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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  April 7, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> so far so good in this series. he still has that shortstop arm. able to fire across getting longoria and starting this 5-3- 5-3-double play. >> i asked mike who played his 43 games, he said it's all about the angles and that's what he's done so well in this series. get a good read on the ball. and he does have that arm.
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>> guthrie going to work on shoppach has tejada is behind him. the one thing miguel brings every day is that enthusiasm. he's always happy and always smiling. that rubs off on you. >> i think he feels this might be the best club he has played on as he's been an oriel. you know, it's early. didn't have as a club, a great spring. of course, there were injuries. but, to me, he looks like he's in great shape. >> and no doubt he can still hit. >> jim: shoppach went too far and he's tagged out by wieter. you go back to two years ago when he was one of the better pitchers in the league, he could throw this pitch and
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command it. last year he led the american league with 35. if you're a power guy and you throw not too many changeups, and you hang them, that's where you give up a lot of home runs. perfect. it's the right pitch to throw the kelly shoppach. >> reid brignac getting a shot at base tonight. brignac just 24 years old. tampa drafted him out of high school in louisiana. there's draft picks and high draft picks up and down this tampa bay roster. he's just 24 years old. the rays able to build. jeremy guthrie was out of cleveland.
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the result of that is drafting high the following year and one thing they have done a fantastic job of in this organization is drafting and then developing those players. >> you've got the make the right choice. how about september 14th. david hernandez home run, couple of doubles. another one of the young hitters that loves the fast ball. it doesn't mean you can't throw it. you just can't throw it in the middle of the plate. >> jim: right back to guthrie, good fielder and 2 men down. guthrie gets the first outs in the 3rd inning. celebrate the first t-shirt tuesday. that was a week from last night. that will be oriel park. 15 and over against the rays receive a matt wieters baltimore t-shirt. buy your tickets in advance.
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get online at no. 32, chaz an old number for him. he's always won 32 until he got to the orioles last year. a ball and a strike. her's jason bartlett. you mentioned not messing with those picks and two of the 3 first round picks for the orioles are on this roster. wieters is here, matusz will pitch tomorrow, and then those high picks, they have the third overall pick in the draft. and reimold and guthrie has a 2 2nd 3 up and 3 out inning. the birds have a 2-0 lead.
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. >> tonight's game brought to you by mitsubishi. the game is controlled by the starting pitcher. guthrie has not allowed a run for 3 innings and matt garza has allowed only 2 runs. each starting pitcher -- 3 innings pitched for each. no earned runs for guthrie.
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one earned and one unearned for garza. >> they didn't hit garza hard, but he did get a walk and excellent advance by -- and you will take a run when you're 6 and 1 against the orioles. >> matt wieter, reimold and atkins. there's a strike. i thought it was interesting if you're on a roll, and that's what garza was able do in the spring, you didn't want to give up the two runs, but once you get on the board, it breaks out. >> jim: calls for a base hit. matusz with a lead off single. he has base hits in each of the
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first two games. 3 for his first 6. >> i think what we saw there was he didn't overswing. when you're talking about good hitters, it looks like matt wieters is evolving into that. he's got plenty of time to show us how good he can be. that's what the instructor always talks about, pretty good illustration right there. reimold right there, takes a strike. reimold, another of the players that came through the orioles system. he was a second round pick in '05. college player. he played at bowling green. he's actually the oldest of the 3 starting outfielders. when you consider markakis and jones, he's a month older than
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nick. he went the college route. there's nick markakis who is 26, as is nolan, but nolan will turn 27 after nick does after the season. >> that ball swept to third. safe and there's the first time he's been tested in his first game. that is something reimold is so adept at getting down that line. that's a good sign. he has a combination of a couple of things. longoria is going to make a throw that's going to bring it to the outside. look how far he has to go when he reaches back. that allows reimold and every ball out hard. some people might think that's a routine double play. >> jim: what i like there at
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the end is the way he went through the bag. he didn't lunge at it. fast ball for a strike. that to me is pretty important because garza make as great pitch. it's a double play ball. you have a couple of opportunities, especially here at tropicana field. again, what you want to do is keep adding to that 2-0 lead, if you can. that's not going to be easy with the stuff that garza has. look, no. 1. shields who pitched last night for tampa bay was right behind him. jackson, he was -- well, he's with arizona now, but he was with the tigers. got him traded.
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boy does he have good stuff. 1-2 on atkins, 1 out and 1 on. high fast ball. edwin jackson, he was the guy when he was coming up through the dodger system was the untouch you believe prospect and now he's with a major league organization because someone keeps wanting him. >> he pitched very well here, and then he went over to detroit and pitched well there. >> jim: 1 and 2 on atkins, reimold at -- 1 down. high fly ball left field -- makes the catch near the wall. it was softly hit and hung and carl crawford with that great speed, able the go back and
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lunge for it. atkins retired and 2 men down. >> he made this play look routine. he just runs it down, and what he's saying, basically, is i got away with a high breaking ball. i think one of the reasons atkins hit it on the bat is you think it may be a little bit tighter and you don't center the ball. >> izturis, second at back. soft line drive to second base in his first trip tonight. >> he's already in his 10th 10th season in the big leagues leagues. >> little bit low. good eye. 2.
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>> jim: garza measured 8 strikeouts per innings. he walked 3 and a half. he also allowed just under 8 hits per game. less than a hit per inning. remarkable for a starter. >> incredibly low numbers, they just did not play well behind him, as far as scoring runs. >> jim: outside ball, 3. kerr win danly has had had a pretty good night. he's been a fair umpire and a consistent umpire. in the past he has not had that reputation, but he's done a very good job here tonight. seems to change his style a little bit. he seems to be more up right now behind the catcher. there's a 4 pitch walk with 2 men down. >> i'm not sure if that's a good idea. gary was talking about it last
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night. apparently they're doing a better judging of the umpires, probably a good thing. you know, they've got a very difficult job, but you still want them to be accountable. >> jim: buckner, he'll have the plate tomorrow night. that's pretty good matchup, matusz and niemann. >> roberts is at bat already. struck out in his second at- bat. 0 for 7 over the first two games games. only 4 hits in this cause, the orioles have three. tampa bay, 1. there's a 5th in a row as roberts takes ball 1.
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trembley looking on. hoping for a win to end this series. >> he's also hoping for some hits with runners in scoring position. >> reporter: roberts takes, 1 and 1. >> jim: matt garza is 27 and 34 in his career, so he is 7 below 500, however, his career era is 3.99 and in the american league -- and now he's in the al east, as you refer to it arena baseball. 3.99 is very impressive. >> and then what, he's 18 and 7 against the american league east. >> against the os. so roberts is taking 3 pitches. reimold out at 2nd.
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his first with 2 down. foul past t-bone shelby. they were talking about the no decisions last year. garza 12, only java chamberlain. >> if you look at the runs scored, the as scored 103 and the red sox, 872. chris pena missed the last 25, 26 26 games. >> jim: roberts back pedals.
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>> good comment. guthrie gets ahead of crawford leading off tampa bay's 4th. >> and your bags fly for free
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on southwest. >> jim: yes, they do. >> they're not going the charge me because i'm going on southwest where bags fly for free. >> jim: even though you have people -- >> nope. i'm a southwest type of guy. >> jim: 1 and 2. at the convenience of -- >> westwest palm beach. >> because of all your people, do you get in group a. >> no. i call right on the moment. >> jim: so you just walk to front and say, hi, i'm here. >> i don't do that. you get a call at the right time. >> jim: okay. crawford as gone from 0 and 2
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to a full count. slaps it to left. that's going fall for a base hit. reimold was playing very deep in left field. crawford for a lead off single. time for our trivia question. who was the last oriel to lead the team in wins with less than 10 wins? >> i have to think about this. no offense to at&t mobility, but if you lead the team with less than 10 wins, it's really not that important. you know what i'm saying? >> jim: but interesting. >> yes, it is. >> jim: guthrie had 10 last year, so it wasn't last year. good move to first and crawford
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getting back. i'm going to say rodrigo lopez, but several years in a row he led the team in wins. >> he also won 14 and 15, but one year he was 9 and 18. >> jim: back to back singles to begin the 4th. the question of the night, the at&t mobilititive y. who was the last or yell to lead the team with 10 wins, jeff ball lard and david have mitt. >> you know how that season started. >> jim: yes. >> 0 and 21. nice hitting approaches by the rays. second time through the order. crawford strike with a 2-1
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lead. and zobrist who's a power hitter hitter. >> jim: outside 1 and 0, evan longoria. a monster shot. last year, he had 33 home runs. this one popped up right center field. jones and markakis. crawford going the third and it's safe! he just got the foot in. flat out speed there, but that was a close play, tejada with a quick tag. >> nick doesn't think he's running. he assumes he'll stay there because the ball is so shallow.
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one of the things that nick markakis does is get a running start toward home plate, charging, catching the ball in the air and right there he doesn't do it. the double play is still in order, but now crawford, a fly ball will get him in. >> jim: sob leading from first, he has a modest lead. there's pena. side 1 and 0. shift three infielders on the inside. 0-2. 1 for 5 for tampa bay with the runners in scoring position. >> jim: pena doubled his -- going the opposite way.
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guthrie has two strikeouts, he has walked just one batter. 2 in the first have not scored since. pena will be a free agent at the end of the year. he'll turn 32 in may. in his three years with the rays, this is his 4th season, he's had 36 -- each year he has driven in 100. >> another thing he's done as strikeout 163 times and that is exactly what jeremy guthrie needs right here, a punch out. >> jim: a ball and 2 strikes. crawford a lot of speed at third. then zobrist who's a good base runner. he's at 1st.
