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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  March 20, 2019 1:38am-2:15am PDT

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- come on, you guys, our parents are gonna be back any minute. - do you think they're gonna be pissed at us for lying that they molested us and sending them all to jail for 10 days? - well, they can't be too pissed off, i mean, we made them a banner. - hey, kids! - hey, you guys came back! - did you make it to your job interview? - yeah, i got the job. you're looking at the new manager of denny's in breckenridge. - and i got my tubes tied! [together] all right! - well, thanks for everything, you guys. you really helped us see how important parents are. [together] yeah! - hey, here they come! - mom, dad! - kids! - come here, come here. - oh, kyle, ike sweetie, you're okay! - yeah, we're fine. kyle, we're so sorry for the horrible sexual abuse over the years. but we're all better now. - but, you didn't do anything to me. - ahp-- we did. we've come to terms with it through therapy and learned to admit it. it won't happen again! - but, you guys, i-- - oh, stanley, i wish we could take back all the years of abuse, but we can't. - we've learned to overcome it, son,
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you'll see. - we love you, son, but we only love you in a platonic way, from now on! - what the heck are you talking about? - kenny, kenny, we're sorry. where is he? - everything's gonna be all right now, jenny. come on, let's go home. - huh. - huh. - well, what are you kids gonna do now? - i dunno. you guys wanna go build a snow igloo? - sure. - snow igloos kick ass. >> from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah.
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( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> trevor: welcome to "the daily show," everybody! thank you so much for tuning in! i'm trevor noah! thank you for coming out! yeah, yeah! let's do it! let's do it! our guest tonight is a filmmaker and producer with a new documentary series called "the atlanta child murders." will packer is joining us, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) also on the show tonight, airline safety videos are lying to you. why socialism is so hot. and the congressman who's suing a cow on twitter. so let's catch up on today's headlines. ♪ first up, if you've ever gone on twitter and shit-talked a politician for fun, i hope you have your credit card handy because now you're going to have
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to pay up. >> republican congressman devin nunes is suing twitter and several users for more than a quarter billion dollars. >> he claims they defamed him. among the tweets he references is from a patrioty account @devinnunesmom, and another if we have questions about strip clubs or hookers we'll call you, okay, devin nunes? >> how can it be that i am attacked hundreds of times a day by fake accounts they claim in their service should not be there. >> trevor: how come the people on twitter can say the bad things to me! what a snowflake! ( laughter ) look, i think it's terrible when kids are bullied online but as a grown man, this shouldn't be a problem for you. don't click on your mentions. you are choosing to visit your bullies. i wish i had that luxury in school, trevor, click here to get a wedgie!
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i'm going to say no. if you can't avoid your mentions online, turn on your filters to block out the trolls. that's what i do. every day on my twitter, i've got nazis telling me they hate me and want to kill me family in africa and i block it because i don't want you to see it. i don't want you to remind me i have family in africa. i made it to america, baby! i'm out! i left those losers behind! ( laughter ) a lawsuit is definitely not the way to handle this. everyone knows about these accounts making fun of you, devin nunes. one account he's suing pretends to be his cow. yes. this is true. and before yesterday, the devin nunes cow had like a thousand followers. then nunes files his lawsuit and it has 154,000 followers! ( laughter ) yeah, actually 154,001. all right. yeah, moving on. robert kraft. last month the patriots owner
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was charged for paying for hand jobs at a florida massage parlor. today he might have gotten his happy ending. >> an offer on the table for new england patriots owner robert kraft charged with two counts of solicitation in connection with a south florida day spa. prosecutors are willing to drop charges if kraft admits he would have been found guilty. >> to include 100 hours of community service. an education course about prostitution and screening for stds. >> trevor: a screening for stds? what is all of this? rich people get deals i've never heard of. admit you would have been found guilty, and we'll let you go? get the (~bleep ) out of here, man! at least make him admit it in a roomful of eagles fans. then we'll see some punishment. this is insane -- we'll only let you go if you're guilty. rich people are really living in another world. also he has to take an education
