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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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fantastic. >> a right in a card westbound a scary thing. for tommy, he's only at ease when his owner holds his paw. you can see him frantically paws, only calming down when he clutches his paw to reassure him. nothing worse than a needy dog. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. \s. going nowhere fast, quickly approaches, a compromise deal is now off the table, and a house vote seasonal expected until monday night at the soonest.
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a third new york city city police officers is now being investigated in webs can a motorcycle road rage incident that ended with the violence attack of the suv driver. you won't believe which department he works for. a hectic saturday in washington, capitol hill and the white house, we have new developments outside washington what do you got? >> democratic leaders down here to meet with president obama. we just heard on the hill, this was the development in the last hour, they have essentially rejected a plan put forward by susan collins to increase the debt ceiling. this is a plan by collins, who
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is really one of the more moderate republicans in the senate. the white house, and officials here saying it's not that they rejected it, but they think it neither works or changes, but at the same time white house officials are not being specific at all about what they would be amenable to, other than a clear increase in the debt ceiling and the reopening of the government at this point. we're really waiting to see -- one official told me it's just a check-in, so it's unclear if there's anything substantive other than they're getting together really trying to see what the state of play is. things are very uncertainly at this point, as we stare down this deadline come thursday, october 17th. >> there is the question, whether this is just optics, democrats want to prove to the world they're doing something, or will they actually taupe
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about something that can be done. >> brianna keilar at the white house, thank you very very much. the senate democrats held a new conference over the shutdown and the debt ceiling just a little while ago. harry reid said there is a long way to go in fiscal talks. >> conversations were extremely cordial, but preliminary, of course. nothing conclusive, but, i hope that our talking is some solace to the american people and for the world. >> he also said the government must be open and must maintain ability to pay its bills before progress with budget talks. let's bring you up to speed on what's happening today. the senate defeated a procedural move to bring up a clean bill, a debt limit bill. the vote was 53-45, party lines. the white house responded to the vote with this statement -- congress must do its job and raise the debt limit to pay the bills we have incurred and avoid
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default. it is unfortunate that the common-sense clean debt limit was refused a yes or no vote today. meanwhile, in the house, not much is getting done, because members have left, leaving only the gop leadership in town. athena jones is live on capitol hill, putting in a long day. athena, what do you make of what the democrats are saying now? >> it's interesting to hear harry reid saying he hopes the talking -- the fact that both sides are talking will bring the american people solace, but the talking doesn't seem to be getting anyone anywhere. a few days it looked as though they could be on the verge of some deal, but today it doesn't look like that anymore. now you have the house ending its legislative business for the dame. many members headed home. this has to outrage fulloed workers. now the senate is in recess. no votes are scheduled for
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tomorrow, so it doesn't look like any advancement is going to be taking place soon. we heard from brianna that senate democrats are helpeded over to the white house, but those are the two sides that agree with each other. they're on the same side in all of this. sure, make they'll hash out a way forward on that side, but what really matters is coming up with a deal that can win the support of both parties in both chambers in order to make it to the president's desk. after that press conference that the senate democrats held, one of my colleagues was able to pull aside some of the senators to do more talking. we heard from new york senator chuck schumer that they believe the senate has to leave here lead here. if they can come together, that will make it easier for the house to go along, but the question remains, what are they going to do to get broad bipartisan support in the senate? mig el? independents well, perhaps that's interesting.
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did you say 90 members have left, 9-0? >> i said many members. we had our cameras out there. certainly some people live close by, certainly several senators said they would stick around. that's got to make a lot of people unhappy as we get closer to this big, big deadline. >> thank you very much, athena jones. toll military brass behaving badly. a two-star air force general in charges of the nuclear missiles was fired for alleged personal misbehavior. just two days ago a navy admiral who oversaw the military's nuclear forces was let go. he's being investigated for gambling issues. barb va starr joins us. >> reporter: miguel there are two top, top officers involved
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in the nation's nuclear weapons forces losing their jobs. first up air force major general michael carey. he was in charge of all 450 land-based nuclear missiles in the country, allegations against him personal misbehavior, that's officially why he was removed from his job. source have been telling us it involved alcohol on a trip reported by several people who were on that business trip with him. next, two days earlier, vice admirable tim jar dina, second in charge at the united states strategic command. that meant he was the deputy in charge of overseeing nuclear command and control issues, all of that, very high level, again officially misconduct. sources are telling us it did rove gambling. the nuclear force, they tell
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us -- but the fact is very troubling, because this is a part of the military where they're, of course, zero-tolerance with nuclear weapons, for any misconduct, any failure for anything other than a very excellent commander. miguel? >> extraordinary circumstances, barbara starr, thank you very much. coming up, a third police officer is being investigated in the high-speed motorcycle chase. just wait until you find out which department he worked in. we'll have all the details coming up. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms
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it's the video that shocked a nation. three bikers have been indicted. craig wright, rental independence chance and robert sims are aaccused of attacking. margaret joins me, bring us up to date. >> miguel, seven bikers have been arrested in the suv driver's assault, pardon of a high-speed chase that was captured on the video and went viral. three of them have been indicted, charged individually with either striking the suv driver or the vehicle.