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3 ahead of pena, 1 and 2. pitch out, nothing up . there's the two and two, fouled back this way. >> a little breaking ball right there, and they're going to have a little conference. go last to to last at-bat. that was a fast ball away, but jeremy tried to get down and got caught up in the zone and hit it over the head of nolan reimold. maybe a pop up, rick dempsey
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was talking about it in the pregame show. he said you -- he's a low ball hitter, but do you have enough guts to do that and make the big pitch when you can. >> jim: and 2, and he got him. he game a bit off speed and pena couldn't reach it. big, big strikeout for guthrie and 2 men out. his third k of the game. >> just going to turn it over. strong guy trying to get the ball in the air. he chases the ball a little bit out of the strike zone, and that's what two strikes will do. >> jim: guthrie is an out away from keeping this game scoreless, but another dangerous hitter up. here's bj upton. >> right through the middle,
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base hit. crawford scores, tampa bay on the board, it's a 1-1 game. bjbj upton first rbi of the season. >> he hits it down, but down the middle. >> jim: upton has walked and he's singled a drive -- burrell coming up nowment here's another situation. last night, kevin millwood did this well where you get yourself in a jam and you need to minimize the damage. allow one, but don't allow 2, tampa bay to tie it.
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dave trembley looking on. you know, looking at all the numbers when you prepare for a game and in particular with the starters, it's kind of interesting that guthrie and garza, the two opponents tonight have the exact 1 loss record in their careers, they're both 27 and 34. outside, ball 2. guthrie has a bit for game experience. this is his 112th game for garza it's his 89th. deep foul. 2 and 1 on burrell. >> we were talking about the new hitting instructor trying to get these guys to be
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selectively aggressive. look for a ball you can drive. just got out in front of it. slider taken. ball 3. >> pretty good discipline approach from the tampa bay hitters the second time through the order. they have had a little pow wow on the bench with their hitting instructor. that's what charlie lou used to do with the kansas city great hitters. >> jim: there's a walk and bases loaded. tampa bay is taking advantage of it. 2nd walk allowed by guthrie. crawford worked it to 3 and 2 and crawford hooked it to left. burrell at 1st. here comes kelly shoppach. he nearly won the game last night with a home run, but his
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double set up the inning. hit the wall in deep center field. >> great fast ball hitter. >> jim: weakly hit foul. >> because they threw him a slider. doesn't mean he can't hit it, but he would prefer to hit a fast ball. >> jim: shoppach playing -- >> of course he came out of the red sox organization, and he hit 26 one year. he's always had good power, in fact, better than good. there's another breaking ball. >> jim: so here's yet another 0 and 2 count. can guthrie get the out to get out of the inning. >> and as the manager said, use
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the whole field. that's what they tried to get some of their hitters to embrace, try to put the ball in play with two strikes. >> jim: slider and this one in. good idea but well off the plate. shoppach laid off. trembley cheering on jeremy guthrie as joe madden looks on. joe madden in his 5th season, he's managed more games than any other manager since joining the al east in 1998. the 1-2, a little low. >> he's also the only manager to have a winning record. what last year 48 48 wins -- 84
8:33 pm
wins. >> jim: here's your big pitch. you don't want to go 3 and 2 with the bases loaded. so 2 and 2 on shoppach. here's another conference out at the mound, wieter setting out . >> 25 pitches this inning, that's the one time where the pitch count is a factor. you don't like to have these lengthy i believings where the fatigue begins to accumulate. 3 on, 2 out, 1 in, 2 to 1 game. strike 3 called right down the middle with a fast ball. he had shoppach looking for something else. guthrie gets out of it.
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>> tropicana field st. petersburg and a very entertaining game, as was last night. only 7 hits in this one so far and the orioles have a 2-0 lead
8:36 pm
on matt garza. orioles left 5. tampa bay left 4 and guthrie holding on the a lead. >> adam jones leads off. adam singleton is first at bat. he's 4 for his first 7 on the season. >> normally if you're matt garza, you don't mind those ground ball hits between first and second, but it followed with a markakis. >> jim: popped it up and brignac brignac, the 2nd baseman takes charge. now your kids can learn to play like the pros from the pros, you can sign up today for an
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official baseball camp and your youngsters will enjoy 5 days of professional training, free membership to the junior orioles club. all the dates, locations and all the details, (410)472-3500 or as always you can get all the info online at who knows? you may have gym palmer there. >> great way to learn about the game. nick walked an scored in the first inning. there's a strike. fast ball right there and it's and 2. >> they are not getting -- since the first inning, they're
8:38 pm
not getting a lot of balls in the middle of the plate. that's what good pitches is about. if you can keep good stuff -- or great stuff in garza's case. had a nice year, stay healthy. >> jim: upton has a play back pedaling, 2 men down. markakis 0 for 3. ej upton came up as a shortstop and now controlling center field, very athletic, good arm. >> can you think of a center field that plays any shallower. >> jim: maybe jones. >> they told them they hit a lot of balls over adam's head and that translates into extra hits and runs.
8:39 pm
>> miggy has been on base and there's dame jones, the gold glove orioles center fielder. he's the second outfielder in the orioles history to win the gold glove. tejada took a gap and zobrist has a play. >> jim: the orioles go up when we come back, kevin will visit with us. o's beenaving people my on car insurance for over 70 years.
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and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> wired wednesday continues brought to you by verizon, the network with the most 3g coverage. miller, welcome to baltimore. you got that first one out of the way and now you're just one
8:41 pm
of the guys. >> yeah, it was nice to get that first one out of the way. there's always a few extra nerves when you're joining a new team and you want the make sure everybody knows you're capable of doing the job they're asking you to do. >> how would you rate last night's performance. i read where you said you would have liked to got more than 15 outs. >> yeah, you know, all in all, the two runs, you know, not bad, bui call it a below average outing. i want go deeper than that. kevin, one thing we did notice is you say sub par outing for you, you expect more from yourself, but you really did an out standing job with the game management. jim talks about this, learning to get this. s that a in that knack you have
8:42 pm
to acquire. >> i think jeremy did a good job of that last inning. giving up a run there is better than 3 or 4. so it's -- you do what you can and try to keep your team in the ball game. >> when we talk about jeremy -- center field, jobs on the run, can't get there. play it on the hop. lead off single. >> a little breaking ball, but kevin, i think you can get tampa bay out if you make your pitches. >> yeah, you know, i kind of live by that with every team. i feel like if i go out and i execute the pitches i want to throw, i'm going to get people out and there's always going to be times you give up hits on
8:43 pm
good pitches, but you're going to get people out on bad pitches so i feel like if i can make my pitch, i'm going to get them out more times than not. >> jim: there's bartlett and the first two hitters on just as they did last inning. 2 on and 2 out. kevin millwood joining us on wired wednesday. kevin, we've talked about your influence as a veteran that stabilized the staff and you might be able to help the young pitchers. we saw you talking to matusz earlier. what are some of the things you talk to these guys about and the flip side is what are they asking you about game management and pitching. >> matusz asked me about my game yesterday and how -- you know, if i go up in the zone, you know, intentionally. and i do. i pitch up in the zone quite a bit, but, you know, whatever
8:44 pm
comes up, you know, if i don't know the answer, i'll -- i'm more than happy to say i don't know. but i'll do anything i can to fine out an answer for them. >> you had a really good year last year in texas and it seems like not only did you, but the whole pitching staff turned around. i think that's something everybody here in baltimore is looking forward to. >> it's a big deal for your number one guy to have a good year and have -- it makes it easier for those guys to follow you and it's a lot easier to -- to give guys ideas when you're doing well. it seems like guys listen a little better when you're doing well. >> there's a play you don't see every day. can't reach the runner, runner overruns the base and it's your 3-4 put out at 1st base.
8:45 pm
>> they get the out, but the go ahead run was in the scoring position. >> ben zobrist and here's another one of these innings where you hope to minimize it. these are the high octane innings and you talked about it last night, your elevated pitch, but these innings are the ones that eventually get you if you have too many of these types. >> yeah, you can't have too many of these in a game. these will make 90 pitches seem like 120 when you have too many of these innings, but the good thing is he had a few easy ones early on and hopefully heel get another of this and collect himself a little bit. >> jim: 2 on and 1 down. now your next start will be at other yellow park. i know you've been theres a visitor. what do you think it's going to
8:46 pm
be like, first, getting through the home opener, and settling back in before the events. >> i think it's going to be exciting. i'm looking forward to getting back to baseball outdoors. >> line to third. tejada has it. there's a huge out and -- man down. >> not a big fan of the dome in tampa. >> it's any dome. our game is meant to be played outside in grass. this doesn't feel like baseball yet. >> kevin, we're happy to have you in baltimore. there's a lot of potential with this staff and you're going to be a big part of their development. good luck with that and we appreciate your visit. >> thank you.
