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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 6, 2012 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- i'm suzanne malveaux live from the site of the democratic national convention and tonight, of course, president obama's big night as he takes the center stage to make the case that he should be re-elected for a second term. bill clinton fired up the crowd last night and a top democratic strategist says it is now up to president obama to tell the country what he is going to do in the next four years. we will look at the job facing the president and highlights from clinton's speech that brought the crowd to its feet over and over again. and former congresswoman gabrielle giffords likely to get a huge round of applause. we are told she will attend the convention and lead the pledge of allegiance. and he was part classroom teacher, and speech giver as he
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nominated the president and laid out why he thinks that americans should re-elect him. >> if you any that the president was right to open the doors of american opportunity to all of those young immigrants brought here when they were young so they can serve n the military or go to college, you must vote for barack obama. if you want a future of shared prosperity and the middle class is growing and the poverty is declining and the american dream is alive and well again and where the united states maintains the leadership as a force for peace and justice and prosperity in this highly come pettive world, you have the vote for barack obama. all right. cnn political editor paul steinhauser, and good to see you. when we were watching the speech some political pundits thought
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it was the best speech he had delivered but i didn't think so, because he has delivered stronger speeches before, u it did something for the crowd. everybody rose to the occasion and felt like finally somebody who would push it forward. sglt and the big speaker on the platform to say, yes, we are better off now than we were four year s s ago as the democrats h been hammering the democrats over the past few months. and he talked about the achievements of the president over the last four years and did the contrasting of what mitt romney and paul ryan would do versus president obama would do, and that teases it up for president obama tonight. >> and one of the things that people talked about is that bill clinton has a way of making things simple, understandable, and that you can follow, and almost like a classroom session on here is why the health care reform law is good for you and why the economic plan needs another four years and how important that the president tonight actually is able to arctticulate it the way that bi
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clinton did. >> yes, and he is a master of that and being a professor in a i with wa, and he said to the crowd, listen, listen, this is important and talk about the contrast between what the president would do and mitt romney would do. now, for barack obama tonight for the president tonight, what does he do? he needs to talk about what he will do over the next four years and bill clinton has teed it up and how to resuscitate the economy and that is his goal to lay out specific plans of what he would do if he were re-elected. >> and talking about the body language and taking the pictures here of what was last night extraordinary because it was a surprise for the people in the audience that they didn't know that the president would come out and president clinton like bowed to president obama and they had a warm embrace. they are not two men and two leaders who are particularly close, but they are now strategically embraced. >> well, you covered it four years ago and it was not the
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closest, and these two men maybe not friends, but they share a common goal and working hard towards it. >> what are you watching for tonight? >> well, we have not talked about it, because president biden got shorted last night, because that was bill clinton last night and he will speak in the 9:00 hour, and i want to see how much of an attack dog is he, because that is the role of the vice president, and i want to know he goes after mitt romney and paul ryan. we will see if the president delivers, but i have a feeling that it will be an impressive speech. >> it is a high bar and the first lady and then president clinton and now he has to deliver. >> the delegates say that the speeches are wonderful, but they will look at tomorrow's unemployment report and say this is the real story, jobs, jobs, jobs, and this is the real important number. that is how they will push back. >> thank you, paul.
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it is an important number. we will see you later. and of course, the president has to explain to democrats why and whether he has fulfilled the promises, and what does he need to stay on stage to build the case for his re-election? let e let's find out. >> reporter: his oratory drove his ascent to the presidency. >> i say tonight, there is not a liberal america or a conservative america, but a united states of america. >> reporter: he has made a sport of outspeaking the adversary. >> john mccain says that he would like to follow osama bin laden to the gates of hell, but he won't follow him to the gates where he lives. >> reporter: and yet he faces the biggest challenge tonight, can barack obama top barack obama? >> the expectations game tonight works against the president. it is a speech that will be compared to the '08 speech. >> reporter: obama comes from a long line of presidential party
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candidates who faced similar challenges. recall bill clinton's snoozer of a speech. >> in closing -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: became history when it was replaced by the 1992 rousing speech. >> i have news for those defenders of greed and the status quo, your time has come and gone. >> reporter: it is up to obama to live up to clinton's second successful convention speech. >> tonight, let us resolve to build that bridge to the 21st century to meet our challenges and protect our values. >> the president has to make a case for his own re-election, and to remind voters why he re-elected him in the first place and what are the choices he has made that are helpful and successful despite the fact that there may have been some things that the president did not achieve. >> reporter: that means obama's convention speech needs to be more clinton than carter. >> as i have said many times
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before, we could have an american president who does not govern with negativism and fear, but the future. >> he is giving a speech in an environment where most people believe that the economy is not improving. so he's got to find the silver lining in all of this, and try and convince people that it is enough to give him that second term. >> my father was a foreign student. >> reporter: this time, no falling back on the compelling personal story that candidates often use to sell themselves to voters. and he'll no longer be making a presidential first as an african-american, so instead of hearing a lot of this -- >> the change we need doesn't come from washington, but change comes to washington. >> reporter: expect a lot of this. >> you need somebody who is going to wake up every single day and fight for american jobs and investment here in the united states. that is with what you need.
