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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 25, 2012 2:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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america i thought it would be over. >> no, no. >> good sense of humor about it all too. hi, brooke. >> hi, suzanne, hi, everybody. huge show for you on this thursday. we're watching hurricane sandy. it's barrelling north right now. the mid-atlantic really in the bull's eye zone for this week. in a moment, the news update. also, defense secretary panetta along with the chairman of the joint chiefs set to address reporters at the pentagon. we're there. we're listening. we'll see if the new developments on the benghazi attack come up. first, we talk politics an the first thing to tell you this hour is that mitt romney raising a boatload of cash. a boatload of cash for the sprint to november 6th. $112 million just in the first half of october alone. $112 million. at least this is what the campaign said this morning. just to compare this number for
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you, the romney effort collected $170 million for the entire month of september when the president beat him by $11 million there. want to listen quickly to mitt romney. he was speaking this morning in cincinnati. >> you know something's wrong about the direction we're headed right now. you know that we don't want to keep going in the same path we've been on for four years. you know we can't afford four more years like the last four years. you want -- i mean, do you want real big change in this country? well, you're going to get it on november 6th. you're going to make it happen. we'll get america on track again. >> romney blitzing ohio today. hearing from him later this hour live speaking to a town outside of columbus. meantime, president obama day two of his eight-state tour. here he is arriving in richmond, virginia. this is just earlier this afternoon. speaking of richmond, virginia, this is where we find jessica yellin. she's on the phone with us from
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the bus. so jessica here, four more states for the president today. after four states yesterday. let's talk about the pace the president's keeping. keeping it up for 12 days until november 6th? >> reporter: no. not continuously. i don't think any of us could do that. we were cleared early. i was supposed to be on camera for you and they said we're going. so we are on our way now to ohio. i'm having a little bit of yellinesia and cast himself in chicago and then, brooke, the president will head bc to the white house and have a bit of a rest. and then he hits the trail again. he did have a bit of a bounce today, a bit of good news for himself when he got an unexpected endorsement with no forewarning from general colin powell. he learned about it when the rest of the world did with this announcement. listen to this.
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>> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell's support in this campaign. i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and a diplomat and every brave american who wears this uniform of this country should know that as long as i'm your commander in chief we'll sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> reporter: so, now let's be honest. his strategy is endorsements don't move votes and won't apply here but the reason it might be helpful to the president, brooke, is because the way powell endorsed the president is echoed of the same things the president is saying about mitt romney, changing the positions so that could be a helpful thing for the president to reiterate on the trail, brooke. >> now that he has colin powell's endorsement locked up, the latest numbers of the cnn
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poll of polls and we look at this. 47%, 47%. this is dead even. just yesterday, we had just a one-point spread in favor of romney. is there any worry, jessica, just within the campaign that the travel, the speaking and sounded like the president losing his voice a bit, running for re-election could perhaps create an impression that the president is running from behind? >> reporter: well, they -- you know, know that that's a narrative in the media to some extent and talk to us about bluff to all this momentum. they think that romney momentum. but they point out that they think if you look at the states they think that the math adds up for the president. and those polls, national polls, looking at the states there's still a dogfight in the states and the president is on the trail right now. it's very clear because he's getting out the early vote and it's interesting.
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you him at every state and tell them to vote now. there was a bus at the last one of the stops we were in at another state saying, get in the van and drive you to do your -- cast your early vote and what this is really about. they feel like the organization to move and measure the early voters so it's a whole different ball game this year where you can really measure that kind of movement, brooke. >> okay. jessica yellin on the bus between virginia and ohio, we appreciate that. we just mentioned this endorsement of collin powell. the president didn't ask for that endorsement and no doubt he's glad he got it. here's more of what colin powell told cbs this morning on why he won't be supporting mitt romney. >> not only am i not comfortable with what governor romney is proposing for his economic plan, i have concerns about his views on foreign policy. the governor speaking on monday night at the debate was saying things that were quite different
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from what he said earlier and not sure which governor romney we would be getting with respect to foreign policy. >> i want to go to cnn political contributor john avalon on a bus and, john, we know that this endorsement is significant. tell me why this is so significant for team obama. >> brooke, not only endorsements are equal but colin powell's is one that matters. he worked for presidents and secretaries of general and endorsed barack obama in 2008 and it was an important signi signifier. a sign to independent voters that barack obama could be trusted on national security. and colin powell played that role in a lot of elections. he is sort of a barometer of independent support. who's the most responsible candidate in the race? not shy of criticizing president obama in the course of the term. and some folks thought he might return home and endorse mitt romney this time around,
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particularly with romney attempt to recenter the campaign. the fact that this morning colin powell endorsed president obama again is enormously valuable for president obama in this very tight tough race. this is one endorsement that matters big time because when a republican endorses you that's a sign that president obama still has the potential, the capacity to build cross aisle coalitions and something to do not only to win the election but to gompb effectively in a second term. brooke? >> thank you. we'll hear this hour from mitt romney as he cruises across ohio promising big change to voters. cnn's jim acosta with the romney campaign. jim? >> reporter: brooke, with the polls showing president obama leading mitt romney by a slim margin here in ohio, the gop nominee traveling across the state by bus in the hopes of closing that gap. romney knows and his campaign knows if he can beat obama in
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ohio as well as several other battleground states he could deliver a knockout punch to the president on election day. here in cincinnati, and several other campaign stops in the last 24 hours, romney repackaging his stump speech as a choice for american families and here at the first stop, on this bus tour in cincinnati, he debuted a new catch phrase for what the campaign would bring to the country. big change. >> the obama campaign doesn't have a plan. the obama campaign is slipping because he's talking about smaller and smaller things. despite the fact that america has such huge challenges and this is such an opportunity for america. and that's why on november 6th i'm counting on ohio to vote for big change. >> reporter: but there is one distraction for the romney campaign here in ohio. it is the subject of richard mourdock, the republican senate candidate who made controversial comments on the subject of rape and abortion. romney taped a tv ad for
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mourdock and the campaign says they're not asking the mourdock campaign to pull that ad and the gop nominee not withdrawing the support of mourdock. emergency roomier this morning at a campaign stop at a breakfast stop in cincinnati, reporters tried to ask romney about the matter but he did not answer those questions. brooke? >> jim acosta, thank you. coming up, we'll break down ohio and really go in depth on which counties which campaigns zero in on. do not miss that. up next, bracing for hurricane sandy. the storm expected to move up the atlantic and threaten major parts of the east coast. we'll have a brand new up date for you coming up. also, the girl shot by the taliban is about to get some very special visitors. tends to . staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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at meineke i have options... like oil changes starting at $19.95. my money. my choice. my meineke. just one week before next week's big job report, optimistic news. the number of people filing for unemployment last week dropped, dropped by 23,000. that number now at late 2007 levels. the october jobs report, of course, you know when that comes, next friday. that final, final one before the
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november 6th election. and now let's take a look at the board. up a smidge at one point, 13,000. quite a bit better than the last couple of days on the dow. as investors waiting on earnings reports of amazon and apple. the numbers execed after today's closing bell. now, to the schoolgirl who scares the taliban so much they shot her in her head. she's about to get some special visitors here. malala's parents flew in today to see their little girl. the 15-year-old asked her father to bring her school books. school books. so far, six people have been arrested in connection with malala's shooting and pakistani police are looking for this man, this is the main suspect. listen to what they have learned about him. >> reporter: police official tells me that the main suspect is a young man that's just 23
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years old and studied for a bachelor of science in physics at this college. he then went on to study for a master's of science in chemistry, too. >> 23 years old. she says. police are holding that man's mother, brother and fiancee for questioning. and we are closely watching hurricane sandy. she is a category 2 right now. but growing stronger and faster than expected. still has a ways to go here before it reaches the u.s. coast but take a look at this boat. this is miami. you can already see a little bit of waves picking up, churning here. but look at this. pictures from jamaica. sandy is being blamed for one death there and another in haiti. this could develop in to a very dangerous storm along the u.s. storm. chad myers, you have been watching this. i'm reading about it. some saying possibly historic.
