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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  June 7, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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e one time when he was drunk. he sounds like an idiot. yeah, he is. ok. ok. thanks. yeah. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in! thank you! thank you! ( cheers and applause ) let's get it started! thank you so much! i'm trevor noah! tonight's guest from the netflix series "seven seconds" regina king is here, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) man, we're gonna have some fun!
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but first let's get right into it. let's catch up on th the headli. remember how when donald trump uninvited the philadelphia eagles from the white house earlier this week? he said it was because the n.f.l. players shouldn't kneel during the anthem. he went on to say they also shouldn't stay in the locker room. eagles safety malcolm jenkins struck on a new form of protest and damn if it wasn't effective. >> mac thornberry refused to answer questions about president trump uninviting the super bowl champs to the white house this week but said he wanted to set the record straight as to why some n.f.l. records have been taking the knee. >> are you surprised you guys are embroiled in this controversy with the white house? >> are you not going to say anything today or just going to use these posters?
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( cheers and applause ) >> what aren't we listening to? ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: i'm not gonna lie. i loved every single moment of this because he's basically doing love actually but for justice. ( laughter ) you realize for black people racial equality is our kiera knightley. it's love blackly. you can feel it. jenkins has found a way to protest where president trump will never come after him, all right? he's done it in a way trump will never come after him because we all know trump doesn't read. ( laughter ) ( applause ) when trump sees words, his brain just slides right over them. he's going to see the players on the field with the signs. he'll be, like, look at them, all standing for the anthem
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finally holding their beautiful white flag, they surrender, we've won. ( laughter ) let's move on to our main story. since trump took office, there's been no shortage of financial scandals coming out of the cabinet. housing secretary ben carson who used taxpayer money to buy a $31,000 dining set. treasury secretary steve mnuchin wasted almost $1 million on travel expenses and attorney general jeff sessions who spent $3 million on an experimental bunny stretching operation -- body stretching operation. looks great. ( laughter ) no one in washington has been as consistently caught in scandal as e.p.a. chief scott pruitt. his scandals haven't come from him working to destroy the environment. they've come from his side husband also. normally when you find out about corruption in d.c. it makes you mad, millions in bribes! but with every pruitt revelation
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you go, what? >> this morning the controversies keep coming for e.p.a. chief scott pruitt. e-mails show pruitt had one of his people reach out to chick-fil-a. >> he used his position to get his wife a franchise with chick-fil-a. even more astonishing, it's all in writing in government e-mails. >> trevor: you know, i will be honest, this is not the fast fort hood scandal i saw coming out of the white house. if anything, i thought it would be trump getting in trouble for pardoning the hamburglar. in case you didn't know, the hamburglar is in prison. he was trafficking fentanyl. horrible story. ( laughter ) think about this for a second -- you're the head of a major government agency with influence over some of the biggest corporations in the world, and you decide to abuse your position to get your wife a chicken store. ( laughter ) my man, focus! you have all that power! you've got to think bigger!
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it's like he's using the infinity gauntlet to cut the line at disney world! it's, like, too many people! baaa! all right, space mountain! ( laughter ) honestly, the only thing weirder than pruitt trying to score his wife a chick-fil-a was his explanation for it. >> my wife is an nawrp herself. i love, she loves, we love, chick-fil-a as a franchise of faith andeth one of the best in the country so that's something we were very excited about. we need more of them across the country. it's an exciting time. >> trevor: what? ( laughter ) it's an exciting time? what's an exciting time? he was so busted in that moment he couldn't come up with the right emotion. he sounds like a guy caught red handed at a murder scene. well, the body, i came in, he tried to grab me, and his
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head -- anyway, it's an exciting time,overs, (chuckling). ( laughter ) it's an exciting time for pruitt because he's finding drift all over washington. >> new trouble for scott pruitt. political -- politico reports he loves eating at the white house he's been asked to eat there less often. he's frequenting at a restaurant at the white house. >> trevor: they had to ask him to please stop coming, he was eating so many meals at the white house. i heard the government curbing handouts but not for one guy. how cheap can you be? scott pruitt is probably so cheap he's at starbucks like, bring the empty thermos, fill it with the 2% milk and boom free milk! the man can't help himself. remember the time when george bush was in iraq and the guy threw a shoe at him?
