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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  February 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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captioning sponsored by comedy central >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the dale's show with trevor noah. (cheers and applause) (applause). >> trevor: thank you so much. thank you, everybody. welcome to the daily show, thank you so much for tuning in, i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, our guest tonight, take a seat, take a seat, everybody. our guest tonight could not be more excited is a senator from california, and democratic candidate for president of the united states, kamala harris is
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joining us, everybody. going to be a really, really great conversation. also on the show. >> happy birthday, trevor. >> trevor: thank you so much, happy birthday to you too. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: that is always weird people shout happy birthday and i'm like happy birthday back, i don't know what to say. also on the show tonight, the billionaires who started the opennoid cries i why six-nine might not be nice and how president trump finds a new way to keep mueller employed. let's catch up op the headlines. we begin with a new report that president trump may have committed obstruction of justice. and you are probably thinking is this a rerun of "the daily show"? no, no, st just that trump keeps doing the same shit over and over again, like that netflix show russian doll only with way more russians, all right, anyway, here is what happened this time. >> president trump is denying another explosive claim over his efforts to fight off a series of investigations. >> the times reports president trump called his hand-picked acting attorney general matt u
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whitaker to ask whether u.s. attorney jeffrey bourbon could be put in charge of the widening investigation into his former personal lawyer michael cohen, berman had already been recused from the case. >> did you ask matthew whitaker to change the leadership of the investigation into your former personal attorney michael cohen? >> no, not at all, i don't know who gave you that, that is more fake news. >> trevor: okay, a little tip, mr. president, if someone accuses you of something and you pause like that before you say no, it seems like are you lying, yeah. it is like if your mom is like are you looking at porn? no. so the story is that president trump asked matt whitaker to interfere in the michael cohen investigation which is highly unethical. and he even rubbed whitaker's head to see the future of the investigation, which is also highly unethical. basically right now we're at the point where trump may be obstructing justice into his
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obstruction of justice case. which is like a pick pocket who just got caught and the cop goes you're busted, put your hands behind you-- wait a minute, where are my handcuffs, oh, you, scallee wag. moving on, tekashi six-nine a popular rapper and gang member who recently pled gillee to nine felonies and is facing 47 years in prison which means he might not get out until he is tekashi 100 six teen, but now it looks like he may not have the time after all. >> he struck a plea deal with federal prosecutors that will help him avoid a 47 year prison sentence, tekashi six-nine admitted to joining a rival street gaining and because he cooperated with officials he may need be to be entered into a witness protection program. >> trevor: that's right, people, six-nine is snitching on his gang and he is he going into whitness protection. this guy. witness protection, the guy who has his name tattooed on his
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face. how are they going to disguise him, huh? just add another line to the tattoo, who me, no, i'm tekashi six-eight, totally different. like seriously, where the hell is this guy goingoto blend in, unless he has been relocated into adam levine's tor sow, this dude is screwed. he can't go anywhere else. and speaking of people disappearing, police across the country are sounding the alarm about a scary new youtube challenge. >> police are warning parent beings a new online chal theang could put their kids in danger. >> what now. >> called the 48 hour challenge and encourages them to fake their disappearance without telling anyone. they get awarded points for every social media mention while they're missing and then record their parents reaction when they show up. >> trevor: what a fun prank to play on your parents if they are white. because you try this in a black house, heh, heh, heh, ha, ha trk
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is going to turn into the 48 second challenge where your mom gives you 48 second head start before she starts whipping your ass. now if are you a parent please don't be stressed because this whole thing is actually just an urban legend that the police fell for, kids are not actually faking their own disappearance. not because they wouldn't do it, but because no teenage ker stay off their phone for 48 hours. let's be honest, four hours in they would be on stain gram,i what is up, i'm currently missing, nobody he if i'm dead or alive. let's move on. to our top story. opioids, they are a national emergency. a genuine national emergency. and right now in america more people are killed by opioids than cars. yeah. except for that one serial killer car in the pixar movie cars 3. that movie was really dark, man. but who is to blame for this crisis, if you listen the president which by the way i dob recommend you do but if you do
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he will point his stinnee little blame finger like he normally does, south of the border. >> whether it is the opioids, whether it is drugs as you hear in the traditional sense, much comes through the southern border. >> the opioid is a tremendous emergency and i tell you what, we've made a big impact, but still, we need the wall. >> one of the reasons we want the strong borders, a lot of this stuff comes in from different places. but it comes in from mexico, it comes along the southern border. >> trevor: trump blames mexico for everything. the opioid crisis, factories closing, crime in america, i wouldn't be shocked if he is in bed with his wife and she is like what's wrong, donald, can't get it up. it is like it is these god 2k578 immigrant, not you, baby, the other ones, the other ones. but in reality-- (applause) in reality the opioid crisis is as american as baseball or student loan debt because it wasn't mexican drug dealers that got people addicted, right.