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course about prostitution? if you read the reports, he should be the professor, okay? the guy has has hands-on experience, if you know what i mean. and also how do you even learn about prostitution. what do you do, spend a day with cat williams as a pimp? lesson one, don't be sorry, be careful! and speaking of rich people living in another world -- >> a multi-millionaire in china just paid more than $1 million for this prized belgian racing pigeon named armand o. pigeon racing has become increasingly popular in china. armando is suspected to be the best long range racing pigeon of all time, the most expensive bird to be sold at auction by a huge margin. ( laughter ) >> trevor: seriously? $1 million for a pigeon? i mean, i guess i am happy to see pigeons finally getting some
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respect. no, because they're just as good as doves, but get none of the credit. why? because they're grey. bird racism. that's what it is. apparently this bird is expensive because when you let it go, it always comes back really fast. if that's the case, i have millions of dollars on my balcony every morning. i wake up every day and the pigeons are there and i'm, like, get out of here! the next morning they're back. tomorrow, i will be like, hey, pigeon, want some brunch? the pigeons will be, like, looks like someone was watching the news. who's the rats to have the sky now? moving on to today's top story. after ethiopian airlines crashed two years ago, countries came together to ground the boeing 737 max 8 when it was found that the plane itself may have caused the crash. now the question has become, house of a self-crashing plane allowed to fly in the first place?
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>> federal investigators are looking into how the f.a.a. approved boeing 737 max 8 after similarities were found in two deadly crashes in less than five months. >> investigators are eyeing the possibility a single sensor failure sent the lion air 737 into a fatal nose dive. a shortcoming apparently missed by the f.a.a. and boeing. >> at least five pilots in the u.s. complained about problems controlling their boeing 737 max 8 jets during critical moments of flight. >> now the union says its pilots were not adequately trained. >> we were provided a 56-minute ipad lesson, which we could accomplish at home or wherever we chose to. >> trevor: are you kidding me? the only training pilots had for the new plane was an hour on an ipad. don't get me wrong, ipads are good for a lot of things -- watching netflix, getting your child to shut up, or taking a picture while ruining the view of everybody behind you. really great for that.
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i don't know why you brought an ipad to a concert. clearly, i'm at a concert watching it on your shitty little tv. i don't know why they're using ipads to teach a pilot how to fly a plane. mostly because it's hard to do anything for an hour on an ipad. distracting. lesson one, let's get started. first, a little twitter -- oh, here we go. someone's, like, have you done your training, no, but i bought towels on amazon. ( laughter ) boeing says the reason they gave the pillet's ipads is because this new plane is very similar to the old ones. but the experts are saying the real reason boeing didn't do similar later training is because it saved everyone money. now, look, companies are always going to try to cut costs to maximize profits, but that's why you have regulators and regulators are there to make sure cost cutting doesn't cut down on safety, and that's the job of the f.a.a. turns out somewhere along the
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line, the f.a.a. we want from boeing's boss to boeing's bitch. >> in 2015 the f.a.a. moved from focusing on enforcement to compliance and relying heavily on the airline's own safety programs to meet f.a.a. standards. since 2014, the number of enforcement actions against airlines has dropped roughly 70%. scott brenner, former associate administrator at the f.a.a. says the agency doesn't have resources to certify aircraft without manufacturer. >> boeing is approving the work. >> boeing outguns the f.a.a. they have far more expertise and the f.a.a. has become pretty much a toothless tiger. >> trevor: towrnts that because the f.a.a. lacks funding, they can't afford to hire people skilled enough to certify the planes, so they just have to trust the plane manufacturers will regulate themselves, which is a pretty sweet deal for the plane manufacturers. i wish i could have done it in my life. i wish i could have graded my
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own homework at school. i would have sat there, like, none of this is right. a minus. yeah, don't want to be greedy. a minus, that sounds right. that's not how oversight works. right? you've got to have someone else looking over you. imagine if god let us decide whether or not to smite ourselves. yeah, we would never do it. we would probably be just like, well, i did cover gary's wife, but in my defense, gary's wife got that ass. god will understand. i mean, he made that ass. ( laughter ) the f.a.a. deferring to the plane-makers affects all aspoaskts travel. you know how seats are getting small around closer together? many people argued that's unsafe. but the f.a.a. says it's fine. why? the plane manufacturers tell them that it's fine. that seems insane to me. how far does this trust go? some day we're going to be getting on a plane and the flight attendant will be, like, your seat is on the wing. we'll be, like, is that safe? yeah, boeing says it's fine.
