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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 11, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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starting off the same inning this year so far with 4-1. the orioles are exactly reversed last april, the orioles started 4-1 last year, and they are 1-4 this. down to the short. low, followed by millwood. and the orioles are leading it, 2-0. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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did the caveman invent fire? ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪ ♪ better times knocking... host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
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>> gary: let's take a look at the mitsubishi game flow. talking about the first couple of ball games of the series, mike. 2-14 extra base hits. toronto showing a little more power at 9-3 and the oles bullpen, 2 earned runs, and 4- 3 hits. and marcum goes to work here against ty wigginton. wigginton has made his way around in the first week. ty wigginton, inning starts, 3rd base, 1st base, 2nd base. 1-0 delivery. that is the way it went for him last year. 38 starts at 1st base last year and getting the start at 1st base in this game. 23 as a dh and 4 last year at
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2nd base. 2-1 here. he can also play short stop. as long as he gets that bat, you will not here him complaining. don't think you saw that one. didn't get a good jump. not that he would have got it any way, but wigginton is out with a lead off single. playing in at 3rd base. and edwin encarnacion, with a bag at start.
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julio lugo with a start at 2nd base. 2-0 in the series for julio lugo. more medical exams today. everybody in the ballpark believes brian is going on the dl, probably before the day is over. likelihood of justin turner or somebody coming up. amber will update us later on today as we find out more. 1-0, lugo. wigginton at 1st base. short. gonzalez and mcdonald and overbay. two down. >> mike: the last couple of dayers, this one -- days n one tailor made. the textbook double play. >> gary: an aneasy one. and there are two down.
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and izturis up, batting 9th. he has had a 1-6 in the series. >> gary: orioles will see oakland on the road trip, then seattle and boston. fouled, there. let's check in with amber. >> reporter: there is speculation that brian roberts will go on the dl. that announcement will come out right a of the game. and the report is justin turner has been called up to take the roster spot. they don't know if they will use a combination of lugo and ty wigginton, as well. but with a strained abdominal muffle, you could be --
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muscle, you could be out a long time. with the orioles playing 16 games straight here this season, they couldn't afford to go a short bench for that long. gary? >> gary: yes. they don't have the days off. 2-2 delivery. how about cliff lee. they were initially saying he would be out for the week. now they are saying he will not be back until may. so the big starter from seattle out of the line up. here is the 3-2 delivery and base hit. he was sitting on that one. and izturis get as 2-out, single to concern the order over. a swing and a bat early. >> mike: early and often. >> gary: trying to be more aggressive at the plate here in this ball game and get things going in the base pads.
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felix grounded out his first time up. saying about pa in the lead off spot. about the speed, if he can get on comes into play. he says he is a different hitter than roberts, obviously. a new look. not quick sure what they get out of pa, but multifaceted lead off. 0-1. and izturis being held at 1st base by overbay. grounded out his first time up. >> mike: marcum throws 89-90, but the change up is the most effectively pitch there, that was it there, 82, 90-mile per hour with a differential. >> gary: and set it is swing down here.
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try to make contact. there is a big hole between 1st and 2nd. 0-2 delivery under way. loops that one. that will do it. 0 runs, 2 hits, 0 errors, the orioles lead it, 2-0.
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>> gary: kevin millwood looking to get a w, by toronto. a couple of strikeouts.
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165 wins, 125 losses in his career. and kevin goes to work here in the 3rd inning . snider, encarnacion and mcdonald coming up. and up high with that. the bottom here, trying to right them, 9-up, 9-down if good luck he certainly is working quickly. >> gary: and encarnacion, 3-16 so far. didn't like tacall, at all. -- like that call, at all. 1-2. and david hernandez has the plate for this ball game. >> mike: you see a lot of
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pitchers here working at the low edge. milwaukee likes to work at the top edge. -- millwood like to work at the top edge. he has done that very successfully this afternoon. very effective. >> gary: yes. 1-2 delivery on the way. he got him. came back with a little heat on that one and get's the strikeout. that is his 3rd. a very good rhythm going. >> mike: take a look at the 1-2 pitch. a little cutter, but right at the extreme upper edge of the strike zone. tough to lay off of. >> gary: snider, slow stride, 3-16, a couple of rbi's. as a team, toronto hitting .240. the magic, opponents, are hitting .185 against the jays in the 1st of the season. tomorrow night, tampa bay will be coming to whose. they will begin a 3-game set
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with the orioles. fans can enjoy a exclusive buy- one, get bun free offer. visit for more information on that. here is john mcdonald, the number 9 hitter. avoighted what could have had been a very serious injury, busted out bat that flew at him, with a jagged end. fortunately for him, he got his hand up in time and knocked it down. it did bruce and cut his hand, but it didn't hit his face. it was a very scary moment.