8:47 pm
>> that's kevin millwood joining us on wired wednesday. that's a -- for longoria. the only thing left is to get tampa bay's most dangerous hitter out. >> he starts off with a change- up. you have to mix your pitches with longoria. elevated the ball, didn't get it elevated or -- >> left center field, my mold is on the run. tampa bay is going to get the lead. bartlett scores and a 2-one double on second base. tampa bay, a big 2 out hit and the rays have a 3-2 lead. >> gets the fast ball to him and gets it over reimold's head. i think it's hard to see what
8:48 pm
kind of -- nolan comes across and then the ball gets over his head. maybe that's the best angle he thought he could get to the ball with. >> i think we're talking about right here is, you know, again, you made the point, kevin millwood made the point, rick made the point, if you're going to give up 2 runs, make it only 2. there's a tendency sometimes when things are getting tough to lose focus. >> tampa bay through the first innings tonight. last run an inning on 3 hits. this inning, 2 runs on 3 hits. so they have 7 in the game. orioles, 17 and 22 last year in one run games. 23rd out of the major league.
8:49 pm
here's carlos pena. >> this offense is a continuation of what they did in the spring. they are forced in the american league. pena was one of those guys that only hit 78. crawford didn't hit well. third third in the majors in home runs and they won 20 games. >> ball and a strike on carlos pena. tampa bay, as the rays did last night, where each of the hitters had a hit, the rays have 7 hits tonight by 7 different hitters. joe madden, 5th season as the ray's manager. high ball 2. we've talked about the orioles schedule, 21 of the first 28 against the al east.
8:50 pm
tampa bay has a lot of big games in april. after they close out the game on sunday, they head out to face the orioles next week. pop up confidence, jones moving in on it. adam has it for the final out. guthrie out of it without any further damage, but a 2-run double by longoria. rays have a 2 lead.
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batter. the orioles have only 3 hits. there's a strike right there. right there it's 96. anytime you can throw that, his career high, when he was a twin, 11 punch outs in cleveland. it would have been 2007. that's when he was 23 and then they trade him. >> delavan young is starting for minnesota. they believe he's finally matured and he has all that home run potential. so far the rays have benefitted
8:54 pm
from that trade. a ball and two strikes on luke scott. luke will turn 32 in june. 3rd season with the birds. and he got him. tough night for luke scott. not only 0 for 3. he struck out all 3 times. there's strikeout for -- 6 for garza. the descriptions of this game may not be disseminated. the tank where the rays are swimming around, that's in deep center field. there's matt wieter been on base twice tonight. outside.
8:55 pm
and the fans are reaching in, trying to pet the rays. give them a snack. that's a nice feature. your mascot, not only in living color, for real, there they are. wieter went too far on that pitch. >> he hasn't thrown too many change-ups, maybe two or three and he turn it over. trying to hold off. wieter is reached an error in the 1st, singled in the 4th. 3 for six so far this series. ball 2. actually it's the home run last night off of james shields came on the ship. but it stayed up. even though shields has a terrific change-up, it wasn't
8:56 pm
executed properly. this is a young pitcher who says if i throw it right, i can get a hitter out. if it's 2 and 0, you don't throw a fast ball. try stay out of those counts and out of the middle of the plate. >> 2nd out. 6 in a row retired by matt garza and 8 of the last 9 batters have been retired. so the difference in this game was after a you have to first inning which one of the runs was not gash's fault, an error on a play that should have ended the inning, since then he has settled down and that has allowed tampa bay to come back
8:57 pm
on guthrie. biasesbias -- bases empty. so oriels fan year in florida. look at the license plate. must have walked. down here you can walk. >> it's the wild, wild west when you get behind the wheel. one and one on reimold, 2 outs,
8:58 pm
nonon. now, when you drove home, i saw you last week in sarasota and you said right after the game you were driving home, and you were excited because you might see some wild pigs. >> wild boar. >> did you see any. >> yes. my yak da river. >> did you stop and say hi, how ya doing? stop and try to ride one? >> no. there's the painting of the bridge over the bay. reimold goes to right field. he is one out of 3. >> that's what rick dempsey was talking about in the open. he thinks he's going to be the next oriel hitter to hit 40 home runs. i sure hope he hurries. maybe he can do it this year.
8:59 pm
>> start tonight. >> yeah. the orioles are hoping he finds that stroke. >> he had a good swing the last time. it looked like it was going go all the way up and hit the rafters. straight up, just, just missed it. >> atkins in his tenure in colorado had 3 separate 21 home run sentence and they came consecutively. 25 in '07 and 21 in 2008. he had two 100rbi seasons and another in which he drove in 99. so he's had consistency in the production. last year injured a bit. the orioles with the improving
9:00 pm
depth, and, again, we do understand the prospects are that. they're prospects until they come up and prove that they are big league players, but there is talent lined up at every level, and one of the players lined up is brian roberts, behind garrett atkins is snider. >> they'll open tomorrow night. actually i think jeremy hellickson is going to hitch. he didn't have a horrible spring, he probably had beater spring than guthrie. he went to the minors to work on some things. >> and the orioles triple a team opens up against durham. reimold is at 1st and 2 down.
9:01 pm
good eye there. that was in the dirt, designed to get him to chase and he laid off. shoppach with a nice play to scoop that ball. garza is allowed only one earned run. see what shoppach does now. off the plate, ball 3. pena still holding. manages were looking
9:02 pm
on. just want to make sure he goes home and you'll get that secondary lead and they could tie this game up. atkins has popped up short and fly out the left field and a nice running catch by crawford. 3-2 with reimold going, and he got it. swing an a miss. strikeout no. 7. garza holding on the a 3-2 lead. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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continuing with our mitsubishi game flow. earlier we told you guthrie and garza matching. he allowed a run but got a big out with kelly shoppach and ended that threat. today's game brought to you by mitsubishi. guthrie is still on there in the 6th inning. neither bullpen has been active tonight. upton, burrell, shoppach for tampa bay in the 6th inning. >> only 80 pitches now. it's a little more than -- that's 16 an inning for the first 5. he would like to have
9:05 pm
an easy inning. >> gary: time granted late. guthrie was already in his follow through. swept foul as that pitch guarded away from his swing. >> jim: i think jeremy is finding out if you pitch well, you make good pitches, you're going to be in the ballgame. he's been able to do that. maybe a couple he didn't get to where he wanted to. >> gary: jones on the run and he makes the catch. jones, the gold glove got there just in time good break, good lunge, good catch. >> and jeremy guthrie likes that. paul blare won gold gloves, adam jones has 1. they tier
9:06 pm
only two outfielder in orioles history to have gold gloves gloves. >> gary: the orioles have gone 10 seasons out a gold glove winner. mike me sinningia had been the last and dame jones last year. of course shelby works very hard with jones on his defense. he is sienna also worked hard. gym palmer and mike messina are
9:07 pm
the only ones to -- >> gary: go behind the scenes with orioles on facebook and twitter. become a fan of your birds to receive the later orioles news and ticket offers and then follow the os. you will have all the bird land news you need. it's just a click away. there's a strike. 2 down in the inning. guthrie has 2-3 innings. he has not had one since the third. shoppach swinging through that. >> look at that velocity. this is about the best i've seen jeremy pitched, definitely the best he's pitched in spring training. the slider as good as he threw
9:08 pm
all of last year. tough to win here because guys can hit. balls that may only be singles are sometimes doubles. now he side armed upton and he almost got the double or triple. he'll throw those in from time to time. >> gary: shoppach is 0 for 2. he's struck out twice. he and scott are going to have a conversation. so wieter moved a glove there. >> jim: if i was pitching to kelly shoppach, i would be thinking where do i need go to keep away from the long ball. the he hits a single, he's not going the steal a base. >> gary: and he got him. it's a little bit off speed.
9:09 pm
we'll head to the 7th and a 1 run game.
9:10 pm
>> geico highlights for the night. we have a pitcher dual. 13 strikeouts between these pitches. garza has 7 and guthrie has 6. tejada has a base hit and tampa bay is on top of a 3-2 game.
9:11 pm
mig gel tejada on a single. a total of 11 hits. garza is on the mound. so jeremy is a way from reaching his goal, getting at least 1 out into the 7th inning to give your team a chance. >> jim: and he's done it in a very good fashion, maybe 3 or 4 pitches he would like to take back. of course it reminds you of last night's game. >> gary: took a strike. fouls it off the other way. i
9:12 pm
know if you bunt a lot, your base men -- again, if he gets on base, he can steal bases and do a lot of running last year. stole 20 bases out of 30 attempts when he was with the dodgers 2 years ago. >> gary: roberts and jones will follow in this 1 run game. overthrew that one, 1 and 2. there's randy choate, the only left hander in the bullpen for tampa bay. they have 7 pitchers out there. >> jim: i would imagine j.p. howell had the shoulder problems.
9:13 pm
>> gary: swept wide to first. pena will get it to garza for the out. 1 down in the orioles 7th 7th inning. garza gets the first out in the 7th. birds got their 2 runs in the first inning and nothing since. the second was a gift, an unearned run on a bad throw by reid brignac. but they're in the game. 1 run game. brian roberts still looking for his first hit this season and 0 for 5 last night. he's 0 for 3 tonight. two of his 3 at bats, he's worked the count. he takes that one in the dirt,
9:14 pm
ball 1. garza has only walked 2. he has hit one batter. the orioles have just 4 base hits. a total of 7 base runners, actually 8 if you count the error that allowed wieters to reach. >> jim: he kept the ball in the ballpark, especially 1 run ballgames. >> gary: waiting on is it jason bartlett. >> jim: you mentioned bartlett coming over with garza and the one thing scouts for the rays definitely made that trade, he mad a lot of throwing errors. when you have a neck problem, you don't have a good year. so the neck problem went away and then you have an anchor for your defense. this guy is going to be a star.
