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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  December 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show." [cheers and applause] my name is jon stewart. our guest tonight we're very excited saudi filmmaker haifaa al mansour will be on the show. she's done this film wajada. tremendous. off the top you may recall if you've seen our program last week we had a little spirited fun with meghan kelly. we're -- meg yin kelly.
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her response to santa being a color other than white. >> kids at home santa is white. we're just debating this because someone wrote about it. >> jon: see. [ laughter ] like most debates it started by giving you the definitive answer first. now, unfortunately for miss kelly for fox her spram televised. -- her program is televised. and people who saw the segment or read about it expressed an opinion that what she said was wrong and defensive and oddly definitive for a discussion of a fictional character and (bleep)ed. people thought it was like really (bleep)ed up. that was actually the economists take on it. [ laughter ] but on friday miss kelly took to the airwaves to clear things up. >> in kicking off a light hearted segment i offered a
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tongue and cheek message for any kids watching saying that santa, who i joked is a real person whose race is identifiable is white. an offhand jest is now a national firestorm. humor is something we try to bring to the show but sometime it's lost on the humanless and fox news and yours truly are big targets for many people. [ laughter ] >> jon: i guess we all owe you an apology. [ laughter ] what appeared to me to be another example of a fox news segment expressing anger and victimization over the loss of absolute power and reframing that as persecution of real america by noshts, free loaders and socialists -- [laughter] -- that is trademarked, by the
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way. what i thought was that was actually a jest, a jape. i'm sure if we look at the original clip again in that context we'll find it as humorous as it was sincerely intended to be. >> for all you kids watching at home, santa is just whies. jesus was a white man, too. just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn't mean it has to change. [ laughter ] >> jon: oh, i get it. [laughter] our top story tonight. like most americans i live in a perpetual state of fear is. my cell phone cancer, is my
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coffee sweetener giving me cancer is god going to punish me by being so afraid of cancer by giving me cancer but according to news reports we have more than cancer to worry about. >> can you imagine walking down the street minding your own business when someone punches you in the face for no reason at all? >> jon: well, i did go to high school in new jersey so yes. i can also imagine getting a lugi hawked into my hair and being called a homo by a girl i just asked to the program. >> it's called the knockout game. teenagers nooking people out for the fun of it. >> jon: that is the key because if they were cold cocking people for the environment we would be cool with that how bad is this game? >> incidents that occurred in ten states coast to coast. >> it's been spreading can cases
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from san diego, st. louis and chicago. >> faces are piling up and police across the country are on high alert i know police are not looking to prevent people from assaulting each other and this new trend has given them reason to be vigilant. keep your eyes peeled a lot of punching gone on out there. police have to be all over this strain of chronic connected violence and probably called in the big guns, the profilers, your closers, your mentalists your nci strks, your sv u, hawaii, bones, elementaries, your bloods blue, the point is there are so many (bleep) cop shows on television there's only
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one problem with this trend. there's that evidence it has been happening since 1994. >> even "the new york times" times is reporting. police officials in veafl attacks said that the game amounted to little more than an urban myth. >> jon: cot news media be overhyping the danger? they've never done that before. [ laughter ] there was that all the time. >> fears escalating across the country tonight as flash mobz on the rise in recent weeks. >> it's when a group of young thieves plot to -- >> dangerous trend car surfing. >> disturbing selfy pictures. >> lots of kids video taping themselves performing dangerous stunts. >> disturbing new trend, new young people are biting each other for real. >> question innocent fun or fesm
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you'll harassment? young students slapping the back sides of others. [ laughter ] in this new biting trend ever combines with this new backside trend, young people will have turned into my aunt. [ laughter ] give me that tushie. come here. lafer laugh my -- [laughter] my aunt used to bite my tushie. [ laughter ] a couple of weeks ago. [laughter] cailt sensationalism if you want but all the knockout hype has led to a call for action. >> a new york state legislator is drafting up a new bill to up the penalty for these crimes. a 25 year sentence is being
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proposed for teens 14 and up who played the game or even stand by and watch. joining us now is the man behind the plan new york state assemblyman. >> they are beating their chest. acting like big men. big men should have a big law and penalty if they do this type of dastardly crime. >> jon: (bleep) 25 years for just standing there. the thing that may or may not be a thing needs more onerous penalties than what already exists for aggravated assault. don't we have another violence issue even more widespread and damaging? >> america has more gun deaths than any place in the world. >> since newtown at least 173 children under 12 have died from gunshot wounds. >> it's another week of gun violence in america, 170 shooting deaths reported nationwide. >> jon: 170 in a week. yet, as a matter of fact since newtown gun laws in this country
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have gotten weaker not stronger. that seems -- i've got it. [laughter] there's a new trend sweeping this country. [ laughter ] people shooting other people. [ laughter ] it's called the shooty game. [ laughter ] (bleep) it will never work. [ laughter ] we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] pd$c h&1xqf28
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back to the show. [cheers and applause] we turn now to the great contest among nations for dominance in space. the united states on one side, the soviet union on the other. i know what you are thinking, wasn't that like four decades ago? well, apparently not. >> china has become just the third country to take a soft landing on the moon. beijing's newest space craft landed there today. >> jon: today! in 2013, today, it's like the new york city marathon you know how around hour eight there's one inspirational guy in a cast who wouldn't give up and he makes it all the way and then he is followed by another guy in a bear suit for some reason (bleep) nobody knows why. in the space race that intair china. [ laughter ] that means -- that bear is china. it's time to dust off the
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reoccurring segment space race 1957! ♪ so what do we know know about the people's republics ea new moon rover. >> solar power will expect for the next three months in search of valuable mineral deposits it's called the jade rabbit. >> oh, i've read science fiction stories about this sort of thing. i never thought i would see the day that people in china were allowed to vote. boom! communists ol garky slam. [laughter] it's impressive though that the entire nation of china came out to vote. americans won't get off their asses to vote for a president. >> the name was decided in a
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public online poll. >> jon: oh, online. it's a pretty good name jade rabbit f. america named its space craft using web polls the next space craft would be u.s.s. paul ryan miley sucks. >> take a look at the astronaut so cute a monkey. >> jon: so cute he doesn't look terrified at all. that is a monkey having a really good time. [ laughter ] more fun than a barrel of him. [ laughter ] yes, iran sent a monkey into space and safely back to earth where he was given either a hero's welcome a for jewish wedding. [laughter] if nothing else sooner or later iran will run out of monkeys but china you better back off.