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1-ball, 2 strikes, john mcdonald, 0-3. mcdonald gets the single. putting 1 on, 2 down. and the first hit on the day for the jays. top of the order is bautista. bautista grounded out his first time up. you see some to have numbers of these hitters, you wonder how the heck is toronto 4-1, but it is, the fact their pitching has been so good. here is why the orioles have to be so careful now. 22 runs the first 5 games. 9 of the 22, scoring with 2 down.
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2 out runs. >> mike: they need one more pitch to get out of the jam, giving up a couple of runs and they feel, certainly are needless. >> gary: 0-1 the count here. runner at 1st base. and bautista will put that one up in the air to the right. and a glare coming off the glasses. no errors, one left on base. [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
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>> gary: mike here with me, and i am gary thorne. a beautiful day here. so, a single here, moving down to 2nd base, so adam gets out of the 0-9 he was in. now 4-23 on the season. and 1 ball, 1 strike down.
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and marcum, lifetime, .227 off him. 1-1 delivered. really using up right-handed batters. similarity to the outstanding centers. jones with a 2-1 count. on this first sunday. toronto leading the east, minnesota has a 5-1 mark. they have won 5 in a row. they have the most win in the baseball. oakland, 4-2. good start for them. they lead the west. cardinals, phillies and giants lead the league. houston has lost 5 in a row and haven't won a ball game. 3-2 delivery. slider. houston is the only team without a win in the first
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week. >> mike: a very long week. >> gary: yes, they don't have miguel tejada. 3 balls, 2 strouds on jones. and on the other way, right field. over toward the corner and that is ball around the corner. he will get to 3rd. >> mike: the ball had a lot of carry on it. over the plate fastball to jones. bouncing around that corner. adam jones a couple of high bounces easily into 3rd base. >> gary: adam be 3 trippals on the season last year, 1st this are year, and the orioles have
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their 5th hit off marcum. and the infield is going to move in. playing a little more than half way. may charge on the pitch here. >> gary: here is the 1-0 delivery, and a strike taken. >> mike: and cito gaston, bringing the in field in to increase the average, potential average. >> gary: jones really good speed. does not have to go, obviously here. nobody out. 1-ball, 1 strike count. inside to markakis. i always think that is an interesting call in this situation for the manager.
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if you were managing, would you have jones going on contact for 1st base. >> mike: with nobody out, you probably don't. 1 out, you probably do. >> gary: 2-ball, 1 strike count. and a strike taken and markakis did not like that cal by his body movement -- call by his body movement. >> mike: and marcum just trying to stay just inside the outside corner and clearly just outside the corner. >> gary: and the count, 3-2. and markakis, protecting that time. >> mike: yes. your vision is with the outside, marcum is clearly away the bat or ball.
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not anywhere near the power zone. markakis 3-15, and 1st rbi. and strike 3 called. high. so, markakis out of there. first strikeout for marcum. that is a big one. >> mike: 12 pitches to make him miss. just catches that inside corner. he really stripped the outside corner. very tough pitch. >> gary: and miguel tejada will stand in. miguel tejada with a big double in the 1st inning and picked up an rbi. he now has 6. and tejada lead it is orioles in runs batted in. runner at 3rd. infield come in the even closer. and inside was the pitch, 1-0. interesting. cito gaston, with one down, knowing the runner 2020ly is going to go on -- runner definitely is going to go on
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contact here, draw it is infield way in. >> mike: yes. he doesn't want to get any further behind if he can set off a run here, he will probably take that chance. >> gary: early in the game to do that. 3rd inning. all time hit list. you see miguel tejada, just passed the great duke snider, long, as he closed in to get to that next big category of all time hits. that one down to 3rd, fouled off, and a 1 ball, 2 strikeout out. very good swing and is a very good bat to start the year at 6- 22. and hitting the ball hard. he is now 7-14 with 3 home runs lifetime off the toronto starter. jones, 3rd base.