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just keep your oorms arms like this, we'll be good. until the f.a.a. starts providing oversight, the least they can do is give us more realistic understanding of the dangers we face when we get on the plane. just let us know what we're getting into. we thought we would help them. >> hello. welcome aboard the boeing 737 max 8. >> our first priority is your safety. right after profit. but safety's number two. your aircraft is equipped with eight emergency exit doors, but to keep costs down, four of them are painted on. which ones? that's the fun. when seated, keep your seat belt fastened in the event of unexpected turbulence or nose dives because our flight software runs on windows 98. whoops, there she goes again. >> we'll get you to your destination safely thanks to the top training our pilots receive from boeing's angry birds enable
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to ipads because flying a boeing is a lot like angry birds. you go up, you go down and everybody's angry. >> so on behalf of our whole crew, this boeing 737 max 8 -- let's hope we make it! >> trevor: let's hope we make it. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show"! socialism, it's starting to get more popular in america, an it's making fox news more afraid than mike pence at a screening of bohemian rhapsody. >> the rise of socialism has never been more clear. >> you have a.o.c. and you have 100 members of congress openly embracing this. >> socialism is not only dangerous but it is also evil.
1:56 am
>> this green new deal, this is sugar-coated socialism. eth like sugar coating poison, sweet at the front, dead at the end. >> trevor: whoo! talking about socialism or willie wonka's chocolate factory. that was deadly at the end. do you know how many kids died? we don't talk about that. that's not a children's story. it's a horror movie with fun migs music. for rise of socialism, we turn to neil brennan, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) >> hey, buddy, we should grab dinner soon. >> trevor: no thanks. neil, who is responsible for socialism's popularity? bernie sanders, ocasio-cortez? >> rich people. rich people have done more for socialism than bernie, a.o.c. and elizabeth warren combined, which, by the way, would be a very unpleasant-looking person. >> trevor: aaahhh! take that away. take that away.
1:57 am
okay, but, neil, how can rich people be responsible for socialism if they hate it is this. >> because they keep rubbing their money in people's faces with their tax dodging and wealth flaunting and financial corruption. when it comes to socialism, i don't blame uncle bernie, i blame aunt becky. ( laughter ) it wasn't enough that she's a tv star and married to a millionaire, she still had to scam her daughter's way into college. you had everything. why cheat? it's like if the hulk got caught doing steroids. ( laughter ) for what? hulk, no. steroids redundant. also hulk ball shrink. mrs. hulk no happy. so when people see that admission scandal and bernie comes along and says we should tax the rich and make college free, i get why americans would think, yeah, college should be free. i agree with white yoda.
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>> trevor: so you think socialism is just a natural reaction to capitalism that's run amok? it's like putting up speed bumps because people are driving too fast? >> yeah, because rich people are tokyo drifting with their dicks out. look at amazon, they wanted a new home for corporate headquarters so jeff bezos made cities audition like a spoiled king. pittsburgh, entertain me. birmingham, my feet are sore, rub them. cute, but i'm going with new york. and amazon picked new york partly because new york offered them $3 billion. so if more new yorkers are going socialist, don't blame a.o.c., blame jeff bezos. he's worth $144 billion. do you know how rich that is? even if you started earning $50 million a year, guess how long it would take for you to reach jeff bezos' level?
