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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 29, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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2nd down and long. for the radio listeners we pause for station identification. this is the ravens gameday network. 8:30 to play in the half. the ravens in front of panthers. the ball on the panthers' side of the field. flacco brings the ravens to the line. ray rice has checked in. he's the lone back. flacco to throw off a play action. nice move. it will get it down to the 22 yard-line by the veteran. but a penalty flag is down. derrick mason put a wicked move on chris harris. they're not neglect keep the flag on the field. i play will stand. the ravens whispering in the
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end zone. >> stan: gamble is a great athlete. mason knows before you cut. >> gerry: on 1st down ray rice will carry. he'll get it inside the 20 yard- line. the thing i'm seeing the most with ray rice, much more patient this year. if the hole is not there for him to immediate hit, he's giving it time. >> stan: when you are sure where they are going to be, you don't know where you're going to go. if you patience then you can wait for him. >> gerry: behind the right tackle and he'll push the pile to the 16 yard-line. 3rd down and 4. >> stan: i like what he did
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there. there wasn't anything there, he lowered his head. hit the pile at one and drove it for two extra yards. right now it's third and 5 rather than third and 7. he knew when to juice it and lower his shoulders. >> gerry: 74 yards so far. flacco will throw on 3rd down. far sideline. incomplete. flag is down. derrick mason was disheartened. the question was there contact before the ball arrived. >> stan: the flag is one or the other. >> referee: illegal hands. hands in the face. a 5-yard penalty and automatic 1st down. >> gerry: school continue for
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us chris gamble for mason. >> stan: you cant -- he just grabbed. he lucky he didn't get a 15- yarder. he actually had a hold of the face mask. that could have been called a 15-yard not just 5. >> gerry: flacco set in the shotgun on first and ten from the 11. bobbles the snap. dives down to the 14 yard-line. the penalty flag is down. >> stan: off sides on carolina. >> referee: off sides, number 92 on the defense. 5-yard penalty, still 1st down. >> stan: a good job by joe flacco. he knew it was a penalty against carolina and he picked up the ball and tried to make something out of it. sometimes people stop and you can make a big play when they
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relax. >> gerry: ravens have gone 79 yards. they need 6 more yards to get to the end zone. just under 6 minutes in the half. still on his feet. willis mcgahee showing impressive strength and gets it down on the 3. a year ago the ravens were the clock killers around the nfl. no team held on the ball more than the ravens. more than 33 minutes a game. they were better than the giants and patriots. all three of the teams, double digit wins. second and two from the 3. he's inside the one. shy of the goal line. >> stan: that was his lean.
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he got to the point and he leaned into his blockers and just sort of pushed them into the defenders and pushed the hole pile from the 3 down to the inside of the 1 yard-line. 1st down inside the 1. last time that happened they got no points. >> gerry: ravens had the ball almost twice as much as the panthers in the first half. first and goal from the 1. given to mcgahee and he's in for the touchdown. second score for the ravens' offense. >> stan: it's good to get willis mcgahee involved. he's probably been involved less in the pre-season than any of the running backs. get him in there and get him going. all three bring different attributes to the position.
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you are that much stronger. >> gerry: willis mcgaheehass picked up praise this season. steve hauschka connects on the second extra point drive. with 4:16 to play the ravens lead 14-3 against the panthers. the ravens in front on the raven's gameday network
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>> gerry: 14-3, lives in front of the carolina ravens in front of the panthers. the ravens tap it off with one big play after the next. ray rice and joe flacco finding derrick mason. tearing up the carolina secondary. willis mcgahee tucks it from 1 yard. the kickoff the 8. he bangs off jameel mcclain and gets to the 27 yard-line where jake delhomme and the carolina panthers will go back to work.
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13 play, 90 yards. they took almost 8 minutes off the clock before willis mcgahee punts it from the 1 yard-line behind the offensive line of the baltimore ravens. michael oher on the right side and garrett on the left side. some quickness at guard. great experience at center with matt burke anchors it. from the shotgun on first and ten. a quick outlet pass. down the far sideline. nese midfield. gives the panthers the biggest gain of the first half. no fooling about the taken that
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steve smith brings to the field. nine year veteran. 1421 receiving yards on 78 receptions. he's had more than 1000 yards four straight years and plays like that will show you how dangerous he can be. how about haloti ngata? moore trys to stretch the sideline. domonique foxworth with bring him to a halt at ravens 41. >> stan: 2nd down coming up for the ravens. they are about to enter field goal range. especially from -- reese lloyd in the game. >> gerry: reiss lloyd from outside of 50.
