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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 18, 2012 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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poll this is close. >> interesting to watch. makes the race very close for us to watch. thank you for being with us. certainly appreciate it. time to get to "cnn newsroom" with carol cost ello. i'll see everyone back here again tomorrow morning. good morning, carol. >> good morning, soledad. a major bomb plot busted. the target, the federal reserve in new york and the heart of the u.s. financial system. 19 days until the election. and some voters still don't know who to vote for. seriously? we go inside the minds of the undecided. it lasted 80 years. the computer did it in. the end of an era for a major magazine. and saints fans sues for dict dictorial interference. say what? >> an fbi sting operation uncovers not only a bomb plot
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but possible assassination attempt. the targets, the federal reserve in new york city and the president of the united states. the suspect now in federal custody. he is 21-year-old quazi nafis from bangladesh, but in the united states on a student visa. get this, he has been studying cyber security at a college in missouri. prosecutors say he was inspired by al qaeda and tried detonating a 1,000-pound considar bomb out the fed. it was a fake, supplied to him by an undercover fbi agent. it's located just a few blocks from the world trade center and, of course, the site of the 9/11 attacks. susan candiotti is in new york this morning. nafis filmed a video before carrying out this attack, allegedly? >> that's right. carol, evidently, they were on to him for months. that's what prosecutors say. this happened just yesterday. he was on his way, prosecutors
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say, with undercover fbi agents, to the federal reserve bank and asked them to pull over. he wants to go inside a hotel nearby and make a suicide video. here is what he said, in part. let's see if we can pull up that screen for you. he talks about coming here to carry out -- i came to this conclusion, he said, targeting america's economy is the most efficient way to draw the path of obliterai tochlt n of america and also said he wanted to attain victory or martyrdom. >> what about these other plots, allegedly targeting the president? >> he talked about hitting the stock exchange possibly and even mentioned taking out president obama, but i'm told that that was simply an inspirational thi thing. he never took any steps in that direction, according to my sources. so, he was looking for some sort of economic target that he
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believed would really do a lot of damage to america's economy. he even allegedly said maybe what i carry out will be enough to even stop the presidential electi election. >> wow! he's in federal custody right now. what's the next step? >> of course, the investigation will go on. it lasted this long because prosecutors say -- that's generally how it works -- you want to carry out an operation like this to see how far it will go, to see whether anyone else might be involved. so far i am told he appeared to be acting on his own with no other associates. in other words, he allegedly talked big about having connections to al qaeda, but did not have any here in the states or apparently, according to sousour -- sources so far, overseas either. slamming the u.s. government, saying its sanctions torture in the name of national security.
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khalid sheikh mohammed spoke and compared those killed in the 9/11 attacks to those, quote, killed by the u.s. military. his trial is expected to start next summer. women of america, both parties want your vote desperately. women are, again, at the top of the agenda, thanks to mitt romney's binders full of women comme comment. it's the phrase that won't die. can you not escape it on the campaign trail, internet or on the comedy circuit. he said he had, quote, binders full of women, which is a little creepy. binders full of women. something they would find in a serial killer's basement at the end of a "law & order:svu," right? his policy toward women is clear. we have to alphabetize them. it's weird he would bring that up. maybe for mitt romney that's the
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closest thing he ever got to looking at a dirty magazine? >> ouch! but in all seriousness, women are a key voting bloc. the race is tight among women voters in what was once a huge lead now one percentage pint according to this usa today/gallup poll. that is within the marginin of error. >> we don't have to get a bunch of binders to find qualified women ready to learn and teach in these fields right now. >> why is it that there are 3.6 million more women in poverty today than when the president took office? this president has failed america's women. >> what i can't understand is how he has gotten in this sort of 1950s time warp in terms of women. >> we had a discussion about how women are faring in this economy last night. 5.5 million women are still struggling for work in this
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economy. >> white house correspondent brianna keilar is at the white house this morning. both michelle obama and ann romney have high-profile interviews coming up. tell us about them. >> reporter: that's right. and also, obviously, playing into the women theme here, ca l carol. women -- well, our votes are very desirable right now as you can tell. michelle obama taped yesterday a segment on "live with kelly and michael." that's going to be airing tomorrow. here is a snippet. >> it's like i, uh, compared it to the liolympic parents watchi their kid on that balance beam. >> right. >> like -- you know, lots of clinching. >> do you ever go -- >> yeah, i do. >> or sneeze? >> i was sitting next to somebody last -- at this debate and i was kind of moving around and -- but, you know, they really caution you to be quiet and i try to follow the rules so
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i don't get in trouble. >> right. >> but it's, you know -- it's part of the process. it's an important part of the process as well. >> reporter: there was also a funny moment there where you'll see when this airs tomorrow, carol. but michelle obama there, talking about what it's like to watch her husband at the debate. not to be one upped, ann romney will be on "the view" live today. barbara walters said that mitt romney was actually supposed to appear as well but canceled due to a scheduling conflict. that's what his campaign says. the cancellation was over the weekend, according to barbara walters, before that binder of women comment. probably lucky for him. women is where it's at, as you can tell, and also very popular surrogates, their wives. >> you're not kidding. brianna keilar live at the white house this morning. while it is envogue to poke fun at governor romney's binders of women comment, what does it
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really mean? it was probably inarticulately stated but did he go the extra mile to hire women when he was governor of massachusetts? lisa sylvester has the answer. >> we took a concerted effort to go out and find with women who had backgrounds that would be qualified to be to become members of our cabinet. and i went out to women's groups and they brought us binders full of women. >> reporter: one of the most talkable moments. within moments it had its own twitter account, pinterest and facebook page. there actually was a binder but there are different stories on how it came about. a massachusetts nonpartisan women's coalition put forth those binders. >> in the fall of 2002, mass gap did approach governor romney to express a commitment to working with our group. you know, subsequently after governor romney was elected, mass gap came together.
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we worked really hard to vet qualified women candidates. there were hundreds of resumes we put together, distributed and gave them to the administration. >> reporter: romney has consistently been trailing behind president obama in winning the women's vote, even as democrats continue working their narrative that there is a gop war on women. >> i thought this was a desperate attempt to try to keep this war on women narrative alive. >> reporter: romney tried to counteract that by relating a story on work balance issues. >> my chief of staff, for instance, had two kids still in school. she said i can't be here until 7:00 or 8:00 at night. i need to be able to get home at 5:00 so i can be there for making dinner for my kids and being with them when they get home from school. so we said fine, let's have a flexible schedule so you can have hours that work for you. >> reporter: joann that manyburger is the author of "mother's intention" she said that statement made him look out of touch. >> that's not his world view. that's not his experience.
