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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  August 7, 2018 1:40am-2:10am PDT

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♪ now please enjoy all the ♪ bo-o-o-o-gers ♪ bo-o-o-o-gers ♪ and cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum! >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. comeers (cheers and applause) >> trevor: hello. oh, welcome to the daily show, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in. i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, our guest tonight, our guest tonight is the democratic candidate for governor of georgia, stacey abrams is joining us, everyone.
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(cheers and applause). >> trevor: an amazing story. if she wins, she will be the first black female governor in america's history! (cheers and applause). >> trevor: yeah. while her opponents, her opponent f he wins he would be the 8,500th white dude governor. so history either way. but first let's catch up on today's headlines. right now the nation of venezuela is not having a good time. the country is bankrupt. there is food shortages and something tells me everyone is not a fan of the president. >> the alleged assassination attempt playing out on live tv. the president of venezuela speaking in a public square interrupted by a series of blasts. his body guards jumping in to protect him holding up shields. the president says it was an
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attack by drones armed with bombs. >> trevor: okay, thatis insane. why are they trying to protect the president with yoga mats. laugh laugh like what is going on there i knew that they were pretty left-leaning down there pu that's next level. quickly, get into downward dog, sir. (laughter) new luckily for maduro he survived that attack but i wouldn't be too secure if i were him because he is holding his military parade. but did you ski how they reacted when the explosion goes offer? what the hell is that, military? like left, right, left-- left right left right left right left right. so it is still developing, and this is really a weird story. i don't know what to make of it other than i like how maduro wears a sash strks like he won venezuela in a beauty pageant. i love it. meanwhile somewhere in the middle east there is news about the world's worst royal wedding. >> and the son of osama bin laden is now married to the daughter of a 9/11 hijacker.
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29 year old hamza bin laden here on the left married the daughter of mohamed atta. the family says 4578za is now an acquireda leader himself vowing to avenge his father's death. >> trevor: wow, bin laden son married a 9/11 hijackers daughter. i guess congratulations to the happy couple? i mean if you want to get them a gift, they are registered on the no fly list. (laughter) but yeah, i heard-- i heard it was a really, really small, intimate ceremony, you know, just closest family and hostages. but you know just like with every wedding there was some terrorists that didn't want to attend, they had could come up with excuse, i'm sorry, 45789dza i want to go but i'm blowing myself up on thursday, sorry. in other news, for years america's most famous conspiracy therrist alex jones has said that they are out to get him. well today, they got him. >> youtube, apple and facebook joining spotify in removing
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content from alex jones and his infowars brand. each claiming the content violated their policies against glorifying violence and promoting hate. >> that's right. alex jones is officially off all of the major, platforms f you are one of alex jones fan this isn't as bad as it sounds you will stilt be able to hear him everywhere on earth if he just speaks in his normal tone of voice, i bet will sneak back on to youtube pretending to be a blogger, he will be like what's up guys, it is me a exwill, this is my tu tore yal on how contouring is secretary-- secretly controlling your mind! let's move on to our top story. this week president trump is officially on vacation. 57bd he deserves it. do you know how much effort it takes to destabilize the entire world? you don't. and for his retreat the president will be staying at his country krub in bedminster which say real town in new jersey even though bedminster sounds like
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the nickname trump would give himself when is he relaxing. like he would be like for the rest of this week, i'm exly the bed-minister, hence are you the vice bed-minister. and now unfortunately, even though trump gets a vacation, we don't get a vacation from him. because saturday he decided to take a break from his break to a end-- attend a rally in ohio for tomorrow's primary. what is great is nobody inviteed him to the primary. he just showed up. yeah. now that trump is just crashing campaign rallies like the kool-aid man, you know. a guy is up on stage making a point about fiscal responsibility and trump just bursts through the wall like who is ready to talk shit about-- let's do it don't worry about the wall, mexico will pay for it, they'll fix it so this was supposed to be a rally for an ohio congressional candidate but trump decided to cover his face with vas lean and campaign for his friends on fox. >> msnbc is so corrupt. it is so disgusting.
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so disgusting. here's the good news. the guys that we love, right, they're blowing them away in the ratings. hannity, laura, tucker carlson, steve ducey, so many others, they're blowing them away in the ratings. oh, excuse me, i almost forgot i would have been in big trouble, the great lou dobbs, right? >> trevor: what? how is this the president of the united states. like he sounds like a kid saying good night to his favorite stuffed animals. good night hannity bear, nighty night tucker, sleep tight, double duece, who am i forget, of course the great lou dobbs, lou dobbs, you fell under the bed but i found you, you can't hide from the bed-minister. you can't. i found you lou dobbs, i found you.
