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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 26, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EST

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but i tried it. and now i'm addicted to coffee enemas. >> so that's two coffees to go, then. i'll say it again. some people are way too into coffee. and some coffee is way into "outfront" next, breaking news. the dow posts its worst drop of the year. more than 200 points. >> plus, michelle obama with a surprise appearance at the oscars. if you fell asleep, you missed it. was it bigger than blockbuster or just a bomb. >> plus, scandal in rome. let's go "outfront." and we begin tonight with new developments. cnn has just learned that governor chris christie, a key 2016 republican presidential
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hopeful, is not invited to the conservative political action conference in washington, d.c. next week. that's according to a source close to cpac, and cpac, if you haven't heard of it, is often considered a must-attend for anybody who wants to win the white house from the gop. senator marco rubio of florida, louisiana governor bobby jindal, former florida governor jeb bush, rand paul of kentucky, rick perry of texas, they're all already on the list. is this a snub for chris christie? this news breaking late this afternoon. how big of a snub is it the. >> it makes a lot of sense for cpac, because frankly, chris christie was not going to show up this year, so why bother asking him and then get snubbed by the governor himself? just do the snubbing yourself and say we don't want you here. it probably would have been a tough environment for him to be in, frankly, given he has really pivoted to the center, some would say to the left, to win in a heavily democratic state. >> i get the logic you're laying
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out, but the problem is cpac is a crucial organization when it comes to the rank and file, to being loved by the conservative voter. chris christie is not liked by that voter right now. maybe he is, but he's been hurricane sandy, he was hugging the president, obviously. mitt romney has criticized him for that. he's got some of the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. he's not a conservative. >> he recently said governor cuomo is someone he has a lot in common. the democratic governor of new york state. here's the thing, there a lot of republican governors who are very frustrated with washington, d.c. and inside the beltway republicans right now. so in a way, chris christie is giving voice to some of the frustration with the republican congress, coming from republicans nationally, so i wouldn't count him out yet. >> and cpac has been hedging. a spokesperson said the schedule is still being finalized. they're trying to be careful. obviously, if they get more press reports like this, they might change their mind. shouldn't he throw in the towel, i'm going to be an independent? >> i don't think so.
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after he gets re-elected, demonstrate that you can be an effective conservative governor. >> appreciate it. now i want to get to our top story. stocks plunge today. the dow posting its worst loss of 2013. they plummeted on worries that italy's election results could spark another european debt crisis. another thing that has traders on edge, four days until the forced spending cuts take effect. we all know the cuts are poorly designed. we also all know that on an absolute basis, they are very small. democrats and republicans, though, did shake hands and do a deal that consisted of $1.2 trillion in forced cuts over a decade. cuts, not revenue. but now democrats want to change the terms. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off anytime with just a little bit of compromise.