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they'll next be in court for arraignments on october 30th. that's when their charges westbound made public. the police are still looking for at least four our bikers who may have attacked the suv driver. >> what more do we know about the off-duty police officers who were on the scene? >> well, there are three of them. one of them has been arrested. we have photos of him. you can see him there on your screen. he's the one that's blurred out. he's worked as an undercover detective, including infiltrating the occupy wall street movement. the second detective has resigned to a desk job, not been charged. cnn has now learned that a her office involved works for internal affairs, the very same department that's investigating the entire case. here's more from yen's legal analyst paul cal lan. >> it's hugely significant. i.a.d. officers are supposed to be the guys that really enforce the law. they enforce the law even
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against fellow police officers, the letter of the law. to think that an i.a.d. officer might in fact be involved, i think the public will be very upset and disturbed about this. >> the officer's lawyer told susan candiotti that he worked -- he didn't see any part of the assault. he said the officer didn't do anything wrong. both of these officers, they took days to report to their superiors that they were there. all of this continues to be investigated. >> all right. margaret conley, thank you very much, from new york. millions of people love it. i'm talking about candy crush. some people say this online game is addictive, as addictive as candy, but can it make a lot of money for the company that produces it? i was made to work. make my mark with pride. create moments of value. build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt.
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well, you are looking at a live picture of the white house, where our folks on the ground tell us that harry reid, the senate majority leader has arrived after that press conference, where he said that there was no deal with senate republicans, a deal forwarded by republican senator susan collins of maine, a compromise that folks thought might end, at least one piece of the concerns over the debt limit and possibly the government shutdown all in one go it's not clear why they are going there, given that this deal seems to be off. this was described to our brianna keilar, who is working hard for us and earning her pay
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as a check-in, the members were going to check in with the president and the white house and figure out where they go from here if anywhere. the other question is whether or not this is just optics on the democrats' part trying to show the country they are taking this seriously and trying to bring in government shutdown and the debt limit crisis to an end. we will come back to brianna. she's out there furiously trying to figure out what is going on and what's going to be discussed. we will come back when she gets back up and going. for now we know harry reid has arrived at the white house. we expect other members of the democratic leadership to arrive as well. back with more in a moment. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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the dual crises we have going. also working hard is atheno jones is up on capitol hill. we are getting our money's worth out of you today, athena. what have you heard about this meeting? >> reporter: hi, miguel. well, we know we have seen senator reid arrived, but i should men on capitol hill there was a lot of activity earlier, but because of all that's been going on we've had a whole team of folks going to the different events. my colleague deidra walsh is reporting she was also able to grab some folks after that presser right before senator reid and others headed to the white house. she was able to learn that harry reid plans to continue talking with mitch mcconnell. he said there's not a meeting scheduled, but imagines will be tacking about phony. another reporter said if the senate is going to be in session tomorrow.
3:23 pm
apparently senator reid nodded, and asked, what's the house doing? we know the house has no vote scheduled for tomorrow, they don't plant to come back until monday evening. i believe we have a clip from senator reid that we can play right now from that presser that ended not too long ago. >> conversations were extremely cordial, but very preliminary, of course, nothing conclusive, but i hope that our talking is some solace to the american people and to the world. i don't know how much solace the talking is. we have this debt limit coming on thursday, just a few days away. one more thing that came after the presser is senator durbin said right now the thinking is they're going to be two separate votes, one that would raise the debt ceiling. we don't know at this point for how long or even when that vote would take place, but durbin
3:24 pm
also said this spending bill that we've been talking so much about to reopen the government, it's been 12 days that it's been closed, that spending bill is sitting on speaker boehner's desk. so we get back to the arguments we've been hearing all along, is that the house has the votes, with democrats and a few republicans to pass a bill that would reopen the government as soon as the speaker will schedule one. that's what we're hearing. >> perhaps the headline -- and maybe i'm a pie in the sky optimist, and we understand that dick durbin has entered the white house as well -- is it a good thing the senate is back in the full focus here? that a deal could be reached in the senate, which is considered more conciliatory, more amenable to a compromise on this? is that good? and then if they can actually pass something, and it all goes back to the house again, then we have to see where they go? >> that's the thinking,
3:25 pm
something that senator schumer said after that press conference, that the senate will have to lead here, and if there could be a broad bipartisan vote in the senate, then that might make it easier for the house to get republicans on board. of course, remember there is conservative house republicans who ran on the idea they weren't erv going to vote to raise the dead ceiling, so it looks like speaker boehner gets some help from house democrats to pass whatever could pass, but some of the thinking is that the focus is on the senate. the two sides are talking, so they say they have an understanding of just how important the deadline that's coming is for the debt ceiling and also just reopening the government, to get all these folks back to work. miguel? >> that seems to be the backdrop is the tea party clearly pleased that the government is shut down and that the debt limit is not being raised.