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that is why i'm running. >> reporter: tonight of course a big night with president obama and vice president joe biden accepting the party's nomination. our coverage of the convention starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. president clinton vigorously defended the president's facts, and we will check it out. rahm emanuel is no longer working for the administration, but he is still defending his former boss. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec®
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capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. this is how hillary clinton watched her husband's speech late last night. the secretary of state sat at the desk in east timor to watch the live stream of the convention coverage on her computer desktop. she is on a tour in the asian-pacific and she said she never intended to go to charlotte, because the secretaries of state try to avoid the overly political events. and bill clinton's performance did not disappoint the fellow democrats. around the convention hall, they were pushing back that in 2008,
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it is much different economy than he had. >> president obama started with a much weaker e kconomy than i had. and listen to me now. no president, no president. not me, and not any of my predecessors and no one could have fully repaired all of the damage that he found in just four years. >> i want to bring in tom foreman and that line got such an applause, i mean, that is really the main message here going forward for the next couple of months, but you are check facts and what is true and not true that we heard? >> well, it is a tricky line, because what they are i treeing t -- are trying to say that barack obama by natural heir is like me, but don't hold him to the same standard, because everything is so different right now. and everything is is so different so it is a difficult needle to thread right there, but one of the things that he lit the crowd up last night when the president was speaking is that he talked about the statistical rebuttal to all of the republican complaints about barack obama's job creation
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measure. saying, look h, look at t, look democrats and the republicans and you may see a different line. >> since 1961, for 52 years now, the republicans have held the white house 28 years. the democrats, 24. in those 52 years, our private economy has produced 66 million private sector jobs. so, what's the job score? republicans 24 million and democrats 42. >> oh, man, they loved this part and went crazy over this. look at the math first and make sure it is right. the bureau of labor statistics says in 1961 the total private employment was around $46 million in july of this year it was around $112 million so, yes,
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the difference is 66 million job, and yes, when you compare that to which presidents were in office at which times, you find that almost twice as many jobs were created under democrats than under republicans on all of these facts that bill clinton is right. now, as is often the case when we look at these, you do have to consider some context however. mr. clinton didn't pick 1961 out of a hat. the truth is, you can make the numbers do a lot of tricks. if you went back much further to include the giant post war boom under dwight eisenhower then the equation would change and so 1961 was a targeted date to produce a certain result that plays to the democrat's favor and that is what they are supposed to do. but in addition economic trends must be considered here. while influenced by presidents, the economy acts in its own way and spans different administration administrations, and that can
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make a big difference. for example president obama as the democrats point out was s saddled with a very bad economy coming out of george bush. they say that's not his fault. the opposite is also true. often presidents are saddled with very good economies in a changeover and they have benefited from it. many republicans will argue fervently that the reason that bill clinton did so well with jobs is because of the bush reagan years set up a positive business environment that paid off in the clinton years, and you can agree or disagree, but the economy does not start and stop at the beginning and the end of each administration and that is part of the equation that you have to consider in all of this. finally this one thing, population matters. the size of the population matters. since 1961, the country is about 50 million people bigger than it was back then. you have to think about, that suzanne, because the simple truth is that a much bigger country does and must produce many more jobs. the democrats have held the white house more in the past 20
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years by a couple of years. >> right. >> and president bush had a disastrous turn at the end of the term that the jobs were lost, and so look at that, it is a more complex equation than what was presented there, but president clinton was overall correct in what he said. >> we don't expect that the president will get into the complexities, but certainly moving forward we expect to hear the details coming from the president and the surrogates about how to try to tackle this. it is the first time that you actually heard somebody lay it out in that kind of omethodical way and use those facts and figures. >> very compelling argument, but i do want to say to this, one of the most important things when you look at the economy over and over again that the presidents constantly get in trouble over the economy and they get credit for the economy, and they probably don't deserve either one as much as we tend to give it to them, because they can only do so much for good or ill.
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i want to talk about money and how much it takes to run a campaign and how much it takes to actually get elected. it is a lot. nonpartisan group that tracks political spending predicts that when it is all over this is the most expensive election year ever for both democrats and the republicans. let's talk to bill burton about this and he used to be the deputy press secretary at the white house and now senior strategist for the super pac usa action and bill, you are now in the money game. and it is a lot of money. >> i am. >> and how much did you raise in the last month or so?
1:22 pm
>> $10 million in august which is the best month. >> why so important this go around and so expensive this go around to raise that kind of money to elect the next president this is. >> well, the supreme court changed some of the rules that you can fund elections and republicans got into it right away and spent $1 million in the midterms to defeat the democrats across the country, and so me and my colleague shawn left the white house and when we heard that carl roef and the koch brothers were going to wash over the president e's message, we wanted to raise money to get the message out what are the differences of president obama and mitt romney and how can we educate the voters about his business experience and how the educate the countries. >> and people go, oh, my god, think of the influence this money has on a campaign and really they take a look at the
1:23 pm
billionaires and the millionaires in the country, a small group who has an overwhelming influence on theed a veer t-- ed advertising and s much around, that you think that the system is corrupt? >> well, it is broken in a serious and profound way, and that a big difference of where the democrats and the republicans are on this. >> how so? >> if president obama is elected he will continue the fight for reform and work with folks to try to get it. he has been pushing for the disclose act and thinks we should have a constitutional amendment, and if mitt romney is elected with all tof the money coming in on his side, i doubt he will be for this kind of reform, but to paraphrase donald rumsfeld, you go to the election with the rules you have and not the rules you wish you had. so we are not going to give them any advantages and compete to win. >> and where the dollars so important in the next 60 or so days? >> well, we want to communicate with the voters abouthe issue
1:24 pm
that are important in the election and the economy and the jobs and we spend mostly on television advertising and online to reach the voters more engaged with social media and the state wes are primarily focussed on include florida and ohio and virginia and other swing states. >> how competitive are you when it comes to the romney campaign, are you outfund-raising and outspending the romney folks? >> no, they will have much more tremendous more money than we will, but we don't feel we need as much to make the case about mitt romney. because people know a lot about president obama, and they have strong opinions about how they feel he has done and they either agree or disagree and they know him of six years of basically living in their living rooms, so for mitt romney, not so much, and to educate the voters on how he made the money and the impact on the middle-class americans and what the policies would do for the middle-class americans is a much less expensive endeavor. >> we spent times over at the policy rooms for years and years when you were the deputy press
1:25 pm
secretary, would you come back to the white house and give up all of the money? >> no, i have a little boy and i enjoy spending time with him. >> thank you. good to see you. >> the democrats changed the platform but the way they did it is causing controversy and i want to take a look at it and talk to the committee national chairman. and a creamy yogurt flavored coating. quaker yogurt granola bars. treat yourself good. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. new bayer migraine formula. now we need a little bit more... a little bit more vanilla? this is great! [ male announcer ] at humana, we believe there's never been a better time to share your passions... because the results... are you having fun doing this? yeah.
