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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  January 9, 2014 1:00am-1:31am PST

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oh, it's true! you all did survive! - aww, you lived? - oh, my god, you guys! i really thought i was the only non-minority on earth! how many of our species survived? - that wasn't a mayan apocalypse, you racist idiot! - it wasn't? so then you mean... we do have until 2012. well, it may be only three years, but i intend to live those precious years to the fullest! - will somebody just get me to a hospital? i need to get my stomach pumped! - aw, come on. it was just a little pee, kyle. - god damn it, don't you get it? i hate pee! i'm grossed out by pee! the only thing i find more disgusting than pee is bananas! - all right everyone, quick! here you go! - what's this? - you all need to eat your banana immediately! - what the hell for? - eat the banana, or we have to put you down! - aahghghghgh! >> from day -- comedy central's
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world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with jon stewart. ["daily show" theme song playing] [cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome to "the daily show". my name is jon stewart. we have a program tonight! tonight on the program richard cordray he is the head of brand new u.s. consumer finance protection bureau. he is on the program tonight. [cheers and applause] only a "the daily show" crowd cheers equally as vociferously and enthusiastically for legalized marijuana and -- and -- the head of u.s. consumer finance protection bureau. only here do you get that.
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[cheers and applause] as we do every night, let's get to your traffic on the ones. [ laughter ] if you are coming to new york city on the george washington bridge -- [laughter] -- and it's last september. [ laughter ] you may have noticed that the traffic congestion has shifted from its normal hellish congestion to a sort of soul crushing vortex of exhaust and honking where you and your vehicle merge into one stationary amalgam of steel, fumes and broken dreams and an ez-pass. you may have thought to yourself in september at this bridge as you sat unmoving for hours -- huh, is godzilla on the other side of this bridge destroying the town? and if so, could i take the lower level of the bridge? [laughter] anyway, the traffic on the fort
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lee side of that bridge was so unusual that it had to be looked into. >> the allegation is that this was in retaliation by the christie administration because the mayor of fort lee did not endorse governor chris christie. [ laughter ] >> jon: that is the most as -- christie had a 24-point lead over his opponent democrat who knows barbara buono. the idea that christie was so mad at a mayor for not endorsing him he imofs to (bleep). you would have to be the most petty person p. it doesn't punish fort lee's mayor. it punishes people trying to get the (bleep) out of fort lee. [ laughter ] the mayor he's the one guy who has to stay there.
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you are thinking about why are you talking about a traffic jam from september anyway. funny story. >> newly released e-mails link the office of chris christie to a controversial lane closure at the george washington bridge. >> one of christie's top authorities at the port authority, time for some traffic problems in fort lee, she wrote. got it he said. [ laughter ] >> jon: oh, no you didn't that is very specific. so -- wow. governor christie's team up 24 points in the polls up 14 points in points -- in the polls, fine. >> is it wrong i'm smiling? i feel badly about the kids, i
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guess. and then they are the children of buono voters. [audience reacts] >> jon: okay that makes them evil. [laughter] did probable presidential favorite chris christie personally order this traffic hit? i don't know. but i do know one thing about the effects of this burgeoning scandal, you can probably now see paul ryan's boner from space. whoa that is -- i don't know what that is. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] all right. looks like wisconsin has a tusk but i don't -- now we have he has an up-pie lnch will chris christie respond? >> not only was a mislead by a member of my staff but this
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inappropriate conduct was made without my knowledge. >> jon: and i'm sorry. sorry? >> one thing is clear i will not tolerate it because the people of new jersey deserve better. >> jon: which makes me sorry. i'm very sorry. this is not representative of me or my administration in anyway and people will be held responsible for their actions. >> jon: what? [laughter] while clearly somebody is getting thrown under the bus here. fortunately for them the bus isn't moving it's stuck in terrible traffic. [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] for more on this story -- for more on this story we good out to our senior new jersey correspondent. [laughter] how are you doin? as i guy who grew up in new
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jersey i'm dais ain't -- i'm disappointed. i am ashamed. political payback through traffic? to see new jersey stoirchg such a pisspour quality of -- this is new jersey a state renowned for the quality of corruption. when the 70s when they wanted to entrap people with a fake arab sheik where did they go? new jersey. in 1980's when a man paikd his own death, picked up a briefcase of cash and disappeared and where was that state senator from. >> new jersey. >> jon: when hbo wanted to portray corruption where did they go? new jersey. and then when they wanted to do it again but in a different era,