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asked for a time out as marcum stepped off. >> mike: a pitcher that maybe has a lot of success for someone that is around the plate. he was, and a save, and marcum gets the out on tejada. well, this is the problem that has plagued the orioles in this first week, again, getting trip toll get the inning -- triple to get the inning started, and now they are 2 down. >> mike: so far 2/3 of the way there. >> gary: and luke scott. you can see the orioles runs, 9 in the first, 8 in the middle and only 2 from the 2nd inning on. and cut right there, misses, 0-1. and marcum having pulled
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on that pitch, really going on that change up. >> even more speed off of that one to get luke scott more out in front. >> gary: and you cannot start an inning out with a triple and not get that runner in. sometimes it won't happen, but that is an offensive failure when you don't get it. so, marcum really bearing down here, trying to get out of this inning and not surrender that run. it looked like it was going to be guaranteed. >> mike: you can tell, when the pressure is on the situation, it is usually on the pitcher. but when you are not doing as well as the club, it comes on the hitter. >> gary: 1 ball, 2 strikeouts. load rbi picks up by scott so far on his solo home run.
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looking for his first hit in this series. had an 0-5 against toronto. marcum with a 1-2. and that will even it up to 2 balls and 2 strikes. outfield, deep straight away, recognizing scott's power. they give scott the right field line with bautista to the right field, moved over toward the gap. a lot of room down the line, but wouldn't go there very often. seem to be in that gap. 2-2 delivery. breaking ball, missed. 3-2.
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see if scott can get it down, 3 down, 2 down, jones off 3rd. and there is vernon wells. and he has it. so, marcum a lead off triple by adam jones, and he is left stranded. 2-zip.
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>> gary: we are in the home stretch for the 2010 census. and sit not too late. go out and mail back your census form today. play back, gonzalez, and good- bye home run. first pitch, deliver as homer. and it is a 2-1 ball game! he made the decision to come upswinging and decided what he was going to be looking for, and hits his 3rd homer and 3rd
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rbi. >> mike: early for gonzalez. this the bell tied down the plate. had a really good series with the bat. >> gary: and gonzalez got that lead. gonzalez can d a total of 8 home runs between cincinnati and boston last year on the season. and the tie is 23 homers in a year with florida. so, a homer off millwood. makes ate 2-1 ball game. a second bout of wind for lugo. 1:08 4th inning.
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wells is a strikeout victim over his last 7. mad at himself for doing so. 0-1. >> mike: they pitched to him very carefully, out of his zone. chased balls outs of his zone. started a little last night with a change up well off the plate. >> gary: home run by gonzalez, by the way. the second one millwood has surrendered this year. >> mike: obviously wells had a bulls eyen his bat coming out of this series. sometimes when you are hot, you just want to swing the bat and you can't wait. most of the time the hitters will cool themselves off. and wells strikes out for the 2nd time. four strikeouts for millwood. time for the at ann t mobility active ya question. kevin millwood join it is
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braves in 1997. name the top four starters on that team? >> mike: reach? they come quickly, don't they? hum. >> gary: '97. first ball, overbay, and he has it. so, gonzalez gets the home run. you don't get the answer to the trivia question until we come back, so don't go anywhere! [ man ] ladies and gentlemen,
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>> gary: kevin millwood, surrendering a home run to gonzalez. only two hits for the jays s. other one a single by mcdonald. orioles get the run in the inning. and now, we have wieters, wigginton and lugo. >> mike: the orioles wouldn't know what to do if they had a lead that turned into a run. there really hasn't been breathing room in any of these games. >> gary: yes. not been able to get over the knoll, so to speak. and 1461 delivery to wieters.
2:34 pm
and he will take it inside. good looking swing starting out. 2-4 from the right side. 5-14, left-hander. that one will be foul tipped at the plate. and the count will stay at 2 balls and 2 strikes. >> mike: marcum, nothing fancy. sinker ball. probably his best pitch. >> gary: good command, keep it is ball down. >> has the lower extremities of the strike zone. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way to wieters and he is gone. so marcum gets his 2nd strikeout. so, let's find out the answer to the trivia question, when millwood was pitching for the brave in the 1997, the top four starter on that team that
2:35 pm
he joined? >> mike: that was a first rerun for all we know. >> gary: yes. it was danny nagles. probably only won 20. >> mike: that is probably why i don't know him. only 20? geez, no wonder they got rid of him. [ laughing ] >> gary: nagle, one great season and that was it. >> mike: then he went to colorado and never came back. [ laughing ] >> gary: and outspeed delivery. ty wigginton with a single his first time up. waiting to get this line upturned over. marcum with the 0-2 delivery and wigginton will role it to short, 2 down, 2 away,
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nobody on. oriole park is a perfect place for your party setting, for a group from 12 to 1,000, the oriole park can make it party a experience you will never forget. find 9999 people that don't like you and bring them to the ballpark, group them all together. [ laughing ] that is just is left over cotton candy, right? and julio lugo with an 0-2 count. oh, to be young, yes? and lugo hit into a double play his first time up. 2-5-0 for the orioles, 1-2-2
2:37 pm
for the jays. and going after it. 1-2-3 inning with a couple of strikeouts. it remains 2-1.
