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tv   The Daily Show  Comedy Central  July 17, 2019 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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n imaginationland. you're grounded! aw, shit. captioning by captionmax from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is "the daily show" with trevor noah. (cheers and applause). >> trevor: welcome to the daily show, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in, thank you for coming out, thank you for coming out. i'm trevor noah. our guest tonight, our guest tonight is a phenomenal african artus whose art was featured on the cover of time magazine, nellson makamo is joining us, everybody. really fascinating. also on tonight's show, what jeffrey epstein was doing at mar-a-lago, congress suspend nas
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chaos and why the russians now have your face. so let's catch up on today's headlines. let's kick it off with the trenld that is going viral. faceapp, the app that lets users see themselves as old people and the reason why your instagram mow looks like tinder only, it it does a crazy good job of showing how you could look if you were old. we tried it on the democratk candidates tand is pretty insane to see, right, this is what kamala would look like when she's old, right? there is what mayor pete would look like, yes, yes, and when we tried it on bernie, the system crashed. but while we're all having fun with the latest social media fad it it turns outside faceapp might not be harmless fun. >> security concerns over a face-aging app is getting new attention because of celebrities and sports stars, you have
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probably done it to yourself, it turns out the developer of the app is based in russia and that is raising concerns that private information could fall into the wrong hands. >> trevor: bravo russians, you've done it again. honestly, i should have known something was up when the app asked me for access to my camera, my location and any photos of me getting peeed on, i should have known. and faceapp working with the russians. just reminded me of how careful we have to be with all of heese apps am like this is almost as bad as when we found out that that dancing snapchat hot dog secretly works for isis, that was a tough day for us. and you know it makes sense that russians built an app to make people look older than they are. because that is basically what living in russia does to everybody. yeah. that isn't face app, it is a tough cry. speaking of getting old, el chapo guzman was sentenced in
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court and let's say his fellow prisoners will also get to see what his face looks like in 30 years. >> convicted drug kingpin known as el chapo will spend the rest of his flief prison. today if brooklyn federal court, he was sentenced to life plus 30 years. >> trevor: damn, life plus 30 years, that judge wasn't messing around. you realize that means even if his reencor natured, he still owes the justice system 30 years, el chapo could come back as a baby giraffe t doesn't matter, they take him straight to the brooklyn gloorks let's g what do you think zoos r animal jail, that is what what shi it t is. that is el chapo, don't aah. that sell chapo giroff, don't you aah that giraffe. it actually frk anything, that sentence is harshest, on the cell mate because you realize he has to spends 30 years with a corps. every night they will play poker, all right, el chapo, i
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will raise you, wow, you don't give anything away, are you really good. now el chapo shined bars there is an opening for the world's new top drug smuggler. and will is a story breaking today about a man who just might be the guy. >> spanish police arrested a 65 year old man were colombia after they found a powfned cocaine under his toupee. police say the man stuck out when he arrived at the airport in barcelona. he looked mer vows and the hair piece was several inches above his head, you see see on the left the man what the toupee and the toupee off in the right picture and that bundle of cocaine perched on his head. (laughter). >> trevor: okay, like you know his sentence should be he just has to wear that wig forever, for real, though. i feel like he isn't even the worst criminal, the worst criminal is the person who his friend who let him leave the house with what on, who was like mo, dude, i can't even toll it is fake, i can't even see it.
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and now you may be asking hey, why didn't this guy just use his butt, he did and that also looked suspicious as well. all right, moving on to some exciting technology new, the man who brought us tesla, spacex and the hyperloop has just unveiled his latest amazing project. >> elon musk's next big idea. new details his brain to machine interface. >> the device is cutting edge, a thread-like device thinner than a human hair gets insrted through the skull and on it it are thousands of electrodes which monitor brain unusualons and transmit that data back. they are looking to create symbiosis with art pigs intelligence. >> i think even in a benign ai scen ar why we will be left behind. but i think with a high band weu9d interface i think we can go along for the ride. and we can feajtively have-- effectively have the option of merging with ai. >> trevor: okay, what?
