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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 19, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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latest. with the ability to go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds, this car is 60 in 2.5 seconds, this car is one for the racetrack only. -- captions by vitac -- you're in the cnn newsroom. i'm alison kosik in for don lemon. let's get you up to speed on what's happening around the world. he hasn't been seen publically in months. now on a london balcony, julian assange breaks his silence. he had a strong message for president obama. we'll hear it in a few minutes. in china today protesters attacked a japanese-made cars. the anger erupted after activists landed on a disputed island claimed by both china and japan. two car bombs blew up in
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tripoli today. three people died and several others were hurt when one car exploded. a second went off near a government building. police arrested several people blamed for the bombings calling them criminals still loyal to gadhafi. no egyptian leader has set foot in iran since 1979. the office said they will take part in a summit on august 30th. winona judd postponed her concerts after her husband was injuried in a motorcycle accident. he was riding when he drifted across the center line. he collided with an oncoming car suffering injuries. michelle obama will travel to wisconsin on thursday to meet with vifamilies of the victims
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the sikh temple shooting. she will visit with the family members who were injured and killed. there's another death in the west nile virus outbreak. this time the mosquito-born virus is blamed for a death in illinois. one of at least 26 deaths nationwide. the virus is proven deadliest in texas. leaders have been forced to spray pesticide from the air for the first time in 45 years. cnn's nick pawlenty joins me now. how safe is the spraying? >> we're hearing from officials and the department of health that there's no reason for concern. having said that, we spoke to some residents who were blogging about this and had concern about what the spraying targets. the larva, mosquitoes? we talked to one resident who says this only kills the mosquitoes. we had the dallas mayor on. he disputed that saying final
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results will come out later this week. we don't know right now. >> you wonder how effective it's going to be. >> but they think it's the best bet right now to help the residents there. >> let's talk about what happens when someone contracts the west nile virus. what are the possible outcomes? >> sometimes there can be no symptoms at all. there's an incubation period where they don't have it. we talked to a mother of one 14-year-old who doesn't really fit the mold of somebody who would contract the virus. usually you have people with preexisting health conditions. but this 14-year-old had none of that. her symptoms were vague. she said she had a headache one day and the next day she had a fever and that night ends up in the emergency room. one of the causes wasn't diagnosed properly by the doctors. she talked to us about what a difficult time she's going
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through with her family. >> the symptoms play peek a boo with you. so it's with the headaches. she doesn't have headaches. so when she had a complaint of the headache i was very concerned. when it included vomiting, the next day we had a doctor's appointment. but that night, that's when her sedation came in. i took her straight to the emergency room. >> so what jordan contracted less than 1% of those that get the virus get this neurological disorder. it hits the brain functions. so the mother right now is worried about seizures. and the guidance from the doctors is just sort of wait it out. we'll see what happens. she's worried about seizures though and definitely concerned about the safety of her daughter. >> thank you.
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seven people are in custody over a shootout with deputies in louisiana. now we're learning some of the suspects may have ties to violent groups and some may have been on the fbi's terrorism watch list. susan candiotti joins us from new york with more on these developments. >> hi, allison. two law enforcement officials say that some of the suspects in the case may have ties to an antigovernment group called the sovereign citizens. >> reporter: sovereign citizens on the domestic terror list did you want recognize the authority of law enforcement and has been noun to use violence. seven people are charged in last thursday's shooting of four deputies outside of new orleans. two were killed and two were wounded. sheriff rod near arbuckle says his department had previous surveillance on the suspects and turned over its file to state police leading the investigation into the shootings further south near new orleans. about two months ago, the deputies set up surveillance on
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the group for about a week. they had a lot of ammo in their trailer. but authorities never the saw the suspects that are in the process of moving out of state. one of the suspects has a facebook page. tin cluds a photo of smith holding a gun. under the photo he appears to comment, quote, for all you haters, see the snake eye. under political views, he's listed independent citizens. the sheriff says he believes the group is linked to sovereign citizens. sources say it's too early to link the deputy shootings to the sovereign citizens extremist group. smith's son also charged in the case has a facebook page as well. in it he has pictures where he's posing with guns including what appears to be an assault weapon. >> the sovereign citizens
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website says it does not endorse violence against police or the government. >> where does the case stand now? >> the investigation is ongoing, but at this point, suspects in the case have been charged with wounding the police officers. remember, two of the four were wounded. murder charges are pending. >> susan candiotti in new york, thanks. to politics now. congressman todd aiken is backing away today from an answer he gave to ktvi television when he asked whether he thought abortion should be legal in the case of rape. he preferenced his answer by mentioning legitimate rape and then said this. >> the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. but let's assume that didn't work or something. i think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be in the rapist and not attacking the child.