2:15 pm
that's in a moment but now where is she? >> it is the south of the nassau freeport bahamas area. you know the bahamas. the southern part not far from long island in the bahamas, not in new york. >> got it. >> it is churning, stronger and in warm water. and last night when it was in the warm water, it went from an 85 mf mile-per-hour storm and left and went to jamaica and gusts at 118 miles per hour. we lost the eye a little bit ago. that's good news and not strengthening at this point and the hurricane center still hanging with 105. the biggest numbers of the hurricane hunter aircraft of 97. but just so you know. that's what they're finding now. rain in south florida. that rain will continue for much of the day and in to tomorrow. and that rain will get heavier and the winds stronger as the center of this, there's the
2:16 pm
bahamas. there's where you go on a cruise ship. not that far from the turks and caicos. the big story for tomorrow on the florida coast is the huge waves, could be 25 feet. i don't need you to go look at this on the beach. be way back if you want to wash this. maybe ten miles back, the safest place but people want to see the waves anyway. there will be dangerous rip currents taking people out to the ocean. you have to know what to do. no surfing until it goes away. no surfing until it goes away. somewhere on tuesday, or maybe monday, depends on where you are, somewhere between the ca carolinas and up in to the canada, the cone. the computers don't have it figured it out. they don't have an idea of where it's going just yet, brooke. look at the lines every which direction. halifax to washington, d.c. >> can we just jump ahead for two seconds and i was reading "wall street journal" this morning, an snor-easter-cane.
2:17 pm
could be the perfect storm of snow and hurricane. >> yeah. the perfect storm with the movie was different with a big cold front, a bigelow pressure that was north. >> yeah. >> sucked in a hurricane. this is the hurricane sucking in the cold air. just opposite a way but it could still sit here as a bigelow and spin for days as it brings down cold air and eventually will turn in to snow and it would be a major event with all of the leaves still on the trees, the leaves would want to come down. the branches would come down and the power could come down. this has the potential to be a devastating storm even way more significant than irene of last year. >> okay. we'll talk about it for a little while. thank you very much. now back to politics. forget ohio and florida for a second here. the campaigns turning to virginia which president obama turned blue last go around but this time there are cracks in his support. john king talks with voters on the ground amid a dead heat in the polls. rees all laugh when you walk by ♪
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virginia will be inundated with presidential campaign stops really between now and sunday. president obama and paul ryan today. joe biden on saturday. mitt romney on sunday.
2:21 pm
virginia, it is truly up for grabs and our chief national correspondent john king takes us on a tour of this key battleground state. >> reporter: ten straight presidential elections reliably red and then blue for president obama. pop it up and closer because i want to show you something. see what i just drew in? northern virginia suburbs. everywhere else, john mccain and barack obama even. the mar join 234,000 states. all of it from right here. urgency in a place once reliably red. >> this is bob calling from the republican party in virginia. >> reporter: mitt romney's path to the white house runs through virginia and to win it he must run strong in the fast-changing suburbs within an hour's drive of washington. >> all about northern virginia. there have been so many people moving in to northern virginia particularly from northeast and democratic areas that they have turned a solid red state in to a
2:22 pm
purple state. >> reporter: they like the trend line. >> if you look at the dozen polls in virginia, taken before the first presidential debate on october 3rd, obama was ahead in all 12. if you look at the eight polls taken after the first presidential debate, romney was ahead in six out of the eight and it's now a dead even tie. >> reporter: to prove the 2008 win here was no fluke, team obama knows it needs a margin of 200,000 votes or more in the northern suburbs. if it delivers it can ruin romney's night before the polls close in the west. >> the epicenter of the outcome is here in virginia. >> reporter: democratic congressman connelly lows the moderate tone of late is aimed at the suburbs. >> i think it's a trust factor. we remember the republican primaries. they don't suffer from amnesia and i think that's a tough sell for romney. >> reporter: a lunchtime visit
2:23 pm
to harold and kathy's is proves there's support and there's cracks. ona says she will vote republican for president as she did last time but a registered democrat. >> from the get go, mr. obama promised so many things that i didn't believe he could do it and he has proven that he couldn't do it. >> reporter: robert stevens is an independent and obama 2008 supporter. >> and it was something different for the country, something that hadn't happened before. electing a black president. i was caught up in that a little bit. i think he is a disappointment. >> you're not sold on the alternati alternative? >> absolutely not. at this point, i don't know who i'm going to vote for. >> reporter: in a place long for historic battlefields but a newcomer to the world of presidential battlegrounds. >> john king, thank you for that. another state, can you guess? no republican has ever won a
2:24 pm
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we expect to hear very shortly from mitt romney just a heads up. he is bussing across ohio right now and should be catching him in worthington just outside of columbus fairly shortly. bringing that for you live. but i do want to talk here really about ohio. the mother of all battleground states. this is a poll out today. "time" magazine is showing a five-point spread in favor of the president. 49% to mitt romney's 44%. and with me now from washington is jack torrey, the washington bureau chief for the columbus dispatch. jack, welcome to you. you know, i've been wanting to do an entire segment on ohio
2:28 pm
because it's so important, especially in this election again and i want to just go back to 1972. ohio voted red. in some presidential elections here. we can look at the graphic and see ones are red and republican. which ones went blue. the common denominator being that this state has always picked the winner. why is that? >> well, it's a marvelous swing state. you have seven media markets there. you have agriculture. you have just about every kind of business so in many ways it's a microcosm for the rest of the country. secondly, though, because of the republican party has become so conservative and the democratic party has become more progressive, there's 30 to 45, 40 states no longer in play anymore. we already knew at the beginning of the year brack would california and new york. ohio has sort of stayed the way it has been for past -- since the post-war period. it marginally leans republican
2:29 pm
