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palestinian state with a capital in east jerusalem with whatever arrangements need to be made in their own interest, and i do think that's what the obama administration would like to do. now obviously if he is defeated at home on some things this carries over into other things and now that health care i would hope is behind us as far as a major issue perhaps now we can see more focus on these other issues. >> host: mr. ambassador, it was a pleasure talking to you. thank you for letting such an affirmative important. >> guest: thank you for the interview. ..
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>> well, good your name. welcome to the senate for the boat. i'm john cole, the director for the center for the library of the book. we promote reading and all of the states through a network of state centers for the book. we also all are involved in some
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wonderful activities through congress, one being the national book festival. this will be our 10th anniversary of the national book festival. this year it will be on the mall on september the 25 and i hope miniview many of you will keep track of is or look us up on the website or best of outcomes the national book festival that will be a wonderful day. our latest experiment in reading promotion here at the library of congress is the opening of a young reader center center, the first achievable at the library of congress, the one place where kids under 16 are quite welcome as long as they have an adult with them. and this is an experiment, not really an experiment. it's a new part of the library of congress is a reach and were pleased to also have a first center for the book foothold in the -- excuse me, thomas jefferson building.
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we love these books and beyond tax in particular because they are both my authors who have a special connection one way or another with the library of congress. and every speakers have used the collections of the library of congress. others are involved with projects come with not just the center for the book, but maybe other parts of the library. and it's an important way that we feel that we can demonstrate a product coming out of all this the promotion and we try to get books and authors as much publicity as we can here at the library of congress, but also in the states. the format today is going to be a presentation by our author. we are being filmed today, not only by the library of congress for the library's website, but also by c-span and also by the national journal. so we are part of an educational experience about books of which we are very proud.
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one warning though is placed or not all things electronic because of the filming going on. we will have a brief question and answer. before the book signing and at that time we hope that you have questions, but your question is you are authorizing us to have you participate on film with us as part of the educational experience. there is a new feature for the library of congress center for the book. a couple things. we'll give ministers or the overseers of any website, and second loop we have a books and beyond facebook and misinformation about the face book and about our future event on the table here to the site. so please look at that and look for our next event. we have several of these books and beyond tax on almost every
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week for the next couple of months. kathryn allamong jacob, sheered out as kathy griffin pennsylvania as part of a human that lived history. after graduating from college gender m.a. from history from georgetown university and her phd in history from johns hopkins university. she has held positions as university archivist at johns hopkins, insisted historian at the u.s. historical u.s. senate historical office and as is an archivist at the national archives. kathy currently is curator of manuscripts at the schlesinger library -- excuse me come at the schlesinger library at the history of women in america -- on the history of women. i better try that again. the schlesinger library on the history of women in america at harvard university. "king of the lobby," today's talk, this is the book.
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dream for which we will hear about today was most recently published two extant reviews by johns hopkins university press heard it as kathy's third and her third washington d.c. based centered book. her first and then the director of the center for the book, so i love to introduce through books. and this is a book off my own show that i've had for a number of years. her first book, b.: high society in washington d.c. after the civil war, was published in 1995 by the smithsonian institution press when she was assistant program director for the national historical publications and records commission. her second book, you ready for this, testament to union: civil war monuments in washington d.c., at. in 1998, published by johns hopkins university press when she was the deputy director at the american jewish historical
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society. it is now my pleasure to introduce you to kathy jacob who in turn will introduce all of us to the most influential man about washington in the gilded age. kathy. [applause] >> thank you, john. thanks there much for coming. so lamentations that special interests by spending obscene amounts of money were strangling the voice of the people. fears that the nation was going to hell in a handbasket carried by lobbyists. these were something i today, but the same stories to the press and the capitol capital building in the 1870's. in the gilded age, when wave after wave of scandal uncovered congressman who sold their votes and ruthless men like samuel colt and collis huntington who arrived in washington with boxes
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of pistols and trunks full of cash with which to buy them, a suave new yorker, sam ward, rain unspotted as the king of the lobby. not only that, he transformed what it meant to love the purebreds of railroad stop one for him to the king of the lobby traded in information exchange that dinner parties. evenings that one guest gushed for the climax of civilization. at his table, he outlines of a new modern lobby, a lobby easily recognize today took shape. king of the lobby is about lobbying power, politics and money in washington and the gilded age. it's also about delicious food, fine wine, good conversation and how charming and disarming sam ward combined all three to create a new type of lobby, social lobbying. and he reigned as king for a decade. sign of an honorable old family, brother from the field to operate ward howe, best friend