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>> the congressman issued a statement that reads, quote, in reviewing my off the cuff remarks it's clear i misspoke and does not reflect the deep empathy that i hold for women who are raped and abused. ahead a man dressed as an afghan police officer pulled out a gun and now a service member is dead. it's the latest in the string of atta attacks from the same people they are trying to help. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. who dreamed she could fly. like others who braved the sky before her,
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i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. a nato member died today in afghanistan. we don't yet know the nationality. a gunman dressed as an afghan police officer turned his weapon on nato troops. the latest in a string of attacks aimed at americans by the same people they're trained to help. >> reporter: at least 24 american troops in afghanistan attacked and killed by afghan forces this year. the top commander, general john allen, is ordering massive new security measures r starting with his own headquarters in kabul, alan has ordered all troop to carry their weapons loaded at all times. it's a headquarters visited by
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defense secretary, diplomats and journalists. until now, it's only been producted by security forces. ready for instant combat as they were in september of last year when insurgents attacked from outside the base. but now, across the country, afghan forces are turning their weapons on nato and u.s. troops. >> our enemies have attempted to undermine the trust between coalition and afghan forces and in particular, they have tried to take credit for a number of so-called green on blue or insider attacks that have taken place this fighting season. >> since 2007, 69 americans have been killed by afghan forces according to the pentagon. the military already is using so-called guardian angels, a service member designated to stand watch over others while they eat and sleep, anywhere they might come into contact with afghan forces. leon panetta is calling once
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again for better intelligence and better screening of new afghan recruits. but the pentagon is emphasizing the attacks are still relatively small in numbers. >> i want to stress that these incidents, which have now involved 31 afghans, do not reflect the pride and dedication of the 350,000 soldiers and police of the afghan national security forces. >> small numbers or not, the attacks are taking their toll. o unhus u.s. military official, just in case. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. it was enough to make thousands of people rush angrily to the street. no, no, they weren't messing around. we'll tell you what made them boil over and hit the streets.
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first thing i look forward, i love children. another one, i want winning. that means they're going to do whatever they have to do. that means the child knows how to do something. the third thing, that a teacher is attractive. not like they're cute, but they have a way about them. that makes you want to listen to what they have to say. there's a certain swagger that they have about them. that commands attention. because children's attention needs to be commanded and if this person is a shrinking violet, bad things are going to happen in that classroom. i'm looking for the total package. somebody who loves kids, who wants to win and then they're just attractive. as we told you earlier, julian assange, founder of wikileaks, emerged in public for the first time in months. he's at the ecuador embassy in london trying to avoid extradition to sweden.
