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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  June 23, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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a label on what all of this is. >> and she also added this. she said that she believes that dottie sandusky, jerry sandusky's wife is in denial about what has happened here. as we know, fred, this is something we've been hearing from a lot of people, but dottie sandusky throughout has stood by and defended her husband. >> so, susan, as a neighbor did she say that over a period of time she ever suspected anything was going on in that household or did she ever suspect this kind of abuse, now proven abuse by the hands of sandusky? >> reporter: no indication of that at all, but it is something that once the allegations came out that she was very suspicious of this and wanted to see what the evidence was at trial, but once she did, she'd have no question in her mind that this
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as the jury believed, was very overwhelming and too much to overcome. >> we also heard some pretty alarming statements coming from one of sandusky's lawyers today about their preparedness, their effort to be removed from the case and that -- and what the judge's response to all of that was even though it continued on. tell us more about that. >> reporter: that's right. well, for the longest time, time and again, leading up to this case going to trial the lawyers for jerry sandusky wanted more time, more time, more time to push it back and this case did go to trial very quickly. normally it takes a year, this was a matter of months. each time they were turned down. now they are revealing for the first time that literally on the day before the trial began they went to the judge yet again and told them it would be unethical for them to go forward and they asked to get out of the case, to quit representing jerry sandusky, but the judge, again,
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told them no and they said we were forced to go forward. now, fred, this looks like it would be part of one avenue of appeal that they will eventually file saying again, they lacked adequate time to prepare a solid defense for jerry sandusky. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much. jerry sandusky's other lawyer jerry amendola was heckled following last night's verdict. listen. >> the question is does the fact that 45 out of 48 counts were returned as verdicts of guilty by the jury, does that prove to me that my client is sick, and the answer is no. you know, folks, there are lots of people sitting in jails all across this country who are innocent. there have been people, lots of people -- lots of people -- may i finish?
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lots of people -- lots of people over the years who have been executed for murder and later determined to have been innocent. so what this tells me is this -- >> do you think he's innocent? >> folks in the media, can i finish? what this proves to me is i believe the jury act genuinely. i believe the jury acted in good faith. i believe the jury acted on the evidence that was presented to it, and i don't dispute or have any problem with the jury's verdict. we had a good jury. >> and it appears the heckling came from the crowd of spectators, not necessarily members of the media there. the judge in the case has ordered a pre-sentencing report that could take a couple of months to complete. another guilty verdict in a high-profile child abuse case in pennsylvania. this one involving an official in the roman catholic church. a philadelphia jury convicted
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monsignor william lynn of child endangerment. lynn becomes the first u.s. catholic official convicted not for abuse itself, but for covering up abuse claims. firefighters in colorado are up against extreme fire conditions today as they battle flames in the high park fire. we heard from local officials a little bit earlier and they say it looks like the fire will keep growing all weekend long. so far 191 homes and more than 75,000 acres have been destroyed. >> floodwaters are receding in duluth, minnesota. people are finally getting a look at the true scope of the damage there. homes are surrounded by water and roads are simply being washed out. according to wcco tv the flooding has caused at least $100 million in damage. we're also monitoring the gulf of mexico where a weather system could turn into a tropical storm within the next tropical hours. bloomberg news is reporting oil
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rigs in the gulf are now being evacuated and shut down. according to bloomberg, the gulf provides 29% of u.s. oil production. and now to the presidential race and the candidates' jam-packed schedules. mitt romney is fund raising in park city utah this weekend and he meets with donors in four other states all next week. campaign stops to republican presidential contender is blasting president obama's economic policies, but that message is getting complicated by good news in the key battleground states. here now is cnn's joe johns. >> reporter: the rom no campaign is trying to thread a needle on its message about economic hardship? it's dicey in some of the big battleground states where the economy is showing signs of improvement. republican governors in those states want to take credit for good news like florida's governor rick scott. >> the last 17 months. in ohio, unemployment has dropped from a high of 8.9% last