3:26 pm
the big question will come, if the senate can get something else passed, the big question will come then to john boehner again in the house, and whether or not he will allow a vote to go forward, and, you know, by cnn's reckoning, there are republicans out there who would put them over that 217-vote limit in a bill came up. is that correct? >> reporter: that's right. 200 democrats, 19 republicans, i'm told that number is remaining steady. but there was an effort to put what's called a discharge petition on the floor, 218 signatures to try to force a vote on this spending. they didn't get enough.
3:27 pm
it hasn't worked so far and didn't work today. there is some thinking that as the shutdown last longer and longer. it could force some action as republicans are taking a bigger beating, so that could play into this as well. miguel? >> athena jones, who appears to be all alone in the capitol building at this point, thank you for keeping up with it. we'll come back again and again, i'm sure. thanks. >> thanks. we'll have more on the developments throughout this hour, but one programming note. you can catch all-new an think bore deign parts unknown. he goes on a tasty journey to sicily, love it, where he learns the language of food. >> so what do we have here? so i can identify these
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all right. we understand that several members of the senate leadership have arrived and they are in a meeting to figure out where they go from here. this is after senate majority leader heart ri reid said there was no deal with susan collins and the compromise that she had put forward earlier. we expect to hear and hope to hear from either brianna keilar
3:33 pm
or athena jones or many of our cnners to figure out where this goes in the hours and days ahead. we will keep you fully updated. well, coffee send the only passion of star becomes' ceo howard schultz. he's also very vocal about politics, politics and coffee and angst these days. in fact this time he's offering americans a platform to voice their frustration, urging lawmakers to come together to stop the stalemate. nick valencia, we hope you're not drinking too much coffee there, nick. how many signatures do they have? >> reporter: i just checked in with starbucks a little while ago. the number officially still stands at about a million but they expect it to up through the weekend. about 11,000 stores nationwide, averaging 20 million customers through a weekend.
3:34 pm
the hope is every single customer this weekend signs this petition, elaine johnson is one of those customers. we were talking a little while ago about the shutdown, about this petition. what do you think about this initiative? >> i think it's wonderful. put your names down, get involved. it's time. we're falling behind. america should not be in this situation. >> reporter: is it more of a symbolic gesture, or do you think when these millions of signatures are delivered to the white house, do you think it will lead to any tangible results? >> to me it means that people are actually putting their names down, they're present, this should be a sign to washington. people are tired of this. it's time for a change. >> reporter: so many people we have talked to this morning and throughout the afternoon say they're tired of this. you know, really some people look at this and blame both sides. they say this is both democrats
3:35 pm
and republicans. what do you think? >> as a whole, yeah, both are involved. >> reporter: you think think need to grow up? >> they need to wake up. people are hungry. we have military men coming in that are -- that have been out in battle. they can't get home, they can't get buried, their families can't get benefits. we have babies, people on w.i.c. right now. what's happening? what's happening to us? i'm a retiree. this is very stressful. we go about our everyday business sometimes as if nothing is going on, but we need to put our feet down, we need to get in touch with congress. people need to come out, put your name down, be heard, be seen. it's time. >> reporter: thank you very much, elaine, for your comments. we've heard a wide range of pins throughout the day. some say this petition is exactly what washington needs to
3:36 pm
hear. others aren't as inspired, that they don't they signatures on paper will break through to the politicians in washington. >> i tend to side with the latter folks. i think things are pretty stuck there right now. it's going to take a lot of coffee and late nights. i want to remind you that the senate democratic leaders are at the white house meeting with president obama. our brianna keilar is at the white house as well. you'll hear from her after this break. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online but they didn't fit. customer's not happy, i'm not happy. sales go down, i'm not happy. merch comes back, i'm not happy. use ups. they make returns easy. unhappy customer becomes happy customer. then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics.