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where did they go? new jersey. planning this over e-mail with noncoded lingo you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. >> why not create a traffic jam in fort lee as retribution. you're an enbarsment to dialog. here is how it should have gone. did you take care of that that thing? yeah, our good friend lee he is constipated all right. no, no, lee? yeah our good friend lee he is going to be backed up oh -- you want taste real new jersey corruption here say typical story. >> the mayors from hoboken, is a caucus and deputy mayor of jersey city charged with bribery. >> jon: give me more. >> a group of rabbis arrested for involvement in a
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international money scheme. >> jon: now more. >> one accused of dealing in human kidneys. >> jon: jersey politicians, rabbis, kidney dealing. corruption! corruption! corruption! ♪ corruption ♪ ♪ corruption that is the state i grew up in. have you seen our state flag? there's it will -- literally a severed horse's head on the state flag. that sends a message to every other state in the union no (bleep) put them in the movie. look at how christie handled himself in the press conference. i worked the cones. i was actually the guy out there. i was in overalls and a hat. >> jon: this is say level of
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dickishness and sarcasm. that's how i handled it at home. yeah, mom i'm a drug fiend, me and my friends smoked a bag of weed and now we sell it because that's what we do. because that is what we did. [ laughter ] we have a saying in new jersey kind of our state motto it's a death drap, it's a suicide wrap you have to get out while you are young so don't block the bridge because there's not that
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. [cheers and applause] as we all know, the rollout of affordable care act has been perfect. and it is about to get perfect-ier. assif has more. >>ing forget the horrible web se and not being able to keep your doctor. the real test for obamacare is the same as every other product in the world. will young people buy it. don't worry obamacare proponents like adam fox have got it covered. >> young adults are going to have access to health insurance, they are going to have job mobility. they are going to have access to financialencance. >> it's a really compelling argument. i'm assuming it's the kind of information you are reaching out to young people with.
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>> yes, it is. >> i'm excited to see what you've come up with. >> i have them right here. so this is one of the ads saying keg stands are creazy. not having health insurance is crazier. don't tap into your beer money to cover those medical bills. we've got it covered. now you can, too. >> okay. i see what you are putting down. if you want to catch a bro you have to use a little beer. the ads got the attention of young american bros and lady bros. i was shocked that that it was an actual insurance ads advocating for falling off of kegs and getting really drunk. >> they are saying you can get drunk and have a great time. it doesn't matter because you have health insurance. >> think it's too strairo typical. >> i don't see any women in them. i'm in the a bro. >> anything for the ladies? >> of course?
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this is -- of course. this is from the second wave of ads let's get physical. omg he is hot. let's hope he is as easy to get as birth control. >> brosurance before hosurance. >> they are portraying you as a person who wants to sleep around as the only goal. >> antiobama side condems the ad. they are try tock make health care cool with keg stands and the reality is it's just merely making young people look very shallow. >> are they not cool to you because you are not a college kid anymore? >> no i think they are a lot of -- did you call me old? >> i mean, you are older than college kids is what i'm saying? >> i'm recently out of college
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hitchish. >> based on the recent college-ish experience she knows young people don't want to be talked down to. >> it's critical we educate young people health care is too serious of an issue to sell with keg stands. >> that's why anti-obamacare groups like generation opportunity are holding educational events like this. >> they quote rolled in with a fleet of hummers set up beer pong tables and hired models with -- >> you have keg stands for it, corn hole against it. we're all doing the same thing? >> no. >> >> really? >> there's a big difference between holding a student event and creating a marketing campaign that minimizing young people. >> you are getting young people drunk. >> we take action in the political arena. >> they took action all right
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but which side's beer soaked outreach is winning? the future of american health care hangs in the balance. >> which team are you on? team brosurance or opt out? >> neither. >> neither? they are awesome. >> i don't think they answer any health care questions. >> i'm cloudy on the obamacare thing. >> will the quality remain the same? >> what kind of doctors can i see? what procedures does it cover? >> wait a minute, what i'm getting here is keg stands and one night stands are not relative to your lives the all? >> not at all. >> that's what they did in the 80s like molly ringwald movies. you need ads that speak to you today. >> no. >> yes, you do. yes, generation opportunity this is how you pander to modern youth.