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2nd down and 4. goodson will get the carry. a penalty flag is down. goodson gets in inside the 40. this will get backed up by a false start from carolina. >> referee: illegal formation number 69. 5-yard penalty. >> gerry: john fox not pleased to see his tackle pick up the flag. go to highwayit's supposed to be the rookies making mistakes in august. >> stan: he's a good player. he's anchored the running game for carolina. >> gerry: 2.30 minutes left in the half. 5 for carolina and 4 for the ravens. goodson runs into ray lewis as
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he gets down to the 43 yard- line. carolina looking to a 3rd down. see whether the panthers will get the snap off. they will let it run down to the warning. they go to head coach john fox. >> referee: this is the two- minute warning. >> gerry: 2 minutes to play in the half.
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>> gerry: 2 minutes to flate opening 1/2 carolina. ravens lead the panthers 14-3. verizon want to know who you think the ravens kicker will be at the start of the regular season. tell be steve hauschka? or graham gano the rookie from florida state or there's always a c, will the ravens bring back matt stover. text. standard message rates apply. a lot of us want to know the answer to that question. 3rd down and 5. jake delhomme from the shotgun. under pressure he's going down. the ravens side of the 50 yard- line. antawn barnes and haloti ngata collapsing book end on jake
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delhomme. didn't have enough time. >> stan: pass game, antawn barnes did a good job of getting penetration and haloti ngata finished him off. >> referee: time-out, baltimore. their first. >> stan: he's also having problems as far as penalties are concerned. >> referee: put the game clock -- >> gerry: haloti ngata has had the pre-season that sets up to a pro bowl season. this guy deserves to be in the pro bowl a year ago. he's is clearly one of the defensive tackle in this league. we saw him track down a wide receiver tonight. last year 77 tackles. he had more interceptions than sacks. you don't often see that from a
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lineman. trickle into the end zone. four touchbacks. ravens taking the time out to give the offense 1:35 to work with. this is the ideal opportunity to work on the 2 minute drill. they are going to look to getting a 50-yard pick up. if they can get to the 30 they can get steve hauschka back on the field. they have a 9 play touchdown drive and a 13 play touchdown. they would like a 50-yard drive that sets up john harbaugh another opportunity to put steve hauschka in a pressure
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situation. the ravens 20 yard-line. inside handoff goes to ray rice and he can only bang forward about a yard. landon johnson, former bengals linebacker. >> stan: the defense was expecting it that time. >> gerry: ravens, just under 1:20 to play in the half. he overthrows demetrius williams. panthers had him covered. underneath and above him. joejoe flacco puts that where -- >> stan: they are getting their legs and are able to call it. there's not that many checks and they were able to run and gun what they do best. >> gerry: third and 9 from the ravens 21. this is not the ideal play you want to have in a 2 minute
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drill. panthers rush forward. flacco under pressure. close to the 1st down and he's got it. got the ball to the 31 yard- line. that moves the chain with the clock moving. 52 seconds in the half. nice catch by heap. he'll stop the clock 42 seconds in the half. after a drop by todd heap, the clock is being turned back to find the todd heap we fell in love with. >> stan: earlier he took his eyes off the ball and was able to drop it. but he's one of the top in the league. >> gerry: ravens have 2 time-
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outs to work with. flacco will throw oast middle. another side step move gets across the 40 and the ravens will likely use one of their time-outs here. >> stan: i think we are seeing something that's going to be a feature for the ravens offense. >> referee: , time-out, baltimore. >> gerry: john harbaugh and cam cameron have talked about ray rice. it doesn't mean he'll get all the carries but it does mean you don't have to be predictable with the substitution. ray rice heads quickness and tough spots like this you can use the quickness to get the extra yardage to move the change. >> stan: he has surprising strength. he's got a strong arm. last year he had big rookie