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well, there you are. live pictures of the white house, where congressional leaders are gathering to talk to president obama about where they go from here, after rejecting a compromise by susan collins, a republican from maine. our brianna keilar has been nosing around, trying to figure out what's going on in that meeting, and where this all goes from here. what are you hearing? >> reporter: i spoke with some white house officials. they basically say senate democrats are meeting really just so they can get on the same page, now that we've had they developments. yesterday, the rejection shun of a house plan, and now this rejection by senate democrats of a plan by susan collins. but many things in there, including the duration of that
3:40 pm
debt ceiling increase were unpalatable to democrats and the white house as well. what you're basically seeing play out is president obama has said all along he doesn't want to negotiate, and he doesn't want to negotiate on the shutdown. he doesn't really want to have this threat when it comes to reopening the government. white house senses at this point they have more leverage. i think they're looking at some of the polls out there that show while everyone is blaming washington in general, they are in particular blaming rpg. approval ratings for the tea party at an all-time low, a recent poll showed this week, so it doesn't give the white house an impetus to cave on this. they that it's more where republicans should be heading, miguel. >> there's a sense they're pleased, that the momentum seems
3:41 pm
to be back at the senate. where they possibly can cut a deal, where there seems to be some room for maneuver? >> were house republicans pleased by that, you mean? >> is the without pleased by that, that they can work with the senate, that mcconnell and harry reid can hammer something out, that they then present to the house a couple days down the road? >> i don't know if i would say necessarily that they are pleased. i think we're sort of in the middle of a process here. i don't think there's a tremendous -- i mean, there is concern here obviously as we're heading towards a default, but it doesn't have i think they feel there's time to maneuver and find a resolution. >> break glass -- break dishes, glasses, pull the emergency lever -- >> americans will, if we get to that point. >> do you know how long this
3:42 pm
meeting will go on? >> we're not sure. that's kind of the standard. >> we know that dib durbin showed up, do we have how many members in total are there if it's unclear if maybe there are some others. >> no, i know it's a moving targets. i have a difficult question for us. we heard that susan collins was going to address us, and then that seemed to go away. did you hear something changing, or was that -- >> i think honestly what's happened is now that her plan appears to be dead in the water -- when you ask the white house about that, they say no, we're not completely rejecting it, about you it does appear
3:43 pm
that plan is dead in the water, so getting in front of the microphones is pointless, that's my read on it. >> basically said everything else -- we're -- we're talking about several others pieces of that dale, yeah? this shows the mind-set as they're negotiating. that medical devices tax, president obama said in the meeting yesterday that he doesn't consider that to be a core part of obama care. i think that's actually something that under different conditions, the white house would be open to making a change to, but it's just sort of this being under the threat of something, the fact that they would give in, even on something that they might already -- that they would separately give in on. they don't want to do it when it comes to it being in a way sort of like paying a ransom. they are on principle saying
3:44 pm
they don't want to do that. i think that's really motivating a lot of what the white house and senate democrats are doing in these discussions or negotiations, if you can even call them that, miguel. >> amazing. thank you very much. working very hard for us today in washington. at least it's not raining. we're going to follow this story this afternoon into the evening maybe as long as it takes. we'll have more for you coming up. ♪
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numb bler one, democratic leaders in the senate are meeting this hour with president obama. the short time ago, senate majority leader reid said there's a long way to go in
3:48 pm
fiscal talk. republicans in the house say the president rejected a proposal. many members are heading home. number two, some landmarks will be reopening. new york says it's losing too many tourist dollars. arizona has struck a similar deal to reopen the grand canyon. it will pak the -- to operate the park for at least one week. tropical cyclone phailin is battling india. they made landfall just hours ago. phailin is mass i have been. tropical storm force winds stretch 270 miles, that's about the distance between boston and
3:49 pm
philadelphia. adrian peterson is asking for privacy as he mourns the death. of hi 2-year-old son. joseph robert patterson has been arrested. peterson says that despite the tragedy, he'll suit up and be ready to play football tomorrow. and number five. a couple aboard a cruiseship bound for st. marten are credited for saving three men stranded at sea. they alerted the captain. three americans were pulled from the water alive. they had been floating are for three hour after their speedboat capsized. now, every weekend we bring you the science behind stories
3:50 pm
in the news. today we're going retro folks that grew up in the '70s will remember the hit tv shows like "$6 million man" and "the bionic woman." fast-forward and bionics are now real. we take a look behind the scenes with the story of a man who had his leg taken by a shark attack but is now walking again. >> we were on a vacation with my family and we were fishing on a sandbar when something bumped me on my right leg and grabbed my left leg and it turned out to be a shark. the physicians had to either choose life or limb and that's when they amputated my leg. >> you know, the typical prosthetics, you can't go up slopes or down stairs in a healthy way and with power we can provide the equivalent of muscles and duplicate whatever
3:51 pm
the healthy limb can do. >> i never thought it would be possible for me to juck up stairs. once we started it, it's remarkable how easy it is for me. >> we're working on a robotic leg for the above-the-leg amput amputees. we've got the fully powered knee and ankle. it can move by itself but is not connected to the user in any kind of explosiicit way. it has sensors on it and it understands how the user's interacting with it. the leg has two fully powered joints. it has a motor at the knee joint and a motor at the ankle joint and the motors are the equivalent of the muscles and the sensors are the same as the sensors in a healthy limb. if you look at conventional prosthet prosthetics, you have to sling them around to move them around and this is a leg with the equivalent of muscles what we found is people use less energy when they walk with it and people generally walk faster and they can do things like go up
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stairs and down stairs and up slopes and down slopes and run which are things that generally you can't do with a conventional prosthetics. we look forward to having it improve people's quality of life and minimizing their disability and enabling them to do things that maybe would be difficult before or maybe things they couldn't do before. we turn now to a story of a young man who found out he has an ailment that can slow you down but doesn't have to stop you in your tracks and as our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta reports he's living and racing a dream come true. >> green, green, green. >> against all odds 20-year-old ryan reid is living his dream. >> been a race car driver since i was 4 years old. >> he was 17 when kyle busch one of nascar's top drivers recru recruited him for his development team. >> it was like everything was falling right into place in my life and nothing could stop me. i was really cranky.
