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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 28, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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revisiting the issue from what i have heard by the reports from people who were in court, it sounds to me like the death penalty is still in play with the new jury. the supreme court of the united states has ruled that you can -- even though the death penalty gets set aside on retrial, you can reimpose the death penalty. not a violation of the double jeopardy clause. >> thank you. >> so that's what the law is in this area, but we have to see the court's decision. >> thank you, paul. i appreciate you doing that so last minute. we're flat out of time. show is over. thank you to you and newsroom international starts now with suzanne malveaux. >> okay. welcome to "newsroom international." i'm suzanne malrow. we're teaing you around the world in 60 minutes. the grabbed the world's attention if he u.n. general assembly. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu standing with a simple drawing of a bomb by his side, a pen in his hand showing world leaders literally where red line should be drawn on iran. today netanyahu will have the
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attention of both presidential candidates. president obama will be making a phone call to the israeli leader today. so is the man who wants to take his job, mitt romney. no doubt both of the conversations netanyahu will be pressing his case on iran. specifically what the u.s. is & other allied countries need to do to stop iran from getting a nuclear bomb. so here's what he said before the general assembly. >> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right he here. before -- before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment mess to make a bomb. >> it reminds us of that old boris and bullwinkle with the bomb and the fuse and all that. it was really quite bizarre way to demonstrate this red line.
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talk a little bit about what we anticipate, what we expect from this phone call, first of all, between president obama and netanyahu? >> well, as you know, president obama decided not to meet with mr. -- with prime minister netanyahu. so that was considered kind of, i guess, you know, a little cold shoulder, so what he is doing is he is going to have a phone call although they're not saying it directly, you can kind of feel that maybe this is an indication that there was a little blow-back from that, that he was maybe deliberately not meeting with him, so this is a way of getting them on the page and after that very important and dramatic speech yesterday by the prime minister, it is important for them to talk, and that's all part of this idea that the united states, israel, and other countries are working together to try to get to prevent iran from getting any type of nuclear device. >> is there a sense, jill, from the people that you are talking to at the state department or in
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the white house that they missed an opportunity here by not having a face-to-face conversation with netanyahu, that perhaps they could have improved and ease tension between these two leaders? >> well, i mean, i think they wanted to send a message because they feel -- felt that they were being pushed and pressured by mr. netanyahu to set that red line, and that was what the speech that mr. netanyahu had yesterday was all about. >> he said you really have to put the pressure to them, and ultimately they will cave. i think, you know, it's very important that they -- that they decide let's say it was a message that they wanted to send. >> sure. and talk a little bit about the relationship between mitt romney and netanyahu. i mean, they're old friends. they worked back in the day at a begs consulting company in the 1970s, and their relationship has evolved over the last 35
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years. they're going to be on the phone as well. >> right. and, well, personally, they know each other. it's actually almost 40 years that they've known each other. they were consultants, in the 1970s, and so there's that personal relationship and don't forget that mr. romney also went to israel over the summer and visited. israel is very important for him obviously politically. >> it could help him to pick up jewish votes spshgs that could be important in places like florida. he also could pick up some christian -- conservative christians who support israel, and then also, it gives him a chance to slam mr. obama on iran and try to make the case that obama is weak on iran, so it is useful for him on a number of levels. >> all right. jill, wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall or listening in on either one of those phone
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conversations today. if you get a heads up or read-out, please let us know. thanks, jill. >> nearly 100 people were killed in syria today. we're talking about today during attacks between the government troops and rebel fighters. >> most of those people died here fighting in the city of aleppo. you see those images there. it is the same day that secretary of state hillary clinton is there. they're dedicate to ending the syrian civil war and helping the people whose lives have been ruined. earlier this week more than 340 people were killed in a single day of fighting in syria. now, government forces are also reportedly shelling parts of damascus and holmes as well. well, u.s. intelligence is now showing us that syria has moved chemical weapons for security reasons. defense secretary leon panetta characterized it as limited movement and believed the
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stockpiles were secured by the syrian military. now, panetta says the sites are being monitored by the united states and other countries. he says they're keeping a close eye on the situation. earlier today barbara star questioned the defense secretary about the development, and she's going to be joining in just a few moments. >> there's a group in d.c. that's figured out a way to send u.s. dollars to the rebels, and the government, well, the u.s. government is nott happy about this. brian todd has the story. >> reporter: outgunned at the beginning, syrian's rebels have gradually gained strength, taking the fight more directly to bashar al assad's regime and scoring victories. could some of the victories have started from this computer in washington? >> that's where you can actually identify where they conduct -- where they have a stronghold. >> brian heads the u.s.-based arm of the syrian support group, a nongovernmental group dedicated to helping the syrian
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rebels. >> why did you want to do this? >> well, you know, i have a son, and he's 18 months old, and i think that -- i saw too many images of what was going on there. 2-year-olds that are, you know, white, pale, and lifeless. >> on his group's website, you can donate usesing a credit card or pay says pal. the website explicitly states your money can be used by the free syrian army to buy weapons. he says they've raised a couple hundred thousand dollars so far. most of it from a syrian ex-pats. it's all legal. a former nato political officer got the treasury department to give the syrian support group a license so it can raise money for the rebels without violating sanctions against syria. >> it's a way for the u.s. government to allow.