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eyes. this year he's comfortable. >> gerry: flacco from the shotgun. coming down the near sideline. he's out of bounds. >> stan: tough there. the ball was a little bit to the outside. >> gerry: good coverage on the play. >> stan: derrick tried his best. he did a good job of controlling his body but the ball was to the outside. >> gerry: what i like about flacco's throw, he put it to where it was a reception or completion. down to the 45. 22 seconds left and the ravens will use their final time-out. >> referee: time-out, baltimore. the third and final. it will be a 32nd time-out. >> gerry: ravens are 25 yards away from field goal range for
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steve hauschka. he can probably get ball to the 35 and still be willing to give him a shot. last year he connected for 54 yards n. a kicking competition for a realistic read, you will have a lot of 48-yard tries. that's why you want to see the ball at 38 yard-line. the problem now is the ravens only have 22 seconds in the half and no time-outs. hauschka 3 of 3 coming into tonight. now he's 3 of 4. graham gano is 1 of 3. flacco on 3rd down under pressure. it's incomplete as joe flacco is being taken to the church. they will not be able to get the field goal team. the punt team will come on. >> stan: it seems like cam cameron is trying to attack the
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field vertically on the outside. they checked the ball down and it didn't work. >> gerry: flacco falls incomplete. one of his few in the first half. cook punting it away. they are going to it bounces. the 5 yard-line. that time kenny moore let's the ball bounce. sam cook did it again. i in pre-season we have seen all signs pointing to him having an almost magic wedge like a golfer. he can make it stole stop. >> stan: i think that's going
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to give him pro bowl consideration. >> gerry: jake delhomme and the panthers offense are not going to do anything other than take a knee and call it a half. a half that has belonged to joe flacco and the ravens. ravens leading at the halftime. 17 of 22 for 200 yards for flacco. >> coaches really good first half. he got down to the half yard- line? >> we give up 7 points. they make the field goal. it's a 10 point swing. that's disappointing. we learned a lot. a young guy at the half yard- line, you can't have that. >> the defense is playing so well you hate to give up anything. now the first point. >> we have plenty of things to work on. >> and come back after the
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second half. >> gerry: joe flacco having a wonderful night here in the south as the ravens lead 14-3 over john fox's carolina panthers here on the raven's gameday network.
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>> gerry: in carols are the raise in front 14-3 on the third pre-season game. this is the game where the veterans are expected to turn the corner. they are going to come out and have at least a series to get a sense of what they will experience in sept. >> stan: they turn the 3rd quarter. they go in and relax at halftime. they come back out and get the pads laced up and play the second half. it's important to do that. if you stop every pre-season game at halftime, it will feel strange in the first game to
9:32 pm
come out and restretch your muscles. >> gerry: cam cameron says has focus is on stretching out. joe flacco went for a 42-yard gain to kelley washington and he settled into the zone. ray rice opens the field up and you start to feel that inside the line. >> stan: dropping the ball in. great feathering of the ball by joe flacco. >> gerry: when you with finesse the defense, it helps to have physical defense. the second touchdown. you talkravens you have to mention haloti ngata. i think it was impressive. the numbers in the first half. >> stan: you love the 161st
9:33 pm
downs to 4. that's dominant. 204 yards. the time of possession, 7 minutes more. they were number one last year, they play like this they'll be number one this year. >> gerry: the ravens will be able to do that. tell likely be the secondary part of for much of this year because i don't think cam cameron will throw the ball 45 times against the chiefs. >> stan: this may be a team the way joe flacco is going like new england. sets up the run on the passing game. you ram it right down their throat. you get ray rice in the open field and let him juke on people. there's a lot of things this offense can do that they
9:34 pm
couldn't do. >> gerry: a year ago this time we were adjusting the thought that a rookie joe flacco would be the starting quarterback. not by choice but chance. the ground game, flash, smash and dash having fun. the ravens lead 14-3 on the raven's gameday network.