1:59 am
2,880 years. now, imagine being that rich and still being, like, yeah, i'll come to your city but you've got to give me money. >> trevor: sweet lord, that is super rich. >> i know. to get that money, lebron would have to stay with the lakers till year 4899, and probably still won't make the playoff. ( audience reacts ) the knicks won't either. ( laughter ) by the way, having super rich people in charge doesn't help either. last week, our billionaire president proposed cuts to medicaid, the program that gives health insurance to the poor. this is the guy who can afford the best doctors in the world and he still wants to take healthcare away from poor people. my god, the assholery. it's not enough you're already in the v.i.p. section sipping cristal, you also want to walk around the club slapping bud lights out of other people's hands. and, yes, bud might is the medicaid of beers.
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dilly dilly. so when people see budget cuts like that, then hearing elizabeth warren pitching medicare for all, you can't be shocked when 57% of them are, like, yeah, i'm with senator librarian on this. >> trevor: so if i understand you, you're actually warning rich people that they're creating the socialism that's going to bring them down. >> yeah. or to quote the ancient philosopher ice cube, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. ( cheers and applause ) because the best salesmen for socialism aren't the lefty politicians, it's the ultra wealthy. peshed put the real heroes of socialism on t-shirts. >> trevor: neil brennan, everyone! we'll be right back! we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause )
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( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: welcome back to "the daily show." my guest tonight is an emmy-nominated producer and filmmaker whose box office hits include "girls trip" and "ride along." he's the executive producer of the new documentary "the atlanta child murders." >> this is the 23rd black child murdered in atlanta. >> nothing stopped this drum beat of bodies. the notion that these lives weren't as valuable. they were, like, throwaway kids. >> why is it that nobody knows knotting? >> you have so many rumors going around. >> they went from the police and the klan.
2:05 am
>> one day we might find out what happened. >> trevor: please welcome will packer. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ >> what a great crowd, man! >> trevor: yeah, they're amazing. >> you kidding me? ( cheers and applause ) i love it! what energy! who did they think was coming? thanks for staying. >> trevor: you can't say that about yourself. you are will packer. you are the person who has created some to have the most popular movies that are out, for instance "girls trip" was the first film that was written, directed by and starred african-americans that went on to gross $100 million. >> yeah, absolutely. thank you. ( cheers and applause ) thank you. yeah. >> trevor: when you're making these films, is there a part of you that thinks to yourself how important it is for the films to be successful so that black
2:06 am
hollywood takes hollywood as seriously as any other film? >> yes because when you you look like me and you make people is that that star people that don't make hollywood look like forever. it used to be a white guy who made an action movie and made a billion dollars. i make movie that star african-americans and are written and directed by. if they do not work, hollywood will say that's not what people want to see. so i feel added pressure to have my films not only be good, have a good narrative for hollywood to make them work. i want my business sob successful so i can do more. >> trevor: what do you think the secret is to make git it appeal to everybody? a lot of misconceptions are, will, i love it but it's a black film. how do we appeal to everybody? your films are everybody. they're good. is there a secret? >> i try to make movies that feel inclusive, not exclusive. i try to make movies that have
2:07 am
universals themes, that just happen to have black and brown people in front of the camera. that could have been anybody going to new orleans, getting drunk and behaving badly. >> trevor: anyone could be stuck on the zip line and peeing on people below. >> yeah. >> trevor: could have been anyone. >> sure. >> trevor: could have been me. ( laughter ) this documentary is a complete departure from what we associate the name will packer with. >> totally different. >> trevor: right? this is a documentary about 23 young black kids in atlanta who were killed, completely missing. why do you even begin to start making this story? >> it goes back to what we were talking about. i'm in a position to where i can create content, and i live in atlanta. i was raised in the south. i grew up in florida, and i knew this story, and i knew not a lot of people knew it. >> trevor: right. >> it's exactly what you said. like, that travesty happened.