but either side can win it. >> the word you use is perfect. microcosm and also keep in mind you know this. but just remind the viewers. 18 electoral votes up for grabs. we have pulled the state of ohio and highlighted counties, proben it down by cities. and we broke it down also by between white and green. so that's for urban and rural and my question to you is, do we know which of the areas, the cities, the counties, the regions in ohio, which ones are being targeted heavily by the campaigns and both of which are completely december froot w llye state? >> democrats come out of cuyahoga county by 200,000 to 250,000 votes. if they do that, they have a good chance to win the state. meanwhile, there's a huge chunk of republicans in that greater cleveland, great market. and so the campaigns are also targeting that. mr. ryan was in cleveland
2:30 pm
yesterday. and so you have to focus on those two areas but at the other point is mitt romney is going up that western section of the state where ronald reagan in 1984 and richard nixon in 1968 took the train trip and solid rural republican areas and need them to vote. neither candidate's coming in to ohio to persuade voters at this point. they're trying to make certain they get their own people fired up to go out and vote. >> but, you know, jack, it is not just the candidates here that your state is inundated by but the surrogates, radio, tv ads. i want to play this. listen to -- this is one ad being run by president obama. we pulled an ad by mitt romney speaking today and him speaking in cincinnati. let's watch. >> "the washington post" is just revealed that romney's companies pioneers of shipping u.s. jobs overseas. investing in firms that
2:31 pm
specialized in relocating jobs done by american workers to new facilities in low wage countries -- >> i know that you think, whoa, our wages are high but we're also very productive and we have technology that allows us to compete globally. if our government is more effective, and gets off the back of our enterprises we'll be able to sell goods around the world and so i want to open up -- i want to open up markets for us, particularly in latin america. >> clearly, both of the candidates going after workers. so far, talking to people. you are there in washington but talking to people in ohio, how effective has it been thus far? can you tell? >> you saw the dichotomy in ohio there. one side appealing to the union base. which is saying, this guy has shipped jobs overseas. that's a powerful issue in ohio and ohio is one of the largest
2:32 pm
exporting states in the country and so you have a -- you know, you have farmers and you have new industries there which are trying to sell products abroad. they're not interested in hearing that semiprotectionist type talk you are hearing from the obama people. so it's because the state has so many different features to it you are able to talk in those two ways in the same state. >> ohio, ohio. jack, thank you so much. washington but owe chief for "the dispatch." >> glad to be with it. it occurred here in the security council chamber. >> 50 years ago today the world feared a nuclear holocaust until one moment changed everything. and cnn takes you behind the scenes of the cuban missile crisis. you have to see this. smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable.
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and the candidate's speech is in pieces all over the district. the writer's desktop and the coordinator's phone are working on a joke with local color. the secure cloud just received a revised intro from the strategist's tablet.
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2:36 pm
could have been a nuclear holocaust. richard roth with this fascinating behind the scenes look at how the cuban missile crisis unfolded. >> reporter: oh, hello. this is where it all went down. 50 years ago. october 25th, 1962. the most dramatic day in united nations history. and it all occurred here in the security council chamber right here where the table once stood. >> you, the soviet union, has sent these weapons to cuba. >> reporter: the cuban missile crisis. i'm wearing a helmet because of the renovation conducted here in this historic security council chamber. if diplomacy didn't succeed on that day, this helmet wouldn't protect me from the rubble that would have ensued from a nuclear holocaust. the soviets denied placing missiles in cuba aimed at american cities. president kennedy was ready to publicly confront the soviets at
2:37 pm
the u.n. on that day, u.s. ambassador stevenson sat there. >> let me ask you one simple question. do you, ambassador, deny that the u.s.s.r. has placed and is placing medium and intermediate range missiles and sites in cuba? yes or no? don't wait for the translation, yes or no? >> reporter: soviet ambassador sat there. >> translator: would you continue your statement, please? you will receive the answer in due course. don't worry. >> reporter: so do you agree with those analysts who said that he overreached and don't wait for the translator, i want your answer now? at the time, stevenson faced critics that feared he was not tough enough at the u.n. instead, stevenson made undiplomatic history. >> i'm prepared to wait until
2:38 pm
hell freezes over if that's your decision. >> he did a terrific job and president kennedy never had thought of removing him. >> reporter: has any ambassador during your term here used the phrase i'm prepared to wait until hell freezes over? >> no, no. this is one time i think phrase which should not be repeated under lighter circumstances an i hope the circumstances of 1962 are not going to be repeated. >> i'm prepared to wait for my answer until hell freezes over. >> i'm also prepared to present the evidence in this room. >> reporter: stevenson showed photos of the missiles. >> it was a part of the propaganda build-up. >> reporter: diplomacy of washington and moscow prevented things from hitting the fan. are there any russian missiles in cuba now that we should know about? >> no. >> reporter: richard roth, cnn, united nations. a short time ago, secretary of state hillary clinton told a story about the pregnancy and how the men at her law firm reacted to her news. this is pretty interesting stuff. we'll play the sound for you,
2:39 pm
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atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go.
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secretary of state hillary clinton remembers when she was pregnant and the day that she got some weird looks from her co-workers. they were all men. this is back in 1980. a preg nan hillary clinton was the only woman working at an otherwise all-guy law firm. >> they never had a female partner and certainly not a pregnant female partner. and they literally just were not sure what to do with me. i would walk down the corridor getting more and more pregnant and the men in the firm would, like, look away. never say a word. and i just kind of thought, i'm just going to wait to see if anybody says anything to me. about, you know, the fact that i'm going to have a baby. so, nobody ever did. i gave birth to my daughter.
2:43 pm
and i was in the hospital when one of my partners called to say congratulations and then in the course of it asked, well, when are you coming back to work? and i said, oh, i don't know. maybe in four months. and that's how i created the firm's first-ever maternity leave policy. >> how about that? that was 1980. secretary of state told the story at this kick-off event for the work life family month and gave birth to chelsea in 1980. what can the two candidates both president obama and mitt romney learn from a president who served way back in the 1800s? the latest issue of "time" magazine says quite a lot. next, we'll discuss the cover story and how lincoln is shaping the 2012 election.
2:44 pm
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early on november 7th the nation should, should know who will be the future president. but just two days later the focus will also be on a president of the past.