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religion was at the root of one of the tensest moments we have seen at the dnc. it happened yesterday when former ohio governor ted strictland introduced two amendments to the party platform and one introduced the word god into the document and the other recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. both of those raised eyebrows and the republicans were hammering the democrats for leaving them out. after three separate voice votes, this is how it shook out. >> all of the delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates opposed say no. >> no. >> in the opinion of the chair,
1:29 pm
2/3 have voted in the affirmative and the motion is adopt and the platform has been amended as shown on the screen. thank you very much. thank you. >> so this morning i talked to the l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa about the votes and ultimately his decision on the platform, but we did discuss tonight's big events which had to be moved indoors because of the threat of thunder. >> reporter: major, tell us about the new venue, because we are talking about an outdoor space and space of 70,000 and now squeezing everybody back into the arena with 20,000 and because of the bad weather, how much of this is a logistic nightmare? >> a lot of it is a logistics nightmare. to be able to move as many of the people who were go g ing toe bank of america stadium back here is going to be a tough thing, but we are going to be able to do it. it is going to mean that a lot of people who were coming, and all of the delegates will be here, but a lot of people coming
1:30 pm
who weren't delegates are not going to be able to come and that is a real shame. a real shame. >> reporter: let's talk about the platform, because all eyes on what happened yesterday looked like a fiasco of what was going on. you have the platform and it does not include jerusalem as the capital of israel, and the language of god this there and not people are buying that it is a deliberate error, but an omission? >> i don't have the drafting, because that is not something i was involved in, but i will say this, i'm proud that we have a president of the united states, the leader of the party, who is willing the say, hey, put it back in. that platform does not reflect my values and it does not reflect any policies. i love that. >> all of those delegates in favor say aye. >> aye. >> all those delegates -- >> and what happened on the floor because a lot of people looked at that and they said they did not hear it and you had to do it three times?
1:31 pm
>> that is my decision. >> reporter: but was pit right decision, because lot of people did not agree with that decision. >> it was the right decision. i gave people three opportunities. i knew we had a majority both times and by the third one, i said it is time to make a decision, and i opined and feel very comfortable about it that there was a 2/3 votement you should know something that every delegate has the right to protest. they have ten minutes of protest and not one person protested pped >> what do you make of the fact that some people who were there do not agree with you and they believe that this is something that was kind of rammed through because of the political sensitivity to the issue here that it was really not 2/3 that was supporting this. >> well, like i said, i had to make that decision and i made it. i gave people three opportunities to weigh in. in the end, i'm the chairman and i made that decision, and i did it because that is what you have to do in the job sjobs. >> any concern of the
1:32 pm
republicans who will take a look at this and the platform and say, look, the last-minute change had to happen that the democrats, themselves are either a godless party or weak when it comes to israel. >> well, i was not weak in making the decision, i can tell you that and the president was not weak in saying that i want that platform changed, because it does not reflect my values. they need to not expose themselves. governor romney was weak in not challenging his party on the issue of the plank saying that they opposed abortion even in the case of rape and incest, and that is not the leader we want leading the free world. >> and what is biden and obama need to say to portray? >> well, i don't know what they need -- but i think that what the president needs to do is to do what he has done in the past. he has pretty much just has to take it over the top, and he will. i think that he has to lay out the two paths ahead, what we have done to stop the freefall,
1:33 pm
and what we are going to do to get where we want to be. i think that he's going the lay out a balanced approach a specif specific balanced approach to address the deficit that does not extend the bush tax cuts and puts the top 2% of americans where they were in the clinton years when we created 23 million jobs and went from deficits to surpluses. >> with all of the talk of the economy, all eyes are on the august jobs report out tomorrow, and we will have a preview. ask me what it's like when my tempur-pedic moves.
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>> president obama could get a post convention speech boost if the new jobs report due out
1:37 pm
tomorrow is good. there are signs it could be. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange and we have three economic reports released today showing basically encouraging signs and what do we know? >> well, we got positive jobs report, but i have to be honest with you, if you are out of w k work, these in numbers won't resonate with you, but what the number dos show is that there is improvement and first of all with layoffs and fewer people than expected filed for the first time unemployment claims last week with the level sitting at the lowest since the beginning of august. that is is good news. and the bad news is that it is stuck this the tight range. we want to see the number keep dropping as opposed to hovering the way it has over the past six weeks. now, what is really giving the market a boost and why you are seeing the dow skyrocket today 227 points is that we are getting some really great signs about the monthly employment picture and payroll processing firm adt says that the jobs processed were better than
1:38 pm
expected. they also revised the july numbers higher which is a good sign and one day before we get the big report from the government on jobs. but the estimate tomorrow is going to be more cautious and analysts surveyed by cnn money expect the economy added 120,000 jobs in august which is of course after 163,000 jobs were added in july. the unemployment rate, suzanne, is expected to hold steady at 8.3%. >> alison, tell me how wall street is reacting to all of this. >> as i am saying you are seeing the dow jump 224 points burk it is not just the good news out of the jobs frontier in the u.s., but also good news out of the european western central bank. mario draghi is the equivalent to ben bernanke, and he is looking to mop up some of the bad debt of italy and spain. these countries are struggling with the high borrowing costs, and in the u.s., you are seeing them react favorably, because it
1:39 pm
is looking for desperately some stability in europe, and this announcement is the best thing yet we have heard in a while. so what you are seeing is that the ecb is taking a good bit of pressure off of europe at this point. offering sort of an olive branch there, and for traders no amount of bond buying will fix the long term issues in europe, but what is it, suzanne s a concrete step to getting a handle on the debt crisis in europe. suzanne. >> all right. alison kosik, appreciate it. and thou joining us is one of the most influential people this the obama administration, and she is here at the grill to talk to us up next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network. covering 2,000 more 4g cities and towns than verizon.