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>> it's just three blocks from the white house just beyond those trees. >> sayiers is clear. his group is nott directly supplying the rebel with weapons. it can't do that legally. he says the money goes to rebel commanders on the ground, people who they've vetted thoroughly who buy the weapons. he says those commanders have to sign a proclamation of principles saying they'll follow the geneva convention and democratic ideals. cnn contributor tom fuentes says it's still dangerous. >> you almost end up with an international fast and furious program. we'll send those weapons there, and they'll end up in the right hands, and we'll be able to track them later. no, you won't. that's what we have right now in libya. >> but how do you know that these people are not just signing your proclamation just to get the weapons and then use it for nefarious purpose? >> we use third party contacts on the ground and use the relationships with family members, the context that our board, all syrian-american, have had for years. >> but they're also providing intelligence. say yerz and his colleague in canada communicate with rebel commanders directly often after
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analyzing google satellite maps of the battlefield. >>. >> realing-time communication, aid, resources going directly to syrian rebel on the ground from a private office in washington and a basement in toronto. contacted by cnn, the state department wasn't thrilled with the arrangement. one official is saying further militaryizing the conflict is not something the vast majority of syrians are seeking and that it could potentially lead to greater loss of life. >> brian todd is joining us from d.c. brian, so let's get this straight here. anybody with a credit card can go to the website, give money, that eventually could end up in the hands of rebel fighters and provide a weapon for those rebel fighters. is it just as easy as that? >> it absolutely is, suzanne. he showed me the website yesterday. can you go there with your own credit card. you can use pay pal. you can pretty much give as much money as you want, and that
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money will get to syrian rebel commanders on the ground and basically it's their discretion on how to use it. they can use it for medical supplies. they can use it for communications equipment, but, yes, they can also use it to get, you know, guns, weapons, ammunition. things like that. it's pretty smooth, actually. >> in your piece there sounds like a lot of questions whether or not this vetting process is really adequate to be putting a lot of trust in some of these guys on the ground. we don't even know really who some of these people are, but how do they resolve all the weapons, the tons of weapons that would be left in syria after the fighting stops? >> well, brian sayiers says they do vet them very authorize yesly and make them sign that proclamation, of course. you can sign a proclamation and render it meaningless the moment you sign it if you are in a situation like that. it's chaotic on the ground. there's no guarantee that these weapons aren't going to be flowing and tom fuees our contributor says he may well just have a chaotic weapons flow because of this. he said that if you look at
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libya right now, he says it's not impossible that the weaponry used m attack that killed the u.s. ambassador came from u.s. sources with the noble idea of overthrowing gadhafi, but it's still not impossible that those weapons were used in that attack. he fears that this could happen in syria. >> and, brian, the state department, you said they're not thrilled with this. can they do anything to stop it? >> it doesn't look like they can. this group has a license from the treasury department. it is legal. it is money going for a certain cause, and under the perimeters that they've set here, this is legal. you can but beth the state department is watching this. >> brian. thank you. appreciate it. >> one more note about syria. we told you earlier that a meeting was going on between the ktsz that are dedicated to helping the people of syria that are caught in that civil war, of course. well, united nations now predicts that the number of syrian people who fled their homes is going to reach 700,000 by the end of this year. that's about 3% of the entire
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i want to go to a campaign rally. this is mitt romney live in wayne, left of philadelphia. this is at the valley forge military academy and college. let's listen in. >> one of our national hymns says it well, in my view. oh beautiful for heroes proved in liberating strife who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life. for all of you who have served in our military, would you please raise your hands, and for those also in the military today, please raise your hand and be recognized. thank you. >> now, about a year ago i had the opportunity to speak at the citadel in south carolina where
12:16 pm
also another military academy was training young people to consider a career in the military, and just like this group of cadets behind me, they didn't move when i told my jokes, so i learned not to worry about that. at that address that i gave there, i said a number of things that i thought were important. one was that this next century, the one we're now in, must be an american century, and by that i mean that america must continue to lead the free world and the free world must continue to lead the entire world. there are other models out there, and there are people around the world wondering should we follow america, and the model of freedom with opportunity that's presented by economic freedom and personal freedom and economic freedom, or should we instead follow the model of a nation like china, for instance, whose me is growing? do you understand that china's economy is growing at about 7% or 8%. russia's economy is growing at 4%. our economy is growing at 1.3%.