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of henry watts who is a fellow mathematician, linguists, california 40 niner, it's been good to squandered several fortunes. the award was one of the most amazing men have an area crowded with larger-than-life personalities. sam ward's story not of the lobby would be impossible tales to tell with any depth or color or accuracy without the manuscript collections here at the library of congress. i'm very grateful to the staff of the manuscript division and of the princeton photograph division. the papers of some of sam's good friends are here, james a. garfield, thomas a. bair, william antivirus and for the papers of james g. blaine, benjamin practice, hamilton fish, benjamin brown french, and to marvel, benjamin butler, was sam's nemesis and many others. and together they provide a richness of detail that also brings him were ward back to life. so here's the story of sam ward in a nutshell and the congress
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david. sam's early years gave no hint of his future profession. he was born in 1814, the first of six children and to an older family. his father, samuel ward, was highly respected conservative banker for the rocksolid firm of ram board and came and sam ward, the sun was expected to someday take its place there. when sam's mother died when he was just him, his father was devastated and turn to religion. he gave up cigars. he took a temperance into the horror of his friends come and destroyed all the wind in his well-stocked cellar. he also became morbidly obsessed with his children moral spiritual and physical health and try to shelter them from the world. this handsome enough that you can see on the screen was on the corner of broadway and bond in manhattan and its pals in which same corrupt. this image is from the new historical society. it was not until same as a student at columbia with a
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freedom and an allowance that he began to learn about the wider world. he claimed the tns trends explored friends explored every oyster cellar and chop house in manhattan. his favorite spot was a new little café on william street, run by the swift brothers, john and peter till monaco. the more he learned of the world, the last sam wanted to be a banker. he somehow convinced his father to let them go to europe to study before taking his place at prime warden cain. by mid-1832 he she was happily settled in paris, which he called in his first letter home the city of sin and science. i'm sure his father was thrilled. considered studying he threw himself into parisian society. charming, handsome, well-dressed, well mannered and he graced every drawing would be entered. he died something new to an american, a real restaurant with tablecloths in individual menus. he developed a taste for subtle sauces and exotic vegetables like a land.
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he spent a staggering amount of money. he literally dined out for decades once stories of the men and women of the new experiences he joined during the fierce. and this is a stunning picture of sandstones by family member. it was painted and dressed him in 1836 when he was 22. sam managed to stretch the original year in paris into three more in germany. during which he did earn a phd in mathematics and inattentive longfellow, and would've were preparing to take up a post at harvard. they became best friends, a friendship that lasted for nearly 50 years. when banker board finally ordered him home just as he appeared, sam came back with new music, dances, books, all the frippery of which the elder board had a harbor. it was his ideas which would infuse the rest of his life and the clashed most sharply with his fathers. julia ward howe or call one
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debate between the two actors and came home. sir, said my brother, you do not keep in view of the cheap importance of a social type. the social white asked my father? the social tie, sir. i take small small account of that said the gentlemen. i will die in defense and impetuously rejoined the younger. i father was so much amused by the salad that he spoke of it to an intimate friend. imagine he will die in defense of the social tie indeed. despite his cronies to letters to friends, sam did not spend all of his time at prime warden cain. he renewed his acquaintance with all monaco's brothers and as a cosmopolitan oldest son of a rich man he was invited to a fashionable soirée. at one samnites emily aster, granddaughter of galaxy john jacob astor, the richest man in america. they were married in junior 1838 in the months that followed were some of sam's happiness. his father is up on a factory. he otherwise he adored and
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woodward had into november their first child, a little girl was born. this painting by dan hall also still in family hands show sam and family on their wedding day. the first dark cloud, the samuel ward's unexpected death in november 1839. ready or not, sam moved up the ladder at prime ward and king. next is brother who understood the banking industry caught typhoid fever and died in julia finds. then came the hideous death of nathaniel prime, the retired founder of the bank. spammer to longfellow, old mr. prime committed suicide yesterday by slitting his throat with a razor. there was a bright spot in mid february 1841, sam dashed off a joyous note to longfellow announces the arrival of his first son. two days later another know. this time barely legible brought news of an infection that had sat in and family had died.
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two days after that sam's son died, too. same as executor of his father several million dollars state, partnering out one of new york's most prestigious banking firms, guardian industry high-spirited sisters, a widower, father richard wrote little growth in 27 years old. what were sam is also one one of the sketches in new york in two years later he was caught by a beautiful young woman from new orleans named medora crams. her mother was a fortune hunting true with roger to spoil daughters to new york to find which has been. no one but sam and suzette crams believed that she was the woman for him. longfellow was impressed by herb doody up by little else and he told himself. this is medora and in 1852 book, the book of home beauty. death to all caution, sam married the door in september september 1843 when the door of our two sons in quick succession families ecstatic at his home life is happy again, but his business life was anything but.