2:47 pm
abraham lincoln. >> stepped upon the world stage now with a fate of human dignity in our hands. blood's been spilled to afford us this moment. now, now, now! >> i bet you have seen the previews. this is the steven spielberg "lincoln" film. debuts november 9th and all about the struggles while trying to unite the north and the south and of course we know about the emancipation proclamation to end slavery and how that ends but the presidential candidates right now 2012 should take note on how lincoln got there because it helwhoever becomes the next president. so says the latest issue of "time" magazine. this is actor daniel day lewis on the cover and this is the "time" white house correspondent. michael, welcome. >> hello, brooke. >> your nation's 16th president to quote the man that penned this piece calls it the
2:48 pm
philosophical politicians up and down the spectrum, both obama and romney referred to him. here's just one example. >> and that is why in the shadow of the old state capitol where lincoln once called on a house divided to stand together where common hopes and common dreams still live i stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president of the united states of america! >> as a young man, lincoln described what he called america's political religion. the commitment to defend the rule of law and the constitution. when i place my hand on the bible and take the oath of office that oath becomes my highest promise to god. >> michael, in just a couple of words, why do they do that? >> you can't go wrong talking about lincoln. he is the one unifying president.
2:49 pm
ended slavery. no one disagrees with now. kept the country together and everybody wants to do now. even at a very divisive moment of divided political space and so he is a symbol for both men of how they want to reunite the country. something voters very much want to have happen but something which both candidates haven't really shown a clear path to be able to do. >> let's pick up there. you mentioned the divisiveness and let's apply lincoln to the current race for president. how can romney and obama learn from lincoln's political dexterity? >> dexterity's a really good word. lincoln as president didn't govern as a sort of moral crusader trying to pit one side of the country against the other. he tried to govern from the middle and famous for working incredibly hard on the politics of the job. spending hours and hours going over patronage appointments to
2:50 pm
win constituencies in congress. whoever the next president is will have a divided government. the chances right now of romney winning and that the senate going republican in a way that would give them a filibuster-proof majority is just not there. both candidates if they win have a divided government. they have to appeal to the center and lead the country towards something and they haven't been able to do in the last couple of years and compromise. >> in terms of moving toward center and the article there. there are a couple of lincoln lessons that i took note of. let's run through one. it's not about them. two, be patient. three, i loved the point about gaffes are nothing new here in 2012 so in light of being aware of that, keep your speeches short but powerful. four, this is what i want to ask you about. moderate. moderate center the path to presidential success. both romney and obama and especially romney as of late criticized. we heard the moderate mitt.
2:51 pm
alienating the base. how did this work in lincoln's favor? >> well, because he had to keep the country together. he was fighting a war and had to keep the congress and the union together. he had to get a bill that would end slavery and the country. he had to do all of this at a divisive time and didn't do it by railing against those who disagreed with him but trying to win over those who disagreed with him. there's another story of him appointing as his war secretary one of the real personal enemies from his law career, someone that mocked him in court before he became president. >> what is it? the enemy of your enemy is your friend, right? >> you said there at the beginning, wasn't about him. for him lincoln it is about keeping the country together and moving forward and a lot of ways that's what the american people are looking for right now. >> michael, thank you and thanks for writing the piece, "lincoln to the rescue."
2:52 pm
thank you. we appreciate it. hurricane sandy, a live report on its threat. also ahead, a real-life james bond thriller. a cia operative infiltrates al qaeda to take out a top terror suspect. nt. home values... rising. our auto industry... back. and our heroes are coming home. we're not there yet, but we've made real progress and the... last thing we should do is turn back now. here's my plan for the next four years: making education and training a national priority; building on our manufacturing boom; boosting american-made energy; reducing the deficits responsibly by cutting where... we can, and asking the wealthy to pay a little more. and ending the war in afghanistan, so we can... do some nation-building here at home. that's the right path. so read my plan, compare it to governor romney's... and decide which is better for you.
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it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. actually... that way i could split my payments up into little bite-size chunks. i mean you feel me right? yeah. uh, sir... ah... [ male announcer ] shop now. and put it on layaway so you have more time to pay. walmart.
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i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup
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and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. my name's mr. huntsman. >> reporter: if the name is familiar, it's no coincidence. this is jon huntsman sr., father of former presidential candidate jon huntsman jr. while he is not as familiar as his son, the billionaire businessman philanthropist and multiple cancer survivor has made his mark. huntsman says he was born with nothing and describes his upbringing as tough but 42 years ago he starts a small plastics company in southern california. >> 1973, a small team that worked with me, we invented the
2:56 pm
big mac hamburger container. >> reporter: it's grown in to the huntsman corporation, one of the largest plastics and industrial firms in the world. huntsman describes himself as a deal junkie who's also developed an addiction for giving. >> i'm pleased to say that right from the beginning we started giving money away to charity over 40 years ago. even when i had to borrow money from the bank. >> reporter: donated more than $1.2 billion to thousands of charities and individuals in the united states and abroad. the main charitable focus of two decades, building the huntsman cancer institute. >> i just wanted to have the best in the world and i believe that we're -- that that's where we are today. >> reporter: that's because cancer has hit his family hard. his mother who taught him about the importance of giving died from cancer. as did his father and stepmother. and huntsman wasn't spared. he's survived prostate cancer,
2:57 pm
mouth cancer and two types of skin cancer. so he built a state of the art cancer center that uses cutting edge technology to treat patients and has top scientists searching for cures and using the experience as a patient to create an environment that eases patient's fears and gives them hope. >> i have learned a great deal about hospital, about service and food. about cleanliness. about how patients need hope and inspiration in their lives. >> reporter: which is why many parts of the hospital look more like a hotel than a cancer treatment center. >> the disneyland of cancer because everyone is so happy. >> right. >> so kind. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn reporting. >> thank you. want to take you straight to the pentagon with news here. there's been a daily briefing, of course, involving d.o.d. secretary leon panetta and joint chiefs chairman dempsey. let's go to chris lawrence to see what was discussed.
2:58 pm
the investigation of benghazi was brought up. what did they say? >> reporter: yeah. they did face questions on whether there was enough security in that mission in benghazi and whether u.s. officials deployed additional forces quickly enough after the attack. chairman dempsey said that the u.s. forces response was alert and responsive. secretary panetta accused those outside the pentagon of, quote, monday morning quarterbacking. >> we quickly responded as general dempsey said in terms of deploying forces to the region. we had fast platoons in the region. we had ships that we had deployed off of libya. and we were prepared to respond to any konstantcontingency. there's a basic principle here that you don't deploy forces in
2:59 pm
to harm's way without knowing what's going on, without having some realtime information about what's taking place. and as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who's on the ground or in that area, general hamm, general dempsey and i felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation. >> reporter: secretary panetta said despite drones in the air and intelligence personnel on the ground they did not have that information. he said all of this happened within a couple of hours and by the time they knew what was happening it was over. but secretary panetta did say that forces were on heightened alert because of the 9/11 anniversary but chairman dempsey added, he said in context, it was 9/11 everywhere in the world. meaning security had to be alert at many different places around the world that day. not just in libya. >> chris lawrence, thank you,
3:00 pm
chris. top the of the hour. thank you for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. as president obama is ready to cast a rote in chicago, mitt romney is expected to speak live in a minute. both men hitting swing states at a fever pitch. and picking up some key endorsements along the way. we have to talk about a hurricane here. hurricane katrina sandy. take a look at the pictures. thanks to you our ireporters. this is -- wait for it. dominican republic taken earlier today. more than 100 people had to be evacuated. just look at the water level there. tops the tires. sandy blamed on two deaths, one in jamaica and one in haiti. and then there's cuba. sandy slammed in to southeastern cuba today. a category 2 hurricane. the question now is when and where will sandy hit the u.s. coast?