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he says those are trumped up charges so governments can prosecute him for leaking world leader's embarrassing messages. >> i asked president obama to do the right thing. united states must renounce against wikileaks. >> ecuador has granted assange asylum, but britain says the moment he leaves, he'll be arrested. on monday, a chinese court is due to hand down a verdict in a murder trial that has riveted people around the world. the court will decide the fate of the the wife of a former politician who confessed to killing a business man during the trial. experts say she will likely avoid execution, although murder typically carries the death penalty in china. another headline out of china today where it was a bad day to own a japanese import. a mob attacked japanese made
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cars in one city as anger over a disputed island chain grows. both countries claim the islands and a japanese group landed on one today sparking protests in several cities. japan deported 14 citizens who landed on the islands last week. in syria today, everyone was watching to see if the country's vice president showed up for a national religious service. he did not and that's adding fuel to fast growing speculation that he somehow fled is country and joined the rebels trying to overthrow syria. >> so what we can learn from this, the fact the vice president wasn't there at this important prayer service is that the government's been lying. they've been saying he's at his job, has no intentions to defect, yet now we see if the situation was normal, he would have been there with the president, with the other government officials and he wasn't. it doesn't mean we know where he is, however, what rebels are
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telling us is that their commanders have been trying to get him out of the country, have lost communications with him and don't know where the vice president is. he's trying get out of the country to jordan. they say he's been trying get out for the past week. they are concerned they say if his family are captured, he mayt these images appearing at this tiny mosque close to his presidential palace tell us quite a lot. this is a rare appearance by him in the first place. they haven't seen him for a month. normally, he would attend these important prayers at the mosque in the center of damascus. he's chosen to go to a tiny mosque close to the presidential palace. it clearly gives the impression he doesn't want to drive into the center of the capital. he doesn't appear to feel that safe now. and his political world is shrinking. not just his physical world. the vice president's not there. the prime minister sitting there
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with him was only appointed a kouchl weeks ago. saturday, he changed the the health minister. the minister for industry and the justice minister and the governor of aleppo. all important positions, so it does appear his support for him is crumbling. there were plenty of anti assad protests. some protests in the city, people chanting against al assad as they would normally do has become typical on fridays. also, waving the shoes in the air to insult the president. it was a statement that created a pr nightmare. how one man took on a massive insurance company and what happened after his opinion went viral. >> you can stay connected, do it on your cell phone or do it from your computer at work. go to that'll be $973.42. ya know, your rates and fees aren't exactly competitive.
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the family of a woman killed in a car accident goes after the insurance company online and shows how the power of diblg tall complaints can spark action. >> it's the headline that went viral. my sister paid progressive
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insurance to defend her killer in court. >> my tumbler is not an especially large site. i was speaking out of a sense of obligation to my sister and parents. >> he posted the blog on monday, but the story begins in june of 2010. when matt's sister, katie, was killed in a car crash in baltimore, maryland. the suv that hit her had run a red light. the 24-year-old was killed instantly. >> the day she died, she had just run a ten-mile road race. >> her brother said she had a $100,000 insurance policy with progressive. >> great job. >> the family says the policy also stated progressive would make up the difference if she was killed by an underinsured driver, like the one that hit her, so the family was paid $25,000. they thought progressive would pay the rest. $75,000. they were wrong.
7:26 pm
>> progressive took the position my sister was at fault, which under maryland law would free them. >> out of honor and because katie had student loans that still had to be paid, the family decided to go after the money, but in maryland, it's against the law to sue an insurance company that refuses payment, so the family had to sue the man who killed katie even though they didn't want to, establish negligence and then armed with that decision, force progressive to pay. but in court -- >> progressive, my sister's insurer, sat across the room. they, their lawyer argued for the defendant in the case, argued that he was not negligent in my sister's death. >> so outraged he wrote on his blog, if you are insured by progressive and they owe you money, they will defend your killer in court in order to not pay you your policy and when the chips are down, your money will have bought you nothing.
7:27 pm
a kick in the face. after a whirlwind of criticism on facebook and twitter, progressive responded with the same tweet over and over saying in part, we properly handled the claim within our contractual obligations and that in the eyes of some, made matters worse. >> when you respond to a very emotional issue using a mechanical technology like twitter, it doesn't work. it's very difficult to tweet compassion. >> the tweet was taken down. and progressive released a statement saying it did not serve as the attorney for the defendant in the case. he was defended by his insurance company, nationwide. there was a question as to who was at fault and a jury decided in the fisher family's favor just last week. we respect the verdict and now can continue to work with the fisher family to reach a resolution. on thursday, the company announced an agreement has been reached with the fisher family
7:28 pm
to settle the claim. an attorney for the family says progressive will pay them tens of thousands of dollars. what's your message to progressive if they're watching? >> when there's a, when there's an adjuster or someone who sits in a room and says this policy will have to pay x amount, should we pay or drag this out, add this to the calculator. setting sail for only the second time in 100 years. old iron sides takes to the water. ntgomery and abigail higgins had...