3:53 pm
i remember being thirsty a lot. i was using the bathroom extremely frequently. losing a lot of weight. >> reed was diagnosed with type i diabetes. >> you are, no, ryan, you'll never race again. >> but they were wrong. reed adapted. he's on a strict diet. he has a sensor implanted in his abdomen that transmits his blood sugar readings. there's a continuous glucose monitor mounted to the dash inside his race car that allows him to check his blood sugar during the race. >> ten four, how are your numbers? 120 and maintaining. >> and his fire suit sports a bull's-eye? >> we have a pit crew that can reach in and give me an insulin debut should i need it. >> he made his debut in nascar and last month he finished in the top ten. dr. sanjay gupta cnn reporting. now, the vatican has been forced to withdraw commemorative
3:54 pm
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all afternoon we've been following developments in washington, d.c., you're looking at a live picture of the white house now where congressional leadership of the senate is meeting with the president to figure out where they go from here after harry reid, the senate majority leader, objected and rejected a compromise proposal from republican susan collins of maine. we don't have a read yet on that meeting, but we expect to and you will have a full update coming up as soon as we do. now, from krispy kremes to monogamy, "sanjay gupta, m.d." has it all. brooke baldwin has it. >> we're calling her the bravest girl in the world and it's been one year since malala was shot by the taliban at point blank range and she's sharing her story and exclusive details with
3:59 pm
christiane amanpour. and relationship expert dan savage will make the case monogamy not always the best policy and stay tuned for that kind of thing. you're a healthy guy, miguel, you'll not believe how much sugar is in the so-called super foods. we're breaking out the krispy kreme doughnuts and we're talking about multiples in some of the so-called healthy foods, all for you ahead at 4:30 eastern. >> thanks, brooks. tune in 30 minutes from now. red faces at the vatican over an embarrassing misprint. a new coin honors pope francis' first year in office but there's one problem. the coin had a misspelling on it. the word? jesus. a latin phrase on the coin instead said lesus with an "l." about 6,000 medals were made but all but a handful has been retrieved and those out there i'm sure are worth a lot of money. expect these to become some pretty big collectors items.
4:00 pm
it's been a long afternoon and that's all for me and we'll hand it over to don lemon who is covering all the developments in washington and plus how the battle in washington will affect your money and that's something you do not want to miss. don, my friend, it's all yours. good luck. >> i think kanye west has the name of his next album lesus instead of jesus. thank you. >> you, too. it is so good to be with you on this saturday. i'm don lemon. you're in the "cnn newsroom." so, there are new developments to tell you about right now in washington, we're working on all of it for you. the house of representatives like most of the government today not working. talks between the republican house leadership and the white house are going exactly, here's a quote, nowhere. so now the senate is trying to give it a shot.
