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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 7, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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affecting more than 115 million people. well, all is well that ends well. thomas lopez, florida life guard credited with saving a life then getting the boot for his rescue is getting the keys to the city. yes, the mayor will honor lopez on monday. the 21-year-old also declined an offer to get his old job back. he would rather focus on his school and career. we are 90 minutes away from one of my favorite events, the lady's final at wimbledon. serena williams is going for her fifth title. amanda is joining us. serena is the clear favorite today, right? we hope? >> reporter: yes. good morning. that is the case. afraid to say it's a wet morning here at wimbledon. serena williams on the top of your game is hard enough.
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she's face iing someone who was forced to keocancel her news conference ahead of her grand slam final. she will be fit to play today. really, without that, she was going to be the underdog going into this one against the 13-time grand slam champion, as you say. she's lost to serena in both premeetings. serena, looking for her fifth title here at wimbledon. she's not had it all her own way. six weeks ago, she was in the first round of the french open. she's stepped it up here in the last couple matches beating a champion hitting a record 24 aces in the semifinal against victoria. you would say serena williams the fan favorite. people are hoping it's not a two-set blink and you miss it. >> absolutely.
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let's talk about the men. that happens tomorrow. murray in a wimbledon final. people were celebrating like crazy yesterday, right? >> they are still celebrating now. murray has a day off to prepare for sunday's final against roger federer. it could be history in the making. it's been 74 years since britain had a home grown man in the final of wimbledon. murray has been trying very hard for the last three years to get this far. he's lost three semifinals. 11 british men have tried and failed to do what murray has finally done. there really is a murray mania spreading across these shores. they have said that she's going
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to be here in the royal box. the queen, apparently, might be coming. that is yet to be confirmed. hundreds of people are camping out already hoping to get their hands on those tickets to go inside and watch what could be a moment of history. no britain has one since all those years ago. >> roger federer will do anything he can to keep him from being a bit of british royalty there. thank you very much. a four-legged friend now safe at home after going on a marathon journey to escape a fourth of july fireworks show. we'll show how he was rescued. g. and this is what inspires us to create new technology. ♪ technology that connects us to everything the world has to offer and vice versa. ♪ technology that makes lightweight stronger, safer,
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choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice. here is a look at what people are reading most at this morning. the internet block out that could be coming for many americans on monday. the vicious malware we have been telling you about. folks reading about the euro. the third popular story, the fatal shooting of four people in ohio connected to a man later drove to a cemetery and killed himself. more on that at we have a sad, sick story to tell you ability. pets burned on purpose and left to die. several have been found around philadelphia in the past few weeks. i have to warn you, what you are about to see is graphic.
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take a look. this is hercules. he was found yesterday. he's a puppy with severe burns on his legs and back. he's expected to make it. some dogs weren't so lucky. this dog is more graphic than the last one. this is chloe found with burns. she's passed away. mark told cnn how often he sees this kind of cruelty. he heads up the pennsylvania society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. >> we see cruelty to animals frequently. unfortunately, with the fire and burning of these dogs, this has been much more of a disturbing trend in the past few months. i can't speculate. you know, we have seen things from domestic disputes to somebody owing someone money. it's kind of across the board. either way, we want the community to know it's happening.
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we are a community of dog lovers. we are not going to tolerate this. >> spca is leading the investigation and the rescue of these dogs. if you want to help, you can. check out now, a dog reunited with its owner after fireworks on the fourth of july caused the pooch to run away. christine of our affiliate wcbs in new york explains. >> reporter: this 10-year-old shepherd mix is happy to be back in his owner's arms after a terrifying journey alone, then on the george washington bridge. here he is on the edge of the bridge, a 200 foot drop being rescued bay police officer. >> he's a smart dog or may not know something is dangerous. the feeling of not being able to protect him was strong. >> reporter: the pooch took off
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from his home after being frightened by a fireworks show in the neighborhood. for charlie, an 11-hour ordeal ended on the cat walk of the bridge. >> he probably came in from the jersey highways. he had to go under a little area where he could have snuck under. >> reporter: this police officer rescued charlie after responding to a 911 call. >> i had a leash and a collar. he allowed me to put it on him. i don't know if he was scared exhausted or both. >> charlie had a run-in with a skunk and cut his leg on a fence where he's got stitches now. his owner thinks he was trying to make it to their own home in manhattan. >> he tried to make it there. he never had gone that way except inside a car. >> reporter: charlie didn't have his home phone number, but he had his dog license tag. that's how police were able to
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contact his owner. >> if we hadn't had the license, it would be another disappeared dog. >> reporter: now, charlie is a super dog who survived. in new jersey, christine sloan. >> what a great story. many humans look forward to the fourth of july fireworks, the loud explosions can be terrifying for pets. more dogs disappear on the fourth of july than on any other day of the year. when is a person's war record fair game? joe walsh is trying to keep his seat in congress. it's what he said about this woman, his opponent that's getting him in trouble.