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>> gary: and baltimore orioles and the tornoto blue jays, here in camden yards this magnificant sunday afternoon. 2-1, with the orioles on top, trying to avoid a sweep in the series by toronto. and john buck at the plate. grounded out his first time up. orioles had the chance to extend the lead, didn't do it, seems if it comes back too haunt him. and buck retired. watching game this is season for the orioles because of their starters primarily. just roll along much for efficiently than we have seen in the last few years, yes? >> mike: for sure. millwood has really only been in the stretch position for one
2:40 pm
hitter. play out to right by bautista. that is the only time he has been in the stretch. >> gary: he will miss outside here to edwin encarnacion, who was a strikeout victim his first time up. 3-17 on the season. and fouled that one away. 1 ball, 1 strike count on him. toronto went through the series without hill being able to play, and he is an important part of their offense, with the him strong problem he has. they want to get him back out there on to 2nd base. 1 ball, 2 strike count.
2:41 pm
you can see what trouble they have. >> mike: i think this is the first one he has thrown. a surprise factor. >> gary: so, he is equal to strikeouts that he had in the first start at 5 against tampa bay. now has two quick outs. and travis snider, slide out to left field his first time up. and woods called strike at the knees to him. >> mike: do you think millwood would know the answer to that trivia question? >> gary: yes. he is such a fan of them, he would remember those sorts of things. i think most ball players would, any way, but kevin certainly would. and millwood with an 0-1
2:42 pm
couldn't here. and the play made, and ty wigginton there, mr. versatility. a 1-2-3 inning for milwaukee. not only makes the play but gets over there in front of it. 2-0, orioles. oh, 10 years. fill it out and mail it back today. 2010 census. let's wind 'em with precision. open our throttle to even more selection. and turn that savings swagger up full tilt. ♪ so when the time comes to bust open a can of doing... we've got all the tools for all the things we need to make 'em happen. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. we've made a special buy on spectracide weed stop. your choice for just $5.00 each.
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to help our community getke 10 miwhat it needs for the next,ns, oh, 10 years. fill it out and mail it back today. 2010 census. >> gary: all right. a lot of young fans on hand here this sunday, enjoying the
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ball game somewhere under that hat. and a breeze blowing out toward left field. the flag unfurled. 2-1 ball game t. orioles lead it. a couple run in the 1st inning . and izturis, a single his first time up. jones follows. marcum coming off the surgery. missing all of last year. it will be interesting to see how they work his pitch count and inning numbers up. he was 9-7 in 2008, when he had 25 starts, 151 innings. did not pitch last year after the surgery. here is the 0-2 delivery and that will do it for izturis. he is gone. let's check in with amber. >> reporter: yes. cesar said clutch hitting is something that come in the ways.
2:45 pm
he says something frustrating right now with the guys not hitting as a whole, the guys in this line up feel like they are much better, feel like they can be wining the games and can compete. they have to be patient, not get frustrated and hope things come together. they may not have the power in the middle, but they have enough guys that can hit the ball around the park and drive in some runs. gary? >> gary: and legitimately so, with the pressure they have. the 0-2 there, grounded out and popped out so far in the lead off strike. not sure he wants to have that kind of swing. >> mike: a helicopter swing. >> gary: yes. good speed, make contact and go. 1-1 delivery in the way, and that change up.
2:46 pm
1-2 delivery on the way now. and that will be outside. one of the problems for the orioles, what amber was talking about, getting the offense going, you have to have the regulars in. the bench players will provide days for you and some extended periods, but you can't rely on them for starters. you have to have your starters. brian roberts, going on dl. not good. and 2-2 delivery, base hit. so, picks up a single, 1 down here in the 5th. >> mike: marcum retired 7 in a row since the lead off triple to jones in the 3rd. pretty good groove. >> gary: that is it.
2:47 pm
the orioles can make something out of it. and jones has had a single and a triple. so far in the ball game, so adam picking it up. he came in in an 0-8, with 2-2 in the ball game. an marcum will have to keep an eye on p. a. right field side. and bautista will get over and make the catch. p. a. will have to go back, so, one pitch and jones is retired. and adam jones out of there for the 2nd out of the inning. and that will bring up nick markakis. walk and a run scored, and he has been called out on strikes.