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yeah. we're on a very different road than what i think the world expects for the people of the united states of america, and if i'm elected president of this country,ly get us back on a road of growth and prosperity and strength. [ cheering ] >> now, as we've seen over the last year, the world needs american leadership. i think we look around, and we say why is it we're at the mercy of events? why are we not shaping events? the other day -- i mean, the other day the president said that, you know, he has a vision for what's going to happen in the middle east, but there are going to be bumps in the road along the way. i don't consider 20,000 or 30,000 people dying in syria just a bump in the road or a muslim brotherhood president in
12:18 pm
egypt a bump in the road. i don't consider the killing of our diplomats in libya as a bump in the road, and i sure as heck don't consider iran becoming nuclear a bump in the road. we need someone who recognizes the seriousness of what's ahead and is willing to lead. the administration -- the administration has characterized their foreign policy as leading from behind. i call that following. it's time for america to lead, and we will lead again. now, it's difficult -- it's difficult to lead the world if we have an economy that's not thriving and putting people to work. it's difficult to lead the world when you have a president deciding to cut our military commitment by $1 trillion.
12:19 pm
that's 1,000 billion dollars over the next decade. the secretary of defense, as i said, has called that a devastating series of cuts to our military. you realize that our navy is older and -- excuse me. it is smaller. our navy is smaller in terms of the number of ships that at any time since 1917. our air force is older and smaller than any time since it was founded in 1947. yet, we continue to take funding out of our military. this idea of $1 trillion in cuts to our military is wrong. when i'm elected president of the united states, we will restore our military. we will not cut our military commitment. >> mitt romney of pennsylvania in a very critical swing state.
12:20 pm
>> is he concerned that this means something aggressive? >> the syrian ridge i'm, because of their own security concerns, because of the deteriorating security situation inside syria has moved some chemical weapons to consolidate some of the main sites, but i want you to listen to what he had to say because he then offered a bit of a different take on it. have a listen. >> those sites do remain secured by the syrian military. there has been intelligence that there have been some moves that have taken place.
12:21 pm
where exactly that's taken place we don't know. >> there have been some moves, and where exactly that's taken place, we don't know. it's a little difficult to figure out how the secretary can say everything is secure when he also says there's been some moves and they really don't know very much about it. >> this is something being watched around the clock. >> that would be an optimistic perception there. let's see if it squares with what the defense secretary told you? >> we have been very clear to the assad regime, but also to other players on the ground that a red line for us is we start
12:22 pm
saying a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus, my equation. >> so, barbara, is the calculus -- is the equation changing here? that's what the -- the president said the red line. how do you square that with what the defense aekt is saying today many. >> listen to what the president is saying. you're right. a whole lot of weapons moving around. the pentagon seems to feel at this point that it is for security purposes security consolidation as we've been saying, but, you know, at what point does that change. at what point do they see the potenti potential. that's the critical juncture. they don't think it's there yet, but the president said something very interesting. the rebelling i'm other other players. as the fighting intensifies in syria, one of the big emerging concerns is what if the rebels begin to take some of these
12:23 pm
weapons? what if they gain access to them? capture a military facility where some of these weapons are. the rebels may be as big a concern right now as the regime. >> all right. barbara star out of the pentagon. thanks. going to have much more on this after the break. ill stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! well we brought back layaway, so you can pay a little bit at a time. my kids would be like [tearfully] this is the best day ever! [ sobbing ] [ male announcer ] layaway's back. shop now and have more time to pay. walmart. silverado! the most dependable, longest lasting, full-size pickups on the road. so, what do you think? [ engine revs ] i'll take it. [ male announcer ] it's chevy truck month. now during chevy truck month,