2:08 am
it is literally one to have the greatest american tragedies that happened in this country where 23 children were murdered, kidnapped, murdered within a 23-month span, and it took a very long time for it to even make national news. it was at a time when atlanta was a city who had just gotten its first black mayor. we were coming out of the civil rights movement at the time, the first murder happened in '79, and a lot of people said we don't need this right now. atlanta is a city we're trying to tell people we're too busy to hate. >> trevor: right. >> this is something we need to go away. because these kids were poor, black and because they didn't have means or people advocating for them, it was easier to victimize them. that's still true today, the most vulnerable amongst us, it is stool easier for them to be taken advantage of, whether black or immigrants or whatever it is, for me it was about telling the story so that we
2:09 am
could be aware this did happen in this country. if we're not careful, it could happen again. >> trevor: i enjoyed about the the documentary that it's less of an indictment on one specific person or a bad guy and it asks questions. questions that are laid out. house of this not a bigger story? why were there not more resources poured into this? house of this a crime that was never solved or crimes thrurl that were never solved? in many ways, it reminded me what people said around the r. kelly story, is victims who are of a certain color or come from a certain background are less likely to be focused on by mainstream news. did the parents look at the documentary as closure? was it hard for them to relive the experience? >> you know what? it was certainly difficult. that's the unfathomable, losing a child. it's unimaginable that level of pain and you're never the same.
2:10 am
it's interesting, the closure. for a lot of the victims' families, no one is in jail who has been tried and convicted and had to be held responsible for the murders of these children. >> trevor: right. >> what happened, and you will see this in the documentary, there is somebody in jail, named wayne williams, and he was convicted of murdering two adults around the same time. when they arrested him and tied him to the evidence for the other murders, the other murders stopped, and it was very convenient at the time for the city, law enforcement, people black, white, everybody, said listen, this is the guy, he did 'em all. we need to close these cases. so for these families, they never got a chance to have closure. >> trevor: right. >> they never got a chance to say this is the person who needs to be held accountable for what happened to my child. and, so, it was definitely liberating for them to be able to tell their stories, and that's what we want to do. they haven't had a national platform like this to tell what it was like to be a parent during that time. >> trevor: it really is a
2:11 am
powerful story that shows you how much it could change a city and a country. this footage you have in the documentary, the p.s.a.s who would come on television and they would say it is 10 mm 10:0, is your child indoors? do you know where your child is. >> yeah. >> trevor: this became a trying time for atlanta. when you talk to the families, has there been some sort of journey they've had to go on to to even begin rebuilding their lives? what do you find, you know, people have connected with to try to have some semblance of, i guess, healing? >> yeah, you know, it didn't end well for many of the parents afterwards. we talk about this in the documentary. this is real life and these are complex issues. some of the parents were never the same. some got involved with drugs and crime and other challenges that didn't exist before. >> trevor: right. >> a lot of them just never felt like anybody heard them, right. obviously, if you have one child
2:12 am
that, you know, is kidnapped and murdered, that's one child too many. >> trevor: right. >> to think that you could have 23 that happened in this country and, for so, so very long, nobody stepped up and said there must be a pattern, we must put all our resources behind it. people with power and means, they decide where the resources go, and, so, those that are the most vulnerable amongst us, those that don't have a platform or means, those are the ones who need our society's protection the most and they didn't get it. so it's been really tough for those families, but i am glad we're able to tell the story. but it's one of the things you have to know the history. we're a different time now. things happen differently. for the good and bad, social media gives voice to a group of people who don't have voices, and that's a good thing. but the fact that it happened, could happen again if we're not careful, because we still have
2:13 am
those whose lives are not valued on the same way as people who have money, who have influence, who have power. >> trevor: yeah, it really is a powerful story. i recommend everybody watch it. every film you're making. congratulations, man. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> trevor: "the atlanta child murders" will premiere march 23rd at 9:00 p.m. on investigation discovery. will packer. we'll be right back. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ *6
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jordan peele's "us", is one hundred percent on rotten tomatoes. it's our time now. they look exactly like us. we need to move and keep moving. be careful. [ screaming ] [ screaming ] jordan peele's... ( cheers and applause ) >> trevor: well, that's our show for tonight. thank you for tuning in. we'll be bac back tomorrow. now here it is... your moment of zen. >> this is interesting. scientists say cheese tastes better when exposed to hip-hop? ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) ♪


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