3:01 pm
ask chad myers. when will it head toward us? >> i wish i could tell you. we're still four days out from that. >> wow. okay. >> four days if we're talking washington, d.c., delmarva. obviously, takes longer to get to nova scotia. it turns to the left. and this is what we have been dealing with. whole time, commuter models not agreeing. that will happen six or seven days away. models better getting closer. what we know right now is that the storm is moving through the bahamas at about 100 to 105 miles per hour. our next update on the track will come at 5:00. the models i want to show you what's going on here because they just spread out like a bad shotgun. i mean, we go to the left from norfolk, virginia, up to halifax and the middle is boston, d.c. philadelphia and the like. and so the likely area's somewhere where most of the models going and saying that two days ago, most of the models going here so that's why everyone has really changed
3:02 pm
significantly, brooke. it will be a big storm and significant for coastal erosion. beach erosion. big time rip currents. can't be in the water until this storm is gone. this is a big time rip current event and people will get swept out to sea, even the best swimmer with winds like this and waves like this, rip currents like this will be tough. >> okay. with regard to the u.s., talking about when and wheres in the next couple of days. >> absolutely. >> thank you for that. now mitt romney. mitt romney coming up soon. stop two on the jaunt across ohio. the latest information we have right now is mitt romney should be speaking in about eight minutes here. 3:10 eastern time in worthington just outside of columbus. meantime, president obama, here he is. this afternoon on a sunny day. this is richmond, virginia. and today the president's brandishing a new endorsement. >> i was proud and humbled to learn that we have colin powell's support in this campaign.
3:03 pm
i'm grateful to him for his lifetime of service to his country both as a soldier and a diplomat and every brave american who wears this uniform, of this country, should know that as long as i'm your commander in chief we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. >> here we are. this is another huge travel day for the president. you see this map? see chicago on the map? that's the president's hometown where he's flying in to vote. brianna keilar with me now. hang on there. the president doesn't have to stand in line to vote on election day. why flying in to chicago to vote early? >> reporter: well, because he's trying to bring awareness to early voting which is a big strategy for his campaign in getting the base to turn out. he's here and this is the first time that a president has done early voting. why's he doing it? not really for voters in illinois i have to be honest but
3:04 pm
early voting is under way, has been for a while in ohio and gets under way this weekend in florida. this is him kind of bringing some awareness to this is the way to vote. now, historically, republicans, brooke, concentrated on absentee voting and democrats with the early voting so this also and you'll hear this a lot of democrats today, saying we're doing pretty good with early voting because it's democratic voters casting the ballots this way. the romney campaign saying they don't have momentum. we're doing pretty well with absentee and early voting and all about claiming the momentum at this moment. here 12 days out an trying to turn out the vote. >> how about the endorsement moments? we have been talking in the show about general powell endorsing him and didn't ask for it but it's a great endorsement for the president and hearing today that the president hitting the trail next week with another heavy hitter. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. next week he will be come
3:05 pm
paining with bill clinton on monday. he's gotten a lot of support of bill clinton. he's been out in battleground states, especially in the rust belt to help out with white male voters that president obama has trouble with and the first time to see them together. we'll see them together at rallies. they have done fund raising together and we'll be seeing that and as you mentioned collin powell's endorsement today. this is something that, remember, president obama got in 2008, as well. caused a lot of waves because, of course, colin powell was secretary of state under president george w. bush. he said this on cbs this morning and he said he still is a republican but he also clearly agrees with democrats on a lot of issues, as well, brooke. >> brianna, thank you. and in these final days before the 6th of november, how are voters taking it in? to help answer that, cnn is taking a battleground bus tour and ali velshi and john avalon are in florida. hey, guys.
3:06 pm
>> all right, brooke. yeah, we are in orlando and, you know, we have been traveling through florida looking at the economy here, talking to people about their questions for the candidates, particularly those people who haven't decided and, john, this is an unusual economy in orlando. it is decidedly better than it was in the worst of the last four years. but for a lot of people who haven't seen their home prices fully recover or haven't got that job, they're not feeling it. they're telling us it's not better. >> that's right. always what's happening to you. that's the best barometer of the economy and really a microcosm of the challenge of president obama. unemployment rates at 8%, roughly where it was when he took office here in orlando but you had that lagging indicator take impact and then things off a cliff and unemployment spikes and it is a low double digits for months and months and months and now back. >> yeah. >> back to where it was. there's signs of improvement but people say, look, we may have been through the worst of it but not better than we were.
3:07 pm
>> the question is, are you better off than you were four years ago? that's a tough question. property values. this place depends on tourism a great deal with theme parks including disney. big housing market. that's what everybody said crushed orlando. we heard somebody say yesterday 2006 was the absolute best year for this place. started to slow down 2007 and 2008. more. and then 2009 off a cliff. but they're building houses here at a faster rate each month than the month before or months. >> and selling them on spec which is unbelievable. it's an ultimate symbol of the housing bubble and then coming back. and coming back in a big way but it's not evenly dispersed. some folks sitting in underwater mortgaged home saying, look, where's my relief? >> do you tie this to a federal election in do you tie it to a pthd shl election? this is a regional concern but it is one that's shared by people around the country. when you're not decided about who you're voting for, can something that they say change
3:08 pm
these voters' minds? >> election this tight, every little bit matters. of course florida down to 537 votes in 2000. in 2004, orlando was split 49-49. tight, tight. obama wins by 20 points in 2008. >> right. >> huge landslide. clearly that won't happen again. >> right. >> the question is whether goodwill gives a cushion with a population that's diverse and latin american population. >> they may be more apt to vote for obama than romney. >> exactly right. exactly right. and so that's just one indication of howdy verse the hispanic population is across the united states and particularly in florida. >> three days in to the trip and hearing the same concerns of a smaller pie of undecided voters. they want specific answers about how their life or the economy generally in the region and the country is better in four years. what they're not sold on is idea that it is going to be better in four years if you vote for me. they want to know specifically
3:09 pm
how. brooke, we'll continue on with the trip and one more stop in florida and then we're heading north. >> ali and john, gentlemen, we thank you. see you in north carolina. that's the next state here. coming up next, a group of gay republicans finally endorses mitt romney depyett the views on gay issues and live with the group's director why and the backlash now facing them. plus, the incredible story here behind the cia's hunt for one of america's most wanted terrorists. and listen to this. this involves a triple agent, a bride and a suitcase full of cash. don't miss this. this new phone is amazing. i'm watching natalie's ballet recital and i'm pulling photos right from the video. great idea, we can pick one and frame it! here, watch this. she nails almost every move.