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besides michelle obama, the chair is the most influential woman that the white house is listen listening to and "the new york times" article calls her the other power. good to see you valerie. >> well, it is so good to see you on the third and the final day of of the convention. >> at love oenthusiasm and it has been hectic. tell us about the prep ratiaratf the president's speech? >> well, he has an opportunity to speak honestly and directly to the american people about what he has been accomplishing over the last four years and the road map for the future and it will crystallize the sharp
1:43 pm
comparison of his plans in comparison to governor romney's. as president clinton said to eloquent eloquently last night, governor romney wants to double-down on trickle-down and we know it does not work. the president believes in growing a strong and robust middle-class, and providing the ladders of opportunity for those not yet in the middle-class and want to work hard and have that american dream, and so he will contrast those two very differedi different visions and lay out how to get us there. >> what are the specifics? will we hear anything different from the president this go around and we heard from president clinton that he had numbers and laid out the case when it came to health care reform and medicare and all of those things, and are we hearing those things from the president tonight? >> well, what president clinton did effectively last night is to lay tout president's accomplishments and he also debunked a lot of the false information that we have been hearing from the other side. he compared democratic
1:44 pm
administrations to republican administrations in terms of job creation, and part of the reason why president obama wanted president clinton the make the points he did is that under president clinton we created 23 million jobs here in the country, and president clinton's approach is identical to the one that president obama has been pursuing. we have now had as you know 29 consecutive months of private sector job growth and 4.5 million jobs, but we have a long way to go, and president clinton experienced the exact same thing early on in his administration, a sluggish economy and taking a while to build the momentum and it did build and grow and flourish, and he left a record surplus to president bush when he took over. he made an effective case. tonight the president will pick up that baton and make a strong and compelling case to the future k. he will provide some context, but he wants the american people to know exactly what they will be getting if they elect him to a second term. >> and valerie, we saw the greek
1:45 pm
columns and we were in denver and a huge, huge affair. >> it was wonderful. >> and now that threat of bad weather has you indoors and change of venue, and this smaller stange, what are the challenges that are different for president barack obama to convince people to come out to vote and get enthusiastic and we will need you at the polls? >> it is hard to compare the first time to the second time really. as he likes to say it was lightning in a bottle, and everything caught on. with we had yet to experience the terrible economic crisis that we have seen over the last four years, and so many americans are still struggling, and as president clinton said last night, they are frustrated, they are angry, and they want that american dream. they want the opportunity for themselves and for their families. but, the advantage that the president has now is that he is running on a track record. he has had four tremendous years when he has faced not only the external obstacles with the economy that melted down, but internal obstacles in terms of t the obstructionists that he has
1:46 pm
seen from the republicans in congress. but we have accomplished so much. when you think about how we lost 4 million jobs in the last six months of the bush administration and the automobile industry was on the verge of collapse and now g.m. is number one in the world. we were worried about osama bin laden plotting against the united states, and we don't have to worry about that anymore and we have repealed "don't ask, don't tell" and i could go on forever. so he has had an amazing four years and so he is running on that record. >> which group is more important to appeal to the night, that very slim margin of undecided voters anywhere, and maybe 4% or 6% or is it the base? the young people, the women, the people he is really counting on to get to the polls. >> it is a good question. president obama tonight will speak to everyone. the entire country. he's not speaking to any particular constituency. i believe his message will resonate with everyone. i think that everybody wants in this country to work hard, be able to get a good education, buy a home or rent a home, and
1:47 pm
make sure that your family is healthy and that you don't go broke if you are sick or in an accident, and you want to retire with a little money in the pocket. the president's message will outline how he believes that american dream is going to be very, very opossible. it is an opt mimistic vision an one that is betting on america. that should resonate with everybody and not just one particular sliver of the country. >> i asked robert gibbs this question and something that stuck with me in the last go around four years ago, one thing that the president started to say when he saw the huge crowds of supporters and gaining momentum to win, he used to say, i fear that i'm going the disappoint people, because he had raised the bar so high and talked about so many things that he wanted to accomplish, and any sense from you or the president that he overreached a little bit? that he overstated the case? >> no, no! what is great about america is that we have bold dreams and a president who has an optimistic vision who thinks that anything is possible. and let's face it, even snthoug
1:48 pm
we have huge challenges in the country and four of the toughest years of our lives if not many of our lives, many of the problems are solvable if we work together. what has been frustrating over the last four years is the republican sense that they should put their short-term political interests ahead of what is good for you, and all of the folks who are in here. the president wakes up every morning thinking of you. so he is hopeful when he wins this election and we are going to work hard that it is going to happen, that we send a message to the republicans that we are tired of the partisan nonsense, and that is why the president's message is incollusilincollusiv need to work together and nothing can stop us. >> thank you so much, valerie jarrett. >> thank you, suzanne. and hollywood stars are taking an active role. we will talk to oscar winner who
1:49 pm
is here and talking about people getting involved in the election. but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... but they could be early warning signs of a gynecologic cancer, such as cervical, ovarian, or uterine cancer. feeling bloated for no reason. that's what i remember. seeing my doctor probably saved my life. warning signs are not the same for everyone. if you think something's wrong... see your doctor. ask about gynecologic cancer. and get the inside knowledge. 1
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1:51 pm
hollywood actors teamed up with students and educators for a youth summit. one of the actors is alfre, won four emmy's and nominated for another oscar and her role in an hbo role. good to see you again.
1:52 pm
>> good to see you. >> you were so much a part of the campaign four years ago and again decided to take your time and money and efforts to support the president. what have you seen across the country in terms of young people. four years ago, it was electric. how difficult has it been to get those folks back involved? >> it has been difficult but i think everybody is waiting for gameday. i think people are starting to suit up, especially after seeing the first lady really remind us who we are and hucastro and reminding us as democrats who we are and they are as family all the way to president clinton last night. rousing the troops. i think everybody knows it's time to suit up, not just democrats but i think people all across the country realize this is a time where we stand up, we participate, we make our voices
1:53 pm
known and we do it together. >> how has the president's support in hollywood and actors and among creative people been? we've heard a lot about people stepping back and the erosion of some of his support. how important is that group, your group? >> you all look at us as hollywood. hollywood really doesn't exist. i live in santa monica, people live in tarzan na, all over. hollywood is an idea, a myth. everybody that's there is a citizen. everybody that's there came from whatever town they came from. i started walking precinct 10 in tulsa. our parents put a lot of money into our educations. a lot of effort into us to be citizens. so we participate, so everybody's very different. there are those of us that work on all kinds of campaigns and issues. others, they are like other people in america that we have to really say, you know what, something is at stake, not only for you, your neighbors and all
1:54 pm
our children. that community is no different. >> what is at stake for you? why are you personally involved? >> i can give you a list of reasons. i love my president and i am, you know, excited about continuing the forward push towards healing this country that barack obama started in 2008. i came on, i got this pen in iowa in 2008. >> were you in the snow? >> i talked to phil harper, going door-to-door in the snow in iowa. >> a couple things. education, that's a high priority for me. i feel like we won't be able to compete globally if we don't focus on education. it's unconscionable we put that so far down the list. i love the president's commitment to higher education, how he has reformed the student loan industry, increased the pell grant so thousands more american kids can go to college. you have to love a president
1:55 pm
that respects women, promotes women, make sure women are paid equally. all of those things, i think, especially the woman's point of view, across party lines, across regional lines everywhere, women have to agree when they sit alone it is women's business and has been since ancient times to govern their own affairs. >> nice to see you. thanks as always and have a good convention. >> thanks. >> we recognize some of the faces. we will talk to the man behind some of these caricatures. you can feel. introducing the all-new cadillac xts. available with a patented safety alert seat. when there's danger you might not see, you're warned by a pulse in the seat. it's technology you won't find in a mercedes e-class. the all-new cadillac xts has arrived,
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you might have spotted our ever gray wall of fame at the cnn grill. it's a who's who of the many folks who joined us this week in charlotte. i will take you on a closer look. tom richmond of "mad" magazine. he's one of the most popular men at the dnc. check out who's who at the big board. >> we have a-list celebrities. c circumstance's phil harper and the dude himself, jeff bridges. we also have plenty of political stars. >> they make me look thinner than i am. that's good. >> a likeness of you?
