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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 28, 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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had. they had offensive line problem. and if you've got a guy in your face every down, it is tough to accomplish. and when they moved john jerry down inside, and bobby massey became their right tackle, that solidified that offensive line, and they have played outstanding up front since the move. >> dave: here is mccluster, trying to get around on the far side is. 12-yard line. not much happening on that play for dez. -- dexter mccluster. a play fake, mccluster blocks,
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off the hands of allen, the tight to end! >> andre: just a little bit late. kirby allen comes open early, and jevan snead just a little late with the football which allows anderson to get a hand on it. 28-yard field goal, it's good. so ole miss strikes with a couple of field goals. they have been very good in the red zone in scoring touchdowns, 25 out of 35 coming in, but give the bulldogs some credit. they had a little bit of bend, but they did not break. break, 6-3, ole miss.
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. >> dave: ole miss leading mississippi state 6-3, but a couple of trips inside the red zone have resulted in just field goals for ole miss. well, fans, get your tickets now to a basketball double- header you do not want to miss. for tickets and travel visit secbig east how about florida last night, big win over second ranked michigan state on the hardwood. 'gators un. defeated. >> andre: i think michigan state will be heard from before it all said and done, but that's a big win for the
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'gators. >> dave: tackled we ole miss's rodney scott, the freshman backup running back, down to the 17-yard line, and that's where mississippi state will take over. >> you always want plays back if you're a quarterback. but watch the action right here. the fullback going to the flat. now you'll guest the fullback, allen, right up the field. the action takes the linebacker out. jevan snead threes a lob shot to allen, it would have been a touchdown pass. doesn't allow anderson to undercut that football. those are the ones you wish you had back on film study the next day. >> dave: to the near side, brandon evans. out over the 20 to the 22-yard line. you go back -- let's go back to
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houston, when you were playing collegiately. are there still a couple of passes that you can't get off your mind? >> andre: oh, no doubt. you get a guy running wide open, and have an opportunity like that, especially if the red zone, when you can add to your stats. >> dave: you remember specifically? >> andre: oh, yeah. >> dave: even 20 years ago, he still remembers. green on the coverage. let's take a look at our bass pro shops, your adventure starts here. >> andre: hitting he receiver right in stride. delivering a nice strike, big- time catch. he's playing as well as anybody in the entire country. just seems to get better every
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week. >> dave: third down, tyson lee steps up in the pocket. that ball taped again. looking for wilder. lockett loses his helmet. a fourth down punting situation now for the bulldogs. >> andre: we talked to nix this week, and he said he want to force them into some passing situations. that means we have to be sound on first and second down, and that way we get ole miss into those -- excusemy, mississippi state, into those passing situations, and we can really come after a guy like tyson lee. >> dave: something tells me that allen walker might have missed an assignment. >> andre: yeah, nix wasn't very happy. good punt. >> dave: good hang time. green back to the 28. the former wide receiver ends up going right back to the spot
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where he caught it. jevan snead back on the field when we
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>> dave: dave neal, andre ware, cara capuano with you as we wrap up the s.e.c. season. hope you have enjoyed the kickoffs. i know we have. it has been great. traveling around the s.e.c. each and every week. >> andre: yes, sir. >> dave: handoff to mccluster at about the 35-yard line and jonathan banks will bring him down, the true freshman. >> andre: you don't have to hold block long for dexter
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mccluster. he is so quick, so fast and right on the line of scrimmage before you can blink. you miss the tackle, then you are chasing from behind. >> dave: getting his team to . >> dave: three and a half. should be about a half a yard shy of the first down. that will bring up third and short. it does. >> andre: needs about 97 yards to go over a thousand, and didn't start the season at running back. was actually out at wide receivers. of they made the adjustment earlier to move mccluster back to running back, and he has been superb in the transition. >> dave: third and very short. out of the i. handoff to mccluster. he's out over the 40 to the 41, that will be first down. interesting note about this ole
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miss offense. it's astonishing when you think about it, this is the 12th game of the year for ole miss. last year this was an average that averaged 407.5 yards a game. this year, 407.8 yards per game. >> andre: consistency. that man right there calling the plays. houston nutt, the head coach. >> dave: going up talk. home run ball on the way! incomplete. looking for shay hodge, who had one-on-one coverage down the far side. good coverage from marcus washington, and that will bing up second and 10. >> andre: you called marcus washington's name on a couple of occasions. here, don't get beat deep, and hodge certainly has the speed to beat you down the field, but marcus washington right to
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there with him on that play. >> dave: that's one of those deals where you just throw one deep to keep the defense honest. here is mccluster, out to the 45, maybe a shade past the 45. shawn ferguson, sophomore out of miami, florida. >> andre: going back to that point, dave, just the threat of going down the field allows you to do what ole miss just did. hand it off to dexter mccluster. you don't need a big gaping hole for him, and he's throw and it gets you right back on schedule at third and 5. >> dave: look at the all purpose yards the past four games. up top again, looking for summers. he made the catch, but out of
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bounds. >> andre: just a slight bobble, but by the time he gets it in, he's out of bounds. jevan snead gives him the room along the sidelines. man, i'm -- ooh, that's close. very close. >> dave: see if we get a -- i think houston nutt might want a time-out here and challenge this play. i think that's what he's gonna do. >> andre: yeah. near gonna take a look at this one. >> dave: he might want to challenge this play. >> referee: time-out, ole miss. first charged time-out. >> andre: the receivers are taught to give the quarterback about four yards along theside line, so that the quarterback can fade you away from the corner. right there, you see the necessary room, and it looks as though he real al reels it in,
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but i think he traps it down along his thigh area. right there, you think he's got it, but there's the slight little bobble right there. yeah, the officials made a nice call here. i think he's out of bounds. >> dave: i think houston nutt may not be challenging, maybe took the time-out to give them the opportunity to look at that one more time. >> andre: if he doesn't bobble the football, it's a nice throw and catch. let's go back and take one more look at it. you see the room, the fade right there, just hold on to it. just out of bounds. >> dave: so ole miss will punt it away, tyler campbell. almost 44 per kick. has a long of 71 this year, but he has had two punts blocked. bulldogs in a return formation.