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if that were pruitt he would have caught the show and been, like, yes! one more invasion and i will have a pair! once you begin to understand this guy's mindset all his other weird scandals start to make sense. earlier this week we found out pruitt used e.p.a. officials to buy him a used mattress from trump's hotel. it's a weird story and at first we thought he was trying to suck up to temperature 679 turns out he was trying to score a hotel mattress for cheap. in his mind, he was, like, it's cheaper than buying it new and we're throwing in the bed bugs for free! and just today, we found out that pruitt -- and this is a true story -- pruitt sent his security detail to get him moisturizing lotion from a ritz carlton hotel. he basically used his tax funded security to protect him from ashy ankles. so now he's got his guards
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running around ton trying to snag him fancy moisturizer like it's lotion's 8 or some shit like that. it's, like, how is this real life? there are signs that republicans in congress, who are the only people who matter in congress, get tired of pruitt's claims. when you combine the small griffs with the other things he's done it's a pretty impressive list. >> the white house is awaiting an ethics review on pruitt that could lead to his removal. the list of investigations into pruitt is a long one from leasing a d.c. condo from a lobbyist's wife below cost to spending tax dollars on first class travel and weekend trips at home. handing out jobs to political aides, holding meetings with companies seeking e.p.a. favors. 13 separate probes involving pruitt. >> trevor: i've never seen a political scandal that looks like a "star wars" opening. ( laughter ) look at that list. that list of investigations is long than a cvs receipt.
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that's what it is. and by the way, scott pruitt, if you save the receipts, you tape them together and hang it up and it's like a free curtain. yeah, you can do it! ( laughter ) you know, honestly, what's funny to me about the entire thing is, if pruitt gets fired, it won't because he's an e.p.a. chief destroying the environment, it will be because he got caught up in an embarrassing scandal like stuffing his pockets with white house toilet paper. you know what? at least he'll h go down doing what he loves. so to scott pruitt, i say this -- scott pruitt, my friend -- cheers! and may you grift until the last possible second. mmm! we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause )
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with advil liqui-gels, what bad shoulder? what headache? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels >> trevor: "the daily show"! ( cheers and applause ) california is the birthplace of so many great ideas. the iphone, twitter, arnold
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schwarzenegger. ( laughter ) but can the golden state come out with even more innovative ideas in michael kosta went to find out. >> the presidency of donald trump has pitted liberals and conservatives against each other with protests, marches and scathing fourth grade art projects. but in california liberal activist mar was ruiz evans has a bold idea for relieving the tension. >> california could leave north america and become a nation. >> california is supposed to be chill but this doesn't sound very chill. this maverick wants california to divorce the united states and he's aiming to put california's secession on november's ballot. markets in his organization called yes california says their state has a unique identity that's separate from america. >> you have two cultures that are vastly different with california values versus american values. >> what were these vast differences? >> california is a place that welcomes immigrants. >> so do you have a big statue up that says bring in your poor,
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tired, weak. >> we have the golden gate bridge. >> so california's statue of liberty is longer, you can drive on it and people commit suicide off it quite frequently. so what else have you got? >> national parks. we invented that. clean air, those big ideas. >> you want to create a country that believes in big ideas and wants to welcome immigrants. >> yes. >> sounds like you're stealing america's ideas. >> we are. >> original idea or not this bear fondler has collected thousands of significants supporting his plan but northern california radio host and computer hoarder paul preston thinks yes california is a bad idea. >> yes california is not going to work. californians are all americans and americans first. >> finally, a reasonable person, and paul has a simple plan to fix all this california conflict. >> we're creating new california. >> and what is new california? >> well, we want to take california and split it into two states. >> it worked for israel and palestine, right?
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>> right! come on! so instead of losing one california, we gained two californias. surprise, surprise, paul claims his california has its own unique identity. >> when i think of california, i think of botox, crystals, milk that comes from nuts. what am i missing? >> california at its core, as a conservative state, but those people have been suppressed. >> although 8 million californians voted for hillary, 4 million voted for trump. for them paul gerrymandered a second conservative california, one without hollywood, silicon valley or wine country? this is the fun california and this is the shit california. why do you want the shit california? >> we believe that's the best part of california. it's based on ruralness. >> it's got to feel nice once you separate to be free from all that excessive tax revenue there in silicon valley and los angeles county. >> we'll have san diego county. >> because you want to keep the
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chargers? >> they're gone. >> you don't even have the ( bleep )ing chargers? >> there is one person who doesn't like the two-state solution. >> we're going to campaign in every part of california. >> what do you say about californians who voted for trump? if you don't like it in america, get out. you stole that, too. how bad can it be? >> my biggest fear is a lot of people are going to die which is what happened in the civil war. >> now we're talking civil war? >> that's not california. californians are hippies. will it be hard to fight a civil war if you don't eat protein or believe in guns? >> new california will bomb the shit out of you. this civil war has more than two sides. tim draper has introduced a third initiative to split california into three states. >> we're trying to create states for the next millennial.