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his experience is that, you know, it's the father of the family, the man of the family who goes out to make the money and the mother who stays at home. >> reporter: but despite the optics, history shows us mitt romney has surrounded himself with women. he tapped a woman, beth meyers, to lead his search for a vice presidential running mate. meyers was his chief of staff when he was massachusetts governor. and his lieutenant governor was also a woman, carrie healy. 42% of romney's senior positions went to women. before romney became massachusetts governor, 30% of senior-level positions in the state were held by women. in the first half of his term he did employ even more women. in the second half of his term when the number of women in state senior positions fell to about 27.5%, according to a report for center of women in politics and public policy and nonpartisan group mass gap. lisa sylvester, cnn, washington. in other political news this
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morning, arizona's largest county, dozens of voters have been given the wrong election date. maric maricopa county election officials handed out voter election cards in spanish, saying the election is on november 8th. of course, the election is really on the 6th of november. county officials say about 50 cards were handed out and the error has now been fixed. local rights group says the damage has already been done. turning now to the economy, we just got these numbers in. sharp rise in jobless claims. the labor department says the number of first-time filers jumped by 46,000 to 388,000 people. that's up from a four-year low set just last week. after 80 years as a newsstand staim, "newsweek" is ending its print version and going all digital. alison kosik is join iing us wi that story. from the new york stock
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exchange. >> reporter: good morning, carol. it's going all digital. you'll only be able to get "newsweek online after that. the world is going digital if it's not there already. we want our news now not on a weekly basis. but "newsweek" is doing this for a couple of reasons. tablets are being used to get their news. from a business standpoint, they can reduce costs by going digital. they don't have to buy paper, hire a printer or pay for delivery. there's only so long that the practice of mushing up dead trees to get the news to us is going to last, given the ease of digital distribution. there's this romance and this history to the publishing industry that can't be denied. editor tina brown said this. exiting print is an extremely difficult moment for all of us who love the romance of print and the hectic hours before the close on friday night. here is the funny thing, carol.
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"newsweek" is already embracing the digital age. it made this announcement on twitter. carol? >> perhaps fitting. you're right, it's kind of sad. it's bittersweet. alison kosik, reporting from the new york stock exchange. if your team lost the best power hitter in postseason history, you would probably be in trouble. not the st. louis cardinals. first inning of their nlcs game three, consider loes beltran, double play ball. he strains his knee and eventually he is taken out of the game. how do you replace a guy with a higher postseason slugging percentage than babe ruth? you bring in that guy, matt carpenter, putting st. louis ahead to stay. final cards, 3. giants, 1. resuming the alcs game this afternoon after last night's rainout. yankees bats have gone cold this series and nobody is colder than alex rodriguez. a-rod addressed rumors of a possible offseason deal that
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would send him to miami. >> there's blood in the water. when you don't play well -- i haven't played well. like i said, some of the criticism i've received -- i've been here nine years. i can take that. well deserved. that other stuff, gossip, i don't give a [ bleep ] about that. what i will tell you is that i hope nothing is going on like that at this point. our only focus is to win a ball game, top to bottom. >> first they have to give him permission, because he has that no-trade clause and then the team would have to eat a huge chunk of his salary. he is oefr owed $114 million over the next five years. if your team is not winning, s sue. sue the nfl. that's what one new orleans saints fan is doing. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future.
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so-called perversion files. they document what some call the boy scouts history of hiding evidence of sexual abuse from scout leaders to the public and law enforcement. boy scouts say they have changed their policies, but secrecy has allowed thousands of child molesters to roam free. here is casey wian. >> reporter: 18-year-old keith erly joined the boy scouts at 12, recruited by a married father of three and volunteer firefighter, who led scout meetings in this washington state church. >> he was building a boy scout -- like a big huge boy scout camp. he had a 42-acre ranch. he asked me if i would want to help him build it. i loved it. it was awesome. i don't know. and, i mean -- i didn't think anything bad could happen out there. >> reporter: then came the sexual molestation that has miller in prison for ten years to life, convicted of abusing
9:19 am
early and another boy. >> i felt like i was all alone. just thinking about it makes me angry, because how could you do that to somebody? how could you bring yourself to do that to somebody that is so innocent and, you know, has done nothing wrong. >> reporter: in oregon under court order and over the objections of the boy scouts of america, boxes containing 20,000 pages from the boy scouts ineligible volunteer or so-called perversion files are being released to the public. victims attorney kelly clark has spent months redacting the files to remove names of victims and witness witnesses. he says they document the cases of more than 1,200 leaders and volunteers dismissed by the boy scouts, largely for sexual abuse, from 1965 through 1985. >> they are sociopathic geniuses. they fool everybody. and then they are able to coerce, convince or threaten these kids to stay silent.
9:20 am
you see that play out over and over again in the files. >> reporter: for decades, the boy scouts have kept the files contents secret, arguing confidentiality was needed to protect victims' privacy and encouraged the reporting of suspected abuse. but in some cases, the boy scouts failed to report abuse to law enforcement. >> we're talking about hundreds if not thousands of unidentified men who should be registered sex offenders, who are roaming free in society, free to volunteer at other organizations and work at schools and that sort of thing. >> hale is suing to unseal all of the files. >> the effort to force the boy scouts to open its ineligible files is bogged down in courts like this one in ventura, california. the appeals court is examining thousands of cases of alleged abuse by scout leaders since 1991 and is expected to rule soon on the effort to make them public. >> reporter: the boy scouts released a video statement, apologizing for sexual abuse and
9:21 am
detailing recent policy changes. >> including ensuring at least two adults are present at all activities, preventing one on one contact between an adult and youth member, requiring every scouting activity be opened to observation by parents and mandating that suspicions of abuse be reported to the proper local authorities and scouting leadership. >> reporter: boy scouts have hired a former police detective to review the files and report abuse to law enforcement. >> such a loosely run out fit, i wouldn't feel comfortable letting my kid into it. >> reporter: early is skeptical about the changes. >> to claim that boy scouts is safer when there's not an iota of evidence to suggest that it was any safer than it was during the time period when these files were kept. >> reporter: that evidence or the lack thereof is likely in the more recent perversion files the boy scouts of america is still fighting to keep secret. casey wian, cnn, tacoma,
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washington. today's talk back question, is the phrase binders full of women overblown? [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the biggest topics of the day. is the phrase binders overwhelm overblown? first it was big bird now it's binders overwhelm, the two big talking points for democrats, apparently. binders is the phrase that mitt romney used for his process of hiring women lives on, apparently, on the campaign trail. >> we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women to learn and teach and thrive, and start businesses. >> the idea that he had to go and ask where qualifia qualifie was, he should have just come to my house. he didn't need a binder.
