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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  September 21, 2017 11:31pm-12:01am PDT

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starting monday my show will be right after yours so it's not stealing the copier, it's just in another time slot. >> trevor: security, please! jordan klepper, everybody! security! >> we pressed spicer on some of his most controversial moments like the inaugural crowd size. >> this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration period. >> the photographic evidence was contradictory. >> i think it might have been better to be a lot more specific about what we were talking about in terms of the universe. icomedy central universe. >> from comedy central headquarters in new york, it's the "daily show with trevor noah." ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to the daily show. thank you so much for tuning in. thank you everybody. i'm trevor noah. my guest tonight former interim
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ceo of red it and diversity activist ellen pao is joining us everybody. but first, but first, did you all love seeing sean spierls on the emmy -- spicer on the emmy's last weekend? no? well good news. that may be the last time you ever see him. >> the job offers for the president's former white house press secretary are not rolling in. nbc, abc, cbs, fox and cnn have all passed on adding sean spierlspiceras a paid contributk of for the reason. >> trevor: sean spicer can't get a job anywhere. now he's going to be forced to become a stripper? and a bad one. sean, you haven't taken any of your clothes off yet. >> actually, actually i've taken off more clothes than any other stripper in history period, period. >> trevor: i can't believe that every network turned him down and the sad part is he
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didn't even ask, they just prerejected him. just in case yes, it's a no, it's a no. i will say i think it's less about sean spicer 's credibility and more about the fact that he's bad at speaking words. >> good morning everyone [indiscernible] afternoon i guess [indiscernible] den [indiscernible] education one second. finally the president issued a memorandum with allies around the globe. [laughter] >> trevor: i always feel bad for sean spicer because i can't picture him doing any job well. can you imagine him as a hostage negotiator. >> listen here buddy, you need to let get of your -- >> trevor: hello, hello. >> it's handled, it's good. >> trevor: our main story tonight. the republican plan to repeal obamacare. oh what? you thought it was overhat howkg
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obama. oh, no. you can run [indiscernible] care but you can't hide . >> let obamacare implode. >> this is that will deny millions of americans health insurance. >> a believably complex subject. nobody knew that healthcare could be so complicated. >> trevor: nobody knew. which means he didn't know. >> senate republican hasenate ro replace it and watered it down they actually called it the skinny repeal. more like leonardo dicaprio's weekend no, no is repeal, repeal. it seems like that was it for repeal and replace. but then this week happened. last ditch republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare could be gaining momentum on
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capitol hill. republicans are making a last ditch effort to repeal obamacare with the grand cassidy bill. >> >> new bill in a last ditch effort to get the job done? >> trevor: no, no. you can't have another last ditch effort. no. it says last right in the name, right. jesus didn't have the last syrup syrup -- supper and then go what, we can eat again. let's do it bang bang, i'll meet you at chili's in 20 minutes. you have to hand it to republicans. they really can't let obamacare go especially the no cosponsor of the bill senator lindsey graham. >> we can spend weekends. we spent a lot of time off in august. we should have been here repealing obamacare i will fight like a tiger to the bitter end to replace obamacare. >> trevor: you know lipid say graham -- lipi lindsey graham
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practiced that in the mirror before he repeated. he's just there like come on lindsay, you're a tiger. they're going to hear you roar. you're a tiger. arrr. a tiger. arrrr. [applause] okay. now you're a kitten. meow. meow. now you're a sexy kitten. meow, meow. lindsey graham. so now there's a new new obamacare repeal book. graham cast deit' cast deit's c. what's new. >> let's ask the republicans. >> out of washington one size fits all get it back to the states where people can make those desuggests for themselves. >> we take the money and send it back to the states in a block grant formula where they can administer healthcare and if you don't like the outcome you can
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complain. >> governor state house representative. that is federalism and that is why president trump will sign this bill. >> trevor: no actually trump will sign it because he just loves signing things. now i get to sign this one and now i get to sign this one and this one. trump is the first president ever to sign the walls of the white house. he's the only one ever. donald. it was ma lan melania. i know what is he is agent. he wants the state to control healthcare. the question is, is that a great idea. i don't know if you ever driven from maryland to pennsylvania but it's like oh nice road nice road. we're in a new state, we're in a new state honey. now imagine instead of car that's your kidney. like seriously, the states are going to control it. what you if you live in new jersey. now chris christie is controlling your access to healthcare, the same guy who wouldn't even give people access to the beach. that guy?