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welcome back. a race for congress in illinois is getting ugly. republican joe walsh says democrat tammy duckworth is playing too heavily on her military career. she demands our respect, but not our vote. >> i'm running against a woman who, my god, it's all she talks about. our true heroes, the men and women who served us, it's the last thing in the world they talk about. it's why we are so endebted and in awe of what they have done. >> here is where it gets ugly. duckworth lost both legs serving in iraq but walsh says she's not a true hero. wolf blitzer asked duckworth to respond to his comments. >> i think mr. walsh is being
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irresponsible in his words. at a time we have so many veterans coming home. i hope the veterans of this generation talk about the war experiences. they were criticized back then. our war heroes coming home today should talk about their service, they need to talk about the leadership skills they earned to make them better employees. they were able to accomplish tough missions under extreme conditions. >> walsh since tried to soften his criticism of duckworth. >> she was on tv a month and a half ago. she was asked a question about gay marriage. do you know what she talked about? her time at walter reed. look, i'll say it again, i have respect for her and her service. my thoughts and prayers go out to her like they do every wounded warrior, but that doesn't demand our vote. if that's what it took to get your vote, john mccain, another
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hero, would be our president. >> the dispute between walsh and duckworth took on a life of its own. look at this clip where walsh tries to get a word in edgewise. >> you told politico, sir -- you told politico this, what else has she done? female, wounded veteran and i'm paraphrasing ahh. >> ashlee, ashlee, you are paraphrasing i didn't say ahh. i said she's a war hero, but you know what? she's running for congress. i don't know about you, but hopefully voters think like every other candidate for congress tell us where you stand on issues. >> if you thought walsh said ashlee a bunch of times, he did. we got a twitter count from sam stine. he logged 92. a new york state senator thought it was a great idea to
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in case you think television reporting is glamorous, take a look at this, a reporter in grand rapids, michigan was on the air live when, there it is, a cat jumped on her shoulder. they are both a little surprised there. the reporter tweeted, learned my lesson, never make eye can tact with a cat before gouk lesson, never make eye contact with a cat before going live. that's one brave kitty. scrapping plans to hold an etiquette class in her district. let's talk about this with comedian and blogger bill santiago. we like to get his take of the stories on the week. bill, good morning to you. take a look at this. state senator marty goldman mailed this flyer, apparently thought it was a good idea to
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learn posture, deportment and feminine presence. are you surprised at all this didn't go over too well with his constituents. >> i love the line feminine presence. i'm sure the senator is a well meaning sexist pig. what kills me about this whole story is the classes are taught by an outfit called etiquette training international. this the same etiquette training international that also gave these very same classes to federal correctional officers in brooklyn. does that make any sense? when you're trying to put down a prison riot in cellblock nine, is anybody asking what miss manners would do. do you hold up your pinky as you smash someone in the head and drag them to solitary. >> this is so old school. what is he thinking? >> he's a throw-back. he's learned his lesson. he's replaced feminine class
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with pole dancing for housewives. this is similar to the mentality behind what happened in michigan. so marty, any second now don't be surprised when the vagina monologues flash mob shows up on the front steps of your legislative offices. it's coming. >> oh, boy, he's gone theoway other way, pole dancing. let's move on before we find ourselves in too much trouble here. i want to ask you about the blog there. we have it. there's a documentary coming out next month. i found it pretty interesting. take a look and then i want to ask you about it. >> with no money, no contact with anyone i know, i'm going to live entirely off craigslist. >> just seeing if i could, a, survive. if i could literally eat, find shelter, find showers. >> b, try to travel america. >> see if i could find a community out there. >> for the next month, this is all i've got. >> away we go. >> all right. so living off craigslist for one
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month. what do you think of that idea? >> you know, i get on craigslist all the time myself. it's supposed to be a documentary but it's like a reality show and documentary, right, so i don't know how real -- it's about as real as a wwf dress rehearsal for exhibition match on april fool's day. the pitch is he goes out and lives for a month off craigslist with nothing but a laptop, cell phone, clothes on his back. they never mention the film crew. that has an effect to how people react to you, filters out serial killers who may not want to be in the film. >> brought to us by zach gal n fan. >> i'm sure the film crew is behind this, throw him a fish taco once in a whichlt i don't know if i'm buying it.