9:26 am
he didn't need a binder. >> romney's supporters are saying, really, democrats? is that all you've got? >> it is a cheap shot and also it's a wrong approach, too. if you look at governor romney's record while he was in office, he not only asked me to run with him as his lieutenant governor but his chief of staff was a very distinguished woman who also ran his presidential campaign last time, his chief policy adviser was a woman and half the people sitting on the cabinet were women. so i think that it's a stretch to make this an issue. and it also is a misdirection. >> but is it a misdirection? romney's binders comment came in response to an equal pay for equal work question and he actually didn't answer that. he did focus his attention on romney's hiring practices in massachusetts. before romney took over as governor, 30% of senior level state jobs were held by women. romney did appoint more women in the first half of his administration but in the second
9:27 am
half, the number of senior women fell to less than 28%. fact is, though, sadly women are underrepresented in the world of politics as a whole. the question for romney, will it matter to that all-important con stit wednesdayy -- women? is the phrase binders full of women overblown? a new orleans saints fan -- man he's mad about his team. he doesn't blame the saints but the nfl and roger goodell. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing, build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here, find someone who can build a futuristic dash board display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've ever seen. get him to explain exactly what that is. the thin film transistor display... [ male announcer ] mmm, maybe not. just show it. customize the dash, give it park assist. the fuel efficiency flower thing.
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i'm carol costello. the opening bell just rang. initial jobless claims for last week spiked 46,000 from the previous week, which was the lowest in four years. authorities have arrest aid man they say tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. prosecutors say the 21-year-old from bangladesh was apparently motivated by al qaeda, but they don't believe he had any accomplices. the suspect was caught in a sting operation. the public, according to the i fbi, was never at risk. and cuba tries to squash speculation fidel castro is near death. state media has put out a message said to be from him and also quotes his son who says castro is doing well. fidel castro has not been seen publicly since march. mitt romney's son comes out swinging, as in he would like to take a swing at the president. seems tagg is not so happy about
9:32 am
the way mr. obama talked about his dad at the big debate, specifically how obama called out the governor in real time. >> candy, what governor romney said just isn't true. very little of what governor romney just said is true. not true, governor romney. and when governor romney says the challenge is obama didn't try, that's not true. >> romney's son, tagg did not take kindly to that. he was on the radio show and said, hey, those are fighting words. >> what is it like for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar? how do you react to that? >> well, jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him. but you know you can't do that because -- well, first because there's a lot of secret service between you and him but also because that's just the nature of the process. >> well, thankfully, it didn't come to blows tuesday night. the bottom line here is facts matter. and in a campaign where both candidates are questioning what's true and what's not,
9:33 am
voters are often left wondering what exactly to believe. joining me now, communications director for pennsylvania governor ed rendell, penny lee and cnn contributor, will cain. welcome to both of you. >> hi, carol. >> hi. will, have you ever used the word "liar" used so much in a campaign? >> i'm going to try to recall to a couple of others. i don't know. it's certainly being used a lot, carol. is it being overused? yes, it is being overused. the thing these candidates do -- let me emphasize both, plural, candidates -- they make statements that are not necessarily true, but not open to all the nuance and context involved in that statement, leaving one side to be able to claim, liar. and the other side to be able to claim, no, look into a little bit deeper. i gave you a sweeping statement. >> i know.
9:34 am
penny, the campaigns have a way of saying something is not true and then clarify later. that must be effective or they wouldn't do it, right? >> right. having worked for ed rendell and harry reid one of the phrases we often used was when i think the governor meant to say or what i think the senator meant to say was often times a phrase we used. what we're seeing in this campaign, mark twain said it best when he said facts are stubborn but statistics are pliable. every campaign nows had their own statistician. now whoa have fact checkers and fact checkers on the fact checkers. there is this unbloevable amount of information out there for the american public and very difficult to sort through what really is true or not. >> you know, will, we do fact checks all the time at cnn post debate. once something is out there in the the public and seen by 60 million people, it's out there. and most people are probably going to hear that and not the post debate fact check.
9:35 am
>> yeah. so let me use a specific this time, carol. i think what we're getting at here is the weight of the moment is given too much attention when the actual research behind that moment or significance of it is not given enough. let's talk about libya for a moment. let's talk about the libya moment in the debate. what happened that night is that every party involved in that exchange got too involved in treating it like a campaign issue. mitt romney got too specific about what happened in the rose garden. president obama was then able to say check the transcript about the rose garden. and candy then came in and addressed what was said in the rose garden. look, here is the deal. i don't care what was said in the rose garden. what should have been talked about this night is why the president's administration for two weeks continued to say something to the american people that we know now with his not true about the libya attack. did mitt romney lose last night or the other night on that exchange? did president obama lose? accountability lost in that exchange because that question remains unanswered. why did susan rice continue to call it a spontaneous attack in
9:36 am
response to a video? >> you have such a great point. the voters really lost because they never got to the bottom of it at all. >> never. >> no questions were asked. penny, i would like to ask you this. you know, it's become like in fashion to attack journalists or attack candy, the moderator, for trying to correct things on stage. but not like pinning the candidate's feet to the fire and saying, okay, let's get past semantics and really aanswer the questi questi question. >> you have a candidate like mitt romney who lives in a zone where he constantly changes his position. and so it is difficult. six months ago you say one thing and now you're saying another. it is tough. to go after the moderator, they are in tough, tough positions and they are doing their job. that is just trying to cover up for other things that weren't accurately said during the debate. the place is not to go after the moderator. >> okay. i'll ask you both a tough question. what's a voter to do? there are many places you can go to get information but people
9:37 am
have a tendency to go, you know -- if they're conservative, they go to conservative blogs and those blogs have one point of view. you could say that about the other side, too. so, it's really the responsibility of the voter to get to the truth, but they have to work really hard to do that. so what advice would you give? >> yeah. and i look at my own father. he is an independent, leans right, but independent and he constantly asks me, where can i go to get the truth? i said you almost have to go to both sites and weigh the balance and take your own gut instinct as to what it is. >> i would say go to cnn but, will, advice for voters and then we have to go. >> read more. read a lot more. you can't just watch these things in the moment and assume you're going to get the depth of knowledge you need to make a decision. you need to read more. >> that's right. you do. will cain and penny lee, thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> you bet. >> thanks, carol. islamic radicals apparently have a new target. national geographic. how the television network is protecting itself.