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that guy? just really, that guy. [applause] >> under obamacare the federal government gives healthcare money to the state and it also has a so why that money should be spent. under graham cassidy they give the money to the state and say do your thing. the problem is that things involves kroog over the americans. >> the new gop plan ends obamacare subsidies and the medicaid expansion. instead states will get some money to use as they see fit but states could allow insurers to charge more for people with some preexisting conditions and some health benefits like prescription drugs and maternity care. >> trevor: maternity care. what kind of whole puncher thinks maternity care isn't essential. really maternity care. every human being at some point
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needed maternity care. we were all born, even ted cruz, all of us. every single one. i'm sorry, it's always insane to me when i hear a guy saying why do we have to pay for maternity care. us men had nothing to do with your bon babe making. the wives are, oh, i wish that were true. the 2r509 is we're not experts on healthcare. we have no idea what healthcare should be and who it should cover but at the end of the day what's the important thing is whether or not it would work. that's why everyone relies on the non-profit analysis of the ceo. everyone except for the republicans. >>n't the congressional budget says it won't have enough time to figure out what would happen if these so called graham cassidy bill were put into law. >> they will have a partial on the cost of the bill but it
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could not include how many people gain coverage from the legislation. >> coverage numbers. how much it would cost overall. all of these things premium total, those won't be scored. >> that's right. republicans are trying to ram this thing through congress so far that the ceo doesn't have time to write the full report on what the bill's impact is going to be. it only had time to issue its report in the form of a gift. that's it. so the real question is, the real question is, why the rush. why not allow as much time as an important piece of legislation like this deserves. prepare yourself because the answer is stupid. >> they are up against the clock because if they can't get this passed by the senate and the house by september 30th, it's not going to happen. september 30th is the last day that republicans can pass a healthcare bill with just 50 votes. under this reconciliation deal. after that it's got to get 60 votes. >> trevor: think for a moment.
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republicans have to practices this bill -- pass this bill by next friday. not because it's the deadline they can only pass a bill with democrats help and tracks c koot -- democrats have cooties. they just want to pass something now, anything because for them the clock is running out. who cares about the people who has a clock that is actually running out. republicans are doing with healthcare what a drunk person does at last call. oh man i'm running out of time. instead of taking the time to find the perfect match screw it i'll just take home the guy with the beer breath and the peg leg, let's go. it's better than nothing. trump will like it. we'll be right back. breakfast, has come out of its shell.
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daily show. there's so much to talk about it's hard to get to all of it but thankfully a new story always blue the black lewis black back in black. >> let's feras face it, americas at healthcare. we've decided to turb illness into a gold mine. that's why even though my product tall gist is just a pervert in a lab coat i have to keep it because he's in network. the way things have been going i wouldn't be shocked if the republicans new turd sandwich bull make it to trump's desk and he actually eats the thing. but here's why republicans in congress bill never be able to fix healthcare. they don't even know what health insurance is. >> you have to buy all of these
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different kinds of health insurance a lot of which you don't need, can't afford, don't want, isn't right for you and your family. >> the young healthy person is going to be made to buy healthcare and they're going to be made for the person who gets breast cancer in their 40's and gets heart disease in their 50's. the whole idea of obamacare is the people on the blue side pay for people on the red side. people who are healthy pay for the people who are sick. >> now listen paul ryan, you spoiled vanilla milk shake, you found town head spit, you vomit vomitoriu. m. it's not the healthy paying the sick it's the healthy slowing to pay down their demise which might be helpful in a country that stuffs hot dogs into pizza. while we're at it, what do i pay for the fire department. their house isn't on fire and it never will be. [cheers and applause]
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and not only is the gop trying to sneak this back into law, they're also using obamacare's own money to undermind it. >> the administration is using money that is supposed to help people get insurance by putting up on-line these advertisements trying to convince legislators to vote against the affordable care act. >> higher coverage is less the gap is getting wired. >> you're going against capitalism the best win scenario. >> the sit actual has a lot of problems but it wasn't in crises. there wasn't a crises. there is now. >> we're in crises all right. healthcare isn't more affordable but at least now we've got those taxpayer funded 136 youtube views. a video of may left nut would get more hits. not ... [cheers and applause] not my right one, though.