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year to 7.3% now, not great, but better. so instead of talking about how bad things are, romney's newest ads about his agenda for the first 100 days, talk about getting tough with china on trade. >> president romney stands up to china. demands a level playing field for our businesses and workers. >> the romney camp's message in ohio is complicated by republican governor john kasich who has been selling his job creation record. polls show 55% of ohio voters are on the wrong track. almost the same exact percentage where iowa where unemployment is down to 5.1%, but pessimism about the economy is high. the republican governor's website is crowing about all of the new jobs and increase in family incomes here. romney's ad talks about controlling spending, not doom and gloom. >> president romney is working toward a balanced budget, making sure the government lives within its means. >> reporter: a similar situation in virginia where unemployment
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is down from a high of 6.4% last year to 5.6% now. the romney ad in virginia talks about offshore drilling. >> president obama romney creates thousand of new jobs. some republican strategists say the romney message can go hand in hand with republican governors who are promoting lower unemployment. >> it's a one-two punch. the first punch is you can take the states that are doing well and give credit to the governors because they're taking innovative approaches and raise that up and give them credit and the second punch is romney can talk about this on a national level. >> reporter: the romney campaign differentiates between the national policies of president obama which it calls a failure and governors with innovative policies in the states. joe johns, cnn, washington. president barack obama is off the campaign trail this weekend, but on monday he's on the move again planning stops to new hampshire and massachusetts. tuesday he heads south to
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georgia and the key battleground state of florida. a horse race with a one-of-a-kind competitor and a heart stopping finish. ♪
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all right, and now an
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unforgettable moment in horse racing history. it happened at the royal ascot in great britain, one of the most glamorous races in the world, and the queen of england, all of them waiting to see if an australian horse that has never lost a race could actually pull it off one more time. cnn's jonathan mann is with us now, and not just any horse. >> this is the fastest horse on four legs. black caviar that has run until today had won 21 races and never lost one and a lot of horses run races, but to never lose a single one consistency, that kind of winning streak. this is race number 22. look at what happens, was there so much money bet on this horse you can make more money by taking it from one pocket and putting it into another, but black caviar won by a nose. this is 22 races in a row.
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and it has been a century since any horse has won so many races. >> that's that is not a blanket. what is that? >> if you own a pair of bike shorts or you know what that is. that's a compression suit for the horse. they train black caviar. that's like a tight outfit. >> like a wet suit. >> and if you are underarmour, i don't want to give them a plug. that's clothing athletes use to keep their muscles compressed and people say it's good for training. >> and making him sweat more, though. >> it makes the horse run faster. they train her in the ocean. they train her in the pool and the result, the fastest horse in the world right now. black. >> black caviar. >> even though it was just by a nose or half a head length by a win, people were not disappointed. they're used to the horse winning by lengths. >> who was disappointed was the jockey, he almost lost the race
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because towards the end he was so confident he eased up on black caviar. as a result, black caviar was about to lose and the sense you get is black caviar knew it was time to start run even though the jockey didn't. he made a mistake which is the kind of thing they teach you day one when you start as an apprentice jockey, never let up, he almost lost it for her. you to push the horse past the finish line. >> you think. >> that was extraordinary, i've never been a jockey, but you know, just -- with any race, you can't ease up before you cross the finish line. >> and they have a postscript to this, you can't have it all in life. she's a 6-year-old mare. her days are numbered. >> she's old. >> the biological clock is ticking. >> that's one hot mama. >> it's not a sure thing, but an amazing day and the jockey wasn't quite as smart as the horse was. >> you know what?
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smart that in the end he was able to stay on top of that horse. he would not have been a working jockey if that horse had lost. >> an enormous career, a historic mistake, but they squeezed out a victory. >> black caviar, one to watch and people thought the kentucky derby and the belmont was exciting. that was exciting. >> cool stuff. johnman, appreciate it. >> we could get a supreme court ruling on health care as soon as monday in this country, and wall street thinks it can make money from it no matter what? i'll tell you why. do you see it ?
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no matter how the supreme court rules on health care reform there will be winners and losers and wall street is no exception. investors are placing their bets on possible scenarios out of the decision. alison kosik looks at who hopes to make money. >> reporter: hi, fredericka. no matter what it decides, the supreme court's ruling on health care will be a market-moving event and investors seem pretty convinced the individual mandate is a goner. we are hearing the market is pricing in at least a 60% chance the court will say it's unconstitutional to require people to buy health insurance, but some analysts are betting the entire law will be upheld and if that happens here are the big winners.