9:38 am
9:39 am
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9:41 am
islamic extremists apparently have a brand new target. national geographic. it's all because nat geo will air this film showing the raid on the camp of osama bin laden. >> the cable channel is now stepping up security after they received multiple threats about the film called "s.e.a.l. team 6: the raid on osama bin laden." we reached out to nat geo and also conservative groups are upset over this film. the national geographic will be airing this documentary on november 4th, right before election day, because they say the film basically amounts to a
9:42 am
two-hour commercial for the president. national geographic has denied they're being political with the timing of the film. they say they're just being topical and the story is focused on s.e.a.l. team 6 not the politics of going after bin laden. >> analysts have, on several occasions, recognized the man who appears taller than the rest. >> three, two, one! execute. >> he is osama bin laden. >> obviously a fascinating story. i should point out, lest there be any con fougs, this is n-- c this is not the katherine bigelow film. >> what about this r abbi that has a problem with sarah silverman? >> a rabbi criticized sarah silverman in an open letter to the because she
9:43 am
is crude, according to this rabbi, and uses judaism inappropriately but really crossed the line for most people was the rabbi making a comment like this one. i pray that you channel your drive and direct your passion to something positive, something that will make you better and a more positive person. i pray that you pursue marriage and, if you are so blessed, ray raise children. sarah's dad, donald silverman apparently didn't take kindly to those comments. he is blunt, much like sarah, and told the rabbi to shove it. he mentioned that sarah's sister is a rabbi. i'm a big fan of sarah silverman. i have nothing to complain about. >> i think she is funny, too. she is crude but i laugh all the time. >> it's what she does. >> i know. a.j. hammer, thanks so much. a.j. is back next hour to talk about disney's newest princess, who happens to be hispanic.
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long-term study suggests multivitamins may help prevent cancer in middle-age d men. cnn correspondent elizabeth cohen joins me. seriously? >> i know. all the word we've heard about multivitamins is, ah, take them if you want to, but they're not necessarily going to help. now this study comes out. it's a big study. it's a really good study we're told, a study of physicians that is part of a study called harvard, going on for years and years. they studied these doctors for about 11 years. let me tell you what they did. they took a group of them, 14,000 doctors and split them roughly in half into two different groups. half of them took a multivitamin, half of them didn't. then they watched to see who was going to get cancer. they found that 1,290 men who were taking vitamins developed cancer over that 11-year period
9:47 am
and 1,379 who were taking placebos developed cancer. as you can see, there is a difference. in fact, it's a statistically significant difference. it's not gigantic. again, it's not gigantic, but there is a difference there. >> it's a multi-vitamin, it makes you wonder which vitamin works to prevent cancer. >> right. i think they really don't know. it's interesting, because they found it worked better for some cancers than others. for example, for prostate cancer, that didn't seem to be significant. but, yeah, it could be one of a whole bunch of things. antioxidants. it's not entirely clear. >> wow! i guess you should go ahead if you're a middle-aged guy and take a multivitamin? >> that's, of course, what you might think from this. i want to sort of put this in context. there have been some studies that show that there might possibly be some problems with taking a multivitamin. so, this is a decision that you have to make. the american cancer society, their bottom line is, we want to see more studies. in the meantime, if you're going to take a multivitamin, don't take one that has more than 100%
9:48 am
daily value for most of the nutrients you see listed. what you can do is go to we have a whole article from the mayo clinic about the debate about whether or not to take a multivitamin that goes into more details about the possible good sides and possible bad sides. >> elizabeth cohen, thanks. taking a power nap may help you to solve nagging problems. during a nap the right sides of our brains remains active while the left side goes to sleep and get gets some rest. the right side of the brain controls our creativity. researchers believe the right side may be bringing together memories, which could help with creative projects later on. take a nap. it will solve all your creative problem problems at work. i'm going to try it right after this show. it's a case of a football fan versus a football commissioner. new orleans saints season ticket holder is demanding the nfl refund his money. [ ross ] we are at the bottom of the earth: patagonia, chile.
9:49 am
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i love this story. a new orleans saints football fan wants more than an apology for the team's poor play this year. david is suing roger goodell and the nfl for $5 million damages. let's talk about this with sports attorney david cornwell. good morning. >> hi, carol. good to see you again. >> i'm excited to talk about
9:53 am
this. i love this term, dictatorial interference. what does this mean? >> i don't know. the union netted with nfl owners and every commissioner in sports has the right or the authority to preserve the integrity of the game by punishing for, in this instance, players for conduct detrimental to the integrity of the game. since the source of the power that is exercised is the collective bargaining agreement, the fan doesn't have the authority and courts are unlikely to pierce the collective bargaining agreement to determine whether -- >> let's play and have fun and the pretend the judge will say, oh, my gosh, this suit will have merit. the suit is claiming roger goodell is a dictator. there's some question about
9:54 am
whether goodell made a legal decision. the fans are saying, hey, the players should have been on the field, you should have told me my players were not going to be on the field before i paid all this money out for my season tickets. you're ripping me off in essence. >> i think the commissioner's response would be what if the players got hurt? who would you sue? brian cushing suffered a season-ending injury because of what's called a cheap shot. does that man a fan can sue them? no. the fan doesn't have standing under the collective bargaining agreement. the second is he doesn't have a reasonable expectation that those players were going to play this year because just as they got suspended by the commissioner, they could have gotten hurt in the off season and not played at all.