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>> republicans, though, say they have already done that. >> the president says we have to have another tax increase in order to avoid the sequester. well, mr. president, you got your tax increase. it's time to cut spending here in washington. >> is this fair? gene sperling is director of the national economic council and adviser for the president. good to talk to you. the president want to replace forced cuts with a deal that includes tax revenue. i don't entirely get it because if revenues were so important to the deal, why didn't he put them in there in the first place 19 months ago? >> i'm happy to explain that. i think everybody who was there remembered exactly how it happened, which was there was a long negotiation that included the president and speaker boehner. we had agreed to an amount of cuts on discretionary spending, boast domestic and defense. as you remember, what kept us from coming to the big agreement is we couldn't quite reach an
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agreement on the amount of entitlements, things like medicare savings, and the amount of revenue. there was significant revenue, at least $800 million on the table from republicans, but we didn't come to a deal. as we were working out how to avoid going into default, there was an agreement we needed an enforcement mechanism that would be so painful for both sides, that would make both sides come back to the table, and each give a little bit. i think the idea was it would bring us back to try to bring the type of grand bargain where we would get the revenues from tax reform we would need together with additional tax entitlement savings. i'm not saying we had all agreement back then, but i don't think anybody should ever think that you're moving the goalposts or anything like that. the whole dna of the sequester, the whole dna of the enforcement, was to make both sides come back and to be straight, to make democrats be willing to compromise a little more on entitlements and
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republicans compromise more on adding revenues. that was always the purpose of the sequester. >> which i understand -- okay, i get that, and i think all the viewers get that. you explain it well. why not, then, did the democrats and the president say, well, one thing that republicans hate is tax increases. so if you put that in, now you have them sitting here looking at all spending cuts. you're doing a good job, saying, well, you're going to hurt the elderly. you're going to do things nobody wants to do, but the bottom line is you're telling them not to do cuts and they want cuts, so why didn't you put tax revenue in there? >> let's be clear. when the president says balance, he's generally been for something that has more cuts in it than revenue increases. i think everyone agrees that we have cut the deficit over $2.5 trillion in the last two years. of that $2.5, only $620 billion has been in revenue. you had two to three dollars of spending cuts for every dollar of revenue. the president then says recently
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he'll willing to still keep on the table his offer to speaker boehner. that has $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, including interest savings, $1.2 trillion in spending cuts, and just $580 billion in remaining revenues. so the president has been very committed to doing very tough spending cuts, including entitlement reform, including getting medicare savings, but you can't have bipartisan compromise right now if the republicans say they're not willing to find one penny, not one penny in corporate loopholes or tax expenditures. you can't ask the most well off from this point forward to put forward one penny but you ask for all the burden to be on education, on children getting health services. on national defense. that's what the public supports. >> i want to ask you two things. first, when you say he laid it out, this is the one-pager, right? i'm trying to understand that this is one page, the entire offer. because when i was looking at this, there are a lot of things
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in here that are very general, including the fact that you want health savings of $400 billion. didn't you just get obama care and get all that? are you saying you didn't do all you could with obama care? >> you know, the president has been willing to do entitlement savings, and he's there said he would do $400 billion more in medicare savings. that's very difficult. in the state of the union, he said he would be willing to have the same out year savings in medicare that the simpson-bowles commission does. when republicans say the president is not serious about entitlement savings or spending cuts, that's just patently false, and that offer that he gave to speaker boehner and still keeps on the table, the fact that he said that in the state of the union, all shows his commitment. all we're asking for is to have that basic balance and compromise where you say, if you're going to put -- if you're going to put entitlement savings, put medicare reforms on the table, let's at least insure
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that you're closing some loopholes and tax expenditures and you're not saying the entire burden of deficit reduction is going to go on education and older americans and the middle class. that's just not right. it's not shared sacrifice. >> i understand what you're trying to say, but it sounds like from your side, you're saying you can handle it all by increasing taxes on the wealthy. when you look at the math, it's just not true, right? i mean, you look at the numbers, and i thought adam davidson from npr's planet money, has done a great job. increased taxes on the middle class by 8%, you raise money than if you tax millionaires in this country at 100%. the argument isn't that you need to raise taxes on the middle class, but the reality is if taxes are part of the solution, don't you need to be honest with the american people and say it's not just going to be on the wealthy, it's going to be on you? >> let's just remember that only two months ago, speaker boehner, as you recall, said he thought we could find $800 billion in
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savings, increased revenues from closing loopholes, tax expenditures, through tax reform, that would fall mostly on the most well off americans. the president's now calling for just $580 billion of that type of revenue increases through tax expenditures. >> on top of the $5 billion at the top of the year. >> a package that is about $4.3 trillion, and about over $3 trillion is going to be spending cuts and interest savings, and $1.2 trillion would be revenue. that's a very balanced package. it's just what the president talked about in the campaign. two and a half dollars in spending cuts for one dollar in interest cuts. but he's not asking to raise rates anymore on the most well off. he's saying we can get the rest of the revenue, just the way speaker boehner has talked about it before, through tax reform that closes loopholes, reduces tax expenditures. this is an area we should come
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together and agree on and avoid this harmful sequester from taking place. >> still to come, last night, hundreds of hollywood stars were upstaged by the first lady. did michelle obama make a mistake presenting at the oscars? plus, tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of trayvon martin's death, and george zimmerman has received hundreds and hundreds of letters from the public. and later in the show, yahoo's controversial employment rule. some say marissa mayer is taking unfair aim at working moms, but is she? [ male announcer ] everyday thousands of people are choosing advil®. my name is taho and i'm a fish guy. it's a labor of love. it's a lot of labor and it's a lot of love. i don't need to go to the gym. my job is my workout. you're shoveling ice all day long. it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great.