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hospitals and medicaid hmos. hospitals will benefit because they'll have more customers, more people will go if they have insurance and those patients will actually be able to pay their bills. one analyst we talked to said hospital stocks could jump 15 to 20% in this scenario. many providers will benefit from more customers because the affordable care act could shift 15 million more people into medicaid. so what if the entire law is thrown out. several analysts believe they will rally. free enterprise is better than regulation. so if the whole law goes away, the expensive new regulations, yea, they go away, too. drug companies and medical technologies can also get a boost. the affordable care act did impose fees on new industries, so if the act is thrown out, those fees are thrown out. another auction of the supreme court is to throw out the individual mandate and keep the healthcare law.
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health insurers would have to take on sick customers while healthy people wouldn't have to buy health coverage making their costs skyrocket. as for hospitals they'd be left treating uninsured people who may not be able to pay their bills and medical technology makers would stay in place. also you have a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the market and if there's one thing wall street doesn't like it's uncertainty. fredericka? >> thanks so much, allison. so there is no date set for the health care ruling, but it could come as early as monday morning. it's a big challenge, train for a triathlon and change your life in the process. seven cnn viewers are getting healthier one swim, bike and run at a time, dropping weight, building muscle and transforming themselves little by little. dr. sanjay gupta has an update with three months to go before the big race day. >> in less than three months i'll do the nautica malibu trying a lon.
3:20 pm
a little scary. alongside will be cnn viewers who we dubbed the lucky seven. i started training with these guys in february to kick off the cnn triathlon challenge. since then their transformations have been quite amazing to witness. >> carlos solis say type 2 diabetic. he just raced 8.6 lily miles in the bike leg of a hilly triathlon. he being never imagined doing that. his racing partner is maloney, a type 1 diabetic. he did a relay, 17 miles on his bike followed by a 5k run. morris quit smoking and he tried many times before and never worked and now he might quit his daily soda habit as well and denise costelli and a below the knee amputee who will also race with us in malibu. >> it's amazing to think about your life as you described it to me a few years ago and what you're doing now, not only doing the athletic endeavors, but actually teaching other people
3:21 pm
and pointing out that you're three months away from the triathlon. how is the training going and how are you feeling in this isn't something you dreamed of doing even a year ago. >> it was something i've fallen into now. after my training in hawaii i picked up the pace and i felt like a better try athlete when i got back from the trip. my body is changing and i'm starting to get fit and losing weight and it's going as well as it can. >> i just have to make sure i'm getting my training in as well approximately follow our progress at fred, back to you for now. >> all of the best to all of you. the divorce rate is booming among baby boomers. why so many long married couples are now calling it quits? [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take
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log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. cnn has learn there ared at least four separate federal and congressional investigations into florida kickman vern
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buchan buchanan. he has become an influential figure in the republican party and the congressional campaign committee and sits on the house ways and means committee. investigators are looking into his business practices, campaign finances and an alleged attempt to stop a witness from talking. gm is recalling one of its best-selling small cars. more than 475,000 chevy cruzes are being recalled because of a risk of engine fires. the recall covers all cruzes made from september 2010 and last month. it can modify an engine shield that could create a fire hazard. to christie's auction house in new york where george washington's personal copy of the u.s. constitution and a draft copy of the bill of rights sold for -- drum roll here, $9.8 million. the winning bidder was ann bookout, a regent of the mount vernon association.
3:26 pm
they were auctioned off in 1976 so you can say the historic documents will now be going home. there's a growing trend among baby boomers, divorcing after decades of marriage. cnn's athena jones shows us why so many people over 50 are saying, not anymore. >> reporter: margie white is a recently divorced 59-year-old. she and her ex-husband dick were college sweethearts. >> i met dick the first week of my freshman year in college. >> reporter: they married and had two sons, but over 37 years together they grew apart. >> i had said to dick a couple of times over the course of our marriage one of us will get a second chance. we really did struggle. >> it's interesting that you said one of us will get a success chance. i meant until death do us part, one of us, after the other died we'd get a second chance. i began to realize how sad that was that that really was sad and that both of us deserved a second chance.