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they want to grew up to be bad and when you are this bad you need health insurance. >> with obamacare, you won't have to spend your hard earned money. >> i got these ladies and guns. i got a laptap just for yeah. relationships are complicated enough without paying double for birth control or triple. bikinis, big booties and health care y'all that's what life is about! ow! it's okay. i got health insurance. >> health care, bitches. get some! >> jon:n: ,x,xjr
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[cheers and applause] >> jon: welcome back. my get tonight is the director of a consumer financial protection bureau. please welcome to the program rich cordray. [cheers and applause] thank you very much for being here. you are the director of the consumer bureau of commerce and alcohol, tobacco and firearms. what is the name? >> it's the consumer financial
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protection bureau. our job is to see that people are treated fairly in the marketplace. it's an important job, i think. >> jon: good luck with that. [ laughter ] they nominated you. you were created through the dodd frank reform. when did they nominate you? >> jewel of 2011. >> jon: when did you become the head of board? >> in january but confirmed two years after i was nominated in july of 2013. >> jon: and did that send you the message that is going to be great? >> i didn't know whether to think it was fast or slow. >> jon: i can assure you it's never happened that quickly before. [ laughter ] now you are dealing with these idiots. [laughter] so what i have you -- you get to the office. the first thing you do you do is
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work on fair lending. it's the idea that mortgage companies, chartered and noncharterred have to make sure that the consumer can afford the mortgage that they are given, correct? >> it's pretty basic stuff. there should not be debt traps peddled to the american people that happened leading up to the financial crisis. they shouldn't be given surprises and get the run around when there's a problem. we saw it happening and it's time to stop. >> jon: has there been pushback from the industry? what is the resistance? there has been. it's a bipg change in the status quo. there's always resistance. it's sensible changes. it's taking mortgage lends back to what credit unions have done for decades. checking out the numbers to make sure people can succeed in the loan and not just not caring. if they are underwritten for a
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teaser rate pretending it's the life of loan. >> jon: after two years the rate double rchlz that's right. >> jon: there's another piece to this is that is more punitive. you are going after mortgage lenders for poor behavior. what is that? >> we have authority and we've been using it in a number of different markets. credit cards you sign up for credit card you call to activity. often they are trying to sell you other products. some sound like the products you should get identity protection. a imre you are going to pay ten dollars a myfoxdc they don't tell you there's another step or two. they charge i $10 a month when they go to seek the protection they say you didn't have it. you know it's wrong. totally unfair and we've been getting hundreds of millions back for consumers in their pockets because they were mistreated in this way. >> jon: the thing i don't understand about the punitive measures against the financial industry is it always operates under the principle of all right
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well just give us a cut of it. give us money back. doctors can lose their medical license. lawyers can be disbarred. when you commit fraud as an individual, you generally have to go somewhere where you can't leave. [ laughter ] why is it that within the financial industry though any enforcement is all right you dent have to admit you did anything wrong but can we at least have -- i don't know -- 10% of it? why can't we do more? >> i agree with you. that's going to be our approach. part is about getting money back to consumers when they were wronged. they should get their money bafnlg part of it about is imposing penalties and part is about fixing the problem going forward so they can't do the same thing over again but companies are not the only ones who act. there's always officials and people in the company that make the decisions. so going after them for money, making them feel at risk. sometimes going after them to take them out of business for a period or referring them
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criminally. >> jon: if you were to behave in a fraudulent manner you would lose your lie as soon as to perform that business. but it doesn't seem to occur. what is more interesting is they get bailed out. consumers don't because of moral hazard. can't bail out a consumer who made a bad decision on a loan because it teaches them the wrong lesson. >> that is what happened before the crisis and the whole economic system was in place. i wasn't in washington at the time. my understanding -- this is the idea elizabeth warren had a few years ago. long overdue. my job is toik sure they live up to the principle. >> jon: you are like he will elliot ness with a baseball bat. i see you in that role.
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show.t that's our join us tomorrow at 11:00. here it is your moment


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