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battles raging today in control of somalia. there hasn't been a working government there for decades. right now soldiers from the african union are fighting against a militant group that has ties to al qaeda. now, troops like these from ken are a, they are in southern somalia right now fighting militants. today they say this battle has turned. want to bring in michael holmes to talk about this. al shabaab is the name. linked to al qaeda. is this something that is linked to the osama bin laden al qaeda, or is it a little bit further out? what is this group? >> it's linked to the al qaeda and the islamic -- the aqim al qaeda. they share the same ideaologies. they said they were merging with al qaeda. it's an ultra conservative islamic group that was really born out of the chaos of the black hawk down era, as you'll recall, where there was no government and, you know, clanz
12:27 pm
were running everything, and that's where they came from, and, yes, they want shaara law allied with al qaeda. now, this town that -- it's a city really. very important place. it's in the southern part of the country, but what makes it important is that it is their only urban base that's left. they control huge parts of the country. it's the only urban base. it's also a port, and that's why it's important. they get their weapons in from the port, and they get taxes. it's basically because it's a port, it's their funding. they're trying to cling on to this place, and that's why the african union wants them out. >> who is in charge on the ground? ? >> the kenyans are running this operation. it's an african union force ostensibly under the awes piss of the -- they're pretty good, actually. the kenyans are fighting. they claim that they've taken most of the city, but others disagree. it's a very confusing sort of shifting situation. >> it's strange because this fighting is happening. people are learning about this through twitter, i understand. how does that -- >> it's an interesting angle, isn't it. a sign of the times.
12:28 pm
>> there's an al shabaab twitter account. they said, month, you haven't. we're still here. >> the twitter war happening at the same time. >> it's bizarre. >> who is actually in charge when it comes to the government here? i mean, is there actually somebody who -- we know that there's fighting going on, but is there control, or is this chaos? >> this is the problem. you and i had this conversation a while ago. there was good news that they elected their first president. the first president elected inside the country in decades. this guy pretty much inherited a bit of a poison chal is because he is inheriting a country that's really a patchwork of different territories with
12:29 pm
different interests involved. there's foreign troops there from uganda and from ethiopia and, of course, the kenyans, well, they have little patches of it. then you have the clans and the militias. you have the al shabaab who control huge areas of land. this is the last city, as i said, and theb you've got the pirates. let's not forget them. they're still active in somalia. they're trying to get goods and services up to love them. >> it's just a hotbed of everything. all right. thank you very much, michael. appreciate it. >> a topic that sparked heated debate, but this protest left in speechless. there were women who were naked outside the parliament. they were not iffing to be ignored. cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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all right. here's a picture that caught our attention. take a look. women protesting in the nude outside the parliament. this is annure gu. dozens showed up to protest over abortion rights. rafael roman explains. >> reporter: it was a protest that left many people speechless. a group of naked women with their bodies painted orange in order to send a message about respect for their reproductive rights. the scene outside the parliamentary building in uruguay was one of multiple protests in favor and against the bill that would legalize abortion in the south american country. inside the parliament building the debate was heated with legislators split down the middle over the bill. overcome with emotion, legislator perez said his conscious as a father did not allow him to vote for the bill. at the end of a 16-hour marathon session, legislators approved the bill with the slimmest of
12:34 pm
margins, 50-49. >> translator: this law will produce more health benefits and will reduce the number of abortions because of the medical and psychological assistance it will make available to women. >> reporter: urugauam senate is likely to -- the bill gives women the right to have an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, during the first 14 in the case of rape, but before getting an abortion, women would have to consult with a gynecologist, a psychologist, and a social worker and consider her options for a period of five days. most countries in latten america allow abortion, but only in cases of rape, incest to save a woman's life, or when the fetus is malformed. uruguay would join a short list of countries where abortion is legal on request up to a certain stage of pregnancy. >> translator: abortion in cuba is legal. however, maternal mortality is twice as much adds uruguay.