9:15 pm
>> gary: 25 pitches was tough. 20 in the 6th inning. even though he only faced four batters, 5 in this inning. >> jim: well, they averaged 106.9 pitches last year. that's 4th highest in the american league. >> gary: adam jones takes ball 1. last year garza 17 times in his 32 starts, pitched into the 7 7th inning and got at least one out in that inning, and he has done that in his first start in 2010. he's got 6 and two-thirds so far. still in there. jones a hack, fouls it back. >> jim: and with that pitch 103 and lefty up. you would imagine if adam can reach, he would see choate
9:16 pm
against markakis. who was randy choate. he's a veteran, but he's left- handed. the best kind of veteran to be. >> jim: and breathing. garage adam swings through it 1 and 2. >> jim: you don't see a whole lot of guys throwing 96 in the 7 7th inning. >> gary: jones is 1 for 2 3 tonight. all four of the orioles hits in this game are singles. and he got him. away with a breaking ball, and the inning ins, 3 up, 3 down. 7th inning stretch in st. pete
9:17 pm
9:18 pm
welcome back to tropicana field. joined by rita tobacco. it's fun to visit with him. today is an exciting day for the website as you launched a whole new look. >> it's a complete redesign. i'm slow to adjust, it's much simpler and a much cleaner look and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback so far. >> it's very reds to use. masn now what are people talking about today. i know nolan reimold to start today. >> nolan was as confused as anybody. he showed up today and had no idea he would be in the lineup. we were told he would never play 1st base and we're told it
9:19 pm
could be an option. all of a sudden nolan reimold is there, but it's all about felix coming down with that sore shoulder. if nolan -- he's been running a lot better than he had earlier, he tested himself on the turf, he doesn't care if he's sore tomorrow. he wants to play. he's fine. >> now, jeremy guthrie, staying out there. we saw him struggling and you never saw one guy are the bullpen get up. what are you hearing about the philosophy they they're taking the starter. >> we saw enough people get up last night. now, jeremy, you don't have to worry about that as much. he's one of your innings -- i did notice matt wieters went out the talk to him once after
9:20 pm
he fell behind and putting a guy on base, i thought maybe he was going out there to settle. then he went out there another time and maybe to talk quickly about pitch sequence, but he made two visits. now we see will warming up. >> gary: nice play by adam jones there. reimold almost got there, but adam jones, all the way from center field, a little bit of an ice cream cone on the end, but he held on. >> jim: then he tries to get a double play at 1st base. he goes half way and then throw little bit off line. >> gary: the lefty crawford is
9:21 pm
due and here's dave trembley, we're going get a pitching change. and he will leave. he cannot -- he kept his team in the game. now for the bullpen here. lohman comes on to face crawford. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly?
9:22 pm
yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> gary: jeremy guthrie, 95 pitches, he goes six and a third with three earned runs.
9:23 pm
he struck out six and walked two. here's will ohman i saw him in the elevator. he said i got lucky. he said that's part of the game. the one thing about him, i think he's pretty honest. he's been around the block enough, at age 32, coming off shoulder surgery, he's been out there and knows what he has to do and has had a great spring. >> inside to crawford, 1 and 0. so ohman comes onen with the lefty crawford up and zobrist on deck. this is the critical time in all games. that's why we focus on the
9:24 pm
starter getting 2 and hopefully through the 7th inning as crawford fouls it off. that got the umpire. wow. in this game of specialization where managers have so many matchups -- kerr win tries to shake this off. he's talk to the ray's trainer and say, yes, i'm fine. >> jim: that can cause a concussion, one of the umpires had to leave. right there they do some tests. the crew chief is not yet come in from 3rd base to check on kerr win danly who says he's okay. >> jim: you make a good point because it's been a battle of the starting pitchers.
9:25 pm
>> gary: here's the situation you described. will ohman with the lineup tampa bay puts out, these are his guys. so guthrie gets him to this point, if it goes beyond, meaning if longoria gets up, he could come on and then if the inning ends, you go to t 8th. in the meantime, ohman has a dangerous hitter in crawford, 2 and 1. so meredith getting loose just in case for longoria. >> jim: a very good spin and when he came over to the orioles, you know what you're going to get. >> gary: fouls it off. >> jim: that is a quality pitch. through the ball knee high. you go back and look at will ohman when he was with atlanta.
9:26 pm
83 games, real low era of 3'68". not a lot of walks. he's out there, as you mentioned, for maybe one or two hitters. >> gary: swing from crawford, he didn't look very comfortable on it. slider slow and crawford lays off. we'll see now what joe madden does. a very good hitter at the plate. reid brignac good speed, but not a good base stealer. he's going to make sure that ohman -- i wouldn't be surprised if he throws over there. no. >> gary: he went too far. actually kerr win danly says that throw the 2nd base -- and brignac is out. how about that? tampa bay thought it was ball 4
9:27 pm
and they thought it would be an appeal. brignac went to 2nd base because he thought it was ball 4. crawford is throwing his helmet and the orioles are out of the inning and the most unusual of double plays. kerr win danly is telling madden that he called him out. crawford thought he had ball 4. so crawford is out, brignac is out and the inning is over. >> jim: he didn't swing, but the home plate umpire thought he did. then a heads up play by wieters. nice tag to get him out. >> gary: the unusual double play ends it. did the caveman invent fire? ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪ ♪ better times knocking... host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance?
9:28 pm
host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
9:29 pm
>> well, kerr win danly had an interesting 7th inning. the foul ball hit him in the mask, and then he called carl crawford out and the home plate umpires opinion, he thought he swung, and that's his right to call him out but because of the confusion, reid brignac broke, so that call -- brignac is guilty of assuming a call. and here's the check swing and he clearly checked in time.
9:30 pm
that should have been ball 4, but the home plate umpire saw it as a swing. he instantly called him out. there's dana, the crew chief. the fans are really all over kerr win danly, as we head now to the 8th inning, but garza is still out there there. >> gary: the fans are trying to intimidate an umpire. >> jim: unsettle garza. >> gary: strike called against the orioles. >> jim: how often do you see a 26-year-old starter get to pitch through the lineup with
9:31 pm
106 pitches. this is quite a statement from joe madden as far as trust. that's a big part of this game. >> gary: fouled it back. nothing and 2. tejada and scott follow. >> jim: that was one of the few pitches that garza droppeped hi arm, which tells me maybe he's tired. [crowd noise] this has been such a close game. of course double action in the bullpen for the rays. >> gary: 0 and 2. markakis leading off in the 8 8th. high fast ball, markakis lays off. [crowd noise] there's the two pitchers
9:32 pm
referred to. two right handers. >> jim: pitched well last year, got both lefties and righties out. >> gary: 1 and 2 to markakis. and he got it. strikeout no. 9 for matt garza. the at&t player of the game. the players for tonight is longoria, tejada, and guards garza who has the lead. text ab or c to 51862. one run game. the orioles one swing away. tejada has had some good at bats. high fly ball to center field. upton has the play on this one,
9:33 pm
2 down. 6 in a row retired by garza and of the last 13. only reimold had 2 in the 6th. >> jim: he's been special. the balls weren't hit particularly hard. he's really not given the orioles much to drive tonight. this is a team, as you mentioned, had 4 home runs and -- doubles last night. >> gary: breaking ball, 1 and 0. >> jim: it's rather obvious they don't like kerwin danly. >> gary: they're booing him on
9:34 pm
every pitch. luke has struck out all three times. good hack there, fouled it straight back. >> jim: real good hack. maybe a little out of the strike zone. >> gary: eric davis used to talk about those kind of foul balls all the time. missed it by that much. there's mr. danly. ball and a strike on scott, batting with 2 outs and known on every time he calls the ball, he hears it. scott just
9:35 pm
tried to put the ball in play. 3 strikeouts and 3 trips. left field, it will, but crawford is there, backs up on it and has it for the out. garza has back to back 3 out innings. bottom of the. 8th.
9:36 pm
>> gary: tonight's forward
9:37 pm
drive in the game, a big hit by evan longoria. this a gaper, drove in 2, and that's the difference in the game for evan longoria. the ford drive of the game invites you to experience ford like never before. drive one. dave trembley talking it over. will ohman stays on the begin the 8th inning. >> jim: this is about zobrist, you want to turn it around. but he was a good hitter. of course whether you get him out or not, you're going the bring in meredith. >> gary: pena will follow longoria, so it's switch right left in this 8th inning as the orioles try to keep this a 1-
9:38 pm
run definite -- deficit heading into the 9th inning. center field, 1 pitch 1 down in the tampa bay 8th inning. this is the official online shop. browse the official gear, os memorabilia. manager dave trembley come out. and you heard him mouth meredith meredith. so will ohman does not allow a run and meredith coming out to face longoria in the 8th.
