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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  April 25, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show." i'm trevor noah. thank you so much for tuning in. my guest tonight, star of the nbc show "good girls," christina hendricks is here, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) and as a bonus, we'll also be talking to the governor of
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puerto rico, ricardo rozzayo, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) but first, but first, some breaking news from the sunken place. >> take a look at what's trending today on this wednesday. and we're going to begin with kanye west who says he does not care about the backlash from fans. he stands behind his support of president. in fact, west tweeted a picture of himself with a "make america great again" hat, and posted. "you don't have to agree with trump, but the mod cannot make me not love him." we're both dragging energy. let that soak in for a second. >> trevor: i don't care how long i have to wait. that will never soak in. like, i tonight even know what happened here? i think kanye west just realized he's too rich to not be republican. i don't know what it is. and you know this is going to confuse people on fox news. they're going to be like why don't these rap thugs stay out of politics-- sorry, this guy
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understands the american people. he understands all of them. you know what's craze? kanye is the same guy who said george bush hates black people. he said george bush doesn't care about black people. but he's the same guy who loves trump? when george bush sees this on twitter, he's going to be like what the (bleep)? i know i was a bad president, but this guy's friends with nazis. look, i'm not going to lie. i'm not a fan of what's happening here, but i am glad it's happening before kanye's album drops. so this way trump can make it into the video for bound three. it's going to be dope. it's going to be worth it. it's going to be worth it. but let's move on. a few weeks ago, donald trump announced his pick to run the department of veterans affairs, and it's going great. ( laughter ) >> there are serious allegations surfacing tonight against the president's pick to lead the veterans affairs department, which provides care and services for some nine million veterans. those allegations threatening to derail the nomination of dr. ronny jackson. >> trevor: remember how trump
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said he hires the best people? when does that start? ( laughter ) no, because, it seems like everyone he hires turns out to be a disaster. and it used to be that they would get fired after a few months, and then scaramuchi was gone after 11 days. and now this guy might get fired before he even starts the job. ( laughter ) like, at this rate, some dude is going to open his laptop and be like, "i just got fired from the white house." and his friend will be like, "i didn't know they offered you a job." "yeah, neither did i. oh, sweet i just got offered a book deal! dope!" ( laughter ) now, now, you probably remember ronny johnson. he was the white house physician that came out and said trump had the strength of a hippo and the body to match. your remember that, right? well, he said that trup was incredibly healthy, which shocked everybody. like, even god was in the front row like (bleep). well, anyway, we didn't know much about him back then, and we didn't need to. but once trump nominated jackson for a cabinet position, people started digging into his past like he was dating taylor swift.
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>> we have some breaking news on that story we started with. new and potentially damaging allegations against ronny jackson. the white house physician nominated to lead the department of veterans affairs provided a large supply of percocet, a prescription opioid, to a white house military office staff member. a nurse on his staff said dr. jackson had written himself prescriptions. >> the word is that on overseas trips, in particular, that the admiral would go down the aisleway of the airplane and say, "all right, who wants to go to sleep?" and hand out the prescription. >> like an ambien type. >> yes, that's exactly right. he hands out prescriptions like candy. in fact, in the white house, they call him "the candy man." >> trevor: a white house physician was being fast and loose with prescription drugs, which is really dangerous. i mean, can you imagine if ben carson was on that plane and he took a sleeping pill? ( laughter ) he would be waking up like, "did... we... land... yet? what... time... is... it?" "sir, it's the year 2045!" ( laughter )
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now look, now look, to be fair, to be fair, giving sleeping pills to staff on overseas flights is apparently standard practice in many administrations. plus, like, what would you rather do, get some sleep or stay up and watch trump lick k.f.c. off his fingers for 20 hours? i think we know which one you've choose. this is just the beginning of ronny jackson's story. >> sources telling cnn the white house doctor allegedly became intoxicated during multiple overseas trips on duty, including one in 2015, where sources say he banged on the hotel room door of a female employee in the middle of the night. >> according to this memo, at a secret service going-away party, jackson got drunk and wrecked a government vehicle. >> trevor: okay, this is just shocking. ( laughter ) no, i can't believe that between trump's two doctors, ronny jackson is the one who might have a drinking problem. ( laughter ) ( applause )