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our second story "outfront," and the winner is -- michelle obama. obviously, my audition for that job just failed. the first lady made a surprise appearance at the oscars last
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night to present the biggest award of the evening. here she is. >> mrs. obama, do you have your envelope? >> not yet, jack. i'm about to. >> good. >> and now for the moment we have all been waiting for. and the oscar goes to -- "argo." congratulations. >> was this appropriate? donny deutsch is chairman of deutsch inc. last night, michelle obama presented the most coveted award of all, and friday, she was dancing on "jimmy fallon" which i'll show everybody because she was pretty darn good, right. >> look at that. >> she's good. good shoes she's got. and her approval rating is 73%. >> okay. >> dwarves her husband's at 52%.
2:17 am
so is oscar smart? a billion people are watching? >> there's a big difference between the "jimmy fallon" thing and the oscars. "jimmy fallon," the consumer at home gets to vote and say i want to tune you in. i want to introduce politics to my entertainment. when you're sitting at home and watching the oscars, watching entertainment, watching movie stars, i didn't invite you in. forget whether you're a democrat or a republican, it is presumptive and disrespectful to say, here i am. i wanted to see more jack nicholson. to me, it was a tone deaf quality, and an elitist quality, which we never hear with the obamas, to say i'm going to come into your entertainment space without being invited. clinton changed the math when he went on arsenio. there's a clear and wonderful blurring between entertainment and politics and information, but the viewer gets to choose when they want to blur.
2:18 am
this would be akin to the president at the two-minute warning at the super bowl giving his speech verses earlier in the day when people can choose one way or another. i thought it was assumptive and very wrong, to be honest with you. >> back in 2008, everyone remembers when she said, i'll quote her, for the first time in my adult life, i'm proud of my country because i feel like hope is making a comeback. the campaign said she was taken out of context, but it did spark a lot of flack and backlash, and a lot of people still remember it, but she has made herself over, frankly, by becoming the opposite of all those things. she has become the ultimate soft female. >> we have watched two females completely make themselves over, not necessarily by becoming soft, her and hillary clinton. if you go back to 2008, both men and women were very polarized toward hillary. now, not certainly by making herself soft, but by taking command, people love her.
2:19 am
michelle obama is likable, dynamic, has a great cause as far as the health issues and obesity issues, but you have to be careful. to me, standing with the marines behind her, there was a monarch quality. >> it felt like the royal family. >> and by the way, i want to see nicholson. we had the biggest movie star -- >> you're saying beautiful woman/jack nicholson, i take jack nicholson. >> my point is, i think america, if you polled america, and once again, forget that 50% of the country did not vote for her husband, so politics aside, politically also, i don't think it's a good move because we all have seen that, the kind of cliche view of the democrats being in bed with hollywood. this is one more step there, but i think it put, instead of her making her one of the people, it put her above the people. we didn't choose. it was not literally the people's choice. >> thank you very much, donny deutsch.
2:20 am
still to come, oscar pistorius checks in with police. why a 2004 murder could play a huge part in whether he spends time in jail. prosecutors in that case opted not to press charges saying the defend had suffered enough after the loss of his daughter. nic robertson is "outfront." >> molly was 19. just out of high school. her mother frieda, so proud.