9:55 am
and that's the case for jonathan vilma. this is the first week he's been well enough to play. >> he's comparing this to a broadway play and a star pulls out at the last minute. now i have these expensive tickets for the broadway show answered guy and the guy in the show i went to see is not in the play answered want my money back. >> you might be able to get a refund on your ticket for that night but you certainly can't file a lawsuit against the theater, the actress who pulled out or, for example, her agent who told her not to show up. this is the case about reasonable expectation and a fan does not have a reasonable expectation that a player is going to be available every game during the season. in fact, with the coverage that
9:56 am
the collective bargaining agreement got and the discussion about the commissioner's power, fans were on notice that the commissioner has the power to discipline players, including taking them off the field. >> okay. well, this guy is asking others to join his case so he can have a class action lawsuit. we'll see what happens. david cornwell, thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you, carol. >> today's "talkback" question, is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown? your responses next. they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship. together for your future. ♪
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from the only auto insurance program endorsed by aarp. i'm calling. excuse me, i have a call to make. call the hartford at: today to request your free quote for the aarp auto insurance program from the hartford. we'll even send you this free calculator. that's: "talkback" question this morning is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown? from tom "i spend my time considering the important issues rather than buzz catch phrases exploding across social media and furthered by the idiot campaign advisers."
10:00 am
"overblown? sure. hilarious." >> i don't think it's overblown. i found it appalling and his staff did not know qualified women." >> and "i was crushed after rick perry left the race but romney does not disappoint." if you'd like to continue the conversation. stories in the newsroom, a major bomb plot busted. the target, the federal reserve in new york and the heart of the u.s. financial system. 19 days until the election and some voters still doesn't know who to vote for. seriously? we'll go inside the minds of the undecided. >> and we have live report for you from the pentagon. one of the world's most active
10:01 am
volcanos. look at that. it reaches a critical point. "newsroom" starts now. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. an fbi sting operation uncovers not only a bomb plot because possible assassination attempt, the targets, the federal reserve in new york and the president of of the united states. the suspect now in federal custody. he is a 21-year-old from bangladesh but he was in the united states on a student visa. he's been studying cyber security at a college in missouri. prosecutors say he was inspired by al qaeda and tried detonating a 1,000 pound car bomb outside the bank. the bomb was a fake. it was provided to him by undercover fbi agents. former fbi assistant director and cnn contributor tom fuentes is on the phone in vancouver this morning. good morning, tom. >> good morning, carol. >> i'd just like to talk to you a little bit about this operation. by all accounts this guy was a
10:02 am
lone wolf. no one else was involved in this and some are saying this morning that the fbi actually enabled this guy, a guy who was incapable of carrying out such an operation himself. >> well, i talked to several officials at fbi headquarters and some other places that, you know, this is a typical problem in a case like this is that when someone reaches out to others to obtain help to carry out a bomb plot or shooting plot or some other terrorist act that they can't do all by themselves, then the authorities are very concerned about accusations of entrapment, that he couldn't have done anything or that he was only able to do it because the fbi undercover agent taught him how or provided significant help. but this is someone who came to the united states determined to carry out a terrorist plot and if he didn't acquire the skills or the equipment to carry out an explosive attack, he probably would have had no trouble obtaining firearms and could
10:03 am
have still done significant damage and killed dozens of people in the financial district of new york or any other place he chose. so this is a very dangerous person. they took this to the limit in terms of trying to make sure that he didn't have other accomplices, that he wasn't in contact with the network of other terrorists and once they determined that they had all of that aspect of the investigation completed, then they went ahead and made the arrest. >> this was a pretty elaborate thing and it took a long time. and i heard what you just said but why wait so long to nab him? take him into custody? >> because they absolutely want to make sure that there's no one else involved. they're going to be monitoring at the same time as the investigation goes on undercover. they're going to be monitoring his phone calls, his e-mail traffic if they're aware of all the e-mail accesses that he has and that's what they want to know. they want to know absolutely positively that there's no one else, especially in the united
10:04 am
states, that he might be in contact with or might be taking orders from in carrying out this plot. that part of the investigation takes a long time and requires a lot of coverage overseas, his hometown, friends, neighbors and associates that may have been looked at, investigated back in bangladesh or a country he may have been in recently. they're not going to hurry as long as they're pretty sure they have in pocket, as they say, that they're aware of his movements and they're monitoring to make sure he doesn't go ahead and carry out something behind their back. >> the sheik compared those who
10:05 am
died in 9 9/11 to, quote, millions who have been killed by the u.s. military. being called the largest joint military exercise ever between the united states and israel, more than 1,000 u.s. troops headed to the region as israel is worried about growing threats from iran and syria. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu expressing his concerns during a recent appearance before the u.n. general assembly. >> if these are the facts, where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment necessary to make a bomb. >> chris lawrence is at the pentagon. good morning, chris.
10:06 am
>> that's basically what they're saying publicly is this doesn't have anything to do with iran. the fact that we are working together and we are doing this exercise is a message in and of itself. in other words, there is obviously the context of iran. this exercise was supposed to go on earlier this spring, it was postponed by israel and here it is, you know, literally just a couple weeks before the u.s. presidential election in which governor mitt romney has accused president obama of sort of fracturing the relationship with israeli. well, here you have now just two weeks out the largest exercise of its kind, three weeks, going to cost the u.s. about $30 million, spread out over different sites in israel, europe and the mediterranean. >> i know that many, many viewers probably don't know the united states does this with
10:07 am
other countries. how many people are we talking about? >> so far, carol, already about a thousand troops have arrived in israel to start for when these exercises kick off. basically what they want to do is make sure that the u.s. systems and the israeli systems can work together so that in the event of a conflict or a war, they're used to the tempo of defending israel against short range, medium range missiles coming from very different areas all at once. israel has a new missile defense system but this is going to be the pentagon's first look at how it works and how well it works with the israeli software. >> chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon this morning. 19 days until the election -- i was expecting that little stinger thing. both campaigns are pushing hard for the woman vote -- the women
10:08 am
vote. that key group of voters could decide which candidate wins control of the white house. over the next two days, the candidates' wives have some high-profile interviews to help out their husband's campaigns. i guess it can't be understated how important women are to victory for either candidate. >> carol, they want your vote. i'll tell you what, they are trying very hard about it. back in 2008, president obama won the women vote by 13 points over john mccain. he won men by just 1 point. now, here we are in 2012 and right now mitt romney has a pretty healthy lead among men and what we've seen is that the gap that president obama had over mitt romney with women has certainly closed. at tuesday night's debate, they both made pleas to women. let's hear what they had to say. >> what we can do to help young women and women of all ages is to have a strong economy so strong that employers are looking to find good employees and bringing them into their
10:09 am
workforce and adapting to a flexible work schedule that gives women the opportunities that they would otherwise not be able to afford. >> when we talk about child care and the credits that we're providing, that makes a difference in terms of whether they can go out and earn a living for their family. these are not just women's issues. these are family issues. these are economic issues. and one of the things that makes us grow as an economy is when everything participates and women are getting the same fair deal as men are. >> carol, as you said at the top, the candidates' wives have become very important on the campaign trail, certainly reaching out to women. we'll see ann romney on "the view" today, a television show that certainly has a large demographic of women who watch it. we saw president obama on "the view" a few weeks ago. the candidates will be trying their hardest to try to get these women certainly in the nine key battle ground states that we're watching right now to
10:10 am
come out and vote for them in november. >> okay. i'm sure many people are wondering, mark. over the last month, president obama's campaign has been able to turn women a slight edge. will that comment about the binders hurt him? >> lieutenant governor kerrey is out there talking about how mitt romney reaches out to women and certainly creates opportunities for women. they also say that this campaign is about the economy and it's about the deficit and that's what women want to hear. we'll tell you the obama campaign this morning pointed out to me they have been working very hard certainly to try to get women to support president obama again in 2012. they also point out they are going to make an effort to try to paint -- or rather governor romney as an extremist on women's issues. we saw that the other night when it comes to abortion and
10:11 am
contraception coverage. cecile richard, president of planned parenthood, has taken a leave of absence and is working for the obama campaign. >> yelp says they cost several businesses red handed trying to pay people to post positive reviews and now the page is getting slapped with a consumer warning. we follow the story from the new york stock exchange. explain. >> when you see these companies that post on these sites like yelp, you have to understand that reviews are really their life blood. so companies like restaurants and salons and auto mechanics that post, when someone says they don't like your place, chances are they're not going to want to go there. some of these companies are reportedly offering money to people to post positive reviews. yelp discovered this and will be putting up consumer alert on companies that are listed with these sketchy reviews.
