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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  September 29, 2014 6:27pm-6:59pm PDT

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♪ >> jon: welcome to the show tonight! a gentleman by the name of stephen johnson, author of "how we got to now," a very timely book because -- it is now. breaking news today! >> attorney general eric holder is stepping down after nearly six years on the job. >> eric has agreed to stay on as attorney general until i nominate a successor confirmed by the senate. >> jon: so he will never leave! (laughter) he's not only acting on any confirmation hearings currently, they're busy (bleep) their pants. >> i.s.i.s. has hit us at home. >> killed thousands, marching on. >> can't bury our heads. >> action needs to be taken.
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>> needs to rise to the occasion before we get killed back at home. >> jon: all of us killed! we'll be the dead as the art of how to properly squire a lady at a cotillion! (laughter) always bring an extra pair of gloves! her punch can spill! (laughter) so if you're facing an existential threat for the president to act, but i was under the impression congress could do something about it, like declare war. >> why not on your own. >> my time here in congress, that's not how this happened. the president of the united states would request that support and would supply the wording of a resolution to authorize this force. and at this point in time, we've gonot gotten that request or sen
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that language. >> jon: we would help stop the greatest threat this country has known -- but not if it means being rude. we're not going to be rude. but at least congress can agree on one thing -- just kidding. they can't. (laughter) >> he has the authority he needs now to act against i.s.i.s. >> the president should come to congress and act for authorization. the president has the authority to immediately act. >> he should come to move to kong. >> he has the authority to move on it. >> the president should be seeking congressional approval, period. >> jon: it's so heartening to see congress so grid locked finally reaching across the aisle and coming together to get nothing done. (laughter) >> jon: or is there something else going on here? >> i think at some point in time, when we come back, after the elections, i think there will be a consideration of a larger authorization for the use of force. >> jon: after the mid-terms. we'll do it after the mid-terms! we don't want to deal with the
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country's existential threat until congress deals with its existential threat. (laughter) all right. so what we've got here is an incredibly complicated constitutional conundrum in which james madison in '51 referred to as a pig (bleep). which branch has the power to to take us to war? if it's not war, what is it? now's the time to see how our government functions in crisis. i give you our national media. >> president obama's so-called latae salute. >> holding a cup in his right hand. >> the coffee ease cay pate. >> coffeegate. >> president obama in hot water. >> some people think it's disrespectful. >> hash teague latae salute. >> went viral. >> the lata is blowing up on line. >> jon: we are so (bleep) i don't know what to do. (laughter) first of all, we're currently
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fighting i.s.i.s. and ebola, two things that are literally blowing up and going viral. if you're not covering it, don't use words that remind us of the stuff you're not covering. latae gate is not all the stories. the news channels went for the full double venti coverage with one network going especially deep. >> learn the proper respect of the salute. >> innocencetive. >> what's the meaning. >> looks terrible. >> outlandish, and disappointing. >> put the coffee in the other hand. >> the commander displayed complete disrespect for the men and women in uniform -- >> jon: shut up! we don't really care! we don't really care about this! you have no principle about this. you're just trying to score points in a game nobody else is playing. >> it's an arrogance you portray
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these people -- >> you're right. >> show respect for people putting their lives on the line for this fight. >> jon: so the principle is show respect for those putting their lives on the line. >> the first female pilot piloting for u.a.e. dropped bombs against i.s.i.s. monday night. >> would that be considered boobs on the ground? (audience reacts) >> jon: what was the quote someone said earlier in the program? these people are putting their lives on the hei on the line fow respect. so (bleep) you and all your false pat patriotism. when push took us to war, it was shouted down as treasonous. the president you don't like, no transgression no matter how immaterial or ridiculous is too
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small to cite as evidence that this president isn't as american as you are. a hot cup of dissidence, look at. >> this would president bush ever do that? >> surprised. we have a basketball-trash-talking leading-from-behind, i-got-no-strategy, osama bin laden-is-dead, commander-in-chief, how disrespectful was that? >> jon: while palin in a ball cap was feeding us literal epithet, he drinks chives so when he's in the back of a volvo it has codomin zing. would president bush ever salute with coffee in his hand? no, because his hands were too filled with dog, a scotty, out of respect. (applause) so two presidents both sending the united states to war, citing
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same legal authorities, both without any seeming exit strategy, and both holding bheep (bleep) in their hands while saluting troops, but in their disease minds, only one did it because he loved america, the other did it because he hated it. we'll be right back. (cheers and applause) the lightest or nothing. the smartest or nothing. the quietest or nothing. the sleekest... ...sexiest, ...baddest, ...safest, ...tightest, ...quickest, ...harshest... ...or nothing. at mercedes-benz, we do things one way or we don't do them at all. introducing the all-new c-class.