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elon musk is saying that because ai is abouting it to wipe out humans in the future, humans should just make ourselves computers before computers wipe us out? is this a trap? it it feels like a trap. you can't escape something by doing it to yourself. that would be like crashing and jump without eye par chute, i'm not being to die in a plane crash, yeah, are you going to day next to a plane crash t will be the plane crash and you. also having computer ms. our brains is mot being to end well, can we a agree on this t is not going to end well. think about how many times you have hit reply all by mistake, huh? now imagine you could reply all with your brain. your coworker comes up the incomes day, hey, everything you hout yesterday, yeah, you sent that the entire office, yeah. and i don't think the connection is going to look that great because elon musk says in the future it it would just be like within strand of hair so they will shrink it down but for now
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t is mot one strand t is many strands, i think we have a picture of what it it looks like, yeah, that-- all right, that is it forth headlinesk let's move on it to our main it story. (applause) it it has mow-- now been four days since condition ald trump sent out that infamous tweet telling minority four democratic minority congresswoman to go back to where they came from and most people have agreed the tweet was racist, firstly because three of the congress women were born mt u.s. and secondly because the phrase "go back to your you come from" is literally racist, i hated when people say that to me, just the other day someone said trevor, when are you going back to africa and i was like mom, i live in new york now, we can just face time. now despite the backlash trump doubleed down on the recent tweelts but fellow republicans are spending time de fending his word, mitch mcconnell, senate
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majority leader and cover model of loose skin weekly, because you see, mcconnell is married to transportation secretary elaine chao who herself is an immigrant. and a journalist asked him how he would feel in someone told his wife to go back to where she comes from. >> you are married to an immigrant, nationalized u.s. citizen f someone were to say to her she should go back to her country, because of criticizing federal policy, wouldn't you consider that racist. >> well, the secretary of transportation came here at age 8, legally, not speaking of a word of english and realized the american dream thaz say weird way to dodge the question. well, thank you for your question, i will mow read my wife's wikipedia page. early life, and education. that was just the appetizer. the real drama was on the floor of congress where the democrats broa dueced a resolution to officially condemn trump's words
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as racist. right. then after nancy pelosi called trump's words racist, republicans in congress objected to her words, this is completely true, there is a rule in congress that says members of congress in the house on the floor can't accuse the president of racism. you are not allowed to do it, even if the president says something racist swi insane. like congress couldn't even call trump racist if he walked into the capital wearing full black phrase run and be like my niggers-- yeah, swi probably being to be his next state of the union, if he finds this out. so because nancy pelosi called trump's racist tweet racist, all hell broke loose congress style. >> breaking overnight, chaos on capitol hill. >> after a rocket raucous debate a rare mood by the house voting to condemn president trump over his attack on four democratic congress women. >> quite a scene here on the house floor, a raucous fight exposed those deep part i san
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devides here on the hill. >> the house is not in order. >> mr. speaker. >> gentleman from georgia. >> let's, does the gentlemen which to. >> the gentlemen will suspend with. >> mr. collins tdz i see nothing that references anybody's race. >> okay, hold on, hold on. what that guy says is total bs. you can still be racist without actually saying somebody is race. we all know this shit. you people, we don't like your kind around here, go back to where you came from. either this congressman is blg woefully ignorant or is genuinely clueless and never knows when people are shitting on him. probably sitting next to some well who is look someone neeppeds tow use deodorant, who, who, who, not talking about me because she didn't use my name. >> so yesterday was total chaos in the house, right. after about two hours of arguing, it was decided that the republicans were right, a koshedding to the rules, you can't call the president racist on the house floor, and that is