9:39 pm
>> gary: fly ball to left field. there it goes, it is gone jones
9:40 pm
hits it out. >> bob: and join using a tomorrow. brian matusz will be on the mound. masn 2hd, we've got all the action you need right here on masn. numbers last year combined between sank san diego and orioles. -- way back it go, and gone. what a night for evan longoria. 3rbis, he has how maniered in
9:41 pm
each of the games and a huge insurance run for the rays in the 8th inning. >> jim: as you mention, he hit 33 of them last year. meredith last year home run against left-handed batter. horrible. and home run hitters like longoria -- that's a huge run. well, their closer in the bullpen, so there's a question of whether he will be available tonight. well, the you're dave trembley, you're trying to matchup. it's up to the pitchers. there his came over are the the braves, 7 and a half million dollars. his job just got a little
9:42 pm
easier with that cushion. did not pitch well last night. tejada hit a screaming line drive. the way gonzalez was pitching, that wouldn't have made a win, but it would have made it a lot easier. >> gary: meredith has followed behind. ball hit slowly past the mound. roberts is well out there in right field, and he couldn't get in in time. once that ball got past the mound, it was a base hit. >> jim: you can't even see brian. here he comes. pena with a bunt hit last night, a double of course off
9:43 pm
jeremy guthrie. ej up on the up now. he's walked and flied out. outside, 1 and 0. it's a game of matchups and your roster is put together with the bench and the relievers who fit into certain roll -- roles. [crowd noise] david trembley had this -- once he had the out from guthrie, then we'll go the will ohman, then he got him out of that inning and then righty, righty, and then longoria is up there and it's his best hitter. he likes any matchup.
9:44 pm
>> jim: he can hit anybody. >> gary: it's still about making the pitch to get him out. >> jim: the teams that win, when they go to the bullpen, they make their managers look good because they execute and do the jobs. historically, even though clay last year only hit -- historically he gets righties out better than lefties. >> gary: breaking ball foul back. >> jim: but the lesson to be learned is you just don't get guys out like longoria. we can go right down the american league east, you can go to brew, if you're a sinker ball -- longoria is not -- he may not hit a home run, but he's going the hit the ball hard and that's the way the game is played. >> gary: tampa bay is accumtomed to high winds. 26 time tase game back and won
9:45 pm
and upton waves at that pitch for strike 3. they were down 2- 0 in this game, so that would qualify as one of those. last year did it 26 times. >> jim: and they did it 22 at the last at bat. that makes it more amazing. >> gary: they did that last night against dave trembley. they trailed 3-1. so this will be back to back games if they hold on. >> so they've won 24 of those games unless they come back and win this game. >> jim: so that's a matter of, okay, what can your offense do late in the ballgame and what can your pitching do, voice versa. >> gary: pena at first after the infield hit on what was a very good pitch by meredith, but with the shift, it worked
9:46 pm
against the birds, swept towards third, tejada plays the in between and gets to roberts; home run by longoria. birds down by 2.
9:47 pm
>> gary: orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. nighttime in st. petersburg.
9:48 pm
the orioles down by 2, down to their last at-bat. they've been 10-4. here's rafael soriano after a career high 27 daves for the braves. >> jim: 102 strikeouts, that's over 12 for nine innings. he had great demand last night, then again he gave up to international walk, but -- >> gary: so longoria's home run changes the strategy for the orioles, because now it is a two run deficit. the 3 hitters coming right up. wieters and then atkins. >> jim: it starts with getting someone on base. longoria will stay right and
9:49 pm
even with the bag, maybe a couple of steps at 3rd base just in case he thinks about doing what wieters did. >> gary: there's a strike. and now they like kerwin danly. soriano had to face 6 6 batters last night. did not allow a run, left the bases loaded. there's another strike. he threw 26 pitches and only 14 of those pitches last night were strikes. but he's ahead of wieters. 0-2. wieters 1-3. he has singled. justin -- take a look at our
9:50 pm
pitch track again. trying to come up. down and in. at least from our track, it could have been called strike 3. >> gary: pulling it back in. a ball and 2 strikes on matt wieters. there's a -- towards left, crawford coming in, coming in, can't get there. there's a basic for wieter and it will come to the plate. to wieters get on with a lead off single. here is an update for the voting for the at&t player of the game. as matt wieters gets on with the lead hit. tejada with that hometown vote. text in your vote and have your voice heard. tom and rick will have the results coming up.
9:51 pm
>> jim: great speed by crawford, he just can't get there. ball browns up and hits him in the chest and hits him in the chin. there's a strike for the moment wieters is still out there at first base. lugo is on the bench. >> jim: i think if it was a one run game -- >> gary: he can run. he's not in line because of a shoulder. that one is fouled the other way. lugo is orioles new utility man talking with tejada. meantime,
9:52 pm
it's one and 2 on reimold. fouls it off. soriano looks like he's mixing in more of his pitches. last night it was freedomn'tly a fast ball. >> jim: even though that slider was in the middle of the plate. you can get an idea of what they're trying to do with nolan. >> gary: just inside. now, there's a situation where it looked like he hit the glove but it looks like shoppach set up on the -- >> jim: the ball ran a bit. it starts on the plate and keeps going. >> gary: trembley looking at it saying you do get a close call
9:53 pm
sometimes. >> jim: yeah. >> gary: joe madden didn't think so. that takes away the possibility of a ground ball double play. >> jim: real small, but it's huge when you're down by 2 runs and you're down to your last 3 outs. he might have crossed him up. >> gary: they have ruled pass ball because the pitch went into the glove. talking with dave trembley about do you want to pinch hit here. >> jim: or what kind of -- on 2 2nd base. i don't think he got crossed up, i just think he didn't catch it. >> gary: now it's full 3 and 2. reimold was down on the count. that will be in the stands over
9:54 pm
the tampa bay 1st base dugout. soriano, welcome to the trop. >> jim: welcome to the american league east. i think a lot of people are talking about that. so overpowering for the braves, but if you were with us last night, he only pitched 4 times in spring training and did not pitch well. >> gary: pop up, back of first, pena is out there now wieters stays close to 2nd base, 1 down . rafael soriano at one time coming through as a starting pitchers and then converted to relief. he's had a lot of injuries, but
9:55 pm
he's healthy now. he was in atlanta for 3 seasons. >> jim: we first saw him with the mariners and then he had the tommy john surgery and the elbow in 2008. a lot of history here, only one at-bat coming coming into the season. >> gary: atkins in the series, he's hitless tonight, including a strikeout guards went 8 runnings. another one outside. now, the power baton bench isty wigginton. should atkins get on, you will see lifted for wigginton and there'sty getting the bat helmet on and the bat ready.
9:56 pm
if it were a sacrifice situation, it would say as-is, but if atkins gets on -- line drive left center fielder. that's going to go all the way to the wall and bounce up. wieters will score, and it's a 1 run game. so here come the orioles. there's that longoria home run. >> jim: well, another thing we see is he gets behind him, throws him a couple of sliders and gets into a fast ball count. the reason they tried to throw the sliders is because obviously he's a better fast ball hitter, so he eventually works the count in his favor and matt wieters is able to get home. >> gary: so wieters scores, he's on the bench. atkins is lifted for a pinch
9:57 pm
runner. here isty wigginton for his first at-bat at the year. now a single could score the -- the no. 9 spot is up. wing, there's a strike. wigginton looked like a fast ball and fooled a bit. >> jim: i think soriano when you throw 94, either that or he did what he did to atkins and didn't get it over and you can sit on a fast ball --
9:58 pm
>> gary: pie going to third. orioles are down to their final out. the tying run is third. pie took off on contact and bartlett as he should taking taking the sure out. >> jim: good breaking ball for rafael soriano. >> gary: matt wall we ares and gonzalez are getting loose just in case. brian roberts, this would be a good spot for his 1st base hit of the year. it would tie year. high fly ball to center field, and the rays will hold on. has it for the out, and the ballgame is over. tampa bay has won each of the first gapes in this series.
9:59 pm
soriano earns the save and they leave the tie run stranded at 3 3rd. tampa bay wins it to go 2-0. rays 4, orioles 3.