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that was the work of homegrown american doctors like barry schultz w in july schultz was sentenced to 157 years for his roll in fueling the most devastating public health crisis of 291st century. >> in one 16 month period dea records show barry schultz dispensed 800,000 opioid pills from his office pharmacy. when you are giving somebody 60 oxycodone a day, how could they not abuse it. >> 60 a day say large number, i admit. >> st a very large number. >> but if it is taken properly. >> how can you take 60 oxy codoan a day properly. >> some people need that dose. >> there is no scientific evidence to support that claim. >> trevor: goddam, 60 oxycodone a day. this guy deserves 150 years in prison. i bet when they announce it in court he was like but that's a life sentence and the judge was like well no, not if you space
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it out properly. it actually works out. now the truth is as bad as this guy is, doctors like this are basically low level henchmen, if you want to find the source of the opioid problem you have to go to the top of the car tell, the pharma companies that make a drug. >> former executives and managers for insys are in trial in boston for-- prosecutors say five manhattan doctors were paid more than $800,000 combined from insys. they were also treated to lavish dinners an expensive strip club visits. >> one of the former executives a former stripper turned sales woman who prosecutors say bribed doctors and in some cases got personal with nem, alsoall so they would prescribe the company's drug. >> trevor: this drug company didn't just bribe doctors to push opioids, they sent strippers to bribe the doblg tors 6789 and let me just say, when a stripper starts paying
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you, something fishy is going on, all right? that just doesn't make sense 679 doesn't make sense t is like a crack head begging to give you $5, hey, you look like you could use some help, come on, take it. now that's just one example of how drug companies are pushing doctors to overprescribe, that drug company is small time compared to the pablo escobar of opioid, the sackler family. >> we are hearing from the massachusetts attorney general who blames the founding family of a pharmaceutical company for helping create the opioid drug crisis. in a lawsuit the state targets purdue pharma and eight members of the sackler family. it alleges they are personally responsible for deceptively selling oxy condon. >> the company admitted in federal court in 2007 that it had mislead doctors and consumers about just how addictive oxycontin can be. >> the lawyer con fends from 2008 to 2016 alone, members of the sackler family paid themselves more than $4 billion
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in opioid profits. >> that's right, this one family made $4 billion by allegedly lying about how addictive opioids are. that is straight out evil. if your product is addictive, you have to be up front about it, that is why we always start our show with the disclaimer, do not consume more three episodes of "the daily show" if you are a dinged to africans with dimp elsk all right. have i to warn people, i could be a billionaire if i didn't show that warning. have i to do that. i don't want to do it but have i to do it. your grandmother would be selling her vcr to watch this show if i didn't give that warning. and it is bad enough that the sacklers reportedly lied about how addictive their drugs are but according to the court filing, they then turned around and blamed their victims for getting addicted in the first place. >> the newly unredacted complaint points to a strategy allegedly employed by the company to blame the addict. in a confidential 2001 email richard sackler then purdue
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chairman and president wrote we have to hammer on the abusers in every way possible, they are the culprit and the problem. they are reckless criminals. >> in is pure evil. like pure evil. they got people hooked on their product and then tried to demonize them for being hooked. this is like if a guy at cinnabon was like it have you tied the cinnabon bread stick, have you tried the cinnamon sticks, you have to try the caramel pecan bun, yeah, yeah, and you do not want to get on the plane without the ten piece center sweeties, you got me, i will try them all, enand then he's like you fat [bleep] you disgust me. what, what? according to allegations in the complaint, blaming the addict was just a small part of the sackler a he diabolical highly addictive pain killer oxycontin is now trying to get fda approval to label it as suitable for seuss by children as young as six years old. >> trevor: wow. wow. yeah, what? that's right. even after they knew full well
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how addict of their drug was, they still wanted to make a version for kids. like nobody should ever want kids doped up on opioids, all right. like unless are you next to me on the plane and that little aad-- is kicking my seat, i'm trying to rest, but other than that, also drk dsh actually in restaurants when they are running and screaming and throwing the 2350d, those ones all right, but other than, that the child is the most-- yoarks, jeez, movie, they never shut up. you are they are like mommy, did you see, yeah, we all saw it, it is on the screen, now shut up so i can watch lego movie? , sorry, where was i, children, unless they are next to me should never be hooked on opioids. so knowing all the shady shit these people are accused of, would you think the sackler family would be shunned from society. but in fact, the exact opposite. >> the sackler family is among the richest families in america.