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when eric swalwell, former presidential candidate and woke ken doll stepped up it to the plate. >> we have an opportunity today to condemn or condone. birther eu678, racist. saying a mexican judge can't be there fair because of his heritage is racist. saying mexicans from-- mexico are rapists is racist be and telling four members of this body to go home is racist. >> do you think it's not racist. >> the gentleman point of order. >> do you think it is not racist. >> is that what you are saying mr. collins. >> trevor: damn, eric swalwell does not give a [bleep] praws plaws you see him? (cheers and applause) you mow what he has, he's got that i just dropped out of the race swag, that is what he has got. you know when you have just been fired from your job and in that
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moment you don't think will you ever work at another job, that is what he has that is when you are truly at your most powerful, throwing burger patties on the floor, putting your mouth on the soft serve machine, rubbing apple pies on your ass. you can tell ronald about this, you tell ronald about this, i'm ready to sleep in jail tonight! it was such a great performance. some people probably want him to jump back into the presidential race after this but unfortunately it is too late. we already sold his spot in the graphic for ad space, sorry, eric. so this thing was pretty wild by congressional standards. and it wasn't just democrats being called out for their words. at one point congressman senior racism over here referred to aoc and her squad as anti-american. and then the democrats tried to get him to retract his words. things got so side tracked by people objecting to each other's objections at one point the guy presiding over the chamber just decided he had enough. >> so the fight that ensued over
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specter pelosi comments proved to be a breaking point for one democratic lawmaker. >> we don't ever, ever want to pass-- things to escalate, and that is what this is. are dare anybody to look at the footage and see if will was any unpairness. but unfairness is not enough because we want to just fight. a ban done the chair. >> trevor: godcam, do you know how much arguing you have to do to get that kind of reaction out of an old black man, huh? that say man who has endured thousands of hours listening to people argue in barbershops and i can tell you not once has he ripped off his apron like enough, maybe jordan and la bron are both imreat player, come on, y'all, come on. (applause) by the way though, he probably had to know that there was a chance that his job could get crazy, because if they give you a job where you have a giant ass hammer when you sign up, you
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know the shi it t isn't going to be will bell done. but even with those expectations he was like bleep bloop i'm it too old for this shit. so day four of the go home gait we are no closer to republicans and democrats agreeing on how to condemn trump's tweet which was racist. but the good mus is we have all learned something mu, all of us. we have learned in congress no one is allowed to call the president racist. and who knows, who knows, maybe some day in the future they will write another rule that says that he isn't allowed to be racist. we'll be right back. cheesier plaws plaws (cheers and applause)
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welcome back to the daily show. ever since jeffrey ep stiern was arrested for sex trafficking everyone he has ever met his a ban conditioned him, mo allies and mo friends. all hoe he is still beating bill he can blasio am the polls. mow even though epstein has had many high profile friend thrses is a lot of focus of one, his old buddy donald trump. and trump has spent the past few weeks distancing himself from epstein but now we learn they were a little closer than trump would like to admit. >> the president says his relationship with epstein was no different than anyone else in their elite circle. >> well, i knew him like everybody in palm beach mew him. he was a fixture in palm beach. i don't think have i spoke tone him for 15 years. i wasn't a fan. >> yet a tape in the nbc archives of a mar-a-lago party shows trump giving epstein his
11:21 pm
personal attention. talking to epstein and another man as women are cans mg front of them. trump alternates between dancing and pointing out women to epstein and the other man and hen trump says something else into epstein's ear that makes him double over with laughter. >> trevor: oh, i wonder what trump said to epstein that made him laugh that hard. maybe it it was like some day they're going to give me the muk leer codes. ksh-- nuclear codes now obviously this video doesn't look good because it seems like he never liked epstein but come on, on camera he is whispering into his ear. what are we supposed to believe that trump was like you are a demented individual who should be locked up. (laughter) i think those are lessons to be learned here, you should never jj a book by its cover. because here say picture of two men who have been accused sexual misconduct and neither of them is the guy with the mustache.
