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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  February 2, 2018 1:35am-2:05am PST

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[eerie electronic music] - [grunts in pain] - i'm sorry i thought you were a ghost, mother. father was the ghost all along! - he's no ghost. he's been living in the walls like some sort of rat. - i built these walls. i can live in them if i want to. - you'll do no such thing. this is my house now. you live here no more. - shrew! [grunts]
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- [scoffs] what a rip-off. - bye, daddy. - so, am i the ghost? [peaceful piano music] - what should we call you? bark when you like one. councilwoman snuggles. burgermeister schlussi? ooh, guadalupe festiva. [dog whines] oh, you're right. i'll just pretend you're mayor cutie. [giggling] i'm so sorry i killed you. - ♪ ooh - i hope i don't have to do it again. - ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: thank you so much! thank you, everybody, and welcome to "the daily show"!
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thank you for tuning in! i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, actor, activist and author of the new book "brave" rose mcgowan is joining us, everyone! ( cheers and applause ) but first -- but first, news from america's motherland. yesterday a british lawmaker arrived two minutes late to the house of lords, and then this happened. >> my lord, the house, i wonder if you permit me to offer my sincere apology to baroness lister for not being in my place to answer the matter at the beginning of questions. i'm thoroughly ashamed for not being in my place and therefore i shall be offering my resignation immediately -- ( crowd saying, no ) >> trevor: oh, no? yeah, get the (bleep) out of here! two minutes late, you should resign. get out of here! seems like a small thing but how
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are you late? your whole building is a clock! come on, man! ( laughter ) i don't really care about this. i'm black. i don't care. ( laughter ) but let's move on. tomorrow is groundhog day. which leads me to ask what the hell is groundhog day? people pull a rodent out of the ground and ask the animal to predict the weather. which is so unfair because, if africans were doing this shit and you heard that we pulled animals out of the ground, think about what you would say about it. there are villages in africa where people wear animal skin and if i try to explain americans use groundhogs to predict the weather they would be, like, why not use satellite data, huh? ( laughter ) donald trump has a shadow of his own, robert mueller. four of trump's campaign officials have been indicted, interrogated over 20 officials and set a date to question steve bannon. he would have met with bannon earlier but mueller is weight
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for amazon to deliver his hazmat suit. my first question, do you mind not eating your own scabs? thank you very much. ( laughter ) and after all the underlings, this weekend we realize it's reached the top of trump tower. >> bob mueller is zeroing in on the potential coverup of the infamous trump tower meeting between russians and trump campaign officials when the president allegedly dictated a statement statement aboard air force one insisting the meeting was about russian adoptions. >> the reason the story could be so important is how it fits into a possible obstruction case against the president. >> you don't have to succeed in obstruction of justice to be charged with it. >> trevor: the only thing that would piss him off more than charging him with obstruction of justice is saying he failed at it. how dare you! i'm the best at everything
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including obstruction of justice! throw obstruction of justice at me! obstructed! ( laughter ) it's looking like trump and his people lied about the meeting with the russians, and the lie would have worked except for all the incriminating e-mails and a room full of witnesses, so this would have been easily his worst coverup since he wore the robe but, remember, that doesn't mean we know how mueller's investigation will end. it could end with trump impeached, exonerated or trump and mueller married. it's a thin line between love and hate. like, i followed you for so long that in the end you caught me. ( laughter ) i colluded with your heart, ahhh -- ( laughter ) but some in the republican party aren't taking exans chances. they want to discredit the investigation before it oaths and come up with a plan to do it. >> the republican house intelligence committee voted late today to release a secret memo. >> reportedly alleges the bureau
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and justice dew point abused surveillance powers when looking at the trump campaign. >> offered by devin nunes, alleges improper use by the f.b.i. and justice department. >> the department alleges misconduct in ordering surveillance and an anti-trump bias between the f.b.i. and justice department. >> i think you will see evidence of bias in an organization that's supposed to be unbiased. >> trevor: that would be a big deal because the f.b.i. is supposed to be a parent, unbiased, judging all their kids equally enthough some of them don't deserve love -- mom. ( laughter ) to be clear, what the republicans have done is created a four-page memo accusing the f.b.i. of improperly obtain ago warrant to wiretap a trump campaign aid in 2016, a man by the name of carter paige. you can see him here wearing the hat he stole from paddington bear. ( laughter ) this is not a report, officials finding or even a document.
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four pages to discredit the entire f.b.i.? that doesn't seem like enough detail. i've had cbs receipts with more detail than this memo. what's more, it was written by house intelligence chairman and guy with resting middle management face devin nunes. he was on trump's transition team and he's so loyal to trump that he once snuck to the white house to show trump secret evidence. so he's as credible as a white man selling jerk chicken. you know? it's spicey like dorito! !all nunes has to say is he has something important and damming and the propaganda machine will do the rest. >> this cert shake and does go deeper than watergate. >> sean, this is bigger than anything anybody can imagine. >> this makes watergate like stealing a snickers bar. >> it has to be put in the context of the history of our great nation.
