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tv   The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore  Comedy Central  November 18, 2015 9:20am-9:54am PST

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with a rash of racially charged student protests. the good news is that's a lot better than the rash that usually hits college campuses. ( laughter ) keep it at 100. and we ask the question, "are some campus protests more meaningful than others? i'm talking to you "mario kart lives matter." this is "the nightly show," let's do it. captioning sponsored by comedy central ( cheers and applause ) >> larry: welcome to "the nightly show." i'm larry wilmore. oh, thank you so much. >> larry! larry! larry! >> larry: we have such a great show tonight. oh, no, i know, i appreciate it. by the way, every member of our studio audience tonight is a
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member of the black student union at n.y.u.. i just wanted to point that out. ( cheers ) every single one of them. everybody. and there will be a quiz after the show. ( laughter ) rap erp j jadakiss is joining un panel tonight. we're all still reeling from the situation in paris, and last we heard, there may be a connection to the syrian refugee crisis. >> a passport was found near the body of one suicide bomber. >> one of these attackers had a syrian passport. >> a syrian passport, possibly a fake was found near the body of one of the attackers. >> larry: so a maybe fake syrian passport was found, and it's possible one of the nine attackers used the chaotic migration process to make his way to paris. okay. now, there's a medical term for how the u.s. has responded to this news. let me just check the dictionary. i'll tell you right here. it's right here. syrian refugee-- oh, here it is.
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( bleep ). >> at least 30 governors now say they oppose plans to bring syrian refugees into their states over security concerns. >> larry: okay, i know this sounds bad, but, don't worry, syrian, refugees, colorado is still welcoming you. which means-- ( applause ) yeah, man. that's true ( applause ) which means, hey, you can ease the tension of america assuming you're terrorists by spark a humungous monster joint. know what i'm saying? ( applause ) oh, and speak of humongous monsters, presidential candidate chris christie-- what? weighed in-- >> audience: oh! >> larry: whoa. sorry. stop it! top istop it. that was unintentional. weighed in on which refugees are welcome in his state of new jersey. >> what if they were orphans under the age of 5? >> you know, we can come up with 18 different scenarios. the fact is we need for appropriate vetting, and i don't
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think orphans under 5 are being-- should be admitted into the united states at this point. >> larry: wow! chris christie coming out hard against refugee orphans under 5! coming up on the hard, man! to be fair, look, the man is running for president, and turnout for refugee orphans under 5 at the new hampshire primary is at record lows. ( laughter ) okay? come on, refugee orphans under five! rock the vote! what's up with that? man! ( applause ) but, i'll tell you-- christie wasn't the only presidential contender playing the "not in my backyard" card. >> bringing people into this country from that area of the world i think is a huge mistake. to bring them here under these circumstances is a suspension of intellect. ( laughter ) >> larry: why is he pointing to his head?
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"this is my brain." you know, ben carson, i have to say this is actually one issue i trust you on-- the suspension of intellect. ( laughter ) i'm with you on that one, okay. ( applause ) me, with, you. all right, but enough about intellect. let's hear what mike huckabee had to say. >> you can imagine bringing a bunch of syrian refugees who have lived in the desert their whole lives that are suddenly thrown into an english-speaking community where it's main in minnesota, where it's 20 degrees below zero? i mean, i just don't understand what we possibly could be thinking. ( laughter ) >> larry: are you kidding me, mike huckabee? you think these desert savages can't possibly understand the concept of coats? ( laughter ) ( applause ) "i can't-- oh! i don't understand that.
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yeah,in i saw my loved ones dies and then risked my life on an overcrowded rasc where i was forced to drink my own piss, but st. paul is a little nippy. i'm going back." also, damascus today was 60 degrees. it's not tattooine-- a star wars reference. the candidate formerly known as jeb exclamation point also weighed in. >> i think we should have-- we should focus our efforts as it relates to the refugee for the christians being slaughtered? >> how does the united states, how do screeners tell which refugees are christians and which ones are not? >> well, we do that all the time. ( laughter ) >> larry: we do that all the time? hey, man, where are you going? i don't know, i was going to go home and screen some christians. probably screen a few more christians a little later. what are you and your lady doing? we're just going to netflix and
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screen christians because we do that all the time! oh, and fun fact it's best part about all the governors posturing about who hates refugees more-- none of it matters. >> the president and c.e.o. of the u.s. committee for refugees and immigration said under the refugee acts of 1980, governors cannot legally block refugees from settling in their communities. >> larry: oh, okay. so. ( cheers and applause ) i get it! this is all just old men making empty threats. it's like that time clint eastwood ideal at that chair with thousands of people's lives at stake. speak from the g-20 in turkey yesterday, president obama struck a strong tone on the crisis. >> folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, present a specific plan. >> larry: "folks want to pop off." oh, man. let me tell you, the only one
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that could have gotten blacker is if obama said "( bleep )." instead of "folks," right? hey ( bleep ) want to pop off? they can come see me. all right? you want to pop off? you want to pop off? ( cheers and applause ) pop off! all right, mr. president, tell us what you really think. >> when i hear folks say that, "well, maybe we should just admit the christians but not the muslims" we don't have religious tests to our compassionion. >> larry: wrong, mr. president. don't you know, we screen christians all the time. i just screened three christians while you were popping off about how we don't screen christians. by the way, if anybody has the authority to speak about not screening for christians it's the guy who has been accused of being a secret muslim for his entire presidency, right?