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>> gerry: for the start of the second 1/2 carolina. back in 1995, the panthers came into the league at the expense of baltimore in the expansion race. but tonight the race has gone to the ravens through one half of play as lloyd kick its off. across the 20. he's got an alley. taken down at 33 yard-line. as we start the second half,
9:37 pm
joe flacco is going to quarterback the ravens at least for the opening drive of the 3rd quarter. matt birk and all the starters starting the 30 quarter, something you don'tee in the first two games of pre-season. 199 yards and 1 touchdown. >> stan: michael oher is playing left tackle. mason getting a break. michael oher playing left tackle. >> gerry: goes to the draw play and ray rice has room. he's to the 41 yard-line. 199 yards for the ravens in the first half. last year they averaged 176 passing yards per game. >> stan: that ball went right over left tackle. right over michael oher. >> gerry: cam cameron has told us he wants to see michael oher
9:38 pm
as a run blocker. he's very satisfied with his pass blocking technique and skill. flacco with the deep drop. great protection. >> stan: it was second and 3. you got a play run. the linebackers stepping up to play run. you have to turn your back to the line of scrimmage and get back deep into your zone and while you're doing that, your back is checking down the distance between and the back is exacerbated by the fact you have to be running backwards. >> gerry: michael oher two plays solid on the run and pass protection. flacco up top and he's got his man. derrick mason close to another
9:39 pm
1st down at carolina 42. derrick mason suffering that separated shoulder a year ago on the road in houston. played in excruciating pain for most of the rest of the season and became joe flacco's go to target. it's having more weapons than derrick mason. we have seen that with washington and todd heap returning was a factor. flacco up top. good protection. ray rice works inside the 40 down to the 37 yard-line. michael oher, we saw him in the first half as right tackle and now left tackle. what do you see that you like? >> stan: if you can switch sides, that's a lot harder than you think. your foot work and hand work is completely opposite.
9:40 pm
most teams can not find a left tackle. this team has two guys that can be left tackles. >> gerry: keep an eye on michael oher on the field. he's one of the rare players that learns quickly. what a catch, todd heap. he pull its down at the carolina 24 yard-line. todd heap is back. this is the todd heap we have known. >> stan: he's got to go up and get it. it's one of the reasons this was open. chris gamble, number 20 cannot get back. he saw the back check down. they kept throwing the check down. you are able to throw band him. >> gerry: giving to mcgahee. bounces off his own receiver and ekes out a one yard gain. rob burnett standing by.
9:41 pm
>> rob: you talking about michael oher, the first round pick go d an outstanding job against julius peppers. it's a natural position for him. he's going to be a right position because of gaither. >> gerry: whether it's right or left tackle, one of the things we are seeing, we talked about the costly penalty in the 1st quarter. but since then he's dropping guys. no sooner than i say that than a defensive end gets by and he gets penalized. >> referee: holding, number 74, the offense. 10-yard penalty, 2nd down. >> gerry: come on kid, we are trying to give you compliments. don't undercut us. >> stan: watch on the inside move. he got the outside arm on him.
9:42 pm
at that point grabbed the guy. >> gerry: good matchup of highocktain octain rookies. >> stan: he's got a sack in each one of the pre-season games. >> gerry: flacco throws complete inside the 30. derrick mason taken down immediately. checked that kelley washington on the receiving end. you are so used to sees five and think derrick mason. joe flacco has a couple of targets that he's comfortable going to in the crunch. it makes it a lot harder to defend. >> stan: that's why they have kelly. to be able to make the catches between people and down in the
9:43 pm
red zone. use that big body. >> gerry: flacco will stay in the shotgun with three receivers on third and 12. gets it's off complete to mcgahee. that means the kicking team will come on. steve hauschka, he missed a shot from 27 in the first half will get a shot here. this will be a 38-yarder. >> stan: kicked the other kick down the hash and missed it to the right. this is the important thing. how does he react after missing one? this is a very telling kick. >> gerry: sam koch holding. it's good. splits the uprights. steve hauschka bounces back and the ravens extend their lead. things we all look to haven't changed.
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>> gerry: 17-3, ravens lead the carolina panthers. steve hauschka bounced back kick far more accurate than his first half tie. >> stan: he powered down for accuracy. he anytime it through the uprights and that's he knew he
9:46 pm
had to do. it's a learning experience. he probably learned that their from matt stover. he wouldn't kick it like a 50- yard field goal. that's why golfers use the different irons. >> gerry: that caps off the scoring drive as the ravens mark nine lays, 46 yards. steve hauschka has to be feeling much better about his future after punching a field goal. >> a punter has to learn it's not about distance, it's burial about accuracy. coming to the near sideline. goodson will take it at the 8. he'll be stopped by k.j. garrard.
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>> gerry: 17-3 the ravens lead. >> ed, first question. last pran you had the neck injury. thuse feeling? >> it's still sore. i'm playing through it. it's going to be there. i just try to protect it as much as possible. >> are you aphencive as far as the physical game.