1:59 pm
you like it? >> i recognized the guy. >> he captured my hair good. it's very hard to do my hair, kind of goes one way or the other. >> it's not michael angelo but a good acceptable thing to do. >> i like the fact i have a nice grin, smiling, you know what i mean? >> can you guess who some of these folks are? >> intentionally sat so i wouldn't see this caricature. i think it looks nothing like me. i don't know who this person is. >> this is my caricature. does it look like me? i'm not sure. maybe a little. >> angel suzanne, devil suzanne? which one? >> i think it looks like clark,
2:00 pm
maybe? >> i would pass this by a million times and not think it was me. do you think it looks like me? >> democratic national convention concludes tonight with the speech of president barack obama. be sure to tune in for all the events and our expert analysis beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern. citizen citiz cnn continues with brooke baldwin. >> right now, president obama is getting ready to delivery his speech he will never give again. the president will get a major spotlight in primetime really to make his case, to you, to america. elect me one more time and just moments ago, we hopped on a conference call with supporters, basically credential holders, thousands of them, not just in north carolina, across the country to explain his decision to move his speech from charlotte's football stadium from outside to inside. take a listen.
2:01 pm
>> the problem was a safety issue. i could not ask you, volunteers, law enforcement, first responders, to subject themselves to the risk of severe thunderstorms. you guys can imagine with all that goes on with the security issues involved, getting 70,000 people into a place is tough. getting them out of there is even tougher. if we had started seeing severe thunderstorms and lightning, in particular, it would have been a proble problem. >> we're going to take you back to charlotte in just a moment. first a new report on the fighting in syria. before i show you that, i want to walk you through a couple items today. all week long on this show, cnn's nick paton walsh, has been taking us so close to the fighting there, you can almost smell the fear and anger on the streets. look at this woman, like this extraordinary footage from just
2:02 pm
a couple days ago. >> reporter: a truck races through traffic. we follow them because wave seen man limp inside, carrying a limp little girl in his arms but perhaps because our car is new, he now rushes towards us for help. grena is 4. >> quick, quick! >> 4-year-old rena would later die. she was just one of the children caught in this battle nick showed us and there was also this moment. >> reporter: they find the first body. the little girl is lifeless. the blanket providing little dignit dignity. >> a lifeless little girl right there. take a look at this, because nick's camera also caught this tiny survivor. it provided a rare moment in this reporting really all week
2:03 pm
long where we could finally collectively exhale. i want to bring in nick. he is live for us, once again, from turkey. you have spent so much time in syria. these are just a couple examples you've been able to document this week. what i want to know is this. are you showing united states t -- showing us the worst of the worst or is what not's being shown on television even more shocking? >> reporter: obviously, there's some footage we're not able to show you. we were there for simply five days and, really, these are the stories we stumbled across. you know, it's a hard place to research the most tragic incidents. but we literally drove into the story of rena, shot by a sniper and the air crash is something we saw also. i think they represent a kind of common view of the kind of tragedy being experienced on a daily basis. i'm sure there are more tragic examples. the fact people are being
2:04 pm
subjected on an average level to this sort of horror frankly tells you exactly what life is like for ordinary residents of that city, brook. >> we are committed to sharing your stories, showing the atrocities happening everyday. from the civilians to kids to rebels, you and your crew fort lauderdale a gro lauderdale -- followed a group of them as they were battling over a small piece of ground maybe 100 yards. tell me about that. >> reporter: we got a challenge to spend four days with one particular rebel unit trying to retake about 100 yards of street they moved down the week before, being pushed back down again. men of great energy and commitment, very little military training. young, not professional soldiers led by older men with military experience. this gives you a sign of this challenge ahead for this rebel army as it tries to dislodge a well trained syrian military in
2:05 pm
one of the country's most important city. the new dead lie next to the old. aleppo's oldest city, thousands of years in the making, coming apart fast. rebel forces as they push into vital terrain and fight serious commercial capital towards a key police station. they mass in number and force. chaos but also bravery. they move to a tree of an injured rebel at the very front.
2:06 pm
[ screaming ]. >> reporter: somehow the superior regime firepower lets them escape with their wounded. when we rejoin them a few days later, they have fallen back the 100 feet they gained. civilians in uniform, they're taking potshots at nothing in particul particular, goading their enemy with revolutionary song, even offering them a number to call if they want to defect. but they can't advance again. it's not just the regime's bomber jets that hold them back, up on the roof, we see how snipers, deadly accurate here,
2:07 pm
can freeze the front line. in this historic part of this city, the rebels are trying to inch forward but so often pushed back by government forces, in this case, held back by a government sniper positioned in the buildings opposite us. even from the rebel sniper position, the regime is close but well dug in. a conscript years ago but now an electrician. a sniper is shooting at them and he moves across the road to take aim. but his discipline and marksmanship is the exception. he thinks he got him. it's the older men here who are in charge, a local commander briefly visits and tells me his brigade has given up on outside
2:08 pm
help from the west. this is our final word, he says. we don't want any help from anybody. we're no longer waiting and we have the means to topple the regime. he outlines a plan of men shortly afterwards. one rebel tells us they plan to fill it with explosives, then tie a prisoner's hands to the wheel and force him to die driving the bus bomb at the regime. but even though we saw the brigade take prisoners earlier, that doesn't happen here when the bus leaves. a garbage truck arrives instead they plan to place down the street as cover for their gunmen. preparation preparations during operation, handmade grenades, homemade bombs, highly volatile canisters full of fertilizer explosive. but the men still lack focus. shooting in the dark.
2:09 pm
later that night, we leave, but they drive the truck down the street. at dawn, it's in place and they hold position. overnight, they tried to gain the advantage by moving that dump truck 100 feet past their last position. still, these men who have been unable to advance over this incredibly small amount of terrain. the regime fires grenades setting it to light. the rebels decide to fight back. this is an anti-aircraft gun. they seem to prefer noise to accuracy. they run forward to fire rocket propelled grenades. there's too much smoke to know what they hit. more to gain in a fight to the death. this is a city of millions, pulled apart by every pitched battle for every 100 feet.