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they'll send 5. hi kick, kind of wobbles. fair catch called for at the 18- yard line by chad bumpass. so dixon who now leads the sec in yards per game after the 30- yard game by mark ingram yesterday, is the top rusher in the southeastern conference, and he is back on the feed when nd is back on the field when we come back.
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. >> dave: anthony dixon has had an unbelievable career. closing in on 4,000 rushing yards. he's the schools all time lead per to that department.
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881 attempts, 16 100-yard games. the numbers are staggering. he's in the top 10 in every category in sec history. and he is on the field. a big stitch arm, out over the 45 to the 46, vaughan pushes him out of bounds, and that's the package that mississippi state fans like to see. >> andre: yeah, threw a nice stiff arm. looks like anthony dixon's stitch arm last week. just kind of shoves vaughn away. that's what you hope they'll give you. the six yards per carry average. >> dave: first down and 10. inside handoff, he'll pick up 11 on the first down.
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>> andre: boy, i'll tell you what, it opens up when there's another threat in the backfield. and that's what chris rell gives this mississippi state offense. let's check back in with kara. >> you were talking about dixon, and certainly dixen and chaney are two seniors are that mississippi head coach dan mullen is going to miss very much. they're vocal leaders, emotional, talented, and he inherited those guys. they have led their teammates.
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>> dave: anthony dixon in his final game. >> andre: he and his head coach embracing there for the final game of his career. when dave mullen took over, wasn't always cake and ice cream. there were some harsh words that were exchanged between the head coach to player, and anthony dixon has certainly responded in a very positive way. >> dave: lee back in at quarterback on third down. 24 dixon! brown on the coverage, and for abc action news -- anthony dixon, that's his 17th
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reception of the year! relf back in. he will keep it! first and goal mississippi state! >> andre: some guys have a way of just igniting a huddle. and that's what chris relf brings to this mississippi state football team. guys want to play for him. he is a threat with a football. he gives them a little bit more in the passing game, as well. they respond in the huddle. the offensive line, they fire off just a little bit harder. makes a difference, dave.
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>> dave: bug dogs knocking on the door. they frail by 3 at home. back a moment.
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>> dave: the 81st battle of the golden egg which they started p . >> dave: this is the 81st battle for the golden egg. the last 18 games have been split right down the middle,
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nine apiece. >> andre: yeah, home team trying to get a touchdown here. lockth might have got his shoulder pads in there. >> andre: right there almost propelling himself into the end zone. >> dave: second and goal. dixon. loses a couple of yards. >> andre: i don't knowfy would make the change. you have all of your success, going to wing t, tight formation, you bring a lot of people to the party, keep them spread out, you get better
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blocking angles they way, little easier on the offensive line, here you're asking the offensive line to give you some push. it's two condensed right now. >> dave: the opposite. here is dixon, touchdown bulldogs! dixon stretching for the pie lob and just missed it! --? & just makes it! >> andre: he got just enough, dave. >> dave: well, we'll see, because they're going to review it. >> andre: he hangs the football out, knocking the pylon down be and all it's got to do is tough and it's a touchdown. i think this one, once it's all said and done, the ruling on
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the field gonna stand right here. just enough. he's got corn 'em there defending. goes airborne, and just touches right there. >> i don't know if there's enough to really overturn it. just right here trying to touch the pylon.