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half past the hour, let's get you up to speed with the headlines. united nation's observer syria is over. the mandate expired today. that means the 300 observers will leave the country. the unarmed observer mission was not a very effective one. none of the cease fire terms was followed by the syrian troops or rebels. also today, the mystery thickens over the fate and location of sir dwra's vice president. he was a no show at a national service today giving way to rumors he defected. good news from firefighters in washington state today. a wildfire that chewed up more than 22,000 acres is about half contained and will probably be
7:33 pm
out by this time tomorrow. credit lower temperatures and round the clock work on the ground and from the air. planes a pair of attacks in the caucuses region on islamic militan militants. a suicide bombing killed seven and wounded 11. meantime, at least six were wounded when two men opened fire inside a fos k. west nile virus has claimed another life, this time, in illinois. it is blamed for at least 26 deaths nationwide. most in texas. in dallas county, leaders have been forced to spray pesticide from the air for the first time in ha 45 years. the spike in west nile infection ss the worst in eight years. one of america's most infamous killers is up for parole. the man convicted of gunning down john lennon is seeking free dom for the second time. he's serving 20 years to life.
7:34 pm
lennon's widow has been against his release. the nation's oldest commissioned naval ship set sail. it earned the nickname old iron sides after defeating five british ships in the war of 1812. today, it sailed under its own power across the boston harbor. all this to kem rate the 200th anniversary. a new study says doctors has been accepting fewer medicare patients, but those rates will climb next year. will the higher rates last and will they mean more patients get here? athena jones reports. >> reporter: the workday begins early at the maryland office of dr. george bow. >> buzzing in your ear, so long have you had this? >> he is the only physician in an office serving about 6,000
7:35 pm
patients. but only about 60 of them are covered by medicaid. the reason is economics. >> primary care is a mix of compassion and economics. you have to pay rent. we have to pay electricity. we have to pay the staff. and i have to take something home to my family. it's trying to run a business and if the economics are not right, the economic rs not right. >> while the amount medicaid pays doctors varies by state, it's often much lower than what doctors get from medicare or private insurers. those lower payments can translate. according to a new study, 96% of doctors accepted new patients. rates for new medicaid patients for higher in states where payments were higher. the new health care law will
7:36 pm
raise medicaid payments to primary care doctors making them equal to medicare payments in 2013 and 2014. >> what we'll really going to see we hope is that doctors will be more willing to take these people with coverage and see them in their offices, provide them primary care services, try to keep them healthy rather than expect those people to end up in the emergency room to get care. >> but what happens after 2014? >> we will see whether the federal government, congress would step in and and see if that was a good idea. >> as for dr. bone, he plans to take new medicaid patients next year, but just how many it's impossible to say. come on. do very successful people really feel guilty about it? d.l. hughley says he does. he says it's a bit like survivor's guilt. he'll explain next.