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i mean, i guess it makes sense. alcohol could explain the glowing bill of health that he gave trump a few months ago when he was like, "donald trump is the healthiest man alive. he's 6'3", 160 pounds, and there are two of him standing in front of me. ( laughter ) i love them both. i love you so much, man." and so with these allegations piling up, politicians of both parties are hoping that trump will reconsider his pick. >> what was being discussed last night here on cnn was truly concerning about the possibility that dr. jackson had been drunk on duty. >> the allegations that have come out against admiral jackson are very disturbing. >> probably makes sense for the president to spend a little bit more time doing research on his own nominees. >> it would give us serious cause for concern as to whether or not he'd be the right man for the job. >> trevor: these lawmakers are not messing around. although, it is funny how they don't want jackson running veterans affairs, but they don't
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care if he stays on as the president's physician. ( laughter ) "this trump maniac doesn't belong near our heroes. he belongs at the white house, knox donald trump." ( laughter ) now, look, this may surprise you, but trump doesn't seem to mind ronny jackson's shady past. if anything, in trump's eyes, dr. ronny is the victim. >> i said to dr. jackson, "what do you need it for?" so i don't want to put a man through a process like this. it's too ugly and too disgusting. and he has to listen to the abuse that he has-- i wouldn't-- if i were him, actually, in many ways, i'd love to be him. but the fact is i wouldn't do it. i wouldn't do it. >> trevor: what? ( laughter ) "in many ways you'd love to be him"? i don't understand what that means. is trump saying he wishes he weren't the president? or is it just, like, trump wishing that he were his own doctor? ( laughter ) this is like, "he's so lucky. he gets to see me naked all the
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time, folks. you know how nice it would be if i could see my dick. so beautiful. so beautiful." ( cheers and applause ) but believe it or not, the administration was still pushing dr. jackson's nomination forward, and kellyanne conway even brought up a surprise character witness. >> the white house defiant and defending ronny jackson's nomination to landlord the v.a., pointing to praisefrom former president obama, and pushing back on accusations against jackson. >> i hope you're aware of the great referral for ronny jackson, continue to groom and promote this highly capable officer, an exceptional leader. he has been a valued member of my team. this came from president barack obama, 2014, 2016. >> trevor: now you want us to trust obama? no, kellyanne, no. too late. that canyon invented isis. you can't have it no ways.
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no. fine, fine, let's play kellyanne's game. yes, it's true, obama praised ronny jackson and said he should be promoted but he never said he should be promoted to run the v.a. it's a government bureaucracy with 360,000 employees. you can't take that one recommend expaigz move it to something else. that's like looking great in a bath robe and someone makes you the new pope. that's not how it works. don't forget, don't forget, even if he didn't drink, even if he didn't drive drunk, he would still be far from qualified to run the v.a. and in a way, all those senators who oppose him are lucky that these drug and alcohol allegations are coming out. there's one thing we know, on its own, being completely unqualified for a position doesn't keep you out of donald trump's cabinet. if anything, it gets you in. >> as far as experience is concerned, the veterans administration, which is approximately 13 million people, is so big, you could run the biggest hospital system in the
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world, and it's small time compared to the veterans administration. so nobody has the experience. ( laughter ) >> trevor: donald trump is like logic kryptonite. ( laughter ) because no one has this exact experience. so in his mind it, doesn't matter if we just hired a seasoned professional or a toaster oven? laugh and, look, i get that no one has run an organization as big as the v.a., but you can still try giving it to someone with some relevant experience. like at one point in time, no one had been to space. but nas didn't go, "hey, why don't we just send jerry? jerry's my dentist. fantastic guy." no, they sent astronauts who trained for twho previously flew planes, who studied space, who worked countless hours making black ladies do math for them. ( laughter ) ( applause ) and look, look-- ( applause ) -- at the end of the day-- at
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the end of the day, we know where this is headed. the president will have to find a new v.a. nominee, and knowing trump, he's not going to search for a qualified person. he's just going to pick another guy who says nice things about him. so i guess what i'm saying is congratulations to the v.a. secretary, kanye west. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ i like it, i love it, ♪ i want some more of it. ♪ i try so hard, ♪ i can't rise above it ♪ don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'. ♪ applebee's new bigger bolder grill combos. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. surpri-- we got a laggy video call here.. you need verizon, the best network for streaming. trade ya. okay, people, that's a reset. let's take it back from "surpri--" (avo) get $300 off the samsung galaxy s9+. because unlimited is only as good as the network it's on.