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urged on by medora, sam wanted nothing more than to make a lot of money and retire from business. speculation he was certain was his ticket to fortune. in september 1847 wall street was stunned by the news of prime ward and company worried about sam's recklessness king had withdrawn, had collapsed. several million dollars for god and thousands more were owed to creditors. broke, sam had to rent his house. suzette crams back to my door and the to them to new orleans. now 35 famous bankrupt, casting about for a way to inhibiting. in the california gold fever sweeping the nation he saw his opportunity. he joined the 40 niners rushing west, set up shop in the same with the waterfront, but if protestants account domingos samford estimated quarter of a million dollars in just three months. sam adopted a much more rugged look in san francisco. this image is from the new york
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public library. this new fortune when i've got one pair destroyed olive skin for its warehouse is. but creditors hounding and it became if a operator in the california wilderness. he got caught up in the schemes of american and french adventures inexico. he sailed for france to nicaragua and goes to return a mysterious mission and bobbed up in new york a wealthy man again. sam plunged right back into speculating on wall street and surprises funston dwindled and with what was left of his wife's affection. this time symphony with a berth on a diplomatic to paraguay and managed to convince both the american delegation and the paraguayan president that he was responsible for the happy resolution of all issues. stansell at home with silver utensils for making montana strike and in his pocket a secret agreement so this 1000 pounds sterling to lobby in washington on paraguay's behalf. when he landed in may 18:59 p.m.
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headed to washington to begin a new career. when sam arrived in washington in 1859, the original squad some of the capital had been removed to make way for the better proportion don't we know today. and you can see construction underway in this photo and the architect of the capitol. spammer j-juliett that the nation's capital was a tinderbox. washington set squarely on the sectional fault line between north and south as the nation threatened to split into. a public event culminates in the near of civility remained in a private dinner parties hostesses found it difficult to wonder the world for president and key political enemies apart. now sam was a democrat. he believed in gradual emancipation in compensation for slave owners. he has many friends and family members in the south, but there is no question that sam would remain loyal to the union. he put his house on five straight at the disposal of his friends dinner secretary of
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state william henry seward. there has -- which it are to be going to be noticed provided the perfect cover for northerners and southerners who needed neutral ground on which to me. sam traveled to the confederacy in the early days of the war with his old friend william howard russell, secretly sending back letter's to seward for which he surely would have been hanged or shot was discovered. when a new york san checked into the new york hotel a southern stronghold and from there he sat letter is full of all the gossip about the south and from the south that he could mean to seward's death. at the time the war was over, sam's purse with an antiwar to julia, all my bank accounts or over john. i have to go back to washington to get the money. now sam's timing was perfect. a new era with stunning in a combination of old and new forces guarantee that a man with sam's unusual skills could indeed get some money in post world washington. just how sam went about spinning
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charm into gold is whether to focus on now. representatives of a host of reform rooms were flocking to washington hoping to channel the newly concentrated powers that are toward the betterment of society. at the federal government could abolish slavery, surely you could write other ones. spokesman for the poor and the sick, for criminals for temperance and education for civil service reform code for the abolition of capital punishment, for civil rights for, justice for american indians, for roles for women and for fair treatment of labor converged on the capitol to plead their cases before the new agencies committees and departments. the potential to make them millionaires by exploiting the lucrative new areas coming into the federal government's purview was the date that lured a more cynical crowd to the capital. the war had schooled them as well. conditions were right when a ruthless era in which special interest sportsman and the corruption which introduced out
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the doors of every government office. in fact, there wasn't anything about the elements that gave rise to these unseemly years. all existed before the war at the confluence of so many factors encouraging corruption the skill and audacity dancers scandalous, these were new. the coals are hot and ready for an interested in feeding frenzy in washington. the great barbecue. the most sought after dishes at the feast were railroad charters and land, the of rifles of tariff schedules and patent rights hungrily, too. others coveted maleness, mining and timber rights come indian trading post and military contracts for everything from boots to beef. that one of the sentiments of chorus with sam. he was just as hungry as the others were fortunate in its friends in high places, savoir-faire, a trouble than it does have 10 recipes and discounts for diplomacy style of a talker dwell success. sam's entrée into the johnson
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administration was secretary secretary of the treasury cuba: who faced a colossal task of financial reconstruction. convincing congress to support his plan would not be easy. one of those to whom he turned for help with sam who could both talk the talk of finance and more importantly, bring together men of opposing views to talk over their differences. and sam was happy to oblige. for new headquarters on east street, sam set of 20 victory for macola cookery with a treasury paying the bill. dan was delighted when reporters place the cost of the suppers for the secretary of the treasury at $12,000. soon the key senators and representatives on both sides of the currency debate were sitting down to dinner at sam's table. although macola was disappointed when he didn't get all he wanted, he was not disappointed in sam who claimed credit for the partial victory. thanks this work for macola in a string of successes with other kinds, sam star was rising.
