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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  April 6, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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>> matt: top of the 3rd inning . clemson showing why they are the number team in the acc's atlantic division. >> jeff: clemson came out red hot tonight. really brought their hitting shoes here tonight. already wrapped up 10 hits against the georgia staff. 8 men to the plate in the 1st, and 10 men to the plate in the
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92nd inning. and, in the 2nding in. and chris epps, back up. epps, a guy whose numbers have been down, lower than what the clemson tigers had come to anticipate for epps, especially after he had been named the most valuable player of the ncaa clemson regional last june. >> jeff: the tigers hoping he can turn it around. certainly off to a good start here tonight. a couple runs, reaching twice. epps with very good speed. fastball from earls to make it 34-1. another -- 3-1. another fastball. and epps is 3-3 here in the top of the 3rd. >> jeff: that will push the old
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average up. right around 240 now. you see that sometimes with players. they go year-to-year. that has been the case with georgia's colby may. the could you telling reports get around. the player tries to shoulder too much of the load and the frustration sets in. i think the thing with jack leggett and david perno, when you are struggling, you can't want it back and jump from .230 to .300. it is a process. not just one game. obviously for epps a good start for him tonight. averaged 25 points in the matter of an hour as epps was chased back up to .240 now. he had one against south carolina back on march 7th which was one of the two victories against the sox.
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and they do get the lead runner here. there you see farmer's range in the field. talk about a star in the making for the bulldogs. when you look at georgia great teams in the 2000 ies, farmer is cut from the same cloth. bottom line, you want to win in this league, get to the college world series, you have to be not just good but great at short stop. that is 2004 team finish encourage 3 in the nation. schaus has already driven in 3 of the 9 runs and stands at the plate, which had been the 2nd best finish in georgia history until the 2008 team made it all the way to the national championship series, lost 2 game to 1 to fresno state, the
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cinderella team of the 2008 college experience. you saw the scintilla team in the ncaa basketball championship tournament, with butler coming within a shot of beating duke. fresno state with a bigger suint release la in 2008, when they spot boo the ncaa baseball field.
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georgia, along with lsu, went from the cellar to being one of the two premier program in the 2,000's in the southeastern conference. and schaus here, fastball missed inside. 3-0 for schaus. jeff is relatively new. clemson with a long running straw digs. 14acc championships. 34 regionals and 11 trips to the college world series. >> jeff: 5 under jack leggett's watch. georgia had been to the ncaa tournaments all times. half in just this 9th year. and they get out it have the inning here with 26 turns by the dog this is season, and
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for the first time tonight, the clemson tigers are clemson on clemson on
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>> matt: chris epps is a young man, you told me still has is confidence, despite the low batting average, 3-3 tonight. >> jeff: yes. you have to have a lot of confidence in him. he carried us a lot of times this year. one of those guys that set the table for us. really one of the best lead off hitters. got off to a good start. >> matt: coach, you have to be feeling great after coming back and building in the 2nd. >> yes, we have seen openings,
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things we can do, keep on being aggressive and keep on the pitches. comenick leone, a nice looking -- comenick leone, a nice looking freshman. >> matt: well, thank you. out into the right, bulldogs first hit of the ball game. >> jeff: just talked about the way both teams competed, how great it was. wish georgia the best of luck. when you have your heart ripped out like that, not the easiest thing to endorsement a healthy
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respect and this great rivalry is great. >> matt: kevin ruiz gets the 1st hit. i don't think he is byny means any thoughts in anybody's mind. he is tonight. that is the way you get more playing time. when you get that opportunity sometimes at the expense of somebody, hurt somebody, at the expense of somebody who is struggling, you take advantage of it. he had the best asset of any bulldogs tonight. >> jeff: shipman did that at 1st base when davison went down. very good to georgia.
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>> matt: 2 balls and no strikes to christian glisson. the inside pitch back and 2-1. >> glisson leads the team with a .448 on base percentage. folks hide be surprise today see his offensive production. david perno said they were not surprised at all he had been able to swing the bat like he had. the injury problem that has limited his ability to throw out base runners. that has been problematic for the bulldogs all season long. i would like to see him hit with a little more pop. he hit his first home run on saturday out of baton rouge. a nice combination of georgia players mere and metro atlanta players. and christian, 3-9, with 3
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rbi in that series against the tigers. 3-1 pitch fouled out of play. the 2 run shot in the top to have 4q made a -- 4th inning , having won on sad. the rubber game. and 3 run in the bottom half of the 4th. went over to bullpen. gave up 9 run it is rest of the way. >> jeff: the bottom of the 4th, nearly a great catch t the bulldogs play hit-and-run here. the 1st baseman , lamb, was not holding ruiz on. but no doubt, coming into this year, one of the biggest question markings for georgia was the match up position.