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we spoke with d.l. hughley about he -- just plain reality. here's his red chair interview. >> i believe firmly that i've used all the luck up in my family. that every shred of luck you know, every ounce of good fortune or undeserved fortune was bestowed on me and now my children are just left with hard work. so daddy got all the breaks. i think that the closest way i can equate it is survivor's guilt. you'll see people that have survived these horrific tragedies and they feel guilty. like why me and what happened? and i think that with successful -- there's an
7:41 pm
element. if you take the class i graduated from in elementary school, i don't know one of them besides maybe my best friend, tommy, who isn't homeless, in jail, on dope, you know, dead. i said if i can stay out of trouble and not get killed, something's going to happen. i very definitely feel i have a role as a black man in america and i feel that role is to be as honest and forthright as i can be and to be as clear as i can be. the sad thing to me is that getting a chance, black people kill black people all over the world. detroit, rwanda, chicago. what's happening to a black man would happen to a species of plant, a species of plant, people, humanitarians, environmentalists, would get together an try to have that species declared a name. but we could also be the first
7:42 pm
species of life come police it in its on demise. we live in a world where reality shows now, everything's kind of a derivative of it. our country is so devoid of actually living, we go home to watch other people live. we dvr other people living. and now, you have serious news anchor or people that are supposed to be serious news anchor telling you about the most asinine thing you've ever seen in your life. you don't have to actually cover it. do you think dan rather would have to say snooki in like a sentence and be serious? >> and you can see more fascinating interviews like this one online at our website. just go to and search red chair. do you want everyone to know your every move? facial recognition software recognizes you, then gets information about you from your facebook page. we're going to look at what you get out of it and what's in it
7:43 pm
for the stores. and don't forget, watch cnn live on your computer while you're at work. head to who dreamed . like others who braved the sky before her, it took a mighty machine, and plain old ingenuity to go where no fifth grader had gone before. ♪ and she flew and she flew, into the sky and beyond. my name is annie and i'm the girl who dreamed she could fly. powered by intel core processors. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] its lightweight construction makes it nimble... ♪ its road gripping performance makes it a cadillac. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with advanced haldex all-wheel drive. [ engine revving ]
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it's bringing the future forward.
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maternity hospital, we reduced dramatically the infant mortality rate. the real problem was much more than that. my girls end up being pregnant because they don't have a sexual education and many of my girls are sexually abused. when my girls come, they drop their babies in the day care center. we have different workshops so they can develop their skills. we are changing the live of these girls. if you give them the right tools, they're capable of moving forward. cnn heroes are all chosen from people who you tell us about. nominate someone who you know is making a difference. go to it wasn't too long ago when the phrase it's all about the benjamins was pretty popular.
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benjamin franklin on the $100 bill, but it soon may be all about your cell phone. >> reporter: it wasn't too long ago when food trucks could only take cash. the san francisco start-up, square, became an instant hit by making it easy for them or anyone else for that matter to accept a credit card by using a smart phone. vendors like sherry washburn tell me her revenue would be half without the technology. >> it's a game changer for us because we can accept all forms of payment. it takes every credit card and people don't carry a lot of cash. >> reporter: and now, square has made it even easier for people to pay just by telling the cashier your name. users go through the set-up. from there, a cashier knows you're a legitimate paying customer because your name and
7:49 pm
photo pop up on the other end. all the money is exchanged on the back end with the customer's stored credit card number. 75,000 small businesses throughout the country including this sandwich shop are using the technology, but now, you can take the small out of the picture. >> starbucks announced it will be using square in 7,000 of its u.s. stores will accelerate the movement to a walletless society. >> when we leave the house, we have to remember to take our wireless phones wallet and keys. going forward at some point, we may be able to leave our wallet at home because we're going to have all the information in the wallet on our smart phone. >> reporter: starbucks will initially accept payment by scanning a bar code. something it already done with its gift cards. having a major store chain as a client makes square one of the early leaders in the mobile
7:50 pm
payment industry, but more established brands are looking to make a major dent in the space. other start-ups over their own innovative features. its technology allows customers to complete the transaction before new game. we're still in the first inning. so the companies leading today may not be the companies leading in a year or two years. >> still, all the mobile payment companies face certain challenges like convincing a wide audience paying with a phone is safe and even more convenient than using a traditional credit card or cash. but it seems certain that day is coming when neither would be required. dan simon, cnn, san francisco. >> cnn and espaniol anchor and tech pro, alejandro explains more. we are banking more on our phones and using our phones as our wallets.
