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tv   The Daily Show With Jon Stewart  Comedy Central  October 29, 2014 6:27pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> jon: welcome to the daily show i'm jon stewart. day two austin, texas. [cheers and applause] we're having a ball. having a ball. i am, i am, i will say this. i am full. i am full. i may actually sleep tonight in a flower tortilla. i may go in it and roll up. i think that's what they ask you at night. would you like to sleep in a flour tortilla or acorn tore tee ya. we're excited. austin texas. our guest represents texas' 20th district jaquin castro. before we get to that.
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what about the president. nobody likes him. everyone hates him. accord to get white house press secretary there are reports that the president thinks he should -- even democrats running frantically from barack obama like he was a bad guy in a chain saw massacre movie you have here every couple of years. it's the subject of tonight' tos discussion. how toxic is the president? innocuous question turning no i got you. >> did you vote for president obama 2008, 2012? >> this election isn't about the president. it's about -- >> i know. >> it's about making sure -- >> i was a delegate for hillary
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clinton. >> you're not going to answer. >> again, the president is not on the ballot. >> jon: it looked like a deposition from a murder trial. president who? i love how the reporter was like, was he on the ballot. how about this. marry or vote for brad pitt, george clooney, barack obama. go. alright. clearly this is one way to avoid destroying your campaign by associating it with the leader of your party. where as arkansas democratic mark prior went another way. >> do i think the president has done a good job handling the ebola situation? >> i would say -- it's hard to
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know because. [ applause ] >> jon: you are acting like she found your porn. is this your penthouse magazine? uhhh -- noooo. i would say -- >> are you a sleep yet? [laughing] >> jon: even those who admit they did vote for the president can't summon the courage to stand behind the decision. >> mark telling the washington examiner i did vote for president obama. that's irrelevant. the president is not relevant. he's gone in two years. >> jon: two years. he only had a four year term!
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two years is half the term. the rest of the super bowl isn't relevant. it will be done in two quarters. how irrelevant is the president? irrelevant enough that even his own press secretary won't mention him during a spirited defense of the president's relevance. >> senator is entitled to his opinion. i think the vast majority of americans would agree who ever the sitting president of the united states happens to be is relevant in a lot of important ways. >> jon: whether that sitting president happens to be abraham lincoln or as is the case now president current occupant. now the enviroment, the enviroment for democrats the environment for democrats is so bad now that in kentucky their
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senate candidate alison grimes is losing to a guy who has to recruit enthusiastic supportsers the same way you recruit people to a time share presentation. >> our expensed paid. >> an e-mail from mcconnell's staff ask volunteers to join him on a bus trip this week and contribute to a en house kwraft i can atmosphere. the transportation is free and meals, hotels are taken care of for two nights. >> hands off the minibar. [laughing] >> there is not enough. this guy has been in the senate for 30 years. he's going to be the most powerful republican in the
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senate. he's got to buy friends and manipulate. >> people try to tell me how to do my commercials. mitch, how about using a talking baby. that's been done before. maybe this isn't a bad idea. i'm mitch mcconnell and i approve this message. [laughing] >> it turns -- it turns even through linen pants. blood hounds. >> jon: pretty good on the testicles. pretty good indeed. like a sand paper box for your ball zach. it's pretty, pretty --
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>> but nothing better illustrates the hole democrats are in better than new hampshire sep ate race between brown and shaheen. this has been unbelievable. if there isn't a brown shaheen in urban dictionary there is now. >> the race is extremely tight. den krat i can senator leads the republican brown by two points. statistical tie after the margin of errors. [beep] >> jon: gene r. jean shaheen is incumbent. popular in new hampshire. popular new hampshire former governor. her name is way funner to say than brown. she is so new hampshire even a snow shoe wearing granite in fall foliage is like, we get it you're from new hampshire. she statistically is tied with this guy. >> scott brown was asked about
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being a carpet bagger and crossing the border. his comment has drawn a lot of attention. he said do i have the best credentials. probably not. because you know, whatever. i have long and strong ties to the state. >> jon: probably not. what? what the what? probably not because you know whatever. [laughing] are you running for senate or answering whether highy is getting back with liam. seems cavalier for someone involved in the nation's security. >> the deep concerns there are members of isis coming through the border now many. >> i want to secure the boarder and keep out the people who do us harm. >> jon: i know how dangerous new hampshire border's are. i'm not from here and i'm almost
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your senator. scott brown has been a senator. how was scott brown's border vigilance when he was a senator? the washington post reports today that brown missed all six hearings onboarder security when he was a senator from massachusets. shaheen is tied with this guy. that guy. that's where the democrats are at. neck and neck with a republican who admits he's not the best candidate running for a senate in a state he's not from, on a issue he ignored when he was a senator from the a different state. my recommendation is grab peanut but ther and some blood hounds. not going to get you any votes but sure will feel
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[cheers and applause] >> welcome back to the program. we're having such a good time. the people here are so nice. here in austin we're having a great time. i have always said this. you can ask people. for years i have said this. the true measure of a city is how many bats attack you at sun down. i really feel by that measure it truly is the greatest city in the world. [cheers and applause] a lot of bats. a little scary. texas, itself, the ego --
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[laughing] >> jon: got to put their name on everything. texas has it's own tea. it's own hold 'em. texas hold 'em. there are no other hold 'ems. no rhode island hold 'em. texas has to have their own special. texas two step. why an extra step? it's fine. here you know texas is bigger. they have to double up. for god sake toast your own [beep]. toast, really. texas. >> alone among all 50 states. usually to get your own bread item you have to be a country. [laughing] >> jon: trying to connect on a
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local left. everything has to be about texas. whether it's toast or jason jones found out. >> with midterm elections around the bend. we came to the lone star state to see what issue is number one. top of the heap is. >> immigration. >> we have to secure our boarders. >> straight from the horse's mouth. they're on the border. the most important is. >> access to safe legal abortions. number one ish you. >> wait i thought it was -- >> i want people to focus on death penalty. >> gay rights. >> it's perfectly legal to fire someone for no other reason then they're gay or transgender. >> let me guess, legalizing weed. >> no secession. >> oh. >> we are socially. >> guns. pro-choice on whether i can carry or not. >> i'm confused. texas is a messy place.