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>> jon: welcome back! (cheers and applause) so recently we sent our intrepid reporter jason jones to the field to explore the phenomenon of a certain washington, d.c.'s football team's controversial name. we learned later some individuals who participated in the piece didn't enjoy the experience. it's something that happens less than you would think. we take the complaint seriously. we generally don't want people who participate in the show to have a bad experience. we work very hard to find real people who have real beliefs and want to express those beliefs on television and we work hard to make sure that the gist of those
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beliefs are represented accurately. albeit sometimes comedically on our program. if we find out that someone in a piece was intentionally misled or if their comments were intentionally misrespected, we do not air that piece. we would not air that piece. that being said, i hope you enjoy the following piece. (laughter) once again the washington redskins are getting their ass kicked. this time instead of cowboys and patriots, it's fighting activists. >> a move is underway to change the name. critics say it's offensive to native americans. >> according to chief daniel schneider of redskin nation, the only crime his people have committed is being misunderstood. >> the name of our team is the name of our team and it represents honor, it represents pride, it represents respect. >> well, that doesn't sound that
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bad. why was this group of native american activists so upset? >> a name that impairs, disables, disenfranchises our population. >> the most popular mascots in the country are indians and animals. >> right. because we all love animals and we all love indians. >> we're not mascots. >> the dictionary defined racial slur. >> that's according to what? >> the dictionary. >> plenty of words in the dictionary have multiple means. turns out this one doesn't. help me out white man. >> you can take things out of context all over the place but in this particular case, it is what it is, it's very obvious. the name really means honor. >> honoring what? >> your strong, proud, courageous, brave heritage. >> redskin is a bounty. it meant proof of indian kill. >> well, when you put it like that, sounds terrible. put it in context on sundays --
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>> and saturdays, and friday nights. >> and mondays. every day. >> and thursday nights. >> do you know what it's like to be a native in this town. >> i don't. >> to walk down the street every single day, surround bid the imagery and told to get over it? >> because, because, because -- just because i'm uncomfortable doesn't mean you have to make fun of my uncomfortableness. don't see me doing that to people. >> surely these native american activists make a compelling case, that is until you hear what's at stake for the true victims, the fans. >> if the redskins name is changed and i have children one day, what will i pass on to them? >> it would be tough. it would be like losing a family member. >> and they've already lost so much -- 58 starting quarterbacks. 28 head coaches, 12 uniforms, 10 logos. playing in five stadiums, 2 cities. and changed their names before. so forgive them for clinging to what few traditions remain
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(singing fight song >> i have an old computer, pulled it on netscape. you didn't say scalp 'em >> also says whomp them, too >> so the song changed >> it was changed for a reason, obviously >> and the team sensitivity paid off. right here on the home page of the web site daniel snider paid for, it says that in 2004 a poll found 90% of native americans did not find the name offensive >> oh, the annenberg report. the funny thing about the annenberg report is it was conducted in pennsylvania by self-identifying indigenous people which means it could have been anybody off the streets who says, oh, yeah, my great great great grandmother was a cherokee princess >> who would do that? >> my great great great grandfather is full blood cherokee >> who has cherokee in them? what do you have in you? >> cherokee, i don't know how much or little >> one-twelfth. i am not offended >> which means only one question
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for the other eleven-twelves. aren't you being a little sensitive? >> after every single thing american indian people have been through how can you possibly say ewith are thin skinned and oversensitive? we have to say things like cultural sensitivity because as soon as we say racism or racist -- >> no one says racist >> -- we get shut down >> the term is racist >> stop. i am shutting the conversation down. >> okay, so redskins. the washington team name was starting to feel a little insensitive. what was i missing? >> what i would say is come to a football game, meet some fans, come see what our context is about and i think, you know, there's no way you would leave that offended >> so i went to a game and you know what? it was true. i was immediately welcomed into this rich culture. i'm not sure what it was. but the more time i spent with these people, the more i began
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to feel warm and happy and numb and, they're right, that logo is cool! then i met with tribal elders. >> this is our culture. this is who we are. >> would you call a native american a redskin? >> do you know any native americans? >> yeah, about eight of them. >> am i not a native american? was i not born in h this country? >> i don't want to authorize that. >> that's right, a culture so proud they didn't even want their faces on tv. even after they had signed a release form. i went to a game. let me ask you, if they brought a native american, wouldn't they be a little upset? >> i think sometimes the conversation happening right now is that we need to be sitting down and talking to the people who actually are offended. >> a little later we did just that, but turns out these fans weren't comfortable having the conversation. afterward they related to "the washington post" they felt ambushed, endangered and defamed and, yes, the conversation was heated at times, but there was
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also handshakes and even a ceremonial handkerchief. in the end, they said they still would have gone on the show had they known there would be a debate, but at least one of them wouldn't have worn his redskins jacket, which forces the question -- >> if they change the team name, would you still root for them? >> absolutely. >> yes. >> i wouldn't hide my redskins memorabilia. it would still be on the wall and the belt on the shoulder. they i'll always be redskins to me. >> problem solved! hey, he who stands on the wrong side of history, change the (bleep) name! (cheers and applause) >> jon: jason jones. >> jon: jason jones. be rievery child deserves a hug before bedtime.