2:21 am
>> she was pretty. >> beautiful. >> she's my daughter, but she was pretty. >> frieda and her husband, rudy, a former international rugby star, remember every detail of that night in 2004. >> sunday morning, 23rd of may, about 5:00 in the morning, a sound, a noise woke me up. >> frieda thought molly's car was being stolen. woke rudy. >> i jumped up and i saw it. i took out my pistol. >> rudy was afraid. two of their neighbors had been killed the week before. he broke the bedroom window and shot at the thief. >> i heard growling. and i wondered, what is happening now? then he told me, it's molly in the car. >> in that instant, their lives changed forever. >> so that one shot out of a million, right through the door. it went right in my daughter, through the neck. and she was dead on the site. >> he was not prosecuted. the court decided he had suffered enough, saying we feel he has learned a hard lesson, and the courts cannot achieve
2:22 am
more than that. >> i wish she could be with me. i see daughters with their little children, you know, i wish i had little children. >> and they feel the pain of oscar pistorius, the blade runner, who shot and killed his glamour model girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he says fearing a thief was in his house. >> i can tell him, i feel with you. >> i couldn't forgive myself because i woke rudy up. so i can sort of feel what he feels. why did i do this? what if? you know, all those questions that go through your head. ♪ >> today, both say their faith in god saved them. that molly's dealt was part of god's plan. >> women are being abused. women are being raped.
2:23 am
people are being oppressed. >> at their evangelical church, they have become leaders, sent all over the country to counsel victims. >> there's a lot of people praying for you, and know that they feel for you, for what you're going through now. >> both say if he calls, they're ready to help. nic robertson, cnn, south africa. >> still to come, a story of sex, scandal, and intrigue. and it's all happening around the pope. and new details in the trayvon martin case. we have an exclusive look at the hundreds of letters that have been sent to the man who killed him. and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore.
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welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we start the second half of our show with stories we care about, where we focus on our reporting from the front lines. do not travel was the stern warning issued from the national weather service today to people in the path of the historic
2:28 am
blizzard in amarillo, texas. conditions, this is amazing, you're looking at texas, everyone. conditions are so bad that snow plows were called off the road. the national guard has been called in to try to help the drivers stranded in the storm. amarillo has reported 19 inches of snow. that breaks a single day record for february set in 1893. reed timmer send us this video and said conditions are chaotic. officials in oklahoma have declared a state of emergency in 56 counties. they have been closing down interstates. >> here's a bargain that ikea shoppers weren't counting on. traces of horse meat in swedish meatballs. now, because of the traces, the furniture giant has pulled its meatballs from store shelves in many european countries where this has happened. ikea writes u.s. product is only meat products. it could be beef.
2:29 am
the united states does not slaughter horses, does not import horse meat from other countries. we'll have a lot more on this and whether that adds up later on this week. >> an "outfront" update to a story we brought you first, the gas explosion. it happened during this hour at a restaurant. one person was killed in kansas city, missouri, in that accident. we have learned that the company laying cable prior to the explosion at jj's excavating didn't have a proper permit for excavation. the permit violation carries a $5,000 fine and maybe up to six months of jail. authorities still don't know what actually caused the gas to ignite. to say it again, somebody was killed. >> it has been 571 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? by looking at washington, not
2:30 am
much. four days until forced spending cuts going into effect, and the dow posted its worst day of the year, down 216 points. >> our fourth story "outfront," accusations of sex, blackmail, and abuse. the vatican is in total damage role. two papers claim pope benedict's health is not the reason he's stepping down. they say a top secret reports that he's stepping down because some priests are being blackmailed by male prostitutes. the vatican denies it. out front, barbie from rome, and raymond arroyo. really appreciate both of your taking the time. barbie, let me start with you. you're in rome tonight. i'm assuming the leaks are coming from inside the vatican, but why? what are they hoping to get from this? >> you know, this really is about the next conclave.