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look, general pop-off-- look, general pop-off is right. ( laughter ) we're supposed to be better than this. that's the whole point of this country. but we've been here before. in 1939, 61% of americans polled did not approve of resettling jewish refugee children trying to escape the third reich. the government even went so far as to turn away a boat filled with german refugees. the ms "st. louis," sending it back to europe where a lot of its passengers were killed in the holocaust. not our proudest moment. look, we can help these refugees and be faith as well. besides, it's the christian thing. we do it all the time. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause )
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. what's happening here... is not normal, it's extraordinary. because there is no stop in us. or you. only go. ( cheers and applause ) >> larry: welcome back! now, it's. a week since the president of missouri university resigned
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amidst student protests to fight racial discrimination and swastikas made of human fees ease. since then the hash tack "i stand with mizzou" has gone firing. >> complaints of racial insensitivity at claremont mckenna college. >> vanderbilt students call for the dismissal of a professor over incidents of perceived racism. >> at yale, the free speech debate rages. >> university of southern california. >> ithaca. >> amherst. >> michigan. >> university of minnesota. >> niagara university. >> larry: woo, it's even reached niagra universities? the harvard of colleges named after waterfalls. man, this protest movement is spreading so fast you would think it was sleeping with charlie sheen. what? what? too soon? like i gave it to him. ( laughter ) okay, so what are they protesting? >> a costume traefers can the can mack college has led to thes areination of the dean of
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students. >> one of the students posting with a costume of mariachi has resigned from her position as student body president. two student went on a hunger strike. >> racist halloween costume? i don't know if it rises to hunger strike level. if they go on a hunger strike, that means their uneaten candy might go to waste unless they mail their almond joy to a certain late-night host who loves the coco-nutty goodness of those treat. mail them to don lemon. candy aside, it does seem like an over-reaction to hunger strike over halloween controversies, especially in light of the greater problems mizzou students and teaches face. halloween controversy managed to stir up trouble even in the ivy league. >> similar concerns were on display at yale, especially after a professor condemned a
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dean's warning against offensive halloween costumes. she complained that colleges are becoming, "places of censure." >> larry: let me get this straight. yale students are protesting a professor who sent an e-mail protesting the university's protest against offensive halloween costume? that's like the college activism version of a snake eeght itself. ( laughter ) unless, of course, the snake can't eat itself because it's on a fake halloween hunger strike. all right, you know, what? it's time for a new segment on the show called "larry puts on a beret and goes back to the 60s." ( applause ) what's up, students? this is larry p. newton. i got my black panther black power meeting later. been here protesting the vietnam war all day. the president wants a black man to go die for that cause? we ain't got no beef with the
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viet cong. why do we have to die in a war. what are you all protesting? halloween? ( laughter ) that's your cause? all right, what happened. break it down. somebody dressed like a mexican. ( laughter ) so you're going on a hunger strike for a kid's holiday. ( bleep ). this has been "larry puts on a beret and goes back to the 60s." we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) this guy from engineering says directv is so advanced that you could put tvs anywhere without looking at cable wires and boxes in every room. how are they always one step ahead of us? well, because their technology is far superior. or because they have someone on the inside. is that right, gil? sir, i would never... he's with them! he's wearing a wire. take off his shirt! take off his shirt! oh! ah!
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>> larry: welcome back. i'm here with my panel. our very own nightly show contributor, grace parra.
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his hunger strike led to the resignation of the university of missouri president, mizzou graduate student and activist, jonathan butler. and his new album "top 5 dead or alive" comes out this friday, rapper jadakiss. and for everyone at home, join our conversation right now on twitter @nightly show using the hashtag "tonightly." there are a number of college protests going on and it started at your university, the viralness of it. and it's spread all over the place. what the hell is going on at colleges? what's happening? >> you know, i thought the college kids were all impregnating each other. i think there was actually a grand tradition of college students being young and being irm passiond and having feelings and getting them out there and doing things about it. i think college is a time to protest if you have something to be impassioned about. now i wake up and 15 minutes
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later i'm exhausted. >> larry: jonathan, the thing at missouri seemed to start a long time another is that right? >> this is nothing new. what was going on at the university of missouri. we didn't have black students or students of color until 1950 gli don't remember that. you're looking at me like i remember 1950. ( laughter ) right so, so 1950 was the first black student. that's why there was the hashtag 1950. >> that's where the students came from, concerned students 1, 9, 5, 0. that's a group i'm part of that did the homecoming demonstration. >> larry: does it seem like this problem is nationwide or there are a lot of different colleges with different problems going on? >> i think protests have probably been going on wit since beginning of time, but now with the social media and so many different platforms for the kids to put it out there, it's reaching the masses now. >> larry: do you think social media is making this more of a
9:42 am
problem than it is or is it giving us information that we probably couldn't have gotten before on this? >> i think it's a filthy little beast. i love it. i love it and i hate it. for example, the picture that we saw of the girls dressed like mariachis. if you're going to be racists do it right. those are not mariachi costumes. they're party band, party city, bad mustache, bad sombrero. social media can be bad if it perpetuates those kind of images but good in that people will see people at one university protesting and at another university feel put upon and say those kids are doing it and we're going to do it, too. >> it's a double-edged sword. it opens up the opportunity for solidarity and the movement spread at a much faster pace. looking back in the 50s and 60s they didn't have social media -- >> yeah, they met in basements. >> the dirty side of it is, the
9:43 am
ha-ha tread, anonymous web sites, and it's a double edged sword. >> larry: what's up with people-- a lot of these problems seem to spread through social media. >> definitely. i think it's a little bit of both, also. because once you put it out there, then you leave the space for hate comments and what have you. >> larry: right. >> it's good that you can get it out there, but there's no control on the other stuff that comes. >> larry: i personally feel all hate should be on snapchat. >> because you have it and then it's gone. >> larry: it disappears once it's out there. you ( bleep ). it's gone. >> like magic. >> larry: or do it on words with friends. you're still friends. hate while playing the game. don't hate the game. game the hate. see how i did that? >> yes! >> larry: come on! ( applause ) yeah! why do you think this is happening right now? we seem to be in a special moment.
