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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:32pm PDT

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. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, everybody. i'm trevor noah. thank you so much. our guest tonight from the color purple actress daniele brooks is here, everybody. but first, so much stuff happened this weekend. where do i start? i will tell you exactly where we start. with lemonade. >> boy, does beyonce know how to drop an album. >> the big reveal. >> lemonade. >> beyonce stopping the world once again dropping a visual
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album. >> sher sla rowd of sick resee followed by an hbo special. >> the bombshell master piece. >> setting the intersnet on fire. >> yes, setting the intermet on fire. thanks for setting the internet on fire, beyonce. that's how we get our porn, you know. got to go back to magazines now. you know how big this was? like this was huge. anything that wasn't lemonade this weekend didn't mean [bleep]. i mean president obama said he was quinn timing the number of special forces he is sending to syria, nothing. north korea launched a missile for the first time from a sub marine micking it even harder to defend against, nothing. an one of the koch brothers said that hillary clinton might make a better president than any of the current republican options. that is so insane. that is so insaifnlt and obviously hillary clinton was like i don't need the koch's support, i don't need them. but you know on the side she was like hit me up on snapchat, hit me up on snapchat. people paid hardly any attention to all of that because beyonce is the news.
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and the best part of beyonce is realizing that despite 15 years of talking about her, nissan chores remain unready for her jelly. >> beyonce, showing her enormous influence on popular culture. >> showing her enormous influence on popular culture. focus gayle, focus. you're on live t vnchts i don't blame gayle though. because this visual album was a feast for the senses. it was a story of inany dellity, to touch on everything from female empowerment, social jus dis,-- justice, embracing blackness and the importance of fire safety. you see here beyonce showing us the importance of staying calm during a fire evacuation. dress well and walk towards an exit. now-- (applause) this is an example of at the peak of her powers taking on so
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many issues, missically, visually, socially, but apparently all anyone can talk about is this. >> infidelity, adultery, cheating. >> trouble for beyonce and jay-z. >> mar tal strife. >> she adds fuels to the rumor her husband cheated on her. >> scandal! there is just so much to take in right now. who would have ever suspected that jay-z could possibly cheat on beyonce. there were no clues. it's not like he ever made a song that says girls, girls, girl, girls, girls i do adore. no clues at all. and beyonce, why do you keep doing this to us. you know you're causing chaos. we can't handle this, queen b. every time you drop something, the world stops. we have to analyze t every single time she drops something. beyonce just dropped her keys what does it mean? what does it mean? not only in this album beyonce maybe said jay-z had an affair with someone and now her fans
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declared on a fatwa on a sidechick, basically and that possible side chick is designer rachel roy. and no, that is mot my accent i said rachel roy, not rachel ray. there say difference. are you not the only one confused. >> misdirected fans seem to be going after the wrong rachel posting insults all over celebrity chef rachel ray instagram. one fan telling her go carmelize some onions. >> wow. the internet is so weird. there is foodie insults now. yeah, go carmelize some onions. why don't you go and saute some mushrooms. and while you're add t add some paprika to the chicken. whoe8 martha stewart, what is going on here. this entire event left everyone asking so many questions. did jay-z cheat? who is rachel roy. are you sure it's not rachel ray? the only question people weren't asking after that video is why
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does society always punish the woman in an affair much more than the man. yeah, people were going after this mystery woman like she tricked jay-z into her vagina, like she just yaleed a trail of yankee leading up to her bedroom for jay-z to follow. i just don't get it. anyway, anyway, now moving on to two of the more obscure members of destiny's child, ted cruz and john cakes. they were in the group, you just didn't notice. two men who don't really see eye-to-eye on many things. kasich an establishment republican who prepares compassion and lovers nothing more than a good hug and cruz a far right conservative with an extensive collection of human fingers. but they do have one thing in common. they are both running out of time to stop donald trump. >> a man who now cease the magic number of delegates within reach of his tiny, tiny hands. so cruz and kasich have finally realized they have no choice but to try something desperate. >> ted cruz and john kasich are
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teaming up to stop frontrunner donald trump. >> unable to beelt trump on their own, now working hand-in-hand to split some of the remaining contests. >> kasich's camp will quote give the cruz campaign a clear path in indiana while cruz will quote clear the path for governor kasich to compete in oregon and new mexico. >> trevor: oh, i see. so individually they know they stand no chance against donald trump. but as a team, each making up for the other's weaknesses, it just might defeat him. it actually reminded me of an amazing kung if you movie i loved watching as a child. >> oh man. i used to love that movie.