4:01 pm
so, as i said, we've got a lot to cover for you. our chief political correspondent, of course, is candy crowley. candy is in washington. and then at the white house is cnn's brianna keilar. briann brianna, i under that you just got back from a little bit of an update on the situation in washington. fill us in. what did you learn? >> reporter: well, yeah, don. basically as we said, senate democrats are meeting here at the white house with president obama. you have the top -- i should say senate democratic leaders, the top four, so you have harry reid, dick durbin, chuck schumer and patty murray. they're in, i'm told by white house officials, just basically doing a check-in with president obama, kind of comparing notes and getting on the same page after a lot of developments here in the last couple of days. after the white house rejected a house republican proposal that would have extended the debt ceiling for just six weeks right up to the beginning really right before thanksgiving which you could imagine that would have put us in this whole situation all over again in just a month and a half. and then senate democrats rejecting now a proposal by
4:02 pm
senate republican susan collins, and you also had a vote that failed in the senate. it would have been a clean as they call it without anything attached to it bill to reopen -- or i should say extend the debt ceiling beyond the midterm elections. so, everything kind of back to the drawing board at this point. and really the focal point is now on the senate, don, and it's on mitch mcconnell, the senate minority leader. he is talking with senate majority leader harry reid and the point person in negotiations as well as senator lamar alexander, so a lot of attention -- a republican. a lot of attention there. but at this point we don't have any sense of what a deal might look like. when this might be struck, and even if anything can really progress so that we see something before the markets open on monday and no doubt react one way or another depending on this weekend's developments. >> well, the way things have been going, not keeping my fingers crossed and i'm sure most of america is not doing
4:03 pm
that either. again, the president meeting with leaders. but no republican leaders invited to this meeting? >> reporter: no, that's right. think of this as sort of a time-out, you're meeting with your team, you're not really going to invite players from the opposing team? gotcha. stand by, brianna, i want to bring candy in. senators reid and mcconnell said they are cordially negotiating an extension of the debt ceiling. if they agree on some terms, what happens when the house reconvenes? >> well, having said "if" is a really big if here, but if they come up with something, and it passes muster in the senate, it goes to the house and we see what happens in the house. but clearly, i think from the very beginning you could see that the president was -- it was kind of the divide and conquer approach. you know, how the president always said now a handful of republicans in the house are doing this and doing that. there's, you know, sometimes he would say, you know, they're
4:04 pm
like-minded, you know, good republicans, you know, country loving, you know, patriotic republicans, but a small group of members of the house. so, there was sort of always this division. and then institutionally there's a division. and the senate generally is a little more accommodating, the parties are a little more accommodating to one another simply because they have to be to get anything done. so, it is now as brianna said, up to the senate. but the question is, is whatever the senate comes up with going to pass muster in the house. will john boehner, the speaker, look at it as, hey, this is what we've got, folks, and then just put it out on the floor. or will his -- those -- that small group of republicans the president keeps talking about say we don't want to do this? so, i think it's anybody's guess. because what the house will do depends on what the senate gives them, if they give them anything. >> candy, it feels like -- a lot like grounds hog day. i remember being here -- >> it does. >> -- i think you and i and we
4:05 pm
were talking two-on-three saturdays ago and they were getting on this thing that wasn't going to happen or going to pass. and it just seems like the same thing keeps happening over and over and over again. to the average american. you are there in washington. you're immersed in this stuff. i'm not as much as you are. but what's really going on? is this really sort of the same thing that's been happening week after week after week? >> really -- yes, it is. i mean, not much has happened. i mean, if you go back and listen to what harry reid, the democratic leader in the senate, said today was, i hope that the american people and the world will take heart in the fact that mitch mcconnell and i are talking to each other. really? i mean, you know, these two people work in the same place over the same problems, so that's not, you know, not exactly comforting, i don't think. you saw the markets, you know, just loved it when the president invited republicans down to the white house and said, well, tell me -- tell me what it would take to get the government open, so
4:06 pm
the house tells him and he goes no, and that goes nowhere. it's just really -- we're treading water except for the people who have been furloughed and all of those people who aren't government workers whose own businesses are affected by this. they're not treading water. they're kind of losing ground. so, look, here's the good news -- they have to solve this at some point. so, every day we are a day closer. but this is a lot farther along than i thought we'd ever get. i thought it would be solved by now. >> can you talk to me about the house members who are leaving washington, who are going back to their own districts now, is this the time to do that, i mean, when congress is under so much scrutiny right now? >> optically if that's a word, the optics of it, the way it looks, not good. here are, you know, again, 100,000 -- hundreds of thousands of workers, government workers, laid off. lots of things closed. and does it look good to say, oh, we can't solve this problem so we're going to go on home for our holiday weekend? no, it doesn't. but can i tell you just
4:07 pm
practically speaking? this is up to the leadership. if you're, you know, a congressman from utah who's just arrived, you know, in congress, you're not making policy here. you're waiting to talk to your leader to see what he has. you get to vote. i mean, everybody's vote is equal, but when it comes to putting it together, it really is about the leadership and, you know, they have phones. >> okay. optically it's not optimal. >> horrible. no, it's not -- it's not optimal, it's horrible, you know, i agree, totally. and you've seen twitter. it offends people. >> yeah. >> it looks like they're not doing their job because they're -- they're not. they haven't, the government shut down and they're about to run out of money. >> and we've all seen the polls as well, candy. and i want to get back to brianna right now. brianna, as you stand there at the white house and the president's meeting with leaders, john boehner's doing whatever he is, he says he wants to have a deal within 48 hours, so what gives here? what are they hoping to accomplish tonight, if they can?