3:27 pm
>> reporter: they divorced last year. both say it was amicable. dick now lives a few miles away, but still helps out around the four get room house they once shared. >> there were fundamental differences in the way we went through the world. we, i think, are in many ways better friends now than we were than when we had to live together. >> reporter: the story is becoming more common. divorce rates for people over 50 more than doubled over the last 20 years. in 1990 fewer than 1 in 10 people who divorced were 50 or older. in 2009 that figure was 1 in 4. a bowling green university study identified several factors that can explain the higher rates. these are baby boomers and they were the first generation to come of age when we saw the rapid acceleration in cohabitation and divorce in the
3:28 pm
1970s and we know they're likely to end in divorce. when you're 60, 65 and retire, i can live another 20, 25 years. do i want to spend my life with this person? is he or she making me happy? >> margie and dick say they're happier now, but that doesn't mean they don't have concerns. >> i religiously carry my cell phone so if i fall down and can't get up, will i just get the phone out of my pocket and call somebody? >> as for margie. >> reporter: do you have any hope or plan to remarry? >> hope springs eternal, doesn't it? i would like to have a life partner. i don't know about marriage. >> so the rising divorce rate for baby boomers raises some important issues for these newly
3:29 pm
single older people, everything from loneliness and financial struggles to health care. so when they get older and have health challenges, unless they remarry they won't have a spouse to take care of them as has been the case traditionally. they'll have to come up with another way of dealing with those issues. >> how do divorce rates compare to other rates, this is the baby boomer generation, but is itec broen down in other categories. >> these studies are about people 50 and older, when you talk to the people who wrote this is study, the divorce rates across the general population have stabilized in recent years, it was the divorce rates among this particular age group that was steadily rising and we thought it was interesting and why dive into it deeper and so they looked at the instance of remarriages that i talked about in the story, but you are more likely to get divorced. you are 2.5 times more likely to get a divorce if it's not your first marriage, if it's your second or third marriage.
3:30 pm
blacks were most likely and hispanics in the middle and they believe this is an important topic for study. >> it is. thanks so much. athena jones. >> sometimes, working on a computer can be a pain in the neck and the eyes and the back. our gadget expert is going to help you compute with comfort. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next?
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if you worked in an office and you spend around 7.5 hours a day on the computer according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics and that's just at work. you might go home and actually get back online. how do you keep your wrists and neck from hurting?
3:34 pm
our tech expert joins us via skype from toronto. good to see you. let's begin with mice and what should you be looking for and could that be contributing to your discomfort if it doesn't fit. >> what we're talking about today is ergonomics which is the stud of designing devices to better fit our body. and it reduces repetitive stress injuries, the mouse, what you touch the most on your computer. make sure you try it out at retail and it's okay to shop online and try your research online and make sure you put your hand on it and it's comfortable to you. it should have a slight hump in the middle, a wireless mouse may be more comfortable because you're not going to be tethered to your computer with a cable and making sacrifices to use it depending on how much room you've got on your desk. you want to limit your wrist movement as much as possible and keep your wrist straight to
3:35 pm
reduce carpal tunnel syndrome. instead you want to move your forearm and pivot your elbow in a way that's comfortable. finally, if a mouse is not good for you and that movement a track ball might be better because it's a stationary device with a ball on top and you simply use your fingertips to move the cursor on the screen. >> what about the keyboard? how do you pick a right keyboard for you? >> these are slightly curved inward. if you rest your right and left hand you'll notice they point at each other a little bit instead of them being straightforward with your elbows in. that's not natural. so an ergonomic keyboard is slightly curved. that's the kind you should be using to have less strain on your wrists. if you have a laptop which has a keyboardal read they is straight and not curved and you're in one place for a long time, consider plugging in an external keyboard and get one of those ergonomic
3:36 pm
keyboards and keep your wrists somewhat floating along the keys and finally, try to master the short cuts in windows and the operating system. >> how you sit can certainly impact your comfort and the same goes for your eyes and your neck. >> sure. okay. so pick up a decent chair withy loer back support and they don't cost a lot these days. if you get one on wheels you have more freedom to move around. you don't want to be turning your neck to look at a computer monitor. try to look at it straight. both feet should be flat on the floor and if you're vertically challenged like yours truly then put a milk crate on the floor and that's what i do. definitely be considerate of the lighting around you. you don't want to be squinting to see the monitors. who upons the headaches and the crows feet and take breaks.