10:12 am
when you see the companies yelp is questioning, it's going to have this big, red alert with this alfred hitchcock looking guy and an alert. and then you'll see a link to the evidence. these companies posted ads on craigslist and offered $10 to $200 to do it. the "new york times" is reporting yelp did its own sting and responded to some of these ads to catch these companies. the consumer alerts will stay up for another three months. in the current digital world, these personal reviews are really, really important. they make or break these companies. many people will say i'm not going to go to these companies without checking out these reviews first. one bad review can be a huge turnoff, especially where reputation means everything. carol? >> you got that right. allison, many thanks. >> congressman jesse jackson,
10:13 am
jr. has been out of the spotlight for quite some time but now he's back and facing accusations of misusing campaign money to decorate his home. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is different. we've been there. that's why every bit of financial advice we offer is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. [ laughs ] dad! dad! [ applause ] ♪ [ male announcer ] life brings obstacles. usaa brings advice. call or visit us online. we're ready to help. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. anncr: every president inherits few have faced so many.
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it is 15 minutes past the hour. authorities have arrested a man they say tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. prosecutors say the 21-year-old in bangladesh was apparently motivated by al qaeda. they don't think he had any accomplices. the suspect caught in a sting operation. the public, according to the fbi, was never at risk. >> to arizona where one county listed the wrong election day on a set of spanish voter registration cards. instead of november 6, the card said november 8. officials say the error affected approximately 50 cards out of 2 million. >> and after 80 years, "newsweek" is ending its print edition on november 31st. it's going all digital. >> congressman jesse jackson, jr. has been out of the public
10:17 am
spotlight for quite some time. a mental illness has kept him out of washington for four months. but that doesn't mean he hasn't been in the news. a federal law enforcement official says jackson has been under investigation for possible financial inproprieties. >> he's on the ballot but not on the campaign trail and not on the job. the only place chicago voters are seeing democratic congressman jesse jackson, jr. is in the headlines. a federal law enforcement official tells cnn the fbi and if the prosecutors are vetting jackson for possible financial improfessional prity. the probe was first reported by the "chicago sun times." >> this is another legal headache for congressman jackson to face right before the election. >> the probe covers whether he used federal campaign money to decorate his home.
10:18 am
this is separate from whether whether jackson was part of the scandal involving governor rob blagojevich. jackson denied any wrong doing. another new headline, sitting on the stoop of his house with his father and a cigar on monday, jackson did his first interview in months. he told the web site "the daily," he is not well and is going to doctor appointments twice a day. he did not address the allegation he misused campaign money jackson was treated for bipolar depression this summer according to doctors at the mayo clinic. before recent appearances, he hadn't been seen for four months even though he had been released from the hospital over four months ago.
10:19 am
>> for lynn, that raises questions. >> if he's well enough to go out, i think the voters of chicago want to see him. >> even though he hasn't been on the campaign trail for months, jackson is expected to win reelection. >> all of this adds up to a very serious political problem for congressman jackson. so much so that even if he's re-elected, it will make it hard to see how at this point, unless he does publicly show people he's up to the job, it does make people wonder will he be able to be an effective member of the house of representatives. >> we tried several times to get jackson's congress al and campaign aides to comment on the report of a financial investigation, on the interview outside his home and at the sighting of him at a bar drinking. they would not comment. we could also not reach a lawyer for jackson. >> brian todd, cnn, washington. >> today's "talkback" question, is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown?
10:20 am now, that's what i call a test drive.
10:21 am
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now's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day.
10:23 am
the question for you this morning, is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown? first it was big bird. now it's binders full of women. the two big talking points for democrats apparently. the binder phrase, which mitt romney used to describe his hiring process for women lives on on facebook and certainly on the campaign trail. >> see, we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women to learn and teach and thrive and start businesses. >> the idea that he had to go and ask where a qualified woman was, he just should have come to my house. he didn't need a binder. he didn't need a binder. >> romney supporters are saying really? seriously, democrats, is that all you got? >> and also it's the wrong approach, too. if you look at governor romney's
10:24 am
record while he was in office, he not only asked me to run with him as his lieutenant governor but his chief of staff was a very distinguished woman who also ran his presidential campaign, his chief policy adviser was a woman and half the people sitting on the cabinet were women. so i think that it's a stretch to make this an issue and it also is a misdirection. >> oh, but is it a misdirection? romney's binder comment came in response to an equal pay for equal work question. of course romney didn't answer that but his answer did focus attention on his hiring record in massachusetts. according to the center for women in politics and public policy, before mr. romney took over as governor, 30% of senior level state jobs were held by rim. romney did appoint more women in the first half of his administration but in the second half the number of senior women fell to less than 28%. of course, the sad fact is women are underrepresented in the entire world of politics. but the question for romney will
10:25 am
it matter to that all-important constituency, women. "talkback" question, is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown? >> you could say some voters have commitment issues because they still haven't made up their minds between obama and romney. so what are they waiting for? we'll go inside the minds of the undecideds. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi® card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts. more events. more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now? [ male announcer ] get more access with a citi card. [ crowd cheering, mouse clicks ] as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm carol costello. it's 30 minutes past the hour, just about there. let's check our top stories. authorities have arrested a man they say tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in new york. prosecutors say the 21-year-old from bangladesh was in the united states on a student visa and was apparently motivated by al qaeda but they don't believe he had accomplices.