4:08 pm
what is going on? >> reporter: do you know what's really unclear what they're hoping to accomplish. there is a lot of focus, though, right now, as i said, on whatever sort of situation mitch mcconnell and lamar alexander, two republican senators, can sort of strike with senator reid, if that is possible at this point. but, don, it is very clear that the white house feels they have the upper hand here. the polls reflect that, right? you have recent polls that appear to have swayed republicans as well that show that republicans are being blamed for this much more than the white house, much more than democrats, that the tea party approval rating is at an all-time low. and so i think what you see, you're going to be seeing here in the coming days is more and more pressure. it's going to happen exponentially, monday if this isn't resolved, the markets will react. that exerts a tremendous amount of pressure. congress frequently responds to that. the march towards thursday, that
4:09 pm
deadline october 17th, pressure. and what happens when you press on let's say, a stool, well, the weakest leg gives and the way the white house reads this is that republicans are the weakest leg of that stool, if you will, so they sort of i think feel that ultimately as the pressure builds, their situation gets even better and they'll have to give even less and they really don't want to -- they really do feel that negotiating on this sets a precedent of here we are all over again, anytime there's a debt ceiling or there's government funding that comes up. >> right, right. it's interesting you said the tea party's approval rating at an all-time low. >> reporter: it is. >> and yet, candy and brianna, they are really controlling what happens with the republican party and yet they're at an all-time low. we'll talk much more about this. i appreciate you, candy. i appreciate you, brianna as well. and make sure you tune in, candy crowley will have an exclusive interview with one of the key players in the shutdown, rand paul joins candy in "state of
4:10 pm
the union" only here on cnn. this week wall street cheered news of a possible debt limit deal. on friday the dow was up more than 100 points and thursday was its best day in nearly two years. but, again, today, no real signs of a deal. is big business beginning to lose its patience? next. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. [ male announcer ] experience new febreze sleep serenity and let the soothing scent of moonlit lavender lull you to sleep.
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liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? all right. we want to get you now back live to washington. live pictures of the white house now where the president is meeting with senate democratic leaders right now trying to come up with some sort of compromise, some sort of deal, something to do, at least so that domemocrat are on the same page. they rejected earlier a compromise, a deal, by republican senator from maine, susan collins, so that is not going to happen. so, we don't know when there is going to be a deal. and as our brianna keilar has been reporting standing in front of the white house, if something doesn't happen by this weekend or at least by monday the markets will react and probably will react poorly. and so all week long, you know, people were talking about the possible disconnect between washington and wall street. but then the dow soared thursday after news of a possible deal,
4:14 pm
and then yesterday the dow closed up another 111 points. apparently not freaking out over washington's political stalemate, right? but how long is this going to last? how long can this last? ben thaler is a media strategist for mercury public affairs, he joins me now from new york. ben, do you believe there's a disconnect between wall street and washington? >> oh, there's a massive disconnect. and i think what's happening this weekend is the perfect representation of that. in washington you see the mess that's unfolding by the hour with the house and the senate and the white house and their focused on what's the deal going to be to try to get us out of this and it's playing out by the hour. in new york the titans of wall street are incredulous that we're even that close again. you mentioned so far the market so far has been pretty stable and i think that's because in new york the thinking is we've seen it play before but this time it might be different as the president warned and when the markets open on monday you might see the freaking out as you mentioned.
4:15 pm
>> why did you say that the titans are incredulous that this is going on? >> because we're a few days away from a potential default and the way that wall street looks at it there are outside forces that the market has to respond to that makes it difficult to reat. but in this case it's a self-imposed problem, the congress and the white house unable to reach a deal about paying their bills and that could mean the end of credit, it could mean the stock market plunging and people unable to see that the values of their homes or 401(k)s is anywhere close to being stable. we're really close to that line once again, don, and that's why they are thinking how could we be going through this once again and they are trying to influence the debate but it's not really their debate to have just yet. >> ben, we often hear tell of it that the white house, washington, wall street, they're cozy, they're sort of bedfellows. how cozy are wall street and the white house specifically? >> well, this is a complicated relationship, don, as a lot of
4:16 pm
relationships are that revolve around politics and money. right now the president is in line with wall street because of that concern about default and, in fact, he's looking for wall street leaders, the bankers, the people that he's now in touch with and talking to a lot to help make the case for him about the catastrophic threat of default. but it goes back and forth, you know, when the president ran for re-election -- ran for election, i'm sorry, the first time he did very well by wall street. they pumped a lot of money into his campaign and once he got elected and the recession hit in force, he went after wall street and talked a lot about how there needs to be reform passed, the wall street reform law, and the relationship soured, in fact, after the midterms, the president acknowledged i've got a strained relationship with the business community, i need to do something about it, and, in fact, you know, that's been up and down. right now as this fight plays out he really needs wall street on his side. but the cozy relationship, you know, kind of goes by the month. >> okay. listen, for decades the republican party has cast itself as the business friendly party and an expert who studies wall
4:17 pm