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so wealthy the metropolitan museum of art, guggenheim and american museum of natural history all have sackler wings. the sackler name is plastered on institutes or schools of medicine at cornel, columbia, tufts, george washington, mcgill and tel aviv university. >> trevor: that is gawling on another level because pablo escobar is like i've got my own zoo with hip io, the sach sacklers are like bitch we vy dinosaur. so really they should be as notorious as pablo escobar or el chapo because they have also gotten so many americans hooked on drugs. the one difference is everyone knows those other guys, and they know how bad they are because they have be seen tv shows about them. but the sacklers don't have a tv show. until now. >> forget about the cocaine or the weed, crystal met, this is a story of a man who discovered a drug so addictive it brought down a whole country, opioids. cheap, addictive and you couldn't do a thing to stop it.
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>> the doctors were in on it too, once they got a taste of the action. >> soon the entire country was addicted, and we owe it all to one man. >> sen yora-- pablo es coo bar-- (applause). >> trevor: we'll be right
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>> trevor: welcome back to the daily show, my guest tonight is the junior senator from california, and the 2020 presidential candidate who has a new memoir called the truth we hold, an american journey as one of the children's books, superheroes are everywhere. please welcome senator kamala harris. (cheers and applause) (applause)
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welcome to the show. >> thank you. happy birth day. >> trevor: thank you so much. this really is a birthday for me. because you have come out of the gate firing. in fact, donald trump apparently said you were the best opening so far. that's what he said. he was like if she wears gray, so great, came out firing. >> he likes big crowds. >> he does. >> trevor: he does, even he was impressed. what do you think you have done right to begin your jownee as a democratic presidential candidate. >> i think coming out the gate speaking truth about how america really needs a fighter for truth and justice in this country, which right now under attack. truth and justice are under attack. i think it is about also fighting for the opportunity in america that is lost to so many people. but coming out of the gate in oakland, california, the place of my birth and talking about the fact that we are better than
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this as a country. and i think we all know that and we want folks that will fight for the best of who we are. it has been a good beginning, a strong beginning and i hope to continue on this path. >> trevor: that is exciting, an exciting beginning. i always wondered, i know that you love your country and i know that there is oftentimes a call that people feel to you know, as describe to a large egg goal. i want to be president, i want to be that. but why did you want to get into this line of work. to have a mom who is trying to cure breast cancer and you go know, i want to go into being a district attorney, i want to go into public office, why? >> well, when i was growing up in that environment, it was a very rich environment, it was an active viementd. and the heros in the civil rights union among many prt lawyers, thur good marshall and charles hamilton, and these individuals that understood the profession of law to translate the passion from the street to the courted rooms of our country. and do that work of reminding
11:20 pm
sphoak folks and we know it must continue allly be done and to remind the promise that we ar take lated in 1776, that we are all to be treated equal. i decided that was work i wanted to do that was noble and important work. and i went to law school and out of law school i made the decision to become a prosecutor. >> trevor: you have come under crit siesm recently where people say you had some programs that some feel targeted minorities or commutes that didn't have the means, you know, for instance truancy programs where motherrer was threaten with prison because their children weren't going school, weren't where they were supposed to be. when you look at your past, i know what you are proposing now, but what do you think was the biggest thing that changed the way you saw criminal justice reform. >> well, first let me say. this i will-- i will never regret having 3r0s cuted people-- prosecuted people who molested children, people who raped women, people who murdered other individuals. those are serious crimes for which i believe there should be certificate quus punishment.