10:29 am
the suspect was caught in an fbi sting operation. the fbi says the public was never in any danger. >> cuba tries to quash speculation that castro is near death. fidel castro has not been seen publicly since march. >> dozens of residents from a fire in santa barbara, california, have been allowed to go back home. they have most of the fire contained but had to battle the fire mostly by air because of steep terrain. no homes have burned, one firefighter did suffer a minor injury, though. >> voters in ohio and iowa listen up. today you're going to get a message from bruce, the grammy and oscar winning superstar bruce springsteen has joined the effort to help get out the vote for president obama. the boss isn't the on musician
10:30 am
heading out for the campaign trail. kidd rock has declared his support for the romney team and paul ryan saying the republican ticket shares his vision for the country. >> good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> hey, carol, hey, ron. >> good morning to both of you. i'd like to talk about the celebrity thing in the context of undecided voters because there are candidates are siding for right now. can bruce springsteen sway the minds and desire of an undivided voter? >> i'm not dissing richie here. here's what i think a bruce springsteen concert in ohio does. it's essentially a huge get out the vote rally.
10:31 am
it's not necessarily going to say i'm a boss fan so if bruce is for president obama, i'm going to be. at a time when voter turnout is going to mean everything in states like ohio, bruce springsteen energizes the vote. that's what it is. i don't think he expects to convert a lot of people but i do think he expects to double down on how important it is to vote. >> there seems to be this contest between democrats and republicans to get the best -- >> if these celebrity appearances work, politicians would be using them all the time. i think this is more of a pep rally. you know, more people who are fans of bruce springsteen are just going to go to see bruce springsteen. what the campaign is counting on is that a slice of them will go out and vote. but i'm not sure about that. i'm a bruce springsteen fan myself, i'm going to see him in charlesville, next tuesday. if i was in ohio, i might stop by just to see him sing but that
10:32 am
doesn't mean i'm going to go vote for him as a republican. >> really? >> let me say one thing that's kind of -- springsteen has some street cred with the working man. there is a natural affinity. i think it's pretty clear that sort of on the celebrity factor, it matches the youth support for president obama. so that, you know, we've seen across the board a huge amount of celebrities who are youth focused are obama supporters. >> definitely for sure. okay, i want to get inside the mind of the undecided voter. you're a republican strategy, ron. as a republican strategist, what do you need to say -- first of all, explain what's in the mind of an undecided voter. in such partisan times, you would think everyone would have their mind made up. >> i think independent voters are looking for plan for the future because they're upset where the country is going.
10:33 am
mitt romney is doing that. you keep hearing about his five-point plan to turn the country around. in eight different polls he's leading independent voters 49% to 37%, likely independent voters. and so that says to me this five-point plan that he's getting out there is working, while president obama has been trying to switch up his strategy instead of his ads going after mitt romney now, he's trying to increase his likability and show people what he's done over the last four years because he's done -- he's not done a good job defending himself or laying out a future. >> you get inside the mind of an undecided mind by what, offering specifics? >> by being a man with a plan. >> hillary, one voter told me she's exhausted, she was exhausted after the debate. >> it's such a great question, carol, because i think everybody is trying to figure that out. no disrespect to ron but i think what he just said is kind of washington consultant talk, which i'm guilty of sometimes
10:34 am
myself. but i'm in florida right now and i will tell you sit hearing in florida for the last two days, i've been doing the campaign events, et cetera, watching these tv ads, there is absolutely no way an undecided voter can look at what's going on and look at the campaign communications from a campaign and actually discern facts. because there is so much noise. so i think what it's going to come down to for an undecided voter, who hopefully will make a decision to go to the polls as opposed to stay home, is who do you think is going to be on your side? who do you trust? it's going to be much more visceral. who is speaking kind of the language that you can relate to? i think when it's women in tickeparticula particular it's going to be president obama. and i think the one final piece is not just what the candidates are saying but what people in your own personal life are saying who have already made up their minds, who may have
10:35 am
already looked more into the issues. voting is a lot like kind of making a donation or going to a church. it's what's your community of trusted people saying about what you ought to do? i think that peer stuff means so much. >> and along the same lines, i was talking to one of my team members and she said you know, what i don't believe there are that many undecided voters out there, i think they're afraid to express who they're going to vote for because of these partisan times. have you seen that among voters, ron? >> i'll tell you what, it's interesting because before the first debate, mitt romney was really behind and we thought all the voters were in president obama's camp. but you see they're will to switch. these are shifting sands. these independent voters are looking for someone to lead them. they're looking for a plan. that's why mitt romney by laying
10:36 am
out the five-point plan, it's been extremely useful to punch lieu the rhetoric. by having a vision and forcing the president to try to debunk it, he's taken the lead. if you're an independent voter, i think that does have an effect. >> we'll see. thanks so much for the discussion this morning. i appreciate it. >> take care. >> from politics to show biz, a disney first. a new princess that is latina, though disney isn't planning on mentioning that. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun. easy.
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10:40 am
latina princess but her ethnicity is not so obvious. >> princess sophia will make her debut in a movie called "sophia the first, once upon a princess." it's not a theatrical film just yet. the story line is about sophia becoming a princess when the mother marries in the royal family of a fictional country. while they're being pretty matter of fact about this, during a recent press tour, some of the people behind the movie did confirm that she is la tina. they don't plan to make a big deal of it. they said when it comes to kids, a princess is just a princess and i think therein lies a great
10:41 am
lesson. >> absolutely. i have to agree with that. a.j. hammer, thank you so much. >> angelina jolie is donating $50,000 toward the education of girls in pakistan and afghanistan. she's making that donation in honor of malala, the 14-year-old pakistani girl shot in the head last week by the taliban for promoting education for the girls. she is now fighting for her life in a hospital in britain. >> twitter censored. say it ain't so. oh, but it is. we'll tell you why. capella university understands rough economic times have led to an increase in clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up?