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national gay and lesbian republican group endorses mitt romney for president despite romney's view that same-sex marriage should be illegal. log cabin republicans say they're americans first and point to republican principles like limited government, free markets, low taxes and individual liberty. and log cabin republicans executive director clark cooper joins me. nice to see you, welcome. >> thank you. >> i'm sure there's a myriad of reasons why but i want reason number one why your group endorsed mitt romney. >> it is the economy. not just an imperative with the future of the country but a moral imperative. we are truly as a nation really at the brink or the edge. this is not hyperbole. we have fiscal issues of great concern and regardless of orientation and one is gay or straight, everyone is impacted or should be concerned by the economy, the economic growth of the our country and actually
3:14 pm
opportunity to create jobs and governor romney as president will be -- he is the man to remove the barriers, the regulatory barriers and actually increase access to jobs and the economy as far as the strength. not only at home but abroad, as well. >> economy, the number one reason. my question is back at the republican convention in tampa your group took out a full-page ad advocating marriage equality and endorsing a candidate that wants to write an amendment in the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. roll the clip. >> we have long i think from the beginning of recorded time defined marriage as between a man and a woman. i share that view. my preference would be to have a national standard for marriage that says that marriage is between a man and a woman. and then each state would be free to determine what benefits they might choose to provide
3:15 pm
under domestic partnerships or whether or not to have domestic partnerships. that could be stated on state by state. >> clark, i don't know how personal this is for you but did your group choose the economy over their personal values? >> no, not at all. we're multi-faceted individuals and people like myself and the organization surely not only do we want the right to marry and fighting for it, we advocate and repeal the defensive of marriage act. we disagree on one particular issue and -- >> this is one particular issue here that if elected that's four years in which your fight will not materialize. >> i wouldn't agree with that. look at what's happening in the courts. five out of eight federal rulings come from republican-appointed judges. the action that's happening on the marriage front is in the court. it is not in congress and coming to congress, you know, one of
3:16 pm
the most senior advocates of governor romney and one of our biggest advocates and allies in congress was the first republican to sign on for the repeal of doma and not just log cobben that doesn't see eye to eye but other republicans. ted olson and romney adviser is working with log cabin republicans to actually roll back doma but we all do agree but we do -- we agree and ted olson and others do agree that as far as for the future of the country, for the good of the united states, it is governor romney that needs to be elected president in november. >> what about this then, clark? if you're not -- if you say you're not moving backwards, tell me this. there's reports that romney secured your endorsement of your group promising you or your group to support the passage of a major gay rights legislation, ending workplace discrimination. is that true?
3:17 pm
>> what is true is that we have had a lengthy conversation with the campaign and the governor. >> what did he say? >> we talked about as president he certainly wasn't going to walk away or roll back what's in place. there's certainly room and opportunities for workplace nondiscrimination as an employer, as a businessman, the governor cornually can appreciate from his time at bain capital and as governor that discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable and he said that. he was very clear about that discrimination in the workplace is not acceptable. >> did he promise you? was there a promise made to end this? >> i won't put words in the governor's mouth but we did discuss tangible opportunities to combat workplace nondiscrimination. this is something he's been steadfast on and consistent on from the time in the private sector and governor of massachusetts. >> okay. clark cooper, log cabin
3:18 pm
republicans, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. speaking of mitt romney, waiting for him now. we talked about the significance of the mother of all battleground states, ohio. that's where this crowd is gathered and worthington, ohio, just outside of columbus. we'll take a quick break. when we see mitt romney, we'll take him live. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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well, if the polls are accurate, a huge sea change under way in the massachusetts race for ted kennedy's old senate seat. you know the race. democrat warren against republican brown. now, this race has been very contentious. at times, venomous. take a look of this now may mouse exchange of one of their debates. >> senator brown voted in lockstep with all of the republicans and just to put icing on the cake voted against unemployment insurance extensions 16 times for people who were out of work. >> senator? >> senator brown has been clear where he stands. >> go ahead, senator. >> thank you. first of all, she's obviously misstating the facts. tease are rejection by both democrats and republicans,
3:22 pm
professor. it wasn't a -- if you're going to comment on my record i would have you refer to it. >> can we just -- >> excuse me? >> this is going to be -- >> excuse me. i'm not a student in your classroom. let me respond, please. thank you. >> oh, like i said, contentious. and now for the sea change i talked about. here's the latest poll of likely massachusetts voters. you see here, this one shows warren leading brown by five points, 48% to his 43%. this is a complete turnaround from the poll of three weeks ago xwh n which gave brown a four-point lead. when's happening today in massachusetts? let's go to boston to a reporter who's been covering the race from top to bottom, andy hill we are the boston affiliate hdh. welcome to you. you know, when you go from a four-point lead for one kand ditto a five-point lead for the challenger, something's going on. when's happening there?
3:23 pm
>> well, there's a couple of things happening and certainly not going to deny that elizabeth warren is ahead. however, i would point out that the poll that you quote, the wbur poll taken last month was a little bit outside all of the other polls. the truth is we are not seeing a big opening here. we are seeing a trend which we have seen really for months and the trend is to elizabeth warren and it is away scott brown and the poll today shows that and others poll show that, too. >> one part of the race is senator brown getting a wall street report that the center for responsive politics reporting 9 out of 10 wall street dollars spent in massachusetts campaign here going to brown. how's that playing, how will that play with voters there? >> well, there's a couple of things about campaign money. the first thing is brown and warren made a very unusual agreement and not to let any outside groups have a negative campaigning so here in massachusetts we have not seen
3:24 pm
all of the superpac ads for either one of them. in terms of money they criticize each other and more than enough money to make all of the messages on television that they want to and i don't think anyone will say when this is over that money was an issue. >> i want to play more of that debate here and then we'll talk. take a listen. >> for the union workers listening and watching, i'm a union member. only one person in the race fighting for union issues and that's me. she had an opportunity to side with the little guy and actually work and once again when the lights weren't shining and the people weren't watching she made a choice to side with the large conglomerate and paid another five figure salary to deny the health care benefits for people on this. >> final point on this. >> negotiated the settlements. >> let's be clear. senator brown is the one who is not working with the unions. the unions have endorsed me.