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>> trevor: governor, puerto rico's story is one that's touched the hearts of many. could you help us understand why it feels like it's taken so long for the crisis to be fixed? what has gone wrong in puerto rico? >> well, first of all, thank you for keeping puerto rico in the hearts and minds of all americans. i think this show has given a step forward, so that once the cameras left the disaster, it sort of slows down. but, really, it's been bureaucracy. bureaucracy has been slowing down the process. even though there's some people doing a lot of good, we've been able to get some funding for puerto rico. but the process is slow. and as you know, we're heading to hurricane season next month, so we really need to hurry up that process. >> trevor: when you say "bureaucracy," do you mean bureaucracy within puerto rico, or do you mean bureaucracy that comes down from the united states? >> well, bureaucracy in puerto rico, we're taking-- we're dealing with it, right. we're eliminating it. we're cutting the red tape. but it's within the systems that have been in place in the united states. for example, some of these
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processes that take 10 to 14 days in any other state would take 117 days in puerto rico. >> trevor: wow. >> reimbursements-- >> trevor: this is to get funding and working? >> yes. for the reimbursement for the permanent work-- it still hasn't even started in puerto rico, the reimbursement for the permanent work. so all we're asking-- and i know you have made a point of this-- is to be treated equally, as equal u.s. citizens. you known, we're proud u.s. citizens, and what we want-- ( applause ) and there's good will, but we really need to tackle this issue. so any support that we can get, it's important, and that's why we started a movement to organize puerto ricans. you know, we're 5.6 million strong in the united states. >> trevor: right. >> and puerto ricans, because we live in a territory, in a colonial territory, we don't have the right to vote for the president or for congressmen or senators. >> trevor: right. >> so we need to create sort of a proxy effort. and right now, we're in florida.
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that's one of the critical areas. but we're going to go to different states, making sure that we organize a structure, such that, you know, if you're a friend to puerto rico, and if you vote and help the policy that's in the best interest of puerto rico and puerto ricans, we'll support you. but if you go against the people of puerto rico, we'll vote you out. >> trevor: i know in puerto rico it's always been a contentious issue whether or not puerto rico should become a state of the united states. you have been for statehood. do you think that's in the best interests of puerto rico? >> i certainly do. i think, you know, when you evaluate all of the alternatives, the first one is the current colonial status. we have seen the results. >> trevor: right. >> it just hasn't worked. and as an american citizen, you have to wonder, do we really want a second-class citizenship to be part of the american ideal? do we really want to be known for having the most populated colonial territory in the world? i think not. so the other alternatives are
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either independence and statehood. and i certainly feel that our people are very proud of their u.s. citizenship. support our u.s. citizenship, and it's in the best interest. i think we have a lot of value to offer. as we go through this disaster, and it's been a rough ride. i see puerto rico as sort of a blank canvas to reinvent, to be innovative. a lot of the ideas in education and health care and infrastructure, we can implement those in puerto rico. i want so i sort of want to start making the pivot from the recovery to the rebuilding and to being very innovative, and inviting all of you to come to puerto rico. you know, we're open for business. we're open to receive everybody. the weather's much better than right here. ( laughter ) so we would be excited to have everybody that has something-- some new idea, something to look for-- to come to puerto rico. >> trevor: you have had some
11:18 pm
critics, the likes of marco rubio who said "now's not the time for politics. now's the time to focus on getting puerto rico ready for the next hurricane season." how do you respond to that criticism? we need to let all the elected officials, there will be puerto ricans all over the united states. right now it's to impact several state, and hopefully, if we get that done, then we can get some real results for puerto rico. >> trevor: thank you for your time. i'll tell you this. we will-- ( applause ) we will make sure to keep supporting. we will keep telling you how you can support puerto rico. thank you for your time, and most importantly, president trump will keep throwing paper towels. governor ricardo rozzayo, everybody. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my next guest is an emmy-nominated actor who stars in the nbc series "good girls." please welcome christina hendricks. ( cheers and applause ) >> hi! >> trevor: welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> trevor: thank you so much for being here. so many people are fans of yours from "mad men." ( applause ) yup. >> thank you. >> trevor: and in many ways, in many ways, your character on "mad men" was regarded as a feminist icon. she was someone who was breaking through in a world that was definitely not designed to break
11:24 pm
through. some people said your new character is a feminist icon as well, a woman fighting for her own thing in the world. would you agree with this? >> i do. i think women are really responding to this empowerment feel we have on the show, and these-- these three women who have this beautiful friendship and camaraderie, that i think people are really responding to. >> trevor: right. it's a different type of empowerment, though, because it's a story of three women-- if you haven't watched it, it's really funny. it's the story of three women who are great friends, and they're struggling. they're in debt, life is not going well. so they decide to become robbers, and they rob a store, if you were to rob a store, what do you think you would be best at in real-- because i always do that with my friend. i go, "you will never be the getaway driver. i will handle weapons." do you know what you would be best at. >> i would not be the getaway driver, either.