9:44 am
do you have a sense of us being in a special moment right now? as you mentioned, 1950 was when black students were first admitted. racism has been around since there were races. why is this happening right now? i think there are pieces of value in the movement and the fight towards justice. so looking at what a lot of people deem this, the third wave of the civil rights movement, students have gotten to a point where they understand these institution of learning, we're here to learn, to grow, to challenge each other's thoughts and have difficult dialogue. and you see a lot of students, especially black students and marginalized students fed up with their circumstances understanding we're here to make the world a better place so we're going to continue to fight for what's right. ( applause ) >> larry: true. all of our audience are students-- no, they're not. i know you have a student at clark right now. is there any difference at historic black colleges as opposed to-- which what is this
9:45 am
called? >> p.w.i. >> larry: i love that. predominantly white institution. >> i didn't know that. >> larry: anything going on at what kind of college. >> so far, so good. he's doing pretty good. >> larry: that would be pretty ( bleep ) up if that happened there. >> i don't know what i would do if he experienced that. he's just partying, though. >> that's what you're supposed to be doing in college, getting drunk, making those mistakes, but also standing up for what you believe in. ( applause ) >> do you think it's hard for some people to have empathy for protests that maybe they can't relate to? it's always hard for people to emphasize with some college students because even in the vietnam war, protests weren't popular. >> right. >> larry: people viewed students as entitled because they're in college. was it hard finding epithee for your cause, do you think? >> well, you know, acknowledging that it is a privilege to be in higher education and get the education that we do is have.
9:46 am
but understanding, you know, it is hard. if you've never walked a day in the life of someone else's shoes, you can never truly understand what it's like. me talking to white people on campus not understanding what it's like to be a black man and face the threat of police brutality, death threats, all the things that come with being in this black skin. i think it's hard but it's not impossible and i think that's the purpose of having these spaces for difficult dialogue. when we talk about racism, sexism, homophobia, whatever. you're going to make mistakes, right -- >> absolutely. >> you're going to mess up, you're going to say the wrong thing. but it's about the clearing of space and growing together as a community. >> larry: very nice. very well said. ( applause ) >> larry: do you have any advice for kids out there? we had a question earlier, "how can we get more people to be inspired by these kids doing theseprotests?" do you have any advice out there for people? >> no. i mean-- ( laughter ) if it's your choice, you know,
9:47 am
if you were staring at some of the things the protesters are protesting about, you should get involved. i was always one that minded my business. if you don't apply, let it slide. >> larry: last question, very important, "what was the first thing you ate when you got off the hunger strike?" >> the question of the hour. technically, you know, when i went to the hospital after i officially declared it was over, i had an i.v., and some apple sauce. >> delicious! what did you have for lunch? >> eating healthy. >> after a couple of days when my body got back to normal, i supported black business in columbia, missouri, miss kims and got myself some soul food. >> larry: keeping it 100. we'll be right back right after this. ♪
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>> larry: that's our show! i want to thank our guests: grace parra, jonathan butler, and jadakiss. stay tuned for "@midnight" with chris hardwick. goodnightly, everyone! >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by comedy central ♪
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>> trevor: welcome to "the daily show"! i'm trevor noah! thank you so much for tuning in! we have a great show tonight. my guest legendary hip-hop producer and artist timbaland is here, everybody! (cheers and applause) yes! after the attacks in paris the war on terror is heating up again and we've just learned something new about the terrorist' devious tactics. >> counterterrorism officials say i.s.i.s. recently launched a 24-hour help desk manned by a dozen senior operatives. >> trevor: i.s.i.s. has a help line? for terrorists? this is insane. (laughter) and also, a great opportunity for us. because, you see, all we need to do now is make sure none of their attacks ever work again and all we need to do is secretly replace their help desk operators with


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