11:21 pm
and i am never going to apologize for that and i think most people would agree that when one human being harms another human being, especially those who are weak and vulnerable, that there should be serious and severe consequence and accountability. we also know and i was born knowing that this system of criminal justice in this country needs reform. it has been bias, if in is systemic racism, we have had a policy in place in this country that has lead to mass incarceration where we have insurance cars rated more people per capita than any other civilized or advanced so called advanced country. and it needs to be reformed. >> trevor: let me ask you this. how do you change that, as a commander in chief and leader of the country while still making police and people who love the police feel like you ray candidate who believes in law and ford. because that is one piece of framing that president trump, that trump has done exceptionally well is he has gone and said the democrats love crime, the democrats hate police, how do you balance that? >> in my mind it is simple, but
11:22 pm
i agree he has created this false choice and this paradigm that suggests that he really doesn't understand who communities are. it is a mistake and a myth to suggest that certain communities don't want police, they do what they don't want, and what no community sthud want is excessive force, racial profiling and unequal application or enforcement of the law. we have to have an understanding also that this president has suggested that so many issues are issues about national security and public safety, that are a figurement of his imagination and including the vanity project called the wall-- . >> trevor: we're going to get into that, that is something we definitely have to get into into, that is something that will be more than we request handle right now. when we k078 back we will be talking about senator harris about criminal justice reform and we're going to be talking about trump's vanity border wall. we'll be right back. >> thank you. cheesier pla
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>> well-- welcome back to the daily show, we are here with presidential hopeful senator kamala harris. let me ask you this as someone who is running to be president, one thing have i always enjoyed about watching su like in hearings, you focus, you know what you want to talk b you know what the issues are, but at the same time you know you have a light side to you as well, are you ready for how frivolous some of the campaign trail is going to be, you see how people are asking if people know how to eat fried chicken properly, and do people know how to eat corn, are you ready for that? >> it has already happened. so first let me just say i have never run for president of the united states before so it is a new experience. and part of the new experience is all these people will follow when you go somewhere just to
11:28 pm
eat. and like when i go somewhere to eat strks because i'm hungry. and i really want to be able to eat. and you know when you have been working for a long period of time and you are really hungry, you can get kind of primal. , right, everybody back, i'm hungry. so i go into this place and rod nee scott is his name, it inn south carolina. so south carolina has different kinds of regions and based on the region the barbecue sauce is different. i. >> i didn't know that. >> vinegar based versus tomorrow national owe based, versus mustard base, his is vin bar based, its food is amazing. i'm standing in line, there is all this press over there. and i can hear this whispering by some of the press, what is she going to order? what is she going to order dissm she order meat or did she just order like a salad, right. and i'm like are you kidding me. first of all, why would that be a debatable or even a subject of discussion. >> trevor: right, right.
11:29 pm
>> when we are dealing with mass, like massive issues in our country. we're dealing with issues of massive inequality. we are dealing with the concern that we've got a president embarrassing us in munich. so many things to talk about. >> trevor: did you order the wsh-- are kidding me? >> trevor: that is what we want to know. >> that is what i felt like eating the pulled pork. >> trevor: you snow what is going to be tough for you an every other democratic candidate is that you have had some strong words to say about the current president's border wall specifically specifically. now he pitched this as one of the hinges things that is going to pretent-- prevent drugs from coming into the country, this will keep america safe, you have said no, this is a vanity project, why do you say that and why do you think it will not help. >> okay, so as we have discussed, i had a career as a prosecutedder. have i gone to the border. i have personally seen the
11:30 pm
tunnel. have i seen photographs of tunnels between mexico and the united states. >> trevor: right. >> that were literally as smooth as the walls in the studio. >> trevor: right. >> lined with air conditioning and lighting. >> trevor: right. >> and the point become, that these were built because people are making a whole lot of money in the trafficking of guns, drugs and human beings. >> trevor: uh-huh. >> that wall ain't going to stop them. >> trevor: when you look at the future of america, then, as a presidential hopeful, do you see yourself sitting in that oval office, what would you like the new message of america to be if there were a post trump presidency. >> which there will be. >> trevor: if you survive. >> it's not the apocalypse, yet. the message has to be that we are a nation that values truth and justice. the message has to be that we will continue to be what by nature we have always been which
11:31 pm
is a source of our strength. which is an as operational nation. we were founded on noble ideals. the i ideals that approximate were present when we wrote the constitution of the united states and the amendments and bill of rights and declaration of independence and said we were all equal and it to be treat 245d way back in 1776. we are an as operational nation. we have always fought to reach those ideal. now let's be clear eyed. we have never quite reached those ideals but part of our strength is we fight to reach those ideals. and as president of the united states, i would hold true to keep fighting, understanding who we can be, unburdenen who we have been am but we have to have leadership in this country that values the integrity of public service and the value of leadership understanding that it is not about some service, it should be about service of others. it is about, integrity and it is about the public trust. we don't have that right now. (applause)
11:32 pm
>> it is going to be a crazy journey for you t is going to be exciting. 9 book, i really recommend to anyone who wants to get to know the person behind the name. and you also have a children's book. >> yes, i'm very excited about that. >> called superheroes are every where, infraitional stories. the truth we hold and superheros are available everywhere now, senator kamala harris, everyone, we'll be right back. >> thank you. the iphone xr is a marvel in technology. yeah. this edge to edge screen is unbelievable. am i nuts or does everything look better on an iphone? both. and with our unlimited plan, people can choose the best in entertainment. hbo, cinemax, showtime... starz, vrv, amazon music, or pandora... now people can get what they want. because everyone's different. i feel like we shouldn't talk for a couple of days. at&t has the only unlimited plan that gives you your choice of top-tier entertainment. get an iphone xr on us when you buy the latest iphone.
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