3:25 pm
the asbestos workers said i was on their side. not senator brown. the coal workers have said i was on their side. not senator brown. >> i want to -- >> and he can't change the facts. >> andy, what are you hearing there? is that brown sort of portraying and mentioned the little guys. see the defender of the little guy with elizabeth warren known for standing up to wall street? >> well, the whole thrust of the brown campaign is that elizabeth warren is not who she says she is. she says she is an advocate for consumers. she says she is fighting for the middle class. but brown will tell you she teaches a harvard course and paid $375,000. she lives in a million dollar house. and therefore, he believes that she is a phony. that is the issue that links with her claim of native american heritage. that is the argument he's made throughout and as he's made it because he had such a reputation of a nice guy the negatives gone
3:26 pm
up attacking her and right now the balance appears to be that he's been hurt more by his negative campaign than she has because her favorability has come up and has now captured his and a big problem for brown. >> what a race that is to get to cover there in massachusetts. andy hiller, enjoy it. 12 more days to go. we appreciate you there in boston. and now to this. this little girl and so many of you following, the one shot point blank in the head by the taliban, she is about to see some very special guests recovering in the uk. we are on the ground in pakistan with exclusive look and how the brutal attack happened. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no. if he can't, no one can.
3:27 pm
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and new car replacement, where if you total your new car, we give you the money for a new one. call... to talk to an insurance expert about everything else that comes standard with our base auto policy. [ tires squeal ] and if you get into an accident and use one of our certified repair shops, your repairs are guaranteed for life. call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? some very special people are on their way now to see the pakistani teenager shot in the head by the taliban for advocating education for girls. she is malala yousafzai and her father and mother and other
3:30 pm
loved ones, this is her dad talking her, flew to england today to visit her in the hospital first time since leaving pakistan. malala asked her father to bring her school books and police are making headway in the investigation in to malala's shooting and we sent a reporter to swat pakistan to get the latest. >> reporter: terror returned to the streets when the taliban targeted the 15-year-old and her friends. as a teenager makes slow and steady progress in hospital, i traveled to find out what's happening to track down the men that tried to kill her. this is the school van that malala yousafzai and her friend were traveling in when they were attacked. authorities have told cnn ma one of the gunmen came to the front, asked the driver to stop the vehicle. the other one, there were two, came to the back and jumped on board where malala and her friend was sitting right there. he asked for malala by name. and then he shot her.
3:31 pm
now, i've been speaking to a senior police official involved in the investigation. he didn't want the appear on camera. but he has told me that they have six people in custody all believed to be facilitate or thes in a way to carry out the attack, local men from here. police want to question this man. now the police official tells me that the main suspect is a young man just 23 years old and studied for a bachelor of science in physics at this college here. he then went on to study for a masters of science in chemistry, too. now his family from down the road here, they have been arrested, too. his mother, his brother and his iffiancee are all being questioned. police tell me the family aren't involved in the attack in any way and not clear whether the man is alleged to be the plotter
3:32 pm
of the attack or gunmen that shot malala yousafzai. cnn in swat, pakistan. quick remind here. 'waiting mitt romney. he is set to -- are these live pictures? all right. there he is. ready for the crowd in ohio. he is in a city just outside of columbus. that romney bus pulling in to town. cue the music. let's get a break in. we'll see him just a moment. also coming up next, a meeting that was more than a year in the making. why it brought tough guy actor bale to tears. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management
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anncr: every president inherits few have faced so many. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. there are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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so i brought it to mike at meineke. we gave her car a free road handling check. i like free. free is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. ohio, ohio, ohio. we hitting it home why this is so, so important here to this election. case in point, again, here you see mitt romney. all the candidates in ohio. here he is in worthington, ohio, just outside columbus. let's eavesdrop. >> he wants to talk about protecting characters on "sesame street." and then word games, silly word games and of course spends a lot of time attacking me. attacking me is not an agenda for america's future and that's why his campaign is having a hard time.
3:36 pm
he really, in all the debates, including the vice presidential debate, they have not defined a yaend to get the economy going. in fact, the president's out of ideas and he's out of excuses and that's why in november you're going to make sure to vote him out of office. because this is a defining election, this is a big choice election. this will make a difference for not only the country but for your family. the choice you make will have a big impact on how america's families live. if you're a senior, for instance or if you're caring for a senior in your family and that senior needs a medical specialist and you pick up the phone and you call the receptionist at a doctor's office. you're going to be told time after time i'm sorry. we're not taking more medicare
3:37 pm
patients because after obama care and the cuts in reimbursement rates $716 billion in cuts in medicare, we're not taking new medicare patients. half of america's doctors saying they won't take new medicare patients. if, instead, when we elect me president of the united states we'll restore medicare and restore the promise to our seniors. and your mom or your dad or you yourself get the doctor you want to get an appointment with. and then, let's say you're in your 40s or 50s and your prime working years. and you've been expected to put away some extra money. perhaps for your retirement or perhaps to help your child with school. and yet somehow this job market hasn't been very kind to you. i was speaking with a man from wisconsin just the other day and he told me that he had a job at
3:38 pm
$25 an hour plus benefits but now he doesn't have that job anymore. all he can get is one with $9 and no benefits. and he's wondering how to make ends meet. president doesn't have a plan to get america working again. we have a five-point plan. i'll tell you about in a moment to get more jobs and more take-home pay and what america needs and that's why we're going to get elected. you might have a college senior or a high school senior graduating this year. and if they're coming out of -- i have a few of them here. you're coming out of college, why, i got some good news and some bad news. bad news, all that education is over and that's the good news. all right. ? and the bad news is you probably got, well, maybe $10,000 or $20,000 or more in student debt. >> mitt romney here about to hit on education, mentioning that five-point plan. just to hammer home the importance of ohio, not only 18
3:39 pm
electoral votes, talking to a guest last hour really speaking to the fact that the state of ohio is a microcosm with the citi cities, urban, rural. no republican gone on to win the presidency without winning ohio. you can watch mitt romney online. coming up next, the meeting that brought christian bale to tears, a meeting more than a year in the making. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lines grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief.