12:35 pm
legalizing abortion has no affect on maternal mortality. >> reporter: the practice is 12i8 outlawed in the rest of the mainly capital cult. public hospitals make the so-called morning after pill available to their patients. >> rafael romo joins us. you and i were talking about this. you had a lot of blurring to do there to even get this on television. it caused quite a stir there, but let's talk about the role of the catholic church, and are they a dominant force here when it comes to politics and abortion rights sf. >> they are definitely a dominant force, and this bill has polarized uruguay. with the catholic church groups who defend women's rights, who say that the main -- the parliament mainly composed by men, referring to the site, that mainly affects women, and so it's the third time around that they try to aprauf a bill like that. this time in the lower house of congress they were successful,
12:36 pm
but it still has to go to the senate and to the president. >> it's amazing how similar actually when you talk about this story that it is to the debate that's happening here in this country as well. how is this going to play out? what do we expect? >> well, what i heard from from my contacts in uruguay is what's next is really a formality. that both the senate and the president, have already indicated that they will sign it into law. the senate will approve it, and the president will sign it into law, and there's a whole movement to the left in urugua wr. this is the same country that is proposing to legalize marijuana for personal consumption, so that gives you an idea of what's happening there in this south american country. >> all right. rafael, good to see you. thank you. he is part of the biggest political crisis to hit china in two decades. now beijing is making sure that his fall from grace is complete. ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken.
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in nepal 19 people are dead after a plane crashed just after takeover in katmandu. the plane collided with an eagle before it went down, officials say. it is believed to be a factor in the crash, but a full investigation is underway. brits, chinese, nepalese were all among those on board, and british passengers were on their way to begin a hike to mount everest. the politicians fall from greece. china's -- once a rising star bo once topped the list of contenders for team of politicians who effectively would rule the country. well, all that's changed when earlier this year his wife was arrested in a murder case. she was recently convicted in last year's poisoning death of a british businessman. bo is accused of covering up for his wife. he also faces charges for improper sexual relationship with a number of women and accepting bribes and abusing his power. ahead on newsroom
12:41 pm
international -- >> so here's the key question. how can you really tell how connected a place really is? what's the visual evidence that shows how active people are on-line? well, to find out i decided to conduct a bit of an experiment. >> he is going to join us live to tell us how kenyans responded to his challenge. my payments into little bite-size chunks. i mean you feel me right? yeah. uh, sir... ah... [ male announcer ] layaway's back. shop now and have more time to pay. walmart. it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way, right? lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one. something this delicious could only come from nature. now from the maker of splenda sweeteners, discover nectresse.
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so you can start figuring that out sooner. in fact, by thinking about where you want your education to lead, while you're still in school, you might find the best route leads somewhere you weren't even looking. let's get to work. one is for a clean, wedomestic energy future that puts us in control. our abundant natural gas is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. kenya is leading the way in
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africa when it comes to being internet-savvy. just how connected are they? cnn's erol burnett came up with an experiment in the kenyan capital of nairobi. take a look. >> reporter: back in the year 2000 kenya had a mere 200,000 internet users in the country. by the close of 2011, though, that number had jumped to 10.5 million web users. as a result, kenya is now cited as one of the most plugged in countries on the african continent. here's the key question. how can you really tell how connected a place really is? what's the visual evidence that shows how active people are on-line? well, to find out i decided to conduct a bit of an experiment. last night i sent out a tweet simply saying inside africa would be a certain cafe at a certain time and if you wanted to appear on the show, just tell me the password.
12:45 pm
i have just arrived at mail in nib rowy where the password is connected. will anybody show up, and will anybody continue? let's find out. ♪ >> all right. let's see. >> hey. >> hey. >> how are you? >> fine. >> what's your name? >> my name is james. >> nice to meet you. snoo nice to meet you too, erol. welcome to kenya. that's how we do it. >> very nice. >> all right. >> now, the password is connected. >> that's exactly right. >> all right. >> you get to take a seat. >> password, connected. >> you are correct. >> erol? >> yes. >> password is connected. >> yes. how are you? come take a seat. >> connected. >> okay. they know the password. tell me, first of all, how did you see my tweet? where did you read it? how did you find it? >> i follow ow twitter so, i saw
12:46 pm
that yesterday night, and i decided, well, i'm going to get myself. >> what i'm interested in is how connected kenyans are to the web, so do you check twit other your mobile phone? are you on computer. how do you really interact? >> both mobile phones, tablets, and computers. >> how is your life better being on the web and being mobile? >> trying to get in touch with people and all that and to search for jobs. you don't have to go physically to an office. you can call or e-mail. that's easier, which is great here. >> why do you think people in nigh robe where i are so connected on the web and so vocal on-line as well? >> kenyans are open-minded and adapt to change. especially on social media and technology. day to day we have to be connected. it's turning out to be a lifestyle. >> erol is joining us from