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being on the moon is our thing. when we started out as a young nation we didn't go, hey, you know how we can make our mark? let's build a great wall. there are a lot of people that would love to build a great wall. [laughter] so you really want to step to us, china because the moon was child's play. we're already half way to mars mother (bleep). which reminds me, hey, china, can be borrow some money to finish our mars trip? ers anheers an
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>> jon: please welcome hive haifaa al mansour. [cheers and applause] how are you? [cheers and applause] >> wow. >> jon: first of all i see you are wearing the traditional saudi black leather fonzie jacket. i bought it to you for, jon. >> jon: it's lovely. what a lovely wonderful film. >> ah. >> jon: can you explain just briefly the plot for everybody? >> yeah, it took a while to get
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it off the ground, five years of work. it's a journey after i little girl, a saudi. she's feisty, has a great sense of humor. >> jon: this is the woman that we saw? >> wadjda, yeah. she wants a bicycle. you know saudi arabia all conservative and it's ball what women cannot do and everything. but she manages to get it and it's about achieving dreams and working hard. it concentrates more about human dignity and resistance and resillance. >> jon: but this is what i so appreciate about it. the theme is so universal and simple that you forget. and then the context of where it is just becomes part of the backdrop, and i really helps to humanize all the different characters and inform in a way that i think it won't otherwise. >> i tried to just like complain
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about reality and make it inspiring. people in saudi arabia women in general need to have reference of people working really hard to change their destiny. it's hard just to show women as victims. we know need to -- we need to show them as women who are proactive trying to make their life better. it's good for especially younger generations to see that. >> jon: this little girl, who by the way, what a firecracker, where did you find the young actress because she's terrific in this? it's hard top fund young actresses in saudi especially ones not in the business. it was the first film ever filmed completely in saudi. >> jon: there's no movie studios no imax none of that. >> nothing. >> jon: sina goings, nothing. >> that is for sure.
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[laughter] we didn't want to attract attention. work low profile. we can't put casting calls for girls. we had to rely on the word of mouth and small production companies that includes kids for holidays and all that. yeah, we met a lot of amazing girls, really beautiful have charisma but they go home and have second thoughts and they don't want to do that. the heart is breaking because they are afraid of society and what people will think of them. then i wrote the story on my niece. i have a niece like this always scheming to earn some money. it's a little bit of the spirit of my niece. she didn't care she didn't do her hair or anything. i liked that. >> jon: it was very interesting. as i watched it, i thought it's so detailed it smacked of personal -- it's the green bike. there had to have been a green bike in your past. >> oh, yeah.
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>> jon: because it's too -- there was something so organic and natural. >> his a green base csm i come from a big family, one of 12 kids, one in between two boys. he wanted to buy it for me but the guy selling wasn't happy was thinking my father did the wrong decision. >> jon: didn't want to sell to a girl? >> yeah, he sold it but he made his objection clear. >> jon: i thought it was so interesting to watch the difference between how the girl and her mother interacted in public and interacted in private. in private it's sort of the whole world opens up to them and they have a beautiful relationship but in public it feels like there's a sense of fear or -- >> absolutely. >> jon: or anxiety. >> saudi is all about what is private and what is public. public people have to -- even
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men have to wear all the gear and all that and keep a certain persona. at home there's flirting, love for food, dancing. that's kind of like normal family life. a lot of people don't see that about saudi. that's what i wanted to say about the society. to put a human face on the culture. we're always on the economy and politics but it's nice to know how people are. >> jon: has the government contacted you? >> oh, yes. >> jon: are they nervous about this? upset about this? you filmed in saudi. women are not supposed to talk town related relatives who are men. how did you even film? >> oh, yeah in public i was in a van. >> jon: you were in a van? >> yes and i had a walkie talkie and had a monitor. >> jon: you couldn't go on the street so you would sit in the van and talk to the actors. >> it's a very compliant place.
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>> jon: what do they think of what you've done? >> they nominated the film saudi arabia to the oscars. >> jon: they love it. that's very nice. it's exciting. >> it is exciting. i think that it's opening up to woman and arts. it's very conservative and people have tawlz be careful what to say or not to say but there's a small space and i think it's important to capitalize on that space. learn from iranian filmmakers they do films from where they come from and before it's back home and i think it's effective in changing people there and i think it's very important to have this change that takes roots deep in like belief and tradition. >> jon: i think what is so optimistic because you can read it two ways but what leaves with you an optimistic feeling is there's a certain air of
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inevitability about this change. this is out of government control this isn't something they'll be able to stop. >> i think the world is different now all the information and saudis are rich. all the kids have an ipad, ak access to internet. you cannot stop that. >> jon: congratulations. it's a marvelous film. we're delighted to have you on the show. good luck with the oscars. >> thank you so much. 7 rjrj,x,x
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>> jon: that's our show. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. here it is your moment of zen. >> south africans have to go back to their lives george back to work and see if they can continue to carry on


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