11:25 pm
( laughter ) >> trevor: i like the lies and distraction. "look over there! look over there! a donkey! i lied! i distracted you." ( laughter ) >> yeah, i think i would be good at, like, a decoy kind of situation. >> trevor: you're really good at lying in the show. that's like a mini superpower, that she lies, and nobody knows she's lying. that's one of those questions: is that something you brought from the real world, or is this a skill you developed for the role? >> no, it started out, i think, in the pilot, and we decided that it was funny that she could just sort of switch into this incredible lying. because she's, like, a mom and a wife, and you wouldn't expect it. and so it just started getting written more and more and more into the script because we were like this is just such a weird-- likke, "why is she so good at this?" i'm waiting for the episode that explains why she is so good at lying. gl i've really been impressed how it is funny, it is heartfelt, it is a story about friends and family. but there are stories that touch on what's happening in the real world.
11:26 pm
one of the story lines, for instance, is when your character helped a friend of hers who was being sexually harassed by her boss. you taped this before the #metoo movement. you recorded this before the movement really built up steam. is it work are wol-- one of thoe stories. >> this was written and filmed far before that. i was on "mad men" for years and years talking about these topics. >> trevor: right. >> and people i think are responding to it more right now, and i think that's fantastic that it's causing conversation and it's a part of that conversation. but i'll tell you what, when you-- when you come around a corner and see someone you love in that situation, whether you're acting or real. i went into protective mode so quickly.
11:27 pm
and immediately. you really do have a very visceral reaction when you se >> trevor: >> trevor: i love that. do you feel like that's maybe why you choose the roles that you do? it feels like all your characters have this strength about them. is that something that draws you to the character? or do you think just maybe women's roles are written better that just end up on your desk? >> i mean, i don't choose roles because i think, oh, she's going to be a great role model or has strength. as an actress you want to discover all sorts of things. >> trevor: right. >> i just think that every woman has strength in her. and i think we have all sorts of things, and we have vulnerability, and i just-- i find exploring and trying to find the strength in someone very interesting. >> trevor: it's amazing. you do it well on screen. i don't know if you lied to me through this whole interview but i'll take it either way. ( laughter ) >> i am not even christina hendricks. >> trevor: thank you very much for being on the show. ( cheers and applause ) the season finale of "good girls" airs monday at 10 p.m. on nbc. christina hendricks, everybody. we'll be right back. thank you so much. ( cheers and applause ) ( ♪ )
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first, here it is, euro moment of zen. >> the president does takes ambien on occasion like we all do on overseas travel. so when we travel from one, you know, time zone to the other time zone on the other side of the planet, i recommend that everyone on the plane take a sleep aid at certain times. ( cheers and applause ) (applause) ♪ ♪ >> jordan: all right hurry, hurry, it's already april 25th. my guest tonight is propublica education reporter annie waldman. but first, the amazon takeover continues. the latest? they're breaking into your (bleep) car. >> amazon will now be delivering orders straight to the trunk of your car. >> it's bringing packages


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