3:37 pm
stretch, do exercise wes your arms, legs and feet. close your eyes and look away from your computer and you know the saying, it's all about moderation and you don't want to overdo it. and use overheadlighting as much as you can to get rid of the squinting. so that's okay, too. >> always good to see you keeping us comfortable as we get into our gadgets. thanks so much. for more high-tech ideas and reviews go to and look for the gaming tag. he had the college degree and down payment for the home and living the american dream, but when jackson saw that hiv/aids had wiped out an entire generation of parents in his hometown in uganda he reached out to help. it's a story of tremendous sacrifice and joy. >> in uganda hiv/aids can strike
3:38 pm
like a machete in a cornfield, killing men and women, leaving 1.2 million children orphaned. the grandmothers stepped in and closed that gap. some of them have up to 14 children to raise. i was born and raised in the village. >> i moved to america and went to columbia university. i came to visit, and i looked in the eyes of women who carried me as a child and said now is the time to also give back. i am jackson kaguri of the support project. we started with $5,000 that my wife and i had saved for a house. we provide free education to children who are orphaned by hiv/aids. we provide them uniforms, health
3:39 pm
care, library, and we started giving them meals. we teach the grandmothers skills so they can support themselves. 11 years later this project has produced close to 600 students and helps about 7,000 grandmothers. i feel humbled looking in the faces of the children smiling and focused on what their dreams are going to be. and remember, all of our here economies from your nominations. go to it and tell us about the hero in your life. an "american idol" finist who didn't keep bullies from pursuing his dreams. ♪
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americans first met james durbin when he wowed fans during season 10 of "american idol," but he didn't have an easy time growing up, he suffers from tourette's syndrome and as perringers and he was bullied and he talked about it with cnn medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. >> you lost your father at a pretty young age. >> i was about 9 years old. he got into drugs and he was an alcoholic. shortly after your father's passed away you were diagnosed with tourette's and asperger's syndrome. >> i had facial ticks and made different sounds growing up. >> it sounds like a rough, awful childhood, frankly, losing a
3:44 pm
parent and being bullied and now being diagnosed. what does a 10-year-old james do? >> well, there were things that i thought about doing. >> you thought about taking your life? >> yea. it definitely crossed my mind. >> you did find another way out, so to speak, out of the darkness. what caused that? >> it was the music and theater. >> so say you're in a stressful situation, what happens to you? >> a lot of violent head shaking and sometimes, yelling and squeaking and barking and coughing. ♪ ♪ >> when you're on stage, there are lots of cameras and nowhere to hide, so to speak, at that point so what do you do then? >> i feel in control like something's going on and i'm on stage and you're down there and i'm up here. i'm okay. nothing wrong. i can stand here the whole
3:45 pm
interview. >> just the physical act of being -- you're on stage and performing. >> having to be social on stage with someone even though you're playing a role, you have to have chemistry and so that opened up a whole new world for me. >> you recently got married to the mother of your child. tell me about heidi. she had dreams, goals and aspirations, and i just looked at myself and said i've got to change and thank god for her because she really helped me through it. >> thanks so much. i enjoyed it. >> absolutely. appreciate it. >> very inspiring. and a new movie princess and she's taking charge. find out what our film ceoed critic says about this new heroine. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol.
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this weekend it's all about fantasy at the box office. "brave" hits theater, but if you don't want to go to the theater, jeff who lives at home is coming out on dvd. our movie critic joining us today, good to see you. i like the hot pink.
3:49 pm
>> hello. >> the first movie "brave" is about a scottish princess who was determined to follow a different path than the one her family set out for her. let's take a look. >> i won't have it. >> all right. all about precision. so did this hit the target for you? >> it absolutely did. pixar does it again officially. this is a great movie and my favorite thing about it is that even more so than other pixar films everyone is going to love
3:50 pm
this. your little girls because the princess is spectacular, probably the best princess ever that i can think of. >> oh, really. >> but also your little boys are going to love it, too, because it's so packed with action and is such a funny, fun film that kids will be pleased. adults are going to love it. and pixar is famous for this. that's exactly what they do. >> wow. is this kind of a kids' movie that's a g or a pg meaning it really appeals to adults too? >> i would say it gets a little dark but i'd say that it's even good for little kids because even in the scary parts they quickly follow it up with something that's a little lighter. doesn't go too far down that path. my only issue with it, i had a little bit of a teenie tiny problem. >> what? >> as an adult watching it, the minute they revealed the conflict i knew exactly how the film was going to end. i'm not used to seeing that in pixar films. they usually go away from that kind of stuff so it tarnished my
3:51 pm
experience just a touch. >> but you know movies so maybe you have the upper hand over the casual viewer out there. >> yes, absolutely. and so it really overall the positive far outweighed the negative on this one and i do have to add that the red heads of the world have been persecuted too long and i also am totally biased. >> of course. so what was your grade on this one? >> i give this one an a for archery rules. >> oh, nice. okay. awesome. let's talk about the next movie. this one a dvd. jeff, who lives at home, a movie about a 30-year-old man who still lives with his parents in the basement and the dvd is releasing this weekend so let's take a look real quick. >> are those work out duds? >> i don't think so. they came with the car. check this out. >> pat. slow down. >> what? i can't hear you. surround sound. >> stop it, dude. pat, please.