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tuccillo he boasted he was a figaro, everyone calls me, everyone wants me. but what exactly do they want from sam and what did he do for those who called his name? in a letter to new york millionaire casino bar low his friend as well as his most important client about what she was doing for him in washington and sam wrote: it's taken me a week in my congressional elements. at length able to read you favorably touching all of your projects. i can get the furniture bill passed any day. but how did sam caruthers congressional elephant? see them doing a recipe for success when he tasted it. tinkering with the ingredients that i should promise before the war, sam is dinners and diplomacy is his preferred means with ends. when sam told j-juliett that for most of them really wanted was a seat at one of his centers, sam's note to barlow about congressional offense ended: at
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the new york hotel monday at 10:00 a.m. when you will find me at breakfast and i will unfold to you my plan to companionate. sam's special pelagic off to begin with take and champagne with barlow for another client footing the bill. when in new york, sam's favorite delmonico spirit but here in washington to rotate it is lobbying dinners for more than a dozen deaths among formosa telecom of the metropolitan club and occasionally john chamberlain's new club. when it came to special dinners, for no more than seven or eight guests come on the vulture's restaurant on 15th street or the treasury building owned by belgian john vulture would do. as he had done when lobbying for paraguay before the war, sam gave his most select dinners and in the privacy of his own home. there he had a two-man staff, his shaft and and a soil valley secretary irishman gerry valentine a horse handicapper who sam's second set of eyes and ears around town.
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sam's kitchen was his laboratory in which event: a rules, recipes and brands. jarreau spring chickens is to spoil them. to split them out the back and broil them. whether in consultation with culture shock or zone, sam took great care in composing every milford has lobbied dinners to the granting with the orchestrated. the menu is after all, sam declared, the plan of campaign, dependent upon the members of the enemy who would be reduced to capitulations by the projected banquet. each course must be exquisite, but small. sam ward wrote reporter emily breaks name status -- it never bct again. his oyster patties like a little woman for so perfect, though small that the next courswould be anxiously awaited. here's the menu for a banquet that sam plans in the 1870's. it's written in a squalling hand on the back of one of his business cards. los angeles amended, he deferred to his clients whether the
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secretary of the financiers or american manufacturers wondering if the guest list. further interest for financial sam would make sure key members of the appropriate house and senate committees received invitations. finding minimal right to be another set of players. which members were alone in washington and lonely? who was most persuasive and who most easily persuaded? who is leaning one way into another? who might like that to sit at home? all of these factors when it's the next and select guests. once he determined to stablemates, sam concentrated on orchestrating the talk around the table. good conversation was as essential as good food and wine samba leads to the success of his evenings. he used stories from his barricaded variegated byplay condiments at his table he could thought to have conversations with all sorts of tales. nothing was ever served on three awards table claimed emily
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breaks the surface deliciousness himself. the results of sam's great care in composing and conducting his dinners and brazil night rushed one guess. and if they noted when i began another guest in enthused that a meeting at sam's was the climax of civilization. but how did these delightful evening and serve stamps and more importantly his client ends? suddenly, slowly and congenially in there and lie is what sets them apart as a lobbyist. several claims that he never talked directly about a project over dinner. it was probably because of the what winds, but it's just also look for the impression that he never outright asked any of them for anything. while sam probably never actually found a job quite this easy, one reporter claimed that sam ward never asked again about the measure in which he was interested at his dinner table but he treated his friends so well that they were always
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anxious to do something for him and you should ask if they were leaving how they could help. samberg s. together on his table and let a good dinner, good wine, good conversation convince educated, launch schemes or knit them in the bud and overcome obstacles. matched i sam's careful steering of the conversation, his essay were all chosen with the purpose might find to their surprise that date, natures and much to learn from each other. a client might find themselves sitting next to a congressman who is wavering on an issue of importance to and. or have a chance to talk casually to a congressman away from his office. a dinners were not sam's only needs to attend. he spent many of the his days visiting members of sis on capitol hill and clustered around the white house. access is critical to a lot of success and the access to offices around town. these are men who don't than
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childhood that according school, the columbia, men who danced with his sisters and his sisters here to live. men who dined at his table into yet there's heard like some other lobbyist, sam also traded in information, providing facts and figures to anyone he could buttonhole to bolster a client's case. many commented on sam's for judith memory with the facts he had stored away about mining or seeing trouble for real brave coupled with amusing anecdotes and nuggets from the strobe of trivia he could hold his listener's attention for persistently arguing for whatever measures he was being paid to push. nowhere, not an contemporary newspaper accounts, obituaries, congressional testimony or in sam's those letters are those of his clients was there any hint that sam never took a bribe, offered a bribe, and geisha blackmail for use in the other man's to win his ends. and sam was very proud of


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