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i used to love it and now watching it, that movie is almost as di czar as the republican race, like what is going on. of course instead of not having feet and hands kasich is missing votes and cruz is missing a normal face. that is the only dishes. now to be fair, this soanl a temporary alliance, for cruz and kasich because they can't both win the nomination. and they know that. in any case donald trump, he doesn't seem too scared. >> it shows how weak they are. it shows how pathetic they are. they are way behind me so it doesn't matter but it takes two guys, long time politicians to try and get together to try and beat trump. and yet they're way behind. i've only been doing this for ten months. >> trevor: yes! imagine how much destruction i could do in ten years! just the way he says that. i've only been doing this for ten months. time and time again the gop has ganged up on him.
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republican leaders have made trump feel unwelcome. his opponents getting together behind his back. and it's not like trump hasn't noticed. >> i've been treated very unfairly. i will give you an example. >> unfairly by who? >> i think by basically the rnc, the republican party, the establishment. i know that it is stacked against me, by the establishment. >> they're not treelting me well. >> i don't think it's fair the way the establishment is treating donald trump. i will be honest. >> trevor: ah. you almost have to feel bad for donald trump, almost. but you know what, he's the kind of once in a generation talent that can take that sort of pain and transform it into an artistic statement. >> i've been treated very unfairly. noat they don't love you like i love you. >> our republican system is absolutely rigged. it's a phoney deal. the rnc, the republican national
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committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen. >> i am angry. i'm angry and a lot of other people are angry too at how incompetently our country is being run. if we're 20 sloats short or ifer with a a hundred short, i think you would have ryeouts. i think would you have riots. i would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me. (cheers and applause). (cheers and applause). >> trevor: we'll be right thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what?
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>> welcome back. i have some big news for you, america, muslims are everywhere. but the one place you won't find muslims is in the image behind me. hasan minhaj has more. >> islamafobia, in case you haven't noticed, it's still a big problem in america. >> islam hates us. >> we need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods. >> we better wake up and smell the fall avel. >> as a muslim in the united states, i learned how to deal
11:13 pm
with it i act superwhite, like a brown ryan sea kz crest but what about those people that look muslim but aren't. like this person, he said he refused to remove the cherished symbol of his faith. >> a turbin which as a seek he wears everywhere but for some reason it makes people uncomfortable. >> almost every time i fly back to the u.s. i get a secretariary screening. and it's not just a problem at an airport. it's not just an problem for me, on the streets. i'm always wondering why do i get profiled. >> i think it's the whole-- . >> yeah, people assume that seikhs are muslims and that is primarily a issue because seikhs are an independent religion. >> i know that and i'm sure americans probably know that too. don't sell them short. they know a lot more than you think. >> what is a what. >> a seikh. >> a what? >> have i no idea. >> here we go. which one of these is a seikh.
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>> a seikh. >> yes. >> that one right there. >> jesus christ, i'm showing you a photograph of a bird bin october lar, a child playing hide and go seek and a man in a turban and a beard. >> maybe it's the kids playing hide and seek. >> i will go with birds. >> he was right, they don't know [bleep]. >> okay, america. seikh are a stand alone religion that started here. there are 30 million of them worldwide. almost a quarter million in america and men wear turbans as a sign of commitment to their faith. but. >> i have been called isis a lot recently. >> americans who see seikhs automatically think shall. >> the turban is what makes us a target. >> exactly, so just take it off, problem solved. >> the turban is part of my religion, my faith t represents who i am, what i believe in. the values that i hold dear and true. an those values are serks ikh.