10:00 pm
>> jim: thanks very much. we invite you to join us tomorrow night. the final game of this 3-game
10:01 pm
cement it begins at 6:30 present 6:30 present -- now for our entire hardworking crew, so long. final score, tampa bay, 4 and the orioles 3. tonight's telecast has been a masn presentation. tom and rick are coming up. have a great night, everybody. we look back at one of those games are longoria had a lot to say about it late in the game. >> i don't think i've seen a kid -- and i've said it many times -- it's almost impossible
10:02 pm
to pitch and that's what you try do with big power guys like that. try to bind them up. he gets the bat through the zone so quick. he's off to a great start, and he's so dangerous with pena and longoria -- with pena hitting behind him, it's so tough, tough to pitch to him. >> not an easy game for the orioles again. they scored twice. pena has difficulty handling the throw as nick markakis crosses the plate. the two run score for the ray there is as they get on the score board for the first time. now the rays 8th inning, longoria hit as solo home run into left field and it goes up
10:03 pm
into the seats. the orioles get one back here in the 9th as atkins delivers his first rbi of the season. the orioles get a run there and made it close, but the orioles still wind up close this ballgame. the orioles just six. now, 7 and 1, garza. jeremy guthrie probably deserves a little bit better faith, but the orioles have lack add lot of run scoring here. they get guys on the base. >> there's not hitting with men on base. they're not getting themselves in too many goo good counts, matt garza comes in in the first inning and gives up one earned run. the rest he shut down. the top 5 hitters in the orioles, only 2 hits, and that came in the first inning. you're not going score a will the of runs if those guys
10:04 pm
aren't hitting or on base. >> now, when you start a game with the race, -- rays, you know it's going to be a tough game. >> matt garza took 106 pitches into the 8th inning. if he's over year in an orioles uniform, there's a good chance by the 8th pitch he's out of that ballgame, but they condition those guys differently in some of those teams, and they know that garza, the way he pitches against his ball club, it's like he gets stronger and stronger. he's still throwing 90 miles an hour in the 8th inning of the ballgame. they get better as the game goes on. >> he had 4 hits and a couple of walks and struck out 9. now for more on the game t -- let's rejoin jim hunter and jim palmer. >> thanks very much, wean the
10:05 pm
between the two of us one of us has a voice. he said go out there and give us a chance. the unfortunate thing for jeremy, both hits came with two outs in the inning. >> but he had a better slider than he normally has, i thought he was more aggressive, but if you look at the whole night t total package, he made some good pitches there, good change- ups, needed to get out of some big inings, but maybe -- obvious, longoria, he's an all- star, that's the two runs that actually gave jeremy the loss and then he would hit the home run off of meredith. so to me, this was a positive outing, not positive in the fact that you win. if you get the run sport --
10:06 pm
garza who didn't get any run support -- >> it was difference in the game because if you look at garza's night, he had a tough time settling in in the 1st inning. he allowed runs but he should have only allowed one. that was it. he went 8 innings, the orioles did not get another run. >> jim: if we talk about what they're calling a window of opportunity, it's about their young pitching and crawford may leave as a free agent, so garza works out with the young guys, has a great spring and carries it in. >> all right. so the orioles drop 4-3, back to back identical scores, we'll come back to the trop and visit the skipper, but back to studio. >> thanks to gym hunter and jim
10:07 pm
palmer. >> the player of the game turns out to be tejada. he drove in the first run with the rbi and he was later hit by a pitch. he made several great defense plays and it seems like he's excelled at third the first games of the season. matt garza game in 2nd and longoria who had the 2 run double. that is the at&t player of the game. we'll be back with more orioles post game coverage after the orioles lose to tampa bay 4-3. [ cannon ] for 25 years, the focus at sam adams
10:08 pm
has been on quality, not quantity. people think we're bigger than we actually are. huge. 30% of the market? 10% of the market. sam adams is less than 1% of the entire u.s. beer market. [ koch ] at samuel adams, we're in a perfect place as brewers. we're big enough to be able to get whatever ingredients from wherever in the world we need to get it from, and we're small enough to still want to do all that crazy stuff. and you can taste that passion in every glass.
10:09 pm
>> welcome back, strange play in the 5th inning, crawford at bat. hit to atkins, atkins looks to brian roberts and the orioles get the out. i don't think i've ever seen a play like that where somebody got in the way of the throw.
10:10 pm
they were able to get crawford on the out. >> it was a good defensive play. jeremy guthrie got in his way. he couldn't even make a play at first base. as soon as he sees crawford, he gets roberts the ball, other wise that inning could have gotten real ugly. >> he was able to get kelly shoppach out. >> this is what i really like about guthrie's effort. , a lot of movement on the ball tonight and it was nice and under control for most of the time. good sliders right here. now, shoppach knows he's going to get that slider. another one right there. no. 4, and later on, he's looking for that darn slider again and guthrie stayed in the count the whole time. all of a sudden a fast ball. i like the way he set up his game today. >> guthrie's numbers, 4 wins.
10:11 pm
that of course was the home run to longoria -- no, excuse me. guthrie didn't allow that. i apologize. meredith, that was the first batter he faced was longoria with the home run. i apologize for that. when you look at the amount of guys that the orioles are leaving on base, it seems like they're lacking that key hit. >> it's alarming because we want to see them get off to good start. last night it was only 1 hit in 12 tries with runners scoring positions, tonight, 2 for 9. they're much, much better than that. i know it's early, but the guy i feel worse for is jeremy guthrie. it's definitely -- i don't have the overall numbers, but tampa bay, the orioles lineup never scores him runs. he gives you a pretty good
10:12 pm
effort. the 4th and the 5th innings were a little shaky, but the 6 6th in, he gets through it and jeremy guthrie was back to the way he pitched two years ago. those are the kind of games we saw out of him all the time. he didn't overthrow one time object to, that i saw. if you don't give him run support, you put too much pressure on him. he has to think what do i have to go to get back in this same, you have to get your ball club to score some runs. he should have won every single one of those games before, it's like the same thing, but this team is a lot better than they were. >> now, miguel tejada has made a few good plays, hobo also he came through. >> he's going the hit, wake him up at 3:00 in the morning, he's
10:13 pm
going to hit. i'm very surprised. for me he had a tough time as a shortstop and everything, but he actually looks like he's fitting in nicely the last few nights, made some great plays, staying back on the ball. it's hand, eye coordination. i don't know if you saw it as well as i did, what an arm he showed from 3rd base tonight. >> he said playing third is all about the angles. it seems like tejada had the angles early. >> he's got it so far right now, it's positioning yourself at 3 3rd base is really the most important thing. tomorrow night, with a left hander, you're going get more action, especially when he throws his off speed pitches, but miguel for me, tonight he didn't have a lot of range as a shortstop and right over there
10:14 pm
he's always shown he had great hands an a good arm. if you can shy away from those long little chopper ground balls that he's going to have to get to that are going to be a factor sooner or later, but we're going to be all right with him at 3 3rd base. >> now we said how many home runs do you think -- the majority of fans feel like jones will it somewhere between 0 and 30 home runs. last year he didn't finish the last month of the season because he had an injury. he had 9 as a rookie. is majority fans -- 73% feel like adam jones will hit somewhere between 21 and 30 home runs. we'll be back with more as we continue in just a moment here on masn. did the caveman invent fire? ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪
10:15 pm
♪ better times knocking... host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
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10:17 pm
welcome back to our studio. the orioles lost their second straight game to the tampa bay rays. we're going go back down to st. petersburg florida. we're with dave trembley. >> dave, a tough loss, but what a well played game. your thoughts on how your team fell behind but nearly able to pull it out in the 9th inning. >> well, the story for us was the way guthrie pitched. that's guthrie of 2008. he pitched a great came. located, aggressive with his pitches. he continues to go out there and we'll win a lot of games. >> i've lost my voice, and you lost a game, but garza was pretty special. it was one of the better, for a
10:18 pm
young guy, only 26, without run support, but it seemed to me he actually got better as the game progressed. >> garza pitched a good game. he had power the whole time, but guthrie, i thought he really guilty in the rhythm, kept the ball down. had a nice game plan going in, and he was strong at the end. >> dave, matt wieters started off strong. with young players in all your years in development, these close gapes, do you learn more by having to navigate your way through the games. >> i thought wieters, along with the other guys, learned what it was about with their experience last year and they've had the off-season to die jet it. they came to camp knowing what was expected of them and knowing what's ahead of them and dealing with it.
10:19 pm
they've got ability, and ability takes over, so i think you're seal wieters continue to grow. we've got a few more in the same both. >> dave, a tough loss, that's the skipper dave trembley. they have a chance to get one. brian matusz will be on the mound. back to the studio and rejoin tom and rick. >> thank ace lot. highlights, yankees and the red sox,. the red sox with a 1-0 lead. john lackey retaliates hitting derek jeter. red sox still lead the game at the top of the 7th inning. when switcher comes up, he'll get a lit to right field. pasada. the yankees tie it up.
10:20 pm
the yankees lead in the 10th. picking up the toronto blue jays and the texas texas rangers. homers to center field. rangers tie up the game at 3. vern nonhit a home run to left field, scoring and the blue jays grab a 5-3 lead. right now in the 7th inning the blue jays lead texas. the american league, cleveland and the white sox, michael brantley, an rbi single. and the social security social
10:21 pm
kansas city royals --
10:22 pm
10:23 pm
>> masn pant traci baseball fans can join a league. welcome back to our studio. the orioles lost to the rays rays. felix pie has a sore shoulder. >> nolan to walk away 2 nights in a row, the good news is you guys are competing, but it's coming down the late in the game and being able to put up
10:24 pm
the runs. yeah, two competitive gapes, games but it game down to two games. as far as garza, what was it like going up against him. tough pitcher to face. >> yeah, it was the first time i faced him. throws a hard slider, but, you know, got to him early and he kind of stepped up his game a little bit. >> how important is that going be to maintain the lead to allow the other team to get back in it. >> we only put up 2 runs, so we're going to have to put up more run than that. all around, some pretty much ballgames. they were pretty close, we just came up on the wrong end. >> you want to be in it late,
10:25 pm
so you're competing. >> we have to capitalize at the end and take advantage. >> how was your akeel achilles heel. >> i'll be fine. >> just day by day as you go along. >> i was feeling good and i was able to boat beat that one out. >> brian roberts is yet to get a hit in the first two games. jones had 1-4. daric atkins when you look back at garrett atkins, here is a guy that's
10:26 pm
trying to establish himself. >> he had his best years at colorado and the ball travel as lot there. the offensive numbers are escalating, but in that kind of area it travels so well, the scouts saw something really good in this kid. he's confident he can turn this whole thing around, and sometimes a change of scenery is all you need. that was a big hit for him to hit that double, drive in a run. so now the pressure is off and he's going the start to settle in. we're going the see what we really have here, but it never hurts to win a ballgame first to get it done. >> talk about settling in, is there a time period that it takes to settle in. >> you kind of like to get around, you know, all the teams in your own division at least one type. i'm looking for him to -- a good half a season before you can really begin to evaluate
10:27 pm
what he's going to do. come off a bad year, the confidence has the build, but once you get that going again, tonight it looked like he swung the bat better. who knows what's going the happen with him. we know he's got the power. he's been given the 1st base job. we don't know because we haven't seen him lay in the american league. >> the man who starts tomorrow is brian matusz, he was probably the best pitcher the orioles had in the spring. >> they was best pitchers last year. i knew he could pitch in the big leagues because i saw a lot of pitchers in the orioles organization just like him. he hasn't learn to pitch with his fast ball. he knows he can win up here. if we play good defense, score
10:28 pm
him some runs, i think this guy is going to be our first guy to be big over 500 winning pitcher, and then thenbergest sen right behind him bergesen. with the orioles, he has had a tough time. last year he was 2 and 2 and he has trouble with this lineup. i know 2 and isn't that is all bad you, but he pitches really well at home. we hope we can get your offense rocking and rolling again. >> when you lose 2 seasons by a run each, do you start doubting yourself a little bit. >> pressing, you know, this team, maybe it's a good thing. we have a bunch of young guys that are hungry to win. at this point, you've had a little sand kicked in our face. turn around and show what you're made of. go out tomorrow like it's the
10:29 pm
game of the season. let's get the first game under our belt. >> the home opener friday at 3:00. we'll have pregame coverage on masn. the orioles wind up losing to the rays. 4-3. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get scotts nature scapes mulch for the new lower price of just $3.88.