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(applause) and you might think that was weird but something tells me on monday morning the fox anchors came into work like this. >> hannity, laura tucker carlson, steve ducey, aynsley. >> the great lou dobbs. >> trevor: they're loving it. but remember, remember, this is the president's summer vacation which means he has a lot of time on his thumbs. and he is putting it to good use. >> our top story this morning, president trump taking to twitter overnight to bash nba superstar lebron james. >> mr. trump wrote lebron james was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, don lemon. he made lebron look smart which isn't easy to do. >> trevor: really? you know trump calling someone the dumbest man on television is like r kelley singing about you locking girls up. why is someone in your basement, why won't you let her out. really, r. kelly, really?
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so now the president is beefing with lebron. but what exactly did king james do to get the president so mad. >> what would you say the president if he was sitting right here. >> i would never sit across from him because one, because i believe our president is kind of trying to divide us. but i think. >> kind of. >> yeah, he is. he is, i don't want to say kind of. he is dividing us. and what i notice over the last few months that he kind of uses sports to kind of divide us and that is something that i can't relate to because i know that sports was the first time i ever was around someone white. >> trevor: wow that is so powerful, imagine going through your whole life and never realizing that there were other people out there who were so easy to dunk on. (laughter)
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ed so once again, president trump is feuding with a famous black person who dared to criticize him. and now it's got all this attention. which makes me wonder, what do i have to do! why do you ignore me donald, every night i'm out here. we even wrote a book! the donald j. trump, presidential twitter library on sale everywhere. what do i have to do! anyway, the fact that trump went after lebron james wasn't that surprising. what was surprising is who came to lebron's defense. >> the first lady melania trump contradicts her husband once again, praising lebron james for his charitable work as her husband attacks him. >> her communications director issuing a statement praising james saying it looks like lebron james is working to do good things on behalf of our
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next generation and that the first lady would be open to visiting the i promise school in ak ron. >> trevor: guys, guys, i am starting to think that maybe melania is not happy in her marriage. because i mean sth insane. now melania thinks she wants to go visit lebron schools. and don't forget this is now the fourth time that the first lady has gone publicly against her husband. all right. she spoke out against kids in cages. she refused to stop watching cnn on air force one and remember she has been spotted hanging out with vegetables. so english may not be her first language but she clearly is fluent in throwing shade. and this is what happens, this is where we are. melania trump has sided with lebron. and if anything, i think lebron should return the favor because if there is anyone who can tell her how to get out of an unhappy relationship, it's him. relationship, it's him. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back to the daily show. back in may, back in may president trump said he was pulling out of the iran nuclear deal, for a lot of obamas-- i mean reasons. and tonight it becomes official. >> at midnight tonight the united states will reimpose sanctions on iran months after president trump announced he was unilaterally pulling out of the iran nuclear deal. the sanks will target iran's auto industry, steel and aluminum manufacturing, including gold, at least a dozen global companies have pulled out of the country in anticipation of the sanctions. >> trevor: oh no, not iran's auto industry. (laughter) now i won't be able to buy the 2019 pay-cam. no. oh, now what car with i rev up to 25 miles an hour and cruise with the windows down because they won't roll up.
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no slament i will have to by a mercedes. >> obviously iran and the yawnted staities are not friends, right, they beef harder than he long bond musk and everyone on twitter but this wasn't always this way. so let's talk about how the bad blood started in tonight's segment what had happened was. (applause) so how exactly did america become enemies with iran? well, what had happened was back in 1951 iran was a rising snaitionz starting a path to democracy thanks to a 234u leader called mo hamad mossadegh, and it is weird seeing an iranian leader smile, usually they have that angry look on their face like they caught you masturbating, yeah, that look. look how angry he is. it looks like he caught you masturbating to a picture of him being angry. but mossadegh was incredly
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popular, for one reason, before him great britain yoaled iran oil feed force decades and mossadegh kicked the british out. of course the british did not like that. because if there is one thing thattic mas white people angry it is taking back what they took from you. all right. hey, two wrongs don't make a right. so now (applause) so now britain and iran were feuding. and both of them turned to america for help. iran asked america to help protect their democraciment and britain was like hey yo, america, do you want oil. and america was like yeah. >> iran's democratically elected prime minister mohamad mossadegh is overthrown in a coup organized by the cia. clearing the way for closer energy ties between washington and iranian monday arc mohammed reza shah. >> iran asked u.s. for help and the u.s. overthrows them using the c, a. it is like iran called 911 and the cops came and shot them.