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those values are american. >> that's all great but i'm going to be honest, all americans care about other religions, do you drink beer, do you eat pork, number three will you [bleep] that is it. >> i eat pork. >> i love bay kofnlt. >> oh, [bleep], that's great. see now we're making progress. but can we make him even less threatening to white people. >> americans love the silver screen, maybe go to hollywood and get into movies. >> i am in movies. >> no, movies that white people watch. >> i'm in west anderson movies. >> oh, [bleep], those are white movies. >> really white movies. he is standing next to friggin' jason swartsman yet he is still an outsider in his own country. >> i'm an artist. i'm making movies, i'm designing. i'm trying to live my life. i do things just like you, right, and just like everybody else. >> i got it. seikhs are just like us. >> we pay five bucks for magazines that show us celebrities doing chores, so what if we showed how they are also just like us.
11:16 pm
dig it they get starbucks. they pump their own gas. they rock scarfs while crossing the street. some even eat pork. >> really? you eat pork. >> yeah. >> no [bleep]. >> or there is an even easier way, why don't you just go hey, i'm not muslim. >> it's just not an option for us to throw another community under the bus even if it means things are harder for us. we believe it's the right thing to do. >> we need to be better at that as americans and that is what our values teach as well. >> come on. i'm muslim but believe me, i work really hard at blending in. a third of my salary goes to new balance and pat goneia. >> come on, even barack obama was like hey, i'm not a muslim. >> look, i can't hide it. if i were you i would throw me under the bus so fast. >> that's not the way i was raised. that is why i wear this turban as a reminder to myself to treat humanity with care and kindness. so i'm not here to point
11:17 pm
fingers. >> exactly. see it's not about finger pointing. it's more of a hey, look over there. it's not a finger thing, it's a head thing. >> son, you need to lead with love. >> how do we scare people into believing that. >> i had to show him how easy life on the road could be with a little role play. >> are you the tsa agency, i'm you. >> right. >> hello sir, may i see your boarding pass. >> certainly, i'm so glad you are here to protect us against muslims because i am not one. i am on the plane before you can say hey, stop that brown guy, i have my carry on on top. >> when you do this, you are part of the problem. >> but i'm also on the plane. >> you are also then only thinking about yourself. >> and that's the american way. >> and so remember, seikhs, you are living in america. and if you really want to fit in, always look out for number one. >> hasan minhaj, everybody, we'll be right bac
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>> welcome back to the daily show, thank you, everyone, thank you. my guest swufn the stars of the broadway musical "the color purple" you got to leave ♪. you got to stay you need to stay, you better stay. ♪ you ought to stay. ♪ >> trevor: please welcome daniele brooks. (cheers and applause) >> thank you, thank you. what a lovely audience you have.