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10:31 pm
and the angels top of the two. and no score there. >> top stories on espnews. make way for the stars of tomorrow. national player of the year evan turner, and kentucky phenom john wall and four teammates are headed to the nba. a relative unknown wins the par 3 tournament at the masters. tiger will tee off tomorrow. >> also the latest on the ben for the steelers also the later on the
10:32 pm
roethlisberger investigation. what the next step is for the steelers quarterback. >> there's a new leader for ca. and this is on how things went down between nellie and t-wolves. seth curry, nice behind the back of touroff, ends up in the hands for -- it's curry to george, dropping change in the toll booth. curry, 27 points, 8 boards, 14 dimes and a career high 7 steals. warriors end up winning this 116-107. history is made. he passes lenny wilkins for the
10:33 pm
most wins by a head coach. >> all right, sickers and heat. miami looking to make it nine straight wins. pick up action in the fourth quarter. this is dwyane wade. putting on the brakes and knocking it down, and the heat, mission accomplished. 99-95. 22 pointes for wade. and the heat have won nine in a row. that's going to do it for us. for those of you watching on espn2. "baseball tonight" is up next. meanwhile always stay current with espnews. >> celtics and the raptors, chris bosh out, reggie evans in. hits his head with turkoglu. turkoglu sustaining a nasal contusion. ataken to the hospital for a ct scan. meanwhile, flick of the wrist, ties it up. going around the back, getting
10:34 pm
threes. celtics lead 91-80. rajon rondo. for 3. much better. he had 21 points, dimes. five players in double digits for boston. boston has won eight straight versus the raptors. sonny weems, 21 points, that is a career high. toronto has 16 of the last 24. >> wizards and the magic, one night after clinching the third are vin sanity with the big left-hand, up by eight. magic up by eight. time winding down, magic by 18. jason williams, he's a sharp shooter, bullseye, then heads up move here. he says you won't be needing that. the steal, got to get it up in
10:35 pm
time, and he does. orlando, the third quarter, on a 22 had of 9 run. they're 19-5 since the all-star break. >> pistons in detroit. snaps the losing streak. that's will bynum throwing it down, pistons up up by three. fourth quarter, one minute to go. bynum, tough shot. pistons down one after the made free throw. after two free throws, gave detroit the lead. 30 seconds to go. ben jordan goes down hard. mike bibby will end up with the basketball. shot clock winding down. bibby, oh. boy, that's a tough loss for the hawks. pistons win it by a final of 90-88. for the hawks and celtics, now
10:36 pm
tied for the 3 spot in the eastern conference. 19 for jamaal crawford. hawks playing without joe johnson. johnson out with a thumb injury. >> bobcats in need of a win, few inches closer to the playoffs, how about nifty drive to the lay-up, and basket by darren collison. chris paul whose season is now over with a tendon injury in his finger. hornets led by one. but d.j. augustine puts down the three. bobcats up by two. next possession for new orleans. collison, no dice. raymond felton gets his hands on it, and the bobcats win it by a final of 104-103. 42 wins for the bobcats now. a new franchise record. 16-10 on for tyson chandler, and his return to new on orleans. big, big night for marcus thornton.
10:37 pm
>> they've gathered for 50 years now down by ike's pond. came away victorious for the par theoretical and looking at things through a microscope we said let's do something that is lively and interesting and engaging and tells a story about women in science because we know that everyone likes a good story, not just those of us who are publishers for instance. so, julie's book came along and it is one of we are delighted to have because it is all those things, is lively and it is accessible and it tells an incredibly important story about the role of women in science and the heart of it is something that we rarely think about or acknowledge but it's that a woman's way of doing things is often different than men. it's not necessarily biological.
10:38 pm
i don't think it is at all. but our experience of the world and the way that we inhabit the world make a big difference for how the women do science and that means when women are excluded, there we of doing things and their experiences and their understanding how to conduct an experiment is lost it was fabulous job julie's work is that she explores what women have contributed to the scientific field by bringing that very unique perspective to it. so before we start i do also just want to make a few announcements. first i want to thank very much adrian klein and brian schwartz also on the board of the feminist quest for the science and arts programs which is sponsoring this tonight and i want to thank the graduate
10:39 pm
center and about thank de marchant stifel auditorium for being open tonight. it's not easy to find that here the graduate center and i want to invite all of you upstairs after words to the feminist press offices. we are going to have a bowl recession in honor of julie and she will be signing books as welcome as this room 5406. go to the fifth floor and then follow the signs and followed your way there. now let me a brief introduction further of julie which is to say that she is a professor of history the brew college. i think the fact that she is a historian is very important to this book because as i know she likes to tell a good story and this is the second but she's also the author of women at the historical enterprise in america. julie. >> thank you. thank you. [applause]
10:40 pm
i am thrilled. i lot of people i know i have students here who are already raising science and is just great the students have two or three jobs at one time so the fact that you guys are here i am thrilled. it's wonderful. a lot of people from the feminist press of course i have to thank the people from science and the arts, the graduate center, the feminist press and of course of the thank c-span and for the deals to put this all together so thank you so much. it is a rare opportunity that we get to actually talk about the stuff that we write about and in each of these clauses and talk about american history but i never get to talk about the stuff that i'm actually writing so this is great so it is a solider e-business when your writing a book and how were down seeing the writing and i never did talk about so this is the perfect opportunity and i was a big it's okay for you guys to talk a little bit about my personal experience is that brought me to writing the book.
10:41 pm
yes we talk about the book and get into this guinea of the book but it i think if i talk about my personal experiences and my professional experience is that brought me to write this book because to be totally honest with you when i look at this i would have never written this even like six years ago all of this stuff happened to me at around five years ago, 2005 and when i think of these things coming together it made the book in no-brainer but before that i wasn't even interested in looking at women in science. i look at women in professional cultures and professional story ends but i thought this is stuff that people who do the history of science do i don't to the history of science. they're sold apartments at history and science and i don't do that so i thought this isn't something i could actually do but let me just tell you a little bit of what happened. and 2005 interesting your personally because this was the year my dad died. he's not a scientist so don't
10:42 pm
think this is a weird zero mosh to my dad or anything like that. it's nothing like that but my dad was absolutely enamored with scientists absolutely enamored and worshipped the man of the manhattan project and literally i think i must have been seven or 8-years-old when he started telling me stories about enrico and the nuclear chain reaction underneath the university chicago of 1942 but these are the sorts of stories i grew up with and he felt these figures were larger than life and a very strange story but a true story when i was in high school we had to do these projects in of western humanities class. we to do these skits of roman history and i had a identical twin sister in class and and we had to do these skates and my sisters could have to go back to the house and work on the skids. i wasn't there i was at somebody else's house to a different state and my dad can in the room
10:43 pm
and what -- i'm getting this from my sister. she's introducing my dad to all of the friends of ours that are in the room she says that, this is alex. now i did not know that my friend alex was actually the grandson of edwin teller. my dad knew for sure this was the grandson of edward teller and my sisters and my dad was giddy when he met this kid. like clothes at jonas brothers concert so my dad was absolutely beside himself. my sister said how did you know that he was the grand sum? what was it that made you know this? and he said the strangest thing. she said it was so obvious. it was all in the eyebrows. [laughter] it was the funniest thing because it was so strange i used to wear makeup at prom and my dad didn't notice but he noticed the eyebrows of alex teller. it's funny. i went back and my dad has these
10:44 pm
world book encyclopedia in the home office and he had them from 1958 so these were once he had read with a child and sure enough if you are to go to the letter t and find teller you'd find this picture of edward teller and other than the fact that the eyebrows are a little bit more what year and disheveled, they are alex teller's eyebrows. they really are and the thing about this is it is an observation for him to make but now i look back on that and being a historian i give a little bit of context and it occurs to me that my dad was one of these boys who came of age in the 1940's, 1950's and that is the period that i called in this book the age of heroic science. buckholtz of the atomic physicist. this is about the time that my dad was of course seizing on all of these ideas. he had studied this encyclopedia entry for years and years. and i realized this is when
10:45 pm
people are starting to imagine the science as being a hyper masculine figure and i will talk about how this happens. but what also happens is that literally women who are doing science at the exact same time different bird literally culturally and visible. and this is the dynamic i explored in the book. it was hard to write about the women of the manhattan project. they don't write about themselves. they see themselves as big players in this. but any weakness of the figures were sort of larger than life, growing up to my dad at least in my dad was larger than life to me and he passed away and 2005 and this was a very, very strange moment for me i was in a lot of transition, i was actually teaching at cuny of living in boston's i was doing back-and-forth and my cousin, he knows because i was sleeping on his couch full-time coming back and forth. i was between book projects. i didn't know what i was doing but i was calling the dean of
10:46 pm
the college that i was writing about women intellectuals so she thought i wasn't just sitting on my butt. i can say that now because i have something to say for myself, right? but the other thing, too, is the day that my dad donner donner was about five months pregnant which is totally in interpol part of this whole thing because i was already a little bit uncomfortable traveling around with my ruler were going to and from boston, new york, i was pregnant, but that was going to pale compared to the discomfort of being a pregnant woman who is actually teaching at the city university of new york in 2005 sadly. i would like to say that unpaid maternity leave was the worst of my problems as a pregnant woman at the city university of new york. lots of things happened because i had the baby off in june, july, august as extracurricular activity when i'm not teaching.