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talk about an emotional moment here. take a look at this. you see batman actor christian bale presenting a human rights award to the blind chinese activist prevented from visiting in china just last year. take a look. the activist there who he's hugging tearfully here, he was
3:43 pm
under house arrest this time last year. christian bale tried to visit him, was confronted, roughed up by chinese security. we caught it on video. take a look. >> we're trying to get out of here. we have been stopped. we've been stopped right here. and as you can see, they're pushing christian here. we're just trying to leave peacefully. we are trying to leave peacefully. >> that's only part of how christian bale and this man came to share a stage and a hug just this week in new york. want to bring in richard roth to share more of this just pretty amazing story. first, just remind us, rich yard, why chang was under house arrest. >> he is a self taught lawyer and started early. blind, challenging the authorities in china which a group that doesn't exactly look kindly on human rights fighters. he was protesting and representing people who were against forced sterilizations, late-term boergss, thrown in
3:44 pm
jail for 51 months and then house arrest. physically abused and other cruelties to him and family members. >> and so, here he is this blind man and we remember we covered extensively the escape. how did he get away? >> he got over a 7-foot fence despite round the clock security and then he says he fell down maybe 200 times, made it through 8 lines of defense, picked up by another activist, taken to the u.s. embassy and a big controversy over the presence there and then finally allowed to fly here to the united states but he never met christian bale, the man who with cnn and a camera crew tried to get to his provincial home. >> now back to christian bale, holds cheng in high regard and this is what he said about him at award ceremony. >> he represents the people of china, the people that i met.
3:45 pm
he represents their hopes. their aspirations. and their desire to be free from corruption and tyranny. he is a symbol of what an individual is capable of. no matter how humble his or her origins. he is in my opinion a giant among men. >> where is he now? >> he is nyu asia law school, school of law and he said to the crowd that he noticed that american lawyers succeed by speaking up. that the squeaky wheel gets -- the squeaky wheel get it is grease he said but limited christian. christian bale speaking for him, still worried about an older brother put in prison and held without any information now since his arrest and since chen's freedom. >> richard roth, thank you. a former biker, mail order bride and a briefcase full of
3:46 pm
cash add up to a tale of intrigue. details of how he brought down a top al qaeda leader. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout. there when you need them. helping millions of americans over the centuries. the strength of a global financial leader. the heart of a one-to-one relationship.
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we are about to show you the ultimate tale of terror and intrigue. it involves a triple agent, a mail order bride and a suitcase full of cash and the death of one of the most wanted men in the world. this guy. anwar al awlaki. the american that became a driving force in al qaeda. cnn's senior international correspondent n ic robertson weaves it all together for us. >> reporter: meet agent storm. morton storm. >> a very likable person. and he seems to me like a chameleon. >> he is really been a double or triple agent sort to speak. >> reporter: a former biker, a militant islamist, visited yemen several times and befriended a man who would become one of al qaeda's most wanted. cleric anwar al awlaki. then he changed sides and turned
3:50 pm
secret agent. storm said he worked for the cia and danish intelligence services. >> it's such an unusual story because it's so rare that two services unusual story. it's so rare that two services completely mishandled, misjudged him. in the movies, james bond never gives up his secrets, but storm is telling it all to the danish newspaper. >> he called our main number and got -- and started to explain his story we're a bit scared this could be some kind of a weird trap. we did set up the first meeting one night. in a dork parking lot. >> reporter: a story that includes his part in a cia plot to track down alaki by finding him a young blond european wife. storm says he was paid $250,000
3:51 pm
to set up the wedding. he describes meeting a man he calls a cia agent this hotel in a copen haguen sub you were june 9, 2010, he says the agent gave him a briefcase. it was locked. he asked for the combination, the agent told him 007. storm says he opened the case. inside he found $250,000 in cash. to backup his claims, storm not only had a photo of the case of cash but this match making moment. >> this recording is done specifically for sister at her request. the brother carrying this story is a trusting brother. >> i just want to tell you that right now i feel nervous and this is very awkward for me.
3:52 pm
so i just tape this just to see that you can see how i look. >> when i watched these tapes of video marriage proposals from an al qaeda leader and this woman's answers i thought, well, this story is impossible to deny. >> reporter: storm says the cia sent him to vienna to meet a corrosion. he has hotel bills to prove it. >> they are paid by a company that we know is a danish secret service company. >> reporter: and there is more. storm hoarded a troef of documents including secret coded communications with al awlaki, even this a photo with his intelligence handlers in a hot tub. his revelations however are not to everyone's taste. >> it brings danger to i think
3:53 pm
denmark. it also exposes the very secret, the very essence of intelligence services. and that is means and methods. they never discuss means and methods. >> reporter: so far u.s. officials here in denmark have offered no explanation about agent storm's claims and certainly no acknowledgment of the cia agents he claims to have met, alex, michael, jet and george. his final mission was to take a usa thumb drive inside it a cia tracking device. he handed it off to an al qaeda courier. within weeks awlaki was killed. a week after he was killed storm was angry with the cia. he felt they let him down. danish intelligence agents convinced him to come to here on the seventh of october 2011. storm was recording the meetings.
3:54 pm
he met with a cia agent named michael. michael told him president obama knows about you, that important people are aware of what you are doing and we are grateful. >> it's against your honor as american, as the super power of the world. >> reporter: the recordings reveal storm wanted credit for killing awlaki, but michael told him a parallel operation was responsible. the meeting was a watershed. >> they lost control over him. and they now have to sweep up the mess he's left behind. >> reporter: now storm is in hiding. cnn has been in contact with him. >> he realizes of course that he's in danger. but he also strongly believes that he's been in danger for years. and his analysis is that going public is not worsening his security situation. >> reporter: but his life as a double agent is surely over.
3:55 pm
nic robertson, cnn copenhaggen, denmark. >> thank you. fascinating story. we are five minutes away from the wolf blitzer and "the situation room." wolf, long time, no hear ya. >> you don't call, you don't write. what's going on. >> i know we're 12 days away from your version of super bowl. are you ever able to get away from politics? >> we're practicing. >> i know you are. >> it's complicated election night all the states coming in, electoral college stuff, we're trying to make sure it looks pretty, smart, looks really, really good. i'm working hard on that. and i've got a day job too, my "the situation room" show as you heard. >> kind of a big deal. >> it's a three-hour show. >> what do you have coming up? >> david axelrod, one of the political heavyweights working for the obama campaign re-election. he's joining us. we have lots to talk about including that very bad word that the president used in describing mitt romney and that rolling stone magazine interview. did you see that?
3:56 pm
>> oh, yes. we won't repeat it on tv. >> yeah. we're not going to say what that word is, but i asked what's going on. i asked david about that. we have that. we have all of the day's political news. and there's news happening involving sandy right now too. i know you've been covering it. this could be bad news in the middle of next week for parts of the eastern seaboard. so we're watching this hurricane that's developed in the atlantic ocean. >> yeah. could be very bad news in just a couple days. wolf blitzer, thank you. we will see you in just a few minutes. before we go here, wall street on edge right now because in a matter of minutes amazon and apple release their earnings reports. but despite what happens, some positive news on the economy. that's next. ome of the legendary grand prix circuit. the perfect place to bring the all-new cadillac ats to test the 2.0-liter turbo engine. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ derek ] 272 horsepower. the lightest in its class. the cadillac ats outmatches the bmw 3 series. i cannot believe i have ended the day
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there is a new report out today. it shows fewer people lined up at the unemployment office last week. first time claims down 23,000. now at


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