2:31 am
and all this bad news that comes out, it works very much against the insiders who are in charge of the vatican right now. the hierarchy of the vatican is run by the italians and europeans. they were very much in place under pope benedict xvi when he was cardinal joseph ratzinger. maybe it's time for someone outside of rome, who is not engrained in this culture, maybe it's time from someone from a developing nation, someone else to clean house. >> raymond, a former catholic friar in england spoke to christiane amanpour, and what he said, it really stuck with me. i wanted to play it for you. his name is mark dowd. >> homosexuality is the ticking time bomb in the catholic church. on the one hand, the church teaches that the condition of same-sex attraction is intrinsically disordered, those are ratzinger's own words from
2:32 am
1986, but we know about half if not all of people attracted to the seminaries are gay themselves. >> ratzinger is pope benedict. is this true? >> i think you have to step back for a second, erin. this is hardly a news flash. father donald cousins wrote about this 20 years ago. father andrew greeley coined the phrase lavender mafia talking about a subculture within the catholic church. but barbie was quite right. this is focusing the electorate's attention on the mismanagement of the courier, the roman bureaucracy in the vatican, and no doubt, whether they're looking for a conservative or a liberal, i think that's beside the point. they're looking for a reformer. somebody who will come in and honestly appraise what's happened here. the many gaffes that were allowed under benedict's reign, and hopefully clear some of this up. >> scotland's bishop has resigned over allegations he abused four men.
2:33 am
he said i'm not going to join them for the conclave in person. i do not wish media attention to be focused on me. but the vatican's own spokesman won't comment on whether he'll participate in the conclave or not. how can this be? >> they're good at spinning the story in the way they want to spin it. today, we heard in a press briefing that his resignation has been accepted, but they were clear to point out that this resignation was issued. basically, he requested it march of last year. it doesn't seem likely he'll be there, but one cardinal among many with a scandal. we have cardinal mahony blogging away about being excited to being involved in the next conclave. it's about the body of cardinals and the scandals that have dogged this papacy. >> as barbie mentioned, cardinal mahony has an alleged role in
2:34 am
the church's sex abuse scandal. i want to ask you something that i think gets to the heart of this. i always disclose here, i was raised catholic. that's part of the reason i'm so fascinated by what is happening right now. when you talk about protecting the doctrine, if time changes and the doctrine becomes something that is exclusionary, not just exclusionary of gays given the apparent hypocrisy that there are so many gay priests, why not change the doctrine? >> the doctrine of the catholic church is hardly exclusionary of gays or women. they look at all people as children of marriage. marriage, that doctrine is settles, it's a sacrament. it's not within the pope's power to wave a wand and change that. an electorate told me of the cardinal, this provides us with great meditation, and he says hopefully this will get us, we cardinals, to reflect on how our
2:35 am
leadership has failed, where we failed, and what we need going forward. >> all right, a candlelight vigil in sanford, florida, tomorrow will mark the one-year anniversary of trayvon martin's death. george zimmerman who has been charged with second degree murder has insists all the way along it was in self defense. attorneys for the martin family accuse zimmerman for racially profiling martin and shooting him in cold blood. the case has divided the entire country. and zimmerman has received thousands of letters from the public. david mattingly has been granted an exclusive look at the letters. >> until now, they have been the silent opinions for and against expressed directly to george zimmerman. the hundreds of cards, letters, and e-mail that only now we're allowed to see. as expected, we find words of encouragement to zimmerman. and harsh condemnation.