2:10 pm
>> so, nick, in looking at this piece, you point this out, this is truly a small portion, a sliver, if you will, of terrain here, in a very key city. i'm curious, with the bloodshed of battle, what do these rebels consider a victory? >> reporter: you know, i think small victories are enough for them. you saw just them, then running down the street firing a rocket propelled grenade. they get bolstered by things like that. they feel it might lead to something more significant. i think at the end of the day, they consider the fact they're still there and still fighting and still able to put the regime within its defended position, that in itself is a victory. there's very little doubt in their minds they will prevail. that's fair to suggest as a general observer that comment as well. it's really, how long is this conflict going to go on for? the syrian regime and its military showing no signs at this point of weakening. brooke. >> thank you.
2:11 pm
quick reminder tomorrow, we're having a guest on talking specifically about the children of syria, part of this culture now as these very young people talking about growing up in this culture of fear and hate. have a lot more for you in the next two hours. watch this. >> first, it was his wife, then a democratic predecessor, now,it is up to president obama to sell himself once again to the money people and will give it a go tonight in a very important swing state. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. just moments ago, amazon revealing its new product in the fight against apple. plus, masked men kidnap a bank manager. strap a device to her stomach and then she goes face to face with her own employees. and we're keeping a close eye on wall street as investors gear up for tomorrow's big time jobs report. endless shrimp is our most popular promotion
2:12 pm
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folks, we are starting to get down to the wire. two months here until the day of the election, that being november 6th. tonight, barack obama will state his case for a second term in office to his party and to the country. they haven't told us what time the president will speak. indeed, they might not know themselves. we do know the president willful joe biden, the other big speaker and gabriel giffords, the congresswoman from arizona will be leading the pledge of allegiance and we all know her story. maybe the biggest question is this, can he top this? quite a moment here. >> you must vote and you must reelect president barack obama. god bless you and god bless america.
2:16 pm
>> what a moment. my colleague, was in the hall there last night when bill clinton absolutely brought the place down. then you top the things off. the president walks out. we'll show it here in a moment. you can see the big embrace. what did that sound like or feel like? >> it was really an incredible thing to watch. like watching a veteran major league pitcher use every one of his pitches perfectly. bill clinton may be out of office but is not out of tricks. this guy is a political maestro. i was hanging out in the arkansas delegation just before the speech, i asked long time delegates that supported clinton in the '70s and said, does barack obama need clinton? this long term delegate turned to me and said, are you kidding me? he's bill clinton. he was right. clinton delivered everything he could for barack obama. as i was leaving, i heard people
2:17 pm
quoting back lines clinton had said. today, talking not just delegates but senior democratic insiders, they say, they're frankly, relieved someone articulated the argument they've been hoping to hear from the white house the last several years. >> he did it in such a perfectly statistical wonkky folksy kind of way that is bill clinton. when the other side says you hit it out of the park to continue with your baseball analogy, you probably hit it out of the park. this is a republican strategist just moments after president clinton spoke. >> tonight, after everybody leaves, lock the door. you don't have to come back tomorrow. this convention is done. this will be the moment that probably re-elected barack obama. bill clinton saved the democratic party. >> this convention is done. that pretty much speaks for itself uttered in the heat of the moment.
2:18 pm
let me move on. what about the president? what does he need to do or say tonight? what can the president do to persuade supporters and the swing voters to win over this really narrow band of undecideds out there? >> what they're telling me he will do tonight, he will provide tangible concrete things in his speech. the white house and obama campaign is saying mitt romney didn't really provide any path forward in his convention last week, just a lot of complaints about the way things have been going but no actual ideas for moving ahead. we're told tangible concrete things tonight. we've been asking, does that mean policy proposals? like a state of the union? no. don't expect 12 point plans and hundreds of pages of details but a path forward with specific ideas. that's what we're expecting tonight. frankly, i think a lot of people are expecting the type of speech obama has given in the past that uplifts the crowd, gets
2:19 pm
activists excited. there are people here who still want to be excited. democrats who cam in uneasy and want that loving feeling back from four years ago. >> they want the loving feeling and also specifics. i know i said we're done with bill clinton. i want to play a short snippet of his speech. this is his answer to the question republicans keep on posing. take a listen. >> when president barack obama took office, the economy was in free fall. it had just shrunk 9 full% perc gdp. we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. are we doing better than that today? the answer is yes. >> this is something john ber n berman, democrats, clinton, you heard the pronoun, the "we,"
2:20 pm
saying, yes, we are, we as a country. is that more than just a rhetorical difference, the republicans focusing on the you and the democrats with the "we"? >> that's an interesting point. it really is. i didn't notice it until you just asked me that and played it back. i think this again gets back to bill clinton's unbelievable strength, his gift as a politician, which is to make everyone feel like he's one of us, like he's your friend. touches you, feels your pain, knows what's going on in your psyche. i think that may have been a very specific thing. i think the republicans don't want to create this as us and them and not saying you guys versus us guys. what you saw was someone with a lot of inate skill, bill clinton trying to make people feel like they're invested in this election. >> john, thank you. president obama is expected to address 70,000 supporters tonight in charlotte's open air football stadium. as we've been telling you, his
2:21 pm
speech is now moved indoors to the convention arena. one charlotte editor used this word, the word he used was "buzz kill." not backing down. he was on that conference call a little while ago when the president spoke. now, i'm about to give you a number, a number you want to keep in mind from now until election day. here it is. 3 316,000. 316,000. it could help decide the election. what am i talking about? that's next. [ male announcer ] whether it's kevin's smartphone...