2:48 pm
nick up with two down, 3-16. amazingly for nick, at least, no rbi's yet. and that pitch is going to miss outside. i think they had 12 walks and 3 hits bats and only scored 3 home runs. it hasn't worked out that way so far. 1-0 to markakis. pa shortened the lead up, came in for the fastball. particularly when compared to all the change ups he is throwing. looks like a fastball, about 87, maybe 89 miles per hour. >> mike: exactly. >> gary: and markakis the first week, leading the ball club in
2:49 pm
3 passes they picked up. for the orioles, it is not about a walks, for nick markakis. sit about the hits and the rbi's. 2 doubles obtain extra base hits going so far. 21-1 the count. -- 1-1 the count. and the count now 2-1. orioles as a team, hitting .231. the opponents, hitting .287. the orioles have averaged 3.2 runs a bam game, while their opponents are up 4.5. and markakis with a 2-1. and again, outside. and marcum, and all three of these at bats, tried desperately to get strikes that aren't strikes against markakis. they have such big numbers against him, as we mentioned. they did get him last time on the strikeout. >> mike: we have seen probably
2:50 pm
at least 10 or 12 mitches, at bats, and marcum creeping up now. >> gary: and first scribing. 3-2 and p. a. will be going out. that is it. gonzalez, leading off 4th inning off millwood. loan run and one of only 2 hits for the jays. 3-2. and left field. snider right there. no runs, 1 hit, and 0 errors. 2-1 here at orioles park. [upbeat whistling continues]
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>> gary: let's take a look at the mitsubishi game flow, mike. >> mike: yes. finally got a base hit there. and mcdonald, taking the corners, in and out. shaun marcum doing the same. 5 innings, couple of earned runs. solo home run. and and walk for millwood. both settled in with good grooves. probably a little more of a
2:53 pm
factor for marcum than millwood. >> gary: brought to you by mitsubishi. test drive one today at the dare to compare sale's event. that will be a gap. right center field. and mcdonald will make a turn. and markakis, holding to a single. nick markakis on. mcdonald not going to challenge it. that is a meaningful play at this point in the ball game as mcdonald leads with a lead off single rather than a double. >> mike: just keeping mcdonald at 1st base, it would be nice to start off, change a lot of things, but the reputation is already getting out about markakis' arm. >> gary: that is only the 3rd hit. the other 2, gonzalez with a home run. it is a lead off single here in the 6th, though. and an inside out swing to right field. and markakis has it. runner half way will go back. and markakis 0-3 in the lead
2:54 pm
off spot. and millwood gets the 9th out of the inning. that lagrange alex gonzalez with the home run. >> mike: and well struck back this the 4th inning. about half way up the lower deck. but again, millwood, 55 pitches here in the 6th. very, very efficient. >> gary: only been one base runner left on in light of the no loss, 3-hit situation in the 3rd inning . and it was mcdonald. he is on there now at 1st base. 1 down, gonzalez is also grounded out. he has hit safely in all 6 games for the jays, and he will take that one. and gonzalez, the first week
2:55 pm
of play up there among the leader in the slugging at .727. 3 doubles, 3 home runs. pretty good first week right there. nicewich by millwood. and 0-2. >> throw that sort of cutter, slider, up and away. comes in. then down and in. really ties up gonzalez. >> gary: and gonzalez stands back in. right now, first week, washington, giants, toronto, philadelphia. great short stop to kick off the season. and cleveland on top of detroit, 7-1, as the tigers opening up at home in their first series. 1 ball, 2 strikes, throw over
2:56 pm
to 1st. and the 1-2 count. center field. jones. so, kevin millwood continue to be very effective here. adam lind coming up. designated hitter. slide out, grounded out. linda career .258 hitter here in this ballpark. he has had one home run here lifetime. and they get hill back in the line up, lipped, wells,
2:57 pm
overbay. pretty good order. right-left balance throughout. they were 6th in average and 6 in runs last year and 4th in the american league in homers. good jam shot. can jones get it? yes, he can. that one is a fine running catch. so millwood, lead you have single but nothing else. no errors, 1 hit, no left. 2-1 lead for the orioles.
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
>> gary: let's take a look at the geico game highlights. 60 pitches thrown to get through the 6th inning. on top of his own. outstanding curve ball. good command all afternoon long. amazing pitch count so far. >> mike: and miguel tejada up. >> gary: going down to 3rd. making the play over 1st base. 1 away, 6th inning. and shaun marcum, strikeout 4, no walks, 5 strikeouts for millwood as the pitcher's dual continues. and quick outs. a lot of first pitch outs for the pitchers throwing strikes. and luke scott, rbi


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