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craigslist works miracles. that's how i got this gig, et cetera section. >> that's how we found you. >> definitely benefits. >> all right. let me ask you this. do you remember when you were turning 16. i know it was a long time ago. when you got your license. >> yes, i do. >> let me ask you this. there is a travel survey by the federal government and it's found geny teens would rather not get behind the wheel. isn't it the most exciting part, getting your license? why do you think that is? >> it was. for me, it was very exciting. the interesting thing, now there's going to be less 20 somethings on the road. proportion ately there's more 70 somethings. so safety wise it's a statistical wash. it's not like the roads are going to be any less safe because the kids aren't on the road. the cataract crowd is more than making up for that. i'm telling you, for me, that was the best. you get your car. now you can finally drive your date home or not. how do you do that on public transportation, the back seat of
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a light rail doesn't sound romantic to me. >> i don't know. i guess you walk home, hold hands. >> they don't want to drive. they don't want to contribute to global warming. this sounds very un-american to me. why generation y, why? >> bill, thank you. >> see you next week. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye. >> cheers. president obama enjoys some happy hour drinks on the campaign trail this week. but he's definitely not the first. up next, a recent history of beer and politics. we've got the video. why not make lunch more than just lunch? with two times the points on dining in restaurants, you may find yourself asking why not, a lot. chase sapphire preferred. there's more to enjoy.
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beer after a long day of
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campaigning. thursday night president obama's bus tour made an unexpected stop at a bar in am hurst, ohio. he had miller lite and bud light in a bottle. it's the kind of scene we've seen a lot of. politicians and citizens knocking back cold ones. it reminds us how much we tend to see beer in politics so we compiled a list for you. back in 2009 there was the beer summit. it was the president's idea to ease tension between harvard professor and the police officer has arrested him after a dispute over racial profiling. and remember this, hillary clinton famously sipping a shot of crown royal whiskey in 2008 before chasing it with a big old light beer. beer brought u.s. and england together in 2010, president obama and prime minister david cameron exchanged bottles of beer after u.s. and england world cup game ended in a tie. monday could be doomsday for many of us who use the internet.
7:58 am
we've told you about that nasty virus out there and how the fbi may actually have to shut down servers to fix the bug. that could idle your access to the net. earlier on the show, i asked you, what will you do without your internet service, if you lose it monday? here is some of your responses. i just hope my neighbor has unsecured wi-fi or starbucks wy wy would also work but that means i have to go outside. call me a hypocrite because i say this on twitter but i get way more satisfaction communicating face-to-face. what do you think? tweet me @randikayecnn. i'll read your responses later on. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have much more ahead on "cnn saturday morning" which starts right now. >> announcer: from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, this is "cnn saturday morning." june jobs numbers send
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investors into panic as the dow plunges over 100 points. why the numbers just didn't add up for wall street. >> we see this as a powerful symbol of our commitment to afghanistan's future. >> reporter: an unannoun. an unannounced visit to afghanistan and announcement on troop withdrawal. two great whites threaten the coast of cape cod. now the hunt is on to find them before they claim a human life. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 8:00 on the east coast. 5:00 a.m. out west. thanks for waking up with us. we start this morning with the economy and new jobs report. it wasn't quite what experts had hoped. just 80,000 jobs added in june. that fell below expectations and caused a ripple through the stock market. the dow down 124 points at the clos


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