2:22 pm
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2:24 pm
president obama is trying to chip chip chip away at that unemployment rate as, of course, election day is nearing. today, a bit of good news. the labor department said 365,000 people filed for new unemployment benefits. that is last week. that is down 12,000 from the week before. and with jobless claims down, the markets are going up. allis alison kosik, let me bring you in to tell me how far up. >> first of all, i want to put this out there. i've been getting a lot of tweets today about people saying, allison, how can you say
2:25 pm
there's improvement? i'm sitting here out of work, i can't get a job. when you hear these numbers, they probably won't resonate for you if you don't have a job. the first-time unemployment claims falling won't resonate for you. it's showing there is improvement in the jobs numbers for this country and we got the payroll processing firm said private employers add ed 201,00 new jobs, better than expected. >> and not just for the markets or americans or the president or mitt romney, depending how it comes out, the big monthly jobs report. do we have any idea what to expect? >> what this adp report is, kind of appetizer to the main course coming tomorrow. what's coming out tomorrow is much more cautious. analysts survey ed are suspecte to say the economy added 121,000 in aug, a disappointment after 163,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate is
2:26 pm
expected to hold steady at 8.33%. >> to be clear, if you're using that number, we talk about the race to zero. the president needs to add 316,000, the number we showed before the break, that's the number to get the job loss -- to get all those negated basically since he took office. can he do it by the end of october, just before election day? >> that's a great question. to get 316,000 jobs before the election, it means we really need to average 105,000 jobs in each of the next three months. this year, if you look at the year, we've averaged about 150,000 jobs. believe it or not, it is doable to get there. if he gets there, it would be a huge milestone for the obama campaign. both campaigns will make hey whatever the numbers are. they will spin it whatever they want. republicans say the glass is still half-empty, not enough job creation to bring down the unemployment rate and democrats saying glass half full. we were losing 800,000 jobs a
2:27 pm
month when the president took office. look, the economy is adding jobs. guess what? both those sides would be right if they spun it those ways. >> that's why tomorrow is so key and the october jobs number. >> yes. >> thank you. appreciate it. a woman. a mom man badly injured in a helicopter crash, bruising or breaking most of her body, now lara sharpe is using art to recover and spread her message of hope. dr. sanjay gupta has today's "human factor." >> reporter: on motorcycemorial weekend, 2008, laura and her aunt was traveling to catalina island. >> there were helicoptering traveling with the staff and life changed. there was some mechanical failure and we lost power.
2:28 pm
>> reporter: three of the six aboard died in the crash. lara's stepdaughter, badly injured herself, saw her unconscious mother, and dragged her from the wreckage by her hair. critical care specialist, dr. andreia feinberg assumed responsibility for laura's treatment. >> she had literally fallen out of the sky and every part of her body was either fractured or suffering in some way. i wasn't sure how she would survive everything. >> reporter: laura suffered burns over nearly half her body, suffered major brain trauma, severe damage to her eyes and face, dozen offers fractures, collapsed lungs not to mention psychological trauma. >> i'm newly con figured from head to toe. they did such a beautiful job putting me back together, i'm like humpty-dumpty. definitely took all the king's horses and all the kings' men. >> it's never faster than your guardian angel can fly.
2:29 pm
>> reporter: today, laura is moving forward healing expressing herself through art. laura believes in art therapy so strongly she founded artists for trauma. a nonprofit dedicated to helping other survivors to heal. shelly jones lost her ability to sea following a stroke as a result of a bacterial infection in her heart. she's been paired with potter cho. >> it will be difficult for me to see exactly but i can feel it. >> reporter: laura feels she's found her life's purpose. >> tempering some joyous interaction to distract the survivor from their pain. bring them the love. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> sanjay, thank you. the vice president of the united states should have the president's back and do know harm, right? well, see some joe biden moments here as a one man gaffe machine. just what will he say tonight? ♪ the one and only, cheerios
2:30 pm
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2:33 pm
just before the president takes the stage at the democratic national convention tonight, we will hear from vice president joe biden. we all know the vice president has had a few slips of the tongue. he's a professional and certainly knows what's at stake tonight. suzanne mall veaux with how he n win voters for president obama. >> reporter: when it's all about talking the talk, for vice president biden, it may be about keeping quiet. >> unchain wall street. they will put you all back in chains. >> this is a [ bleep ] deal. >> she's easily qualified to be
2:34 pm
vice president of the united states of america and quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. >> reporter: that wasn't the first time where biden made repeated gaffes. >> the goal of a vice-presidential speech is the same goal for the vice-presidential candidate generally, and the first goal is do know harm. so even among democratic circles, joe biden is seen as this one man gaffe machine. his first job is to get into and out of the convention without any major verbal stumbles. >> reporter: but the six time senator can also be an effective weapon for the party, when he trains his sites on the opposition and fires. >> they call their plan new, they call it bold and they call it gutsy. but the neighborhood i come from, there's nothing gutsy about giving a millionaire another tax break. >> reporter: figuring out when to shut up or put up is never easy when you're the number two. geraldine ferraro had to focus
2:35 pm
on her ticket but still remind people of the history making moment. >> the promise of our country is that the rules are fair. >> reporter: gore also took the vision route and led a macarena dance to shake off his wooden personality. >> billions of people are losing faith in the very idea of democracy, but you can't kill hope that easily, not in america, not here. >> reporter: for biden, the best advice may be just to stick with what's in the script. >> we know that the vice president is prone to gaffes, but the conventions are very scripted, and so there will be fewer opportunities for those types of errors. i think if the sticks to the crypt and comes across as competent and supportive of the president and their achievements over the past few years, i think that he'll be fine. >> reporter: or since it's biden, fine enough. >> every presidential election
2:36 pm
has come down to one fundamental look as it relates to the candidates. who has the most character? who has the character to conviction -- of their convictions and who has the vision? folks, it will not surprise you on that score, i don't even think it's close. >> reporter: suzanne malveaux, cn cnn. >> again, it is the vice president and the president this evening. in our primetime coverage, starting at 7:00. we have the ball rolling with wolf blitzer and cnn cooper and the rest of the political team and president obama will officially accept his party's nomination for re-election in the 10:00 hour. at midnight, piers morgan will put a wrap on the 2012 democratic national convention all happening tonight on cnn. next, a little girl hides for hours in a car where three adults were shot and killed. one prosecutor says it goes well beyond anything you would see on television.