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remember, why was america created? it was created because of the abuse of power. it was about tea tax. it was about stationing troops on private property without permission. this is 100 times bigger. >> trevor: calm town. it's a memo, not the blac black panther sound track. #release the sound track. ( laughter ) but you understand nunes wrote the memo about the f.b.i. again, a memo sounds official but it's just an opinion. there's nothing special about memos. memos are like thoughts. anyone can release one at anytime. i just released one now. it was classified. as i said, anyone can release one but the truth is democrats and congress have so little power these days that they can't even break wind without republicans' permission. >> democrats on the house intelligence committee now say they have a memo of their own, which they say challenges the republican memo that criticizes the justice department and the federal bureau of investigation. >> democrats fuming that the
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republican-led committee voted not to include the democratic response to the memo. >> if they're going to release that memo, then they have to release the democratic memo so that the public has a full view of actually what happened. >> trevor: yea! now the democrats have a memo to oppose the republican memo. you know what that means? memo combat! finish him! arrrr! memo wins. usually before the house intelligence commit where releases a document containing classified information there is usual a declassification to make sure it's not going to harm national security. this is where it gets more unprecedented. even people appointed at the f.b.i. and justice department are also freaking out. >> the f.b.i. is urging the white house not to release the memo citing grave concerns. >> the president's f.b.i.
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director christopher ray and rod rosenstein went to the white house monday night to appeal to chief of staff john kelly. the sources told the white house the memo contained inaccuracies and concerned it paints a slanted narrative. >> those are republicans going to the white house, rosenstein and ray both republican appointees of this president. >> trevor: it's hard to argue this is an f.b.i./d.o.j. conspiracy against trump when the people in charge of the f.b.i. and mueller investigation are people trump plirnl picked. though in trump's defense just because he's picked someone don'doesn't mean they don't hate him. ( laughter ) still, it's pretty extraordinary that the republican party is going to release a document even after the fib f.b.i. and d.o.j. warned them it's full of b.s. this is the same party preaching respecting law enforcement, law and order, blue lives matter, the police in a good way, what
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reason would be good enough to abandon the principal and discredit law enforcement as a whole. >> according to multiple sources the president is telling associates the memo could help discredit special counsel robert mueller's entire russia investigation. >> trevor: ah, you see? it's not about what's in the memo, it's all about what they're going to say the memo means. yeah. essentially, republicans are going to turn this into a taro card reading. you see what this means? the f.b.i. is totally corrupt and someone close to you is going to die. i just see a bull with a man's body. exactly! i don't know if i trust you, man. although, you were right when you said i love fun. ( laughter ) like if this works the way trump wants, he can use it to justify purging federal law enforcement of anybody who isn't loyal to him. you force chris ray to resign from the f.b.i., fire rod rosenstein, replace him with a lap dog who will then get rid of
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( cheers and applause ) welcome back to "the daily show." it's february which means it's black history month. we're celebrating all month. to kick it off is our own roy wood, jr. honoring the unsung heroes of black history in a new segment we call c.p. time. >> welcome to c.p. time. the only show that's for the culture. today, we're discussing the history of african-americans on screen. it's how the world sees us and how we're forced to see
1:52 am
ourselves, not being in decision-making levels at the studio but that's not the point. whether cleaning up white people, driving a car for an old white playedy, driving a car for a crazy white man, black actors have done it all. when we see a black character on screen, we're filled with pride. we're filled with hope for the promise of a new day. we also wonder how long till they kill this nigger? because every black actor at some point in his career gets killed. we have the onscreen survival rate of ribs at a barbecue. you'd think they would at least let denzel live but, no, he dies all the time. constantly. my personal favorite denzel death is in the movie fallen where denzel dies alone in the forest like a bitch. why was he even in the woods in the first place? i knew he was going to die once i saw too many trees. ain't nothing in the forest for black people. ( laughter ) with a history of black actors
1:53 am
dying on screen, it's full of remarkable achievements. for example, did you know the quickest black death on camera was omar epps in scream two. the only black man to die before the title sequence. movie hadn't even started yet and the producers decided it was a little too dark in here. j.d. pinky, get your ass out of there, too. ( laughter ) one way or another, all black actors succumb to the script writer's, inc. except for one. ll cool j, movie after movie ll cool j hung on to tend credits. caught up. lived. charlie's angels, survived. toys, i didn't see that one but i heard he made it through. in fact, ll was supposed to get eaten in deep blue sea but out of respect for the streak, the shark ate samuel l. jackson.