11:22 pm
yeah. open your minds, people. open your minds. now look, now look, please, let's be clear on this. just because trump and epstein partied doesn't mean that trump knew about epstein's crimes, right, epstein did party with everyone. so this video doesn't prove trump did anything wrong. what it does prove is that there is another side of donald trump that he has never wanted us to see. >> the footage shot in november of 1992, at the club shows the future president surrounded by cheerleaders, capturing some fun-loving bachelor lifestyle, por an appearance on pait daniel's nbc talk show. >> trevor: donald j. trump, party animal, huh. we have never seen this side of him before because in the white house he always looks like a kid without just got detention, but surrounded by beautiful women he looks more comfortable than scarlet johansson am crazy rich asians, he is living his life. an will this footage of trump
11:23 pm
partying with epstein hurt the president? well, to find out we turn to a man who has hours of incriminating footage of himself, michael kosta. >> thanks por being here. >> yeah. >> michael, how bad is this footage for the president? >> well, trevor, this is bad. and i mean that in the black way where bad means cool, you know. a friend tawtd me that back in the 90s, are you guys still using that? >> trevor: no. but why would you think this is cool, trump is partying with a man who is a sex offender. >> yeah, that part is bad in the white way, okay. but overall this video is great for donald trump because it shows how great of a dancer he is. i mean just look at him go. he's got all the classic white guy dangs moves. he's got the high arms. he's got the tight fists and most porntd, the white guy lip bite, you mow, that is the bite that tells the ladies don't kiss tush me, i'm con
11:24 pm
sem-- concentrating real hard. >> trevor: mike, come on what are you talking about, his dancing is terrible. he's jerking around, he's way off the beat. >> first of all, i don't know what this beat is are you talking about but for white guys he was dringing da noise and da funk. you guys still saying that. >> trevor: we never said that. >> oh. the point is white guys only have so many tools in the dance box. we've got the high arms with the random snapping. we got the ironic but also not ironic stayin alive move and then you get the legs involved and so you make it it look like you are wading into the deep end of a pool. the only rule is at no time do you ever move your hips or the area we use sex for. >> trevor: dude, these are all terrible dance moves. >> okay, but it doesn't matter because if you have got trump's secret weapon, white guy confidence, okay, it is that confidence that gets us on the dance floor in the first place. it it is that confidence that
11:25 pm
lets us send food back at a restaurant. and it is that confidence that lets us talk over our boss. >> trevor: yeah, but. >> let me finish for a second. >> it is that same confidence that allows us to run for president even when we have no experience and no ideas and it is that same confidence that lets us ramble on trk v in front of millions of people even though we don't have much to say. >> trevor: michael, what is your point? >> thank you, trevor. >> trevor: michael kosta, everyone. we'll be right back. i'm on the pill. i'm on the pill. i'm on the pill. i'm on the pill, too. but it's not birth control. it's truvada for prep®, a once-daily prescription medicine for adults that, when taken every day along with using safer sex practices, can help lower my chances of getting hiv through sex. i use condoms. but i talked to my doctor about doing more. he said that because i had a higher chance of getting hiv through sex, truvada for prep could be an option for me.