6:43 pm
pro-choice in texas is the right to carey . >> yes. different from the other sates. >> what the -- texas is the epicenter of every single national issue. >> the biggest issue is properly caring for patients withy bowla. >> i totally forgot you haddie bowla. >> yes. it's serious. this is making me sad. >> this is the world's worst country song. >> or the world's best country song ♪ ♪ ♪ texas is the lone star state ♪ big flag flying above her ♪ business in size ♪ big in heart ♪ that's why people love her ♪ our politics is spicy ♪ it's served in heaping portions ♪ guns to mexicans to healthcare
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and abortions. >> you realize i'm from west virginia, right. >> wild, wild west i love teufrpblgs nashville now. >> nashville, ticks text, home of country music. ♪ port arthur ♪ deserts of el paso ♪ cattle can lasso ♪ ♪ parties raising classes, creed and texas ♪ state of the union is the state of texas >> i have no idea ♪ here in texas pro-choice means you get to choose what gun you carry ♪ what member of the other sex you would like to marry ♪ when teachers tell kids howdy they nearly half say hola ♪ a state that has it all hell
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we even have ebola ♪ election to election ♪ the thought is absolutely [beep] bat crazy austin ♪ natio name a national issue wu will find our state connected. ♪ [cheers and applause] >> the grammys? >> i got it. emas, probably not. >> jon: we will be right back. [cheers and applause] (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national.
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i don't know. >> it's safe. you will be fine. i'm sure. >> jon: if not we leave for new york anyways. they will quarantine us there. now, you have a twin brother who is in -- the cabinet right now. >> that's right. my brother was mayor of san antonio. now in the president's cabinet. [ applause ] >> jon: do you ever -- i i wondered this. with twins. do you ever play the twin games that you fake people out. for a day he legislates and for a day you make housing policy. that sounds fun. >> i wish i could go to hudd. we haven't, no. >> jon: congress. >> it could of been a better year. >> jon: yes. so the texas delegation. do you have to ride to washington. gomer in the back like anchor, anchor baby.
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>> i think louie is on a different flight then i am. >> jon: i don't imagine he needs a plane. now you had your -- didn't nancy have the call with the entire democratic delegation today. >> she did. jon: what did she have to say. >> i missed it. i was getting ready for this. >> jon: is that true? so, you weren't -- did she take attendance? >> not that i know of,. >> i sent more money. jon: you sent more. >> i did. jon: are they loan sharks there? >> as it gets close together election they ask the members for more and more money i think i have given $200,000. then a bunch of money to support democrats in texas, battleground texas. [cheers and applause]
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>> we're trying to turn texas around. >> jon: i was under the impression democrats didn't -- [laughing] >> jon: i won't say anything, i am pretty sure a bull just died. so, how many, i know the democrats talking about money out of politics, money oust politics. they seem to be so focused on getting money they don't have money to get it out of politics. citizens united and the supreme court decision money has become a bigger part of politics. there is a big debate about how much do you rely on super packs. do you take unlimited contributions or not. you're right. it's a competition of large super packs. >> jon: how much in your day is spent on the pursuit of cash on atypical day.
6:52 pm
>> it depends if it's a competitive district. my district is democratic so -- so i, but if they're in competitive districts. some friends in competitive districts they're on the phone it seems like all day. if we're not on core voting or committee they're on the phone. >> jon: has campaigning over taking governance as our congressional -- is the generalr taking governance as our congressional -- is the general expertise of conference or any branch moved away from governance and a reelection machine. >> it seems this year, jon, we're in session about 98 day this is year. this will be, if not. >> jon: 98 days. >> you of 365. very small. >> jon: i see why people want the job.
6:53 pm
>> right now congress is on a 7 week recess. >> jon: listen the president came out. are we running out of time? for god's sakes stick around. the president came out and said we're in a fight for our lives with isis. nobody came back to washington to vote on it or talk about it. the president was like, i will see you in a couple of weeks it seems things are crazy. tell me about that. >> you're right. the ebola situation came up. isis situation. we should of been in washington working for the american people. unfortunately it hasn't happened. >> jon: we will be back after this with congressman castro. [ applause ] [announcer:] apples are good. as strongbow hard cider, better. but strongbow over ice is the best. enjoying strongbow over ice with your slow motion horse, the bestest.
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>> jon: that's our show. >> stay at home for 21 days.
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