1:54 am
life loves cool james. now some scholars would argue mr. cool jay died in roller ball but the truth is he fell and his body was never recovered nor seen on scene, leaving the death open ended with the room for a potential sequel or tv spinoff. so the c.p. time recognition award goes to no one other than l.lll cool j. ll, you've shown young black actors that it's possible not to get shot in the face or eaten or dismembered in every damn movie! now, unfortunately, ll cool j couldn't be here tonight because he didn't know he was getting this award, he never heard of this show and also nobody would give up his email address. i guessed uncle l at but it bounced back the man is a recluse. that's all the time we have today. this has been c.p. time and,
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remember, we are for the culture. see you soon. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: roy wood, jr., everyone! we'll be right back ( cheers and applause ) if the earth didn't have layers,
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are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec®. it's starts working hard at hour one. and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight san activist, director and author whose new memoir is called "brave." please welcome rose mcgowan. ( cheers and applause )
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welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me, trevor. >> trevor: for many people, you know, you are someone who will be recognized from "scream" or "charmed," i was a big fan. but the name rose mcgowan will never be separated from the movement that has been responsible for removing some of the biggest names in hollywood due to claims of sexual harassment or assault or even worse. you were the first woman to go public with accusations against harvey weinstein. >> yes. >> trevor: is that something -- is that something that makes you proud? is that something -- because you have every right to be. is that something you wear as a badge of honor? >> you know, honestly, it just doesn't feel finished. it's not finished. >> trevor: wow. >> at all. i've -- it honestly feels like we're -- like -- it's very intense. it's a very strange feeling. i haven't had a lot of time to
2:01 am
process because, while writing this book, which i'm incredibly proud of, as, by the way, yours, i didn't get a chance to tell you was incredibly well written. >> trevor: oh, you're too kind. thank you very much. ( applause ) >> it does -- it's a very strange sensation. i -- i texted a friend on the way here, i was, like, i don't want to try to change the world anymore, i want to go to sleep, i'm tired. >> trevor: it must be tiring, though. >> yeah. >> trevor: harvey weinstein was and still is in many ways a very powerful man. obviously, he denied these allegations and you were the first woman who spoke up publicly. many women came out subsequently and not only did we find out the stories about harvey weinstein, we then go on to find out that he allegedly had his own spy unit that was coming after you as a human being, trying to destroy -- >> they're still doing it. >> trevor: -- the very ideas of who you are. how do you live like that? >> last night, i kind of -- i
2:02 am
did my first what was supposed to be a -- a triumphant book signing or book reading, my first book reading, which, you know, i've only seen in the movies, i mean other than having gone to one, but on the other side, right. >> trevor: right. >> we've seen a lot of things portrayed. so in my mind, i didn't imagine that there was a plant that was going to stand. and i know it was a plant because people saw, like, being handed off, somebody came in to harass me and scream. >> trevor: right. >> and the other person followed, it was targeted and orchestrated. russian-bought things are basically after me because they hit things and then it will touch who it is and it's zero followers and they do it to people who follow me and respect me and they harass them and it's unreal. really, i mean, the funniest part to me, in the abstract of funny, is that he just had a new
2:03 am
crisis management team. what? i don't want to say save your money international rapist, but save your money, international rapist. come on! let's be real! just leave me alone. it's time. >> trevor: the title of the book really the apt for what you've gone through in your life because, as you say so beautifully, "brave" doesn't mean you're not afraid. "brave" means having the ability to overcome or act in spite of your fear. in the book, we start with your journey growing up in italy with your family in a cult, which ties in the end to the world that you end up in hollywood. growing up in that environment must have been terrifying. is that something that you tie to the world that you experienced in hollywood, one cult to another? >> i completely stand by that and i've had a lot of time to figure it out, you know, to connect the dots. one of the things was that english is my third language. cult was my first. we learned about the end of days
2:04 am
at 18 months. i don't know what you did at 18 months. >> trevor: not learning about the end of days, i'll tell you that much. >> right, super boring. can i just tell you, that's the whole part of it. i mean, like, god, you're boring. literally, god, you are boring. ( laughter ) that's the funniest thing when people come at me all the time or it's the cult staff, when they'd come at me in the cult, and i would feel like you're just releaptlessly dull. don't you people understand that? it tries my patience. >> trevor: let me ask you this before you go, you say you don't think the world can changeover night but you hope it can become 10% better for women. >> no, everybody. >> trevor: 10% better for everybody? >> no, no, i feel bad for men. i get, do you hate men? i'm, like, does it matter? it has no bearing when you're talking. the 10% is all of us. if we are 10% more human, actually, and just connect a few more dots from every level of
2:05 am
consciousness, people will actually drive faster on the freeway. it's my ultimate goal. people don't realize. it's a ne nefarious thing. i like driving fast. people seem to be going slow ( snap ) and if i can hot wire a car, i can hot wire society society. this is a complete re-engineering project. might as well see, can i change the world? okay. ( laughter ) >> trevor: many people would argue what's happening with harvey weinstein and the #metoo movement is you really hot wiring society and moving us down the freeway 10% faster than before. >> let's keep going. let's go. >> trevor: "brave" is available now. rose mcgowan, everybody. we'll be right back.


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