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welcome back it to the daily show, my guest to be say visual artist from south africa whose work recently appeared on the cover of time malling. mees welcome nellson makamo. (applause) welcome to the show, my friend. >> thank you for having me, trevor. >> good por you to be as exciting to have you on 4 side of the world. i remember when i first saw your work. it it enthrolled-- enthralled me, it it captured me and i loved it as i a fellow south africa, but then when i saw it it blow up on the world stage, art has always felt like it's been a european thing. >> yeah. >> it it is like that is art and then it it is like the africans make nice hinges, this is keuts, where did you pick this up, you
11:29 pm
know. but you are starting to shake that. are you starting to change all of that. you just came back from your own showing in paris where people, like your artwork is all sold out. >> yeah. >> who is nellson makamo and why do you think are you experiencing this success in the art world. >> well, i mean, i don't even know where to start. i mean art has always been part of me, growing up, i mean i grew up, i was born in a small town in south africa. it it was quite interesting because growing up, toys were never an option. so you had to create your own toys. so my foundation of art was, i started making toys from clay. and then from there, starting from primary, it was quite interesting because i mean south africa as you know in the '80s, post apartheid, we were limit md terms of choices. art was never an option so as a
11:30 pm
child, you were told you either become a doctor, or you become a teacher, a lawyer. >> yes. >> that is what your parents hoped would you do. >> that is what my parents were hoping for me to do. >> trevor: drawing is not an option for a young black child. >> i was fortunate enough to have a mother who truly believed in my talents that from an early age she truly supported me. >> trevor: right. >> so i had a strong supporting supporter from an early age but it was also quite interesting because she never saw that as something i would also make a living out of it as well. >> trevor: why do you think it connects with so many people from different walks of life. so many people would i this of african art as african art and you are like no, but you happen to be were south africa. >> one of the privileges that i actually h i studied in a community-based college. >> trevor: right. >> and a plied for residency which i went to italy for three months. i think living to have an
11:31 pm
experience outside southafter qua has helped me to grow an view hinges not on froman south african perspective but from a global perspective as well. i started creating work more like a language, a universal language, in a way that was quite interesting. because the what i disg we have seen some of those amazing pictures am you have images of children and on the cover of time they called it it the art of hope. because it it showed south africa and africanness am a very kirn way, for so long we have seen art t is all about poverty, all about pain, all about suffering. and here are these images you can-- they are open to interntion but they feel hopeful, he had peel young, he had peel like children who live in africa and the scale of them is huge. we have some pictures of you, like works on some of your artwork. you have giant, giant pictures that you create, why the children, why their eyes, why the glasses, what does that symbolize. >> i had to use a reference, an
11:32 pm
african child, if you lack at how the image of an african child was portrayed normally t was portrayed either hungary, disvanned and all of what as well but if you have been to africa you realize that money of those things, almost luke a taboo. >> trevor: yes. >> and i had to go back and actually reintroduce how the way we are, as africans. you are selling your artwork ms. different countries, people are learning the name nellson makamo, are you part of south africa's growth. i mean are you invest mg the inner city, you are changing the image of what the inner city is all about. what is your dream for art, african art and african artists as a whole. >> for me my dream was for people to have access to my work. >> trevor: right. >> and for me to actually be featured on the time, especially the cover, that was the only medium that i could actually wish to have. because it allowed each and every person to have access to
11:33 pm
my work as well, african art has always been under-- because those have been playing as the main play are,s gatekeepers, but today when you actually think about art trk is no longer as intimidating, 4r was only certain elite individual has you expect to have access to art. >> trevor: so your dream now is to create a world where young african artists can access the world of their art as opposed to somebody telling them how their art should be accessed. >> it is amazing. thank you so much for being on the show. >> huai. >> good having you here. appreciated everything you do. for more mfertion, mel son nellson makamo, we'll be right back. (applause) [whispering] barb. bar-r-b! barb! i can taste my beer. samuel adams sam '76 -- finally a refreshing lager that you can taste.
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[text tone] [text tone] [text tone] ♪ ♪nice ♪ ♪mmmmmm ♪ ♪so nice ♪ ♪nice . >> trevor: well, that is our show for tonight, now here it it is, your moment of zen. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> we choose to go to the moon
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and do the other things. not because they are easy but because they are hard. >> our country is really strong, never been like had, whoops. how did a fly get into the white house. i don't like that. i don't like flies. i don't like plies flies. (cheers and - les: ♪ i'm goin' down ♪ to south park ♪ gonna have myself a time - ♪ friendly faces everywhere ♪ humble folks ♪ without temptation - les: ♪ goin' down ♪ to south park ♪ gonna leave my woes behind - ♪ ample parking ♪ day or night ♪ people spouting ♪ "howdy, neighbor" - les: ♪ headin' on up ♪ to south park ♪ gonna see if i can't unwind - kenny: [muffled singing]


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