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changing the world is part of the job description. [ male announcer ] join the scientists and engineers of exxonmobil in inspiring america's future engineers. energy lives here. (cheers and applause) >> jon: my guest tonight, author whose latest book, "how we got to now: six innovations that made the u.s.." will also be a tv series. stephen johnson! (cheers and applause) >> jon: here's what i love about this, it's an innovative way to talk about history in a way that we don't do, that it's not lynnia. it looks at it from a macro perspective. >> we tried to start with the basic objects we take for
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granted in the modern world, like a glass of clean drinking water. we suppose we can go to spout and get water and it won't kill us with alcohol ray or typhoid 48 hours later, right? both of us do. >> jon: right. >> behind that ordinary object, there's a 500-year of history and innovations and ideas and creativity that made that possible and all the unintended consequences of the innovations. it's all history in terms of great military leaders or presidents or social movements, and the history of all these objects is in a way just as interesting. >> jon: normally, you would see it as a chronology and make the connections as it goes on. it's laid out sort of elementally, cold, light, you know, water. >> yes. >> jon: and you always imagine that a scientist builds exactly on the linear discovery but it doesn't always work that way. >> a lot of things we don't think of as problems. we have a chapter and episode on
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time and clocks. >> jon: yes. >> until the late 1870s, every town in america was on its own time. so you would be one town it would be $8.55, another down 8:57 and another 9:53. no one knew it was a problem because you didn't need to be that coordinated. then the railroads came. they had no idea what time it was anymore so someone had to invent standardized time zones and coordinate all the clocks all around the country to make this possible. we never think standardized time was even an invention, but actually there was a person named allen that came up with it. what made possible in the next century is this, right? you can't say tune in --
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>> your tiv0, your d.v.r. >> you can't say tune in at 11:00 p.m. eastern time for a program without standardized time. >> jon: even now as you see the disparity between cultures, there are cultures still that cannot take for granted a glass of cool, clean water. >> absolutely. and i think it's important in our society that we celebrate the innovators that made this possible. we celebrate innovation all the time in our society but it's all focused on the 25-year-old billionaire or apple gadget and all these things are great but the people in the developed world that solve these kind of problems are extraordinary. we talk about a guy who in the middle of the 19th century lifted the city of chicago. it was basically chicago was so flat it wouldn't drain properly and all the waste was accumulating so there was an idea to use jack screws -- >> jon: just used to put it in the river, right?
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>> but they couldn't get it to the river. you had pigs scavenging. that was the waste removal system. >> jon: right. >> so we figured out if we could just lift all the buildings and streets ten feet we'll actually get a nice slope to allow the waste and everything to flow into the lake which was itself a kind of problem. >> jon: right. >> and he lifted up an entire hotel at one point with people staying in the hotel and they would move the buildings around and it was an extraordinary thing. when you walk around chicago to this day you're ten feet above the natural level of the city because of this guy from 160 years ago. >> jon: let's say i'm a different brilliant guy there and i say, let's move... (laughter) >> yeah. >> jon: but all the waste went into the lake and that was apparently upstream so they had to reverse the river? >> that was the next great engineering projects. >> jon: and they reversed the river? >> and it's extraordinary.
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i feel like this is the point. we have a whole set of problems we need to solve with comparable ingenuity, but we need to be reminding ourselves of this history and celebrating this. people who first chlorinated the water, there was a guy named john weil who introduced chlorine into the water in new jersey, and everybody thought he was insane. >> jon: you're welcome. >> right. (laughter) chlorine is poison if you drink it -- >> jon: it's not in new jersey. it's refreshing! (laughter) >> but he ended up convincing everybody this was the way to kill bacteria in the water and it cut infant and child mortality half in 30 years. >> jon: incredible. when you think things are daunting and you look how far things have come it gives you optimism. watch the show with your kids. the way that it's laid out is really fascinating and a wonderful thing and very entertaining as well. how we got to be now, on the
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>> jon: that's our show! here it is, your moment of zen. >> the doctor put president obama's coffee cup salute on the couch. >> as a psychiatrist we may see these things unfolding, these episodes or anecdotes wherein the president seems to be at war the president seems to be at war not just with our ♪ i'm going down to south park, gonna have myself a time ♪ ♪ friendly faces everywhere
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