9:49 pm
as far as coming up in stopping somebody, are you aphencive? >> yeah, i pick my spots. it's about getting them on the ground. that's a hard injury to your neck. i just play the game and just try to be as smart as possible. >> gerry: >> in the championship last year, a big surprise in the nfl, what's next. miami? super bowl? >> that's t. last year we came up a little bit short. we were still a young team. there was adversity through the season and we dealt with it. we still have a bunch of other teams on our schedule to deal with. right now we will focus on kansas city. >> gerry: >> you were basically the number one defense last year. is that going to continue? >> definitely. not much changed. we are still doing the same things. you got prepare for the same
9:50 pm
things coming at you. it's no different with coach in there. >> you led the league in interceptions. are you pick happy. once you get it, everybody holds their breath and are expecting 6 points. >> as a secondary we lead the league. we are making those plays and i'm happy with that. >> ed, have a great year. >> gerry: grit to hear ed reed male and happy and ready for a big year in 2009 -- healthy and happy. double j. as the teammates call him did a great penetration on jake delhomme. >> stan: johnson, on the back you're in trouble. he's one of the most underrated players i know in the league.
9:51 pm
he could be a star on teams if they use him. you have all these guys, i can't remember all of them. a guy like jarrett duncan who's a very good player gets lost. >> gerry: delhomme on goodson. the ravens will bottle him up. ayanbadejo was tracking him down and it was johnson who got there. the punt team will come on the field. carolina held to 120 yards. ravens have out gained carolina by more than bon hundred 60 yards. listen to the last tackle to give you an idea of the hitting. >> stan: somebody dives in there. that's defense.
9:52 pm
>> gerry: jason baker's punt. lardarius webb with a fair catch. ravens take over when we come back. why? i don't know she's wandering around the lobby yammering about fios tv, internet and phone all for $79.99 a month. she seems crazy. actually, fios customers get that price for six months. it's like getting three services for the price of two. so am i the one that's crazy? no? (announcer) get fios tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month, plus a free dvr for 3 months. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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the ravens celebrate countdown to kickoff week. go to for more details. nice work for joe flacco and a fine body of work as troy smith comes in to take over the offense. former heisman trophy winner has willis mcgahee in the backfield and a spread formation. he hooks up with demetrius williams out across the 30 yard- line. a 1st down out of the gate. a good night your joe flacco. 247 yards and 1 touchdown and i big smile. >> stan: and a big zero for interceptions. had a great game. the most important game. i don't know if he'll play at all next week. >> gerry: all number two
9:55 pm
necessary. sheds the tackle across the 40. a gain of 8. you see willis mcgahee running consistently with the number 2s. a year ago it would be an obvious demotion. this year is speaks to the defense. >> stan: they are all sort of interchangeable. although le'ron mcclain will start off playing fullback. as you start wearing down people he will get more and more carries. >> gerry: 2nd down and 2. willis mcgahee is going to come up a yard shy. third and short. troy smith and the number twos. >> stan: that time he tried to squeeze in between people instead of lowering the shoulders. he's a big strong guy. he just tried to turn his body and squeeze through instead of lowering the shoulder.
9:56 pm
>> gerry: third and 1 from the ravens 43. the shotgun. flags down. pattern complete. demetrius williams wrestled down but not before he gets the 1st down. wilson pulls him down. the panthers off sides. >> referee: off sides. defense. the penalty is declined. >> gerry: radio partners for tonight, we want to pause for radio identification. the ravens in front 17-3. troy smith engineering his first drive of the night. first and 10. shy of midfield. play action for smith. good protection.
9:57 pm
swing pass to mcgahee. shy of midfield. that's how tray stallings came out and gave willis mcgahee a chance. i thought a lot more than 3 yards. >> stan: the linebackers up and he was sitting there wide open. troy didn't look to tothat half of the field. >> gerry: stallings one of the many young lineman looking to fill up back up spots. from the pocket. willis mcgahee will take it. ly has no room to run. he's shoved out of bounds. a lot of creativity but no gain. avoiding the sack with the shovel passed. >> stan: i don't know what to
9:58 pm
think about that. sometimes sometimes it looks good and in this looks bad. we saw orton who threw a pass and got intercepted. >> gerry: edward jones in the back field with willis mcgahee. here comes the blitz. troy smith under pressure and it's incomplete. smith feeling the heat released the ball early before demetrius williams had a break in the route. >> stan: demetrius williams ran a curl pat pen and troy threw it to the out. whether he was throwing it away, he didn't get grounding, i'm not sure. he it had to throw it to the
9:59 pm
receiver. >> gerry: sam koch crushed this one. let it bounce in the end zone. sam koch with a 52-yard punt. carolina takes over.


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