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daily show. my guest tonight made headline when she sued her employer at silicon valley a venture capital firm for gender discrimination. she told her side of the story in her new memoir, reset, my life for inclusion and change. , ellen pao. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: congratulations on the book. if the story's as powerful mostly because it's happening right now in a really big way in silicon valley. a lot of people first heard your name when your case rose to prominence suing a venture cant firm for -- capital firm for sex
11:54 pm
isn't. what was the issue for you suing sexism some people struggle proving exists. >> a lot of people who gone through it say you get attacked personally, you spend a lot of money on it, professionally it's hard to get hired again. for me i tried every other avenue. i talked to people, complained. i had written a memo, i had tried with another woman to try to get things to change and ill wasn't changing. i said if they don't change it's just going to happen to more and more people. for me it felt like i was in a position where financially i could afford it and i knew i was right and i want to make sure other people could hear the story. >> trevor: for someone who else delve into your story exminute to them what that sex many was because people go, is it the grabbing of the hible ber a crude statement but it was something that was far more sinister because it almost seems like it wasn't happening. what was happening when you were working for this firm and really in silicon valley as a whole.
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>> there is two kinds. none of the women got promoted. there was one round where none of the women got promoted. we w all had longer working experience, better education. one woman had done the analysis to show our investments were doing better on average than the men and all the men got promoted. you weren't given the same opportunity. people would take away projects you were working on. on maternity leave, three of us lost, but then it was also this not being included in meetings. not being included in conversations. not being included in e-mail threads. and a lot of the work was around understanding the information flow, what's happening, where the interesting opportunities are and you know, building relationships. so we're excluded from all that and then you have all the conversations so it was a six of everything. >> trevor: you sued the company. they offered a settlement around three to five or $7 million and they said here's the money take the money and sign this
11:56 pm
non-disclosure and walk away. you refused that. >> right. >> trevor: you lost the case. and then they offered you more money to pay for your legal kolsz which icostswhich is gonen dollars. you said sign it and go away and you said no twice. it clearly wasn't about the money. what is this about for you. >> to me it's about right and wrong. it's about people being treated fairly. it's about people getting a fair shot to succeed. it's about this massive creation of wealth and power where a lot of people have not been able to participate. there's a set of people who don't think we're equal you because you're black, me because i'm a woman. >> trevor: i'm black? >> we can't contribute as much. we don't deserve these opportunities. that we don't belong and that to me is tunneledmentall fundament. >> trevor: how do you go about fixing it. ellen, i at any time know excluding you in the thread
11:57 pm
excluded you from a conversation that could have gotten you promoted. what is the solution. what can tech companies and companies as a whole we doing to be more inclusive in progressive manner. >> now you know. all these women are telling stories telling you what is acceptable or not acceptable and you can change. at the end of the day it goes up to the ceo level. they determine the culture in the companies and they need to think about create is this comprehensive plan making sure they include everyone so it's not just women which a lot of companies oh it's so hard i'm just going to bring women in. you have to make it inclusive for everyone or it's not inclusive. the second part -- [applause] -- making it comprehensive so it's not just i'll higher some people -- hire some people ask throw them in there. i need to hire people give them good salaries, they need to be seen and be heard and have
11:58 pm
somebody measure it and make sure i'm actually doing it and holding people accountable when it's not happening. >> trevor: i can tell you someone loves the world of tech and everything going on was eye opening and fascinating so thank you very much. >> thank you. >> trevor: reset is available now. ellen pao everybody. we'll be right back. [cheers and applause] my hygienist told me to try... ...a mouthwash. so i tried crest. it does so much more than give me fresh breath. crest pro-health mouthwash provides all... ...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it ♪
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