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10:44 am
saying it sanctions torture in the name of national security. khaled sheik mohamed spoke in a pretrial hearing wednesday. his trial is expected to start next summer. >> greece is brought to a standstill as tens of thousands hit the streets against more austerity measures. and many of the country's transportation workers are on strike. >> and the people behind twitter say they have censored the content of a group in a specific country. german police asked for the feed belonging to a neonazi group to be closed. the twitter feed is still visible in the united states. >> a canadian man is receiving death threats after a vigilante group outed him as posting topless fotes of the teen-ager amanda todd. todd committed suicide a week ago after going online and describing her treatment at the hands of a cyber bully.
10:45 am
anonymous released the personal information of a vancouver man, they released his home address, twitter feed, facebook profiles but vancouver police say it wasn't him. the bigger question, vigilante justice? >> for those out there who are not quite sure what the group anonymous is, can you give as you short definition? >> sure. there's anonymous and there are a lot of trolling groups. we need to make sure we're talking about the right group. anonymous is a smaller group of people who have hacking or high-tech skills who use them for good or not so good depending upon your viewpoint. but there are lots of people who pretend to be anonymous or wanna-bes who may be out there doing some of this thing. you never know where it's coming from, whether it's posted by
10:46 am
kids or people who claim to be activists. >> in this case they supposedly named this bully but it wasn't responsible for the teen-ager's suicide and now he's getting death threats. so what do you do? is it right? is it wrong? >> it's absolutely wrong. if they've got information, they should give it to law enforcement. vigilante justice, even if it's true, shouldn't have done what they did. if this person did what was said, it's child pornography and they belong behind bars. sometimes they're well intentioned and have the wrong information. the on people who will get the right information are the rmps. >> it's very difficult to control, especially with a group like anonymous. >> it's true. it's not clear this is anonymous. it was posted by somebody with a facebook page called anonymous
10:47 am
new jersey. if you believe somebody has committed a crime, there are ways to report that and the way to deal with it is not online because it's diverting law enforcement and facebook's attention away from the people who really did it. >> thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> that's okay. independe i'm up in canada trying to deal with this problem now. when i'm in new york, we'll deal with this more. >> wait, you're dealing with this specific problem we're dealing with it th now? >> absolutely. i'm one of facebook's international safety advisory board worldwide. i work with cmps all the time. i'll be out in british columbia in another week and working with law enforcement and facebook on trying to make sure to find the people who are responsible, as well as training teens and other people to become our cyber army in making sure when they see these kinds of things going on, you report it, report it in the right way so that the right people go behind bars and kids
10:48 am
are alive. in this case amanda had no place else to turn. she turned to the internet for help and we all failed her. so no one reported it, it hadn't been reported to facebook. if it had been, they would have captured this person and reported them to law enforcement. it hadn't been reported to google on the youtube videos. many people stood by and did nothing. what we're going to be doing is make sure everybody knows what to do when they see things happening online, where to report it, and how not to stand by but to stand up against these things. >> so how difficult is it for to you track down this, you know, group that may or may not be affiliated with anonymous? >> well, there are two pieces. the way to track down the person who did post the picture, facebook collects ip information from everybody who has an account. they have lots of it and they lock these accounts, they work with law enforcement under subpoenas to take that ip information, the cyber bread crumbs, and track it back to a real person, a real location. so dealing with that is one
10:49 am
thing. whether we need to track down the people from anonymous or the people posing as anonymous really isn't the issue. when they start dealing with this, they're dealing with it again in some cases through facebook. facebook can shut down those accounts and have in many cases. there a lot of trolls and others who are posting on the memorial pages for amanda saying really horrible and nasty things. facebook is on that, too, taking down anything that violates their terms of service. we offered our help in helping the kids who set up the page to police it using technology that's been developed in canada to help make it clean. law enforcement knows the difference between credible resources and credible reports and those that aren't. but when they go to the public and try to set somebody up, you don't know if there's a hidden agenda. in some cases here, they might have been well intentioned, they thought this person is behind it. the only person who knows behind it is facebook and law enforcement. they have the real information. everything sells just suspect. when you hear the stuff, doesn't believe it until it's confirmed
10:50 am
by law enforcement. >> we'll take your advice. thank you so much for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. appreciate it. >> we're back after a quick break. insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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for the past 19 years, lava has been flowing on the big island of hawaii. in hawaii, the word kilauea means spewing. now the lake of lava inside is 150 feet below the volcano's crater. pictures look cool but it's pretty scary. >> that stuff is like 2,000 degrees carol. you don't want to touch it or get too close. it will bake a pizza up in no time, that's for sure. this is the stuff you see in movies. this is the steam of the volcano
10:54 am
that from time to time will erupt on the side and actually spew lava into the ocean. that's the view from up top. what's going on here, first of all, within this volcano at the very top is a crater, okay. and there's an observatory up there. from about a mile away from where this is all happening, the people could actually hear the pop, the rattle and the roll of this eruption happening. now, the surface of the lava has actually come up and it's only 150 feet from the bottom of that crater. if it comes up even more, it will start overtopping that and building up on that. they don't think that's going to happen for a couple of reasons. these guys out there are very, very smart. let's go over the geography of this. it's in the middle of the pacific ocean. this is on the eastern flank of the big island. this is the area that erupts, has been erupting very actively for the past 30 or so years. we'll zoom in just a little bit
10:55 am
more here. you can actually see the crater. this is the lake of lava in the crater there. here's where people hang out and just listen and at times see the steam. i sense a field trip for to us go over there and make sure these scientists know what they're talking about. >> hey, i'd like to go along. good idea. i'll try to sell that to the bosses and listen to them say no. >> thanks so much. >> today's "talkback" question is the phrase "binders full of women" overblown? your responses next.
10:56 am
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. looking for a way to flatten that spare tire? crunches in the gym won't do it. chris powell from "extreme
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makeover weight loss" has today's daily dose. >> people ask me how do i get rid of that spare tire? it's really important to know where it's coming from. we've all seen the poor individual in the corner of the gym doing a thousand crunches. you can't spot reduce that area. you can't reduce the body fat by working the muscle. what we can do is develop the size of the muscle by doing xer never see it until we reduce the layer of body fat sitting on top of the muscle. as long as we're focusing on good, clean nutrition and keep ourselves at a calorie deficit, ultimately from the top down we'll begin losing that body fat and eventually you'll see a point where it reduces and you see the beautiful six pack.


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