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>> guess who doesn't like the idea of a threeway, besides my girlfriend? >> it's better for california, if california sticks together. >> we shouldn't let our differences tear california apart, we should let your differences tear america apart. >> that's a tough one. >> which out-of-the-box plan did californians actually want? i head ford venice beach to find out. >> i don't think they should be their own country. i think it's pretty stupid. >> they don't like the liberal plans, they must be conservative. >> do you see a muslim man who's trying to take an american job? >> he's a comedian. >> he's a muslim comedian. how come he gets the best segments? >> he's if you know. >> we're going to edit that. >> these liberals are impossible. maybe we should split is it state. if you're liberal, stay on the blue side. if you're conservative, stay on the right side. make america great again. south korea, north korea. >> buckle up! >> oh, no. >> seems like the only thing
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they work togetherf doing important stuff. the hitch? like you, your cells get hungry. feed them... with centrum micronutrients. restoring your awesome, daily. centrum. feed your cells. ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is a two-time emmy award winning actor, director and producer who stars in the netflix series "seven seconds." >> my son lay in the cold, in the snow, in pain for hours, and no one came for him except the dog. he may never walk again. he may never wake up again. and you're telling me the person that did this will get three to
11:23 pm
five years? that man deserves to die for what he did to my son! >> trevor: please welcome regina king. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: so good to have you. >> it's so good to be back! >> this is -- wow, can i tell you, "seven seconds" is one of those shows that you -- you know, like, netflix will catch you sometimes because you just watch a show and then it goes recommend, recommend. i saw "seven seconds" and your face and i started watching the show and i was not ready for how intense and amazing the show is. >> yeah, it's pretty intense. >> trevor: it really is. if you give us the light breakdown of what the story is and where it goes. >> yes. it is about a family who their son has been hit by a police officer, a drive-by, if you
11:24 pm
will. >> trevor: right. >> literally, the car hits him, and he's left to die, and they try to cover it up. and it's my character, in particular, just knows that something is not right about it, and, as you follow her, it's her trying to get justice for her son. >> trevor: you know what's powerful about her story is it really captures the human element of a very difficult store to tell because, in the story, the police officer makes a mistake. >> yeah. >> trevor: he makes a mistake and it's a story of how the coverup really does make what happened worse. everyone has stories. everyone has secrets they're trying to keep, and that really makes it worse. how do you think, like, the success of a show is defined by the humanity of every single one of the characters? >> because the first thing is the fact that veena sud, who's the creator, instead of making it be a child that was shot by a police officer.
11:25 pm
>> trevor: right. >> it was a child that was hit by a police officer and then this story of a coverup, so i think that's where the humanity comes in and the choices we make and it being a product of our choices. >> trevor: right. >> and that's what i guess made -- allowed people to see it from a more human perspective. >> trevor: right. >> you know. >> trevor: as an actor in hollywood, you slowly have seen a shift in how actors of color have been recognized for their work. you know, all too often i've heard people say regina king has really come out of nowhere. especially for black people, you say, nowhere? you mean our lives? what do you mean? do you feel it's finally gaining traction and do you feel there's a shift? >> yeah. i think television has been responsible for a bit of -- i
11:26 pm
mean, just the fact that i'm sitting here with you and how you are the one that the baton was passed to is an example that there has been this shift in tv and creators and television are having opportunities to tell stories that mirror what's going on in life. so i say "sure" because i think we've got a long way to go. >> trevor: definitely, oh, definitely. and i think a lot of that long way will be, i really think, inspired by the fact people of color are now gaining equity. somebody like yourself is a really well known actor who's killed the game for a long time you have been amazing. >> thank you. >> trevor: we see you directing now, producing. you directed your very first pilot. >> yes. >> trevor: congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. ( applause ) >> trevor: so is there ever a moment where you're directing somebody and then you're just, like, do it like this! and go out in front? is there ever that moment where
11:27 pm
you're just, like, do it! roll on mow me, roll on me! ( laughter ) is that ever a feeling you have or do you separate yourself and change your role? >> yes, i've had really great mentors as directors and it's really important to not -- because i know what i don't want as an actor. i don't want a direct to give me a line read or, you know, tell me, say it like this. >> trevor: right. >> i don't want that. so i really am conscious of that. buy say there are times that i am behind the camera and the actors are just so amazing and they're so great and i want to jump in there and be in the scene and act with them! ( laughter ) i do have those moments. >> trevor: i'm excited to see what you're going to be doing next. "seven seconds" is an amazing, amazing story you're telling. >> thank you. >> trevor: thank you for being on the show with us again. >> thank you. >> trevor: "seven seconds" is on netflix. regina king, everybody. we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause )
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