2:36 am
>> but in the hundreds of personal and often passionate notes, we were able to look a little deeper, to look for trends, and to possibly see what is driving so many deeply held opinions. and immediately, there were some surprises. the accusations of racism and profiling that dominated demonstrations a year ago are not so prevalent in notes written to zimmerman. of the e-mail condemning his actions, fewer than 10% call him a racist. only 5% accuse him of profiling. the most common factor and opinions against zimmerman may have its roots right here, that mental image of trayvon martin buying a pack of skittles and a can of iced tea at this convenience store before walking home to watch a basketball game. the one thing zimmerman critics mention most is trayvon martin's age. 41%, in fact, condemning zimmerman's actions. explicitly mention trayvon
2:37 am
martin's youth. some calling him a 17-year-old. a teenager. a young man. but most may have formed opinions based on the younger photos of martin, publicized early in the case, calling martin a boy, a kid, a child. and many of the people writing notes of support to george zimmerman seemed to be reacting to what they saw playing out right here in the streets of sanford, florida. nearly a quarter of the people supporting zimmerman objected to race being an issue in this case. some blame the media. others blamed leaders of the protests. some went even further, to suggest a conspiracy at work. or that zimmerman was himself a victim of racism. a few made comments offering a possible glimpse into a racial divide, and racially motivated resentment.
2:38 am
>> so david, has zimmerman read these letters? >> he has seen some of them, but not very many. the people collecting them have shown him some of the more positive ones, some of the more uplifting and encouraging notes that were in there. he has not had a good look at the hate mail. >> now, talk to me about the hate mail. what surprised you the most in everything that you read? was it about the hate mail? >> well, while there were a lack of comments about racism or profiling, when you look at all of the e-mail, and this is where people seem to be most free with their opinions, in those e-mail, of the people opposing george zimmerman, 15% to 20% said they wished him bodily harm or death. so that was the surprising thing to me about how visceral this reaction was. >> and given that so much of the coverage about this, david, has been about gun rights, the stand your ground law, whether he should have been carrying a gun to begin with as a basically part-time security volunteer, were gun rights part of the
2:39 am
letters? >> well, that was one of the other surprises i got out of this. there were very few people mentioning gun rights or the right to carry a concealed weapon. that was very, very low in the number of issues that people were actually talking about. again, it had a lot to do with trayvon martin's age. it also had a lot to do with racial attitudes on the part of people who were supporting george zimmerman. >> all right, david mattingly, thank you very much. right now on, you can see the five things you need to know about the george zimmerman and trayvon martin case. last night, "argo" took home the statute for best picture. we go to iran. plus a behind-the-scenes look at the film that won the best documentary. we're going to introduce you to a man who was a rock star for three decades and never knew it. >> do you not think that your story is exceptional beyond belief? >> oh, it's pretty -- it's
2:40 am
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we're back with tonight's outer circle where we reach out to our sources around the world, and tonight, we go to iran where the government is protesting the choice of "argo" as winner for best picture. reza seyah is following the story, and i asked why the government is so upset about ben affleck's film about the hostage crisis? >> the iranian government does not trust hollywood. they think anything out of hollywood about iran distorts reality and paints iran in a negative light, including the oscar winner, "argo." right after "argo" won the oscar last night, state media said it was an anti-iran film and the oscar was a politically motivated decision designed to undermine iran. they said it was an ad for the cia. one state site said lincoln was clearly the winner, but the
2:45 am
oscars were about politics, not art, and finally, what really fueled the conspiracy, michelle obama, the first lady, announcing "argo" as the best movie. for the iranian government, that was proof positive that once again, hollywood was out to get iran. erin. >> thanks to you, resee. reza showed the picture of michelle obama announcing the award. the iranian news agency made some changes to her gown. they added sleeves and raised the neckline. they did this before they circulated it in iran. presumably, it was too revealing for them. for announcing the best picture award, she wore a dress for the nation's winners, who as far as we know, did not complain about the gown. now, let's check in with anderson cooper.