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>> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field stands. touchdown. >> dave: there's the rule of approval by this mississippi state crowd. 44th career touchdown by anthony dixon. that's that is 5th in southeastern conference history. >> andre: i think i'm gonna see him playing on sunday's next year. >> dave: the point after. >> andre: and i say that
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sarcastically, there's no doubt in my mind anthony dixon is gonna play on sundays, my friend. dixon. >> dave: watch it here, tyson lee gives the pitch right there to anthony dixon, and now it's just effort, determination, and willing himself into the end zone. just enough for the pylon. >> dave: that was a similar situation to what we saw earlier when mississippi state had the same type of situation against lsu and couldn't get it in the end zone. >> andre: you get down that close in a game like this, big- time rivalry game, if it gets to fourth down, what do you do for it, you have to go for it,
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right? >> dave: absolutely. nothing to lose. nine >> andre: nine plays, 81 yards, chew up right around 4 minutes. >> dave: lawrence brings him down. it's our sec network game of the week. it's the egg bowl. ole miss back insided the top 25.
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>> andre: rank added 25th in the country. 8-3 regard. they've got a game on their hands right now. >> dave: here is mccluster concludes it to the outside. he's got 10, 20, to mid-field. >> andre: about once a game, he will shake somebody out of their shoe laces, and watch
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this. this move right here. pass is caught by hodge. shay hodge now with his 59th catch of the year. >> andre: watch it the, knowing your going to take a shot, but it's on time. time. >> andre: here is mccluster, insidee hand off. >> tyson lee gets a tip by
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jonathan cornell. minute 39 to go before halftime. you see the anymore birrs there. more yards on the ground, but the only carry that counts at this pointny the ball game, dave, that one touchdown run by anthony dixon has made the difference. >> dave: here is down to the 20-yard line. >> andre: they justify
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washington to get the football in his hands in the hopen space and let him go to work. he might play the role of dexter mccluster next year. >> dave: he's carried it about 15 time toes on the year. battle of the air, did he catch it! oh, my goodness, he did! touchdown ole miss! i thought marcus wash was going to get the better of that exchange, having knocked the football away, but hodge stays with it. >> dave: i don't know why
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they're reviewing it. there's new ifs, ands, or buts. fortunately for marcus washington, it stays right there and allows hodge to reel it in. >> dave: shays that the jevan snead haircut go back little mohawk. >> referee: after further review, the rule usingin'ing on the field is confirmed. touchdown. >> andre: now doubt about it. shay hodge was challenged by this coaching staff. the knew he had the talent, and
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boy did he respond. that is his 8th touchdown grab of the year. point after is good, and ole miss has reclaimed the lead by 3, 13-10. 1:01 to go before halftime. good drive by the rebels, but a remarkable catch by shay hodge who has done it game and n and game out. >> andre: this is just a fabulous job of copsen trace.
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that's just wanting to get it done right there. throw the records out, you're going to get a good football game when these two teams play. >> dave: 2:13. 8 plays, 73 yards. now we'll see in mississippi state can pick up some points here with just 61 seconds to play in the first half. leon berry to the 30, and a flag comes in back at the 35-
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yard line. >> andre: leon berryprovidingg mississippi state with some good field position. think this one may be coming back. >> referee: no foul on the play. >> dave: coming up on the cellular south halftime report, a look at the clemson and south carolina state game. and tebow closing his career out in the swamp. and tcu looks to remain unbeaten, taking on new mexico today. leading 2-0 in the opening moments.
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anthony dixon has been bottled up today. not much working for him. >> andre: i would be pretty content going into halftime down 13-10. you know my philosophy, there are never enough points scored if the first half of a football game. you have to try to -- there is no tomorrow, leave it on the field. and with 55 seconds left in the first half, i think i'm going to go down and try to get some points. >> dave: so that will do it for the first half.
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it is the 106th edition of this rivalry. anthony dixon 12 touches overall, 28 total yards. mccluster with 69 on the grind. let's check in with kara. >> coach, what was mississippi state doing until that last drive to maybe it so hard for you guys to find the end zone before the touchdown? >> they're just playing very hard. must be rival week, huh? we knew it was going to be a tough fight. we have another 30 minutes, go both to go play hard. we have to be able to run the ball, stop it, and don't give up the big play. >> we'll let huston nutt get in and talk to the guys. as you know, gentlemen, it is rivalry week, and i'm telling you what, it couldn't be any louder down here on this field. >> dave: it is a great environment indeed, kara. shay is hong with a great catch to give ole miss the physical lead. now let's check in for the
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cellular south halftime report. >> well, thanks for checking in with us. mccluster-dixon, they've kind of been neutralize add little in the first half. >> yeah, the only impact for dexter mccluster so far, that fumble that gave the scoring opportunity to mississippi state. we talked about mississippi state needing to be able if throw the football to take pressure off of dixon. and jevan snead has gotten better the last three games, ramped up his touchdown production, completing more passes, 61% of them, and getting to shay hodge is a good idea. >> we a play here from south carolina. putting an exclamation point on the start of the game versus
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the gamecocks. you'll see that and more when rn. blank
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oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach.