7:51 pm
how safe is this? >> it depends how you use the application and protect ire telephone information. that's the key for you to purchase things with your typical without jeopardizing your personal phenomenon information. we have to be honest, how many times do you really leave a credit card on the table comparison to your cell phone, right? many times more the cell phone than the credit card. with some simple guidelines for you to protect the telephone information, i think we will be pretty safe, just as safe as a credit card actually. the most important one i believe is creating a password for your cell phone in case it gets stolen or somebody tries to use that information, they're not going to know the passcode. your pictures won't know your personal information in your phone and they won't be able to use the applications. that's the most important. >> here's another way to pay with your face, of all things. >> yes. that will be pretty interesting. i don't know if you ever saw the movie "minority report," when
7:52 pm
tom cruise was walking through the mall and basically -- we're actually watching it right now. every single store started talking to him, requesting him or telling him -- actually advising him what to buy. in a way, we're able to do that now. the future has come. >> a new company called face deal that connectos your profils to cameras in stores. "minority report" gave me the creeps. i thought imagine when this happens, it's happening now. there's a creep factor to this. >> how do you know we should be excited or freaked-out? not only will we be able to know where we are, they will have that information. they are going to know within a period of time one or two years exactly what restaurants you're visit, what stores you like and how many times you go to the stores throughout the year. we have to emphasize, this is not something created by facebo
7:53 pm
facebook, however it uses your personal information of facebook if you allow the application. >> you see companies really taking off with this, don't you? >> right now, it's starting only in tennessee. the company, called red pepper, its advertising agency called red pepper. they're using it in tennessee. if it works well we will see it in all the stores. >> it's expensive for these companies to invest in this technology? >> it is expensive. at the end of the day, if it does work, they will have a good round to with the actual companies. all the stores used in the applications will be putting a lot of money into this technology because they know these people will come back because they're having discounts with the phone. >> all right. we have to get used to big brother watching us all over the place, just to go shopping. >> i know, right? >> thanks very much. >> so sheep do it, rats do it and we know dogs do it, most of us have actually seen it. it's the wet shake. researchers are looking into the science of the shake coming up next. at shell, we believe the world needs a broader
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mix of energies. that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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7:57 pm
he'll also visit the state of ohio, a key battleground state where he currently leads in the poll. both of these states could decide who wins the white house. then the president heads to new york city, a fund-raiser to raise much needed campaign cash. >> i'm paul steinhauser on the campaign trail in florida. after going separately a week, mitt romney and paul ryan team up tomorrow in new hampshire, a crucial battleground state. later in the week, both men held a lot of fund raisers in this crucial week leading up to the national republican convention in tampa. >> can we learn anything from how wet animals dry themselves or is it an excuse to video dogs in slow motion? you decide. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: it may not be research that's earth shaking but it's definitely dog shaking and pig shaking and even rat shaking. most of us try to avoid getting showered by the dog shake. but researchers at georgia tech
7:58 pm
decided to study it. >> they can actually do a m miraculous job of drying themselves. >> they used a high speed camera to record the shakes, resulting in images so stirring the journal of nature put them to waltz music. ♪ a mouse shakes around 30 times per second. >> they basically compensate for their size by shaking faster. >> dogs shake about four times a second, leaving them 70% dry within one to four seconds. >> now, we humans don't want loose flesh, but on a dog, it comes in handy. >> that loose skin increases the speed at which the water is whipped away. while the dog's backbone goes back and forth only 30 degrees. >> the skin will go back and forth, 90 degrees to the right and 90 degrees to the left. that's only possible because it's loose enough to perform as a whipping action around the body. >> increasing the force nine times, mammals have mastered
7:59 pm
what divo preached back in the '80s. ♪ ♪ now whip it into shape >> a vigorous whipping sure beats sitting under the blow dryer. researchers even went to the zoo and recorded a lion, dr. david hugh says fury mammals probably developed the shaking mechanism to avoid staying wet and getting hypothermia. goats do it, even sheep shake. >> the sheep has some style when it shakes. >> the georgia tech team even managed to x-ray shaking. this guy looks like a rat at a disco. >> maybe you think a big butt is easier to shake. ♪ >> but try telling that to a kangaroo. it's built for hopping, not shaking. >> it can't really shake these large kangaroo buttocks, it just can't shake that around. it just shakes its head. >> reporter: hey,


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