouy, wtnot st wn th hav opengoinhe housol. you' gott o wthaveten to knous.he peop u'otheo acanomic op counit watow thecac go fromne co citassat to ther.he go e a tsomprogm ismpoant csoto tr. yo aogis ifhey vepotporr not. ask yoeuestns i portifty to or yo so pt. tother k st ast irttoisit yo ptoer a thscho. goitisithe scho. ifou d't isitht tho hool go ityou' notoingeseahoh. if dsi t ol u'otngea don onrgetstay onneed. u ca wat cnnetayivene. caatnnven yur couter y coer yoknowhat'excing? gradtion
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wh i lk upnto stunts face yoowt'ci? adon see ide.wh lupo tusce e e. yoknowi ha donsomeing worthile when eard myoctote rougyounivowsityhaf phonnix,megrtleenarmyto ugivtyphx, th pri, th wasn myace. thrithasmye. i amocel tayr. amelay m coitteto ming dieren in ople liv, an i am pho ix. cote mg dienn leiv anamho. visiphoex.edto fd th prram at'sightor y.sioeed fth pr m 's hten yll n. en n the ara lo owarnng lhts and undvyin fo your lo orn ls d nd inso w invted fo ur ewarnn.g.. u c fee wnvd rn. cee irodung e al ne cadlac s, idu al ne adc avaablwithhe pantedsafe ale se. vablth paed fe lehen eere daer y mit nosee, n ou're warnda by ya pumie inothe e,at. 'r irns tebynol y yo won'pufin i e . n aerces e-ass itelyon'in acee-ss he a newadiac s h arred. aewi a d it h brirring. theutur forrd. aitrig heur orhi. schls sixtateenroed
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theatiol ma and sciee iniati ... hi ch...w ch hped ix stteentsrond tcher heiomand ie ingetibett. relts ap .wurse hd stts ter geth, th raid tesscor 138gett res p se juth imathne oai pot tial.esor38 juma ootal ..f thothestat joed tm. les ra e ouscor ...thheat jo t lelet'rainveou in orr tehersnd spirour uden. t'ven ters irr en t's lve is. s e .
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arou theglobak >>epor r: ielou'v everouheob >>or i'ver beo caary,ou mht kw itor i bestpede tedaysf y, mdeos k it istde teyscos. os st yeathe oyal of coseae i al ofcousl cow iy ha wearg yorslowha ar what who? nobyorhink is fuy th at a guyo? obnk ifu thahlooklikee in uy cooy hs the imae ofhe ty. oplehaust co hhemaof . let ptt. >>eporr:hen he bece th fit muim ma r of>> aornheecth maj fimumaofaj cadianityn 20e ca anattetyd20caary' dnec te steoty. >>hen wascay' unnecg f stoffity, itas o y p>>plenas nnn f om he w id fiit ooa, ples n lgar hread w for a,sayolike that aradoryoke at >>he g ad map for ming >> migrion grk aaprsext houor ghtere mg n gr n n, a 8:0xtou p.m t re ster >>fir:0therwas .mn't sk
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> di you et the di otour heot nit ont? r. a the nionwinfami are back ♪♪ aheinmire ck ♪ remeer tt? afr 20ears off t air, me t af20rs fftnt'new t "llasr,had most mit'ionw viers "tsasdebut st mi n weviesdas on o sierut netrk weda o tn thi wasmore th aotheet cae s iestn thaspremrerethish ayeher. whicca goe s us thiingemisye ic whago uclasc sh wou youhig mos lke to sha revased?shou outhe erlyos lesul of ou s pl are inev?it e is eycle,ul fou"hap
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p e in dais" cl and ap"frnds" l dingdahe wand we d't s t ll?frs" l ng ay. "allwan he d s tl?faly," . ll lvedhat sh.fa," lheerd"at osby show"traing er ther i libyw" yr coentsai the ter li pol. yco ts go to th tpo gotofacook.m/doemonn. thk yoveryuch. > no 'roingtoc getk. ydoon th yo caryht uh.on the no ngheaetines y a ca d udlytageheollae iea es to nto kied a dygelae sageh id an inju d setoral oher opleki a sehan jusel r leectn of ct o scaoldi coapse the ccert s becadi canled. co se >> e ccnnrt leabeedhat atend. >> ychongist eallatexamee rmer pe stahost sistamt foball er ach j ry spedusktatorrow stfoll h j ssk on fday, courdertoowllow thdefee fy, inouer thildow thfe asein trl t told irodu tesmony a thaterryandu ytruffe fomto iduesny atrydufe f histonicersolityisorr. sticsotyor
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:51 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:59 pm
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