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come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. so far the only scoring in
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norman, a field goal, the sooners on top of oklahoma state 3-0. clemson taking on south carolina. that is spiller, and he is about to make history. opening kickoff of the game, 88- yard kickoff return. his 7th career kickoff return for a touchdown. a new fcs record. >> andre: >> that's quite a pantle to have. south carolina trail big 7, but then get this score. >> south carolina driving after an interception of parker. the score from 9-yards out. gamecocks up 17-7 at the break. back with you in the studio. this is a game of two teams going into option directions
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coming into this game. maybe they're going in opposite directions here now at the half. >> make use i wonder. they're trading turnovers in this ball game. clemson has won six of the last seven meetings, and coach spurrier is trying to keep his team from falling apart again at the end of the season. if they lose this one, it will be four in a row. this south carolina gamecock team is one of the young nest division one football, but certainly in the sec, they have something to build on. >> south carolina is bowl eligible, and one of 10 sec teams that will be playing in the post-season. we continue our football globe trotting and go down to ft. worth. number 4tcu. they're up 2-0 early on new mexico. the low bows just 1-10 this season. there's a safety. and then on the next drive.
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here are the horned frogs. ray of new mexico falls on it, that would snuff out that drive. still tied at 2, but tcu has been piling its up offensively this year, and dalton, not a lot of guys know about this, there's a nine-yard run up the gut. 9-0tcu at the break. guy namedm tebow.
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n.c. state hosting north carolina. yates put up big numbers. boyd, 35-yard score to put the
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heels up 10-0. later in the second, state down. finds williams, easy touchdown. >> wolf pack within 3, net drive, yates will give it to johnny white. he does the rest. that put carolina on top 17-7. later in the second quarter, yates forced out of the pocket, will roll to his right, will find boyd again. another big touchdown. yates 6 of 8 for 201 yards and two touchdowns. heels up 21-14 at the break. other games later today. florida state against florida. lsu hosting arkansas at 7:00 on espn. tennessee and kentucky, a fun one at 7:00 eastern. coming up later, the sec says
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good-bye to tim tebow. there's a lot of head coaches who will pat him on the back and say good riddance, move on. but what impact has this guy had on college football when it's all said and done do you think? >> just the run that they've been able to put together. this is the most accomplished senior class in the history of the southeastern conference with the number of wins that they've peopled up. steve spurrier talked about tim tebow and what he means to this football team. he said his ability to make plays in critical moments and convert third downs, and he looked that's tape of that sec championship game last year and the national championship against oklahoma when tim tebow had he ball if his hands in critical situations. >> same steve spurrier who initially did not vote for tim tebow as the sec preseason number one quarterback, but it's not just tim tebow, it's
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the whole cast of seniors. >> the recruiting class was second in the country to usc. what made this group special was how many they got right. brandon spikes came to the university of florida because of tim tebow, so he's not only impacted this offense, but the defense, because spikes said i'll go where you go. and there are a lot of is seniors who have meant a lot to this team's success. >> it will be interesting to see where tim tebow goes in the draft. tebow still in consideration for the heisman this year. does he get your vote? >> i would probably have to vote with colt mccoy right now if they gave me a vote. but the 'gator's are still 21-0 even if the stats aren't as
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high as they've been. n. ole miss with the lead at the break.
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this the season to fire head coaches. louisville fires their head coach. same to thing at akron. june jones, though, getting a contract extension. he may get them in a bowl game this year. we've been talking all day long about the in-state rivalries. youly to out the records, the rankings. you saw what auburn almost pulled off at home yesterday versus alabama. florida has to face that today at home versus florida state, but all of that kind of conversion looking forward to next saturday at the sec championship game. what are some of your early thoughts about that one. >> at one point in time, looked like this alabama offense was really starting to peak, obviously the main stay has
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been mark ingram throughout the season. that's going to be called into question now with that hip injury versus auburn last week. other guys will have to step up much like they did in that final game-winning drive. mcilroy is playing better, and he's going to need to without ingram in the line-up. >> this whole season has been interesting, preseason, everybody was high pressuring florida, this team is going to return the table, maybe the greatest team ever, and you kind of saw alabama methodically move up the standings. when the bcs standings came out, they started moving up, and you get the feeling with that tight game against auburn, you get back into this is florida's to win. >> yeah, and the great thing is they will know, because alabama will be facing florida in the , getting in with a two-yard
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touchdown and the rebels up at the break here on the s.e.c. network.
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