11:23 pm
hmmmm. (applause). >> trevor: is, i mean i'm so used to seeing you in prison overalls. >> i know. no makeup, no hair. >> trevor: you clean up well, girl. >> thank you, trevor, thank you. >> you look beautiful. beautiful. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> i spent weeks, when we started the show, i spent weeks just being like, i just want to get one joke into the show. hey! >> hey! yes. >> i'm such a huge fan of yours. >> insane. >> obviously the. or-- orange is the new black. i got to see the color purple. >> thank you. >> trevor: are you on an amazing tra jekory, are you enjoying every moment. >> i am, i am taking it all in. i feel blessed to have two major jobs, three, angry birds included. i just feel so grailtful that i get to-- i know, i'm in angry birds, am i bragging. >> trevor: that is impressive. >> does that sound braggy. >> trevor: that vl impressive
11:24 pm
because you can see the roles being formed. you know, in playing a powerful woman in prison, and playing a powerful woman fighting against segregation and playing a powerful bird. still though, still. so you can see that. >> yes. >> trevor: you are diversified. >> yes, very diverse in the roles. >> trevor: let's talk about the color purple for a second. i mean honestly, one of the most amazing stories. >> thank you. >> trevor: you were powerful and said i didn't know you could sing like that. >> sing. >> trevor: and you were inspired by the story when you went to watch what, 11 years ago. 10, 11 years ago my father took me to see my first broadway show. we had gotten a free ticket to new york, because i had done this internship and he is like you want to come to a show. i said yes. and it was "the color purple" it. >> trevor: wow. >> so i remember sitting in the audience just like this, 15 years old, just crying. and my dad was with me. my dad is a big dude and the seats in theaters are pretty
11:25 pm
small. so he was like, not having it. he is like this is not working for me. so he stood after intermission in the back. >> trevor: for the rest of the show. >> he stood for the rest of the show. and i was like whatever, you go do you because i am so immersed in this story. and it really has changed my life. it made me want to go study for it. so i ended up going to school in new york for theater. and then ten years later, here i am. and so, but i made sure when my dad came to opening night, that i got him a seat on the edge, so that he can stretch his feet out. >> trevor: so he wouldn't have to squeeze in. >> so he could be comfortable. >> trevor: i have always been fascinated by the fact that you have a show predominantly black in the audience which you don't see on broadway. >> yeah. >> trevor: but you also have people that are chiming in the entire time. how do you keep your focus. because there are people in the audience, will you say something, will you be like there is only one-- and it is
11:26 pm
jesus. >> and someone will chime in, it's jesus. how do you stop yourself from shall. >> it's very hard to navigate. being on broadway, it say very difficult thing. two and a half hours, are you just focused and it's really hard to stay focus when you have audience members in the mids elf hell no screaming hell no back. or on their foabs, they're like, but sometimes it's fueling. sometimes its hell, no, it makes me get into character even more because i know that people are supporting me. they are right along with me on the story. >> trevor: there is one point where i thought the audience would have joined in the mob beating up the man. like one point where you are like oh, we're fighting, we're fighting. >> yeah. >> trevor: it's a beautiful production. orange is the new black. still working on. >> still working on it. >> trevor: still amazing. >> june 17th, it comes out. season four. >> trevor: we're going to be watching. >> i really think it's going to be-- . >> trevor: is it ever weird for you that people are netflix and chilling to you, do you ever think about that? >> oh, that's so gross, no, i
11:27 pm
never thought about that. >> trevor: now you will. >> put that in my head. >> trevor: next time are you doing a scene, you can think about that and angry birds, let's talk about angry birds. that is so amazing. >> it is my first animated film that i am doing. >> trevor: age you play. >> i play a crossing guard. but no, like there is a lot more to the story. i don't want to spoil st and have i been told not to spoil it she is pretty crucial to the story so it's been pretty fun. of the three major roles you play, which one has been the most challenging for you? >> angry birds. >> trevor: by far. >> by far, by far. i mean to be so invested in every vocal range, no, i'm making that up. that is me trying to make a joke. >> trevor: you were going to win a tony for that, i can see. no, i will save it for the color
11:28 pm
purple. it vl fun to have you here. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: the color purple, on broadway. daniele brooks, everybody. i would like three weeks vacation. two is standard. i'm not standard. three weeks. ok. t-mobile does data differently. while the other guys gouge you for every bit of data you use..., t-mobile lets you stream all the video and music that you want from your favorite services... free! without using one bit of your lte data. plus, you can roll your unused data forward. nobody does data like t-mobile. get four lines... ...with ten gigs of 4g lte data each ..for just thirty-five bucks per line... ...from t-mobile.
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of zen. >> l captioned by media access group at wgbh ed by comedy central (cheers and applause) ♪ >> larry: thank you very much! thank you! such a good crowd! thank you so much! thank you so much! very kind. thank you so much. (audience chanting larry) l


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