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leone, and that ball is popped into left field! and going back on it is haas, try to make the -- schaus. try to make the grab. there is one down. david was pointing out, and correctly so, no team in america had more players drafted off of their roster than the georgia bulldogs a year ago. you are talking about a club coming off a year in which georgia had two first-rounders. the bulldogs with a lot to replace. again, they haven't thrown dirt here on the 2010 season. still a long way to go, but certainly the future very, very bright. all freshmen and sophomore in the line up.
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>> jeff: well, as you know, the future starts here on css. that has been the team of the season. maim league stars playing here, and college baseball here on the network. here is the 0-1 pitch. leone on 1st base. moving up, ruez on the plate. both of these teams have turned out their share of big league stars. georgia with the reigning american league rookie of the year. so many great players from clemson. >> jeff: the bulldogs are currently on major league rosters or have been currently.
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>> matt: count 2-0 to peter verdin. finds himself the number 2 catcher -- or the number 3 catcher. the number 3 catcher is david roth. an auburn tiger/florida gator. 2 balls, no strikes to peter verdin. ruiz down at 2nd base. strike at the knees.
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90 on the gun right there. 2-1. florida and south carolina, top two team in the east. gamecocks and lsu topped in the standings. here is a 2-1 pitch. 2-2. here is the trivia question, what fcc school did ryan mccann sign with? do you know the answer? >> jeff: their father, howie, was an assist coach in the 08's, basically recruited the team that won the 1990's
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championship. the recruiting pipeline dried up in a hurry after that. >> jeff: the connections continue beyond that. here is the 3-2 pitch. that ball is down the right field line. and mccann went on to become the head coach at marshall when david perno got down with his college baseball playing game and decided he wanted to go into coaching, he went on to follow mccann. >> jeff: he sure did. >> matt: you have probably heard of a lot of these guy. >> that is right. david is taking it to another level. >> matt: here is the 3-2 pitch. that is g. cleared the first run for georgia, making it 9-
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1. and peter verdin with a stand up double. team leading 1 st. double. started tonight 2nd in the conference. >> jeff: yes. and verdin a very good player. improved his power this year. turned on that one and lashed it out into level field. verdin making a quick turn at 1st base. you always like to get the extra base hit with two outs, because now you get somebody else in scoring position. >> matt: and that would be peter verdin right now for levi hyams, who was finally able to get healthy, after a back injury. so, georgia starting to hit the ball in the front, but they have a big hill to crime as we completed 3 at foley as we completed 3 at foley field k yot oven.n on [ male a] thank you, pothole tarmac.
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>> hopefully we can keep them at bay for a few innings, see if they can scratch a couple more and make it interesting. >> matt: a nice 4-6-3 and a good appearance for ruiz in the bottom of the 3rd. >> yes. we need our pitcher to command counts better, we are 2-1's, 3- 1's, 2-0's. we have to command the account
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better. hopefully we can reclaim the inning and leave on a good note. >> jeff: already, david. thank you. >> thank you. >> matt: david perno there. and his team will have to rally in dramatic fashion. and 9th play here by levi hyams. >> jeff: yes. a tragic accident and early in the year, as georgia was playing it's 13th 2nd baseman, they had glisson playing 3rd base, so the bulldogs just now starting to get healthy.
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>> jeff: clemson jumping out with a big lead. now is the time where guys can earn some strikes. and ruiz with the big hit and earls with a big hit, setting down 4 in a row. >> jeff: you have to give clemson a lot of credit. they get the 3 spot in the 1st. they were able to build on it in the 2nd inning. sweeping curve ball from earls
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is out. 3 totals for bulldogs and justin earls has them all since coming on in relief in the 2nd. coming on in relief in the 2nd. the tilings
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>> matt: bottom of the 4th inning .
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are right. zach cones could have scored on that play. that will be scored a straight trim there. very whys by jason eller there. cruises into 3rd. they did score that a triple. the 5th of the season, which ties him from the lead in the southeastern conference. here is shipman, showing signs of widening the plate, a deficit too large for them to over come. strikeout his first time up. but they are starting to away and pick
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away. i know david perno has to like the example of the showing for the year. it is 1-1 now. 1-1 pitch. that ball is hit up middle. and a gold star by mike freeman's name. what a play by the georgia bulldogs, coming back and putting damage on his former team right there.
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