12:47 pm
johannes berg. is he the host of cnn international's inside africa. i used to live in kenya back before there was internet. it's fascinating to see how connected they are. do you think part of it was your testing your popularity as well? you know, your twitter followers. >> suzanne, if that was the experiment, it would have failed ms. ably, actually. it's because so many people in kenya do use the internet. for useful things, like making mobile payments, but also to socialize. what i have found is you could describe kenya now as the california of africa. its population is around the same. california is approaching 38 million. kenya is more than 43 million. it has east africa's google headquarters there. most importantly, though, it has these silicone valley-style innovation hubs where young tech entrepreneurs can go and develop their website and cross -- work with other like-minded people to develop things. i saw apps like an app for
12:48 pm
farmers so they can check market price of their goods so the middle man can't mislead them. interactive tablets so that students can look at video and images in their textbooks so to speak to make that more interesting, and even interactive maps to track government projects to make sure people's money is being spent wisely. that would be useful in california or anywhere in the u.s. even. >> sure. i understand your experiment continued. what else did you discover? >> well, we actually went to this innovation hub, and i interviewed some of the people. >> we also rldzed for kenya a reason that it stands out is because it has an underwater sea cable that allows high speed internet. that's a rarity in africa. the government also facilitate this is, and they want to build their own proper silicone value, and suzanne, can you test this
12:49 pm
out. they're proud people and like to express themselves. if you second a stwooet fweet right now, the hash tag kot, that means kenyan on fwiter, will get a response from someone on the other side of the road. if you say shout out to kot from the other side of the web, i guarantee that someone in kenya will reply to you. >> i will rye that. that's pretty cool. where are you headed next? >> well, next on "inside africa" we go to kenya's neighbor to the south, tans kneea, to look at why more people in tanzania believe in witch craft than anywhere else in africa, and we also go to zanzabar, and furz will be able to see that at >> i'll be sending out those tweets. thank you. our moeshl society initiative taking a lake-effect at how mobile technology is changing our world from health to personal relationships to business. for more coverage go to
12:50 pm mobile society or visit our mobile society section in the cnn mobile apps. >> of course, we all have our guilty pleasures. high in calories. for some it's loaded burgers, fries, shakes, and in china, however, it's a small pastry, which can have up to 1,000 calories. we're going to tell you what makes it so good.
12:51 pm
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there's always a risk when you mess with tradition, but chinese bakers are putting a new twist on a very old pastry that is popular this time of we're. we take a look and a bite into the newest flavors of moon cakes. >> reporter: this is a moon cake. it's china's calorie leyden counterpart to the west's christmas fruitcake. bought and eaten during china's version of thanksgiving. usually in september to celebrate the full harvest moon and the return home of family.
12:54 pm
wingwah bakery pioneered one filling, now popular today. >> translator: we introduce thissed white lotus paste moon cake in the 1960s. it contains less sugar and oil, so it's very popular with the ladies. >> reporter: our traditional fillings include red bean, ham and nuts, and salty egg yoke. according to legend moon cakes date back at least to the 1300s. chinese rebels at the time stuffed them with war plans as opposed to egg yokes and then sent them to each other. well, their among goal yoon rulers didn't catch on and they were eventually overthrown. today's chinese new rich are sending their bakers a different kind of message. not for war, but for moon cake with a modern twist. and hong kong is answering the call. its chinese culinary team rolls out a few new flavors each year.
12:55 pm
a hotel first, white wine infused custard filling. >> translator: we reinvent moon cakes because traditional ones are easily found across hong kong, but we want to appeal to customers across the world. >> reporter: the true test is in the taste. fine infusion first. >> it's like custard in here. it's very smooth and very -- it's still warm, actually, from the oven too. hmm, very nice. >> translator: the sweet french wine we've chosen blends with the taste of the creamy custard. they compliment each other. next nuts and italian parma ham. >> it's a little savory because of the parma ham. now, how much ham is in here because usually moon cakes are usually sweet, right?
12:56 pm
>> yeah. >> translator: yes, but we didn't put too much ham in because it's salty. the mix of sweet and salty makes for a downevening taste. >> reporter: last salty egg yoke with southeast asian inspiration. >> nice. >> it tastes like the pine appear ple starts that are found in singapore. they're very nice. >> reporter: back in the kitchen the chef and his team keep hand molding moon cakes for the holiday. they've already sold more than 100,000 this season and sales are up 20% from last year. proof there is demand for change and that change is in the baking. nice. newspaper writers are taking on harvard university, and it's all over the piece of papayrus that some early christians believe proves that jesus was married. we'll explain. but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she?
12:57 pm
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