2:37 pm
2:38 pm
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a little less imperfect. call... and lock in your rate for 12 months. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a british cyclist out for a spin in the alps comes across a
2:40 pm
murder scene so horrendous it's making international news. four shot in the head execution style, one of the dead, a cyclist who might have witnessed the shooting, an 8-year-old who might have been wounded eight times just walking on the road. eight hours after police locked down the crime scene waiting for frisk to arrive, this 4-year-old girl was discovered lying completely still but uninjured, hiding under the body of her own mother. the family in that car were from britain and dan is there from england. dan. >> reporter: brook, this is the house where this family lived. it's in a very quiet part of southwest london, claygate. really no clues at all why any would want to have him and his entire family shot in this kind of execution style manner. we've spoken to neighbors who
2:41 pm
described them as quiet and nice, a devoted father to his two girls, spoken to his accountant, who really had no clue at all as to business interests or conflict of business interests that would have led to a fallout with any. he was a mechanical engineer, draftsman and worked for a number of clients, including airbus. he came to this country from iraq in 2002, before the u.s. invasion, but no suggestion of anything in his past life so far in iraq. he wasn't involved with politics and no suggestion of sectarian involvement in iraq. his wife was training to be a dentist here. really, the profound sense here is one of shock from the neighbors and all that knew the family but they have been caught up in such awful appalling violence in france. the prosecutors in france are keeping an open mind. there was a french sighlist also
2:42 pm
found shot at the scene. the french authorities don't know whether it was the cyclist who may have been targeted and the family happened to turn up and were witnesses to that and killed as a result or whether the family were targeted first and the cyclist was a witness and therefore he was killed. at the moment, really no sense at all why this has happened. the only two witnesses to this are the two girls, one of whom is in hospital with three gunshot wounds to her shoulder. the 4 yellow, the youngest one is in a profound sense of shock from all this, been given counseling and, of course, the authorities will want to talk to both of them as soon as they're able to. brooke. >> absolutely awful. dan rivers, thank you so much for us in england. next to california, this bizarre bank robbery. police were searching for two men who strapped what they said was a bomb to a bank manager and made her walk in and rob her own bank. i was spotting,
2:43 pm
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it is a bank heist straight out of a screen play. right now, there's no hollywood ending. the bad guys are yet to be caught. the good news, the bank manager was not hurt. they kidnapped her and then strapped a device to her body they said was a bomb and then told her to walk into her bank and rob her own co-workers. this is east l.a. >> she was told to drive to the bank on her own with the device, to the bank and given instructions what to do. >> police then say the woman walked out with a substantial amount of money, handed it off to the kidnappers who have yet to be seen. bomb teams detonated the device they later learned was not a bomb. an airplane sure isn't the best place to fake a security scare. a caller identified a passenger on board a u.s. airlines flight and said he was carrying some
2:47 pm
sort of explosive substance. the plane turned around to philadelphia this morning and the guy was called off by police. now, they say it was just a nasty trick played on the passenger. the fbi says the caller will be prosecuted when and if they are found. tom brokaw has been allowed to leave a hospital in charlotte, north carolina, after a bit of early morning scare. brokaw tweeted all is well and said he mistakenly took a half dose of ambien, the former anchor and special correspondent apparently felt light headed on his appearance on morning joe. he is 72 years old. one of the most important figures in the history of the national football league has died. art modell was the owner of the cleveland browns for 35 years until he moved them back to baltimore in 1936. it angered many. he was 87 years old. moments ago, amazon revealed
2:48 pm
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what's in your wallet? [ cheers and applause ]
2:50 pm
all right. all of you who love a good new tech toy or two. amazon has something up its sleeve. it just launched a new kindle fire hd, also reviewing the back lit kindle paper white.
2:51 pm
it claims its battery lasts eight weeks. eight weeks! dan simon joins me live from santa monica, california. that is a mighty nice promise from amazon on the battery. what about the features and the updates? >> reporter: i have to say, you know, the biggest surprise is the price of the basic kendyll fire, 1$159. kendall fi kendall -- kindle fire. they can't make much money. there is deep integration with amazon services from books to apps to music. impressive devices and ups the game for amazon. the kindle fire hd coming in two sizes, a 7 inch screen and a 9 inch screen. the kindle fire hd will start at $199, a little more expensive than the other one, $159. but also a lot cheaper than the
2:52 pm
ipad. the entry level ipad starting at $400. there are some good bargains to be had if you're looking to buy a tablet. >> what about this back lit paper white reader? what is that? >> reporter: you know, a lot of complaints people have had, not just with the kendle but ane ki ability to read in direct sunlight and read in the dark. this new kindle allows you to do just that. you can read at the beach or you can read in bed. that's kind of a nice feature. it gives you all the kindle features you're accustomed to. we should also tell you, according to amazon, with these new kindle fires, they reduced the glare by about 25% so in theory, you should be able to read it in direct sunlight. we'll have to get our hands on one of them and take a look. >> i know that pesky glare when
2:53 pm
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2:56 pm
batteries. jim acosta is with us. okay. we will talk to jim in a second. here's the sound from romney. let's roll it. do we have the sound? we're trying. we're working on it. we know that mitt romney has been practicing for the speech. we know that rob portman has been the one who's been practicing as president obama and we know that he has been holed up in a home from a lieutenant-governor of massachusetts, and that is where they're doing a lot of prep in anticipation of the debates, about a month away. here we go. here are the pictures from earlier. do we have the sound? let's listen in. >> thank you. >> thank you, mitt. look forward to your inauguratio inauguration. >> we'll look for you at the white house. will you salute the marines? because obama don't salute them.
2:57 pm
>> army here. we have every branch. >> we make all the noise. i do know that. all right. great, guys. thank you. >> all right. we're going to take you live to new hampshire here in just a moment. first, he has big big night looming. fist things first talking about the president right now. the president has had to reach out to some disappointed campaign volunteers, some of the folks who traveled to charlotte but now will not be attending his speech tonight because of yesterday's decision to move it inside. this picture where you're seeing the timewarner cable arena. now, the president talked by conference call a little while ago to the folks, many of whom called in from across the country who are just plain out of luck. >> the problem was a safety issue. i could not ask you, our volunteers, law enforcement, first responders, to subject
2:58 pm
themselves to the risk of severe thunderstorms. you guys can imagine, with all the nagging that goes on and security issues involved, getting 70,000 people into a place is tough, getting them out of there is even tougher. if we had started seeing severe thunderstorms and lightning, in particular, it would have been a proble problem. >> jessica yellin, let me bring you in, our chief white house correspondent. i listened in to this call and it was the president himself whose voice you heard talking to these credentialed holders. is there a reason why he himself talked to these disappointed volunteers? >> yes. these were the people that they recruit as their grassroots force to get out the vote. they were planning to hold the event inside that outdoor stadium for the very purpose of having all these campaign supporters present so that they could ask them to text,
2:59 pm
earthquake-mail, call their friends, the things you remember from the 2008 obama campaign and have them there. the fact it's moving indoors means they won't get to attend the president's speech so you can imagine a lot of folks might be disappointed. this is a way for the campaign to reach out to them and have the president directly s say -- sort of touch base with them, in a way apologize, and the campaign says they'll be invited to other events another time. but it's a way to connect to those grassroots volunteers they're counting on. >> we're actually talking to a credential holder who says, yes, she's bummed over this and ask if this all changes her vote come november in a matter of minutes. we're hearing today about this quote-unquote chaos some people are calling it that erupted at the convention, this was yesterday afternoon actually. here's my idea of chaos. let's roll this tape. this goes back to chicago, if we can see it, this was 1968, riots in the str


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