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until this day iranian people are still mad about the u.s. toppling its government. and i don't blame them. because think about how mad america is because russia sent some facebook post. now imagine iran, and what made iran even angrier was how easy it was for america to do it. >> kermit roosevelt, theodore roosevelt's grandson was the cia man who plotted the overthrow of iran's prime minister. >> you had a million dollars in cash to run the coup, right. >> that is right. and we used about $60,000. >> trevor: goddam, america overthrough iran's democracy for just $60,000 that's like the cost of an audi sportback without the sun roof. so after the u.s. overthrough iran's government the relationship has never been the same, right. in 1979 iranians had a revolution and took americans hostage for over a year. in the 19 '80s, america supported saddam hussein in his war against iran, in the 2
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thousands iran gave iraqis weapons to use against americans. and then worst of all, the biggest insult is when america made the movie 300. because don't forget iranians are persians so americans basically made a movie where iranians looked like this, huh. look at in dude, look at that he looks like mr. clean went to the piercing place in the mall and was like give me everything, give me everything. and so that basically is why we are where we are today. so the incomes time someone asked you why iran and america aren't friends just tell them what had happened was. what had happened was. we'll be right back. so what do you guys want? pistachio. chocolate chip. rocky road. i see what's going on here. everybody's got different taste. well, now verizon lets you mix and match
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is georgia's democratic nominee for governor and author of the book minority leader, how to lead from the outside and make real change. please welcome stacey abrams. (applause) welcome to the show. >> i did not silt down properly. there we go
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(applause) welcome to the show, your story is one that has been both inspirational and meteoric, it feels like. and yet on the growrchtd you have been doing so much work. before we get into the story of how you have been getting people voting and how you are conducting a race that many people do in the believe you could win, i wanted to ask you about one thing i have noticed but in the news and that is we joke about on the show, people often refer to you as the first black female governor, that is the one thing they say. she could be the first black female governor and they go and her o poant and mention all the things he is running on. the platform is this is this, but she could be black and the governor, do you feel like sometimes people only focus on the fact that you would be making history and not on the fact that you would be actually doing the job. >> i think sometime there is a cay yoala version of policy making that happens where they do focus on color. >> trevor: right. >> my mission is to talk about issues, to talk about education and to talk about why it is so critical that we create jobs for everyone that pay a good wages to talk about expanding access
2:06 am
to medicaid so poor people don't get sick in georgia, and we have hospitals that can take care of people when they get sick t is hard to focus on that because i think they're so surprised by how far i have been able to come deses might what they consider to be both a disqualifier and really interesting fact that sits really nicely on a cry ron. >> you wrote about that in the book as well. you spoke about the deficits of being a person of qulor who is trying to run in a race where people make that seem like it's some sort of hindrance. you know, people will ask you, they day how do you plan to get out the white vote. how do you plan to get out the white vote? >> trevor: it is funny, like you say in the book, they don't ask it the other way, what do you stick to when people ask you that type of question. >> i talk to everyone about what matters. what i tell folks is i sound the same in north georgia qui ask predisom nantly white n mid town
2:07 am
laichtd, downtown atlanta and savannah, i sound the exact same. i never change who i am or what i talk about. because i think that fundamentally it doesn't really matter what race you are. you want a good governor who can leave. and i think that that-- . >> when you look at the issues, that are driving you in this race, in order for to you win, would you have to turn out the black vote like it has never trned out before. i believe were you part of the campaign where at one point 800,000 black people have not registered to vote. and i think that number has now di minute shalled to 350,000. which is an insane jump. so there are two things, two things that i would like to understand. one, why do you find in your personal experience so many black people don't register to vote and two, why do you think it's so important to get these people into, it seems like an
2:08 am
obvious answer but why are you mobilizing these people in that way and how are you doing it. >> when i founded the new georgia project in 2014 or 2013, 24 will 800,000 registered people of color, the majority were african-american, you also had a large population of latedinos and population of asian americans who weren't reg sterdz. the problem with that is we are making choices and decisions about every one's lives and if are you not part of the decision making, i promise you you are still going to be affected. the really crass way i found it is you are either at the table or on the menu. and these were hundreds of thousands of people basically the state of south dakota who were not engaged in deciding. they were watches the hospital get shut down, they are watching the children go to prison and they are no say. >> i had grew up in a family that has always been part of the-- my parents helped register folks after before it was legal, they raised us to revere the right to vote. we are going to win this election, i will talk to every single georgia, bah i though--
2:09 am
for me the real important piece of this, i think why people get confused, i want every vote, but i'm going to center the vote of those who are the least likely to be asked to vote, and that tends to be people of color predominantly african-americans. we live in a nation that has spent centuries denying the right to vote. and spent decades creating barriers to that right to vote. and i have an opponent who is a remarkable architect of voter sus pretion. my mission is to tell folks he doesn't maryt, you do. your right to vote is yours, and i'm going to give you a reason to use it because when you elect me as the neck governor your life will get better bawg we're going to work on it together. (applause). >> trevor: thank you so much for being on the show, really wonderful having you. minority leader, is available now, stacey abrams everybody, we will be right back.
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