street and washington greg vallieriee wonders if it's the case. i'm just wondering is the tea party complicating this relationship? >> oh, absolutely. the republican party as you said has been the haven for the business community and been the party most aligned with that side of the debate. it's really not the case anymore. when you talk about the wall street leaders who are trying to influence this debate, they're not really speaking to the people who are leading the charge and that's the minority in the house. those are folks that are aligned with the tea party who very much want to listen to their constituents and aren't influenced by big business as much anymore. >> ben feller, appreciate your expertise on this. thank you. have a good evening. >> all right, thanks, don. >> you're welcome. you know, one business is, again, stepping into the political fight. starbucks as a matter of fact, their customers can sign a petition that puts pressure on washington to work it out. 11,000 stores, millions of
4:18 pm
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4:21 pm
we're calling her the bravest girl in the world, one year now after being shot by the taliban at point-blank range, malala shares new exclusive details with us, do not miss it. sex and expert relation chap dan savage will make the case that monogamy not always the best policy. wait for that. and if you think you're healthy? you will not believe how much sugar is in the so-called superfoods, the stuff you are eating and drinking and you are thinking you are being healthy, i'm talking more than that is in multiple doughnuts. we've got it ahead at 4:30 eastern, we'll you then. until then our live coverage, though, will continue and we'll talk about washington. let's get you out to the white house now and give you a live picture showing you that the president meeting with senate
4:22 pm
democrats and strategizing and trying to figure out some sort of strategy to end this stalemate in washington. what they're going to come up with, when knows, but we certainly help it will help out. there was a deal to be struck earlier, a bipartisan compromise by maine senator, republican senator, susan collins. they rejected that. the president rejected that. senate democrats rejected that. and so that is not going to happen. fingers crossed. we'll keep you updated. and we're going to talk a lot more about this, right? because a lot of disagreements have been solved over a good cup of coffee. but the shutdown standoff will take more than that, so starbucks ceo stepping into the fight with a petition customers can sign urging compromise. cnn's nick valencia spoke to some coffee lovers who hate this crisis. >> reporter: we've been out here all morning long talking to customers at starbucks of what they think of starbucks ceo howard schultz petition to washington trying to end the gridlock and the bipartisan agreement he's looking for in
4:23 pm
order to end the partial government shutdown. customers have had a varying range of opinions. some say that this petition doesn't make any sense. others think that it's exactly what's needed right now. one of those customers is david here. he's all the way from new york but he's in here in atlanta. come on out here, what do you think of the ceo that the peat has started? >> i think the peat itself is a good idea. at least someone is making an effort to do something. an effort that's apparently not being done in washington itself or by congress. >> reporter: now, a lot of people look at this partial government shutdown and they say, how did we even get in this mess to begin with, do you look at this issue and blame one side over the other, or do you think that both parties and both politicians on either side have some blame to share? >> i tend to lay the majority of the blame on the tea party faction of the republican party because they're narrowly focused. they're unwilling to compromise. which is something we've
4:24 pm
traditionally had in government. and it's -- it's -- i think it's just real a monkey wrench in the whole works of the political scene. >> reporter: david, what do you think, will it take a petition like this -- they've already got over 1 million signatures, will it take something like this in order for that message to be sent to those politicians in washington? >> i think this will make an impact, but i think the message has already been sent and hopefully in 2014 things will change. >> reporter: thank you very much for your input and taking the time with cnn. a wide range of opinions we've seen out here all day long. 11,000 stores, starbucks locations throughout the united states and they average about 20 million customers. starbucks ceo howard schultz is hoping that every single one of those customers signs this petition. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta. >> all right, appreciate that, nicky. a tourest said his rental car's gps system led him onto
4:25 pm
train tracks and nearly got him killed. a philadelphia man was using his gps when he took a wrong turn and ended up getting stuck on the tracks. the tourist was able to get out of the vehicle and unload his belongings but a train came and pushed the car half a city block. an amtrak machinist said he's seen it happen before. >> it was an older couple was using their gps and they brought their lexus straight down this alley, following gps, and it almost ended up on the mts tracks. somebody's eventually like i said is going to end up coming down here and nobody will end up stopping them and there's going to be a train coming and they're going to end up dead. >> wow, unbelievable. no one was hurt this time but let's hope they get that gps issue worked out, right? it's a storm as big as hurricane katrina. that's what we're told, but the death toll could be far, far worse in this storm. the details are next. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®.
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hi. [ baby fussing ] ♪ white house is a busy place
4:29 pm
on a saturday because the president meeting right now with senate democrats and they're trying to come up with some sort of strategy to end this government shutdown, to come up with a deal to raise the debt ceiling. what will they come up with? will it be a strategy that the republicans will go along with? we shall see. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, there's other news to tell you about here on cnn. a massive storm pounding the coast of india, the cyclone made landfall about four hours ago and this is no ordinary cyclone. this storm is the equivalent of a category 4 hurricane and the u.s. navy is forecasting maximum sustained winds of reaching, get this, nearly 200 miles per hour. forecasters say a storm surge of 23 feet is possible. half a million people were avac waited ahead of that giant storm. taking a brief break from the government shutdown worries president barack obama and the first lady welcomed


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