3:52 pm
>> one, two, three! >> tree, tree. >> oh, no. so ed helms from "hangover" to something very different. okay. well, what about this movie did you like? >> jason siegel. fantastic cast in this film. and jason siegel as jeff, i got to tell you there's no way to get around it. he smokes a lot of marijuana, has a lot of ideas about the world. when that happens in a movie, it usually makes me cranky and want to hide my cheetos just out of spite. okay? but there's something about this movie that is so charming and it's really well written that just from beginning to end i had a smile on my face and i ended up really wanting to live in jeff's world. >> what? >> i would never joke with you. >> okay. i'll remember this one.
3:53 pm
didn't get a lot of pub. went out on the big screen. what was your grade on this one? >> i gave, you know what? this came out and didn't get a lot of attention but it's the perfect movie on dvd so i gave it an a because it inspired me to give my bag of cheetos to a stoner. i just loved it. >> just for those munchies, huh? all right. "jeff who lives at home" dvd. all right, gray. thanks so much. good to see you. >> absolutely. >> all right. remember you can always get gray's movies at fan dango and day time tv is going primetime and we are live on the red carpet in beverly hills. which of your favorite stars will take home emmy gold? we'll take a look in our next hour. calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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log on now to and you could pay as little as ten dollars a month for androgel 1.62%. what are you waiting for? this is big news. it's early summer so no telling what you might see wander in your yard. i bet you haven't seen this out your kitchen window. and this is in florida. hard to tell if this pair of black bears is fighting, dancing, or messing around. anty surprise. one neighbor caught the show on tape. according to wildlife officials the bears may be younger males working to establish territory. not sure how that will go over
3:57 pm
with the neighbors there. and the hunt is on for a bear that is attacking people in arizona. >> we kind of scared them off. we had an opportunity to take him out but you have a moment, it's so scary, you know, you don't know what's going on. >> jason amperse shows where he was attacked. authorities believe it is the same animal that attacked a woman three weeks ago and based on the bite mark measurements game officers believe the bear is a large, adult male. it happened just east of payson, arizona, about 90 miles north of phoenix. they have set traps all the way around the area. even though former penn state coach jerry sandusky is in jail and was found guilty of abusing ten boys the case is far from over and our legal guys are weighing in. >> they could very well spark new criminal charges against sandusky and if they do, i would hope they would bring in dottie also as a co-defendant and
3:58 pm
accomplice. >> that's his wife. >> that's his wife. but it is very interesting, this matt sandusky. this is the alleged reason they did not put jerry sandusky on the witness stand. >> you can catch the rest of my conversation with our legal guys at 4:00 eastern time. you are in the cnn newsroom. in the gulf of mexico right now the threat of a tropical storm is prompting the evacuation of oil rigs off the coast of texas and louisiana. let's bring in bonnie schneider. bonnie, what's shaping up out there in the gulf? >> well, we're monitoring this area of disturbed weather that is likely to become tropical storm debby within the hour. the next advisory is likely to indicate that because hurricane hunter aircraft has found a lot of indications that we are seeing tropical storm force strength winds. you were mentioning about the oil rigs. i want to show you on google earth. we plotted where most of the oil rigs are and notice where the storm is. mainly to the east of that.
3:59 pm
nonessential personnel, some oil companies have done evacuations already because of the increase in winds but it looks like with this storm most of the precipitation and convection and thunderstorms are managing to stay east at least right now. let's look at this storm a little closer and show you where it's going. hurricane hunter aircraft as we speak are inside the storm. they have been flying since earlier today from keisler airforce base in biloxi, mississippi straight south and then they dip further north and kind of get different readings including surface pressure and winds. a lot of the winds we've been tracking were almost a tropical storm force strength. you can see just to the exterior of the storm we had 17-mile-per-hour winds and the wind speed now being clocked at 60. we're likely to get this as a tropical storm very soon. we're waiting on the advisories. once we have that we will be able to get a much better picture. this is the current spaghetti model plot. we call it that because the lines look like spaghetti. they actually indicate quite a divergence and where some models are taking the storm, westward to texas


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