2:46 am
>> the academy award winner for best documentary follows the incredible story of an average guy, for 30 years worked day in and day out to support his family. all the while, he had no idea he was a literal rock star. his music wildly popular halfway around the world. poppy harlow is out front with his story. >> we thought he was like the inner city poet. >> he was this wandering spirit around the city. >> cysto rodriguez, a dylan-esq detroit native who tried his hand at rock in the '70s. ♪ >> when we walked in and heard the songs he was singing and what he was writing, we had to record him. we had to make a deal. he's great. we said, this is it. >> but it wasn't.
2:47 am
rodriguez's albums flopped in the u.s. somehow, though, his first album "cold fact" made it halfway around the world and became a massive hit. >> in south africa, he was in the pantheon of rock gods. >> to us, it was one of the most famous records of all time. >> the soundtrack of the antiapartheid revolution, fueling movement. but at home in detroit, rodriguez had no idea. he had given up his music career. that was four decades ago. >> you used to play right across the street, right? >> i played at a lot of places in detroit. >> unaware of his fame abroad and getting no royalties, he lived on little. raising his daughters doing demolition work. >> i'm not a stranger to hard work. >> he made failed bids for mayor, city council, and city rep. >> you call yourself a musical political? >> yeah, i don't see how someone can't be.
2:48 am
>> at 57, he was rediscovered by a south african music journalist when they found clues in his lyrics. they brought rodriguez to south africa, and he played to thousands of adoring fans. >> thanks for keeping me alive. >> he's on stage, and the crowd is just going wild. and they're singing, and they're crying. >> it brings you to tears to see something like that happen to someone. >> yeah. >> well, that was -- it was epic. >> do you not think that your story is exceptional beyond belief? >> oh, it's pretty -- it's pretty wild, the story. you know? i'm a lucky man to be so fortunate at this late date. >> this is a true cinderella story. >> and the oscar goes to "searching for sugar man." >> and it's now a story that has become even more legendary after it con the oscar for best documentary at this year's academy awards.
2:49 am
>> a man who lives his whole life in detroit, working construction work, really hard i thought it was the most beautiful story i ever heard in my life. >> a beautiful story, but also a mystery. where were all of the royalties? >> i don't know. i don't know. i do think it's an important question because the reason he didn't know it was famous for 30 years is he didn't get royalties. >> asked if he feels ripped off -- >> oh, well, no. not in that sense of -- and, hate is too strong an emotion to waste on someone you don't like, you know? >> do you want the fame and the fortune? >> fame is fleeting. ♪ hey baby what's your hurry >> now 70, rodriguez may finally get his due.
2:50 am
>> do you ever pinch yourself and ask, is this real? >> is it real? it is certainly a different life. it's certainly not what it was. >> poppy harlow, cnn, detroit. and still to come, yahoo's ceo sends out a memo that has angered a lot of women. ig thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here. i have to know the weather patterns. i upgraded to the new sprint direct connect.
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find your away. for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, visit it has been almost eight months since marissa mayer took over as the ceo of yahoo. she has put her mark on the country, done a lot of things from big to small, including bringing in free food and giving employees smartphones, but her latest move took serious courage. a young memo reads in part, to become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be important, so we need to be working side by side. that's why it is critical that we are all present in our offices. that was the way of saying in the beginning of june, all employees working at home will be required to work in the office or leave the company. there's two ways to look at this, she needs to cut the staff and this is a way to clear out people who literally and figuratively don't want to be there.
2:55 am
and two, she believes her employees will be more productive at work and not home. that's the point that has caused the most controversy. about 10% of american workers regularly work from home one day a week. and all day today, analysts and bloggers have been taking sides over her decision. it's a decision if it spreads could affect programmers, operator said, and most prominently, work-at-home moms and dads. despite what many surveys say, it's very difficult to be productive away from the office. i was chatting with chris maloney. he spent a lot of his career working from home. even though he's learned to use his time effectively, yeah, he admits little distractions do pop up from time to time. this particular distraction can cause up to 20 minutes of play time and then of course the cleanup to chris' manuscript caused by the hairy body relaxing on his kierbd.
2:56 am
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