10:47 pm
[laughter] i had the baby in april and at this through everything off. and they're wreaked havoc on my tenure, on my psyche, general finance is. i want to win to the whole sob story. my friends here already know the story so i'm not going to do that. but needless to say -- i do have to say this i have a wonderful colleague in the history department, who as we speak is on a paid maternity leave at the city university of new york, okay? so things have changed. i would like to think that line is we had something to do with it because i wasn't so quiet about it. but as you can tell i'm not really over what happened to me as a pregnant person at the city university of new york. and i am not sure that i never going to totally go for it but i do think you get to eight-point when you are tired of feeling pissed off like a victim and you want to do something productive for other people and was right about that stage that i decided what ever i was going to do,
10:48 pm
whatever this next book project was going to be, it was going to be something that looked at women in a professional culture, not to tell a victim ology. i mean, after a while to sort of get done with that. i wanted to do something that might have been prescriptive about how we can change the culture of this professional -- the gender of the professional culture. whenever the field was going to be. the problem with this for historians in particular is that we are very good at talking about why things are -- why they were the we were. we are not so confident talking about why things are the way they are and what they should be. and i do think is kind of dangerous to be overly prescriptive in a history book. but i was really hell bent at this point to do something that was going to matter for the women that were in a professional culture in the 21st century. i had no idea what professional culture i was going to talk about. but remember, this was 2005. and who gives me the answer to this?
10:49 pm
larry summers. [laughter] it sounds like a few of you know what happened with larry summers in 2005. okay. i have to tell that story but i will do it quickly because it has everything to do with where i think i am inserting myself into this conversation on the women and science. so, larry summers was the president of harvard university in 2005. he was at this just it was a sort of academic conference and there were economists in the room and scientists in the room and he's basically talking about the positing reasons for the dearth of women in institutional science. and he proceeds to suggest that women's biological purpose of these me of something to do with it. of course people seized on this which is amazing because if any of you has been to these academic conferences people talk. it was one in the year come out the other, no one is being attention that everyone pays attention to what he says when
10:50 pm
he drops b-bomb, the biology. i had waited for the transcripts to come out so i look at the transcript to see what he said and i have to say he doesn't just say biology. he talks about insufficient child-care is an issue, he talks about just general discrimination being issues. but to be totally honest with you, no one sees on that part. no one talked about it, no one cared. everyone talked about the biology part. and this was the part i thought was kind of strange because i've got to tell you when i heard the biology part my inclination was to be totally dismissive. of course it's not women's biology. there's nothing to do with it. i was dismissive, but clearly that was in the reaction of other people, and that is the thing i wanted to sort of wrap my brand of routt. and what was going on that everybody was so -- particularly the most people up like this. that is why i decided i wanted to know what was going on there. and as a cultural historian but
10:51 pm
frequently happens -- we are interested in what these people say. i wanted to know what larry summers really said was much more interested in this interesting popular reaction. and i don't know that i have all figured out. but let me just tell you what i think might be going on here. i think to some extent if you were to go to somebody on the street and say to them do you think women are capable at science? i think the vast majority of people would say absolutely. women are capable at science. but that is the only part they tell you. i think there is a part ii come and i think the part ii, the next part of the reaction is women are competent at science in so far as they are emulating men and women during the science. and i think even the people that are the most stalwart defenders of women in this audience ultimately think that three concept of sight and city is masculine to the core. no matter how defending you are of women scientists, all ultimately that is something we haven't really gotten rid of.
10:52 pm
so at that point, i thought i want to do is i want to write a book that talks about this gender of scientific culture. this was a novel idea to me but this is not a new idea. lots of people have written really good compelling stuff about science as a gendered culture and they've been doing it since the late 1970's, the early 1980's. if any of you have read anything by sandra harding, evelyn fox keller there is so much out there, really smart stuff but in terms of the feminist practice there is a problem because it already has such a limited audience. it is so highly theoretical that what often happens is it feels very disembodied when you are reading it and you forget literally they are talking about real women doing science in the everyday. but absolutely smart, important stuff. it was totally foundational for the writing of this book, so much of it. so you have that on the one end
10:53 pm
of the spectrum, then on the other end of the spectrum this stuff that is much more accessible, very readable. it's human interest stories, very compelling, often written in the biographical mode. these are the things particularly now we are in the month of march. 2-cd sticks, women's history month, library displays if there is something about a woman scientist nine times out of ten adis madam curie, very compelling to read fascinating women and in terms of feminist practice, a lot of this stuff is promising because it is accessible. people read it. if you are a young girl or young woman you are motivated and inspired by it. this is fantastic. but the problem with a lot of this, not all of it but a lot of it is that it does nothing to prod the ties science as a gendered culture. all of the presumption of masculinity stay in that culture and you sort of in search women into the mix so it reads in a sort of compensatory tone.
10:54 pm
this almost celebratory. not very helpful if you were trying to proselytize science as culture. i fink in the book i call it something like these books that are women who perform outside of the females can to do nobel prize winning science sort of thing. great as far as they go so what i decided to do is barbara from both shom rye and look at the things that caught mai tais science as culture and gendered culture but then i wanted to write in the biographical mode because this is compelling and i wanted to find women who were identifiable fascinating when in -- women. this is as far as i am and i decided to talk to a friend of mine who isn't here sadly because she's doing her own talk but her name is carol, fantastic historian in the baruch department. the great thing is she is an amazing mentor of women and she
10:55 pm
looked me up. she talked to her book agent and it's a very bright guy named dan greene. i told him what i wanted to do and he felt this is fantastic so he starts picking it and comes back with interesting feedback and what it basically was was great idea particularly in the week of pooler resource thing to talk about women in science. who is the blind person you're going to write about because of course the cingular biography is what is going to sell. for me i've got to say this was the total deal breaker. that is not what i wanted to do and the reason why i necessarily had to write about lots of different women is because the subject of the book is not actually the wittman. mog one a woman, lots of women. the subject of the book is the gender of science and the women are the lambs and what they do is refract light on the problem in different ways.
10:56 pm
if i had one woman she would refract this way on this gendering of sonnets by wanted light this week and this way and different perspectives because there are so many different ways that scientific culture is gendered so i wanted to look at married women and single women and women in the lab and in the field and doing science of the turn-of-the-century and women after the second leaf feminism and this sub discipline and that discipline. i need different lenses on the problem and even the other thing is of course i am a historian so i want to show change over time in the gendering of science. what i wanted to do is talk about women in the turn-of-the-century, at the end of the century. there might be women out there was like 108 but i wanted somebody that would be able to tell my story all the way through the 20th century and that can't be done with one person so i explained this and he completely understood me. he talked to the people of the feminist press and a completely understood what i was talking
10:57 pm
about and that is why this is a feminist book because they always knew it had to necessarily be about lots of different women so they can shed light on the problem in different ways. so to show the story of gendering of science i had a notion of a narrative about science and gender. what i did is designed the book into seven different chapters. each chapter looks at a woman or community of women. it's loosely chronological so it starts at the beginning of the 20th century and goes to the end of the 20th century and what i also did is i have a larger but the narrative of science so i have historical overviews and talk about the science and three distinct historical moments and the first moment is what i guess you can describe as the stage ntific professionals asian because really the professionalism of science had been going on since the 1860's,
10:58 pm
70's. by the time we get to the turn-of-the-century it's been going on for a while and the three women in the communities i talk about, the first three chapters, these are women who tried and to do science during this moment of professional position which is a very interesting thing to try to do because of the thing about miers' it is a masculine process. that may sound strange but what i mean about this is you get a group of people who decide that they want to professionalize a field and what that means is they want to infuse it with legitimacy and with prestige and the way to go about in diffusing something with prestigious to get a lot of masculine connotation. and this is what they do of course with professional science. so you have this group of insiders and they want to be seen as this exclusive group and you define it for deals, the outsiders as amateur and of
10:59 pm
course everything is is to get with sentific amateur is feminism and that is how you credit the hierarchy. professional science of here, and letcher science down here. and everything associated with domesticity, example women are amateur by default. this is discursive flee how things happen. at the turn of the century. so what i do is i show three groups of women and trying to do science any way and it's a very interesting paradox because what happens is if you are one of these women that wants to do science and enter one of these masculine bastions of science whether it is the lab or the university or whatever it is, you interknit but to do that and appear to be this appropriate woman you have to do it and look like the domestic help meet and so you have to play that domestic role but if you actually pulled off to look like an incompetent scientist because of course


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